28 April, 2010

Surviving the time of communist era

When I thought about the way how TIs are oppressed by the gang stalkers, the situation seemed to be much like the people who were oppressed in the totalitarian society like communist or fascist type.

We know FaceBook is contaminated with CIA, FBI and other informants using the users' information for their advantage. Twitters, LinkedIn, and other SSN sites are used by them as well.

Your simple and honest opinion might bring about a conspiracy made up by your "friend" informant. These informants are fed by making up suspicions and reporting the possible crimes. They could make up a story to put you on the Terrorist Index.

As a TI, I can say that my life with the people making false witness sounds much like the victim of those totalitarian society. Then I thought that knowing the history of what happened and how people survived in such society can help citizens to stay away from becoming the gang stalking victim.

Just imagine the society where people cannot have equal rights to be the witness as what police officers and their informants are. Think about the situation when you state you have no intention of suicide yet others like police officers and school faculties believe so and you lose your right even to deny such false claim. Actually, the later is my own experience at SJSU. The problem of total surveillance on the citizens is that the agents are capable of making up suspicions from their own imagination. If someone playing Farmville would be considered as a potential child molester who is looking for underage users for communication. I never played the game, but I heard that is popular among FaceBook users. By what you express and what behavior you take would be turned up to be a claim on yourself. If you traveled to a place where a terrorist incident happened and share your trip information on your blog or SSN, you might be put on surveillance by the informants because of visiting a wrong place at a wrong time. If that happens, you might find some of your valuable items start missing from your home as the result of the "black bag job" by FBI informants. Not all officers and agents respect the citizens and their rights.

I just learned so much because of my experience in Switzerland and learning from what sounds like to be in a communist society from my trip to post-Yugoslavia countries and Hungary. Now I know how to be careful with communist-type harassments.

I was thinking to switch my website to be XML based, but I am too busy for doing that. But after the update - probably delayed till summer - I would be able to create a handbook for people to stay away from getting picked as suspicious people - and eventually ending up to be another TI.

23 April, 2010


While I was playing with Open Draw, I found out it can be used to draw the comic frames. Here is what I made and saved as a picture file.

If you are a victim, and looking for a way to draw a cartoon from your experience, maybe Open Draw helps to put the drawings together in the comic format. Open Draw is not good for drawing comics because it does not have fancy painting features. But for the framing, I think it gives enough choices for put everything into a page. I like GIMP and ArtWeaver as the choice of drawing besides MS Paint.

Because I was busy, I omitted the drawings for my first try of sharing CHIMPS.

Will Mr. Silverstein pay the compensation to the NY fire fighters' families?

Silverstein was the owner of the buildings that corrupted in 911 terrorist attack. It seems he had a conversation with others about the controlled demolition of the building as it is not stable.

Well, the funniest point of the fact is that 3 buildings corrupted in short time in the same way. They went down vertical way without causing any mess to nearby buildings nor falling to the street.

Another funny fact is that the fire fighters were packed inside of these buildings and they just perished to pieces. I still remember the picture of a fire fighter's hand with portion of his uniform left on the ground. What happened to them if that was the controlled demolitions?

The latest information about 911 controlled demolition conspiracy is available at Alex Jones Website and this news article.

Iranian president seems to be supporting the 911 conspiracy and asking UN for the official investigation. "Several times Ahmadinejad has questioned the accepted version of the Al-Qaeda strikes on New York and Washington which killed nearly 3,000 people.(Hayden, April 12 2010)"

If the controlled demolitions is the truth of the building corruption, then the Americans need to focus on someone else for the blame of the deaths of the 911 heroes. I hope the families of the people who died in the building corruption get proper compensation and the truth revealed to them.

21 April, 2010

How to make up someone as a paranoia?

It just happened to know about a new strategy to claim someone as a paranoia with sort-of-logical-persuasion-on-others. Like how gang stalkers spread rumors about their victim as mentally ill. Japanese V2K perps might be working on something like this against their Japanese victims. This is the direct translation from Japanese. The V2K Japanese speaking perps often talk about "Imagination habit (空想癖)" and "overreacting/Intense conviction (思い込みが激しい)" these days. They seemed to be reading from some kind of report they made for their V2K job as they simply state them sometimes before making a conversation for themselves.

I think "Imagination habit" is a very negative word and very good word choice to make an excuse the TIs to claim them as mental problem when they complained about their problem of being stalked by variety of people, moving/missing objects at their homes. Isn't it a perfect way for FBI and local police informant mobs to make a good excuse on what they do against their victim? I want other TIs to be aware of such use of the word like that by the perps.

And "imagination habit" can go with "intense conviction" to claim someone as believing and speaking from one's imagination. I think that sounds really fit well for the people claiming the fire's heat melted all the iron structures of WTC in 911 incident. How to melt down the irons in such tall buildings in only few seconds?

How to make up someone as a paranoia? It's easy. Make a group of people to claim someone as paranoia and give the victim no chance to speak up one's thought. In the same way, anyone can be a suspect of any crime or a gravely disabled mental patient. If you want to see how group of people can make up someone as suicidal and dangerous, please watch my voice recording video about Dr. English-Lueck and Sgt. John Laws at SJSU. And you can see how Dr. Peter Newsom and others at El Camino Hospital claimed me as gravely disabled. That's the truth of how people disappeared in the US. It's not different from MKULTRA victims.


18 April, 2010

One of the reason why WM2010 is safe from terrorist atacks.

