04 March, 2013

OSAM from yesterday

I have a bit problem with my computer. The screen gets slower to output what I type and sometimes I have to click the same letter twice as the processing does not catch my typing quick enough.

Well, here is the video from yesterday. I need to buy a new camera due to the damage done recently and it might be really useless at the time of rain. I'm finishing up y book assp, but this typing problem, it takes awhile.

And now I'm comfortable sharing the perps inside of the church. They can bring Muslims for their skits. It would be funny how those "conservative people" do not take communion or surround me with kids. You know what, they might be wealthy or poor and helping the gang stalkers, but they look similar to the people who might be engaged in the sex underages. Catholic church got many conspiracies during the WWII and even after the war.
The Children of God cult in Argentina has been involved in ritual abuse of children for decades, but has evaded conviction, despite voluminous undeniable evidence and victim testimony. David “Moses” Berg founded the church in the1970s, advocated using sex to entice new members into the church. Berg’s own children and former member shave stated that they were forced into sex between the ages of 4 to10 years with high-level church members.(http://de.scribd.com/doc/59682701/26/The-Children-of-God)
The use of sex is studied openly by Sigmund Freud to Aleister Crawly in the classic religious and spiritual context. That is the origins of the cults and human mind studies by the intelligence such as CIA. And what I have learned is that the perps in Croatian churches often bring kids around and sit around me. Well, I don't know what the perps doing. As far as I know, the perps got youngs who are often having sex with "friends" and capable of openly flirting. It's too bad for the church that the victim of COINTELPRO are often harassed by the kids or the perpetrators who claim the victim for the sexual assaults.

If the church workers or even the priests think me wrong, I'm fine with it. Church can make a mistake. Who were the Catholics during the WWII and only few church workers are now listed for the martyrs. What's wrong to post what is strange and against the ethics? What is wrong to share the bullies in the church? If they are Christians, they should not bully a person in a group. I heard that was acceptable and the old tradition from Spain. Spanish church got big history of how to use the church to keep the second or third sons of wealthy family to obtain own wealth. I've learned this in a history class that the people working for the church during the Middle Ages preferred there social status. The local churches are funded by the wealthy families and that is how the second and the third sons could find their own work while the first son inherits everything. When the Spaniard conquered the New World,  they had the military and the church. That was the social stability purpose and the purpose of the religion was to keep the solders not counted as robbers. A bit of propaganda here and there, you know. English used the name of the king and queens for the same purpose while they are not Catholics.

I wonder why there were Koreans and Chinese showing up even in the church. Did they came for the covert operation? Anyway, representing the individual faith is the job of a hermit. Representing and pretending to be faithful is easily done by a groups even of cults. Jesus said that it would be a narrow road, and the faith must be the matter of each individual and must be peaceful. But it was a bit unusual to find them. Anyway, here is the video.