20 September, 2016

Some stories to tell and just more waiting for the videos to come

Ok, I'm so so busy about learning new skills. I don't really have time till midnight for the computer work. The good thing is that I learn something new everyday and that is quite a challenge for me as a new skill and I may use the new knowledge for writing a book about it. The bad thing is that I cannot have enough time today. Well, sometimes, I would have time for writing or OSAM vid making but I don't really feel to sit down or lye down with my computer.

I still got Germans around. Not by the cars but saw some.

Here is one American car. I saw something like this on the same intersection. I saw a German car around there before. And Spanish cars showed up to the same spot for few times. Today, it was the US car and a German jacket woman on my way back.

Last Wednesday, I lost my 3 digit padlock I used was missing. Then I found it on Saturday morning in my shopping bag. I held it to small to put it in my porter bag and it was not there. Also, I found my two Virgin Mary medals on the same side instead of on the sides of the cross on my necklace. Well, that medal moving happened today. I found it done tonight. I don't know how that was done but it could be related with the room invasion.

There are people acting strange since last Friday or something. But some were only doing so. Well, I write diary and got some information shared on the FB. So, it could be trackable. I just don't have enough time for that. The V2K speakers told me strange things like they got Takahashi-gawa cop and he is a Kofuku no Kagaku cult member trying to catch the religious people yet not joined to the Japanese religion for the wealth giving up. Also, the V2K speaker seemed to be the same guys - from Croatia area to Romania as they say they are from Bosnia area for claiming someone to be a Muslim to get money for hunting.

The V2K speakers told me that they got Turkish Oil company employees working for the harassment with the Japanese Yakuza. Also, they say that they want to steal my bag to make all the evidences gone. Nothing much really happened and only the thing stolen from my wallet was the Romanian bus card. I kept it in my wallet all the time and it was stolen after last Tuesday when I checked it there. I think it was stolen around last Friday from the room invasion while I was sleeping. My photos seemed to be just there on the hard drive. Nothing is really damaged but not sure. Life is unpredictable and I just be aware of these Gestapos just showed up and done - like Auschwitz sending type experience. So, I don't know what is really going on around me like this way. Damages happens all the time.

Also, the V2K speakers tell me that they want to do the theft claim to make me treated by the police. Well, I can say that I lost 5000CHF notes in July and still I have extra money for the emergency case despite of these room invasions. I don't know who would be helping me but just like that. All I know is that the V2K speakers told me that there would be a Korean in my class and he would be writing something like "go home" on my jacket or something. It did not happen so far. Just no theft and nothing much just few electronic harassment stuffs and some people acting strange from last Friday time.

The electronic harassment was like - feeling pain of some tiredness and caused me to be sloppy on the speeches. ".... you know" is something I don't really use but it just came easily. Also, "xxx thing" to describe something sloppy. Also, I have a sudden problem of forgetting the right ward to connect after a sentence making. "I would use... (the white board)" like the mind zapping to pause my thinking to continue the words like something specific. I think these are typical for making someone to have a language problem. How many students got such a problem in UK area? I guess that is a typical problem and the solution is the use of one's own words instead of the feeling of speaking something already made by the V2K speakers or something just come up in the mind. I found it much easy solving the problem by typing up my own thoughts and trying to read more stuffs for just to have my own language shape. Difficult language construction is much easy for make my mind to be in.


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