One article says that Bin Ladin is a big fan of football and valley ball. If he encourages al-Quaeda members to enjoy these sports, I bet al-Quaeda members won't do no harm to soccer matches. I think that is a good news for the people planning to visit South Africa this June. Well, I wish I can watch Swiss or German matches, but I am not in the position to travel to the southern end of African continent now. I might watch the matches on the Internet instead. Too bad for Croatians, they could not win. I got Croatian logo cheering goods and was ready to see them in South Africa when I left the country. Oh, well, things did not go as I planned this time. But UK seems to be on a good form, so it would be interesting to see how far UK would go.

In between plotting terror attacks and gloating about them on videos, Osama Bin Laden, the world’s most wanted fugitive, is an extremely useful presence on the volleyball court, it has emerged.

“He is so tall that he does not need to jump up to do a smash,” said Nasser al-Bahri, one of the Al-Qaeda leader’s former bodyguards. His memoir, published in Paris last week, reveals another side of the West’s favourite bogeyman: besides his uses at the net, Bin Laden also likes playing football, preferably at centre forward. Even then, he never takes off his turban.

Perhaps, we need to make the list of what Bin Ladin likes and dislikes to make the prediction on next possible target of the terrorist attack.

13 April, 2010

From BBC News: "Pope Benedict hit by new Church child abuse allegations"

I read the article on the BBC News.

For the people who do not know about what gang stalkers (or how FBI informants work in COINTELPRO), the child abuse like pedophilia is a shocking issue. But from my experience, I can say that the people pretending to be the victim of such pedophilia issue could be trained to make the false witness against the particular person.

If you want to know about the claim on me of pedophiles, just check out Abkur Dalow Abshir and others lived with me in the same place in Buchs AG, Switzerland in the past blog posts. You can find kids invading my room and one wearing a rosary on one's neck and kept talking in English. I did not know who these kids were, but they came and started talking what they wanted to say including the anchoring words for sensitization. And Abkur Dalow Abshir, the Somali refugee, was complaining about me taking pictures of kids and drinking alcohol. In fact, he was the one always drinking beer and stalking me. One time he asked me to have sex at Aarau train station offering me his alcohol - it happened when he was on surveillance on me there with other local gang stalking members. In another occasion, he showed up in the train station holding the neighbor's kids and harassing me there. Guess what? The one claiming another for pedophilie (like talking pictures of kids) asking to have sex, drinking alcohol, and with kids...
This is the reality of gang stalking. I do not know how many priests and other church workers are the victim of false witness. That's something the church needs to investigate.

It is possible that the perps paid few bucks go into the confession booth and making up a story of how the priest inside started sexual offenses. I heard something familiar in Medugorge... Do you think a priest acts like that to a stranger by taking a risk of losing his job and to be put on shame in the community? Let's see how many psychiatrists act like that in his private office with their patients. In this case, psychiatrists have more power and credibility on doing what they want. I hope the investigation of sexual abuse must be investigated with common sense with more open discussion from others who know them.

I hope the guide lines have proper information for the church workers how to be aware of the people engage in false witness in the society for their own interest. In gang stalking, innocent persons are treated as the disease of society.

10 April, 2010

Are you an expert of your life?

Are you an expert of something?
There are so many degree programs and licenses that can make you to be an expert in something.

You can drive cars, motorbikes, ships, airplanes, etc., with licenses for them.
You can get an academic degree to claim to be an expert on the study field.
You can work hard to be an expert in your job.
You can play hard to be an expert of the sport or the game.

But it is hard for you to be the expert of your life.

There are things you could do in your life.
You might not go to the school you really wanted.
You might not get the job that you really deserved.

Say, everyone is different. It is hard to experience everyone's life style.
It would be true that only few enjoy the most gorgeous yet busy life.

If you know how to be yourself and what you like to do in your life,
Then you must know how to become an expert of your life.

Junk Food vs Food Poisoning

It has been getting hotter where I live, and fresh things gone bad soon. Then I thought about what would be a safe dining. If you cook your food at home with lots of veggies and other nutritious foods, it should be healthy for your body. But when you live in the place where you need to care about water and other resources, you may not have proper equipments to keep sanitary level fine for cooking.

And think about these international famous junk food chains...
They have certain regulations for the kitchen equipments and food handling.

It requires some knowledge on cooking to cook healthy foods in the area where you may not access to clean foods. I would rather say that dining at world-known junk food restaurants and some extra vitamin tablets would still keep people healthy. You know, junk food may not be a resource of healthy diet, but it is way better than food poisoning, which is a name of disease.

Perhaps camping experience would work with such harsh life style.

05 April, 2010

What is the name of the fobia about fearing the kechup drops on the white clothes?

I know some people fear things like peanut butter sticking on the roof of the mouth (arachibutyrophobia). But how about the fear of ketchup drops on the white clothes the one wears? In hot sunny days in Summer, people prefer to wear white clothes. And fastfoods with ketchup are handy for light meals in beaches and many party places. If you wear a white clothes, do you feel fine eating a food with ketchup on it?

Somehow, I found out psychiatrists can use "Gymnophobia" excuse to "detain" any Muslims to their mental institutions. That should work very good for black psychiatry. There are 2 types of psychiatry exists in the world. Black psychiatry is the one that government agencies and mad doctors practice for their own interest and use the patients as test subject. Its characteristic is the way how they explain things: the psychiatrists and the people around the patients try to make the justification for the patient while the patient's opinion is not counted. Another general psychiatry is to help the patient to get well from own psychological problem. In this case, psychiatrists listen to the patient and the patient is the center of the treatment and payment.