29 December, 2018

"Good Morning and I Love You" book on sale!

The book about the boy and the girl next door and getting along for the early pregnancy and further poverty lane issues.


14 December, 2018

It's December already

I'm just busy with some language studies and so many dramas happening around me. I wrote down as the book for the journal type recordings and later someone gone crazy is still around and just things going out to be settling down... Enough security issues I learned about the UK and so on.

I'm spending Christmas probably in Ireland or London or somewhere instead of Krakow or Warsaw. But still, I have things to do and probably I learn better Croatian like "Idemo idemo idemo na idem" type phrases from the alternative timeline myself. Future and the past trips? Done with others? And just another location for the work after SF state graduate pattern available as the future changer and still on my time line available to review. Or the same person marrying to me from 2013 or 2016 and so on without too much dramas with Jap people who are only in mind about male way of conquering others and if we as a group to get to the same person as the group of partners for ruining things.