29 January, 2012

Comfort women gathered by Koreans

My past hypothesis seems to be right as I found the new article suggesting the Korean prostitution traders' names on the monument to construct in front of the Korean Embassy in Japan. Does Somsung infamous of sexual harassment and making the female workers to be fired if they got pregnant? It sounds quite bad. I still got some plenty of Korean gang stalkers around, I hope sharing their information can help to prevent further crimes by the Koreans.






「日本政府の関知しない、困った事」である。 (http://alternativereport1.seesaa.net/article/248813908.html)

Here are some example of the people sat near me in the church but they don't take the communion

I have been encountering people who sit near me in the church, often with some kids, and they don't take communion but remain on the benches. It's just normal occasion in my case. And it sounds quite bad for the Targeted Individuals as the gangs talkers they might be connected with can steal things. So far, I lost one long sleeve T-shirt, two socks parts from two pairs of white and gray Nike brand. Thus the rest is the black and white parts. It's like if I wear them, it looks as if I'm wearing one white sock on my right foot and a gray one on my left. I threw them away. Also, I found my new pair of rechargeable battery gone. It seemed to be happened when I found my trouser pulled out a bit from my closet but it was not taken. That was the time some Chinese came and left and Koreans and Japanese man reading a French study book came. Since then, I'm careful of my belongings. Also, I found the patterns of how I forget things - like the thought induction to make me thing something continuously to make me occupied on something to focus on and that makes me to pay no attention on the things away from my eyesight. In other words, I can avoid forgetting things by keeping everything visible from my regular eyesight position and put them together with others to have a better mental memory. It's the artificial trick done by the electronic harassment. If a scientist tries to make a program for the covert operation, I already know how the countermeasure would be. Thought induction process can be of the drug effects like shutting down certain brain functions to make the brain jack possible. I got some restaurant workers wearing NYPD logo huts here. If the gang stalkers can do anything to what I eat or drink, there can add some new test drugs. It's just like how the LSD contaminated breads made the villagers in the French village by the CIA: US Army knows how to do the brain jack, so it's not all my imagination. All I know is that perpetrators can make up the character assassination of the innocent people while they commit crimes from tampering to the thefts to the killing small animals to scare the victim.

Here are some people who sat near me but did not take the communion. As long as I know, the communion is a mandate for the Catholics on Sunday. So, I'm just curious why they don't take the communion but sat near me. They seem to know the mass well. I sit in different areas, so if the same people show up and sit near me in future, I can tell who are the gang stalking surveillance team.

There is an American guy shouting about "the Bitch" and the stuff with an airport working man who is smoking cannabis (got his evidence filmed) and some others showing up and gone. Often these perps are Koreans, and now UK people joined. It's like the trend of some multiple group from the same origin showed up and stay for a short time. It seems that is how the group of the foreign gang stalkers show up and do the certain skits and such. It's too strange to see so many Koreans everyday including in the train to the restaurants. The American guy was looking for his computer cable. I don't know what happened to him, but I'm free to expose what they are doing as I don't touch anything - only film what seems crucial for the gang stalking skits and take pictures for the new gang stalker (Stasi) list making. I will share the information when

There are some UK guys talking about how they went to a McDonalds and asked about Catholic or Protestant. They talked about the born again Christian issue, the new age one that was created by the CIA. The new age religions are for the study of the control and the drug testings. Children of God, Wako, Aum Shinri-kyo, and some others are known for the CIA/FBI connection. Or the Hamburger priest once lived in LA.

28 January, 2012

Suspicious Koreans and a Muslim guy encounter

I took some trains today. I did not pay too much attention on the first one. Then the second one for going back, I noticed a Muslim guy sat across from the empty bench. It was like the benches were occupied but the one next to him was empty.
Then the second one I tried to take  is I missed due to the ever-exiting people from the vehicle. There were only few going to enter, and I saw another man waiting at the platform. People tried to exit all the time and one occasion, a man was caught by the door and the door had to be opened. But before I could enter after the people finish leaving, I found the door closed. So, the man and I could not take that train. Usually, the people should stop leaving from one door to give enough time for the passengers to enter. The man and I were the only ones still waiting for people exiting while the doors of other vehicles were already closed. I could choose to get in another vehicle instead.

