11 November, 2008

Psychophysics - the study for electronic harassment?

For the sensitization to the electronic harassment, I think Psychophysics is used. According to Wikipedia, "Psychophysics is a subdiscipline of psychology dealing with the relationship between physical stimuli and their subjective correlates, or percepts."

If there is a study for artificially creating stimuli to give impact on human psyche, then the psychologists and psychiatrists must know if their patients or common folks are targeted by the study. Little Albert was a poor boy giving artificial fears for the study of psychology. He was only a baby and he had no informed consent to be a test subject. How about other people who are subjected secretly by the researchers?

I got one week break from my school, but it seems I have no time for break but to check new subdiscipline of social science field to study. I only took Physics 2A and 4A, and I really need to catch up with above basic Newtonian physics for understanding the subject.

My hope is to understand how organized stalkers' "sensitization" is calculated stimuli in psychophysics. This study seems to be started in the late 19th century. Could be a lot of researches have done.

By the way, it seems Voice Hearing (V2K) is related with ELF. The characteristic of ELF is the feeling of the movement of air and it gets bigger around fan, boiler rooms, near construction sites, heavy traffic. I experienced the increase of the volume near fans and near a construction site. If there is some kind of characteristic of voice hearing like this, we might be able to separate our symptoms from the mental illness with similar symptoms. I know my harassers are trying to claim me as mentally ill by stalking and mobbing. If they know how to create a stimuli that is similar to the symptom of mental problem, I bet they would use the technique. So, studying Psychophysics would be a key to understand the electronic harassment devices.


gang stalking said...

This Sunday is Indigo Ribbon Day. The Ribbon has been adapted by some members of the Targeted Individual community as a way to show unity and solidarity.

Every cause has a symbol of hope, a ray of light. When people see this ribbon, it's with the hope that they will realise that there are Targeted Individual and that they are suffering.

It's a voice for those who are having to remain silent. If you have a web blog, website, etc you can paste this on your website.

If you campaign offline, you can paste the ribbon on just like you would for any other cause.

The Indigo Ribbon is a ray of hope for Targeted Individuals. Light for those in the dark. Hope for the Survivors.


JB said...

Thanks for the information :)
It reminds me of "Yellow Star" thing during Nazis era. Let's hope the people involved in the past mistake might reflect their crimes from seeing Indigo Ribbons which came from the victim side for protesting against the covert operations.

Past discrimination might be done by the ethnicity and color of human skins. This time, the discrimination is much like to be driven by the governments' "black list" created for whatever the reason.

gang stalking said...

History repeating itself.