28 April, 2017

Shrinking Earth - 3038 FRI model

The Earth might get perished in 2043. The location not far from the north east of Madagascar not far from India. That spot would suddenly sink and everything would spilled out like how someone would peel the orange skin out - first is the one put to the inside and then to be inside out motion. And when the inside out motion starts, all the creatures die out due to the lack of the oxygen. There would be some continent just survives as a black hole effect to get some condensed water in a jar type with some frozen animals inside. It could survive for few days in such a form. Also, the ones in the aero uniform would feel the sudden vomiting of the Earth on top of the planet. The ones working at the space station would see the sudden vomiting of the Earth as a sudden black out of the Earth surface image and then the space storm caused them to die out with the small shucks built in the space.

To prevent this Earth perishing, a French institution develops a theory of making 2 polar ice barriers to be located above and below the Earth. Then one side would be moved for 23 degree? to keep the Earth's magnetic barriers still intact.

   ==     (ice pole)
    O       (the Earth)
   ==     (ice pole)

And moves the top ice pole to the west
  //  O  

So, the UK would do this trick by just send 100s of goat bones to be floated as the core structure to catch the water shot up from the ocean. When the water shot up, the sudden Earth shrinking happens to the east from the shot location. It caused the major hoed cities in the Central Asia region. And this is a new physics model about the Earth technology of the war without a weapon but to reduce the ocean water.

However, the ice pole model worked and "the shrinking Earth" happened around 2040s.

And the history continues till 4000 or more. At that time, there are only few types of humanoids existing in different body shapes. I could share more information on my new "History 3038, 4048" book. For the past Future Research Institute studies, please read, "History 2035, 3005, and beyond."

History 3038 and 4048 and so on plus "Bacteria Killer Cinnamon" book info

The V2K speakers told me that they received the information about the contents of the future research study in 3038 and 4048. I just had time and there were some V2K speakers who had the access to the information helped me to write down the information about 3038 and 4048 a bit these days. I wrote on the blank note about 20 pages long. The V2K speakers said that they own 28 pages long information. So, I'm just catching up what they have for sharing.

Archivers. The UK people would be called so as everything would be sent to the double planet.
Aleisters. Aussies after the war between New Zealand conquered it and against the US. The US dumped nuke hazardous materials from the air shipped from Oregon Airport. So, they developed a new device looks similar to what Alesiter Crawley had in his book and it worked. So, their name changed for the techno gimmick people.

Archivers get their people to travel on the space by drinking the cinnamon essence. They had an Indian man who got fever and only had the cinnamon and cinnamon water for 20 days and survived. So, his information was added for the trip with the cinnamon tree. And the second trip with 30 leg-less people plus a large cinnamon tree worked for the 1 month space simulation and returned to the Earth. Will this be the epic invention for the space travel without the food cartridges?  The Indian's method in the space is lick the cinnamon tree water. A large hole is made just above the branch of the tree on the trunk and let the water came off from there to make the passengers to lick the water comes out from the hole in the space ship. It would be the tree wax.

The Indian guy wrote a 300 pages wrong picture contained book, Bacteria Killer Cinnamon, and he was published in the Royal Press before his assignment to the space mission.

Whoever uses this cinnamon method to make a trip to the space, you must donate some money to me for the knowledge you used. I'm the one got information from the future research.

26 April, 2017

3 days violation of the use and banning on Face Book now

I signed in and saw the Facebook telling me that they removed a post I made long time ago.
"Serbs are good hunting Muslims."
And I don't know when I wrote down. But as far as I know, I wrote on the area with Anti-Islam issues around.

What's wrong with the comment when someone like me is a victim of Muslim mafias stalking around????

I should add something to make my sentence better?
"Serbs are good hunting Muslim killers, Muslim terrorists, Muslim militias, and so on."

Is that sounds good?

I took a photo of the posting. It says more banning would result on my Face Book account terminated. Say, I would just do some prank on the REAL MUSLIMS, then. That sounds better for me than the sissy writings on FB.

24 April, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 10-11, 2017

Ah, I forgot to add one more. This is the real last one in my netbook. I uploaded already, maybe.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 12-14, 2017

The last video from today. I'm tired now. It's already 1am. Ah, by the way, The Pavilion 1 is finished typing and just need to do some editing and spell checking. And I might share half of Chapter 8 for the peeping inside.
Somehow I was suggested by the V2K speakers to add the last one - The Pavilion 9, the last one to be on the book series. It was amazing as they could tell me how long it would go. I have the piece of 2 and 9. The 3 to 8 are unknown. But it is a big gigantic epic book series. The same characters go through till the end somehow. And Diggy is finished also for 5000 words area. It's a fun short story but the V2K speakers told me not to sell it as the short story award group or something.

