19 November, 2018

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love is like finding a small but beautiful flower on
the side of the countryside road and worried to be stamped on
How lovely or charming the small flower to be in such a location?
I dont know but that is something special to stare and look upon

If the beauty is only the one side story and the one way view,
I still see the good things only as the admirable image always
For the unconditional love, I must see the fading background cue
Which is not only the cherishing but the bad image and pities

Will you find the most clever way for respecting the lowly,
Weakness, worst, severeness, scarcity, ill, and all the sickness?
The true love and the best heart stands for the hospitality
Through out the yearlong and same way of loving as the madness

Yes, it is the love sick and the madness for the affection
Why do I have to see, to smell, to feel, to touch the matter?
I want to touch you and take you, like the virus infection
To be in the same way of carrying away and stick together

The matter was the closeness and the life long ability to touch
To be pleasant on the eyes, and to be pleasant to the smell
Anything for the five senses were for the concentration to reach
Your sphere and your existence is so particularly on the globe

How to see you or touch you and yet accepting all the good and bad in you?
That is the true unconditional love endless and devotional, you already knew

Chocolate Pepper Mix!

Chocolate Pepper Mix!

The story of the two popular teenssmall success story went around for awhile. Their bandssongs in the small university cafeteria and the concert hall went very well. Indeed, there are many small bands on campus for showing off their group names on the colorful posters. One day, we saw the Chocolate Marriage Gig!on the poster. Wow,that was such quick. Everyone knew what the marriage meant. That was the small girl from the library and the poorly hair-dressed skinny yet tall vocalist. Their songs are so powerful!

Chocolate Pepper Fish,
Now is the last time to finish
Chocolate Pepper Dish,
Today is the marriage to cherish

That was sung outside of the old student hall near the exit by the small group of the tuxedo and dress wearing people. These young people gathered up to the entrance steps made of the half dorm image red bricks. The school tower of the building  made their gathering to look cool enough for the photography to promote their band videos and posters. It was not the proper time to see them just hanging around in the formal suits. They looked pretty mature, and the song was pretty popular enough for anyone visiting the band show nights can sing. I can sing the first two phrases already after listening it at the first time. Everyone likes it. It was not the Catherines job done for her to shout her whole name with the middle name on the middle during the rugby and football team practice around the lunch time at the campus fields. Since she lives off-campus dorm housing with her friends, she walked and crossed the truck field with her band friends or the library science major friends. Catherine Patterson Fisher!She shout. Wow, now we gonna cross the field!or Wow, now we are returninhomeare the next short phrases for the girls and boys to shout along. It changed Catherines entire life. She was a fisher and now is the real fish!

Chocolate Pepper Fish,
Now is the last time to finish
Chocolate Pepper Dish,
Today is the marriage to cherish

The chorus started around the family gathering style small marriage photo shooting groups. It was the maroon color haired eye-grassed man and the red hair in the bum girl in the white dress to be the groom and the bride looking couple at the door step as the main pair. The flash was burnt. What about Catherine? She was the main pair for the band singing this popall the time. It was the popwe said on the campus for the major wave of what to sing for the future and the current image of the campus. When we saw Chocolate Pepper Fishtitle on the band, The Sunny Day Rockers,  we just admired another shout on the campus and passerby started humming the tune somehow.

From the freshman era to the senior on campus,
We each had the error and the honor for the rock
I sung, because Catherine and Betty as my gals
We left Betty VitaminBurton for another relic

The first fish went to another pond? It was there
Just like the boys love what we left for the punk
Yet we girls want more clean sounds for the sphere
We added purer lyrics for the simple refrain music

My life, my ways, I had with was always my guitar
Your life, your ways, would be only for the baseball
His life, his ways, would be just with the computer
Her life, her ways, would be more as the party game

What was left as the memory of our campus was the rock
So, we enjoy singing all the time adding our nickname
How much do you love me? Or do you like this school work?
We did all my best to take our music away to the home

And then, the party show broke out. There were more people gathered into behind of the old ivy crawled stone building. There were some wooden picnic tables with chairs lined up on the white pebbles. They had a nice red and white cross napkins on the table for the decoration. And there were some light snacks like the sliced French breads, sliced cheese, assorted salamis, sliced tomatoes for the easy sandwich making, some fruit bowls, snack bags, and several 2L bottle sodas and plastic cups on it. The image was the typical campus food outside except the BBQ faculty for grilling hamburgs and hod dogs. The tall punky pink curl hair man showed up in the white shirt and the pinky pants. His shirt has the dotted lined bots and it made some unique color combination like a crown image in the group. But the real crown was the green crown fig wearing guitarist who was wearing just the normal black jacket on top of the dirk navy color trouser. He was wearing the white shirt with a suspender. Catherin with a black witch hat came with a straight blue color fig. She was wearing the fake black leather jacket on top of the V-neck orange sweater and a shiny black skirt. She brought a large tart tray from the campus delivery service cart.  

