29 September, 2008

bearinst - a perp at YouTube

This is a response I wrote in FEDAME to explain how perps try to persuade TIs to travel around. The perps in your area may harass you to take you out. It happens anywhere you go like living in communism or fascism regine. Still, we have freedom of journalism and expreassion, I share this information in my blog to make sure how wicked perps are. They might be a short-sighted sales person persuading the target to do what the sales person expect. Perps do not care if their lies or statements do not make sense. They just push their lies.

I think the perps are looking for someway to convince TIs to travel around so that they can claim something against them like playing around spending money or possible terrorists/spies came from somewhere else. Whatever the reason, the perps could get some jobs to do in their area. I think that is the point. Here is a good example of how perps persuaded me to travel somewhere to shoot some films. Some Swiss perps are trying to claim me as a “vacation refugee” like I came to Switzerland for sightseeing or shopping. Some perps started conversation like they saw me in Zuerich or Basel. And one guy at YouTube did really sloppy job on persuasion. Check this out. First he tried to support Aarau Kanton poice by stating they does not know Buchs, the town next to Aarau. Then he claimed to be from Arau and has wife from Suhr, next to Buchs, and lives in the Bay Area. Then, he claimed stating that Aarau police does not know about what happened in El Camino Hospital as if it is the contents of my video. Then, he sent me a message telling me to go some sightseeing spot to shoot videos. I think TIs would experience similar persuasion and disinformation in their lives. The video is about the Iraqi guy lived in Casa Torfeld I, Buchs AG in Switzerland. First he stated that he was asked to live in the refugee residence by the police, and then he joined the mobbing with the residents for psychological abuse.
And this is the link to the guy asked me to shoot some films.

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Hi there, I am from Aarau, and live in San Jose USA. Get real. do you really think the Aarau polizei knows the Elcamino hospital in Santa Clara. They don't even know where Buchs is....
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How long did you live in Aarau, huh? It sounds like you do not now the place like Küttingen nor Suhr neither. Check the map and see where Buchs, Aagau locates. It is the place south of Aarau!!!!
I know Aarau polizei might be lazy enough to avoid learning the name of the city next to it. I guess that makes a good excuse the police from Lenzburg came after I called 117.
You are talking like San Jose police officers does not know where Campbell or Santa Clara locates!!!

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I grew up in Aarau, and lived there over 22 years. My wife is from Suhr. We visit Aarau about every two years. Looking at your profile you vent to San Jose state. It would be nice if you could make a video from Aarau, not about stokers, just the city how you see it.
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Dann, warum du hatte gesagt mir die Kanton Polizei in Aarau oder Aarau Stdat Polizei nicht kennt Buchs? Es ist klein ort aber steht es zwischen Aarau und Shur?
Ich hoffe du reisst nicht mit ein Karo in deine Zahnpasta zum USA.
Swiss German is sehr schwer in writing, but I can understand the people write in Fraktr or in Hochdeutsch.

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Dein Deutsch is gut. You where claiming the Kantons Polizei would send you into the Elcamino Hospital. I don't think they know the Bay Area hospitals that well. Alles gueti, und bitte mach mir das video.

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"You where claiming the Kantons Polizei would send you into the Elcamino Hospital."
What are you talking about??? I did not even say Kantons Polizei in this film. If they wanted to so, they would send me to the one in Basel as the stalkers said there is one for such purpose. (sorry for exposing a secret.)
This film is about the Iraqi guy claiming oneself hired by police (not sure which one), and harassed me in the way gang stalkers do.
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I got a message from him and this is what he wrote.
bearinst June 22 2008
Aarau video
Whatever, I stumbled on you web page, because I was looking up Aarau, and then saw you comments about the Santa Clara. So I am still waiting for your video on Aarau. If possible take some shots from Eppenberg and the Roggenhausen.
Gruss aus USA

bearinst June 25 2008
Re: Re: Aarau video
Hi Miyoku
My parents are in there eighties, and they are the only ones of my family living in Aarau. So they don’t know how to use computers.
Since you posted some videos in Japanese, I must assume you are from there. I bin there many times. We just had Takumi here for a week, a friend from Kanagana.
For me, I did my lower gtrades at the Goernhard schule and then went on to the Pestalozi schule. are there still the MIGRO kurse for you German?

