11 April, 2008

Some rap noises and the white line on my PC screen.

Some rap noises and the white line on my PC screen.
There has been some rap noises at night in my room. I don't know where the source of the noise came from. But it is a typed high pitched noise that is like a small metal object hiting a metal surface. You can imagine it like a hiting a pot with a spoon.

The noise was actually from the ceiling. But when I heard the noise came from my PC – below the monitor, I found their was a white line appeared on my screen. And then I heard from the left side frame of the screen. This time there was no visible change on my PC.

I don't know what kind of weapon or tool caused the damage on my PC, but it is possible that the gang stalkers wanted to damage my PC again. Last one, I got crack on the monitor. And Abukar Dalow Abshir, the Somalian man, was threatening about stealing my PC at the Aarau Bahnhof. I have been heard the same computer stealing comment from Hara Alpha, the Guinean man who actually attacked my backpack and damaged the card slot on the side.

There are some 'revenge goods' to cause turn someone's stomach through the wall. I have been experiencing sudden need to go to bathroom at middle of night and often see synchronizing of another resident happened to be in the bathroom or visiting there. I do not know how the revenge item works. It might cause several rooms the stomach upseting effect. Or the perps simply do it to me after they prepared for their skit. Anyway, purchasing the 'revenge' item to see how it works would be interesting. I can become the gunia pig for the experiment (yup, just as usual for some of my psychology studies in the past). If the effect is the same, then I can conclude that the perps do have the similar device. Some e-harassment victims purchase devices like microwave detectors and other stuffs. But they do not buy the devices that would make the same effect like the e-harassment devices do. I will try it to myself and let others try it if they can afford to visit Switzerland for testing it by themselves. There are prenty of European victims. If they are interested to check how the device work, then they can do so for few costs for traveling. In my case, I do use it for my own and someone who is willing to try it to see how it works. So, there is no problem for blaming me using it to someone else for a revenge. If I want to make a revenge, I do use my rights and something legal. If you have seen my OSAM series and some analysis films about them, you know how I use my knowledge for doing research on the social problem. Attacking others and making false claims are something the people in my films do.

If I cannot purchase on online, then I must find a way to create it by my own, though. I found out some devices are not sold through EU nations to one another. For my Geiger counter, I could purchase it from the US company.