31 December, 2009

Happy New Year!

Time goes so fast during the end of the year. I hope things will go smooth and peaceful in next year as well. I had a lot of travel this year, but I found a way to stay in one place for studying till my graduation from the university. Indeed, if you want something, you work hard to achieve it. I wanted to stay somewhere to live while attending the university and such, and I found a way to solve it. And before that happened, I was able to have the dentition and the dentist is a Christian who has the Virgin Mary pictures in his work place. It was quite impressive I was able to see the VM pictures on 3 walls while I had my teeth done. And now I can attend the local church every Sunday.

Things changed a lot from when I lived in Switzerland. But I think the change was not so bad, as I found some way to follow to improve my life. I wonder how my life would be in next year...

I hope other Targeted Individuals have peaceful new year.

24 December, 2009

Merry Xmas!

I'm in the country quite near to Israel. Because the atmosphere is Islamic, there is only few shops with Xmas decoration. That is very different from what happens in the European cities. If it is in Europe, you buy sweets, drink hot wine, enjoy window-shopping.

I get nothing much here to spend besides buying pretty good meal for personal celebration of Xmas. The churches seem to have some big celebrations.

To look back what happened this year, everything went so well. I had to leave Switzerland, but I somehow found a way to follow. My pendant was fixed by a rosary maker lives in the house next to my Pansion in Medjugorge. Then I found a church to attend where they welcomed Japanese before and no problem with my case. I wonder how much was done in the will of God and how much was of the help with the Blessed Virgin Mary or other saints I prayed like St. Francis or St. Anthony. I leave this question to be solved for the future. I hope people have peace in their heart and at their home on Christmas.

19 December, 2009

Psychiatrists getting paid for using their patients as the test subject

Psychiatry is a good choice of study if you idolize Dr. Death and torturing. If psychiatrists cure patients, they will lose the resource of income. If the patients are keep visiting their office, their income will be stabilized. To increase the income, psychiatrists can ask the pharma to test their new drugs. Don't worry, the patients suppose to be crazy, so they must take the medicine no matter their health risks are. The patients in the wards may not express their opinion to against the new drugs if they are threatened by the doctors and nurses. The nurse might put the medicine in the patient's mouth without treating him or her as another human.

A federal lawsuit has been filed against pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca for its role in paying Chicago psychiatrist Dr. Michael Reinstein nearly $500,000 over the course of a decade to conduct research and to promote its anti-psychotic drug, Seroquel. Reinstein is being accused of wrongfully preying on thousands of mentally-ill patients in order to rake in profits for AstraZeneca.

14 December, 2009

The feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 12nd was the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Because I was busy studying Arabic, I totally forgot about the feast. But it was nice to know small coincidences can remind people to be aware of how things are connected in the way how it looks more than just a coincidence.

I cannot explain what happened, but I would like to say that few coincidences can make a scientific person to amuse about the fact how things work in harmony. As Jesus said people should not look for the sign, I do not try to take such a view. But it is nice to know how a good thing happened the day after the feast day. When you seek help from the Virgin Mary, she will aid you in the proper way. That is for sure.

08 December, 2009

My experience in Arabic speaking country

If you are my friend in Monika's social network, you might know where I am now. For others reading this blog, you can imagine I am in one of the Arabic speaking country somewhere. I moved to here last week and every day was a challenge for me. No supermarket, Arabic signs on streets, Arabic price tags, etc.. What I figured out is that hajab actually helps me to avoid store owners on streets trying to sell stuffs by inviting me into their stores. And I get the regular price - no tourist ones. I don't know people think me as Muslim woman or not by my hajab, but it seems a good idea to wear one as a type of coupon ticket or something to get fair price in stores. I think people don't really see it like that way though.

The people around me are polite and respectful. The police on streets sometimes help me cross the streets when they recognize me as an Asian foreigner.

The gang stalking perps might have some problem continuing their regular activities. It is quite hard for the people on streets to wear English or Japanese logo clothes. I saw San Jose State (DAD) University logo new navy sweater the Arab man wearing on the second day I moved to here. But these logo anchoring and others skits are quite hard for them. The local folks are too poor to buy Western style clothes, so what I mostly see is plain ones made in China or somewhere with no logo or even hand-made. I might be surronded by perps as that is normal tactics of them, but I am too busy for my school work and the new language.

03 December, 2009

Gang stalking in Catholic churches in Budapest

After I went into a Catholic church, a couple came and hanged around in the building for awhile. Then a mid-age woman came at the entrance door, the couple left. When a man came to the door, the woman left. It was like people trying to stay in the room to occupy there not to leave me alone. The church was empty when I went in though. This was my experience at the one on Vaci u.
In another church, The entrance door was open but the door to the inner part was locked. There was kneelers on the both side of the door. When I went in and tried to look inside and stayed there, few people showed up. In less than few minutes, the area between the entrance door and the inner door was occupied with more than 6 people. It was quite crowded because there wasn't enough space. I was curious how long they would stay, so I decided to use the kneeler and pray for a while. Then one man came and tried to use same kneeler as I was using by kneeling down next to me to the right. The crowd eventually disappeared, and the man left within 10 minutes or so. After that, I noticed a woman looking inside from the window next to the entrance door. I saw her from the reflection on the glass window in front of the kneeler. It seemed to be the clear evidence of how I was always watched by someone. Then I wondered if these perps were working for the secret police during the Communist period and now is recruited by the gang stalking group which wanted to keep the similar type of surveillance in the area. Someone is always watching you in the church while trying to pray.. That was as if something I saw in the movie, "The Life of an Agent," about the how informants are recruited and trained during the Communist Hungary. Maybe we, TIs, can make a movie like these from the victim side as the real documentary film. I've tried it with my "Organized Stalkers Around Me (OSAM)" series on YouTube, but if we can do it in groups, then it might provide much clear evidences of how police informants are watching us in so called democratic nations. When I left the church, I figured out the woman was a begger asking money to the people going in and out from the church. This happened at the church near the Batthyany train station. To think about beggers who often come to churches to ask money after the mass, they might be recruited by the gang stalkers to pay attention to check the people who are attending the church. I have seen beggers outside of the church in Paris and other places, but it seems they would be easily spotted and the TIs may be able to notice them as potential perps.

I share the video of the surrounding after I left the church I mentioned second. You can see how the begger woman stood at the outside of the entrance door and some people left the church. The church was empty when I went in, but after I walked in, people started to show up. These people might say they are doing the covert operation to prevent terrorism, but that seemed only the harassment against a TI tourist. If the church wants surveillance, they always put surveillance camera within or around the church. These people were like showing up to harass the target psychologically. If you are a TI and visit Budapest, you might experience similar situation. Do not forget to visit Memento Park and watch the movie of how Communist Hungary recruited agents and trained them. It's fun to watch with perps to laugh about what they do and what similar people act in the movie. One scene was like the suspect dropped an envelop in the post box, and the agent was asked to drop something to mention to the post office worker to notice which one when he picks up, the agent dropped the notebook he was carrying to write the report and get scold by his boss...

27 November, 2009

Mind reading and the possibility of what can be done with the current technology available

If human thoughts and emotions can be the result of the electronic pulse in our brain, the biofeedback mechanism can make them visible for others. LarsonMedia.com has the article and pictures of what DOD created for monitoring the biofeedback of people. The technology already available would be 10 years older than the cutting edge one. Remember when RFID was invented and implanted into UFO abductees. They had them from the early 90s, which was almost a decade from when RFID chips were announced to the public in late 90s to this century.

For the TIs, mind reading is more than a possibility already happening to themselves. It might be going on to any human being, no matter if they are TI or non-TI. Some people claim to hear voices and they thing they are contacting with the entities from different world or dimension. They call it "channeling." These people are not considered as mentally ill at all. They created a new phenomenon; part of the New Age movement. That was the same time LSD was widely used among these people engaged in the New Age. Meanwhile, CIA used LSD for the mind control. What if the New Age Movement was created as the public level open experiment? The SFPD police officer provided safe houses for the CIA to observe how the drugs works on human for interrogation technique letting the drug cocktail and the recruited prostitutes work on citizens. Yes, that is what SFPD police cooperated. No wonder why the police around the world cannot do anything to help the TIs. If they got orders to ignore helping them, they would do so. Police accepting prostitution and drugs provided to the citizen in San Francisco and probably elsewhere more than San Francisco and other 2 cities, for the similar yet not published experiments. For more information about this police-related drug/prostitute operation, try to search "Operation Midnight Climax." It is possible that police officers might providing drugs to cause citizens to act strangely for their own benefit. What they officially have to do is to catch criminals and prevent socially unacceptable and illegal behaviors. Psychiatrists would work together with police for the same reason. They participated in MKULTRA, so they might see it as the opportunity for promotion in their career instead of helping the people accidentally thought as mentally ill from such government backed-up operations. The psychiatrists illegally kidnapped patients and kept them for the experiments were not sentenced for their inhuman crimes.

