29 November, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 28-29, 2014

Euroline part of the video. It's over 10min long. The first part is of the Brit guy who stripped himself off at Euroline bus station in Paris. He was walking naked shouting and later caught by the police. I took the bus to near Munich area last night and few Japanese in the same bus. Some Asians were wearing sandals even at the end of November. The woman sat next to me was wearing hijab while she slept and later took another bus to Zurich. Half people left to Zurich around Strusburg. There was 007 movie of Nazis in Egypt going on in the bus and the couple next to me were watching Ninja Turtles movie on their MacBook. Enough skit like things going on. I think one woman with hijab was also there.

My credit card went missing. I used it last time on Thursday for booking. I kept it in the safety porch and carried it always. I found it missing when I checked the porch at my hotel today. I think anyone in the bus is possibly guilty like Agatha Christi's old crime book if they were gang stalkers. So, I just share the video for warning others about the possible theft going on in the night bus here and there.

I'm afraid these gang stalkers might use my credit card information to steal my money or use it to claim someone when to mosque or somewhere else to be me. The criminal could use it to buy some illegal things. So, watch out for these perps in the bus. I share this information at human trafficking website and such.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - My credit card... von f100001011753856

26 November, 2014

The Operation Pendulum, the book about time traveling researches, on sale.

Here is the book I published last night. I could publish it when I was not moving around or something else to do. The book includes the information of biblical and other interesting historical information by the V2K speakers who observed the researches of time traveling. Click the image to buy the book.


25 November, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 24th, 2014

The video from yesterday. I'm finishing one book by tonight and heading to Paris tomorrow. Too much to spend and less work I did in Lourdes but praying. I have enough hours in the train for working tomorrow as well.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 25th, 2014

Here is the video from today. You can see, I'm in Lourdes now. I prayed quite a lot and had some healing time. I just want to be away from any sensitization process but when I've got sensitized by these Asians, I just filmed them as the natural reaction of cause and effect from my traumatic events with the gang stalkers. It's not my fault but just happened to be so for the trespassing of others when they trespassed my path.

I saw a Swiss car today. I missed German cars but a Swiss car.

There were many Asians in the church. It's off season but Chinese showed up in groups. And a couple sat across the aisle in the church while only few were inside. How?

An Asian guy taking a photo while his group were walking in front of me to leave from the sanctuary. And notice the woman leaning her face.

Some Asians here and there.

24 November, 2014

German cars still showing up in Lourdes, France

It is so rare to find German cars in Lourdes. Still from the second day after the first night in Lourdes, there was one German car.

Here is today's German cars. One from RE region and another one from Berlin. 

There are many beggars lined up at the bridge toward the sanctuary. I don't know why there are many beggars asking money at the bridge only. A sister like figure in barefoot providing a big pot of pasta to them. Why barefooted?  Enjoy the video. No skits happen at the mass or the sanctuary. Only some Asians just hanging around near me alone. 

22 November, 2014

Covert Harassment Conference in Brussels 2014 pics

I wanted to upload some pics and the information about CHC event at Bedford Hotel in Brussels yesterday, but I was so tired when I came back after 11pm. Well, there were so much things we have learned. Some information are just the things the speakers talked already at their websites but it was the summary of how it was or how it went. NSA whistleblower's story was the most important one I thought. He covered the 2nd party and 3rd party issues of how the surveillance is organized through the wiring and the information shared.

One thing to mention about the perp infiltrators would be the paneling and discussion time. The questions some people made just went to the passionate topic of how to unite the victims and the woman who said as the community organizer from Chicago and a German speaking woman talked about the revolution through the activism. The whole thing started from an Asian woman called Erika talked about how to work together and asked it to the guest speakers. The second was the Malaysian man who said about the victims to unite or something. That one just reminded me of the way how to make the meeting dangerous; the police would love to look after the people who would think "our enemy is the United States" type speech makers and the supporters. That is the easiest way for the people to be tagged for the dangerous potion in the society. You know the COINTELPRO. Anyone attending the anti-Nuke Plant gathering won't get promotion in near future and such social treatment against the majority of the social control group.

I didn't do anything and was an observer as it was my comfortable role to be as who studied anthropology for observing things and analyzing.

I've made a scanned backup file of the leaflets and documents shared during the conference. If anyone wants them and my friend already from somewhere, you can ask me at FB.

