24 February, 2016

Automatic Drawing video

I tried the automatic drawing with the electronic harassment effect. I can hear the Voice to Skull and be a channeller like the New Age Movement era celebrity. Why not about the automatisim? I tried with the help with the V2K speakers to make my arm moves with the charcoal. Some drawings are very unique. They can help me draw the scary accident photos on their work base and some other images. One of the artist is called P.D. Holt from the US and should be living in Croatia and often visits China. Who is it?

This is 3 drawings and one is about the US base in Kosovo for the interrogation.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - February 16-17, 2016

OSAM from Feb 16-17, 2016. I have more time for doing the researches and writing than going out and encountering the perps.

23 February, 2016

I found a card from Jerusalem at McDonalds in Belgrade

I dropped my camera on the floor while a beggar kid was walking around the basement of McDonalds for begging. I saw a paper on the floor near my feet but I didn't pick it up till the time I left. I picked it up just in case if it was mine dropped with my camera. Then it had the Virgin Mary figure and the prayer on the back. How this could be? Well, it looked like the one I had in my card collection but it seemed something new with the Cyril alphabet.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - February 15th, 2016

OSAM from Feb 15th, 2016.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - February 13-14th, 2016

OSAM video from Feb 13-14th, 2016.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - February 21-23, 2016

Here is the latest German car and other informants in my life. Some Swiss cars are here and there. I sometimes missed photo taking. At least, I'm backing up the photos and things from the past so they are not gonna gone missing.

By the way, I had the low vibration on the body feeling from yesterday on the bed but I found the floor shaking also. It's a wooden floor and it makes noise when I walk around. The concrete building also shakes some times like an earthquake. Then I discovered that the vibration on the body got more shaking feeling on the floor instead of my body. So, is this the ultrasonic or some sort of the sound technology to shake things?

Ok, here is the photos. A fake looking egg I found in the carton I bought. It's better check the eggs inside for any strange things.

A German car and a Swiss car and even a UK car.

A Ninja turtles T-shirt from today. There was "American Samurai" movie at night on Pink Action channel tonight.

22 February, 2016

Long time pause from the blog posting

I haven't write posting to this blog for awhile. It was not because I quited blogging. I just had some other things and FB is so easy for posting things with the global tagging to let people see it without the web search. I'm also working on the backup of the videos and photo files. It's quite heavy to process behind on the web browser while I use the text editor for the writing for my books.

I finished backing up my Japanese blog but I wanted to add the video blog links. Then I found OSAM missing from YouTube and no vieos till 2005 March time outside of this blog. What happened to the OSAM videos during 2012? Well, that is missing also from my extrenal HDDs backups. All missing but the photos are available. So, I am now working to backup the videos to the Internet Archive.

I could be adding something later here.

12 February, 2016

Threat from the V2K perps these days

I moved to a new accommodation in Belgrade few days ago and now I have the V2K perps telling me that they are trying to hack my passwords and such with router checking. They say Swedish people do that in their country with the legal rights students. Well, I didn't sign in to blogger for awhile because of that. I'm carefully covering my fingers when I type my passwords and such and made sure no one around. I guess I just need to have the better saved back ups. I sell the blog copy for 1€ till 2014. Now I will make a new one for 2015 and till January. Not yet for sales, though.

Also, the V2K people say that they make the exercises for the police point system and they could get points to stay on the field for awhile after passing that. They say like they are trying to steal something and returning it for the rewards. Well, that sounds like the covert operation. The V2K perps said that they want to destroy my blog because that can make my Christianity denied. The V2K perps said that they got police wannabe from Aomori for the rumor making in the city. I don't know if that is true.

They said that they thought I would be in Zagreb and brought some group from Japan for the group surveillance. They said that they are in trouble and someone must pay about 500,000 yen for the not covered trip from Japan and the return fare. I don't know where they are from, but that sounds normal.

Somehow, the V2K perps claim me to be a police also. And they thought they can take anything from my belongings for their use. And they also talk about the surveillance at night as if I should go out at night for the surveillance if I'm a Muslim "officer." I don't really see why I have to be counted in Muslims. Maybe, these information can be the clue of finding the real identity of the gang stalkers' organization.

