31 December, 2007

11 Reasons why I was attracted to Catholicism.

1. Our Lady of Guadalupe is my protector, and my Lady.
2. The Virgin Mary supported me from San Jose, CA to here in Switzerland. I have stayed in places where her figures are displayed and I found shelters in catholic churches.
3. The Virgin Mary gave me an opportunity to see miracles in my life. She showed me what to follow and warned me everything ahead. It was just amazing that before my second trip to San Jose, she told me, “it is my faith in her that would keep me sane.” And it happened to be so with almost 24 hour V2K.
4. Rosary prayer was very effective to overcome V2K harassment. DOD was working on “direct hearing” electronic harassment to try to make me insane. However, by praying rosary, I could focus my mind on the prayers. While I was in Germany, I prayed Ave Maria for whole day to avoid hearing voices. That actually made me immune to V2K persuasions.
5. There are many martyrs as the ideal examples. We have enough models for almost every situation of the follower.
6. Praying to the saints actually worked. I learned about St. Frances of Assisi and St. John of the Cross at the Sophian Gnositic church in Palo Alto, CA. However, I learned that they were catholics. If they are thought as holy from what they believed, then it is better to learn what they were preaching. When I asked St. Frances of Assisi to protect my journey, I made my life safe in Europe and find a shelter in Switzerland. Now, I am trying to follow the life like St. Clara did.
7. Previous Pope John Paul II helped me to learn Catholicism in my spiritual struggle. My connection with Catholicism started in two places; Mission Santa Cruz and Mission Camel. In Mission Camel, I prayed at the Our Lady of Bethlehem statue, where Pope John Paul II made his private prayer in his trip to California Missions. While I was running away from American gang stalkers, I made pilgrimage to CA Missions. I saw some pictures of John Paul II in several Missions. It also happened in Lourdes, France. Now, I believe his holiness more than just he was the pope.
8. Mary Magdalene is thought as the tower of strength. As the Bible says, Catholics value Jesus' intention of stressing her role in his life and his teaching.
9. In France, the Mary Magdalene related church I visited was a Catholic one. I never thought that they have catholic church with her name on it. When I wrote down my wish to visit France was to see Mary Magdalene's place. I was thinking about the Gnostic one in southern France, but the one I visited in Paris was Catholic one.
10. I have lots of things to learn in Catholicism, and we have living role models working in Vatican City. We can find e-texts and mp3 preaches for Catholics quite easily because its the most historical Christianity.
11. The Virgin Mary asked me to send my Gnostic books home. I brought bunch of Catholic books including “Catholic Manual” from California. If she say so, I better follow that to avoid any problem in future.

30 December, 2007

09/27/06 Meeting with Dr. Sivertsen - a video

Last part of the film.

09/27/06 Meeting with Dr. Sivertsen - a video

2nd part of the film.

09/27/06 Meeting with Dr. Sivertsen - a video.

The part 1 of the video.

What would happen if the Virgin Mary came to Bethlehem today?

While I was searching the web, I found this year-old article.

I agree with the idea of difficulty for her to come back because of the complexed political system around the area especially of religion-backed up issues from thousands years ago. But I'm glad that the place is still habitable for humans. Well, in some places, bombs were dropped to the churches and people would not go back to the area because of the danger. This is true in some African nations, you know. In Nagasaki, we have the great artifact showing the compassion of the Virgin Mary. There was a church under the Nuclear bomb dropped. The Virgin Mary's sculpture was destroyed but the facial part was found from the rubbles.

That area, Uragami, have been used for the land of Christians, minorities, and criminals for few hundreds years. If you know Japanese history, Christianity was brought by the Father Fransisco from Portugese. Because of the political problem with the teaching, the old Japanese government banned the religion, and sometimes they hunted down the believers in rural areas. When they were found as Christians, they were sent to death. If they were lucky, they were sent out to the certain areas.

The Virgin Mary is with us. Anywhere I go, I am with her.

If she comes back to Bethlehem today, she probably stay with the people oppressed and try to experience the sufferings of the people with them. God gives us the difficulties and challenges to our faith just enough that we can handle. I'm glad that she went through enough difficulties few millennium ago, so she was able to bear the Son of God and now stays in the heaven. She has done her challenge as a human being with fresh. If she comes back to Bethlehem today, she could use the form that she appeared to St. Bernadette and St. Juan Diego. That way, everyone can see her as the real Virgin Mary.

I hope the US government does not use high-tech weapon that they were planning to make a holographic image of Allah in Iraq. They better do it with the figure of Satan instead, and put the narration, “Science conquered the God's people, ha ha ha..”

Seriously, we should have a world-level organization to protect our religious rights. The organized stalkers in my case are using rosary and the Virgin Mary's figure for psychological anchoring. The rosary use by them started from SJSU gang stalkers.

Small Happiness

Small Happiness

Freedom besides the words and creativity.
Your imagination finds where to dwell.
Your every emotion reside in that activity.
Then congratulation, you must be well.

When I found my soul sits among the saints,
My heart is filled with joy as I am in the right place.
There, I chant to pray for the king, Jesus.
I gave up my life for offering to enter his house.

In our everyday life, we find the small happiness,
To the life in cold winter, to the life in hot summer,
In our ordinary life, our work, and normal wellness,
The way we pray prayers, the way we keep our temper.

O Virgin Mary, I am for you and for thy son.
In Christianity, I found the real mercy.
O Virgin Mary, show me the way to Zion.
In Catholicism, I found the real ecstasy.

While I am chanting the holy rosary,
I can keep myself away from any misery.

28 December, 2007

FBI suing lawyers.

I have been contacted from another TI, and decided to check out the another victim supporting organization. There, I found a list of lawyers who are capable of suing FBI, CIA, and so on.
Finally, I found who to contact with about the “CIVIL MATTER.”
What all I want is get my life back to focus on what I can do for Jesus Christ.
I do not mind working and suffering with TIs, just like Jesus suffered for the people. If this is what Jesus meant to “walk with me,” then I am glad to take my path to my death.
But, what I want to see is the improvement.
Mother Theressa might be asked to help the poor dying on the street. She did not just helping abused people one by one, but she created something that the people can use the place after her death.
What I am doing is just talking and making suggestions to other victims. Praying might work as I know the power of Virgin Mary. Still, we need to go forward to change the future.
I already offered myself to you, Mary Magdalene.
My life, my faith, everything is up to you.
You suggested me to follow Virgin Mary when I visited your church in Paris.
It was the Catholic one with your name on it, indeed.
I am full of strength.
Let me have what is the best for this situation.

26 December, 2007

Here is my notebook copy since last spring!

It was snowing today when I walked out from home.
Snow always reminded me of the experience in Lourdes. The day I visited there was heavy rainging, and the next morning was just snowing. They said that it was the first time in that year or that month got snow around the Sancturary.
Then, when I prayed to the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe there twice, the snow started right after my prayings.
This is a very private experience, but what nature can show me make me to feel strong in keeping my faith.

I am following the path to reach the Most High. There is nothing more than this to be honorable to be a human.

My note shows how I am just a human being and nothing like a saint like. This is good for me as I did not know anything about religion till last Spring.

PDF version. http://www.mediafire.com/?axtoqmo1n5o
Palm version. http://www.mediafire.com/?6yfrcfscjnn

I took today's snow as the greeting from Virgin Mary. (I hope the US didn't use HAARP to play like that..)

24 December, 2007

Coca Cola Nation - a video

I made this film to show how Coca-Cola is advertising in a local place where I live. I know AAA is helping the company. Do you know the connection of Coke and CIA? One of the multinational company that can be used for their cover just like the oil companies!

Now, guess who was really working and studying social science at SJSU. They really disvalued me for what I was doing in order to take advantage for themselves...



多くの聖人が殉教されたり、迫害に悩まされていました。集団ストーキングもある意味、聖書にあるユダヤ人の長老と群集によるキリストの迫害に似ています。十字架の聖ヨハネ(St. John of the Cross)は、宗教観の違いから牢屋に閉じ込められました。聖ペトロ、聖アガサ、聖アグネスなどは殉教を進んで受け入れました。旧約聖書にも豚肉を食べるくらいなら死んだほうがましだと言った人もいます。母親と子供たちが残虐な手段で一人ずつ殺されても宗教を守った例も載っています。




In nomine patris, et filli, et spiritus sancto, amen.