20 November, 2014

German cars from 2013 and some perps and German cars in May 2014

I wanted to finish adding all German cars till today in this year if I wasn't that tired. Here is the file about German cars from last year and some perp samples.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 19th, 2014

Tomorrow is the day for the Covert Harassment Conference. I'm quite excited for meeting some of the guest speakers. There shall be some interesting TIs to see at the site.

Here is today's gang stalking experience. I saw many Polish cars around in my neighborhood. Also, 3 Japanese speakers showed up at St. Catherine church when I attended the mass and the adoration of the blessed sacrament. When I saw them, I thought of following them and film them for the evidence. I figured out that they were speaking Japanese. How many Japanese guys show up in a church and see the sacrament and leaves at night? I thought they are related for the gang stalking for 100% sure.


19 November, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 18th, 2014

Here is the video from yesterday. I can't believe I wondered around in Brussels looking for Guesthouse Botanique near Botanique Garden. The location looked close enough from the metro station but somehow I had problem locating it. I had the hand written map with how many streets from the metro station and the next street name like rue Gillon. The paper got ripped with the zipper yesterday and I didn't really check the ripped part which got the street number and the street name. I was looking for "Saint-Joose-ton-Nood" name as if it is the real street name and I forgot to add the number. Then I walked around between Botanique metro station area to the area with St. Joseph church. I was so tired after walking for few hours till 8pm. I arrived to Brussels around 3pm, you know? It was just a crazy day. No wifi cafe around but Muslims hanging around and even a mosque I saw on the street while I was wondering. Say, is it a fate for me to fight against Muslims or burn down the mosques to stay away from these miseries came with the EH trying make them to be the scapegoat for the gang stalkers who want to claim someone to be a Muslim and suspicious?

Anyway, the next time I walked around the church, I just sat there and prayed rosary. What else I could do when I'm tired? Then I took a bus to Brussel Centraal and tried to find a hotel around. Luckly, Hilton didn't get a hotel. No wifi at the starbucks inside. I found iBis with wifi at the bar and tried to make the reservation to another place as Guesthouse Botanique got so many Muslims in the area. It looked not safe for me at all. 105€ loss for all the trouble with a strange problem with address missing somehow and mistook the area name for the street name.

Well, I'm at an apartment type accomodation now. Not far from the metro station and the city center. Just paid extra 240€ for 3 nights and 10€ extra for the late check-in after 11.30pm. I made my way somehow, you know. I still couldn't gather all the German car information from this year for the sharing, but I think I can do it by tonight in few hours, so I can upload it for the sharing with TIs tomorrow at the conferense. I'll report what the conferense would be later.

17 November, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 17th, 2014

I'm still in Amsterdam. I saw more UK and Polish cars today. Also some German cars. When I visited Albert Heijn to buy some grorceries, the female clerk made a mistake of counting a beer extra. I mentioned and she fixed the mistake. It was 8.84 and I paid 20€ note. She dropped the coins and it was only 15€ cent coins. I noticed that one EURO missing for the change. So I filmed it. How often this happening by the same clerk at the supermarket? I bought some bergen type foods - salad, a can of beer, 2L orange juice, 5pcs donuts pack. You can imagine how I managed to stay in Amsterdam and kept my purchase so cheap. Still I lost one EURO for nothing. 

16 November, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 16th, 2014

More German cars today. Some were showing up from both sides while I crossed the street. Also, a German car parked near Torture Museum. 2.50€ discount with the mini card.

The benefit of taking care of people speaking up Sharia Law in the West

Does anyone noticed how the civilized people can take care those primitive anti-feminism people from the Middle-East? They don't count women as human sometimes and they think women are all the same to serve men and think them as just like kids.

Well, I found a best way to speak up against them in Europe or in America. They don't respect the civil law here or there. If they want to bring the law from the desert, there are different laws the US Army brought there. Just bomb them up and claim them to be the rebels. Or just kill them and put a knife or gun next to their half brown dead bodies to claim them to be the enemies.

So? These Muslims didn't have any properties or any civil rights against the certain political interest related groups.

