30 May, 2013

Fake Rolex watches sold at the shops outside of the archaeological site in Ephesus

Today's trip to Ephesus to visit the first Marian church was interesting. I saw a backpacker Asian woman with a Japanese travel guide. She asked in the bus if the bus goes to Selçuk (thanks to the Swiss keyboard, I can type the village name correctly). I usually do not talk with other travelers as long as it is unnecessary. She sat in the bus separately and I did not care her business. If she is the informant and was making up fake claims or reports, she must be busted by shown her face in my blog.

Well, I will add the OSAM on the different post as I want to share about the fake Rolex watch shops in Ephesus this time.

I saw a "Fake Watches" sign at the second entrance probably near the church of St. John. And 2 shops selling fake Rolex outside of the entrance near 7 sleepers grottoes.

Here is the picture of the fake watch sign from one entrance. And enjoy the video. I'm sending this information to Rolex customer service later via email. I own the real Rolex sicne I was in California and it never had a problem. Well, one time I needed to visit the store in Stanford Shopping Center to check the hinge after some rough use at snowboading trips. But that was all about it and they fixed the part - just adjusting the plate to get the right bending in less than 10 minutes. The real Rolex is a good investment as it got the real lifetime warranty. Just think about a car. How long will it work? It's worth to have a very durable watch which you can use it for a life time while a car may not last so long. Some people would just use the watch on their mobiles but it won't be usable under a harsh weather or at the sea resort. A good watch can keep a person to be aware of the bus or ferry schedule even playing at the beach. That's how I use my watch, you know. And it does not require the battery. So, if you are looking a nice watch, buy the real Rolex which is much valuable for your life in a long run than the fake one which can just break down in any weather conditions.

I saw a woman in the bus going back to Izmir wearing the T-shirt with a logo "Imitation" yesterday. I hope these "Fake Watches" signs are not done by the gang stalkers as if for the trap to make up for one person.

Suspicious Germans and Japanese (and Russians) showed up in Ephesus

I took buses to get to Ephesus yesterday. On my way, I encountered 2 young women who were reading  leaflets written in German. In the same bus, there was a man with yakuza-looking tatto arms. When I was at the Virgin Mary's House south of Ephesus, I saw a man with a T-shirt with Osaka University logo. Also, I saw a group of tourists who had a man wearing a German T-shirt. There was a small group of Japanese speaking senior Asians. How many Japanese traveling to the 7 churches in Turkey? In my video blog, you can find many perpetrators who are really suspicious. Maybe, I got some yakuza and mafia connections working in the gang stalking in my film. I'm curious if they are related with Japanese yakuzas. Only I know about the yakuza connection to Muslims is the ones learned to scuba diving in Dahab beach in Egypt. I heard that many yakuza people visit the beach to learn how to dive for their secret jobs. Is there anything yakuza has to do in Ephesus?

Here is the picture of Osaka University T-shirt logo and Japanese speakers in Ephesus.

29 May, 2013

The suspicious Asian woman showed up at the bus terminal and a crazy man at a park

Here is the video blog from today. I'm in Izmir now. I'm just heading to few places famous in the Bible. Not all 7 churches this time. Most areas are now ruins, so it's not much to see for the Christian activities. I'd rather go to a church mass instead of the ruins. Well, they got history and destroyed just like in the Apocalypse part of the Bible. Anyone want to rebuild these churches? Any spiritual call to rebuild them? The pope might have something to do with these ruins. It sounds better to rebuild them than just to be left as ruins.

When I arrived at the bus terminal, I tried to get a bus to Basmane train station. Some people helped me and I was able to get to the bus station inside of the bus terminal. When I got there, an Asian woman showed up and she also asked the same question in English. She asked about where to buy the ticket and such. From her light luggage, I assumed that she is not the normal tourist who usually have a large backpack or a small suitcase for at least few days clothes plus some stuffs. I assumed that she might be already settled in the hotel and left her suitcase there and was doing a short tour alone. She is a lone traveler and that is quite unique already for her age and her ethnicity. And how she got to the bus terminal? It was early morning before 10am. It is possible that she might took a taxi to get to the bus terminal and did the tour from the different bus at the bus terminal. The local bus is different. But, it was morning and she wanted to go to the train station. If she stays in Izmir, she supposed to get to the train station instead of the bus terminal which is quite far away from the city center. So, I assume she is suspicious. Perhaps, she might be working for the Chinese or Korean embassy.