The current thought monitoring would be done by checking the biofeedback and brain waves of each individual. I do not know which organization does that, but it seems this "organization" has the global network and capable to work on any country. Some of these participants, or so called perpetrators seem to be the under the mind control. They act in the way how the TI will get sensitized. Because of the same hypnosis system working on these unaware perps, the TI would get the hypnosis to make them easy to get sensitized in certain things. The "channeling" voices may now mimic the inner voice of the individuals, so the people might hear the voices from them yet believe that was done by their own. The difference of such voice and one's own would be the level of consciousness of the individual. If the individual is conscious, the one can react anything quickly and thinks normally. On the other hand, when the "channeling voice" tries to mimic the subject's one, the one's consciousness is too low to react anything. The one might hear the sentence while the one is not really awake so the one cannot think about any option nor other deep thought about the sentence. By the way, RHIC-EDOM technology is created by the CIA. We have the technology that can make the one to stop thinking, and was done using the microwave. How to hear the voice? There is also a technology available using microwave; the microwave auditory effect (Frey Effect). Microwaves can do more than melting the chocolate.

This is a hypothesis, but you can take it as the possibility of what would be capable for the available technology.

Human thoughts would be monitored and there are some officers reviewing them. Since there are limited numbers of these officers, they cannot check each individual's thoughts spontaneously. What they do is try to record it for some periods and review them later. It would be impossible to check the thoughts of an individual for whole day level, they might make some word tags that would make the officer to notice. For example, the words like "CIA" or "terrorist" could be tagged, so that the officer might be easy to track where the conversation was made in the record and check the conversation. The NSA does similar monitoring of conversations over emails and phone around the world, so why not similar taggig is used against the thought monitoring? If they find something suspicious, they might try to use the mind control technique I addressed in above for switching the style of communication to control the relationships or what the person involves in. For example, they might make the one to speak up certain communication when the individual try to communicate with others. Because the person is under the influence of mind control, the one's consciousness is asleep. What the one can do is to speak up the sentences that the one comes up in one's mind. The sentence is clear, so that the one does not have problem of word choices for the conversation. In normal conversation, the one might think something first, and try to chose the words. Because thought induction is done by using someone else's words, the person will not have no emotion or thought over the sentence. People usually pick up the sentence that comes up with for the conversation, so if the thought induction is done by the sentence level, the one will not know if the sentence was actually constructed by one's own or implanted by others. Of course, the people have no idea of such technology that can cause them to have someone else's words into their mind, they probably believe what they comes up with is their own thought. When they want to make the person to speak up something favorable for their own, they might try to send hypnosis message that will not audible as these fake inner voices. However, the hypnosis voice is done in certain style. It could be audible by their consciousness and the hypnosis is a type of command. If the sentence is something that the one cannot achieve naturally, the one might get some confused feeling as the result of the hypnosis. In such case, the one might understand the sentence naturally and able to know the command by asking oneself why the one wants to do that.

If the person's thought and communications are driven to form in certain way, the result will change the behaviors and the personality of the individual. Think about the person who has receiving the hypnosis to find fault of his wife for months, the result can change his feeling toward her as well. The opposite could be true. If the one is hypnotized to find positive things about the certain person, he might believe himself in love with the person. This subject should be something more interesting for the CIA to work on individuals to find out how much secret an individual can tell to others who the one loves. The agency already tried with prostitutes and drugs, so any agency could come up with something that can make innocent citizens to fall in love with their agents for the effective interrogation research.

For the Non-TI, the thought monitoring might be just a regular basis if they do not use the tagged words in their thoughts. They might get mind controlled for acting certain way to help the agency's activities. For example, they might get hypnosis to move away from the certain area so the agents can do much effective covert operation in the area. They might get mind control for the advertising purpose to help the sales of certain goods. They might feel the need to buy certain things or do something. This need of something might be strong but can last not so long after the one satisfied. This hypnosis ads would be sent to the individuals to choose certain things in sudden. They simply just find out the information about the product. Because it is an ad, they will just come up with positive reasoning (or excuses of why they need to buy the stuff or do certain things) to increase their motivation to like it.

23 November, 2009

Patterns of mind control and its history

People never know if they are abducted once in their life while they are asleep. It can happen when you stay in a hotel or somewhere that you are isolated from others.

How many people get RFID for decades and how many knew they got one from somewhere?
I am talking about these UFO abductees who were kidnapped by the aliens and got RFID tags in their body while no media nor academia explained what they were used for.

Some people claim to hear voices since 70s or 80s. Now we know that the technology called "Frey Effect/Microwave hearing" can cause people to hear voices or sounds. Microwave has been used for communication everywhere in the world. Meanwhile, these psychiatrists are claiming to diagnose their patients as delusions without knowing anything about other scientific possible causes. Actually, psychiatrists are the ones who put patients for mind control experiments like MKULTRA. They have their own purpose to treat people in certain way to stay away from looking the facts nor their own profession's history.

I wonder how many of strange incidents were done by the governments' covert operations.

I know one thing for sure; the same patterns should be applied to other people if it is about mass mind control. If there is a global level covert mind control going on, each individual must have some similar unnatural experience that was caused by the "alien-pretending" RFID manufacturers. If they were capable of implanting RFID chips on people by kidnapping them, they should be up to something and that should be something of the technology introduced in the next decade. I might have some time to write down the phenomenon of mind control with some details.

The perps seem to be the ones related with the FBI because they love using "FBI" logo sometimes. I saw one in the refugee center in Chiasso which comes with good security. If they are hired by the FBI, then I can understand why the local police cannot do anything but let them do what they like to do as their covert operation. If you read Blum's Rourge State, you can find the information about how the FBI is tracking down Americans in foreign countries. That's on the very back of the book. If they are interested in TIs who they put on their black list, I think it's natural for them to stalk and harass the TIs. My guess is from the book and the observation. If this is really done by the FBI, then I can say that they still continue to use inhuman COINTELPRO.

Well, the MIB could be found in the UFOs, aren't they? In the movies named with them, it was so..

14 November, 2009

Have you ever heard of Microsoft DreamSpark?

Are you a student and looking for a place to get Microsoft products for your classes? Try to check out Microsoft DreamSpark. You can download some developers edition software for free. These software is for students. If you want to learn Microsoft products without paying any money, try to check the above website.

All you have to do is sign up with your ".edu" student email account to the website. After that, you will receive the confirmation reply to make you able to download products. This should save some money for you if you need to buy stuffs like SQL Server or Visual Studio for your classes.

I think this is the best student discount I have ever seen from Microsoft. And please take this information as an early Xmas gift from me! :)

11 November, 2009

Wisdom tooth problem

I caught a cold (not the flu) and had few days down because of the high fever and shivering. After that, my wisdom tooth started to hurt massively. I took some medicine to handle the problem but that experience taught me interesting nature of human body.

When you have pain in somewhere of your body, you might lose appetite. This fact reminded me how human body works together as a whole. Stomach's function is to digest foods. If body parts works differently and sending different messages, I would continuously get the feeling of hunger while I barely open my mouth and still impossible to bite foods. Brain works to give order in the way what to be put in priority than other. Because of the pain in my mouth is something above the ordinal signals it should notice, it halts other signals such as the feeling of hunger. I can create pseudocodes of body parts classes, but the brain still be the one making the decision of everything. The lack of the similar harmony in an object could bring a destructive system. For example, drug addicts would try to get drugs no matter what health risks happen on their bodies. How about a company? A company trying to put too much resources on sales might ignore the signals from the finance and public relations and ended up bankrupt because of the debts and no supports from the customer. How about a country? A country trying to spend more on military and public service while ignoring the signals from health care, education, social security, and the finance. Seneca mentioned about moderation as the way to peace of mind. I realized about another fact he taught: "Facilius per partes in cognitionem totius adducimur." It's good to think that I have enough capacity to mention and take care my body part that is sending the signal for treatment. Some sickness or problems can undergo without mentioned by the individual. I hope I have a good understanding of my body so I can take care it in the good condition always.

05 November, 2009

National Geographic airing about CIA's Secret Experiments

I don't know how many of you checked this one already. But it seems quite interesting for the victim of government's covert operations. One of my victim friend shared it in his blog posting, and I am trying to share it with others here in my blog. I don't know if anyone can watch it on time. But I am hoping that it may help the ones able to watch it to gain some knowledge. And I am expecting that someone might put it on video sharing sites later just like other movies made by the publisher.

Here is the link:
CIA Secret Experiments (Saturday Nov 28th, 2009)

If it's about psychiatrists' wrongdoing including the violation of informed consent matters, I can share the names of the ones involved in the operation around Silicon Valley. Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen is the one who made up the claim of me as suicidal. My voice recording of the previous meeting shows how she warned not to bring the discrimination against a foreign student to a lawsuit. I don't really see why I was suddenly claimed as suicidal like that. Dr. English-Lueck said they decided, so those working for the CIA at San Jose State University can help students to be the victim of the government's secret operations.

