08 December, 2017

"genroku-otoshi" stock/FX trade deposit killing technique by Soka Gakkai

Last night, I made my way to get only Gold cancelled and left EUR/USD, XAD/USD (few loss already but was quite bad in shape after 90days low), EUR/GBP and AUD/USD. AUD/USD had the positive sign on H4 chart and I thought it would work. But it turned out to be slipped off all the sudden. So, all went down on one night and lost all. People say how everyone lose on the trading and it happened to me one day and my 600€deposit went down to 20€ with only EUR/USD available in the negative sign.

I could write a book about the reality of the trading. Funny, my XM demo trading and eToro demo are just available for a long time without losing money at all.

I fixed the Gold problem after getting my fund fixed to 600€ after USD/JPY drop happened at night right after I made the deposit around Nov 14th. So, everything looked fine around 480€ to 600€ range. And then a sudden drop happened and all went down in sudden. I could not cancel the trades and let it be in the hope of going back to 0.00 profit/loss area. But they all went slipping whole day.

Last night, the V2K speaker Japanese man said that deposit loss is called as "Genroku-otoshi" by purchasing some without risk thinking. And the deposit could be dropped below zero and the trades to be cancelled around.

I could put the SL and TP, but I wanted to do the manual trading and all went down while I slept. I could cut off some around 11am when I was sleeping after 7am normal EUR/GBP peek time checking from 5am.

I don't like the way how my life is ruined. But it was how things went. And such "Genroku-otoshi" actually happened to me on the next day. The V2K speakers told me that Shizuoka group are responsible of the propaganda on the diplomats to buy JPY and ignore other currencies.

Does anyone know more about "genroku-otoshi" could be the actual Japanese trading insiders. 

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 5-7th, 2017

German cars with red label on the license plate are hanging around in Bucharest.
"Toukou (report)" logo Chinese character jacket woman. Some Muslims stalking me.

"Toukou (report)" Chinese character logo jacket woman at Carefour in Bucharest

I saw a typical sensitization logo jacket woman at a store. She was wearing the clothes with "toukou (report)" logo in Chinese character for hinting.

03 December, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 3rd, 2017

I saw many German cars and an Asian pair in the city. There were a group of Asian women and a Muslim couple at the signal near the Catholic church after the mass tonight. It's so rare to see any Asians in Cluj Napoca but I saw some.

Al-Quaeda Arabic spam comment makers on my blog

Since I'm Islamphobia, I don't get to near any Muslims nor anything looks Arabic and crazy. But some of the Muslim extremists always hanging around on someone who they could easily target on. What if a Islamphobia person stalked by Muslims? Muslims should be expecting the reaction of denial or scream. Yes, here I go!

These people wrote me Arabic something related about their Al-Quada membership and targeting me  as their comments. I just sent their profiles to the IPAs and some embassies. Leave the Islamphobia people alone and don't type me anything Arabic. I would just simply share their blogger links to the police as "Al-Qaeda claiming people commenting my blog in Arabic and spamming my blogs."

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 2nd, 2017

Some German cars near my hotel and one Spanish car in Cluj Napoca. Some Indians at the main square.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 1st, 2017

Some Asians took the same bus from Vienna and these Asians left at Budapest. One Asian guy was at the bus station last night and was in the same bus. One Asian man with the green passport and 2 Japanese passport holding women were talking in Japanese. So, Chinese or Korean man with Japanese speaking language was engaged in the stalking. My Sun Disk MP3 Player got no more screen showing when I tried to listen some music. The V2K speakers told me that the signal search done twice would crash the device. And it was used. Many German cars showed up on the street from Vienna to Cluj Napoca.