12 September, 2015

I visited B.a.b.e. on Thursday

Well, I should have make some video blog but I was busy finishing my new book. It's done last night. So, I will upload it for sale after typing this portion of my blog here.  I will add my book ad on the left side of this blog as well to extend more for showing.

The location was easily found but the building next to it was under the contraction.  So, I thought of setting my German car pics on sale posters around. Then one German car showed up and parked his car nearby. It's not normal to happen, right? There could be many Germans but not at this about 2-3 minutes I was hanging around on the street for poster setting.

I couldn't find the exact address and I talked with the family eating outside about where to find B.a.b.e. They told me in Croatian that it's on the first floor of the building next to theirs. The man had "戦車(Tank in Japanese)" tattoo on his right arm. Does it his normal tattoo? I thought it a part of gaslighting.

So, I went there and I was able to get some chatting time and some information from what they can do in their organization. Well, the female clerk working there suggested me to talk to the person on the ground floor for the legal consulting. They told me that they can do the legal help if I'm seeking asylum. Well, as a foreigner and a victim of gang stalking, it's quite difficult to find a way to find a long term living spot for me without a special reason. I might share some more photos with real perps on it for the advocating and how I was victimized from the gang stalking. 

I'm in McDonalds, but suddenly, the potion above from the end to the "consulting" pert suddenly disappeared while I was typing and not touching my mouse nor the touch pad. I don't know how it happened but that's happened.

And one blind person from that day.

Yesterday and today is the days for the people with arm injuries. I don't really see such sudden increase of people with white wrappers on their arms like this way. Well, I fund my socks I put on my boots got small holes on one sock. I don't really know why this happened. Should I share the inner sole with the small damage also for the complete shoe area damages? My inner sole of the boots got some damage but I thought it was from the small rocks in the shoe I walked back from the beach area. The new boot's sole damage happened and also the socks damage happened at Youth Hostel and the socks one was done probably this morning when the bathroom was crowded and I had to wait awhile. There was a German group in another room from last night. I think it could be done by these Germans.

I would add more information later with OSAM videos. I need to finish some more book writings and backup my videos and photos and such before someone deletes my files.