04 February, 2008

Someone with New Jersey Triathlon T-shirt at my refugee heim.

I've seen many perps with American logos on their cloths. I guess, I should collect the information on who they are and share it on the Internet to prevent further their COINTELPRO operations. If Americans has “America's most wanted list, “ I think I can make one for my own “alert list.”

The perps here are stupid. They don't even understand their circumstance and what they are doing. Since they are not really refugees, I can make some fun from my evidences. On Youtube, I still have seen comments to suggest me to visit doctors. Well, these people are also funny as they don't even try to understand what I am sharing. Everyday seeing police on street and have to take with someone at the refugee residence with American logo clothes like this guy. Is this a natural circumstance? I live in suburban area of Switzerland where majority folks speak German. In some places like Bakery, I have to talk in German to purchase breads as the clerks do not understand English at all. (Yeah, unlike what the SJSU LING101 students claimed on Fall 2006, I have problem in German pronunciation like umlauts and “S” and “Sch” thing.)
Yeah, just for fun, check out the nut below. How someone could get this kind of very rare T-shirt, huh? I should make a American logo collection films.

By the way, I was sick yesterday. Probably because of the water polution with some mold inside of the bottle. Now, I can claim that Dyed Hair Guy as some kind of possible assassin from the US. He sometimes wore “Detroit” trousers. He was talking about “one bottle one bottle one bottle” for name calling, and now I can claim the real damage from him!!! When I asked the Calitas free lawyer about the Eritorean guy with “Our Lady of Guadalupe” picture, she asked me if it is my picture. (I don't know if she meant about the copyright or the picture on his back, though) I figured out that she just want to forget the issue or do nothing with it. Hey, poisoning of my “bottle” is a real crime, you know? Hmmm, I better think about it also.