Say, if they act too much against the local women or opposing to the local civil rights, we can apply the law from the desert and what our nations are doing. Rob them and kill them? I don't know where they came from. The locals probably took care of these type during the crusader time. Histry SHOULD repeat sometimes for the sake of protecting Christianity and the modern lives.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 15th, 2014

The video from the day I visited Anne Frank House. Notice the German car showing up near Anne Frank House and the couple just left from the line after talking to the Spanish woman behind of me while waiting.

15 November, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 14th, 2014

I'm in Amsterdam now. Nothing about drugs, ok? I still got German cars around while I attended 3 walking tours. There are 2 companies offering free walking tours at 11am and I wanna try another one today. The one I attended suppose to have the Jewis area and Anne Frank House included at the end but I missed my group at La Place short break and I missed that part. I don't know what happened there. I might try tomorrow to see everything.

Here is the video. I need to leave my hotel in few minutes.

14 November, 2014

Chocolate Pepper Dish!

Chocolate Pepper Dish!

A month later, I had the chance to see the students' band show at the local disco. I have seen the many famous music major students and other B-to-C-graders in the rough clothes drinking beer and cheap drinks. They don't order shots or wine but often a large tankard of beer for almost entire night or few cocktails for snobby looks. There was a not so clear tone female voice introducing the new song on the stage. The band looked familiar with that yellow spanky hair man but a girl in a black leather jacket on a red inner wear and a black leather skirt holding the mic next to him on the stage. She is wearing the glasses and her image of brown straight hair looked as if the woman who was in the library reception in the morning student job.

"Ladies and Gentleman, we are now singing our best hit, Chocolate Pepper Fish!"

The girl was a bit in a high out of pitch for the mic speech. But the guitarist started the first melodious line and the base brought a heavy down volume to the music. Yes, that is the band I saw before and I've learned about Catherine P. Fisher. The girl on the stage laught and excited with the vocal during the refrain and the shouting, Chocolate Pepper Fish phrases. She was just a hell good punk shouter on the stage despite of her way of acting like a secretary or something for the vocalist. The vocalist is acting manly and it was his stage for making the mood of the entire people in the hall.

The band's favorite song ended. The girl kissed the vocalist at the ending. The fan yanked and shouted with throwing the drinks around. The vocalist carried up the girl in her hands and shouted. "Here is the new song, Chocolate Pepper Dish!" Everyone was so merry and cheering his smile and the speech.

Chocolate Pepper Fish,
Oh, how we gonna make it a finish?
Chocolate Pepper Dish,
Yes that's gonna be our best dish!

I understand how she figured out her name was always on the band menu and ending up to get into the band by herself somehow.

The girl who lived around the corner from my home
She never talked with me and she had so much work
I was just a dirt poor with only a guiter to play alone
A man educated to be a blue coloer and not much to talk

I only knew how to play songs from the old scores
Yet I was missing the good lyrics writing skills
So, I visited the library all the time like the chores
To go through the poetry writing class 101 drills

It was you at the reception we talked some times
About how to share our same interest of the poetry
You thought me a naive guy with no English fames
But you finally found my band and music so lovely

The lyrics for the new song explained what went to the new couple on the stage. I was amazed to see how the young boys playing the copy of Sex Pistols and other old musics so often ended up creating a new song for their own and even get a new member for the band by their songs. Somehow, the scene reminded me of the vocalist showing his internal weakness as if the image of how Frank took off his large head mask in the movie, Frank. The guy is not alone but he is now showing something else for his way to change the style of how he looks on the stage.

Wow, now what will we do? Chatherine Paterson Fisher?
Shall we melt together to become Chocolate Pepper Dish?

The last part was so sentimentally sung together by all the band members. Even the drumer is shouting with only the vibration of the symbals for the back music. The girl melted on the dish? Huh, it was us, the audience, melted together with the band for tonight. We have melt through the noise and the music.

Guess what? I was just in the mood for giving CPF the happy ending. I made it look quite good even for the rock or punk indies band group members to happen like this way. I've got finish making the total German car lists to submit to ICC from Amsterdam.

11 November, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 11th, 2014

The video from today. Some part German as it just happened and I was so tired and sleepy and just communicated with the locals in Aachen for check-in to a hotel. I haven't sleep whole night last night and still not sleeping.