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Psychiatric Services are also part of the ring. They made up the story of me as "suicidal and danger to others" after I was transported from the SJSU campus when I was on my way to a class. I thought that was just a mistake people made and tried to explain how I was wrongly brought there. However, the people working in the hospital did not listen. The African American security guard took my stuffs including rosary. They did not even try to help me prove I was not suicidal. They only asked to stay in the hospital, and I had urine examination twice. The female psychiatrist I met asked to sign the form that anyone can contact the hospital for searching me and the hospital can share the information about me. I think what they have done was all wrong for helping the patient. In a normal situation, all I had to do was to show my voice recording with Dr. English-Lueck how I had no idea why they started making up suicidal claim and I denied to be so. Because the hospital workers in Santa Clara Valley Medical Center was primitive in mind and could not even know how to prove someone not suicidal. So, if you study or work in Silicon Valley and was wrongly sent to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Psychiatric Services for being a whistleblower, try to be ready to contact a lawyer and have some small change to use the public phone in the lobby. That would help you to bail out from the mental hospital quickly before you go through the sterilization and other covert operations later.

El Camino Hospital is another place where patients are held for covert operations. Dr. Peter Newsom, Dr. Robert Burr, Dr. George Lau, Dr. Kent are part of the covert operations (if not they are paranoia psychiatrists who believe in something they imagine rather than trying to see the objective evidences). Dr. Peter Newsom and Dr. George Lau made up a story of how to fit the claim of me as "suicidal and danger to others" and half of their writing was wrong. They did not even know my situation and made up things. I wonder how many of their patients got how much collect information on their records. I shared their unprofessional writings on my videos about El Camino Hospital, so you can see the examples. Dr. Robert Burr was the one who forced me to agree canceling the investigation by the Equal Opportunity Services of the discrimination case. All the psychiatrists in El Camino Hospital is trying to protect SJSU. Why? Dr. Kent is an old friend of Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen, the director of the SJSU Counseling Services. And many SJSU students and graduate works at the hospital. Their ties are strong. The CIA has been recruiting at SJSU, so you can see how the hospital has been used for other things for the agency.

If you study with Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen at San Jose State University, I think you can learn how to work on the black operations for the psychiatrist. One of her student, taking master in Psychology and was a Japanese American short and small woman with a long hair, was one of the gang stalking member who was working at Santos Supermarket one block from my apartment. I think she graduated in few years since it was master degree. That's another potential psychiatrist who will only do the harm for the patient for the secret experiment. Dr. Sivertsen is said as the activist in the 60s. You know the snitch jacket. The truth would probably the opposite. She might be helping to terminate the activists from the campus – I can tell this from my own experience.

I believe sharing the dangerous psychiatrists are important for the public. Otherwise, they might become another victim of the government's operation. Remember MK ULTRA. The one who suffered only a minor depression was kept in the hospital for the experiment. I think we should have right to avoid the hospitals and doctors who are engaged in covert operations.

If you are wondering what I am doing, I might be able to share some information. Currently I am doing some research on the concentration camps in East Europe. I have read the information about the "rendition" of the CIA. So, I am trying to learn how the past concentration camps looked like. It's quite interesting to know these happened in the other side of the Europe while most people interested in Nazi camps and Japanese American camps in the US. People should learn from the past and I hope the knowledge would help me to do something to prevent such misery in future and to protest against the ones happening now even under the Obama administration. Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize, but the kidnapping by his country's agencies continues around the world. I feel that is really strange.

01 November, 2009

Life with SQL Server 2008

I never had problem installing Microsoft products in my life before. But installation of SQL Server took some efforts. To be honest, it takes few days to understand things and how to install for a complete beginner for the networking. I tried to search the Web when I got the problem with the configuration of "The credentials you provided during SQL Server 2008 install are invalid." Then I found some people asking about how to overcome the problem. I read some solutions and yet I had problem with it. Then I finally figured out what I needed was to tell the administrator level account name and its password. Some websites go over to discuss about the differences between the local administrator and domain administrator accounts. I think that was way too much to know about just the installation of a software. If someone has problem how to install SQL Server 2008, try using the account with admini level access for VISTA.

By the way, if you install Visual Studio 2008 and not yet upgraded to SP1, the installation will demand you to install SP1 for VS 2008 before installing SQL Server 2008. So, if you are planning to install SQL Server 2008 but own the old version of VS 2008, try to upgrade VS 2008 first. Otherwise, you cannot install the software.

I wish Microsoft tells about this in the requirement which people check it to read. And I wonder if SharePoint ready products may require similar update-this-first aspect. You know, if you have too many Microsoft products, it takes awhile to upgrade everything. Since Windows 7 is released recently, I think this is a good time to comment about Microsoft's products. Why I use Microsoft products? It's simply because I have the computers with Windows installed. If the computer only comes with blank hard disk, I would probably install Ubuntu as it is free to install the OS in any language I want. This is something missing in Microsoft products. I can play with English, Japanese, or German software, but I sometimes feel easy to go with English one as I lack the certain vocaburaries in German functions and searching the help. Not all the users accessing the computer may not be able to understand the language the OS uses, you know.

20 October, 2009

Things going so fast these days

There are times people need to just work on something to improve their own skills. While doing so, I found how much I lacks and I do not know. When I am in "study" mode, I often forget things that is not much important.

People make priority on what they do, now I figured out what I needed to do and must do. Say, studying another language is quite boring and takes long time to be fluent. The easiest way is memorize the sentences by heart and use it for the minimum communication. At least, I tried to do it... Which is better to communicate with the Virgin Mary? I tried to pray for her in Croatian for awhile. I don't really know what I can do anything else to show my faith. Praying more rosary, or something different would be better? What I know is what I do not know. Life only gives me questions and more things to learn to find the answers.

11 October, 2009

XML format for the perpetrator database

I think I mentioned about creating a software for "perp database" for TIs in this summer. Since I am on travel, I did not have enough chance to work on that one. Instead, I thought about the use of XML format to keep the perp data sharable among TIs.
I thought this could be easier for the TIs to handle what to do with the data shared by others. By using the XML format, TIs can avoid the program hacked by the perps or the NSA or even the FBI. Because XML format keeps the contents visible, TIs will get no suspicion on the strange files or a program.

I'm quite busy these days, but if I get enough time for thinking about the format, I will suggest the standard format for the XML. The formats would be based on my suggestion about the database. This can be another way to work with the perp data.

I think the use of XML makes anyone to read the information with just a compatible browser. Also, it can help people to work with the raw data more easily. For the people don't know about XML nor HTML, please think that I am planning to create a format that anyone can use to put the perp data in a single format to be looked as if on a web page.

01 October, 2009

These days - Japanese speaking people around me

These days, I have met some people speaking Japanese. One of them is an English who taught Japanese in Nagano in Japan. Then a Japanese woman and I shared a room. From yesterday, the large room I stayed was occupied with people - probably Japanese. And I share a room with a Japanese woman from yesterday. From what I hear, these Japanese staying the place I stay are students because they are talking about lectures and such. It seems 2 Japanese men and 2 Japanese women at least.

I don't know why so many Japanese traveling around in this period of the year. My guess is that they might be asked to travel to somewhere they stay and to work on the surveillance for the short period of time. If they are on business, they would stay in better place than for the backpackers. Today is Thursday and if they are either workers or students, they would have problem staying away from school or workplace. Perhaps they might be pretending students and chatting about something useless and meaning less - like some stupid jokes and someone did what - like nothing creative.

Last 2 days, 2 French women stayed in where I live, and today they came to the church I was visiting and sat on the bench near me and kept talking during the lunch time. The church is over 20km away from the place I stay.

27 September, 2009

The sunshine above the cross

This Friday, I climbed up the Cross Mountain at Medjugorje. It was the day the last visionary alive get the message from the Virgin Mary. I am quite skeptic about things like hearing voices because of my experience of V2K and the research going on by DOD, and especially DARPA. But I found out my pictures quite amazing. The sunshine on the last station of the Cross looks like some kind of symbolical image. It reminded me the time I saw Jesus in the sun ray in November 2006. And another picture of the cross on top of the mountain got nice clouds in background. I just share them with others who might be inspired with these religious pictures.

I am skeptical and do not mindlessly believe things people would say without crucial evidences. I mean, I would rather take the stance of St. Thomas who did not believe other apostles talked about seeing Jesus and demanded to put his finger into his wounds and see his master in his own eyes. Unless I can get crucial facts, I would prefer to keep everything as hypothesis.

But it was the day the Virgin Mary gave the visionary the latest message, I think people should take their inspiration more than just imagination. So, I prefer to take my picture as inspirational than just a piece of art. Creativity and imagination are the source of human growth. Because of my physical exercise on the day of fasting, I think I improved myself more spiritually. (yet I know that I have more things I need to improve in my character.)

