21 February, 2008

Skits by Italian Woman and Luisiana Guy vol.1

Film below is what happened yesterday afternoon. The Italian Mafia woman claimed me of the mess in the toilet, then she called police and they gave a wrong address.
You can here them mentioning "hospital," "polizei," "Mafia," etc.
This is a proof that the people claiming a TI crazy or the problem of the society ARE the real problem since they are just working in mobbing.

I am not interested to intimidate these people, but I believe these films would encourage TIs to speak up their injustice and the form of mass descrimination gasint them. These perps can get different identities and can move to somewhere anyway.
More over, if they wanted not to be posted here, they can simply stop mobbing against me. If they are not working on psychological warfare as a part of COINTELPRO, I would not have filmed them to protect my satatements.