A Poem for the Christmas Eve, 2007

Virgin Mary,
What I love in my life is
how to be merry
When I found where thy love is.

I don't know much
In the teaching of the gospels.
But there is nothing much
To do working with the angels.

I found where to dwell
where the sun rises and the moon lights.
A shepherd's life is simple
There is the daily works and the daily thoughts.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!
We were all waiting for the birth of Christ!!!
Glorious Occasionem Est!
We are the children with the image of Christ!!!

Inside of our body,
We find the eternal light of glory.
We must be ready,
We see the second coming shortly.

23 December, 2007

I'm working with my notebook.

If you are involved with SJSU organized stalking, you might remember the small notebook I had for poetry writing. I cannot believe it was one of the stuff I ran away from the US. I brought it back to Japan last December and continued writing about religious inspiration till this year.
I thought it would be interesting to share the information in the book.
I know NSA are sharing the stuff through their networks, but I wanna share what really happened in the name of Jesus Christ.
Did I really see Jesus in sun ray? I don't know. I think it was true and that happened before the DOD actually got me to see some funny holograph during the second trip to CA in this year.
It's up to you readers, how you can take the facts in my book.
To be honest, the first some are not really about religious issues. I was playing with my language ability in the notebook. I should admit that some of them might be related with Dr. Weiss. But you know people can write anything for fun when they are not really thinking about a particular person. What I can say is that I never watched a dream abut that assistant professor at all, until these stalkers made me to watch artificial dreams after I ran away from the US. I heard they corrected my brain wave patterns in Germany, and then they can work on sending electromagnetic information through their devices. Yeah, that was fun watching a dream involved with that professor and she was talking in Japanese! Yeah, that made me to wake up in the middle of night. Unlike regular dreams, my conciousness was fully awake to correct such mistake.

15 December, 2007

Dr. Elizabeth Weiss and Dr. Gonzalez - a video

I edited this for some protesting in future. I don't know this is enough to show I was actually studying at San Jose State University and lived in San Jose. So many gang stalkers try to pursuade me to turn down my claims and try to change my identity. One time the guy at the refugee center north of Geneve said used direct suggestion that "cutting the knee to be self-destractive" and "talking about a professor met in Internet." I do have a scar in my leg but it happened accidnetally, and I was taking the classes of these professors.

12/12/07 2

O' Lord let me have enough for a day,
Time to pray, and time to learn the Gospels.
I wish there are not much to say
More than what I need to let my faith compels.

In thine eyes, am I worthy for thy teachings?
I have seen the ones no longer learning in from their hearts.
I hope I have a strength and power for preaching
To reconstruct our churches from money filled iron forts.

I am ready to walk along with the Christ.
I received a heavy Cross from the crowds.
My shoulder is ready to receive the wounds that could burst..
My limb is ready for any thrust from the swords.

My heart is completely at peace
Like the ones who are granted the honor.
My life is flourished for the grace,
As it is Virgin Mary who will be my moaner.

The heaven above, I have seen the figure,
Who I must follow his path and to admire.

12/12/07 1

In dying we find our eternal life,
Everlasting, forever expanding.
Upright we see Christ's face,
Engaging, to our sacrificing.

There is no future but eternity,
Which lays over the horizon.
Knowing this in my heart gives ecstasy
Seeing the large cross in crimson.

Time has come yet no one to blow
The trumpet as it was destroyed.
We lost our ways but only few follow
The torment path to be crucified.

Do not complain to our Lord,
As we must fear what his plan is.
Jesus walked through this very load
To tell his sheep where their home is.

I am on their plan, knowing where to belong,
So I will wait for awhile, not too short nor too long.

/* I tried to draw a cross in my poem, and I made it. */

13 December, 2007

Phone Talk with Dr. Sivertsen (2)

This is the second part of the film. The films are originally made to fit into the regulation of YouTube. At least, if I get problem to use Internet, I could keep my evidences available for anyone who need to check them out.

I'm gonna work on Dr. Gonzalez's Anth 187 class students and Dr. Weiss' Anth 153 class students later. Yeah, and of course, the day of extra credit for Anth 153!!! How come I rececived A- on Fall 2005 and got C- on Spring 2006 from Dr. Weiss??

Phone Talk with Dr. Sivertsen (1)

This is the first part of the phone talk I made with Dr. Sivertsen on October 25th 2006. You can hear her talking about Anthropology professors making accusation against me while I was trying to contact with other people to help me from the students' discrimination. What a department I was in...

Aha! This is the file I needed!!!

How many professors have ever cried at their office? This is a rare case as she was planning to do some proposal and have seen rejection from the student on the day before her “Red Letter Day.” If she decided to marry someone, then she should not ask me to marry in Canada... I hope she is no longer thinking about who to marry by now. (No offense, but because of my protesting, hehe.) If I could get rid of these roaches (gang stalkers) around me, I do not have to carry around these cursed and damned voice recordings. Because of her and SJSU students, I lost my opportunity to continue my study somewhere in the world. I am working on what I got to research. Learning about COINTELPRO and developing a countermeasure.

I'm going to create another film with dictation, but this is to show that I got some more to go. The thought reading device seems not working when the subject completely forgot about where she put the information. I learned how to use this technique for my benefit. It's like Chinese creating extraordinary possible mineral resource deposits in their country to prevent PROMISE to calculate the total resource available on Earth.

Extra Credit Work – April 14 '06

I found an audio file that was actually of extra credit work we were asked to do so for Anth 153. During that day, Dr. English-Lueck came to the lecture witch ABSC provided and sat few seats left from me.

That was one of the most exciting (traumatic?) lecture I had in my life. A professor in front of me were in very loose clothe with no bra and using body language seducing me. How many students could be seduced in such a way? Normally, students do such thing in classrooms but definitely not the one teaching the lecture!!!
I recall my memory that I was frozen seeing her doing so much while wondering why the dean of Anthropology Department sat near me. I saw Sarah Linn outside in the hallway in that famous WSQ basement room.

This is a tragedy that I have to work on my original evidences in order to bring out all the information in chronological order with precise information. I've got life like St. Clara of Assisi. Yeah, if I accepted her invitation later that night, then we could get a better agreement or at least I could have my educational opportunity. I never thought she would do it after I was imprisoned by Dr. English-Lueck and other SJSU faculty members. Seriously, I got trauma about her... After I rejected her in the beginning of October 2006, I was imprisoned in mental hospital. Then I again rejected her this February, and I had to find a refugee in foreign country because of that infamous anthropologists=CIA formula...

I hope she will NEVER EVER across the Atlantic Ocean, so I can keep enough distance from serious threat in my life. US Army, FBI, DOD, CIA, in my county are another threats in my life though. If she has a chance to read Byron's Chide Harold's Pilgrimage, she could know that I was not a easy game like other people she have gotten.

I got evidences since April... To be honest, it's pretty interesting to recall what I learned in her classes... What I liked about her was her knowledge in bones... and somehow she misunderstood me later.. If SJSU related person is reading this and able to say (or the NSA guys working on my on-line surveillance), tell the CIA agent that I might sometimes looking at her body while she was lecturing about the bones. If she could remember who almost fell by kicking the skeleton on the right side of the whiteboard and that poor thing had to removed for repairing for few semesters, she could probably guess why I was looking at her body while turned away...

Watching someone from the back is better to image the person's skeletal module...
Mystery solved, huh? I am capable to handle more creativity than ordinal human beings.

Worst is not yet to come.... to be continued.

12 December, 2007


Yeah, this film shows "the observer of the area" logo on the car. I have pretty much of perps' logo collections by now. The stalkers try to help each other, yet I have a right to expose them with my right of press and right of expression.


09 December, 2007

Religious Rights Violation Edited Version 1

Yeah, the title says at all.

Perps Around Me

This film shows about my new roommate. She was brought by the police and did not know asylum seeking process. A good joke for the SVP!!! Are they taking foreigners away, or inviting to become a refugees. After she settled down to my room, she went out to Basil... Isn't she more like the vacation refugees than me staying home working on my evidences?

06 December, 2007

Another New Room mate.

This afternoon, the chef came to my room and said that there would be a girl stay in my room for a short time. He mentioned about police, so it would be planed by the police.
I was playing computer game for few days to get away from the gaslighting impact. So far, I have a plan for future protesting, but I could not get a good idea for that.