bearinst July 13, 2008
Visit home
Hi Miyoko, It looks like you have again trouble with the insurance. Not even in Switzerland can you get decent health care LOL. I hope it all will work out for you. I am still waiting for a short movie on Aarau. I am now in Torino, Italy on a business trip and will visit my parents in Aarau next week. Unfortunately I can only stay one day, before I need to go back to Sunnyvale. Still nice to see my hometown. I was last there two yeas ago, so I am sure many things have changed. I hope to go to ‘Brandli’ to get my favorite chocolate called the ‘barandli bombe’. If you never had one, you need to get one, (only if you like sweets). Gruss

28 September, 2008

My class is almost over and I will get one week break.

I joined Mind Control Victims Friends Around the World community today. I was not sure if there was such community exists for TIs until I saw the tag in mokuren's blog. If you want to know what it is, please check out the tag under the link on the right bottom of this blog. I decided to work a bit on my links, too. I have many victim websites in my "favorite" for the browser, but I haven't add more on my blog. People usually click the link on their browser instead of visiting their own blog to link to the targeted website. I'm such a lazy person to update some small details.

Since I have one week break, I'm thinking to update some files to "e-harassment" section of my home page as well as to share how to fight against mind control. I never thought how our emotions and actions are manipulated by the mind control techniques. I used to love reading Collin Wilson's books. As he worked as the criminologist as well as philosopher, I learned much from his works. I wanted to become like him and Lawrence of Arabia, and I tried to read as much books as possible in my youth. I think that effort seem to pay me back. The key countermeasure against mind control is self psychoanalysis and keep oneself consciousness. Colin Wilson used the word "robot" to describe how humans are working under subconsciousness. He said "x function" brings the human the experience of sort of enlightenment, or the awakened sense.

If you are awake, you know what is wrong. It is hard to say but it is about how you see who you are and what is your normal behaviors. Mind control will cause you to put your thought and emotion into certain state which you may not act or think normally. Mind control technique would rock the one to act or speak up certain things in order to make the one to think it was one's own thought or action. People might not stop the mind control while they experience it. But they can recognize the mind control afterwards - like they are under the enchantment for a while and the effect left them free in later. I can tell much more about how to observe one's mind control effect, but I think I wanna have some day off to play with my books I got from the US. Since I was taking classes and studying German, I had no chance to read them. It would give me a good break from the business class knowledge and Swiss German. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and some readings makes Jack a bookworm, huh?

26 September, 2008

Freedom not Fear Protesting on October 11, 2008

There is a protesting against the massive surveillance planed in Berlin and other place of the world on October 11, 2008. If I were in Germany, I would definitely attend the protesting because it is held in the Eastern part of Germany which had Staci in past. The citizens of East Germany were under massive surveillance during the Cold War. They celebrated the freedom and human rights guaranteed in democracy. What is the purpose of bringing the country (the entire part) back to the era of fear? I believe Bundeskanzlerin Merkel handling the job well although the pressure from the New World Order supporters. Some gang stalkers in Switzerland said that the Chancellor is not the strongest in Germany as there are much strong force in German politics. The United States is now taking the role of what Soviet Union did in the past.

China and Russia may remain as same as what they have been under communism, but the people living in democratic countries should not oppressed from something that is against their laws. If the people working to drive the countries into communism or fascism, they first change the laws. By the black mails and assassinations, they could silence the workers of law. But, the laws in democratic countries remain as to protect equal opportunities of individuals and human rights. That is what democracy is about, the politics under democracy should protect the humanity. Abraham Lincoln was the first president to consider the equality of whites and blacks. At the Civil War, American solders fought for what they believed as right - including slavery.