 And here is a crazy man in the park. He was shouting and squatting alone while others are watching him. I often find some people acting funny around me. As a Targeted Individual, I got mental disease claims sometimes. Well, I'm fine to have that claim as it is historically collect for the Christians to be called mental disease. Look at Jack London's Iron Heel. The bishop who wanted to help the poor was claimed as mentally ill by the upper class pressure. Well, there seems to be many mental disease Muslims out there, so I'm assuming this might be normal in Turkey or other Islamic countries. Well, I've read about the articles related with Islamic population in Egypt and Muslim men with aggression due to the mental illness. I cannot find that one but here is another one interesting to share: "Islam is a Mental Illness." I got someone killed the baby pigeons in Sarajevo and such, so I am aware of some Muslims are extremely dangerous when they got mental illness to have any intelligence to stay away from others' business. Enjoy the man shouting in the video. I hope he does not join those Al-Quaeda or some Jihardist groups when he got self-destructive.

28 May, 2013

The rewritting the perp investigations to send it to the court

The V2K perps often talk in a group about how to change their investigation and what they are investigating. They seem to have no problem changing what they are investigating. They often talk about "Geisha" and the stereotype of Japanese women who are passive and obedient and they assume that will fit to the Muslim extremist claim due to my travel records to the Islamic countries and my knowledge of Arabic language. It was from Germany when those claim started. Japanese are dangerous because they are suicidal. The Japanese V2K speakers refer Japanese as "火の玉の人(the person of fireball)" and claim them as suicidal people. I don't know who use fireball. It could be the direct translation from Chinese or something. The V2K perps have special terms for their own use. So, the perps got few things mixed up; Japanese women are much like prostitute and can be suicidal. Well, perps are to make up any claim against the individual for the social assassination. Why can't we share what they do? My blog is pretty much like the Diary of Anne Frank, right? Just no one going to be slaughtered except the pigeon babies in Sarajevo and my belongings damaged...

The perps seem to have a way to rewrite their investigation. The V2K perps said that they are planning to make a claim of me as a thief and they want me to be stealing things in order to get money to travel around. Well, it makes me even hard to travel these days with those taking eye threats and such. The issue is that they seem to be the friends of the people I know at the hotel or somewhere I stayed and they ask these people to tell them what they want to write a report. These perps making the report seem to be bringing it to the court for any search order or something. I don't know this part but the V2K perps often notice about "the court" in their verbal threat. For example, they said that they want me to be working as a housekeeper or something in order to make be getting money or short in money. Then I supposed to be stealing things in order to support myself. These perps seem to have a certain reason of doing those damages to the disinformation and make the TI to have no jobs nor get a stability in the community. Well, the TI would be eventually become a homeless.
That seem to be how the society treating people and how people become gypsies. No one really studies this part of the world history for sociology nor social science.

I took a long bus ride from Antakya yesterday and got headache this morning and still my brain works dull. I hope my writing is ok. I slept in the bus for about 4 hours or so. Well, no damage to my eyes and have my belongings not damaged.

26 May, 2013

Religious and cultural diversities and gang stalking

I found an interesting fact about the diversity and the activeness of gang stalking. Here in Anatolia, I found less gang stalkers. There seems to be some with certain T-shirt logo and other form of sensitization like "eye patched" person on the street. Nothing much happened. No cheating on the price or strange thing happened. The only difference is that some people on the street asked me if I'm Japanese. I usually ignore them as I don't want to get in trouble with strangers. There were small kids playing on the street asked me one time and I ignored them. Well, rural kids might be interested in foreigners and that might be just normal for them to assume if I am from Japan or something. Their first choice of nationality is Japan not Korea or China. The funny thing I noticed is that there is a Protestant church in Antakya and saw a sign saying that the church is related with South Korea but no other Asians I encountered in the city.
There are some people speak German here. The guy working at a restaurant in Adana Otogar speaks German. Well, people there do not speak English, so it was better for the communication. The Adana Kebab was good and cheep; 13TKL for the kebab with salad and a can of soda.
I met a local woman who speaks German in Antakya. Well, Pope Benedikt XVI got some relationship there, so it would be natural to have some German speakers as well as some German companies like Siemens in the city. They don't do anything suspicious, so I'm relieved to see those people. Some people can speak general Japanese as well. For the tourist industries and the service industry, they might know some greeting words in several foreign languages. If they speak English, they could get more tourists in the area. Foods and goods are quite cheep and some places are quite interesting.