On the third train, I took a train and saw an Asian man sat across from me. The train was nearly empty but the seats got one person each almost. Then the next station, the Asian man left and four Asians entered. Three of them are women and one man. The women took the seats across from mine where the Asian man sat. And the man sat across from me. It looked like a set up of making the situation as if I'm with the suspicious Asian man, like for the prostitution or some other type of claims by the gang stalkers' COINTELPRO. I noticed the women talking like Korean, so I filmed the situation. I don't know what they speak, but it looked a bit suspicious after the strange ever-leaving passangers in the train happened. Well, the metro got surveillance cameras, so they can tell what actually happened. I believe the metro workers are working with the perps, so they won't share what look strange.

I got some Americans talking like military guys here. Because of the gang stalking and DOD targeting me, I can tell they look like trying to target the people that they can easily make up stories for the suspicions. So, what is this gang stalking about? They work with the Muslims, so that they can make up non-Muslims to be look like Muslim extremists. I never visited a mosque nor interested in Islam, but my back ground like visiting countries and other abilities to make me high profile. That's where American and others tax seems to be going and the countries are under huge debts. So, who are these Koreans and the Muslim guy? Are they baits to make up a story of me as Muslim or Koreans?

No one should trust Japanese government. I don't trust it and already staying away from it or any Japanese. Japanese are untrustworthy mean people. I bet the government made some fixing on everybody's Geiger Counter. I heard some people complaining theirs are inaccurate and when they compare with others', they got different results. But in future, Australia would join the another China's plantation spot. There are many UK-working Aussies engaged in the gang stalking, but they are more familiar with Chinese perps. So, in a long run, Australia would become like Japan. Only the chosen extremists area allowed to control the rest. When they don't like someone, they think the one as useless, and try to take him out from the society through the mobbing.

Oh, by the way, there was something impossible happened. I was waiting a metro and it came and so many people left the vehicle while some could not leave when a guy and I were waiting at the door. The door closed while a guy trapped once and then the door closed again while some others waiting to leave were inside facing toward the door. I filmed the situation as that is just impossible to happen. I think the security camera would film the situation as well as some could not leave. There was a man with a Germanshepard stood behind the man and I. When there were some people leaving, I saw the doors of other vehicles were already closed and only the man and I were still at the platform near the train. And the next train got only few people inside. Maybe there are some jobs like just taking the train sometimes for the surveillance. In such case, I might see the same people again in the train. Oh, I saw a dark skin Muslim looking guy in the vehicle and a couple with suitcase came and they sat on the same seats facing each other. I noticed them talking.

Japan 'betrayed citizens' over radiation danger

Updated January 20, 2012 06:30:47
Japan has been accused of betraying its own people by giving the American military information about the spread of radiation from Fukushima more than a week before it told the Japanese public.
The mayor of a Japanese community abandoned because of its proximity to the Fukushima nuclear plant has told AM the government's actions are akin to murder.
An official from Japan's science ministry, which was in charge of mapping the spread of radiation, has acknowledged to AM that perhaps the public should have been told about the dangers at the same time the US military was informed.
In the hours after the meltdowns at Fukushima, unseen plumes of radiation began to roll over the Japanese landscape.
Just a few kilometres from the oozing remains of the nuclear plant the people of Namie village gathered to evacuate.

With no information coming from Tokyo, mayor Tamotsu Baba decided to lead the people of his community further north away from the plant.
He did not know it at the time, but that was the very direction the plumes of radiation were also blowing.
Because we had no information, we were unwittingly evacuating to an area where the radiation level was high.
Namie mayor Tamotsu Baba

"Because we had no information, we were unwittingly evacuating to an area where the radiation level was high. So I'm very worried about the people's health," he told AM.
"I feel pain in my heart but also rage over the poor actions of the government."
While the people of Namie and the Japanese public as a whole were not getting any clear idea from their government about the possible spread of radiation, the Americans were.
Just three days after the tsunami crushed the Fukushima nuclear plant, Japan's science ministry handed over computer predictions about the radiation dispersal to the US military.
Itaru Watanabe from the science ministry says the government did this to secure US support in dealing with the nuclear crisis.
The science ministry should have told the nuclear disaster task force to pass on the data to the people. But we didn't think of that.
Itaru Watanabe from Japan's science ministry

But he admits that maybe that same data should have been shared with the public too.
"According to the government panel investigating the disaster, the information about the potential spread of radiation could have been given to the public," he said.
"The science ministry should have told the nuclear disaster task force to pass on the data to the people. But we didn't think of that. We acknowledge that now."