As President, he built the Republican Party into a strong national organization.
Further, he rallied most of the northern Democrats to the Union cause. On
January 1, 1863, he issued the Emancipation Proclamation that declared forever
free those slaves within the Confederacy. Lincoln never let the world forget
that the Civil War involved an even larger issue. This he stated most movingly
in dedicating the military cemetery at Gettysburg: "that we here highly resolve
that these dead shall not have died in vain--that this nation, under God, shall
have a new birth of freedom--and that government of the people, by the people,
for the people, shall not perish from the earth." http://www.whitehouse.gov/history/presidents/al16.html

Nowadays, the US solders are working for making the American citizens into slaves with microchip and massive surveillance. If you want to know what the extreme massive surveillance took place in the United States, check out the history of Japanese Americans. Their properties are taken away and they were locked into concentration camps like Monzana and Tule Lake, CA. War on Terror can bring anyone in any country to be into the same state. If someone seemed to be on a black list which government created, they would be locked up in somewhere. I think this is what it looks like as the life of TIs. I know there are some TIs in Germany. How many people disappeared since 911 in the US? And how many has been kidnapped around the world by the CIA? It is time for the citizens to say no to what the government surveillance teams are doing. From my videos, you can see how informants in Switzerland are working to claim something against their target. The police informants work for money and other benefits, right? To gain profits, they have to claim something out of an innocent individual. Police officers are the same.

So, what is the point of supporting police and military to turn the countries into police state? Eventually, it will drive all non-military-or-police-related citizens into the victim of new Holocaust. This is happening in the world already.

Anyway, this is the website about the protesting against massive surveillance. If you are TI living in the country where the protesting is held, attending the protesting would give you a chance to know who are aware of unlawful surveillance by gang stalkers.

24 September, 2008

Gangstalker von Casa Torfeld II am COOP in Zofingen.

Ich ging zum COOP ringsherum 17.30 heute. Ich sah das drei asiatische weibliche Wandern, und ich erkannte einen von ihnen als jemand an, der in Casa Torfeld II von Gartensweg 16, Buchs, AG lebte. Sie ist eine Mitgried von Gangstalker, die mit anderen Flüchtlingen arbeiten, um anzugreifen und sich anzupirschen. Seitdem ich mich zu einem neuen Platz bewegte, dachte ich, dass ich mit diesen Flüchtlingspirschjägern loskommen konnte.Letztes Mal, als ich COOP besuchte, schien es, dass es eine versteckte Operation gab. Wenn ich an der Gewürz-Abteilung, eine Frau bin, die meint, dass ein Geldbeutel ihrer Hand mit einem weiblichen Lager-Büroangestellten auftauchte. Der Büroangestellte erklärt, was auf den Borden ist und weggeht.
Ein anderer weiblicher Büroangestellter steht neben mir und sortiert den marchandices. Es gibt drei Menschen im Gang, die Frau mit dem Geldbeutel, ich, und der Büroangestellte (ist ihr anfänglicher Vorname F). Während ich nach Gewürzen nach meinem Mittagessen, die Frau-Standplätze neben mir suche und mit ihrem Geldbeutel protze.

Und meine Erfahrung vorher im COOP ist ein Typ von hyponosis, der V2K verwendet. Ich entscheide mich dafür zu schreiben, über den, wie zu erklären, Leute unter der Meinungskontrolle an diesen Tagen sind. Ich denke, dass fast jeder unter Hypnose ist, aber das Opfer von Gangstalking und elektronischer Belästigung ist davon wach, wie sie sensibilisiert werden.

Irgendwie schlage ich das Bild des Pirschjägers an, den ich heute sah. Und das Video, das beweisen kann, dass sie im Flüchtlingswohnsitz, Casa Torfeld II mit mir lebte. Im Video kannst du die Frau mit der weißen Kappe sehen, die mich schikaniert, und sie kommuniziert mit Abkur Dalow Absir, der Flüchtling von Somalia, und ist ein sehr aktives Gangstalking Mitglied. Ich nahm dieses Video am 23. Februar 2008.

