23 May, 2020

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 22nd, 2020

I went out to buy new clothes for Summer time. At BergFuchs, I heard the store alarm beeping before the couple in front of me entering to the store. They had nothing on bargen and I left and saw the German car parked across from the store on the same street. BergFuchs is a tricky store; it has another entry to the south than the one customers were waiting, and one more to the left from the street as a store storage room entry. I found the second one when I turned left to the train station way.

New Yorker had some store announcements when I was walking around the store and at the spots where someone left the handbag or I was checking the sizes of the stored trousers under on the bottom of the shelves. There was no beeping happened but so many Muslim women were in the store. I visited Billa later for grocery purchase and saw all the shopping carts chained up. It was hard to push the chain into the key hole, but when I was filming, it succeeded. So, it's possible someone cane finish all carts to be chained up. I tried only mine to the one stored.

At the tram stop, I saw a man wearing a damaged trousers. It reminded me of my damaged trouser from the previous accommodation near Votiv Church. Someone invaded my room at night and stole 300€ and 10GBP. My black trousers had a right hip pocket side slash. So, I threw it away on the day I left the accommodation. I contacted police about it. So, if the guy on the photo was one of the gang member that invaded my room for the thefts and damages, he would be caught. It's so strange that I saw a man with the damaged trousers on the day I bought a new one!

11 May, 2020

French mafia people interested in my poetry as theirs to sell

The V2K people talked about a black woman interested in my poetry about Ayes for Blind part. I heard about someone tried to share 'Chocolate Pepper Fish' as hers in France after she thought it cool for her own English Literature class share. Why black women are interested in someone else's works? Is it part of China's puppet black people population targeting me? Chinese mafia often own the blacks for scaring others like the security guards and mobbing part as the French black community.

I heard from the V2K that the black woman and her blind girl of 21 or 22 years old living not far from the Shoah monument in Paris. The black blind girl's name would be Ayla or something similar. Is there anyone like that? This is a guessing game. Are there some black people engaged in the mobbing and asking to get their arts as their and selling them freely like the third world monkey people at the French speaking website or organizations to avoid English speakers' eyes? These blacks would be part of the Jew killers. Jews got killed and the black French would be using their names and stealing their works like poetry and such.

And there are some Japanese interested in the deleting of my blog for saying there was no Nazism happened to my case. Look at Israel. They only had robbers. At the airport, I was searched despite of a small suitcase and only one set of netbook to everything as a modern traveler. And one packet went missing at Budapest Airport.So, I can prove the securities in Israel and Hungary help to destroy or steal the Neo-Nazi victims' evidences. France is the same. No one help an Asian because Asians are hated. French had the racism against Chinese. I'm not Chinese and let people wear Free Tibet things. I don't care about Chinese except the time Chinese mafia stalking me. So, all the mobbing groups are out there.

Well, I do have the blog backup on sale. So, the worst might be solved.
But I have the problem with the room invading type and those guys may damaging my writings. At least, I had enough time publishing the ebooks and they should be online to be safe. 

30 April, 2020

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 27-29th, 2020

OSAM from April 27-29th, 2020.

The Crime Defender Techniques vol.3

The third volume of the Crime Defender Techniques series. This book includes the 30 of the following informants' stories and the extra section comes with "The Match Sticks."

6.Hotetol Seijin (Nobuyuki Hirokawa)
9.Kagawa Co.
18.Ofuro Buzah
22.Sasagake cop
28.Toumei 2

20 April, 2020

The V2K People Dictionary 1st Ed.

Here is the long waited The V2K People Dictionary  book. It covers the V2K people's names and their colleagues' information in the alphabetical order. The book is about 60 pages in the size but it covers just enough names from past few years.

15 April, 2020

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 15-28th, 2020

OSAM from March 15-28th, 2020.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 2-10, 2020

OSAM from April 2-10th, 2020.