'Act of murder'

Mr Baba, who is now homeless, accuses the Japanese authorities of abandoning his village by withholding information and leaving his community at the mercy of unseen radiation.
"It's not nice language, but I still think it was an act of murder," he said.
"What were they thinking when it came to people's dignity and lives? I doubt that they even thought about our existence."
It's not nice language, but I still think it was an act of murder. What were they thinking when it came to people's dignity and lives?
Namie mayor Tamotsu Baba

It is true Japan's science ministry struggled to glean accurate information about the amount of radiation spewing from the Fukushima plant, with some data about its spread proving wide of the mark.
Mr Watanabe acknowledges whatever data was available should have been passed on to the public.
"We acknowledge the criticism that if the data was publicly known that people could have avoided areas of high contamination. So we will study what's happened to see how we can use the system more effectively," he said.
For the 20,000 people of Namie that probably does not mean much - they have lost their homes and many fear for the health of their children.
A system that was designed to protect and warn them has clearly failed.

The ultimate countermeasure for the COINTELPRO

The ultimate countermeasure for the COINTELPRO is recording and filming the situation as the evidences. That way, their bullying to the harassments including the tampering can be explained with the concreate evidences.

If the citizens cannot given a chance to film their side of the story, what will happen? The cops can make up the suspicion and send anyone to jail without real crime. Well, the US is already sending people for detention from the airports when they denied to go through the stripped search, etc.

Probalby, after moving from where I am, I get more information for the perp lists.

27 January, 2012

ACTA and Internet Censorship

I think the CONTELPRO informants would target my blog and my website also as I share my own experience with the real names on it. In such case, it's better to make the backup for making them as PDF file or some other format rather than the blog. It's funny to see Japan got involved in the such treaty.Well, I will find some other way around to share the information for my own safety. It's really unfair that CIA got rights to assassinate anyone even a foreign president while a regular person has no way to prove oneself as innocent while the COINTELPRO surveillance teams just hanging around for the harassment and PSYOP. We will have the socialism in future - the communist dictatorship was practiced in China and now the China got trading system included in the communism. Manipulation of the history became a standard tool for the elite groups. The rest is how the study was merged into the Western world which was once controlled by the selected kings and the upper class. Out future is to go back to the level that we have no freedom for study or work if the informants decide the study for the person is dangerous. It's going on by the current remote thought control and RNM by the NSA. But in future, we don't have right for that. Only the ones who are working with the police and the security get the right to study and work. Thus more people ending up on the street and it will become the best way of quick population deduction. The African American males are often kept in the jails from 18 to 45 years, the perfect reproductive age range in order to reduce the African American population. If we have freedom on the Internet, you never know how many people die in Fukushima or in Japan. The people speaking out the reality would be sent to a jail. The revolution in Egypt, Syria, and many others are also following the same path. These countries got more massive security actions nowadays. And that was what these 'revolutionaries' backed up by the CIA planed for. Revolution for the police state.
Today, the European Union and 22 member states signed the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced. They have now joined the US and seven other nations that signed the treaty last October. 
 When the NWO controlls everything, the church will become the money gathering center instead of the worship. It will distribute the money for the intelligence's covert operation funds instead of helping the poor or people in needs. The donation for the tax reduction would be the tool for the big companies to make the church obey under them. If you speak about God or Jesus alone, you would be claimed as mentally ill. Well, it happened during the Communist period, so it would be the same in the future but in the global scale. We already got churches that gang stalkers helping them and harassing their victims with the suspicion of child molesting etc. Well, for the victims, they can ask others to check how often the family with many kids sit near them during the mass. It's more than a coincidence. It's just the informants got large family member.Well, the church once was like that selling the papers for granting for going to heaven. So, people might use the same mentality again.

22 January, 2012

Church visitors with no communion taking increased

These days, I got many Koreans around. Few staying in the place I'm staying. I saw few groups taking pictures in the streets. Some seemed to visit the church for the sightseeing purpose.

I attended the Sunday mass just like usual today. I was late as my phone's alarm did not work. I don't know why but it was inactivated for some reason. I did not change any setting for the alarm.

So, I was a bit late for the mass but I was able to participate from the beginning. I saw the church benches got no free one and I sat next to a couple. It's amazing how the seats are full till the very last row. Meanwhile, there were only few seating to the side rows. Only the people sat were the areas both right and left of the benches from the center alley.