Later, the Mongolian girl who I saw sweeping the kitchen with another girl came to my room and asked me about my new room mate. I asked her if she knows her. She said "No." So, I asked her that why did she come to my room to ask about the new room mate if she does not know her. Then, she told me that my new room mate speaks Mongolian, and the chef asked her to help the girl.

Well, what I have seen my new room mate is... she is not looks like an Asian. When she brought her blankets and stuffs, she told me in German.. Well. If she can speak German, then she probably have no problem communicating with others in that language here.

I don't know how local police is involved with this replacement about her. It would be interesting to know about my new room mate.

02 December, 2007

Parole? Why SJSU Judicial Affaris office wanted that?

This is the beta film of the conversation with SJSUJudicial Affairs worker through phone. I know I haven't finish the transcription, yet the entire voice recording is available in the film.

I am very currious who Elizabeth Morrell McGee is... Yeah, someone wanted to marry with Dr. Gonzalez. Probably, she could change the name... This is my guess as they work for the US agnecy.

Then, who is really protecting the rihgt for the students at SJSU? I am still surrounded by the stalkers who are capable of speaking multiple languages.. If the stalking continue entire my life, then I have to continue my protesting against inhumanity of SJSU for all of my life!!!

We used to live in the society where individual and minorities are protected. These days, the authorirties are taking the advantage of their power.

It does not make sense to me being harassed after I denied to become a lover of an assistant professor, or marry with her! OR even being harassed by the American Students!

Nobody seemed to have ethical sense anymore in these days, but I do!!!

I added the entire page from my site in order to help the victims of gang stalking. We have information available and we must protest against the violation of human rights by the secret government and stop fascist like reinforcement backing-up the thought control and population control in our world. We have right to change our society free from any discrimination or authorities keeping minorities under oppression.

