12 February, 2008

My stance of creating gang stalking advocation videos.

I have been getting comments from both pros and cons about my documentary film based on my visual anthropology study. I understand that it would be controversial as I do not protect the identities of the gang stalking members who are working skits in my films. Since this is definitely a social problem in global level, I am sharing what I got for my evidences in my daily life. If DARPA is working on “Life Log” project of individuals (esp. intellectuals), then my films have similar stance. What I am doing is showing the view point from a TI and the strange behaviors and things going on around her.

Here are some negative comments I received.
1. The commenters of my film often claim “mental problem” and suggested to see a psychiatrist.
2. Should not show identity of the perps in the film.

From my point of view, I can see these people are trying to help other perps on my film. And I think I would like to state my points.

1. If they watch the film, “San Jose State University Assassination Plot,” they would know how gang stalkers (including Dr. English-Lueck, Sgt. John Laws) abused the psychiatry. The UN concerned about the similar human rights violation in China where revolutionally people are claimed as mentally ill. By receiving “mental problem” comments, I am glad to see how many Internet users are working on the same mistake that the United Nations would consider about. We have the European headquarter in this country, and I already sent a mail to Mr. Doudou Diène about the gang stalking problem around the world. As a social scientist, I am just sharing what I see and what are related to gang stalkers' strategies. That is why I put “documentary” on the tag for my Youtube videos. What I am doing is correcting data and sharing them in “open resource” to fight against covert operation by the governments. How often people comments “mentally ill” on the films explain about paranormal phenomenon? If we take a statistics of comparison between “gang stalking videos” and others such as “UFO conspiracy videos” and “ghost movies,” we might get a clue how high gang stalking films get more “mental ill” claims. If gang stalking is a city legend, then some people should really enjoy it rather than denying its existence. I do not mind if the viewers of my films do not believe gang stalking activity. What I am showing is what I got as a TI, and I am hoping that the viewer would learn something from my films as they are documentary films created by a social scientist. Advocating the social problem is my aim, and the advocation includes the evidence of people claiming me as “mentally ill” and denying the problem.

2.About the identity of the people in my film, I have the same stance as the director who shoot a film in an American sweatshop factory in Mexico. I cannot remember the name of the film now but it was about child labors and how Mexicans were crossing the US border to work in sweatshop. They had rotten foods for their lunch at the sweatshop and children had to knit clothes during their breaks at their school. The film included the meeting with the manager of the sweatshop and they filmed it without concerning it. In my case, I openly hold my digital camera. If people do not want to get filmed, they can simply quit contacting me in strange way or try to avoid skits and anchoring I define in the film!!! I don't hide my camera at all, and I film in my home and public area like streets. First of all, advocating the social problem and abuse of government facility is protected by the Whistle Blower Protection Act of Californian Law. The San Jose State University anthropologists (CIA) started the gang stalking – if you watch the film about Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen on 09/27/06, you can hear her speaking their investigation on me – and the SJSU violated the Act by using their government property and authority to shut the mouse of the whistle blower. What I am sharing in the later films are about the aftermath of it. I have seen people wearing American logo clothes and working on gang stalking. By the Way, Swiss Constitution updated on 1999 protects refugee rights (Title 2 Chapter 1 Article 25). Freedom of Media is guaranteed and we have “The freedom of the press, radio and televions, and of other forms of public telecasting of productions and information is guaranteed” (Title 2 Chapter 1 Article 17). What I am doing is not illegal as I believe what I am broadcasting is a illegal activities backed up by the law enforcement around the world. If the gang stalkers are terrorists as some victims claim, then I think sharing and advocating the social problem will be a way of crime prevention by gangs. I am an activist and working on what is good for the country – discrimination is prohibited (Title 2 Chapter 1 Art. 8), so I am working on my social science research and creating films which might be protected by Title 3 Chapter 2 Section 3 Article 71.

You know I love studying everything. Learning variety of areas makes my film making and other protesting slow down. Yeah, but this is what I do to keep my activity legal. Too bad the people claiming me of “terrorist” or “criminal” do not know the Swiss Constitution. The Swiss Constitution is cool. It is much simple and with new features than the US Constitution. Oh yeah, I hope G. W. Bush won't renew the US Constitution for their benefits. They took over the US Spreme Court by replacing the judge already, I hope the Republicans won't abuse too much about what the founders of the United States believed and hoped in their nation. I am patriotic for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, and I really do not care much about where I live. What was the writing in the Bible? Who do not have a home and on exile???