29 January, 2017

German cars around for today - 3 or more

I'm still in Thessaloniki now. But hopefully, I would be in Skopje and somewhere not expensive to stay for communication with some people and groups for the help. 5th year of Germans stalking is enough for me to get some help, you know.

I'm now in a cafe called Cafe Enu (u is omega sign). I don't see the alpha in the beggining but C but it ends with omega. C like Coffee comes before alpha here in Greece.

There is a German car outside the cafe is D:MA GU 112. There was a German car near the Thessaloniki church D:GL PS 3399. And one more was starting from D and I recorded the number n my video

I'm just dong few password changes to avoid any fishy DOT.TK registered at Amsterdam showing off Alexandria Hotel logo whenever I tried to check Chip.de and other sites. So, I would be safely in Skopje area for a little easier WIFI for adding my books and such.

I have a book to be done by next week called "Kontro-san ni narou" which could be published by the Kotor visiting Japanese people who did all the killing of Russians and such and even the book sales of 300yen from Asahi Shuppan was banned - the V2K told such and telling me the contents.
So, this book would be done. 

26 January, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 25-26, 2017

I'm in Creek area now. The V2K speakers told me that the US Army says Greek poor as Creek. There is the middle area down in the land and that is the Creek meaning.

OSAM from January 26 and 27th. A suspicious Asian man took the buses from Budapest to Thessaloniki. Only two passengers are Asians in the buses. So, I assume him as a stalker and he could be related with the home invasions and Muslim claims on their targets. I saw a nose bandaged man on my way to the metro station in Budapest and also I saw another nose bandaged man in a cafe in Thessaloniki. How often such a strange encounter happen with nose bandages? I had the sudden nose breeding on Dec 5th and it took a ambulance next day in Belgrade. And I visited the hospital in Budapest for the examination. At night I went to a restaurant and saw juice and pasta with bugs. Is this bug contamination normal in Greece? I don't know their food standard. There was a guy with the same Swiss logo cap man walking on the street. I filmed him just in case he is a perpetrator to claim his cap went missing or something and encourages others to steal or damage my cap for their fake crime story set up.

Ah, the V2K speakers also told me about the perpetrators plan of claiming mosque/Moskow supporting Greek Orthodox priests in the form of fest making for 60 of them and killing with the poisoned wine. The V2K speakers said that was funded by the US Army's Muslims especially the Turkish special agents with Skandivenia (Skandinavia and Herzogvina Islamic power in the Balkans for the war domination in the area).  

23 January, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 21-22, 2017

OSAM from January 21-22, 2017. Not much to share. I could add some photos but I'm too lazy to work with Tumblr. for photo share now. I need to finish the German car list by tonight. Only 2 hours till the midnight. I stay one more night in Budapest - hopefully another room. And I could do some posting of the mafia stories here and there if I have time.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 23, 2017

Well, I wrote about the missing rosary x 2. One of them was found in the netbook bag on the next day. It was strange as it went missing the night before and I searched everywhere as well as another one from Rue de Bac. The God Father's mother's rosary was found in the netbook pocket. But such small things makes me sick with the harassment like mind zapping to make me forget something I was planning to do but to do something else first and forget the another one on my plan. The V2K speakers told me that the Japanese medical students in Zagreb are now in Budapest for the practicing of such monitoring techniques. 731 unit medical students are still around in Croatia area for damaging Christians to loose rosaries.

Well, this is the second time I lost Christian item in Budapest. The first time was at Zsofy's house or something west from Nyugati train station. There was Scandinavian Asian woman was chatting with others. So, my Christian bracelet could be misused for something.

Today, I saw a German car near my hostel and a car with Arabic wheel cover. There were 2 Asian Muslims walking near my hostel when I came back. Later, I saw a group of Asian Muslims in the tram that I was about to take. Not so many Muslims in the city at all or you see them on my OSAM video. Also, no Asian Muslims till today. How come so many came near Kalvin Ter? Statistics would tell they are stalking me.

21 January, 2017

Dominik Panzio in Budapest - Fusion Center for slicing people?

The V2K speakers told me that Dominik Panzio in Budapest would be a location for the Fusion Center and they could start exercising chopping people down for the war game practice.

I stayed at Dominik Panzio once and I saw a woman with a Japanese kimono image bag showed up at the mass. Then there was a head covering Chinese and some Chinese group showed up to the mass as if for the community watch social pressure. The V2K speakers told me that the Dominican guest house has the basement for the Fusion kidnapping system. So, I decided not to stay there this time.

As far as I know, there was nothing stolen there. Just the gang stalkers stayed in the rooms near mine. Since my stuffs went missing missing when I stay at Downtown Hostel, I just thought about the option. If I stay at the Dominik Panzio, will it be better for me to stay there and have time praying rosary in the church? Well, the stalkers could claim me of stealing their stuffs and such.

So far, my rosaries went missing but not yet someone chopped me up. Anyway, Budapest is not really  a good place to stay for Christians. Bad people always hate foreigners and harass them.

My rosary stolen - another one

I have several rosaries with me. I bought some here and there. I have been using the one I bought at Rue de Bac for about a year. And it went missing since yesterday. I saw it till I visited Dune Medical Center on 19th. I checked my Samsonite poach and it was there while I searched my passport.