22 September, 2008

Ausländer sollen Haft in der Heimat verbüssen - Ich weiß die Wahrheit.

Ich las diesen Artikel heute.
Was ich nicht verstehe, ist, warum schweizerische Polizei und Gangstalker zusammenarbeiten, um falschen Zeugen gegen Ausländer zu begehen. Einige Flüchtlinge arbeiten für Gangstalking, um eine besondere Person zu schikanieren. Gangstalking geht um die Welt weiter. Einige sagen, dass sie mit Nazis immigriert nach den Vereinigten Staaten unter der "Operation Papercrip" und ähnliche Operationen verbunden sind.

In meinem Blog und Videos kannst du sehen, wie sich Flüchtlinge um mich an mich und harassmed ich heranpirschten. Du wirst am Angreifen eingeschlossen, um mich als Geisteskranker zu fordern. Ich bin nicht sicher, wie viele Ausländer als Geisteskranker durch das Angreifen gefordert werden.

Ich bin nicht sicher, wie die Einheimischen in Zofingen an diesem Hass-Verbrechen einschloßen. Ich habe einige Versuche gesehen, mich ins Visier zu nehmen, als ob ich ein Verbrecher bin. Einige verrückte Menschen würden denken, dass alle Ausländer entweder Verbrecher sind oder geistiges Problem zu haben. Sie nehmen gerade Ausländer und Minderheiten als etwas ins Visier, dass sie aus ihrem Gebiet nehmen müssen. Ist die Geschichte dazu nicht vertraut was geschah vor ungefähr 50 Jahren in Deutschland?

Wenn du nicht weißt, was danach 911 wirklich weitergeht, liest du bitte dieses Buch. The Raise of the Fourth Reich, durch Jim Marrs. Ich bin nicht sicher, wie viele deutsche sprechende Leute der Tatsache gegenüberstehen mögen. Wie ein Flüchtling von den Faschismus anbauenden Vereinigten Staaten davonlief, hoffe ich, dass Leute das ethische und Gewissen zurückbekommen. Das Angreifen und Urteilsvermögen verursachen nur Angst und Vernichtung in der Gemeinschaft. Wenn sie Meinung kontrolliert sind, hoffen sie, kontrolliert zu bleiben, wie sie sich fürchten, um dem Moraldilemma von ihren Tätigkeiten gegenüberzustehen.

Als ich die sich anpirschenden Tätigkeiten von Flüchtlingen meldete, wurde ich durch die Kanton Polizei in Aarau gewarnt, dass sie Rache machen würden. Die Polizei sagte, dass die Flüchtlinge zu arm sind, um Entschädigung für meinen PC zu bezahlen, welches Mara Alpha, der Guinean Flüchtling angriff. Ich bin nicht sicher, warum die Polizei, die die Flüchtlinge angreifend unterstützt und sich anpirscht, während sie mich das gerade Studieren ins Visier nehmen. Ich habe kein Strafregister überhaupt, und die Polizei und Gangstalker scheinen zu versuchen, denjenigen zu machen, um mir nach Japan zurückzusenden. Ich würde sicher getötet oder eingekerkert, wenn ich nach Japan zurückgehe. Verschieden von Deutschland arbeiten die Kinder von Hideki Tojo auf Japanisch Self Defence Force. Leute werden zu Nervenkliniken von bestochenen Psychiatern gesandt. Ich bin nicht sicher, wie was die Schweiz während Zweiter Weltkrieg aussah, aber ich denke, dass Leute die Behauptung von Menschenrechten und Sitten respektieren sollten. Was uns verschieden vom Tier macht, ist Menschen haben Moralsinn und Moral.

GWEN Tower in Zofingen?