St. Peter's Grotto is now under reform. I hope it would be fixed well before 29th of next month.

24 May, 2013

Following the footsteps of St. Paul

I'm just hanging around in the historical area famous of apostles. Nothing much here. Foods are quite funny as they are pretty much like middle eastern meals. I'm tired of eating kebabs even though it costs about 2€ here. It could be 3.50€ in Greek or Budapest.

I could share some pictures but I'm kinda busy playing FB games when I got wifi. I might be mind controlled to slack around... Well, I got some plans to do and maybe I will just decide to put my priorities listed instead of being lazy. Well, there is nothing much to do for next few days, so I might concentrate on writing my books. 

St. Paul is the key person who was helping the gentiles to be converted to Christianity. Without him, the church might be only accepting the Jews from the Jewish community. If St. Peter is the symbol of deciding what to teach, what means the role model of St. Paul? St. Paul gave an option for the non-Jews to believe in Jesus. I got gang stalking perpetrators who seemed to do the false witnessing to take out the TIs from the church. I'm just curious who they are working and who they are following. Church intelligence?

22 May, 2013

Japan wants 40 Million Japanese to be evacuated to either Russia or China

Japanese government wants to get the Kuril Islands returned to Japan from Russia. They want to use the islands the place for the 40 Million people to be evacuated in case of the serious nuclear radioactive threat. Well, if they have brains, they should just cover the Fukushima Daiichi nuke plant. The best choice for the current situation is to use the top secret weapon by the US military; the sink hole maker. It simply drops the plant and the surrounding earth to few hundreds kilometer below. There should be no problem of the water pollution that can spread to the drinking water nor the radio active will be exploded in the big hole on the earth. Maybe, it might cause some Tunami but the people nearby should be OK with that. They already got the biggest one when it caused the damage to the Fukushima nuke plant.

Alex Jones revealed the Japanese government's intention of evacuating over 40 Million people to either the Kuril Islands or to the Ghost Cities in China. The first choice is to make the Russia to be ultra super friendly to Japan and that is pretty impossible. If Japan is lucky enough, they could get a spot in some cold ilands to evacuate people. My guess is that they might just make their way to Hawaii or Guam with their savings instead. How many people would move to islands with no advanced city function? I can tell, one persuasion very effective for moving Japanese is: your company moved to that island, so you must work there. The second choice is to make the Japanese replaced by the Chinese. How many Chinese out there want Japanese identity to travel freely? The Chinese mafia might replace Japanese with someone similar to them. If they live in the ghost cities together, you never know how many are replaced by the Chinese. The Ghost Cities might have buildings but must lack the life lines and thus they are abandoned or the ancient people did not build cities there in the past couple of thousands of years. So, how to read the article? The Japanese government wants the Kuril Islands back and has extra 40 Million people who supposed to be somewhere else. If they are important to the country, they must remain near the big cities in order to have the full function of their technological work and life environment. It's funny that the Japanese government does not want to send the evacuees to S. Korea. The country has no interest on taking out North Korea in order to gain some extra land neither. I'm just curious, where the US Marines and US Army will go in case of the massive catastrophe that requires 40 Million Japanese to be evacuated?

I'm wise enough to be evacuated from Japan and on exile in Asia Minor now.
According to this report, Japanese diplomats have signaled to their Russian counterparts that the returning of the Kuril Islands to Japan is “critical” as they have no other place to resettle so many people that would, in essence, become the largest migration of human beings since the 1930’s when Soviet leader Stalin forced tens of millions to resettle Russia’s far eastern regions.
Important to note, this report continues, are that Japanese diplomats told their Russian counterparts that they were, also, “seriously considering” an offer by China to relocate tens of millions of their citizens to the Chinese mainland to inhabit what are called the “ghost cities,” built for reasons still unknown and described, in part, by London’s Daily Mail News Service in their 18 December 2010 article titled: “The Ghost Towns Of China: Amazing Satellite Images Show Cities Meant To Be Home To Millions Lying Deserted” that says:
“These amazing satellite images show sprawling cities built in remote parts of China that have been left completely abandoned, sometimes years after their construction. Elaborate public buildings and open spaces are completely unused, with the exception of a few government vehicles near communist authority offices. Some estimates put the number of empty homes at as many as 64 million, with up to 20 new cities being built every year in the country’s vast swathes of free land.”
Foreign Ministry experts in this report note that should Japan accept China’s offer, the combined power of these two Asian peoples would make them the largest super-power in human history with an economy larger than that of the United States and European Union combined and able to field a combined military force of over 200 million.
To how dire the situation is in Japan was recently articulated by Japanese diplomat Akio Matsumura who warned that the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant may ultimately turn into an event capable of extinguishing all life on Earth. (http://www.eutimes.net/2012/04/russia-stunned-after-japanese-plan-to-evacuate-40-million-revealed/)

