11 April, 2008

Zeihen home was nice, but...

I visited a home in Zeihen which would give me a room to rent. If I was not in trouble from the gang stalkers, I definitely took the offer if the owner's son does not mind moving to another room.

There are one grocery store and Catholic church nearby. Also, post office and a bank are on the village. For a place to study, it was an ideal. But being a gang stalking victim, I wanted to make sure that the people there would be not part of the gang stalking supporters. The family offering a room was kind enough, but I wanted to make sure they are not inflamed or becoming the supporters of the criminals. There was another room available but someone is already interested in. Say, I had no idea if that person is not involved in the stalking and planed to move in for their purposes. Although another residents may not be a stalking member, his friend would visit the house and is able to do some works to flame something against me. It is hard to develop a communication with the disturbance from the gang stalkers. One whole family and an extra resident is too many to start a good communication from the beginning.

I checked out the room in Zofingen and that one was awesome. It comes with 2 rooms and kitchen and bathroom. I know I do not need an extra room, but it was just included in the price range. The good thing was that there is a private steps up to my room, so I can only put a webcam there to make sure nobody will walk into my room. The window there can show the cars passes the road, and that can make sure the camera is properly working while I am away. That way, I do not share my address on my blog to disturb other residents. I can share the previous videos, the OSAM series, if the residents start to work on gang stalking, so there would be a minimum damage between me and other residents. There is a church next to the house. I don't know what kind of church it is, but it sounds good. When I arrived at the house about 4:30pm, some people started leaving the church. I do not know what was going on, but I can probably check it out from their schedule. In Salinas, CA, I saw some people in a church, God of Assembly or something similar name, next to the American Best Value Inn. It was about 11pm, and I had no idea what was going on there.

The apartment is 700CHF for 2 rooms. The owner seems not caring about the place. He mentioned about the party thing happened in another apartment. As for me, it won't happen at all. His brother showed up also. I am not sure how much the gang stalkers are planning the next step. So far, Aarau train station is on renovetion. They took tout he red benches that gang stalkers sat often. And the famous statue is gone from the front. They would use noise problem for this apartment as the room is the top of the house.

I do not know what happened to the one in Oftringen. I applied for the place and the agent told me that they would tell me the result in this week. I do wait until next week and see if which of them, Oftringen one or Zofingen one, called me to agree to stay. If APK did not contact me, then I might get Zofingen apartment without problem. If APK contact me before the agent for Zofingen gives me a possitive answer, then I can take the Oftringen one and make an excuse for Zofingen one.

Another issue is the need to fix my PC. I must contact with Interdiscount and see if the damage is covered by their guaranty or I have to make another way to get money for the repaire. The police said that Hama Alpha is too poor to pay the fine. I guess they are not really want to give me a choice for getting money from somewher by creating the films about gang stalkers. If you watch it and thought they are useful, please send me some donation to my IBAN on my website. They caused the damage and they are still working for mobbing, I guess I have a right to use 'their' information to look for another way to get money. (and this is a good excuse for making individual level documentary films with a reasonable reason, right?) When I talked with a lawyer, he said that it is hard to get money from my evidences as my PC was not directly attacked but my backpack was. Yeah, I can contact with the police to submit them the movie Abukar Dalow Abshir speaking out 'I take your computeran' and ask the police if I have no way to get compensation to fix my PC instead of creating films about them for possible donation. Some victims spread their experience to get help from others, you know? What I do is just to get my PC fixed without spending more for lawyer or something else. Paying 185CHF for a lawyer and 420CHF for a translator was enough to get a police officer to write a report. If the gang stalkers like me to spend more for the struggle, I do have a right to make what they do turns out to be a resource for getting the loss back. You know what I mean. Then they will realize that more they do will make more opportunity for me to create documentary films about anti-governmental extremist groups in the local area. In the film, I am exposing their crimes, so it is less concern for the individual rights. If you watched the video about SJSU anthropology professors or Sgt. John Laws, you know it is important to reveal their ethically corrupted gang stalking works to prevent another innocent person to become their victim. In my film, what I am doing is to declare their activities and crime prevention. It can be count as terrorism prevention as an organized crime can be a type of terrorism in a micro level.

For fixing my PC, I do not know if it is counted as a profit under a Swiss taxation. I might have to ask at the immigration office. After I get a room, I will look for an online job or someway to get some money to help my life improved as well as my German knowledge.