I sat to the back left, and I noticed there were two men sat in front of me. Both of them had bags and the one in front was wearing it. He put it down during the mass. And later they left. And right after they left, I saw an elderly couple came. I noticed them who sat next to me in the Sunday mass before. There was an pensioner like elderly couple sat left of them. The woman was wearing an orange hat. The couple just arrived did not wear hats but had heavy coats on them. Later, they left and an black woman with a small kid showed up and took their seats. It was like new people assigned to that seats and left for others. There was nothing like that happening in other benches. Probably, the these woman and a small kid is for the typical pedophilie claims. Maybe, churches need benches for the TIs - like for the COINTELPRO operation victims. I wanted to film these strange people - a Asian woman, the black mother of the kid, the pensioners. But after the mass, there was an Asian man came and he was talking to the Aisan woman at the bench. Also, others remained in the bench and did not move. So, I could not film them. But perhaps I might see them again somewhere, so I might be able to recognize them as the perps from today's mass. It was quite strange as these strangers looking people did not move from their seats after the mass and remained together. A typical mobbing siting? That's what the church securities can tell :)

Is this a covert operation by the Korean intelligence? Well, they are infamous of bribing the World Cup and such. So, I don't care if they hired some to just do the mobbing inside of the church. If the church got the surveillance cameras, the church workers would check their operations. Like now, I got 4 Koreans around and two of them are fat.

Here is the characteristics of the gang stalkers in the churches:
- the money correcting increase during the mass - the evening mass with no correction would change the policy and suddenly do the money correction. Also, the private mass done by the visiting pilgrimages also do the correction when a Targeted Individual is attending. I noticed this from someone trying to open one's purse and suddenly suggesting others for the money correcting when I entered the mass very late and it was not the time for money correcting as everything was already over. It was at the famous Antioch church. The money might go to the perps' surveillance and protections fees.
- The many people in the church are not the registered members of the church. They showed up and occupy the areas for the mobbing. Because they can bring people in numbers, they can make only few seats available at the time the TI enter.
- Often beggars (Muslims are more likely to show up) show up in front of the church after the mass for the begging. I don't know why Muslims, but they seemed to have such jobs in front of the churches.
- Many people in the church just leave at the time of the communion without taking it, or just remain on the bench.

Too bad, I don't have the picture of the Asian woman with glasses sat next me. It would be interesting if I have the picture.so that someone can tell me who it is. I had someone like her when I was in Izmir train station - she only had a Turkish bible and a red purse and stood behind me. Well, I believe these people engage in the gang stalking are the real extremists harassing others. I'm using my TI victim card here for my own security to share the suspicious people's lists.

Fortunately, I saw some of the perps hanging around near me including the two men who were in the church and left.

I wonder I should share the name of this church and visit another church for the sake of "the safety of the priests" which the gang stalkers are offering. Well, that's nothing more than Stasi taking out the unwelcome religious citizens from the area in the name of PSYOP to make them stressed anywhere they go. I will continue filming the perps because they make up stories and rumors about me for harassing.

Here is the picture of the guys sat on the bench in front of me and left. I saw them on the street and took picture. They look like a typical operation guys.One of them got middle-eastern looking.

Also, one of the beggar who was walking around in front of the church after the mass. Why so many Muslim women begging even in Europe? Is this because they don't have the proper care on the weak and powerless people? The Muslims hanging around of the church really reminds me of the scene from Postal 2 game. If it's in the church in Istanbul, the Muslims entering the Catholic churches, so it would be normal in some areas.

21 January, 2012

Look at this Video! Children dying in Fukushima!!!

Just like I predicted, it seems the children in Fukushima is dying. Some reports say only 7% of children remained in Fukushima and others evacuated. The problem is we don't know how many people actually died from the heart attack. Cesium can kill people if it is stored in the heart muscles which causes the heart failure. Maybe some "Fukushima children" might be replaced by the similar face children from the orphanage with a bit of mind control to look alike and behave like and peacefully replaced from the dead ones in the hospitals. Another video on You Tube says 200,000 people will get cancers in future from the nuclear exposures. Only fools and non-scientific people stay in Japan.

Cool looking Fukushima pics.

Nice looking corruption angle isn't it? It looks a bit dangerous for working there only for around 10,000 yen (100€) per a day with the radioactive contamination.

Chernobyl got concretes covered and the Fukushima plants not get any cover at all. Now imagine how much radioactive exposure is still going on...

It reminds me of the Half-Life 1. How about using Fukushma for the expansion pack for Half-Life 3?? S.T.A.L.K.E.R sounds better for the game choice, but for the political issues, Half-Life seems better.

Japan's confort woman issue - a new hypothesis

The gang stalking got some Koreans when I traveled through the area where many Asians living. There are only two types, Koreans or Chinese. Ever since I started exposing the Japanese showing up near me, they seemed to be backed up.