Stay away from Japanese people - they might be spreading more radioactive than the nuke waste

There was a Japanese man, Mr. Morita, who checked his stomach with the Geiger Counter and got .86usv. He died recently. He lived in Hitachi city in Ibaragi prefecture. It's not far away from Fukushima or Tokyo.  The Blogger who shared the information in Ashura Forum said that he got message from the relative of Mr. Morita and the cause of his death was heart failure. Who got high radioactive stomach? That sounds really dangerous for others as well. TEPCO is not responsible for such a funny death in Japan.

There seems over 100,000 people worked at Fukushima nuke plant. A politician from Fukushima, Chieko Nishiyama, writes in her blog that over 4,300 people (4% of the people worked there) died. She says that the compensation is over a million yen level and that is why the victim's family cannot speak up about it. The good thing is that 64 SDF solders and about 300 police men died as well as those who have worked at the Fukushima nuke plant. Most people died from the heart problem. The openly known deaths from the nuke plant workers are only 3. The people died after they finished their contract and went back to their homes.
<福島県川内村村議会議員 西山千嘉子氏からの情報> http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/chikako_5155/7006995.html - 2011年11月7日 13:05 - ウェブ魚拓
<福島県川内村村議会議員 西山千嘉子氏からの情報>
こ れまでフクイチ原発作業に携わった作業員は、のべ約10万人、そのうち約4%にあたる4300人が亡くなっているという。直接の死因は心筋梗塞が多いよう だ。そのようにして亡くなくなった場合には、億単位の多額の口止料が支払われており、口外すると没収されてしまうため、家族も一切口をつぐんでいるよう だ。
I'm just curious how many dies as a sum in a long run from the radio active problem? I think the government will be corrupt from mass deaths of politicians and the foreign media can start investigating the truth. I don't wanna see any Japanese perps here. They might spread radio actives from their breathing. Think about the smoke of a cigarette. You don't wanna see how far radio actives from someone's body fly like that way. Why Japanese people don't use masks? It helps not to spread radio actives to others.

21 May, 2013

The back of my first incisor got chipped off

I took a night bus yesterday night. I slept from 3am to 5.30 or something but I sometimes awoke during that time because of the noise and the vibration from the bus. Around 7am, the bus stopped at a rest area and I bought a bag of Doritos (TM). I ate the chips in the bus and found some weird sensation on my tongue. I thought it was the piece of chips got stacked back of my incisor and made a ditch. But actually, it was the filling that got a part came off and made a ditch. Well, I had no problem for few years with that filling. I don't know when that happened but if something happened during when I was sleeping in the bus, I need to notice it here. Last couple of months, I got my own room to sleep and no one was around when I was asleep.

Yesterday afternoon, I stayed in the Starbucks to kill sometime till the night bus arrival. I spent few hours in the Starbucks. There was a guy in red top sat at the table in front of me for a long time. Here is his picture. I don't know why he was there sitting.

When I used the bathroom before leaving the cafe, I found a strange graffiti on the wall. There shouldn't be many Christians in the area, so I assume it might be done by the perps to make something to claim about me. It was funny to see someone writing such stupid graffiti in Starbucks' ladies room. Also, I noticed the "Virgin Mary or Bloody Mary?" graffiti is more related with Catholicism than Protestant which does not have too much value on the Virgin Mary. It could be done by those Muslim extremists targeting Catholics, though.

Here is another pic of someone wearing the NYPD logo T-shirt.

At night, I was watching the movies in the bus. The selection was very funny. The first one was "Groomy Sunday" which is related with the CIA operation on the people and the test subjects commit suicide when they hear the song, Groomy Sunday. The second was "14 Blades" by Daniel Lee. This one was definitely Action genre but was in Thriller section. I was watching the ones under Thriller as that can keep me awake whole night. The last one was "When a Man Falls in the Forest" which got stupid newspaper headline with Japanese flag bandanna picture saying that the man saved some people from the accident or something and the wierdo in the film dreamed of killing the man next door to save the woman who got fight with his husband. The movie selection was funny, you know. They could just get some serial killer or monster ones instead.