Let's hope the Queen of Peace helps humankind to stay away from committing more sins to each other. No more wars from the US invasions, and the peace in the Middle East and other countries with conflicts...

24 September, 2009

CentroDent asking me to pay extra even after the payment

I have been contacted by CentroDent, the dentist in Bern. I got the root canal treatment done in June. The first day, the dentist told me the two choice; either take out the tooth for less cost or do the root canal with 50% success rate for over 1000CHF. I took the second choice as extracting would cause more problems like the teeth form. The dentist made the estimation on that day, and I paid the entire fee.

I visited the dentist 2 times more for the treatment. As I paid my fee from the credit, they did not ask me more.

Somehow, they contacted me and asked me to pay about 390CHF. I have already paid about 1100CHF at the first day as the credit. I really don't see what makes me to pay that much even after paying the full estimation cost. The problem is that I paid the fee by cash, so I cannot prove my payment from the

If it is in Hungary, you probably get a cheep crown for that extra payment. I really don't know what this overcharge is about, but Ms. Kukeli asking me to pay... Yeah, 386.26CHF extra to CentroDent for whatever the reason. If you are asked to pay extra fee from your dentist even after you paid the bill, what can you do? I really should not pay the bill by cash, or I could have the receipt from the Post Office as the evidence.

Be aware of the Swiss dentist asking extra charges even after paying the bill from the estimation... This is my experience with the Swiss dentist.

19 September, 2009

Suspicious Taxi

I left the town famous of the Virgin Mary to the near by city today. The place is OK for staying with enough restaurants and stores, just has limited Internet connection. I decided to move to the place about 30 minutes from there in order to get better Internet connection in the emergency case and to prepare for other needs... Things could cost less including the rent. If I commute from there to the town, it would still cost 2EURO less for the rent even adding the fare. That means I can give extra alms on the extra masses I attend.

I tried to take a bus from the bus station near the post office in the town. Then I saw a young man stopped a taxi near the bus stop. He was looking at the people at the bus stop and I was the only one with a big suitcase. He started asking me my destination, I replied him the city near by. I knew it would cost about 40EURO for one way by the taxi reading the billboard near the taxi station. I asked him how much it would be as the next bus was about one and a half hours later. Because of the fasting (not entire day but with only bread and water for some meals.. I'm just trying to adopt the new habit into my life style), I thought I could get a taxi this time if it's necessary. I knew I can save money after I got to the city with cheap supermarkets and Internet included rooms. The driver said it would be 30EURO. So, I agreed to take it - this is the result of the calculation from having a large suitcase to get a ride on the local bus that probably does not come with enough space for a suitcase. Thinking about holding a suitcase across the hills, I thought to take taxi. And time is money, you know. I was paying 20EURO per night and can pay about 10EURO if I get to the city. So, the cost would be like few good meals at a restaurant that I can exchange with cooking at the new room. Things are cheap in Eastern Europe if you know how to find a good SOBE(room in Croatian).

When I ride the taxi, I noticed the rosary hanged on the rear view mirror. Since this is a place famous of the Virgin Mary, so many cars has that. I did not get sensitized as I know it as a normal situation. Then I saw the partial TAXI certificate with blue ink. The driver seemed young and the taxi is an old Benz with red dragon sheet covers. The taxi comes with the taxi sign on top of the car, so nothing seemed suspicious at the beginning.

Since I took a tourist bus from the city, I knew the way. And it was just about noon. Nothing seemed so suspicious. If something happens, I can just ask help on the road or try to disturb the driver if he tries to go somewhere strange from the main road. Actually, there was only one way to get to the city because the town locates in the countryside middle of nothing.

The driver asked me if he could stop at the gas station before the hills. As it was just off from the main road and I thought it seemed no problem. Then he filled the tank. When he went back to the driver's sheet, he had the TAXI sign on his hand and put it on the backseat. Then he started driving the car back to the main road to continue traveling. He was talking normally and a car from Wien is in front of us. The car in front of it was a car with "AUTOSCOLA" sign with L on top. The road is just one way, and the driver was talking normally. I kept asking about how far the city is and talked about the church. He seemed to have the taxi certificate of some sort, so I thought it was much like a skit for claiming the target driving with a guy for prostitute or something. During the conversation, he asked me about where I'm going to sleep, I told him I have rooms ready in the city we were heading. Something happened during the journey, people could see where something happened from my credit record of the deposit. There was only the road to cross the hill, so no way the car would go. When the car crossed the hill, he asked me where I would like to get off. I mentioned him about the bus station which is the biggest spot in the city and I am able to figure out the way. The car headed toward the bus station and the driver parked the car in the nearby parking. So, nothing happened except the taxi took off the TAXI sign from the car.

For the religious people, making up the story of having boy friends or promiscuous is quite a good strategy. I wonder if I would get a rumor of people going to the church working the organized stalking. In such case, I am able to share the picture of the taxi with no TAXI sign. If the car is really a taxi, then it should prove how the car had no taxi sign when it arrived at the bus station. The driver was quite generous except for asking where I sleep tonight.

Another incident happened yesterday was that there was a leaflet about Sarajevo with circles on a mosque, a Siberian Orthodox church, and a catholic church at the bathroom of the guest house I stayed. Some Italian group stayed there till few days ago, but the room on the ground floor got empty after that. I stayed in the basement. Well, it happened as the rooms full at the first day of my arrival and then I was offered the room on the second floor of the annex which I could not take because of the injury of walking on the hill related with the Virgin Mary. I could explain what happened on the trip to the hill maybe later. The room I had was something like St. Francis or St. Bernadette would prefer.. probably the modest room in the house next to the kitchen and the dining room. I just stayed there as it seemed to solve the convenience of moving around with right foot injury. Anyway, the building seemed empty yesterday. Nobody's voice would be heard from the above rooms. But somehow the leaflet was on the washing machine. First, I thought it might be of mine and tried to check it. As it had a map of Sarajevo with three religious buildings circled, I recognized that one was not mine. Moreover, the map had an X mark near the train station. It looked like someone got advice from the travel information center and got these circles. So, I left it as where it was. In this morning, the leaflet was gone. It seemed someone took it away from the bathroom. My guess is that the perps might make rumors about me just visiting religious buildings randomly. I have seen some mosques when I travel in East Europe, but never had intention to visit one. Because I don't know their religion and don't want to cause problem entering it even as a tourist. Instead, I go to Franciscan churches and the ones related with Catholicism. If perps want to spread rumors about me just doing the sightseeing without seriously into any religion, they can do so with such strange thing on where I stayed with the help of the owner. What I am expecting is how people will react from those incidents. Things have causes and effects. I correct what happens after the observation of these things.

By the way, this is a country some backpackers do hitchhiking. I saw the TAXI certificate on the side pocket left of the driver's seat before I took the ride from the bus stop where some people could be the eye witness if they could remember me in case of some incidents. Before taking the taxi from the bus stop, I calculated the risks and decided to take the ride.

I got room for 10EURO tonight in the center of the city, so that means I paid the taxi ride and the room for the cost of the original suggested fare at the taxi station. It was nice attending the Mass in German this morning. I was able to do before leaving the town in peace. That one was quite touchy than the Italian one.. I have better understanding of the Mass in English than Italian nor German, but still I like Italian one as that is what people do in Switzerland..

18 September, 2009

Wicked people taking the spiritual obedience for their advantage

The Bible says about obedience in one's life. I think that's an important factor to keep the people in harmony. But what if you witness your boss' wrong doing? Do you report it to police or just keep the fact secret as to show the obedience to the person? If you do not do anything, you would be accepting other to commit sins in future. If you report it to the authority and become a whistleblower against the obedience to one's boss. It is easy to stay ignoring others' sins as it is an option to solve the problem. But I think reporting other's sin would be better for the person. That way, the one might correct the wrong habit and stop committing sins in future. This is something people should do in workplaces and other places. Unfortunately, our society hates wistleblowers trying to act as just. If you try to act right, you would become the scapegoat of other's mistake. The wicked boss can complain the incident as your problem with the help of bribed coworkers. If you live among the wicked people, you would become a victim. Don't you think this story familiar? The Bible has a famous example of someone judged for no crime but killed on the cross.

What is the problem here? It is the problem of our society. We accept people to tell lies or try to take advantages of other's weakness.

The Bible says that a person should throw away all property if the one wants to become the follower of Jesus. What if someone try it in these days by giving away all the property to the people living under the poverty line? The one will get the status below the people who got the gifts. To avoid it, the one will assure to give up one's property to certain church or organization in order to find somewhere to stay. We don't call priests and nuns as homeless. They have somewhere to belong and receive certain respects from the society.