When I was doing some research on the Koreans and how they are active in Japan, and I wrote the first hypothesis. The Japanese government lied the local women about the job and brought them as prostitutes to the battle fields. Then suddenly Koreans showed up. It was funny when I made argument with the Korean guy who started claiming the unclean flying pan, I was explaining a woman in the lounge about how far the radio active contamination regulation changed in Japan. He came when I was talking a bit about Fukushima, and he tried to interrupt the communication. Then later, I was explaining more about 200Bq/kg to 300Bq/kg water contamination of the cesium and what is the WHO's suggestion, he started the argument about the pan.

Somehow, I got more information about these Korean perps. Like the one hanging around near me and just playing Tetris in his iPad and not going out at all while I have to stay in the lobby area for the research and typing. I got some more local perps, so it's easy to show how they look strange from the regular tourists staying in the touristic area. I don't talk to them at all and remain as one of Asian looking person around.

When the police control the society, it is no longer called democracy. Either socialism, communism, or other dictatorships. Do you know why? It's the mentality of the people. Are we supposed to be guilty and to be monitored by the police for the crime prevention? Or the crimes happen from only the ill motivated people. The bad combination is the police manipulating the facts and evidences in order to finish their jobs - they got norma for reporting crimes and awarding from solving crimes.

Ah, do you want to know where these local gang stalkers' connection goes back? It's the foreign embassies. If it's the USA, it got DOD and others including CIA and the FBI. The FBI works with the foreign police. You know why the TIs get the similar harassment anywhere moves, because these people are trained by the same organization. Here, I got Philippine professor in Aarau and his friend. They said they work for the embassy. I guess, that is how the perps related each other through the embassies (the real intelligence) and the armies. William Blum might noticed in his book about the surveillance group related with the US embassy. It's probably what the gang stalkers in the foreign country is about. They work together for the surveillance for the anti-terrorism and taking out unfavorite people. That's probably why the perps often suggest the TI to go back to their own country and act like they cannot stay in the area where they are - a typical local extremists, isn't it?

 The Philippine professor claiming people.
His friend.

Oh, I forgot to add the new hypothesis about the comfort woman; the solders from the local area recruited into Japanese Army wanted to take the women from their own ethnic groups. If Koreans doing good job could become Japanese as a promise and they worked for such rewards, they would of course want to bring their own women for the comfort women, didn't they? It seems the Japanese women as easy going is also the myth created by the intelligence for the purpose of denouncing all Japanese women including the ones who don't go to clubs and carrying the Bible around. I'm kinda aware of the perps around are acting to make up the rumors like that.

20 January, 2012

Hungarian Political Police information is here.

I don't know where I got these handouts - probably from the Fascism Museum or something about Nazis information in Butapest, but it could be from the Momento Park. This is for the TIs who wants to learn a bit about Hungarian Nazis history and how the church suffered the communism and fascism. Religion became the part of schooling only and the religious part was banned. Sound familiar for the gang stalking participant churches, isn't it? I think I learned more about such characteristics from my real experiences.

Here is the handouts. Enjoy.

17 January, 2012

Baby Pigeons died 3 rows in few days duration.

Now, I'm planning to expose the events took in the Balkan Peninsula. It got more extremists than other areas and it was natural I encountered more massive gang stalking there costing more than 640€ damages from the tampering. Well, if I explain where these things happened, you will know you better watch out who would turns out to be the future extremists that work with the local police. Remember how Nazis formed and how the police working on the brutality in Islamic areas.

Here is the movie showing how I saw a small pigeon and tried to save few more appeared in the area. There was no sign of the pigeon nests in the garden area, and it seemed the gang stalkers brought them there for the fun as I like small animals. They probably used the pigeons for the skits or making the claim of me as mentally ill or sociopath killing animals. I would write about the entire story in my new book around the area to Medugore - it's fun to explain what happened to that miraculous Jesus statue stopped pouring water from it's right thaigh. But that is another story. I contacted the local animal sheltering NGO and the animal hospital for helping out the powerless pigeon chicks left in the garden. As you know if you are TIs, gang stalkers kill or torture your pets and things you like. Unfortunate, it happened to the small pigeon chicks. It reminded me of my African Greys, Robin and Mookey. Mookey was adupted to Mike, the psychiatrist living on Bush St?, after seeking someone to help him out from my COINTELPRO problem. I hope he is OK. It's sad that the psychiatrist is most likely the perpetrator as many psychiatrists are engaged in the gang stalking.

And if you are working for the gang stalking. You are not different from sociopath killing small animals and harassing the innocent people.

The perps might say that I might poisoned the one on the video. Of course, I did not. I sacrificed enough time keeping an eye on these pigeons while I could do something else for myself. Here is the autopsy result from someone working at University of Sarajevo. It's general autopsy costing 30KM and I did not do more precise one with more detailed one which cost around 200KM (100€). I don't mind the perps who show up in the church but not taking communion are listed with the pigeon chick killing sociopaths. And I think it's OK to share the information of the churches where these monsters showed up for harassing the innocent individuals like me who tried to protect the small lives.