I just share the video here as I'm tired and need to buy something for tomorrow morning and sleep. Ah, you can see the problem of making the reservation to a hotel in Aachen today for some reason. There shouldn't be so many hotels already filled up but it just happened everywhere like Ristrante Salvator, Hotel Am Bahnhof, iBis Budget, and so on.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 10th, 2014

Here is the video from yesterday. I saw 2 guys in military pants with a passport reader. I don't know what they were doing. I'm curious what kind of job they had near the German "D" sticker car.

One eye patched kid in the same train to Katowice.

The video.

08 November, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 8th, 2014

I'm in Chestochowa now. Still, I found some German cars around. But not many like in Krakow like last December, I guess. Here is the one traveling near my hotel.

Few more German cars from today.

One "I am a street solder" T-shirt. Street solder is often used as the nickname of gang stalkers.

At the church, I saw a woman with a butt head with a cigarette image bag. It was so strange and the woman was walking near me sometimes and I saw her trying to stand in front of me at the chapel for the mass. I passed her to move in front of her instead.

Later, I saw some Asian females showed up and stood behind of me after the mass. I didn't see any Asian in the church nor in the city today till that time. So, I assume these people are the rare perps to show up in the chapel. If they wanted to get closer to the painting, they should be passing me to enter the internal chapel area. Why they just showed up from somewhere and stood behind of me? It reminded me of the Korean woman who stood behind of me after the communion in Medjugorje or those who do the out loud foreign rosary praying in Medugorje for the sensitization. If anyone knows who they are, please write the comment for the clarification.

When I went to the food stand for the dinner, I saw a man stood next to me for ordering like the synchronization.

07 November, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - Nov 7th, 2014

Here is the video from today. I'm in Poland now. Things are better here. In the train, I didn't feel the need to go to bathroom till 2pm. I took the train around 7.10am, so you can guess how long I could hold it.

There was 3 Japanese speakers showed up in the same vehicle. It was a female travel agent and an old couple traveling to Slovakia.

And the German military jacket man and another one who seemed to sit across these old Japanese speakers.

Bitches Know cap woman next to my seat.

Here is the video.

06 November, 2014

My night at Budapest

I'm in Budapest now. Visited the evening mass at St. Istevan church. At the communion time, I saw one man taking a photo from the rope line at the main aisle.

I saw a German car after I left the hostel and it parked nearby.

At night, there was one Spanish car around.

One German car near the Arena mall.

There is a big fest with a Ferris Wheel in the square near the church. I'm leaving to Poland tomorrow. Katwice to Amsterdam area would be something just look like how the Anne Frank traveled and ended in the memorial place north of Hannover. I make my way around there in next week after playing for John Paul II and peace for the Christians under persecution from Muslims like me or others lived or living in the area with Muslim extremists around. It's my choice how to fight and strugle against these Muslims or the bad gang stalkers who want to make up people to be Muslims and getting money from the government or other organizations. Shall I buy pork oil and put it around? That was the point I found out doing it in Budapest can make the "Muslim bating" ending up "Jew bating." You know, that cracked me to have a laugh. There is a pork grilling stand in the festival in the square, so enjoy it. I wanna bring the pork head around near the Turkish restaurants and eat the pork sandwiches in front of it. It's just anti-Islam people's dream, you know. I fight with my words and that I sweared today in the church. Hopefully, I have time to finish my book with extra updating issue by tonight. 

02 November, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 31st - Nov 1st, 2014

I took a bus yesterday to Bucharest. At night, I ate at Halite Mall. Later, I bought a bottle of soda at a kiosk nearby. I saw 2 Asians behind of me ordering coffee before I order something.

At the bus station, there was a man sleeping legs wide open and a penny dropped between his legs.

 3 Chinese men at the bus station. Notice that there was a Chinese couple in the bus and 2 Asian men with an Asian woman stood next to the bus before the departure.

One of the Asian man sleeping.

At Ruse, an Asian backpacker rode the bus with an old man. See the video.

At the bus station in Bucharest. The security guy on the left side with the ID asked me where I am heading and took the taxi with me to Gare de Nord. He warned me of the gypsies who are mafia. The travel fare was 161lei, about 36€. One Goggosi would cost 2lei and 1€ is 4lei here. Why it's so expensive? Is this normal in Bucharest fare? That's what I wanna know. Just watch the video for how the driver said so.

Why Muslims are dangerous for non-Muslims by their beliefs

Here is the great answer from one of the anti-Muslim people. I might gather all the facts I've learned as a book, "Islamphobia Manifest."