I think gang stalkers are the type of the wicked people. They tell lies to others in order to drop the reputation of the target. They might steal things or harass the target to cause both physical and psychiatric damage. They might claim their actions as covert operations to find fault of the target. Indeed, their purpose is to drive the target to be in the state to either commit a crime (e.g. By putting a purse on the road to try to witness the target to steal it) or become mental ill (e.g. From the organized disinformation campaign to isolate the target in the society). What if a group of people tell a lie of a priest who was just walking on the road? Say 20 detectives from the local detective agency hired by the people who does not like him. When he walks on his way to his church, a small kid run half naked on the street screaming. What he should do? Ignore the poor child to avoid the trap of others claiming him as pedophile who is responsible for the kid crying in half naked? What if he does nothing and walks away from the scene? He would be complained by the others who appeared to saw him showing no kindness to the helpless child. He might get moral dilemma from the event or could have problem to get trust from the faithful locals. I am talking about the possibility of something that can be done in COINTELPRO operation to harass peace activists and others who fight for poverty, etc. Remember about the priest caught in SF talking with a boy in his car at night. I think the churches and church authorities know the issue of organized harassment. They might accept the situation as a part of our society. It would be easy to say organizations are not functioning, but I learned that start blaming the organizations and the specific people are not the right way. What we need first is to consider how we can avoid further troubles and how to prevent them.

My conclusion is that just should not be obedient to the wicked. If wicked does something wrong, the just can do something to help the wicked to stay away from committing further sins. If we know what kinds of things wicked people can do, we should educate others to notice the certain actions that wicked can cause to others. My videos in the past protesting activities may include much criticism of the organized stalkers (informants). Now, I thought the prevention by exposing their techniques are much important and beneficial for the people who could be targeted by the wicked ones. If you know what are the wicked actions to trap others, you can make fun of them after recognizing them. Think about a chair of Anthropology Department suddenly claiming a student as suicidal while the one has no idea what the dean is talking about. Or the psychiatrists making up story as if they saw it on their eyes while the voice recording contradicts their claims? My point is that the Targeted Individuals can create a bullet point style documentations of the situations that perps can do and what are already done. I understand that some victims under the high exposure to sensitization may not be able to explain the situation rationally. But the situations are aimed to cause the target to be sensitized. If we know psychiatrist working for the covert operations like how the CIA recruited them for PSYOP, the knowledge from the victim should keep them aware of possibilities.

The real problem to the churches are the ones who do not respect what the Bible says and the followers should respect. Police informants and other perps can infiltrate the church for their own purpose. To be wise and obedient, I shall try to focus on exposing the covert operations perpetrators can do. I let them take their own cross for their sins while I try to mention the stones that can make people to fall on their way. Too bad that the Bible has so many example of people dying from the injustice – like the guy who spat on the pork or the woman witnessed all children killed in cruel ways. Justice is what the God does and no human can, and what I do is to help others to stay away from the wicked trapping them while minimizing committing sins on the process. Now, am I sounds like an extremist because of mentioning the Bible?

In some places, people can pray rosary whole day. I think that's sounds cool as that is what I really like and still I can stay in the place as a tourist. Pilgrimage is a type of sight seeing, you know. And no one would think me crazy if I pray rosary many times as I want in front of the statue of the Virgin Mary. Some people like psychiatrists cannot think rosary and praying as a type of meditation... I learned praying before action works to keep a clear mind for the action.

16 September, 2009

Das Kanzler-Duell - Ein Spiel für das Bundestagswahl

I found this online game quite difficult if you do not know the German politics and the politicians. I hope the UNION would win without problem.


I've been studying Croatian way of praying. I never thought my Italian study while I was in Switzerland helps me to understand another language like Croatian. I'm in one of the famous place of the Virgin Mary now. In last couple of days, I had enough time to think about how to keep one's own faith. The place is quite famous, but I never thought I would get enough messages through what she had told to the locals in the past. And I got enough time to rethink the way how I should pray or read the Bible. We can do it as a daily routine work if we want. But it does not make you to be faithful. And I thought learning the way how Catholics believe is only from participating the Mass and ceremonies. I could learn things of what the VM told to do, but her teachings can make more meaning if I am able to learn from how others think and act.

I might be able to pray rosary in another languages than Latin after leaving this place. Croatian is quite difficult but the repetition makes me to remember the prayers easily.

12 September, 2009

Hostel Best turning down the reservation a tourist made

This post is about on August 10th, 2009.

I made a reservation to Hostel Best in Split some weeks ago. The room has 8 beds and that is what I made the reservation online. However, the woman was still cleaning the rooms even around 2pm and I had to wait them finish.
After I settled down in a bed, the receptionist came and asked me to move to another room giving 30 kuna (she said it was 50kn she offered later). I unpacked my stuffs already, so I told her I just wanted to stay in the room. Another woman - who was still cleaning the rooms - came and asked me to go out from the Hostel or move to another room. She then started shouting.

The problem was the there are 7 "men" will stay in the room and I was the only woman. I really did not mind if others are men or women. I just settle down and play with JavaScript or read Chrisitan stuffs, so there won't be a problem for me. She told me that the 7 mens are problematic and changed rooms couple of times and so on, and wanted to use the room by themselves. The problem is that I made the reservation through Hoselworld.com a week earlier and paid the deposit already. From my aspect, the clerk should know there would be a woman in the room, and these 7 people came after that. I am not sure what their problem becaues they seemed to stay in another room and showed up to talk about the problem with the receptionist. If they could take another room by themselves, then they could just stay in the same room, isn't it? I really did not understand what was their problem to moving to another room where I already made the reservation.

While the clerks and I were arguring about the problem of the room arrangement, the woman working at the Internet Place 2 floor above in the building came and claimed that I was shouting so loud. Actually, the woman cleaning the room started shouting, and I made my voice louder because of her.

Then the receptionist said she would call police. And I said go ahead. Meanwhile the cleaning woman disappeared. The woman working at the Internet Place just stayed in the reception room with the receiptionist. She complained that I was screaming and that was why she visited the hostel. You can see the situation. People trying to push their own view and support each other while I was alone as a stranger in the place.

About 30 minutes or so, 2 police officer came and the clearning woman just explained the situation in Croatian language to the police. The police did not even give me a chance to hear my side of the story about what happened. The police checked my passport and the woman's driver licence.

I don't know if the police came was real police or not because they did not give me the incident number nor even the namecard of themselves. So, I just share the information here. Just in case if they are fake ones.

Also, I am curious what the clearning woman complained to the police. If that was only the screaming that they complained (and ignoring the screaming of the cleaning woman). The problem was the 7 men who wanted to take the 8 bed room in Hostel Best. I was asked to move to another room after I unpacked things. First, the receiptioninst gave me the choice of choosing the room and at that time I had a chance to take any bed in the room. From my point of view, the problem was the 7 men who wanted to take the room. If they wanted to take the entire room, they should make the reservation to take the entire room for them.

Be aware, the people in Hostel Best may not like Americans or journalist style asking questions. You can hear the clearning woman shouting how Americans should go back to America and they are not welcome here in Croatia. (that's what she said when the 2 police officers were at the entrance.)

If you make a reservation at Hostel Best in Split, you might be kicked out from the hostel. I still don't know why the 7 guys wanted to move from another room to that 8 bed one. And that was funny the clearning woman started screaming about hospital thing. You can hear her speaking about hospital issues because of the problem of the 7 guys wanted to take the room by themselves. Is this how people called crazy in Croatia?

How people react to the speech of anti-American thing in these days? That's what the cleaning woman did. For the better trip of the tourists, I share this information as well as to share the clearing woman mentioning about "Hospital" and commenting mental problem in the speach. Also, you can hear the receiptionist's slander, "fuck off" in the video as the evidence of verbal threat I received from the hostel stuffs. I guess sharing the video is easy to find a lawyer who is interested to take care the problem happened to the member hostel of Hostelworld.com. This hostel can treat tourist as if having mental problem when they do not accept the change the hostel made from the condition of the reservation.

Hostel Best owner mentions about "abnormal" when I talked about lawyer

Here is another experience I had about someone mentioning about abnormal when I spoke of contacting a lawyer. It happened at Hostel Best in Split, Croatia. I have the entire conversation and that one is much funnier than what she says in this short video. I visited the hostel about the time of check-in at 11am, but the room was not cleaned yet. So, I went back around 2pm and was able to decide my bed. After that the woman asked me to move to another room because 7 guys in another room wanted to use the room where I was in by themselves. I was asked either change the room or leave the hostel. I already paid the deposit more than few days ago. Then the womans started shouting "go out" without returning my payment and the deposit. So, I started to film the conversation as I feared they might just kick me out from the hostel and taking my money.

You can hear her start shouting "are you normal?" after I mention about talking with a lawyer. You know, there are more people in the world start claiming about mental problem just like the professors, police officers, and psychiatrists at SJSU. I guess comparing her with Dr. English-Lueck's claim of me as suicidal seems to show some similarity of their mentality. People talking about a lawyer would be considered as mental problem in Croatia.. I thought that was a Communist practice that Dr. English-Lueck knows and exercises from Chinese culture which she is specialized in.

