19 February, 2008

This is for a journalist of the Edge AM.

Hi, Gina.
I received a message that your radio station is planning to broadcast about the gang stalking issue and the sender asked me to contact your mail if I would like to share my story for the show.
Well, I have been a TI since I was an international student studying anthropology at San Jose State University. Now I ended up as a political asylum seeker in Switzerland because of the gang stalking.
I wrote down much detailed my experience on my blog and website.
http://www.youtube.com/gansttalkingwatcher (YouTube viedoes – including the evidence of what happened in the US)
I am not sure what kind of information you are looking for your show, but I would like to write a short summary of something interesting for journalists.
SJSU anthropology major students started the gans stalking. I volunteerd for Project SHINE and received an award from the second volunteer site. I was the only one received such thing in the classroom. Then, the coordinator of the volunteer project started spreading rumors about me in Dr. Robert Gonzalez's Anth187 class on Spring 2006. You can see the picture of my award on my blog.

I filed the case to SJPD and SJSU university police. On the day I brought the evidence to Homeland Security Office on Monterey Rd, San Jose, I was handcuffed by the university police officers (one is Sgt. John Laws) and was sent to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. Police officers were claiming me as suicidal and dangerous to others. It happened on my way to Dr. Marco Meniketti's class, and Dr. Englsh-Lueck, the department chair asked me to have small conversation at her office as Dr. Meniketti knew about it. I have the voice recording of this scene and made it as a film with transcription. If you are interested how university police are involved in gang stalking, please use the voice recording from my evidence. I don't mind people using my evidences for prevention and advocacy of gang stalking(COINTELPRO aganst innocent citizens). For that case, I would like to ask you to mention where the resource comes from and who created it. This is something that I can offer for a journalist working for a radio station :)
audio version is available from the link in my blog. And the comments about Dr. Wiggzy Sivertsen, the director of the SJSU Counseling Service, is also available.

Dr. Elizabeth Weiss, the physical anthropology professor, at SJSU has slept with multiple colleagues including Dr. Donald Johansen whose name is in almost every physical anthropology textbook. And she is the youngest to receive Ph.D from University of Arkansas Lafayette, because she slept with the professor responsible for her doctorate. This evidence of my voice recording was taken from my PC while I was sent to two mental hospitals by SJSU police. By the way, I knew more about her connection with the Republicans from my relationship with her.
Currently, I live in Switzerland because of the danger of going back to Japan. We have seen so many politicians had mysterious deaths. I do not want to be targed for assassination by Japanese federal police as the stalkers in the US said. In Switzerland, I think the Kanton (State) Police might be involved in the gang stalking. When I asked the manager of the refugee residence, he told me that the search of my room was secret. What I believe is that it is violating several articles in the Swiss Constitution, especially Article 25. As an activist, I am working to deal with the gang stalking and mind control issues. Have you ever noticed how many students disappeared from the campus? I hope my film about how SJSU police sent me to a mental hospital show where they disappeared. Moreover, the SJSU Judicia Affairs office was working to put me on parole after I was discharged from El Camino Hospital. For that evidence, please listen the phone talk with “Elizabeth” in the evidence. It was on middle of November 2006. Probably, this can tell the truth about how international students disappeared from the United States.

Gang Stalking is COINTELPRO. From what happened to me, I think I can tell and share the evidences of local law enforcement's involvement. SJPD, SJSU UPD, Kanton Polizei Argau, Aarau Stadt Polizei, are involved in my case. Also, I was stalked by DOD (you can check a picture I took in SF motel on my blog). NSA is involved as they tried to make me to be an insider. What they said that they have a training center in San Carlos, CA and if I join, my record will be erased and receive a government car.

I was just an international student studying in the United States until I was kicked out by the extralegal force and psychological warfare against me and my parrot. I lost everything, my car, my parrots – one dead and one I adopted him to a perp which I regret, and all the property I had in my apartment room. I lived on 760 N. 7th St. #4219 San Jose, CA 95112. Perps lived in other rooms (4218, 4220, 4319, 4119, etc) and Antonio the handyman had access to all the rooms. The basement of the apartment was half full of out-of-state cars. They said that they are NSA. You can check out some of different out-of-state cars followed me in my blog pictures.

Thanks for your effort and interest to broadcast gang stalking problem,
Miyoko Goto (A Japanese refugee in Switzerland)

P.S. I posted it here so that no one can delete it and the message is visible for everyone.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sending me this post. I will read it over and post it on The Edge Am news for you. Thank you, Gina, Edge Correspondent (gina@theedgeam.com)