20 October, 2009

Things going so fast these days

There are times people need to just work on something to improve their own skills. While doing so, I found how much I lacks and I do not know. When I am in "study" mode, I often forget things that is not much important.

People make priority on what they do, now I figured out what I needed to do and must do. Say, studying another language is quite boring and takes long time to be fluent. The easiest way is memorize the sentences by heart and use it for the minimum communication. At least, I tried to do it... Which is better to communicate with the Virgin Mary? I tried to pray for her in Croatian for awhile. I don't really know what I can do anything else to show my faith. Praying more rosary, or something different would be better? What I know is what I do not know. Life only gives me questions and more things to learn to find the answers.

11 October, 2009

XML format for the perpetrator database

I think I mentioned about creating a software for "perp database" for TIs in this summer. Since I am on travel, I did not have enough chance to work on that one. Instead, I thought about the use of XML format to keep the perp data sharable among TIs.
I thought this could be easier for the TIs to handle what to do with the data shared by others. By using the XML format, TIs can avoid the program hacked by the perps or the NSA or even the FBI. Because XML format keeps the contents visible, TIs will get no suspicion on the strange files or a program.

I'm quite busy these days, but if I get enough time for thinking about the format, I will suggest the standard format for the XML. The formats would be based on my suggestion about the database. This can be another way to work with the perp data.

I think the use of XML makes anyone to read the information with just a compatible browser. Also, it can help people to work with the raw data more easily. For the people don't know about XML nor HTML, please think that I am planning to create a format that anyone can use to put the perp data in a single format to be looked as if on a web page.

01 October, 2009

These days - Japanese speaking people around me

These days, I have met some people speaking Japanese. One of them is an English who taught Japanese in Nagano in Japan. Then a Japanese woman and I shared a room. From yesterday, the large room I stayed was occupied with people - probably Japanese. And I share a room with a Japanese woman from yesterday. From what I hear, these Japanese staying the place I stay are students because they are talking about lectures and such. It seems 2 Japanese men and 2 Japanese women at least.

I don't know why so many Japanese traveling around in this period of the year. My guess is that they might be asked to travel to somewhere they stay and to work on the surveillance for the short period of time. If they are on business, they would stay in better place than for the backpackers. Today is Thursday and if they are either workers or students, they would have problem staying away from school or workplace. Perhaps they might be pretending students and chatting about something useless and meaning less - like some stupid jokes and someone did what - like nothing creative.

Last 2 days, 2 French women stayed in where I live, and today they came to the church I was visiting and sat on the bench near me and kept talking during the lunch time. The church is over 20km away from the place I stay.