10 September, 2009

Military Commission Act of 2006

I just found out Military Commission Act of 2006 was signed on October 17, 2006. It was the day I was sent to El Camino Hospital from Santa Clara Valley Medical Center because of the false accusation of suicidal by Dr. English-Lueck and other SJSU faculties.

If the SJSU students had been making up stories of me as foreign spy or something to be suspicious, I think they have been enjoying their political immunity from any accusation that can be excused as Patriot Act. I mean, being patriotic to harass foreign student legally...

Things seems to be normal today may be viewed as something extreme in future. That is what Nazis did and the reason why Nazism became so infamous. Some of them were saved by Paper Clip Operation and was recruited into the CIA (aka OSS). Water boarding and other torture methods have been known. No one has been blamed of for the innocents tortured by the US troops or even millions killed in Iraq. I think the Act is powerful enough to make anyone get killed if the US thinks suspicious and harmful to the country.

They seem not to give opportunities to the suspects they made up some kind of suspicions. So, I just continue to speak up what I think and how the Act is against the US constitution. It actually harms both Americans and foreigners and only make the troops and agents to gain power to do any search to "prove" their suspicion is collect. That's a worst style of reward system. If they can make up a suspicion and do anything to prove they are right, they can get rewards. Those people thought as suspects should have some way to prove themselves innocent. Witch hunting would makes only the victims to go through the tortures till they admit what the abusers claims. It had been done in Boston and other places over hundreds years ago among witch hunters. The United States have been doing the same torture and prove them to be witches (terrorists). Well, I guess that's all because of the simple minded mentality they learn from watching the CIA cartoon that the big duddy just go around with guns and MIBs to harass others who are on his way..

05 September, 2009

Croatia vs Belarus today

I have seen people wearing national team clothes and national flag designs during Euro Cup 2 years ago. Today is the day some national teams hold matches.

Here in Croatia, they have the match against Belarus today at 8.30pm.

Can you guess how much for a ticket? 200KN (about 40CHF or 27EURO) for the best seats, and 100KN for the second best. Both are on the West Side. And for the cheapest one, you must pay only 35KN, which is about 7CHF or less than 5EURO. The formal World Cup seats cost over 500EURO to 1000EURO. So, watching the qualification is a good deal to save money and get a better spot to watch the same team.

The capital city has pretty much people wearing the clothes for cheering the national team already. We still have few more hours to wait, but it won't be too long than waiting for the next match with England after this. I heard the next match tickets are already sold out. My bet for today's game is Croatian wins 4-1 or something more than 3 points lead. And with England, I predict it as a draw game. Let's see how things will go..

01 September, 2009

What the CIA has done as "false" (video)

Now you can imagine what the SJSU students who are interested in working for the CIA are up to and what they learned as good. Professionals with their philosophy based on government agency can lie to make profits as that's how they would get profit from and praised for. The pure knowledge and curiosity based researches and works will not be preferred by the people paying the grants. That's how scientific method no longer holds faith in objectivity. You can imagine what happened to anthropology and other studies CIA agents have been working. My voice recording of Dr. English-Lueck and police officers prove who made up the story of how I was thought as suicidal. You know, Dr. English-Lueck actually said that they concluded by themselves while they did not respect my statement of denying so. Isn't it sounds familiar to the situation in the video? Some people try to push the one-side view to everything. I wonder how much of the work done by those SJSU students and faculties recruited by the CIA found out to be false.

31 August, 2009

Where to find a good seafood restaurant? It's next to the aquarium!

The lucky octopus will swim in the aquarium while the unlucky ones are on top of the salad..

24 August, 2009

Gang stalking on these days

Ever since the funny incident in front of the pizza restaurant in Split, I had less incidents with gang stalkers. I guess that's simply because they might stay out of trouble for not making logical errors in their routine. If they cannot explain something they do looks like extremists' activities or just exposing the local problem to a tourist, they would be only causing the trouble for their activities.

This time, I really experienced what to be like to be surrounded by perps' kids. I usually avoid to be near kids because they make noise. Last Sunday was like this. I enter the church about 30 minutes before the mass, then some adults with kids showed up and sat near me. I was surrounded by kids to my front, my right, and my left. There was a small girl on the bench two rows in front of me looking back and pointing her finger at me several times. There was a black guy in several rows to the front with a white woman. And as a Asian, I might be the only one in the church. What I noticed was that an elderly woman with a rosary came with 4 to 5 kids. First, I saw her looking at the bench I sat, so I offerered her to go in, then she and a small boy sat next to me. Then 2 girls with them sat in front of my bench which was previously occupied by the mid-age couple with a kid (don't know boy or girl - had a long hair and wearing the shirt same as one's father). The woman of these couple left the bench before the elderly woman and kids came. So, 2 girls sat to the kid. Then a couple with a small girl came and sat on the step next to me. This was how I was surrounded by the kids. Later, the boy left the bench. Then 2 elderly women came and took the spot he sat (right side of me). I thought it was just a coincidence as the church was full. The elderly women sat next to me had rosaries.

Today's experience was this. I walked down the beach to take a walk, I sat on a bench facing the ocean. Then I thought to buy some breads from the bender behind of me on the street. There was a woman with a baby on the baby cart was on line for buying the bread. So, I just left my backpack and a bottle of Coke on the bench to make sure I took that spot and walked to the vender. The distance was less than 10 meters and some people were on street to be the witness if someone tried to take my bag and I was able to keep an eye on my backpack. I bought some bread and found out the woman with the small kid sat on the bench. When I returned there, I saw the kid playing with my bag and walking around on the bench. I don't know what that woman was thinking as there was a bag visible from the street, and still took the spot with her kid. After I purchased the bread, I returned to the bench and gestured that the backpack belongs to me. The woman seemed to ignore it, so I asked her to make some room for me to sit down while the kid walking around on the bench. Then she led the kid sat down next to my backpack and they started eating the bread they bought from the vender. My concern was that they might be thieves trying to take my stuff while I was away. Then a woman talking on the cell phone stood near me and shouting in Croatian looking at me. I don't know if she was a perp trying to report what she observed to her boss. Say, I occupied on the bench first, and the woman and the kid came and took the spot even they could see my bag was there. After the woman finished talking on the phone, she stood there for a while.
In a diagram,

(me) (backpack) (kid) (woman)
(woman on the phone)

So, I noticed the women taking both sides - like surrounding the TI by perps. You can think of the psychological effect of the sensitization.

While I was eating my bread, the woman with the kid asked me "Excuse me, where is Chinese shop around here?" Was this a normal icebreaker at a bench near the beach? I had no idea why she needed to know Chinese shop while she was eating the bread with her kid. Moreover, it is a tourist place and many foreigners come here to enjoy the beach. I replied her "I don't know. And I am not Chinese." The communication ended. First of all, I was suspicious of them as they sat on the bench where I put my backpack and thought as they were thieves. After that, I saw some sparrows came, and just gave some bread crumbs to them. A guy holding a box with breads walked from the beach and contacted me in Croatian. He was with another guy with an ice box. They might be selling stuffs on the beach. While I was holding the bread on my hand, they came and asked me to buy something. People don't buy things they already have in their hands. This was something obvious. While these guy were standing on the bench near us, the guy with the ice box started counting the money. Then I saw the woman sat with the kid started taking the picture of the kid. There was nothing interesting to take pictures with kid but she continued doing that for a while. As they stay away from the bench, I tried to ignore them. Eventually, the two men and the woman with the kid left. What I noticed was the woman doing some strange stuffs I categorized as sensitization technique. How will you act when a woman with a kid sat down in the bench where you left your backpack for buying a bread in nearby vender? This situation itself could be considered as a normal incident with a dominant-type mother who may not consider oneself to be looked as thief while sitting next to a someone else's backpack. Then what was the meaning of taking pictures? If they convined so many, then the situation seems suspicious.

A woman with a kid sitting near me reminds of how my umbrella was stolen at McDonalds in Aarau. A woman and a kid came and sat next to where I sat. Then they moved to another sheet. Meanwhile, I was concentrated on using the PC, and could not figured out the umbrella I put on the bench was gone. That was what I figured out after they disappeared. I guess a woman with a kid would be an ideal style of stealing things as the woman can blame the kid for the theft, while the kid's crime would be ignored by the law. They can claim it as just an accident.

What I have seen is the repetition of similar incidents and how I recognize them as anchoring and the way of sensitization. There would be two types of stimuli to work on the stalking activities to make it include the psychological impact. To explain the local people's involvement, the pizza restaurant's one could be enough, isn't it? The ones recruited as foot solders may not know everything, but they would be under the influence of mind control also. In the whole experience, this can work as the civilian control in the big picture.