Summary of Monarch: The New Phoenix Program by Marshall Thomas
I added this section in order to help the people who do not have a chance to get the information in the book. The book covers almost everything from the history of the operation against the citizens to the strategies for the TIs. If you have a chance to purchase or borrow the book from someone, please do so. Reading the book is better than reading this page. This is only a summary of the book. The main purpose is to help Japanese victims to get the information in the book. I tried to add English page in order to keep my Japanese translation clear from violating the copyrights of the author. However, it is better to keep the knowledge shared to the victims no matter if it is only a portion of the whole book. Remember, the book comes with full of facts like the exact numbers and the people worked in the operation, so please do not take this page for an alternative of reading the book. You can find the book at http://stores.lulu.com/marsboy683 and other places. There is a DVD also available.
Marshall Thomas' book, “Monarch: The New Phoenix Program,” has seventeen Chapters and includes the section about TI (targeted individuals). The original phoenix program was developed to “neutralize” citizens. It started as a operation for the Vietnam War in 1960s. By calling “neutralize,” Green Beret and Navy SEALs assassinated the Viet Cong allies. From the testimonies in the 80s, it revealed that the target was randomly generated from the Vietnamese identity cards. In other words, such “enemies to be neutralized” were randomly generated from the citizen lists.
As the improvement of silent kill techniques, US agencies has the technologies for manipulating the emotions and remotely “neutralize” the personality of individuals. MKULTRA and other researches enriched the techniques. Thomas writes that the technology could used in the mass for the better civil control.
There are many studies questionable for human rights violation. Thomas covers Eugenics, Human radiation experience project. Many universities and hospitals secretly gave the patients and pregnant woman radioactive for the government research. Prisoners were also the target of the radiation research for small wages.
During the cold war, the Americans had the need of developing better defense technologies. Under the General Doolittle's order, Americans put the security to accept working for dirty tricks. McCarthyism was used to accuse the people who might have synthesis in Communism. It is an never ending investigation to oppress the opponent.
After the WWII, the Nazi scientists migrated to the US under the “operation paperclip.” These scientists were allowed to avoid the Neurenberg Trial and continued to work in their research in the US military institutions.
Project Mockingbird was to suppress the Communism with the power of mass media. CIA got control of the major newspapers and magazines to spread their propaganda. The agency made budget for Europe media also. It was a world-wide level operation.
MKULTRA search was done to against the brainwash and mind control techniques going on in Russia and China. The US put more emphasis on the use of chemical drugs for the mind control.
Greenham Common in UK was a first place where electronic weapon was used to the citizens. The female peace activists camped outside of army base. They experienced sudden sickness which is similar to the symptoms of electromagnetic weapon effects. In the United States, DOD , DOJ, NIMH, and others are involved in non-lethal secret weapon inventions.
In 1977, there was a hearing for the mind control and drug operations on individuals. However, the experiment was not revealed because of the pressure from the congressional scrutiny. US military institutions have been working for the non-lethal weapons. The military technology is shared with the law enforcement.
From “Star Wars in Iraq,” the eye witness talks about the possibility of laser weapon used in Iraqi War by the Americans. The Iraqi medical doctor says that he could not imagine what type of weapon used to chop off the heads and body parts of the passenger in a bus. Another doctor said that a survivor explained to him that there was no explosion nor noise during the attack. There was no bullets in the bus.
CIA has been creating new religious groups since 1966. The founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey, had connection with SFPD and Michael Aquino, a NSA officer and was involved with the establishment of the Church of Set. Later, SFPD accused Aquino with satanic retual child molestation at the day care in an army base, yet the charge was dropped by the pressure from the army. The new cults keep their own inner sense of reality, so the followers are easy to get engage with aniti-social activities such as organized stalking. People's Temple was an experiment of CIA, as the founder, Jm Jones, had connection with CIA. Leo Ryan, a statesman, was assassinated before he tried to investigate the cult.
California was a center of civil disorder. The Symbionese Liberation Army's leader was an informant of LAPD. Vacaville Medical Facility had behavior modification techniques like lobotomies and brain implanting. The Mason Family were related with The Foundation, which is involved in human sacrifice and ritualistic abuse.
Sexual blackmail was done for the fundraising for the RNC. Larry King, a pedophile, held a child prostitution network. The wealthy men and women were blackmailed due to their sexual relationships with minors. McMartrin Preschool child abuse scandal made Paul and Shirley Eberle the expert on child abuse by publishing two books about the case. The parents of the child victims hired professionals to discover underground tunnels beneath the building. The founder of the school is a CIA agent.
The Unification Church is related with KCIA as the early leaders were military officers and had credential with KCIA. KCIA has connection with CIA from its creation. The institution owns Washington Times.
The Children of God is a cult in Argentina and has over 300,000 followers in 60 countries. The initiation to the cult is sex related. Some famous figures in the world were blackmailed. The children sang for Barbara Bush and George Bush Sr. in some occasional media appeals. Sicentology is one of the cult that the Cult Awareness Network mentions. In 1980s, several church leaders and the founder's wife were sent to prison because of their surveillance against the government agencies to avoid investigation on their institution.
About Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF), Thomas states that “Child victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse are in fact victims of MKULTRA experiments/programming” (Thomas 54). FMSF was established for denying the memories of the mind control and sexual abuse victims. The establisher and his wife were positive about pedophilia by saying that the child sex abuse victims have good memory about the experience.
Remote viewing was an cover operation for the development of pychotronics. Under the project, PSI Tech Corporation, NSA, INSCOM operated for the research. The research included the invention of microwave laser. The remote viewers are physicist in the military. The second project, Grill Frame, was to research further on micromagnetic weapons. The remote viewers were instructed by Ingo Swann, a Sicentologist. When they felt the danger of public exposure, the Grill Frame project was closed. PSI Tech was offering classes for Chatfield Senior High School, which the Columbine shooting occurred later. The name of the operation for the class session was Operation Guiding Light.
Thomas mentions three major figures of civilian control novels, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and Marshall McLuhan. Owell invented the Big Brothers and Thought Police. 15 % of the population controles the last 85%. Huxley mentions the use of psychotic drug Soma to control the population. Social hierarchy is set by the technological advance in cloning. McLuhan explains the Internet invention in future around the 50s. Maelstrom is a movement to change the literature into electronic images.
Thomas gives an example of the tragedy of Minos; the fascist whose dictatorship was destroyed by Theseus. He compares the mythology with Adolf Hitler and the birth of the Weimar Republic. The Nazis movement started as the private policing percolate the German army. The holocaust made the dictator to believe himself above the law. Thomas says, “This was the moment of the birth of the Minotaur in the 20th century” (57).
The Eugenics and extreme racism caused the rationality on annihilation and genocide of Jews. Thomas writes that not only Jews but also, “Three million others perished in the camps, gypsies, Slavs, other supposed subhuman races, homosexuals, dissident Catholic priests, POW's, union leaders, political opponents, Germans caught aiding Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses, and other religious sects, and the intellectuals of conquered nations.” Lebensraum (living space) is to descrive how to increase Germanic population above other races.
Textbooks and movies were selected to fit the propaganda. Because of the massive propaganda, “many Jews and other targeted groups were caught up in the excitement and joined the Nazi movement” (Thomas 57).
Totalitarianism occurred in Russia under the Stalin's regime, after the dictator removed half of the parliament congressman. In China, Mao broke out the communist revolution to control the country. “Mao's favorite tactic was to set opposing groups of people against each other to instill fear, eliminate potential rivals, and retain power despite popular discontent” (Thomas 58).
Cointerlpro is shortened form of counter intelligence program. It is developed by FBI to take care the domestic dissidents. Psychological warfare, the use of legal system for harassment, infiltration, extralegal violence like assasination are the characteristics. The targets are often the activists of any kind, opposing political parties, and any progressive groups in the US. Watergate was one of the cases that FBI and CIA's counterpro operation was revealed to the public. However, the Church committee received the reports which were revised by the agencies. And the investigators could not win in the next election. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) made people to access the FBI documents including some cointelpro informations, yet the most important information were never exposed. One of the known victim of cointelpro is Martin Luther King, Jr. The surveillance included the 112th military intelligence unit, and J. Edgar Hoover wrote a blackmail to King suggesting to commit suicide to cover up King's external affairs. With the example of civil right involved actress Jean Seaberg, Thomas writes “The theme of a forced suicide is repeated on others targeted by Cointelpro...” (Thomas 60). Sucide is a perfect condition to cover the crime of the intelligence agencies. The covert operation was often held against minorities, Asian American, Native American, Arab American, and so on. Some targets were falsely charged or murdered. FBI infiltrated KKK and other extreme groups to use their forces to suppress the civil rights activism. “The favorite tactic used in infiltration of activist groups is the 'snitch jacket' where suspicion of being an informant is used against legitimate leaders” (Thomas 60). Then the agents work on propaganda to spread the false rumors and increase the arguments among the members. Nowadays, cointerpro operation comes together with electromagnetic weapons. “These internal dissidents are used as human guinea pigs and experimental subjects in terminal experiments that are designed to force a suicide, incarceration, or premature death due to the effect of non-ionizing and ionizing radiation” (Thomas 61). Due to the invisible attacks and the microwave effect similar to schizophrenia, the target cannot receive help from the psychiatric society.