16 January, 2012

NYPD and Hellow Kitty caps

I visited a cheap Asian restaurant few days ago. And I went back to the area sometimes for the cheap eat. I tried to pick the restaurant randomly. So, that I don't get any chemicals subsistences like how the CIA poisoned the entire villagers in Port-Sant-Esprit in France with LSD. I went back to one of them today. There was only one guy working there. Second time I visited, I saw a young couple as if the helping hands for the busy lunch time. I went back again today, and found there was only the couple and other few women speaking Chinese. The couple today wearing a black NYPD logo a pink Hello Kitty caps. Here is the picture from the distance as the evidence.

I noticed that some hotels and restaurants get a new employees and the original workers temporally disappeared. It happened at Hostel Anna in Split, Croatia while few young teen-age people showed up and the owner's daughter was with them for few days. At that time, I saw one of the guy was one day hagging and kissing her and other girls offering some cigarettes to join what they are doing. It was only one day matter. But these girls came everyday and were smoking cigarettes. I don't know what they taught her while her parents were gone, though. So, the similar thing seemed to happen in the restaurants and hotels with bad behaving employees. Well, these couples are not friendly as the owner - when I made the takeaway, they did not give me napkin nor the plastic spoon.

Well, I won't go back to somewhere suspicious. In my gang stalking experience, I often see people with NYPD, FBI logos. I sat down in the lounge area, and I saw few cents left on the table. And I saw the two Chinese speaking Asian girls in other table. The two Chinese men who let the water flowing in the bar area after their broke-in were still staying. After the Koreans, I got many Chinese speaking people here with small gaslighting.

Well, if the entire area is filled with the gang stalkers and they are capable to cook or provide the foods and drinks to the target, what will it be? They can poison the target, isn't it?

Oh, I saw one of the Chinese woman left and I saw the full-body tattoo guy came with his computer to work here as well. Are they working together or what? There were few more Chinese people. If you want to know these Chinese-logo cars in Switzerland, Turkey, and other countries, check out my perplist PDFs. For the Chinese young people, the government would provide the trips as the rewards for their hard study and such. I don't know if they can travel more freely, but it looks a bit obvious to see Chinese men with Russian logo toothpaste and other belongings. But these guys are the ones working together for the gang stalking now around me.

So far, you can see that I'm really surrounded with strange people. If they want to claim me crazy, they can. If they want to poison me, they can. Is this what our world become? I might be able to record other information for the gang stalking evidences. Maybe, I can publish my guide of which hotels and restaurants to find gang stalking activities? It's much easier than UFO sitings.

15 January, 2012

2 Chinese men came and left water flowing from the water tap

I'm in the bar area of I'm staying these days. I saw two Chinese men showed up with water bottles. They walked around and saw the bar area closed, and they eventually jumping the locked lower swing door and get into the bar. It looked suspicious, so I started filming with my digital camera. They filled up the water bottles and then they left the area with the water flowing. They were talking in Chinese when they left. I don't know what they were talking. About 5 minutes later, they came back with a black guy. He looked at the water tap with water flowing. Then all left the area. I was there as it got extra seating for me to settle down to use my computer. I got full-body tatoo man with Yakuza wallpaper computer. He seemed to have the Jewish cap. I don't know if he is a Jew or not. He seemed to get his lunch box filled by somebody at night and bring it back for his late dinner. And some Chinese people here after Korean groups left. Maybe the gang stalking is led by Chinese now. There are some trends like certain ethnic group is available in the area for awhile and they move to somewhere else. I wanted to upload it to FB, but it took ridiculously long. So, I posted as the file. Enjoy the strange skit. http://www.mediafire.com/?cv0xwsbz1rjg1fs

Minor Exporsion happened at 4th reacter in Fukushima Daiichi on Jan 9th.

A Japanese politician, Satsuki Katayama, post about the small explosion at the 4th Reactor in Fukushima nuke plant. It seems the politicians can get some information from the TEPCO and other organizations. She thinks it a hydro explosion instead of the nuclear meltdown cause. In her writing, she says that the Self Defense Force asked the mayer to evacuate all the citizens on March 14th, but he denied and he believes his decision was right. It was only 2 to 3mm/Siv and forced evacuation would require the serious consideration. It sounds like the minor explosions and other risks are hidden from the media. It would be too late if the major explosion happens and kills people around. It's your life that you have to protect. It's not the mayer of your city that decide what is safe for you. If you know someone live in Fukushima, tell them to evacuate before the real explosion happens.