The small film shooting was done by the photographers and the campus journalists. They came in the shirts and jeans like slightly easy clothes but they looked so professional in the atmosphere building in the group photos at the picnic tables. They were laughing about the missing tuna cans that can be for the fish part. And that part of the colorful background with some fish can holding short clip was added to the school video later. We saw it on the back screen of their gig day. So, I understood that the famous group was making the video for show date. And the marriage gigwas quite simple. They only had the new background screen video for the promotion than the normal psychedelic ones. And only one couple wore the tuxedo and dress again for the show. The girl was nothing but the three of the sub vocals after the main pair vocals. The curly blond hair boy had no guitar today but sung with his former girl friend, Catherin. Catherin was wearing her normal white sleeveless top and a black skirt with a huge square buckle belt for the accent. She wore the striped long tights for the black and purple accent on the show.

Chocolate Pepper Fish!
We come for the final speech
Chocolate Pepper Dish!
Cerebrate the wedding for each

I expected the songs are something to do with the marriage or some talk shows for the newly married couple. They worked at the cafe next to the campus. And that was the location they met or stated to work together to spend more time for each other. Some followers knew where to find the class and school celebrities. And I knew their cafe well for the frequent use of the take out coffee depot.

Chocolate Pepper Fish!
Special thanks for you, Trish!
Chocolate Pepper Dish!
Andrea, Alex, David, and Doyle!

Chocolate Pepper Fish!
Special thanks goes to Dmitri!
Chocolate Pepper Dish!
Steve, Dag, Erika, Jane, Joey!

Chocolate Pepper Fish!
Aron, Yuen, Bill, Steph, Joseph!
Chocolate Pepper Dish!
Patti, Debora, James, Jill, Ralph!


The names are shouted in the rhythm as the special thanks part at the end of the show that end at 10pm. At that time, we found some similar names or classmates or our even our own on the list of the special thanks part. That one was so huge. It was more like the single list of the large group names as the song. That was the pop song. We wanted simple and only added the single ones as the fish.Later,Catherine explained it to the campus article with her face photo. Single fish, a better fish but not a best dishis the new Album Title and the new secret bonus truck. The school article said at the end.

Kaidaru and Other Japanese Cop Made Islamic Groups - Book on Sale!

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26 October, 2018

The Upside Down Story - The Future people met in the past during the Organizer's future time frame

The Upside Down Story - The Future people met in the past during the Organizer's future time frame -
By Miyoko Goto
The past trip made woman's future stories from that past dropping point. The Future-Past has only one attachment but the past point has so many future possibilities and such futures are existing in different dimensions in the time scale. A future woman traveled to the pat and met a woman for the proper contact making. But all went wrong and several histories created in other dimensions.

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21 October, 2018

Why Kurds lost on the War on Terrorism competision

I heard the Japanese Muslims worked with Turks as the Kurd pretenders to be harsh and dangerous. But they died out after the Syrian War. The war timers thought Syrians would be easily recruited into the Japanese desert teams in Kazakhstan and after the trip to Kurds region. What happened was the Syrians took the hostages of the Kurds women and the woman's face and body were wiped out by the pebbles as the image of showing the fire starting and other crazy jokes as how far the women can get the tortures. And it was done. No women.

Thus, Kurds are not recruited into the Muslim division.

And I heard more Muslims like Syrians and minorities in India would go through the same way after their women killed.

Currently, the female mocking is going on by the police officers everywhere. Women's belongings are damaged and wealth taken. Names stolen by the Muslim women. Islamic law is such a crude way of showing no more freedom on the women. Females can be taken as hostages. Thus, the women can be mocked more from their own nationality or regional basis. A woman would be harassed by the Muslims from one's own nationality. Muslims take the female gender identity as the sex object or birth giving object. Thus, there is less mobility on the women around.

Much worse is the situation of the police groups pretending to be drug dealers and mafias while they claim drug sellers are their targets. So, the police just be there as law for judging others only from their fake evidences and crude sciences. Police officers would bring their own people to settle into the area their target would go. And, it is the same way the textbooks and jobs are stolen. The police/mafia team would bring their own people to take over the study materials and jobs. In the same way, there are many people replaced around. But it is not necessary about Islam. Pedida supporters like me would be added for the Islam claim. Nothing functioning these days for taking out the Muslims or whatever. 

13 October, 2018

Human Zombie

What the zombie boom ended up in the real time line these days? That is the deserted officers. They wonder around without proper names nor social values. So, they need to take someone else as the culprits and trying to get some social respect to be existing. They also hunt someone or someone's wealth in a hoard. Thus, they kill some people for the new life building from the dead or unknown state.

Anything human would be the propaganda from the Saudi Arabia. The people hunt others and that is how the small particles survive on the Earth. Eat and take the shit out. Any other values given to the humans as the life stability making would be stolen easily like the robber time.

We used to have the civilized society with less discrimination as people could achieve something in the social system for the reward system. But now, the merchants and others are taught to swindle and discriminate for the cultural stability building and sometimes corrupted as a part for the military exercises.