According to the web page below, I learned that GWEN Towers use ELF for communication. (This website was mentioned by Deca at FEDAME forum first)http://www.mindcontrolforums.com/gwen-haarp-satellite-gps-emf-control-grid.htm
I am not sure if the tower I found in Zofingen is related with mind control as the article hints or not. This tower is built on top of an animal store next to a newspaper publisher. For the people having e-harassments, I think that tower has nothing to do with the volume of microwave hearing nor the severeness of e-harassment. I am not sure what building the tower stands, but this is the map you can find it. The tower is from the north part of rectangular part locates the inner edge of inversed "L." I mean, the building looks like inversed "L" like the "R" for Toysrus logo.

That is the one I think the closest from where I live.

21 September, 2008

Hate groups cops and solders - possibly connected with gang stalking.

I have been busy studying for the business class and doing researched for my personal interest these days. I had some issues I wanted to post to my blog but I could not find time to do so. I know some folks check my blog occasionally, so I try to post something interesting today. It's Sunday morning around 8am in Switzerland. Almost each week, I have a 3-5 pages paper due. I just wanted to make it done at least a day before the due. And here I am - being an early bird as I was studying whole night.

Ok. That's about my life. Here is something interesting to share for other TIs. I found several articles showing how hate group members are infilterated in local police officers and army. In Japan, they say Soka Gakkai got pretty big population among police and army. I got look for the news in other countries for comparisons to see if this is a trend going on after 911. In gang stalking, some people work for police and other public institutions. If these hate grops targets minorities in their area, the TIs have a good reason to defend themselves and to prove the gang stalkers capable of using non-lethal weapons stocked in the police and military.

"Ex-cop linked to rougue group"
"Hate Groups Are Infiltrating The Military, Group Asserts"

What will you do when you discover the gang stalkers following you belongs to hate groups? Hate groups would have wide range of members from different occupations and they would motivate themselves destroying the target's life with hartred. If such groups are targeting someone especially in minority group, then can we state the group as terrorists threatening the freedom of innocent individuals?

06 September, 2008

Organized Stalkers Aroud Me Part 74

The film is about what happened on September 4th, thursday. I encountered something like a skit planned for sex-offenders. This one start with something to make me angry - seeing the rosary for harassment purpose, and a woman with short pants walking a head. Then, there is a good location a short tunnel which is a little darker area. And the situation - a woman with a short pants walking ahead. And for presenting gang stalkers to be "good protectors" of the community, their is a car parked right after the tunnel and a woman inside for surveillance(?). And the Kantonspolizei white van drove by and made U-turn at the intersection after the tunnel.

I am not sure how much it costs for Kantonspolizei or the Swiss government for such covert operation. I am not sure how much money comes from the FBI or the CIA. What I know is that there are sex agents working for these agency and these agencies has policy that the person claimed to be the victim of sexual assult by their officer will be investigated for the conspiracy of a sex offender. For instance, if a wife of the FBI officer filed her husband's sexual abuse, she will be more likely to claimed as hyper sexual. In such case, she could hear her rumor about being prostitute or hyper sexual. She might be seduced by strangers (covert officers). This is true for San Jose State University and other American organization like AAA or AAPA. But the problem for this covert operation is that the operation supposed to be secret. If the target explain how such COINTELPRO works and how he or she is targeted for the covert operations, it just cause the people believing the harassers to be publically accused as spreading false rumors or working on illegal criminal activities such as stalking. I have right to prevent people making false testimonies to prevent their character assassination. They want to put my voice down as they want to make their "false claim" to be true.

Well, if their target is a retarded sex offender, that plan would work. Walking a female and both walk through the tunnel. But, how about the rosary anchoring? If this program is targeting Catholics or religious conservative people, it does not make sense about sex offender covert operation. These days, organized criminals claim someone else for their crimes. I wonder how mafia is working with Kantonspolizei and how mafia recruited refugees to work for them. At least, it seems true in Aarau. If gang stalkers in Switzerland are actually working with the Mafia, then it sounds much more sense to what happened at Casa Torfeld I in Buchs, AG. I need to work on the research about it, but if my prediction is right, that would be true for some of the European countries.