1月7日、福島市や、関東地方で、放射能数値が突然10倍くらいに上がったという情報が流れ、事実文科省のデータは上がっていたようですが、いつも連絡をとりあっている友人の、立谷相馬市長〔南相馬の隣の市)と、つい今しがた、以下のような情報、意見交換をいたしました。  市長ご本人も医師ですが、ぬまゆのブログについて、ツイッターでも、フェイスブックでもかなりの方が、ご覧になって、コメントしておられるのでご意見を伺ってみました。  「一般論として、低放射線で、やけどのような症状や、大量の抜け毛というのは聞いたことがない。現地に入ってきた医師のなかでは、東大の放射線科の中川准教授の話が一番客観的に信頼できると自分は考えている。そのお話によると、この程度の放射線量では、ガンが増えるということはない」 とのこと。〔明日、ご本人と連絡をとってみます)  ただし、さきほど、南相馬の元市議会議員から市長に連絡がはいり、1月9日にまた、福島第一で(おそらく4号炉だと思うが)なんらかの爆発が起きており、それを政府が隠している、という話であった。真偽のほどはわからないが、水素爆発ではあっても、核爆発ではないであろう。(水素爆発でも、放射能の飛散がかなりの量でおきるのになぜそれほど平静なのか、地獄を見た方は違う、と、原発50キロ以内におられる方の背負ってきた凄まじい恐怖とストレスを、かえって痛感させられました。)  「今思い返すと、3月14日に、自衛隊が防毒マスクをつけて夜9時に来訪し、「市民全員を避難させてくれ」と言ってきたとき、自分は断ったが、それは正しかったと思うし、その後の避難についても、そのために100人以上のもともと体が弱っていた方が亡くなったと思う」、と市長はしみじみおっしゃってました。  リスクは総合的にコントロールすべきであり、放射線濃度が2から3マイクロシーベルトのときに、無理やり即時強制避難させるべきなのかどうかは、今後考えなければいけない、と。もっと屋内退避にすればよかった、とも。 http://satsuki-katayama.livedoor.biz/archives/6587985.html
What happens if the 4th Reacter really blown up? Watch the video below. It's better prepared for the worst if you don't want to be counted in 180,000 causalities.