19 May, 2013

Turkish Muslims may flirt woman while they pray fake-rosary thing

I visited some churches yesterday to the south from the touristy area in Istanbul. I saw a woman and a kid following me when after I left a restaurant where I had lunch and saw those woman and a kid came and sat on the table next to me. They came after me and I had quite a big lunch. Somehow, I saw them walking behind of me toward the Takshim square.

Later, I saw the guy with the Homeland Security logo T-shirt on the street. That's what I posted in the previous posting.

When I was walking near the Seafood Bazaar, I saw a man walking almost parallel to me on the street. He was looking at me sometimes while he held the rosary-like thing for the Muslims and Greek Orthodox people. When I headed to the park, I saw him heading the same direction. I took a bench to take a rest while I did not see him around. I saw only one bench available and I sat there to drink my lemonade bottle. It was a hot day and I walked quite a lot and needed some rest. When I looked at the wall area, I saw the guy walking parallel sat there. I noticed him as he was waving hand and pointing his side. I don't know if this is normal for these Turkish man to act like and praying for whatever. Well, I think I learned something about their religious attitude today.

Homeland Security logo T-shirt

I saw the Homeland Security logo T-shirt today. When I took out my camera, he suddenly tried to look other side. So, I guess he knows what he is doing.

When I went to the church at night, I saw a woman helped reading the second reading during the mass in English was speaking German with some people after the mass. I don't think there are many German speakers around but I see German speakers everyday. I'm kinda busy for making OSAM video now. But probably, I can create some tomorrow instead of resting. Well, the Asian woman who sat at the chair next to me did not take the communion but her friend who sat next to her. I wonder there are some gang stalking activities in the church.

The V2K perps said that they are making the strategy of claiming things stolen from the church and that makes it reasonable to think why I have Catholic religious items. Well, the new perps may not know I've been Catholic for 6 years or so, and if they want to make a suspicion of me with a Muslim, they cannot explain why I have Christian religious items. Well, their Muslim extremists friends made damage on my rosaries. The perps are saying that no one can win against millionaires. They also say that that is how they protect their wealth while they claim gypsies and others suppose to have no wealth.

18 May, 2013

Today's NYPD logo guy in a pharmacy

I needed to buy a bandage for my feet and I checked two pharmacies today. First one got a bandage but it was half length than what I wanted. I checked the another one I saw on my way near the bridge. There was a guy with NYPD logo T-shirt already inside and was talking with someone inside. There was only one guy who had the T-shirt like this. Later, I saw some people with mustache logo T-shirts in few meter distance. 

16 May, 2013

Kacmaz Pansyon says they won't give me refund

Well, I got problem with the flooding bathroom and no Internet for almost whole day. So, I decided to move to another place. Indeed, I used the shower and the Internet at a hostel paying a dorm room for 14€ and just staying in the ghetto house. You know, I got a single room with a shared bathroom. I never thought that everything is still of the third country equipments. The bed was okay. The human excrement floating bathroom next to my bed room smelled like hell and there is no shower usable while the possibility of more flooding even if I use the bathroom upstair which was causing the problem.

I settled down to another place now and I need to give the key back to the clerk who is not helpful and does not want to return the 4 nights money. I wonder if he can return the 100TKL key deposit this time or not. Here is the evidence of I paid 100TKL for the key deposit. You know, otherwise I did not get the room and the picture of the flooded bathroom on my past video ;)

And here is the voice recording of what we talked this morning about the cancellation. I can share the information to the Internet Booking service later for the warning of the fraud.

And here is what happened yesterday night around 10pm the clerk came and gave me snacks. He said he was there for control while some male guests settled in to their rooms. He asked me that yesterday was the day I supposed to move out. Well, my email receipt shows I have the room till Monday (I will add the picture here later). I wonder if that is the excuse for letting someone in and do something to my luggages such as damaging by dropping it from high height. My two bags and the suitcase was there when I came back though.

15 May, 2013

The Tourist Info told me the cheapest hotel is sleep on the glass

I got bathroom problem since yesterday. My first priority today was to get the shower. It took me some time to find a place where I can use a shower and the Internet. I got room with shared bathroom and Wifi but the bathroom is flooded with the bathroom water and the Internet is not always working.