I could add some pictures as I'm in the place for tourism. But I'm too busy studying Java - both applet and script - these days. Java programming on the beach? That's what I can do here as my PC has aquafobia and it wants to stay away from the water.

19 August, 2009

Having some time near the beach

As I expected, staying in Croatia seems a pretty good choice for saving the living cost. The food is cheap as well as the transportation fare. I'm doing my pilgrimage to see some churches related with St. Francis or other saints I'm familiar with. Today I visited the one related with St. Bernadete. There was a group from Italy by the bus to the church, and they held the mass in Italian.

There are some ferries come from Italy, so it's quite easy for people in central Europe to get to here. Swiss people often take a vacation in Italy to enjoy the beach, but I think Croatia would be an alternative option as the living cost is about one fifth here. A large cheese burger (twice the size of BigMac) would cost 30-35kn, and which is about 6 to 7 CHF. If it's in Switzerland, a fastfood meal would cost at least 10CHF. Staying out from EU countries during the Swine flu pandemic would be a good strategy for me. Japan would follow the order from the US, so no where would be safe. If the flu pandemic supposed to be happen within this year, staying out from the countries which preparing mass graves would keep me safe.

10 August, 2009

A tourist wearing Zagreb Dynamo T-shirt might get killed in Split - information from the local people

Yesterday, I was walking around in the city wearing Zagreb Dynamo T-shirt because of the laundry problem. When I passed the pizza restaurant, I noticed some people were looking from the entrance door. First some people tried to gesture to come in, I waved my hand for the "no thanks" gesture. Then few people started shouting to me to take off the T-shirt and saying it's no good.

The people from the pizza restaurants tried to persuaded me not to wear the Zagreb Dynamo T-shirt. Meanwhile, no one in the restaurant across the street mentioned about the argument at all. The people in the pizza restaurant said that wearing Dynamo T-shirt can end up getting killed. So I just share this information about Split in my blog to warn other tourists to save their life from getting killed by psychos in Split. No one wants to be get killed by wearing a wrong T-shirt at a wrong place, right? Especially the one is doing the sightseeing.

Later, a guy wearing Italy logo shirt complained about my T-shirt. There were only three group of people complained about my T-shirt; first, 3 young girls sat on the bench outside of Green Market, second was the people in the pizza restaurant, and the man on the street next to Fish Market.

I'll sent this video to the president of Croatia to ask to give more safety for the tourists for wearing any T-shirt.

I wonder how Dynamo fans watch the match in Split.. Are they asked to take off their logo off to enter local pizza restaurants or bars?

06 August, 2009

The Church of Otok

Here is the church I visited before I went to Sinj to meet the Our Lady of Sinj. This church is also famous of John-Paul II visiting in the last century. Solin is where Titius, the diciple of Paul, went to preach the gospel. It's really a small town but has the atmosphere peace and quiet.

The door to the church interior was locked but the people were able to walk in near the entrance. When I went in, I saw a woman holding a rosary inside the church. Then two people, a man and a woman, came to check the inside. I sat down on the bench to the left side, and started praying rosary. Then all people left the building in few minutes. It was about noon, and when I was about to finish the rosary praying, the church bell started to tell the time. When I left the church, somehow the bell finished ringing.. Nothing superstitious, but it was good experience at the church.

Since it was just noon, I decided to visit Sinj to check out the painting. I was thinking to leave the pilgrimage to the celebration day, but I just did it. I wonder how many people in the bus were perps. If they did some skits, I would be able to learn who are perps - like wearing California T-shirts and such. Oh, I saw a guy withc California T-shirt in Sinj.

I don't know why but when I stay in hostels, I usually have a guy lying on a bed in boxer sleeping. I don't know if that is a strategy perps work for female (or gay?) TIs for pretending their "sex-offender/prostitute/hypersexual" claims. As far as I know, it happened in 2 hostels so far with the encounter of 4 guys lying in the room in boxer pants. While the man is in the room, no one else of the guest came. I just count the frequent occurrence for the statistics reason. And tampering seems to the one they would be engaged in. I left my bath-stuffs on top of the locker today, and I found a man (who was lying on the bed in his boxer for 2 days at the time I went back) telling me if the plastic bag was mine. The shampoo bottle was spilled inside of the bag and the bottle was empty. He and another girl in the room came together and explained me the bag fell from the locker. The shampoo was spilled on the floor a bit and I noticed some shampoo spilled also on top of the locker. The question is how easily a shampoo bottle gets empty by just falling from the top of a locker? And why two people in the room mentioned it together and looking for the owner of the bag?

The new bottle of Herbal Essence can spill all the contents out when it fell from the top of a locker. That's what the roommates witnessed. You can see what kind of bottle I had by checking the orange one in the image. I don't really know why the cap was opened so easily, but that happened and resulted to cause the shampoo spilled out. I don't know if it was happened because of the gang stalkers' skit or not. So, I tell what happened and which shampoo bottle fell from the locker.

Our Lady of Sinj

The organized stalkers' activities in churches are always the same. They show up in groups and try to work on psychological operation against the targeted individual. I have seen the same techniques in California Missions, churches in France including the Lourdes Sanctuary and the Sisters of Nevers, in Switzerland, and even in Croatia.

Here is the picture of the Our Lady of Sinj. Her celebration day is coming. When I walked in the church, I found two couples sat in the very front and the very back. I just sat on the chair faced to the Our Lady of Sinj painting. The woman and the man sat in the very front received mobile phone calls several times and left the building to answer the phone. Actually, I saw the sign about the mobile phone prohibited in the church, but they seemed not to care about it. About 15 minutes or so, another couple came and sat the front bench. The man wore short pants which is prohibited for the holy place. I saw the sign about it near the entrance, but that man seems to ignore the sign. The woman started to walk on knews around the painting with holding a rosary for chanting. She wore short white pants, but she seemed not to care about wiping the floor with her white pants. Then the 2 couple sat very front left. It was like the time to change the tern of surveillance. Then, a mid-age couple with 2 kids came. They immediately used the kneerer on the bench next to me to pray to the painting. Then they sat on the benches back of me. After parents and the kids left, a woman sat on the back (right front in the chapel) from my seat. At that time, I saw a woman sat on the very back (the right back in the chapel). After the praying and rosary praying, I walked around the chapel and found out the woman on the back was the church worker. I noticed her with a bunch of small candles for the guests to lit for particular statue. Later I saw the same woman working at the survenior store.

Let me tell you how many took pictures with flashes in the church.
1. The mid-age couple - the man with short pants and the woman with white short pants.
2. The couple with 2 kids - they took pictures of the painting with the kids.

These people took pictures several times in different poses.

I guess they were the bad examples because they did not respect what not to do showed on the signes at the entrance. Because of their picture taking, I forgot photography was forbiden in the church, so I took one for myself as the reminder of when I was about to leave the church. If the surveillance cameras in the church were working, they can learn who I am talking about the bad examples using flashes in the church.

August 15th is the celebration day of the Virgin Mary. It's funny that those organized stalkers do not even understand the mercy of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

03 August, 2009

A Turkish Guy writing a graffiti on the window screen near the Ethnographic Museum in Split, Croatia

Croatia has gang stalkers. That's what I figured out. They speaks American English and stayed near me. The guy from Texas missed to do the skits to claim for the "hyper sexual" claims. Since the perp's claims are much related with the certain claims like sexually active, alcoholic, etc, I am able to figure out what their intention is. The place I stayed these days had a guys speaking in American English and talking with every sentence with "fuckin..." in it. The clerk at the hostel this morning wore a T-shirt with the logo "Big Facker." This is the situation in Croatia. I'm not recommending TIs to visit here for any refuge. What am I doing outside of Switzerland? That's all about the result after the second decision.

30 July, 2009

Covert operation or legal harassment?

I guess the perps have only few strategies against the target. Claim of alcoholic, drug user, prostitute, criminal, gambler, mentally ill, etc.

I have been surrounded by the perps, but it seems they are working together for the multiple claims together. So, anything they say or claim looks much like just a normal harassment or discrimination against a minority group. Meanwhile, I saw "them" engaged in the things that is what they are claiming against me. I hope they quit such paranoia-like behavior. They drink beer and claim me doing so. They just get the evidence of an empty beer bottle by drinking it themselves and claiming that was me who drunk the contents.

I don't really see why the targeted individuals have no right to make an argument about what these harassers do. Nazis made the ethnic discrimination legalized. In the matter of gang stalkers, they just keep their covert operation secret and the victim cannot have the chance to discuss about the operation. From the victim's view, it is like how the people engaged in the covert operation are able to continue their actions by denying what they do. Psychiatrists work to help the harassment effective and ignore the stalking and other form of harassment as imagination. A person the detectives trucking down could be considered as paranoia if the psychiatrist ignore the evidences and other concrete information.