14 January, 2012

Unfaithful Catholics - Gang stalking among the Christians

Not everyone is clean and good person. It is the same among Christians or we don't need prisons. Well, sometimes certain racial groups are locked up for political and other reasons. For the Catholics, we have the huge scandals of sexual abuse and child abuse histories. Well, I think it is OK to talk about these people violating the Christian values and how they act like devils among the faithful ones. Few days ago, I encountered girls from somewhere - possibly low wage workers originated from Asia or grown up in the Western countries like USA. Two of them are Vietnamese and one of them is Turkish. They mentioned about clubs in Sweden and the life there, so they might be living in Sweden. It's just like the sudden rush of Koreans showing up from Finland. They might be invited by the local perp and get the money from the mafia funding. Well, they seemed to come here for looking jobs. But the first day, they were talking about learning Spanish and French, and these reminded me of my weakness in these languages and sometimes perps often mentioned these languages and that was how I was sensitized. I got some Spanish speakers and one Anthro major woman speaking French near me. Also a pair from Croatia as I often visit the country for pilgrimages in historical areas. And I got full-body tattoo "Yakuza" guy for about a week. He is hanging out with two of his friends. It's much like not a random encounter but some people who look to be engaged in the certain extremist groups. I could add the Tibetans who are working for the Chinese Mafia and participating in the Free Tibet group. Maybe the real Free Tibet people might be interesting knowing who work with the Chinese Mafia and act like the police informants, so that they can avoid the False Flug Attack /Snitch Jacket. Let's go back to the story of the Asian girls. First day, they were talking about studying Spanish and French. Later, one of them said that she needs to go to confession. She was talking with another Vietnamese girl that how she is so bad and a pervert in her real life. She was talking about sleeping around. Well, it's someone else's business, so I don't really care about that part if the church wants to ex-communicate her or not. That's not my problem. Next day, she was talking about buying rosary from Vatican for her family's baby. I don't know why so sudden they are talking something like that. Also, she was talking about buying a watch and a bag to her mother. I was aware of the rosary thing as when Korean guys were around, one time my rosary case went missing. And I have the rosary I bought in Vatican. I'm not staying in Roma, so such rosary as a surveyor is something strange to hear in the conversation. And I got quite expensive watch, and I was worried of something stealing them or claiming them as theirs and stolen. The "You took my boots" and "you steal oil" claims happened in the Swiss refugee residence before by the Eritrean refugees. And the bag thing, I got my bag's zipper three times opened in the strange way and later the zipper was broken and I had to threw away. Then I bought a new bag and few days later, the bottom part was fall apart for 5cm. In the same place, I got my fountain pen damaged. These happened while the suspicious Koreans were around. I think I would add all Korean info in PDF to share what they do. No pain, no gain. So, I was aware of such skits by the low wage workers hired by the gangs. These girls have a Japanese friend, Chino?, who is from Peru. I guess that might be related with their gang stalking network internationally. Also, I saw some South Americans who are engaged in the new Catholic movements. Maybe, these "new" religious movements are part of the gang stalking strategies to take out the conservative people like me. I don't care how others want to go out dancing everyday or drinking. I don't see the point chatting for wasting time. It could be good for making social networking and get to know each other for the surveillance by the informants. For the church issues, I think some people can just simply read the Bible and visit the church rather than engaged in something and participate in all the events as the volunteers. Sadly, those who are working for the church and speak multiple languages are often gang stalkers. Also, the churches have many missions around are more likely to use the gang stalking strategies - like in my case I encountered Japanese man showed up in the mass and the worker told me that "he is looking for me" and suggested to go out while they don't know where he is staying outside the church guest house. I don't really know why a Japanese pair showed up from Tokyo prior to my visit there and the priest invited the suspicious "Japanese man" in the morning mass at 8am and he did not take the communion. No one wants to be claimed by the group of alth witness for prostitution or hyper sexual or pedophilia. Isn't it how the Catholic priests and church workers are claimed so in the history? Like Knight Templers are claimed as homosexual??? I really don't know about these who sleep around and claim Catholic by themselves and even knowing the church laws. They would be pardoned by the church for their church intelligence works, but I don't know if that is good for the victims - who are falsely witnessed what they did not do. I wish everyone has right to go to church without being harassed by the gang stalkers who sit near them and not taking communion but remain on the bench. I feel like I stay with the devils in the church.

09 January, 2012

Typical church response to help the gang stalkers

In my case, I often see the church employees helping what gang stalkers want to happen. The gang stalkers want me to go back to Japan. That is their primal goal for awhile. That was why I was surrounded by the NYPD, FBI, logo wearing people in the refugee residence in Switzerland and the residents and the neighbors were engaged in the gang stalking. Always, the TI won't get help or someone to stand on their side. Instead, the people the TI communicates often stop the communication or just use their relationship to the TI as a tool for the gang stalkers to know what the TI is thinking or planning. In other words, these people would work for the gang stalkers. Betrayal? That is expected from before making the new communication with somebody. The priests often talk about the same thing: - How do you support myself? I cannot get a proper job due to the gang stalking. So, I must spend more from my savings and my work as a writer is not good income resource. - What about my parents? They often use the parable of the elderly brother who lost all the wealth and came back to his parents and the parents greet the son with joy. Do you think it is the same for me as a gang stalking victim? The gang stalkers in Japan would use the opportunity of strong censorship and other extralegal matters to cause me dangers. Currently, I got full-body tattoo guy doing the gang stalking and he seemed to be working in the company with a relationship with the Japanese company. There are more of these people out there in Japan like TEPCO's anti-nuke power protester stalking team. Can these priests do something about those power elites' thugs? My situation is totally different; I got death threats from Abkur Dalow Abshir's gang group in Switzerland, and I got over 650€ tampering damages including my fountain pens in Valkan area. Am I the one spending alot, or I have to spend more for replacing things and repairing for these tamperings done by the people who are communicating with the priests? It seems much like the victim blaming than trying to help me. It's quite sad many priests don't understand what it looks like to be oppressed as the social outcast without any reason. I have no criminal record nor have anything suspicious thing involved. As long as these priests can forget about what the CIA doing like assassinations to brainwashing - I'm sure they don't care about saving people who gone crazy through brainwashing. Once someone gone mentally ill through the PSYOP, the one would be considered as no real human being. Our world is quite twisted from the time of Jesus lived, isn't it? Nowadays, I encounter many Korean perps. These people travel in pairs of the same genders; like two men or two women. I don't know if they are from the certain cult like the unification church. I don't communicate with them, but they just show up around me. After I get enough information about them, I will update my Korean perp list. I guess this is a good chance to gather their information. They might be working for the Japanese company or engaged in the anti-Japanese protesting groups.