It seems there are some COINTELPRO going on in some areas. For example, when I went to the main post office, there was a middle age couple from Gemrany came and asked for 2 stamps for the postcards. I sent one postcard just before they entered. I waited outside but they did not leave the building. So, I walked around and checked the tourists information. I asked him about the map as I forgot to bring it and hard time finding one. I was lucky as I saw the Tourist Information from the tram when I arrived to Istanbul and I could remember the location without a map. When I asked about the tourist map, the clerk asked me "chizu?" and it took me awhile to recognize he was speaking in Japanese meaning map. Well, I just used somehow Karta Grada and other foreign language. I told him I am from Switzerland and said a bit in German which he did not respond. Well, he speaks good English, so I asked him about a hostel or hotel just to use the shower. I explained the information a bit though. Then he told me that he does not know any hostel and just the area where I can find hostels. There are 100s of hostels in Istanbul, so it should be easy to find somewhere to get the Internet and shower which I eventually did. He told me that the cheapest hotel would be on the glass and it is free. Well, how can I get a shower with that kind of hotel or the glass on the hotel? Well, I'm not a RPG character or something and I don't wanna use the river or fountain for the sponge bathing or not concerned in the program. I was expecting something might happen when I noticed him just saying in Japanese. I thought he was informed about a Japanese woman who asks a hotel or hostel and he supposes not to help her. Well, the backpackers with camping units can ask him for free spot to stay in Istanbul.

I've never seen a church with so many Muslims sat on the bench

I did not know there are some Catholic churches where Muslims go in and sit down on the bench for praying or photo taking for a long time. Maybe, there are some politics going on like the massive conversion of Muslims to Christianity. Well, that sounds a good thing for the church if there are Muslims who are interested in the church instead of visiting mosques. I guess, photo taking of these Muslims inside can help the FBI's Muslim Index to know who are positive to be converted to Christianity. Here is the picture of the Muslims looking at the pope picture in the church, cool huh? I think French church workers can convert them with a little persuasion and than let the Muslims not wearing hijab and such.. The Muslim women should have better freedom in Christianity.

Well, there are pretty much things happened today and here is the video. I'm staying away from Muslims and mosques as I got PTSD from the gang stalking Muslim extremist perps causing so much damages to my belongings. I already got 640€ damages in Sarajevo and such. Well, I got bathroom problem from right after I settled to my room and got limited Internet as it does not work all the time. I could not connect to the Internet yesterday night. I waited quite long time though.

14 May, 2013

The answer to the V2K perps saying the problem of depopulation in Japan.

The V2K perps were saying that they want to ask me if I like kids or interested to marry. They also said that the Japanese population is reduced and they are worried about it.
I thought back that the oppressive sexist Japanese men might need the comfort women again. Then, they said that they were laughed by the other people working at their station.


12 May, 2013

DM clerk cheating on the change

Yesteday was the day with many beggars around even in McDonalds. Today was the day clerks cheating on the change. So far, I had the change cheating problem at DM in the Mall of Sofia and a conditorei near the Sredica metro station. At the mall, I bought a pack of sanitary napkin for 2.25lev and paid 5.30lev. The clerk gave me .05lev. I asked her I paid 5.30lev but she did not understand my English. I could try with my Croatian but I was a bit upset and was busy for filming. There was a woman with kids stood behind me on the line and she could speak English. She asked me and I explained about the situation and she talked with the clerk and I got 3lev change back. This was probably the first time I got cheated officially at a cashier in Sofia. Sometimes, they just calculate the price and just show me the price on the receipt or I pay moderate like 10lev or 20lev for the few things which cost 2-5lev and assuming the price would be less than what I gave. Well, was it because it was DM? The DM at Karlsplatz had the stupid security alarm that goes on at the entrance and cashier and the clerk checked my bag and claiming my netbook was the problem. You can watch this video from my past posting. I wonder why DM stores causing me problem like this. They might have a cooperate certain customer harassment program just like TEPCO employees harassing and stalking the anti-nuke plant activists in Japan.

Later, I bought a piroshiki for 2.20lev in a small bakery. I paid 5lev and I made sure that the change would be not that risky. The clerk gave me 2.20lev instead of 2.80lev. I got one 2lev note and 20ct. There is no way to miss the rest - 60ct is pretty a lot in the coins except just one 20ct coin. I wonder the gang stalkers made the rumor of me as if a mentally ill or retarded? That would work for cheating on the change openly like this way. Maybe, people should just go these stores and act as if retarded and film the change for the real hate crime going on. There would be clerks out there for cheating on the changes when the customer is kids or weak in the society. I think the UK shops using the cashier machines are great to avoid the cheating clerks.

