14 January, 2008

Globalism and Sectionalism.

Benjamin Barber uses the term, “McWorld,” to symbolize the Americanization of the world. He explains “Jihad” as the another side effect of globalism and the negative force driving the movement to form homogenus uniform world culture apart.
After 911, everyone is concerned about security. But whose security, and why do we need security for? 911 was about American citizens and the US government. Because we formed a American alliance, another name is NATO, many countries are now under the problem of security. Where is al-Qaeda, then? First, the US government invaded Afghanistan in search of the terrorist group responsible for the 911 attack. Then, the US government said that they found some connection with Iraqi government, and they invaded Iraq and settled a new government. Later, they went to Somalia. Russia and China were “evil countries” in the past because of the communism ideology. Now, what is the definition of evil country?

Security issue maybe based on the free flow of human migrations and settlement. Definition of evil might be easy, anyone oppose to the benefit of the state can be evil.

We used to hear about the corruption of the American Empire before 911. These days, because of the national security issue, anyone who might be a threat to the hold of the empire would be targeted for terrorist conspiracy. In such case, infiltration of the community and the companies by the government agents is necessary. By doing so, the government can analyze the personal information of every citizens and non-citizens. The next step is the “downsizing” of the nation. This can be done by the community level government agents. All Western countries are in huge debt. Why can't they use the same technique that the companies do in the time of economic crisis? Anyway, what happen is that the elimination of family or the individual. That way, the state can take the wealth and the property (and the life) away from the particular people. Using CONTELPRO techniques, everyone is informed that the person is not necessary for their society nor in the nation. The victims are categorized as criminals or mentally ill. Yes, Jews were thought as criminals or something different from the common folks in the past. This time we now targeting a particular group of people like Black or Jews will cause a dilemma in the society. What they do is form a group and settle down around the target. Because of the physical occupation around the target, they are the first one to be contacted with if something happens to the target. They tell lies and the public will believe their lies.

In my case, this is the reality of San Jose State University. Anyone in the university seem working under different laws and regulations than what is written as rules for them. We do not have laws because some politicians and local authorities wants to keep their ascribed status secured, they try to live like above of the law.