CIA has been working on destabilization of countries and influence on foreign governments. In Iran, CIA made a report that Shah who regained his regime is a sociopath and power crazy from the trauma of his fathers domination. In Guatemara, CIA supported the United Band to overthrow the government. CIA accused the government as Communist, and genocidal war broke out by the US trained people. In Iraq, Hussein was paid by CIA and started war on Iran with the fear of Iranian revolution. CIA backed up Iraqi government in the war. When Iraq submitted weapon program 11,800 page document to UN Security Council in 2002, Bush administration took the possession of the document and took 8,000 pages out. That part included the precise information of the US and Western weapon and technology sales to Iraq before 1991.
During the WWII, US made contact with Italian mafias to defeat Nazis in the northern Italy. The French Connection, a film, explains how smuggling helped to enrich the markets. Nazis criminals used “rat lines” to escape to the US and South America. Kuomintang (KMT) was a major area for heroin production. The opium production is related with the defeated Chiang Kai Shek who was backed up by the US. Afghanistan is another place where opium is produced. CIA brought weapons to the country for the exchange with heroins. Dead American solders' bodies were used to smuggle the drugs. Because of the drug trafficking related with the agency, the inspection cannot eliminate the drug problem.
CIA had covert operations abroad also. Edwin Wilson, a CIA agent, sold weapons and technologies with the companies like Control Data Corporation to fundraising CIA. The trial against him was dismissed because of the CIA backup for the commerce. In Australia, the Nugan-Hand Bank was built to cover weapon trade. When the Australian Prime Minister Whitlam had intention of investigating CIA's influence on the government affairs, the Governor General John Kerr dismissed the Prime Minister. BCCI, Bank of Credit and Commerce International, is another bank that backed up CIA operations. It aided George W. Bush as well as the terrorist group, al Quaeda. San Jose Mercury news reporter, Gary Webb, debunked the CIA profited SF bay area drug ling related with Crips and Bloods of LA. He writes that the money was used for Nicaraguan guerrilla operation. The journalist was murdered later. From the author's staying in Guatemala, he found out the fear among the Guatemalan citizens that image of Americans were same as kidnappers who sold their children to sex ring and organ donor seekers.
Katherine Griggs learned how the power elites and military personnels are in the secret society from her corrupt marriage with a military officer. She explains her ex-husband story of sexual ritual of the elites and how they encourage the mass killing of innocent people for their advantages. She included the names who are Zionist trying to take over the world, Donald Rumsfeld, George H. Bush, Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney, Andy Fine, and others. Later she figured out that her home and her car were burglarized, yet the police and FBI did not do anything. Then she started to experience strange things such as someone “leave twelve screw drivers on my kitchen counter.” Just like Griggs, Strawcutter made tapes called “Sleeping With The Enemy” to describe how The Brotherhood works to create the new world order.
The early 70s, USSR started individual level experiment on microwave weapons and mind control techniques. The US also were working on brain research. Radio frequency weapons and other electromagnetic weapons became a subject for the both countries. Such weapons have the capacity of civil control at the time of riot and revolutionary movement. Acoustic weapon is capable of “create scallops of infra-sound waves in the head, wiping clean all information stored by the brain cells.” In this century, Russians and Americans agreed to share the technologies for the use by the Americans. The patent of the technology is held by Psychotechnologies Corp, which is managed by John B. Alexander, Albert Stubblebine, Michael Aquino.
Moscow signal started on July 4th, 1976. The radio signal is the most strong signal that can hear all over the world. The signal ranges between 3.26 to 17.5 megahertz. The extremely low frequency (ELF) would be used for mind control and behavior change. CIA stated that certain ELF would cause cancer. The US Air Force found that the Russians sending the signals on earth. The purpose is th change the human conciousness. 7.83 Hz is the Schumann Resonance to make the person relax, and 10.8 Hz makes the person aggressive. The wave can cause cancer, so the transmitters were build in several places in the world including Australia to send them back to Russia.
Nikola Tesla was the first scientist mentioned the use of electromagnetics on human being. The earliest study would be go back to the middle of the 1930s. Japanese spent research on “Death Ray,” which could kill humans in 5 to 10 miles distance.
Andre Puharich were working on electronic brain implants and later interested in the radio tooth implant. Dr. Allen Frey was another person who are working on radio frequency. He found that 1310MHz and 2982MHz microwaves with the density avarage of 0.4 to 2 mW/cm2 can make the human to hear sounds. The sound seemed to hear from “within or near the back of the head” (Thomas 76). Dr. Ross Adey working at UCLA studied that emotional control on the subject in the eletctromagnetic field. Joseph Sharp and Allen Frey's work is also important on microwave audio transmission. Their work invented the world, “Frey effect” which is synonym of “microwave hearing” or “Artificial Telepathy.” Dr. Karl Pribram of Stanford University discovered the process and storing images of the brain. Dr. Michael Persinger found a way to make the subject to create “UFO abduction or meeting with God” experiences.
The real concept of Star Wars was not to save the US from Soviet nuclear threat. The funding went to building HAARP. “HAARP is the world's largest electro magnetic broadcasting station..” It could change weathers, destroy any flying objects including missiles and air planes, mind control the population. HAARP can project the 1 to 20Hz frequencies, which human brain processes. Patric Flanagan's invention of Neurophone gives another function to HAARP. By using its transmission, it can cover this planet under the wireless neurophone network.
There are many US patents shows the use of the invention would function similar to the testimonies of the electromagnetic weapon victims. Patent number 3951134 is one example. The invention is “Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves.” Other inventions include, #6011991, #6017302, #3773049, #4858612, #4877027, #5123899, #5159703, #5356368. RFID and other invention are used to monitor the subjects including endangered animals.
Psychological warfare is based on disinformation and confusion on the enemies. During the Vietnam War, the US army killed some of the entire village populations and spread the information that it was done by the Vietcong. Thus, the citizens would against Vietcong for the war.
Lockheed-Sanders produces microwave weapons that include sending audio information remotely to the target's brain. According to DOD's announcement in 2006, the military officers would require microchip implant in future. The nonleathal weapons could be used for crowd control to eliminate the function of a country. According to the article on London Sunday Times on July 6, 1975, the US Navy trained assassins and some of them are taken from the military prisons. Some of the government articles suggest the military's intention to use non-lethal weapons to terrorists and criminals. Navy psychologist trained assassins by conditioning them to have no emotional swing for a murder. There are two Navy centers such training has done. One is in San Diego and the other one is in Italy. The assassins are taught to view their future enemies as non-human.
In 1930s, Remote hypnotic study began. Soviet physiology were the first pioneers. Later CIA developed a technology called RHIC-EDOM, Radio Hypnotic Induced Control/Electronic Dissolution of Memory. Using this technique, the subject falls into trance to receive the suggestions and the trace of the hypnosis as erased from the subject's memory. This method includes INTRAMUSCULAR implants, which are able to disturb the functions of certain part of brain for hypnosis. Trigering the suggestion is through the radio. Emotion would transmitted to the subject by radio signals. Some UFO abductees memory loss can be explained by this technique. Rauni Kilde, MD, wrote about the NSA mind control method using satellites to send signals to implants and microchips. Kilde warns that the human brain to computer connection would become a threat to humans.
In the 90s, Janet Morris investigated the Russian mind control technologies and later became the Research Director of the US Global Strategy Council (USGSC). During the 90s, USGSC gained access to majority of national labs, industries, and human resources.
In 1962, the director of the US Bureal of Prisons offered the opportunity of using prisoners for experiments to psychiatrists and social scientists. The British installed “House of Fun,” which is actually a torture chamber in the Special Branch of Dubai.
CIA has three types of companies/organizations. First one is the company owned by the agency yet the appearance is a private company. Second type has side business to support the activity of the agency. Third is established by the ex-officers to help the agency.
John Perkins is the author of the book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (EHM). Perkins writes that EHMs are hired by the corporations yet they were paid by the private sectors. Their jobs are to create a senario to make them in debt from banks while they work for the target company. They meet with the third world country leaders for negotiation. When the leaders refused the proposal, they would get into accidents such as happened in the President of Ecuador. By their works, the developing countries remain under debt. Until 1980, military dictation was the main US foreign policy. Nowadays, the US use economic domination to keep the unions and countries under its control.