When I was eating the piroshiki and walking, I noticed the woman in a white shirt walking behind of me and sometimes just getting close to my side where my side bag was. I noticed the woman and man walking slowly behind of me and led them pass me. They walked forward but suddenly turned and went back to the direction we were walking from. A strange incident.

At night, I went to KFC at Garbaldi Square. On the way I stopped at a signal and a man next to me asked where he can change money in English. I ignored him and passed the intersection. He was asking the same question to a couple when I looked back, so I filmed the situation. At the KFC, the female clerk suggested to take extra choice witch was 1.99lev. I asked the cole slow but that option was for eating in. When she packed everything and was almost to give me, she suddenly turned and asked the fryer inside for the French fries. I wonder why she was almost forgot to put the fries in. It was better included or I would put the picture of the menu and how she forgot putting it in. Was it done by the electronic harassment for causing mistakes of the clerks by sending subliminal message in their consciousness??

What will happen tomorrow? Beggars? Cheating? What else??

11 May, 2013

McDonalds in Sofia got beggers walking inside asking money

Ever since I saw the suspicious German number car showing up in front of the building where I'm staying, I got some perps. They seemed to be just hanging around with the certain T-shirt logo and such. They don't do any skit as far as I saw till today. The Muslims are not stalking me here. No hijab woman showing up in the church at all.

When I was walking in the town around noon, I saw a man asking money and then doing the gesture of punching a man on the street. He did not really do it with aggression but like a gesture in a sport game. I saw it very funny and noticed it. But that was nothing much. I just passed them on the street when the beggar tried to punch the man's shoulder.

I had lunch and was thinking to stop by at a park. It was full of people and I could only find a bench just behind of the church facing a grave of someone. There were some young people hanging around and two women eating sandwiches nearby. I saw one of the young men showing a box of chocolate and he gave it to the people around. It reminded me of the V2K perps saying that they are telling people I gave chocolate for flirtation or something and which is false. I saw sometimes people giving chocolate but that was not much than just to be friendly. Well, I saw it again and decided it would be a good example of the people giving chocolate around me, so I filmed it.

Later, I saw a group of young people standing in front of a building near the edge of the park. I saw 2 women doing some boxing practice. It was quite rare to see women playing like that on the street and it reminded me of the beggar punching a man in the morning. There were 3 men doing the same against each other. These people might be in a martial arts club or something. How often people just punch each other on the street? That was something interesting I saw today.

At McDonalds near the Metro station, I ate my dinner. After the dinner, I was working with my netbook for typing my new book. I saw a woman with some young kids walking around and asking money. She came toward me and persuaded me for money for quite a while. I filmed her and asked her in English. You know, it's an American fast-food chain and I speak Californian English. One of the best way to get rid of these beggar is pretend and act like an American tourist. I shouted to go to manager or call the police. You know, it's so annoying a beggar entering a restaurant and asking money. The young girls were eventually escorted to the downstairs by the female clerk and the beggar also left. There are many beggars but more are seen in front of Happy Bar & Grill across the street near the Metro station. I'm making a photo collection of the local beggars, so I can tell how many beggars in Sofia. I'm quite good at anthropology/ethnography and did some wrong unethical researches before. I'm not doing it on the diplomat cars here, so there would be no problem for the security major, OK? For instance, there is always a French embassy car parked in front of Institut Français like that.

I went to a Grab & Go! pizza restaurant later. I had a piece of pizza for a night snack. Right after I settled on the stand and a man with a box showed up and started asking money. It was funny as he asked at the cashier woman directly and then to the customer waiting for the pizza to be baked. This time, a man came from inside and asked him to leave. There are more beggars around in Sofia these days.

I wonder what the perps might be up for the rumor making. A prostitution claim with just asking volunteers for the false witnessing? A begging for the snitch jacket to claim me doing it? Claiming me as mental disease while I shout against these beggars? I got enough gang stalking experience, so if they are making one of those, other failed examples from other perps are already posted on my blog.

