31 December, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 30th, 2017

Some German cars still around in the city for the stalking. Many Muslims at the AFI mall. There was an Asian man walking on the street and he returned his way back from the middle of the street. An Arabic speaking man at the metro station.

I found missing the orange padlock, two LUSH soap bars, and the cosmetics. I did not use them for awhile and I thought they were in my bag. I don't know how the left on the floor of the walk in closet in my hotel room. Well, I had an extra soap and I did not use these stuff for few days. When I woke up today, I found my cosmetics were missing, so I went to AFI mall to buy some. I'm not sure when such missing happened. So far, I slept till 3.30pm!!! for some unknown reason. I think I watch TV movies till late night these days while I type my work. So, sleeping around 2 or 3am to be something caused me to have a longer sleep till midday or later. My room have a dark window, so it could be the reason I cannot wake up early.

The V2K speakers told me that there was someone from Hokkaido University who caused the University of Honduras clashed to be at Joe Hostel. And that was how the hostel workers did not show up at the check in time few days ago and I had to move to another location after sending the messages to the IPA and EUROPOL. Also, I've heard that there is someone called as Kouya-san cop Typhoon to be working in my hotel for the theft or something. I've heard Kouya-san cop is from Sarajevo. There was a man called Tarou from Ottawa to trick people to make them quit their college lives there and Tarou moved to Budapest later and asked a hotel owner to claim him as a worker in his place while he was illegal migrant without a proper job at all.

Few day ago, I found a piece of the toilet paper was on the floor just inside from my room door as if someone entered my room. Then the night before, I found something wrong with my stuffs as if someone invaded my room. 


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