Also, there was this strange V2K perps telling about the local immigrants. They say like the immigrants have rights to live in the community as the back up officers from Japan, and they can do anything to avoid any further people entering to the city. Well, that could be how the people are targeted by the local hate crime groups with the most easy motivation like taking out the future competitors. It should work together with Korean and Chinese immigrants for sure for the harassment. In Zagreb, there was someone claimed my Rolex watch as his and he got busted because of my video with it from Aarau area in Switzerland. I've heard the same situation happened at Thomas Schöllhammer (a.k.a Tol? for the nickname for the officer?) in München. There are some Japanese people living near the cable car in Zagreb and they are the one acting for the gang stalking. There is also the rich doctor who got married with a Croat woman after they met in Italy and live in a large house in the Dubrovnik area and that one also work for the gang stalking recruiter.

11 February, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - February 10th, 2016

Here is the video from yesterday. I have problem of bladder at night since I'm in Serbia. When I was in Budapest, I had my own bedroom with a bath. Now I have the shared bath and a private room to sleep. I have problem of the need to go to pee at night after midnight when I am working with my new books - History 2035, 3005 is coming soon. I finished drawing all the pictures - no more mouse drawn stick men this time. I scan them for the better illustration in the book. I share some images as a sample for the ads. Well, I have pibella since my trip to Berlin and I can use it in my room. So far, I found it strangely a lot of urine to be taken at night like more than 2L in several hours. And this urine problem keeps me to be awake as well as the low vibration projection on my body. It's not normal for the people to feel the need to go to pee in every 30 minutes or so. And the amount is about 200ml to about 400ml as the max. I don't think that is a normal situation. Also, the suddden feeling for the pooping also happen in the same way but not at night. There could be a sudden need for that one time but it is in the form of diarrhea. And then all the contents in my stomach is done and no more of such a problem. Now is lend and I'm not eating a lot. So, it seems only the problem is the urination. Also, I cannot wake up in the morning because of the sudden heavy sleepiness. And I wake up around noon to 2pm. I can work later at night till 1 or 2am, so I don't really have problem for making up but I waste more time in the bed not able to sleep for few hours till dawn.

Well, here is the video showing there were two Asians showed up at the church mass for the Ash Wednesday. One of them stood in front of me for the communion. I don't know why two Asians showed up for such a time and strangely near me. So, I added the videos here. It happened in the same way in Cluj Napoca or Bucharest seeing strange Asian women showed up near me. If they were their for the surveillance and not really Christians, they could be in trouble. I'm preventing the false witness against me.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - February 9th, 2016

Here is the video from Feb 9th.

07 February, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - February 6th, 2016

An Asian woman and some black guys on the street. It was dark and I did not have chance to film cars or notice them.

Is there any US Delta team black guys in Belgrade making  V2K speeches? I've heard the male voice saying so and how they are always concerned about all the things. But the guy said that he is a Muslim. He spoke like from the above position and just claiming women are... blah blah blah. The black V2K guy speaks like he denies female position nor opinions nor independence. Well, here is the black guys I saw in the city and they could be the perps.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - Feb 2-5th, 2016

The OSAM video from few days ago.

Kilronan Hostel sending email "+you need some psychatric help" like a gang stalking spam

I found some people do the volunteering works and I thought it could reduce my expense and give me some work experience on CV. I sent some information to the places that seems to be less Muslims and I can be safe around.

First email I received said that "we are not in Dublin" and the second email said like this.

Kilronan Hostel
5. Feb. (vor 2 Tagen)
an mich
Nachricht übersetzen
Deaktivieren für: Englisch
+ you need some psychatric help
Miyoko Goto <>
00:44 (vor 0 Minuten)
an Kilronan

What to do with only typing about my arrival in Dublin time and they contacted me first about they do not locate in Dublin. Then the hostel sends me of this email. Do they work for the gang stalking and causing people to gone crazy with gaslight effects type psychological operations? Do they have any theft making up or damage making ups?
I mean I could arrive in Dublin around that time. If this small misunderstanding require someone to be in mental institution, I just call you a perpetrator hostel.