Scientific Applications International Corp (SAIC) owns I.P. Address and now cost each address $50 per one year. It used to be free for registration under Network Solutions. SAIC share the profit with the US government agencies such as CIA and DOD. SAIC is connected with Stanford Research Institute and “non-lethal weapon” developments. The military offers the technology for information warfare. “It includes the capability to intercept TV and radio transmissions from hostile countries, synthesize the voice and even the video of a foreign leader addressing in his country, change the content, and re-broadcast it via satellite jamming” (Thomas 108). After 911, the terrorist threat and war against terrorism made SAIC to expand its revenue and power among military complex. SAIC has many military related workers and they established the Iraq Reconstruction and Development Council before the Iraqi war started. During the 70s and the 80s, SAIC made a human radiation experiment on the veterans with the support of the government. In 1988, most veterans have died. SAIC and Bechtel made established radioactive waste dumping site in Yucca Mountain. For reducing the storing wast costs, SAIC introduced the recycling the waste by mixing the radioactive contaminated metals with other metals. Recycled metals were used to produce kitchenwares and other tools. After the danger of the radioactive contamination became noticed, SAIC wrote the safe recycling limit for the regulation.
Other companies with government connection includes DynCorp, Hadron, Schlumberger. The third one, Shlumberger, is the largest oil boring company in the world. Thomas writes, “Oil companies are routinely used as cover for information gathering by US intelligence agencies, particularly because oil is a strategic commodity, and also because employees have an excuse to travel to just about anywhere in the world” (Thomas 112). Thomas mentions anthropologists and journalists as cover for making easy travel around the world.
For other important key terms, Thomas addresses; PNAC, Enron, Peak Oil, Trans National Corporations (TNCs), Think Tanks, Escheron, PROMIS, TIA. PROMIS is a computer program that is capable of reading and mixing different computer programs and data at once. The software can find the assets of the total natural resources of the world from combining the information. Total Information Awareness (TIA) is a technology to combine the information of the individuals. “Under the TIA program created by DARPA the government is now monitoring almost all activity of all Americans, including bank deposits, shopping, web surfing, academic grades, divorce records, spending, phone calls, utility usage, travel, virtually everything” (119). In future, TIA is going to recognize the individual by voice or body odor or device to read the individual's mind.
There seemed the insider trading on many companies around the world when the 911 attack happened. “The levels of options purchased the week of 9/11 were more than six times higher than normal” (120). According to CBS, seven countries had over $100 million net profits from fishy trading. Osama Bin Ladin family have been used Deutsch Bank and the bank has connection with the banks in Middle East which George W. Bush involved. Bush family relates with Carlyle Groups and Alex Brown helped the group when they bought United Defense in 2000. After 911, SEC, NYSE, CBOE, DOJ, FBI, Secret Service, CIA, Treasury, NSA, held an investigation on the insider trading yet none of them revealed information to the media.
Operation Cyclone is to train and work with the freedom fighters. Ladin was training private military during the 80s for their customer. The US declared Ladin as an enemy, so it would make a good excuse to hold a US army base in Saudi Arabia after Kuwait was invaded by Iraq. The Soviet Union supported Afghanistan PDPA government. Taliban took the control of the country in 1996 with the support from the ISI, Unocal, Delta. However, Taliban banned opium cultivation and the world supply lost 80%. “Under the current US sponsored Afghan government led by former Unocal employee Ahmid Karzai, the warlords now control the production of successive record opium harvests” (126).
The US district court in Washington dropped the lawsuit against human testing. The International Committee on Offensive Microwave Weapons (ICOMW) claims that DOD and the CIA were working on such researches in order to create electromagnetic weapons. The court decision was based on the people who are the victim of the experiment do not belong to the organization, ICOMW. Also the judge commented that it is too broad to support the claim.
It is almost impossible to make the government to admit their violation on human rights, yet some victims succeeded. One of the Canadian MKULTRA victim had a spouse who worked in the parliament. The Olsen family in the US is another case. Olsen worked as a scientist for government research. Many other victims are prisoners, mental patients, and people in the bottom of the social structure. An NSA employee made a productive lawsuit against the government agency.
The John St Clare Akwei vs. NSA case shares important information about the NSA activities using electronic equipments. EMF Brain Stimulation, Remote Neural Monitoring and other techniques for electronic surveillance. They are capable of reading and recording the thought and images in the brain of the subject. Moreover, they can project images while the subject is in REM sleep. “The NSA's Signals Intelligence has the proprietary ability to monitor remotely and non-invasively information in the human brain by digitally decording the evoked potentials in the 30-50 Hz, 5 milliwatt electromagnetic emmissions from the brain” (128). The brain responds 3Hz to 50Hz frequencies. NSA can only send signals in that range. In the table, Auditory Cortex is 15Hz and Visual Cortex is 25Hz of Bioelectric Resonance Frequency. The others are; Motor Control Cortex 10Hz, Somatosensory 9Hz, Thought Center 20Hz.
For the current legislation, informed consent can be avoidable for secret research. The mice has more protection from the law because of the Animal Welfare Act.
The LSD has been tested among citizens and the US solders by the government. The US solders cannot sue the government as the claim was rejected by the US Army. However, the Nuremberg Code's first principle is “1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential” (130).
Thomas writes about Targeted Individual (TI). The harrasment against them occurs wherever they move. The store would get crowded by the strangers and their personal items are stolen from their homes. This type of harrassment is very strange for the person who does not know about Cointelpro techniques. Also, the strategy is designed to camouflage the symptoms of mental illness. By mentally and physically attacked including the use of non-lethal weapons, the target have hard time to maintain his health. “The ELF attack records the wave form of their EEG and downloads their 'inner voice' which is broadcast to the harassment groups through the internet and other means” (131). The spontaneous psychological abuse is aimed for the subject's mental break down is “similar to what was done in the lab under MKULTRA” (131). The voice to skull technology cause the target to hear voices. The target would hear voices to drive them to commit crimes. “The effort to cause school shootings is a classical destabilization campaign to raise the level of fear in society that promotes acceptance of repressive measures by the parents but also has led to school children living in fear and seeing armed uniformed men in the school that normalizes their acceptance of living in a police state” (131).
The targeted individual's family members and their pets are also become the target. Forming a group by the TIs are also interrupted. The technology can cause arguments among people. Not all targets have the same attacks. Some may only experience gang stalking while others are suffering from electronic harassment.
“The Weed and Seed program is touted as a method to prevent violent crime and drug trafficking in select neighborhoods using multiple government agencies, Federal, State, and local authorities to mobilize residents in a targeted are to assist law enforcement in identifying and removing violent offenders and drug traffickers from their neighborhoods” (132).
In the Milgram Experiment, the subjects were asked to continue experiment. The “teacher” gives electro shock to the “learner” as a panishment when his answer is not correct. The “teacher” hear the instruction to keep the experiment no matter the “learner” starts to complain about the experiment. Some “teachers” stopped to continue the experiments when the “learner” showed extreme disgust on the experiments and tried to sabotage it. Actually, the “learner” is not receiving the shock but acting to test the change in the “teacher.” Similar experiments were done in many places in the world and the result was almost same. “The percentage of participants who are prepared to inflict fatal voltages remains remarkably constant, between 61% and 66%, regardless of time or location” (133).
Triggering is used to create a psychological trauma. “When South American dissidents were taken into custody and tortured it was common practice to use a coke bottle to sodomize the victim with” (133). This practice gave them the trauma with the coke bottle, so anytime they saw coke bottles in the street, it causes them to have a flash back of the experience. In this case, the coke bottle is used as a “trigger.” Other types of tactics includes Street Theater and electronic harassment. Such psychological abuse has serious effect, and if the target tries to talk with psychiatrists, it would bring out the result of legal imprisonment and claiming the target as mentally ill. This psychological abuse has characteristics which have developped in the army and intelligence.
The past Phoenix program made a revival and now used against the Targeted Individuals. Using Cointelpro program with non-lethal weapon against them. “Just as Eschelon vacuumed up millions of communication signals of phones and faxes, now supercomputers and satellites sift through the spectrum (10-20 Hz) of 6.5 billion brain waves” (139). Targeted Individuals consciousness is monitored and manipulated by the PROMIS AI software in the super computer used by NSA.
“Ultimate goal is some of world wide control along the lines of an Orwellian state where 1% of the population controls 15%, which in turn controls the remaining 84%” (140). In such society, we no longer need firearms or wars because “a one-world government run by the technological elite will shape the mind of the masses for a thousand years” (140). Once the reinforcement is infiltrated, it will form a shape of German society in the past that brought 50 million deaths. Hegelian and Gramtian philosophies are back of this plan as individuals are viewed to have less value. This program has another effect on the society; planned destabilization to cause panic in the mass for further psychological abuse on the mass to take their will.
Work Cited:
Thomas, Marshall. Monarch:The New Phoenix Program. Electronic Text.