07 May, 2013

A German car showing up in front of the building I'm staying

Did I do something wrong to the Germans? I got Germans showing up in almost everywhere I go. Ehen I was in Croatia, I got my VAIO suddenly not working and had to throw it away. There was a strange cuts on my new shoe soles I bought few days ago. Is this what the US and German diplomats are interested to do in the foreign countries? Someone's shoe sole cutting??? Today, I got a German car parked just outside of the building where I am staying. It seems the car is from Berlin. The family seemed to be staying in the nearby building not the one I'm staying. This is the ONLY foreign car in the neighborhood. How come it's a German car?

If anything happens to me while I'm staying in Sofia, Bulgaria, please assume the owner of this car might be involved in. I bet that is the easiest to find who are the gang stalkers and working with the intelligence / mafias in my case. If I see a US diplomat car around my place, I will share it.

04 May, 2013

The suspicious Japanese couple who showed up at a restaurant

I was walking around for the traditional restaurant this evening. It happened after I went to a local church.  The local catholic church had a sign telling the weekday mass would be at 7pm, but there was no mass. At least, I saw some people such as a man sat on the bench on the side of alter and the light was on. The Franciscan frair and some people seemed to be talking inside. I sat on the bench and waited. A woman inside left and the man sat on the side of the alter turned off the light of the chapel. I thought the mass might be held at 6pm instead of 7pm for the winter time. Well, the frair and the man left, so I left as well. I was not sure if I should speak with them or just leave it till they ask me. You know, today is Saturday and attending a mass at evening or tomorrow is mandate for Catholics. So, there is no reason I just show up there and just take the communion and leave there as a tourist.

Well, the area got a mosque as well as synagogue and other orthodox churches. The gang stalkers can make up stories with the local network to confirm me a Muslim. Rumoring can end up making up someone to be Muslim although the person does not like Islamic Law. I guess the ones mention the danger of the Muslim in the church for the gaslighting should be really hating Muslim and trying to check around the Muslims among the church visitors - I guess we have the witch-hunting system. Why don't they just go to mosque and hunt the real ones down?

So, I was looking for the traditional food in the city. When I saw the one on the TripAdvisor I checked already, there was a Japanese speaking couple suddenly showed up. They started looking the menu which I was looking. They were talking in Japanese. This city does not have Asians at all. How dare a Japanese couple suddenly showing up from nowhere and tried to enter the restaurant I was thinking to eat my dinner??? I think that one was very suspicious. And here is the video of the suspicious couple. Do they relate with the kidnapping of Japanese in the Eastern Europe? I've heard some people were kidnapped to North Korea and such.. If they are perps, I hope they don't make up a story of communicating with me and making up what I said to them. I did not talk with them but simply filmed them for their suspicious activity.

01 May, 2013

A white eye bandage woman at Bürgersaalkirche and a strange Chienese speaking woman

This is the video from yesterday. When I attended the mid-day mass at Bürgersaalkirche, there was a woman with a white bandage on her eye. There should not be many people with eye injuries. Since in Rome, I saw many people with an eye patch. Well, I saw a girl with an eye bandage at the church in Solin, Croatia. So, there would be some skits going on like this for awhile.

When I went to a restaurant to buy a kebab menu, a white woman showed up and started talking to me in very fluent Chinese. The restaurant might be owned by a Chinese because I saw the sign on Chinese as well as in German. When I asked her if she is related with Chinese mafia, she left. So far, I learned that she understand English as well. Perhaps, she works or studies at LMU, which got people working for the BND. The guest professors and the graduates from LMU are most likely to be in German insiders. It's like how SJSU professors and the graduates are related with the CIA.

My "Croatian" bag got zipper part damaged.

Yesterday, I was walking on the street and I found the zipper off the rail and it became one side on the rail. It happened when I tried to change the camera battery which was in this pocket. This is very familiar like how the zipper part was of my suitcase and my leather bag damaged and made the contents not secure with a padlock. Well, I did not lock this one, but it seems the Stasi perp here in International House Hostel did some small tampering for fun. I guess there were some suspicious Asians, and they might be responsible for such skits if they are mafias. I do not check others, but so far, there seems no damage on my suitcase nor bags. I had to buy a new bag due to this damage.

This morning, I found a small shape knife type scratch on my new shoe sole I bought yesterday. It probably happened while I was taking the shower at this morning. I put my large heavy suitcase in front of the door, so there should be no one able to enter while I was sleeping. I am assuming that the electronic card lock is vulnerable for the Stasi invasion here in Munich. I got already more than 4,000€ damages from the last year. Perhaps, I can share the faces of the people around for the possible suspects.