Meanwhile, I'm on my way finishing München 2012 book. This one would be easily done after I add all the photos from that time as the evidence. It comes with the video links also. Beach! book is quite late as I was not in the mood typing something to go with an ukulele.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 15-16, 2017

Here is one more movie.

Organiezed Stalkers Around Me - April 17-19, 2017

Here is the video blogs from past few days.

23 April, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 20-21, 2017

The latest OSAM video is here. I was busy but now capable of using my Croat language netbook these days. Mapa is folder, you see? I'm learning to update my knowledge better than what I officially have as A2 shameful certificate. I could be ready in B1 or B2 in future for the Croat lesson if I like to get more fluent in the language.

Ah, here is the German car video. Germans are still near my hotel.

Some information and the corruption data about the Fusion Center

There are nice V2K speakers and the bad ones - the one speaking Japanese to me. So, there were some problem of the issues that some telling me the nice new poems they found and others causing trouble as they say they practiced some tricks like sudden fall of the stuff I put in my hand and the sudden electricity to trigger the muscle to release what I have in my hand to fall.

Well, I found the patterns here. If I were something normal like no boots and just the less stuff with me like the normal netbook only in the bag type fashion, the people would be OK. And the racism. The people would easily targeting the rare ethnic group at the spot.

So, I thought about writing the story about Fusion Center including the stories from the perpetrators in Munich. It could include the stories of the Japanese German guy who killed a Japanese migrant in the countryside of Peru or somewhere after moving to Mexico for the initial kill to be in the mafia member. The V2K speakers told me about the guy killed a man there and then killed 2 donkeys after he took a donkey to visit a poor village to be a guest like Jesus to conclude there was no Jesus around as his megalomania view. The guy killed a short man and put some straws on the donkeys and set fire at the poor village. So, no more donkeys in the village and that was how he made his name to be anti-Christ. Another issue was the Fusion Center making for the profit of the money sharing after catching people with the made-up crimes by the neighbors.

I bought a new netbook and it works fine now. Just the problem is the less disk space only 8GB or so left for my 64GB transformer. Well, I have few external hard drives and some SD cards. I just found some new way of using the sleek and slim netbook with less memory. It got new way to keep data around than my old ones.

13 April, 2017

What's Pavilion I?

Since someone could finish the book by adding or cut stuff up, so, I just share the brief summary of the book here. It is a book about four people to check the wind turbine moving eggshell flying machine created by a Russian scientist. The FBI agent, a British English teacher, 2 veterans from France and Italy try to check what happened to the school teachers and the kids inside. They could be having the Moon trip but no one returned from there.
There is the Earth Quake happened in Vienna area and it crashed Pula in Croatia devastating level. Croats were allowed to migrate to Italy without problem.

And the Pavilion 2 is about the ship to be found in Mars. And the heart broken Swiss man in the air ship followed to Mars to see if anyone inside survived. The self-sustainable eco system egg pod need a new resource and stuffs. And story is all about how the crews survived to be there.
The sisters and the Pope image would be also inside to do their tasks.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 10-11, 2017

Here is the current video from Zagreb. I just got netbook cable problem and had to look around for past 2 days. I bought Asus Transformer yesterday. And I had the problem. I lost 16GB SD card containing the latest book drafts in it. I had the last version which was March 29th updated, so I lost 1000 words or so from the Pavilion 1 and about 18000 words from the Pavilion 2. These would be going to be up to 7 books in total. But not sure as the V2K speakers were busy and not always helpful about them. But, I think I was OK to share the chapter 8 of the Pavilion 1 for the test share to avoid someone stealing my work, I could do that with the test version front page. I used to write around 7-8000 words a day, so the situation is around 2.5 days of the whole day typing.

I think someone entered my room last night or during my shower time stole the SD card from my transformer netbook. I just put it on the socket last night and I just kept it in my computer bag inside of the side bag. I did not take out my PCs when I was away from my accommodation. And the missing card should be either in the bags or in my bed room only. So, that strange thing happened like this way.

Anyway, this is the video from past few days.

07 April, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 5th, 2017

The strange Asian and white couple. They came to Lidl supermarket and later I saw them on the street once again. There are not so many Asians around.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 2nd, 2017

OSAM from few days ago.

01 April, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 31st, 2017

I traveled to Zagreb yesterday and my bus was full of Germans and 2 large Asian groups. These Asian groups might be the Muslim extermists. I have the films of the Asian stalkers traveled with me from Zagreb to Budapest last year and a Chinese man traveled to Tehssaloni in the same bus this year.