And while I was trying to sleep tonight - it's 6am already now - the V2K speakers reminded me of my plastic rounded small can with a small rosary which was given by my God Father's mother. It was in my netbook bag pocket. I had some micro SD card with the rosary in the same case. I kept it in the same spot in the netbook bag for a long time and it was in my porter bag. Well, I don't have to check all the stuffs everyday as they should be there. I think I saw it last time was probably at Hostel Midnight Grooves. My memory is quite blur but it was the time I thought of checking the contents of the micro SD card in the rosary. I forgot what was inside when I was uploading the photos from the micro SD card from my camera.

Rosaries are hated by the Japanese SDF or Navy stationed in Bosnia and Pula area, the V2K speakers say. Also, Bosnian Army targets rosary as Medugorje teachings says it as a weapon. So, these Muslim police and Muslim police students want to crash the rosaries for the harassment. Islamic religion is only destroying others religions and freedom. I don't understand why this kind of facism is done for the victim who is claimed to be Muslim or dangerous. And others just laughing of such thefts.

I'm just experiencing the communist time harassment on myself. Was it like this during the religion banned era? And only the police is accepted in the church mass and church activities while Muslims checking someone to look like Islam and trying to strip off their rights for the eventual all property stealing?

I didn't know someone entered my room and steal something such tiny and only valuable for Christians. How can I prevent someone invading my room? I stayed more time at home, so nothing could be missing or damaged when I stayed at Guesthouse Marija in Zadar where a German speaking man stayed next to my room quite a long time everyday.

Morgan Stanley employee taking a mug out from bakery

Here is the funny theft I saw yesterday at Milnar in Budapest. An Indian guy took a mug out from the cafe on his way to his office. Indians often steal information for their jobs but some are actually taking small things from cafes and restaurants. Funny, huh? Now, perpetrators should take these thieves out from Budapest instead of someone who got theft reports to the local police stations here and there.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 18-20, 2017

Here is the video about past few days. I saw some German cars and others like Turkish and Bulgarian ones in Budapest.

I think the V2K speakers are now engaged in the company program and they make profits together from telling lies together. Also, they make the stock system and dividing the wealth of their target as if to get the profits from stock trading. They could take something from the target for fun and driving the victim crazy. Well, my rosary I bought at Rue de Bac went missing. I always kept it in my Samsonite poach for a long time. It's a wooden rosary with a miraculous medal. On 19th, I saw it came off from my Samsonite poach on the floor next to my bed in morning. So, it was there when I put it back in my poach that day. Then I went to the hospital in afternoon. I only took out my passport and phone from the poach for that day and kept them back. Today, I went out and had the chance to check the contents of my poach at Starbucks and it was not there. And I checked the bags when I came back and I didn't find it. Now, the place is crowded with guests despite of the off season. At least, I saw my rosary at the reception in the hospital when I took out some stuffs from the poach. And my poach was tightly closed and was on the desk at the doctor's office when I tried to open it and to show the photo copy of the information. And then, I don't know where it went. It was a strange way of losing a rosary. Well, Divino Amore key ring was once again found in the souvenior bag - only few items in it and how it went missing??? So, I don't know how the rosary would be popped up once again or gone forever. It's sick to feel something like this by the gang stalking.

Well, just enjoy Morgan Stanley Indian guy stealing a mag from Milnar bakery in the video. I just feel fun fro making the theft known everywhere to piss the idiot off for a laugh. Bad guys should be shared like this way. And I can make him a scapegoat of rosary loss.


16 January, 2017

Graz land slide coming?

The V2K speakers' Future Research Institute information telling me that there would be a big land slide to happen at Graz, Austria  and it would be done by 2018. The current story is that it would happen on January 22nd, 2017 - around 2.23pm. It's Sunday and the earthquake caused by the land slide from the mantle area with the water vipolation to be around magnitude 18. As the result, there would be Stuttgart to become a lake.

Belgrade and Timisoara to be the safe zone in Eastern Europe.

Me? I would be in Budapest by next week. The V2K speakers research told me that there would be around magnitude 4,8-5.2 earthquake in Budapest to the west. And the fire happens from the hospital near Nyugati train station and burn the city center area. I'm quite scared about such issue. Maybe I'd stay away from the tall buildings. People just have blind faith on the old buildings till they fall. I'd be just one of those hoping the city council did something with the buildings for the safety already.

But it's just one of the future told me by the V2K people. 

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 14th, 2017

Here is the latest OSAM from new year. So many Koreans showed up on one day. I have been working with the German car list 2016 for almost entire this week. Now I finished till Oct 17th. The latest version of the spreadsheet file is posted on my FB link like TARACT. I would share the selling site in future also. 4 years and still I have German cars around sometimes. I think the Germans did not show up everyday now as I only went out 2 days or so for this week.

01 January, 2017

TI Defense: 30 Tips to Help Fight Back -- article

Sweeney's article about how to defend oneself for TIs. I could quote all the writings here for the safe backup of the article but let it be there as the contents is quite normal and well known for the veteran TIs.