06 July, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 4th, 2015

The day I visited Sveti Stefan. It was 1.50€ fare for the bus. I saw Aman Hotel employee in the bus. Then I saw the Aman employees and Securitas people blocking the passage to the island. They only let the hotel guests and 2 restaurants customers in the island to pass the road. The V2K perps told me that they brought Muslims and Japanese and the meal would be cooked with old man's denture. So I did not visit the island for photo taking. But I don't really see why Aman owns all the island from the passage entrance. The V2K perps told me that Aman is mafia and control the weapon trades. They also told me that Sveti Stefan used to be the navy fortress and was used to hid the secret children of the bishops. They had these child just in case if the elites needed another son during the war and marriage conflicts. The bishops are from the noble born at that time.

Later, when I went back to Budva, I saw Buddhist writing T-shirt man walking.