30 December, 2014

No Internet Privacy for woman under Shariah Law

I've found an article telling that Muslim women cannot keep the password for their own from their husbands. It sounds bad for these Muslim perps who would pretend to be Muslim and claiming someone to be a Muslim also. Anyone who is Muslim is possibly violating the human rights.

In a lecture delivered at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on December 16, Palestinian cleric Sheik Khaled Al-Maghrabi said that for a woman to have a cell phone, laptop, or Internet account that is blocked with a password unknown to her husband constitutes a violation of Islamic law.
Read more at http://conservativevideos.com/heres-shariah-law-apparently-say-womens-facebook-passwords/#4573VuZz37zxSpvD.99
These days, I've been warned by the V2K perps that they could use the Muslim cops to disactivate my blogs and such. It's so scary how the women could be claimed to be Muslims and their rights taken so easily. The gang stalkers could pretend to be Imam or husband or whatever and claim the female target as their property. What to do with such identity theft? We call hacking illegal in Western society.. Meanwhile, there are some countries or crazy people in the 3rd world community thinking the Muslim women should do what and that and even applying it to the non-Muslim women. And we see what is wrong to hate the Muslim men who want to control everything women do.