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マーシャル・トーマス氏の本「モナーキ:新フェニックス・プログラム」は17章で構成されていて、標的となった個人(TI) についてのセクションもあります。最初のフェニックス・プログラムは、市民を「更正」させるために作成されました。1960年代のベトナム戦争のオペレーションとして始まりました。「更正」の名の下に、グリーンベレーや海軍SEALSはベトコン同盟者を暗殺しました。80年代の証言から、標的はベトナム人の身分証明書からランダムに作成されたことが明らかになりました。言い換えれば、このような「更正されるべき敵」は市民リストからランダムに作成されました。
「Star Wars in Iraq」には、アメリカ人によってレーザー兵器がイラク戦争で使われた可能性に付いて目撃者が語っています。イラク人医師はバスの乗客の頭や体の部位を切断した兵器に付いて想像不可能だと話しています。他の医者は、生存者の説明によると、攻撃されている間に爆発音もノイズも聞かなかったと話しました。バスの中には弾丸はありませんでした。
CIAは1966年以降に新興宗教を生産しています。サタン教会の創始者アントン・ラヴィは、サンフランシスコ警察署やマイケル・アキノ氏と関係がありました。アキノ氏はNSAのオフィサーで、セト教会(Church of Set)の創始者でもあります。その後、SFPDはアキノ氏を軍施設のデイケア・センターでサタン崇拝の儀式的な子供への虐待を行ったとして告発しますが、軍からの圧力により起訴は放棄されます。新しいカルトグループは彼ら独自の現実感を持つために、信者は「集団ストーキング」のような反社会的活動に容易に参加します。人民寺院はCIAによる実験です。創始者ジム・ジョーンズ氏は、CIAと関係がありました。政治家レオ・ライアンは、人民寺院の調査を始める前に暗殺されました。
カリフォルニアは反政府分子の中心でした。シンビオネーズ解放軍(The Symbionese Liberation Army)のリーダーはLAPDの情報提供者でした。バカビル医療施設(Vacaville Medical Facility)はロボトミーや大脳インプラントなどの行動調整技術を施していました。メイソン一家はファウンデーション(The Foundation)という人身御供や儀式的虐待を行う団体と関係していました。
RNCの資金収入源として性的なブラックメールが利用されました。幼児愛好者ラリー・キングは、児童買春ネットワークを指揮していました。裕福な男女が規制年齢以下の相手と性的関係を持ったことに対してブラックメールを受け取りました。マックマーティン幼稚園(McMarin Preschool)の児童虐待スキャンダルは、その事件に関しての2冊の本を執筆したことでポール・エブリーとシャーリー・エブリー(Paul and Shirley Eberle)を子供虐待の専門家にしました。子供の被害者の両親たちは専門家に依頼して、施設の下に地下トンネルがあることを発見しました。幼稚園の設立者はCIA工作員です。
統一教会(The Unification Church)はKCIAと関わっています。初期のリーダーは軍のオフィサーで、KCIAの証明を持っていました。KCIAはCIAと設立時からコネクションがあります。この宗教団体はワシントン・ポスト紙を経営しています。
「チルドレン・オブ・ゴッド」(The Children of God)はアルゼンチンにあるカルトで、60カ国に30万人以上の信者を抱えています。カルトへの入会は性的なものを含みます。世界の著名な人々の中にはブラックメールを受け取った人たちもいます。子供たちはバーバラ・ブッシュ夫人とジョージ・ブッシュ(親)氏のために、メディアへのアピールとして歌っています。サイエントロジー(Scientology)はカルト監視ネットワーク(Cult Awareness Network)が見張っているカルトの一つです。1980年代に、教会のリーダー数人と設立者の妻が、施設に対する調査を逃れるために政府機関を監視していたとして刑務所に収容されました。
遠隔透視(remote viewing)はサイコトロニクスの開発のための偽造作戦でした。その作戦の下で、PSI Tech Corporation、NSA、INSCOMは調査をしていました。そのリサーチはマイクロ波レーザーの発明も含まれています。遠隔透視者たちは軍の物理学者でした。2度目の作戦、グリル・フレームはマイクロ波兵器の更なる調査でした。サイエントロジー信者のインゴ・スワンによって、遠隔透視者たちは訓練を受けていました。彼らが調査が明るみに出る危機を感じたとき、グリル・フレーム作戦は中止されました。後にコロンバイン射撃事件が起きたチャットフィールド高校で、PSI Techは授業を提供していました。ガイディング・ライト作戦が授業セッションのオペレーションとしてつけられた名前です。
コインテルプロは保全プログラム(counter intelligence program)を短略した言葉です。国内の不穏分子に対応するためにFBIが開発しました。心理的な戦争、法律機関を使ったハラスメント、組織への浸透、暗殺を含む法外の暴力などがその性格です。対象者はよく、活動家、対立する政党、アメリカ国内における革新的なグループです。ウォーターゲート事件は、FBIとCIAの保全作戦が公になったケースの一つです。しかしながら、チャーチ議会は機関が訂正した後の調査報告書を受け取りました。それに次回の選挙で調査していた人は勝つことが出来ませんでした。情報の自由権(FOIA)は、人々がコインテルプロ情報を含めたFBIの書類にアクセスすることを可能にしましたが、一番重要な情報は公開されたことはありません。コインテルプロの被害者としてよく知られた人の中には、マーチン・ルーサー・キングJr牧師がいます。監視には第112番軍事諜報ユニットが関与していて、J・エドガー・フーバーは牧師の外部との関係を隠蔽するために自殺を勧めるブラックメールを送っています。市民権に関するものに、女優ジーン・シーバーグの例があります。トーマス氏によると、「自殺を強要するテーマは、コインテルプロの他の標的に対しても繰り返されていた・・・」とあります(60)。自殺は諜報機関の犯罪を隠すには完全な条件です。機密の作戦は、しばしばマイノリティーに対して行われていました。アジア系アメリカ人、原住アメリカ人、アラブ系アメリカ人、等です。標的となった人の中には、虚偽に刑を受けた人や殺された人もいます。FBIはKKKやその他の過激はグループに浸透して、彼らの力を市民権運動を鎮圧するのに利用しました。「活動家グループに浸透するのに好んで使用されたテクニックには「スニッチ・ジャケット」というものがあり、リーダーに対して情報提供者の疑いを掛けるものです」(60)。それから工作員がプロパガンダとしてメンバー間の争いを増加させたり、偽の噂を流したりします。最近では、コインテルプロは電子兵器と共に使われます。「これらの内的な不穏分子は人体実験に利用され、イオン化・非イオン化による被爆による早期の死、隔離、強要された自殺などに計画された遮断経験での実験対象にされます」(61)。不可視の攻撃と神経症に良く似たマイクロ波の症状のために、対象者は心理療法の学会から助けを受けることは出来ません。
CIAは国々を不安定にすることや他国の政府に影響を与えることを行ってきました。イランでは、CIAは再度統治をしたShahはソシオパスで彼の父親の威圧のトラウマから狂的に権力にしがみ付いていると報告を出しました。グァテマラでは、CIAは政府を転覆するためにUnited Bandを支持しました。CIAは政府を共産主義だと非難し、アメリカによって訓練された人々による大量虐殺的な戦争が発生しました。イラクでは、フセインはCIAに資金援助を受けていて、イラン革命への恐れからイランに対して戦争を仕掛けました。その戦争でCIAはイラク政府を支持しました。イラクが2002年に11,800ページに及ぶ兵器プログラムの書類をUNに提出したとき、ブッシュ政権はその書類を入手し、8,000ページを取り除きました。その部分には1991年以前のアメリカと西側のイラクとの兵器・技術の売買について詳細な情報が含まれていました。
CIAはまた機密作戦を海外で行いました。CIA工作員エドウィン・ウィルソンは武器や技術をControl Data Corporationのような企業に売ってCIAの活動資金を作っていました。彼に対する裁判はCIAが背後で販売のバックアップをしていたために放棄されました。オーストラリアでは、ヌゲンーハンド銀行は武器売買を隠蔽する目的で設立されました。オーストラリアのウィットラム首相がCIAの政府の行事に対しての影響を調べる興味を見せたときに、知事理事のジョン・カーは首相を解雇しました。BCCI、バンク・オブ・クレジット・アンド・コマース・インターナショナルはCIA活動をバックアップするもう一つの銀行です。その銀行はジョージ・W・ブッシュと共にテロリスト・グループのアルカイダに支援を送りました。サンノゼ・マーキュリー新聞の記者、ゲーリー・ウェブがLAのCripsとBloodsと関わるサンフランシスコ・ベイ・エリアのドラッグリングからCIAが収入を得ていることを素破抜きました。彼は資金がニカラグアのゲリラ作戦に使われていると書きました。その後ジャーナリストは殺害されました。著者がグァテマラに滞在した経験から、彼はグァテマラ人はアメリカ人のイメージから恐怖を感じているのを発見しました。彼らの子供をセックス・リングや臓器提供者を探している人のために誘拐するといった印象を彼らは持っています。
キャサリン・グリグスは軍のオフィサーとの崩壊した結婚から、権力主義のエリートや軍隊指導者が秘密組織に入っているのか学びました。彼女は離婚した夫の話から、エリートによる性的次式やどのように彼らが無実の人々を彼らの利益のために大量虐殺するのか説明しています。世界を牛耳ろうとするシオニストの名前として、ドナルド・ラムズフェルド、ジョージ・H・ブッシュ、ヘンリー・キッシンジャー、ディック・チーニー、アンディ・ファインやその他の人を挙げています。その後、彼女は自宅と車があらされているのに気づきましたが、警察とFBIは何もしませんでした。それから彼女は妙なことを経験するようになります。たとえば、「キッチンのカウンターの上に12本のスクリュードライバーを残したり」です。グリグス同様に、ストロウカッター氏も「敵と共に眠る(Sleeping With The Enemy)というテープを作り、どのようにブラザーフッドが新世界秩序を作ろうとしているのか説明しています。
70年代早期、ソビエト連邦はマイクロ波兵器とマインド・コントロール技術の個人レベルでの実験を開始しました。アメリカもまた大脳調査に乗り出していました。RF(Radio Frequency)兵器やその他の電磁波兵器が両国での調査の対象となりました。そのような兵器は革命的な運動や暴動時に市民管理に利用できます。アコースティック兵器は「脳細胞に記憶された情報を消去する低音波(Infra-sound waves)のシェルを脳の中に作る」ことが可能です。今世紀、ロシア人とアメリカ人はアメリカ人による利用のための技術の共有に同意しました。その技術のパテントはサイコテクノロジー(Psychotechnologies Corp)が保持しています。その会社は、ジョン・B・アレクサンダー、アルバート・スタブルバイン、マイケル・アキノが経営しています。
アンドレ・プアリッヒは電子大脳インプラントのために働いていて、その後ラジオの歯のインプラントに興味を持ちました。アラン・フレイ博士はラジオ周波数に関わっていたもう一人の科学者です。彼は1310Mhzと2982Mhzで0.4から2mW/cm2の厚さのマイクロ波は人間に音を聞かせることを発見しました。「頭の後ろか内側から」音が聞こえるようです。(76) ロス・アディ博士はUCLAで電磁波界の被験者の感情をコントロールすることを調査していました。ジョセフ・シャープとアラン・フライの仕事はマイクロ波を使っての音声通信にもまた重要です。彼らの仕事は、「フレイ効果」という単語を生み、それは「マイクロ波傍聴」や「人工テレパシー」とも呼ばれます。スタンフォード大学のカール・プリブラム博士は映像を大脳がどのようにプロセスして記憶するのかを発見しました。マイケル・パーシンジャー博士は対象者が「UFOに誘拐されたとか神に会った」というような経験を作り出す方法を見つけました。
90年代にジャネット・モリスはロシアのマインド・コントロール技術を視察して、その後the US Global Strategy Council (USGSC)の調査責任者に抜擢されました。90年代、USGSCは国内の主な研究所、企業、人的資産への交流を得ました。
Scientific Applications International Corp (SAIC) はI.P.アドレスを所有し、年間50ドルが1アドレスに対して掛かります。ネットワーク・ソリューションズが登録を行っていたときは無料でした。SAICはCIAやDODのようなアメリカの諜報機関と利益を共有しています。SAICはスタンフォード調査機関と「非殺傷兵器」の開発に関わっています。軍は情報戦争の技術を提供します。「それは敵対的な国のテレビやラジオ通信を拾い、声や国に付いて語る外国のリーダーの映像と同調して、内容を変え、衛星通信の混線によって再度放映をする能力があります」(108)。911以降、テロリストの脅威や対テロリズム戦争はSAICに軍事複合体の間で力と利益を拡張させました。SAICには多くの軍関係の労働者がいて、彼らはイラク戦争が開戦する前に「イラク復興開発議会」を設立しました。70年代と80年代には、SAICは政府の援助を受けて退役軍人に対する人間放射能実験を行いました。1988年にはほとんどの退役軍人は死亡していました。SAICとBechtelはユッカ山に放射性廃棄物の廃棄場を設置しました。保存する費用の削減のために、SAICは放射汚染された金属と他の金属を混ぜて再利用することを提案しました。リサイクルされた金属は台所用品やその他の道具に加工されました。放射汚染の危険性が憂慮されるようになった後、SAICは安全なリサイクルの限度を規則として表記しました。
トーマス氏が挙げる他の重要な用語としては、PNAC、Enron、Peak Oil、Trans National Corporations (TNCs)、Think Tanks、Escheron、PROMIS、TIAを挙げています。PROMISは異なったコンピューター・プログラムやデータを一度に読んだりミックスしたり出来るソフトウェアです。そのソフトは、情報を混ぜ合わせることで世界の天然資源の全体量を見つけることが出来ます。全情報意識(TIA)は個人の情報を集積する技術です。「DARPAの元で作成されたTIAプログラムによると、政府は現在全てのアメリカ人の全ての活動を監視しています-銀行預金、購入暦、ウェブ閲覧、学校成績、離婚暦、支出、電話、ガス電気水道などの使用状況、旅行、仮想的に全てをです」(119)。将来的にTIAは、声や体臭や思考を読む装置で個人の識別を行うつもりです。
911攻撃が起きたときに世界の多くの国々でインサイダー取引があったようです。「購入オプションのレベルは911が起きた週は通常の週より6倍高かった」(120)。CBSによると、疑問のある取引から7カ国が100億ドルの純利益を得ました。オサマ・ビン・ラディンの家族はドイツ銀行を利用していて、その銀行はジョージ・W・ブッシュと関係のある中近東の銀行と繋がっています。ブッシュ一家はカーライル・グループと関係があり、アレックス・ブラウンはグループが2000年にUnited Defenseを購入する援助をしました。911以降、SEC、NYSE、CBOE、DOJ、シークレット・サービス、CIA、Treasury、NSAはインサイダー取引の調査をしましたが、何の情報もメディアには公開されていません。
ジョン・セント・クレア・アクワイ対NSAのケースでは、電子機器を使ったNSAの活動に付いての重要な情報を共有しています。EMF大脳刺激、遠隔神経監査、その他の電子監視のテクニックです。彼らは対象者の脳内の画像を読んだり記録することが可能です。それにまた、かれらは対象者がREM催眠に陥っているときに画像を照射することが出来ます。「NSAのシグナル・インテリジェンスは、大脳の30-50Hz で5ミリワットの電磁波の放射により、デジタルで人間の脳の情報侵略せずに解析したり、遠隔的に監視することが出来ます」(128)。頭脳は3Hzから50Hzの宗派で反応します。NSAはその範囲でのみシグナルを送ることが出来ます。テーブルによると、聴覚皮質は15Hzで視覚皮質は25Hzの振幅周波です。他には、モーター・コントロール・皮質10Hz、ソマトセンサリー9Hz、思考中枢20Hzです。
Thomas, Marshall. Monarch:The New Phoenix Program. Electric Text.

