12 July, 2014

Big Bite BB fast food restaurant cheating me 1000lek in the change - at Durres, Albania

Big Bite BB fast food restaurant in the shopping center near the bus station cheating the change for 1000lek. Then it took awhile making my Big Bite menu. I paid 5000lek and the initial change was 3600lek. I took the picture bifore touching the change and the woman added 2 500lek notes.

Then a man showed up and talked with the woman who cheated the change.

I was filming the counter while they are preparing my meal. It came eventually. 

Later, there was a couple - a man with FBI logo T-shirt - showed up and they left at the time I fI was leaving. What they did to my food?

I could make OSAM tomorrow. I have to take the bus early in morning to get to the mass in TIrana. St. Lucia church doesn't have the Sunday mass as I was expecting. 

Ah, Today's German and Swiss cars.

One eyed woman begging in front of the big mosque.

And the Mother Teresa's order sister chatting at the beach. Isn't it cool to see her in Albania?