What I do is expose the suspicious people. The local police do not handle their cases and try to protect them. What if a detective tries to make up a story for getting better pay from the client? If the police knows the person or the group belongs to the local detective agency, the police probably ignores about what they do. Also, police informants are in the same category to get their work backed up by the police. How about the intelligence, or even the counter-intelligence unit of the army? Thus, I addressed pretty much of the system components of the military industrial complex which can become the foot solders.

I have seen some skits that people trying to claim me talking or communicating with guys. It's all about how they just set up the situation and take the look from one-sided way. If you see a picture of a man and a woman dining in the same table, you can assume they are couple or have close relation. In fact, such situation can be make up by a man showed up to the table where the woman sat, and asks to share the table for eating one's dinner. Meanwhile, the people sit near the table causing no more table available in the place could make up the report of the woman dining with a man. The gang stalker's activity is much like this. It reminded me of the class I took from Dr. Roberto Gonzalez. Sharing the particular way of the view and spreading it to others is a strategy of propaganda. I never thought what I learned in Thought Control in Contemporary Country became very handy for analyzing what the gang stalkers do. If I think deeply about the contents of the class, I got much better understanding of how to get the advanced ideas behind of them.

Due to taking 2 classes and moving around, I am not able to share more about the perp activities. I might do it in the form of my ethnographic record of perps against a TI in future. I wish I can share some nice pictures I took in my location, but I just keep them till I move to somewhere else. I got spend more time for the programming practice.

28 July, 2009

I moved out from Zofingen

I cannot say where I am because of the security reason, but I am still followed by the people who are doing skits. When I moved to another place, I saw a guy with red T-shirt with the Asahi Karakuchi logo sat in front of me. I had problem with the computer plug problem, and I saw the girl sat with the man was turning on PC and just playing the backgammon with him. That was Acer PC.

I met a couple from Turkey and the man commented about how he saw me with two guys in the city. I guess that was the set up for the rumor or something. Then today, I visited a church famous of the VM, and had an mid-age man with couple of bags. He and I were only the travelers in the bus at the bas station. The bus did not go back to the bus terminal but left us passengers at the taxi station. At that point, I saw a man in the car behind of the bus playing with a camera. It was much like the action of the detective that took picture of people for debunking something. The funny thing was that when we were dropped at the taxi station, I decided to film the situation because of how the bus left us. And I figured out the man in the car next to me was playing with the camera. I would like to share the video.

Now I'm surrounded with the people who seems to be supporting JWB and purposely making rumors about me. I guess the detective-like guy would be the evidence of how I am surrounded by US Army related people. One guy is from Dalas, TX, the girl from Manchester, UK, etc. If they tried to check my blog for their purpose of their gang stalking activity, I would just expose the last few days' record of who has been doing what around me for the skits. Moving to another place with exposure of the people would be the only safe way of getting away from the danger.

I found out the young perps around me seems to have the V2K like the CIA got for the internal communication. Let's see how I can do more investigation on what's going on around the young perps from different countries. Because of my movement, I learned much clear views of how gang stalking and electronic harassment devices would work. The V2K is Microwave one using Satellite. Otherwise, the victim and the CIA cannot use it on board of an airplane. Anyway, if I know the ones who can spread the white propaganda, I think that's an easy way to manage the misinformation.

The ethnographic record would be shared later with my friend TIs only. But my writing is quite interesting as I learned anthropology from the ones who are involved in the government studies.

P.S. I added the small photo of the guy with the camera from the video. I can show the view of the bus in the middle of taxis in the taxi station. So, if someone try to to make the picture taken by him for fake evidence, I can prove what they made up could be just a fake. Perps seem really want to claim me to be the one to be the sexually active so the sexual harassment of Dr. Weiss would be covered up. That's often done by the CIA to claim the victim as something they claim of, and it's funny so many people tried like such thing in my life after I had problem at SJSU.

20 July, 2009

Today's organized stalking at the post office

If they know I'm going to the Post Office, they often do the skits. I guess that's the place they can easily manage to work with others as its next to the police station.

I visited the post office today to send some packages. Due to the paper works, I needed to return to the counter after writing down the extra documents. At that point, a man with "I (heart) NY" white T-shirt guy showed up and said "Ausland" for sending a letter. He supposed to be 549 B. I saw 548 ticket was on the top of the tray. This could be just a coincidence but seeing the man with tattoo of "US and the Southern Cross Flags" and the Tibetan man with the clothes with the logo of "the US and Tibetan flags," I was a bit suspicious. If people know where I would be, they could manage to ask someone to wear such clothes with a logo and visit the place. That is, actually what the job of the organized stalkers called foot soldiers.

After that, I saw a man wearing a black T-shirt with white lots of Japanese "hiragana" on the back at the counter D. When I glanced at the number table. No number is shown for the counter D. I was just curious as it should be "EXTREMELY RARE" to see both US logo clothes and Japanese logo clothes in such a short span. Such things should be easier than making a line of people in the post office while the ticket machine is jammed and the clerk cutting the ticket jammed to give me the one after checking the serving number on the display. (What I mean is the lines of people standing without tickets while none of them nor clerk notice the jammed ticket machine. This happened in the past at Zofingen post office.) For the T-shirts skits, what they need is just two people accept to wear them and spend sometime on the line with letters or something to do at the counter.

Since I could not get what the Hiragana words were, I waited the man outside. He left the post office and stood on the ATM outside. I waited him finish at the ATM, so I could take the picture of his Japanese logo on the back of the T-shirt. After him, a woman with kids stood. By taking the picture of him from the distance, the perps could claim me as taking the picture of the children. That is what the perps with kids do for helping others out. I declare what I thought as sensitization techniques and try to get the evidences of them. Meanwhile, the perps will claim something else in the group and try to make up things while ignoring my intention. If you want to know much about what they do, try to check the funny claims by the perps I lived with in the refugee residence. They tried these claims already: stealing stuffs while they actually tried to steal mine in front of my camera, claiming of filming small kids while they carry kids and stalking me, drinking by themselves and claiming of drinking, etc. More other perps do, I guess I am able to get other options they can think of. If police wants to prevent crimes, they should do something about these people making up false claims against others while they are acting in criminal actions.

Here is the picture of the guy who wore Japanese logo T-shirt. He and others spend quite much time and there is a surveillance camera checking the ATM from the back. If police wants to check the identity of who he is, they can check the surveillance camera video. I quickly made the shot from the distance more than far away from where surveillance camera locate. I thought that was the safe distance for filming for the evidence (like the purpose of the surveillance camera).

AG364801 and AG416133 are the perp cars I figured out after that.

The method to lock up the Targeted Individuals and African American history

Thinking about how the TIs in the reproduction age harassed by the perps, it reminded me of what I learned from an African American psychology professor teaching English language.

African Americans are often targeted for the criminal prevention. I heard the story about how an African American young man visit a small store and the shop owner is staring him for his movement. In another case, the black man in the store and the security guard walks near by.

And I can say similar issue about how African Americans avoid visiting the hospitals.

The funny thing is that similar thing happened to me after visiting the same store twice or more. First time, the clerk does not do anything if I had no intention to visit the store and suddenly decided to walk in. From the second time, somehow the store clerk acts quite weird. Did someone inform me as a possible shoplifter or something? I don't know if the same method that has been used for targeting the African American population is done by the perps.

I have no criminal record at all. And the perps around me were persuading me to drink alcohol, smoke cigarette, have sexual relationship, and so on. When they failed persuading, they started claiming me for what I did not do. Actually, they were engaged in such actions.

Abkur Dalow Abshir and many other perps I lived in Buchs AG were blacks. However, they seemed to be allowed to drink and smoke everyday. They were able to communicate with police officers. No one really cared their actions including damaging the window screen. If they are police informants, I think that seems easy to see why they are not thought as suspicious. They can be seen as doing so on purpose.

If the police informants and undercover police officers continuously persuade someone to engage in criminal action, isn't it a form of discrimination? What they do is trying to prove the target guilty for whatever they think of and even try to make up. If this is what police informants do, then they are actually increasing the possible crime rates instead of engaged in its prevention.

Going back to the story of African Americans. Why did LA Riot and Tienanmen happened in the similar time scale? I think they were for the exercise of the civil control. And what happend the serial killer boom? I think that was also a practice for creating the killing machine. These are just my conspiracy theories. But I think I am able to explain what was the study behind of them. I would spend sometime to explain these conspiracies.

All is about propaganda and how to cover up the truth behind of it. If there is something hidden, the authorities will not let you wonder about them or blames for even imagining about the alternatives. When the mass media tells something from their view, there is no other way to know about the news. What if I am blamed of what exposed or something perps made up in a group? Who believes my side of story? It would be like how Dr. English-Lueck claimed me as suicidal - saying like WE believe this way and ignore the target's opinion. That's nothing more than the power abuse. Group of people make up the story so the mass will believe what they say. There are more to learn from the people left behind, and I think the solution of gang stalking would be within the history of COINTELPRO and the "colored" people.