Perps Around Me Volume 1.

This film is about the perps around me. They denied my religious rights, so I am protesting agaist them by exercising their human rights. I believe in Jesus Christ and the humanity based on the Decralation of Human Rights.

Academic carrier seems no meaning these days.

I found an interesting fact about SJSU Biological Science devision. If my knowledge is correct, Dr. Pierce, the forensic anthropologist, and Dr. Weiss conducted a research on bartebrae and wrote a paper. They published while or just before I transferred to SJSU, so it would not be hard to find the paper, though. I did not know there was another anthro-graduate person teaching in another area in SJSU. Anyway, I am not really into that as it is a issue for the university. If they are all covering up the scandal, what I planed and 80% done is crucial for prove my statement ・SJSU is killing and kidnapping people using their law enforcement.

Fortunately, I got my evidence from the beginning of March in Dr. Roberto Gonzalez's Anth187 class. Yeah, I may not have the part that Dr.Weiss talking about Dr. Gonzalez is a gay and he wanted to marry with her as it was the first time with a woman. I think it was after the spring break, but I do have enough files for backing up that part to. Yeah, I changed my habit and tried to pray rosary more these days. Miracle happens!!! I thought I left the data in Japan, but it was in my back up! I kept them under the funny folder name. At least, I can prove how Sarah Lynn started spreading rumors about me to the other students. Also, possibility I could get the names of who in the class/ABSC club hired by the government. I wonder why NSA did not take or destroy that information as someone did to my conversation with Dr. Weiss about her sleeping habit with colleagues on one Saturday afternoon in last May. I do not know it was gone from my computer when I was discharged from El Camino Hospital, where I saw another anthropologist... In retrospect, I think I should have married with Dr. Weiss and divorced a.s.s.p. That would only left me a funny marriage record instead of becoming a refugee. I wonder why anthropologists did not leave me alone, or persuading to marry with Dr. Weiss or get close to Dr. McCoy... (I guess he is a single..) If CIA wanted me, then why they did not just tell me, Uncle Sam wants you!・like the image of that old-fashioned picture. Then, I could write some poems and novels for the good of American Literature. I am not really into intelligence nor manipulation of human minds. Particle (individual) to Absolute would be the principle of this Hegelian World Domination by the Organized Stalkers, yet I know the value and principles of Deutsher Idealismus. They got two Hegelian types, you know? People could not understand the real concept as it was too noble and complex for his original students. My understanding of Hegel is a bit different from others, though. When we think about the nature and evolution, what we must consider is the philosophy behind Goethe's writings. Evolution itself is the principle and the fundamental fact of the mystery of God's workings. If anyone try to stick to one issue, they will lose it. This desire of clinging to earthly matter is the essence of the evil. I have lost everything except my faith in God. I have been fed and sheltered. Absolute is the way to reach Christ Jesus, not by the power elite domination of the particles. Each human ability is limited and what we know is that Absolute must be the perfect and eternal. If they want to control the entire population on the earth, I can say that it will bring a destruction of the harmony with natural evolutionary effects. This is because the individual particle itself has the ability to become the entire Absolute in my view. Who defines the Absolute? If each individual has potential to define the Absolute as the direction toward its own evolution, then mass cannot define one single Absolute. The goal must be unrevealed as the perfect condition is not even a worth for the understanding by the Particle. I'm not really into philosophical writing.. Man, this could go on and on..I have finished writing the summary of Marshal Thomas' e-book. So, I upload both English and Japanese version in this blog for the convenience of the viewers. Too busy for old-fashioned people based activism. But, I like to be hated by the mass who I am supposed to helping to get out from their slavery. That happened to our Lord in the past. As St. Francis says our body must be used as an instrument, I have no fear in the destruction of my body by the non-lethal weapon used by NSA.

01 December, 2007

Nihongo deno page.

昨日mixiでマイミクの日記を読んでいたら、問題の企業でネット検索した結果に彼のサイトがそれなりの位置に出ていたらしいです。私の場合は、なぜかこのブログのほうがホームページよりも検索結果では有名みたいで・・・。良く分からないけど、たまには日本語でブログ書いてみます。いったい誰がこのブログを見ているのかは興味ありますが、たぶんアメリカの諜報機関の人の場合は、視覚をモニターできる装置をエル・カミノ病院で埋め込まれたらしいし、ブログを見なくてもエシュロンを通したら私のネット接続状態もわかるわけだし。ただ単に掲示されている単語の数や見た目と難民活動家バリューでの目立ち度から上記に表示されている可能性もあるでしょうし。よく知りませんが、私はこのブログを最初から読み返したことは無いので、どれだけ「gang stalker」という文字が含まれているかも、サンノゼ州立大学の人類学教授の名前がどれだけ復唱されたかも知りません。最近は地元の警官が頑張っているみたいで、警官と「集団ストーカー」の映像人類学的な考察ようのデータ集めに忙しいです。

Men! I do not want to translate them in English for the English viewers!! I do not did so for German writing, so I guess I just left it as it is. Anyway English readers have the most previlage from my web site as I regularly write my blog in English.
My new-room mate moved to another room since she has her sister living in the same heim. This happened yesterday after I got back from the German lesson. She told me that she is a Christian. I saw her having a foreign Bible, which language I do not know. It looks similar to Hebrew but the words are not really Hebrew. I could recognize them as I studied the language a bit. It was not Coptic nor Arabic either. Yeah, if it was written in Cuneiform or Egyptian Hieroglyphs, I could recognize that. She asked me why I do not eat three meals per day. Yeah, because I am a refugee ran away from the US military, I did not had chance to eat regularly. I do not know if Eritorian refugees can eat 3 meals per day when they had conflict with Ethiopians. Their food hevest dropped 68%, according to the CIA fact book. She has a PJ, while I sleep in regular clothes. I only had clothes in my suitcase and were them for about 3 months. I washed them in the Motel rooms with soap. Now, this Japanese refugee seems more like a refugee than someone from Eritoria, doesn't she?