27 August, 2012

The NWO informants working as activists.

 I read a good joke about a Chinese activist, Koo Sze Yiu, who supposed to be Chinese patriot from Tienanmen Riot time. He participated in the randing to the island which is a problem between Japan and S. Korea. Some Japanese conspiracy theory lovers criticized him as he used to anti-China. Well, as long as he is part of USA's intelligence like Dr. English-Lueck of SJSU who got tied in Hong kong informants, they just do anything for the US propaganda. Nowadays Japan's small islands are taken by Russia and S. Korea for the preparation of the future war. Well, Japan and China hold so much debits from the US, and the US cannot repay in future. What the best choice? Make a war between them to take out the debits. So far, I can tell Russia, S.Korea, China are working together for that propaganda as the war can bring another opportunity for the top elites in these countries as well as investing opportunities. You know half of the politicians in the US Congress made fortune from the War on Iraq.

Watch out for these intelligence backed Chinese informants/activists. If they are really targeted by the Chinese government for anti-China, they would be already killed socially and politically by the COINTELPRO. 

The news I'm talking about can be read by the below link.

Oh, should I tell about my story of some gang stalkers (economic hitman) in the recent case? I got a strange Chinese girl who was working in the security sector. I took a class before and I saw her in that class. I moved to another class at that time, then I took that one later, and somehow she started to attend that one from the middle of the course session which is a bit strange. Usually people don't take a class after one week. During the class, we had an opportunity to make a presentation for the class. She made a presentation about Nanking, a typical choice for the Chinese. I took a picture in the class as an evidence. I never thought I would see something like that happen in my life you know, wherever a Japanese, Chinese would love to talk about Nanking. That part I wanted to talk later. In my opinion, I think the problem of the number of people killed was larger than the actual population in Nanking was like the Japanese Army just killed the Japanese and others who disliked the idea of massacre or sadistic Japanese Army got killed there. These people working for the government can just make up the hypothesis of these people who are too soft can turn against them in future and thought as threat. To make my story more concrete, I can tell that I got these patriotic people often working for the security sector or military harassing the Targeted Individual like me. History repeats, you know. I used to be a refugee and I have no interest in Japanese nor Japanese culture, but I got some Korean and Chinese gang stalkers eager for the harassment. What does this mean? I got hypothesis that they just work together with the Japanese gang stalkers for the harassment of the people who don't like Japan. These Chinese and Korean patriots probably like to harass the Japanese who don't like Japan rather than the Japanese patriots as they thing those patriotic people as good friends. To make a thing funny, that Chinese woman got certificate while she just attended the beginning course. I don't know if that is just a part of corruption or police award for the people who are working for the gang stalking. We just have uneuqal opportunity in the classroom these days. Too bad for her, I got recording of her in the classroom before - as she was talking about the security work and I thought she is one of the gang stalker. And this time in the class with NYPD-logo guy and others doing the gang stalking. The Catholic priest part was a bit too much, as the teacher always called him to talk about Switzerland, I had no opportunity to explain anything as I don't really wanna talk about Japan and where else I can talk about?? USA? We had some perps as usual, and they got some relation with Switzerland. Last time, I got Peter, who know more about Swiss dialect than me. It's just like how people set up everything for the surveillance and the harassment. But it's nice that I got some top secret of the unequal opportunity in a famous school. A give-away free tutoring for the intelligence students by the student network or free give away of the certificate for the gang stalking participation? They could do it with V2K and the electronic harassment turning as the tool of cheating for the career building. That sounds pretty much like how intelligence people get better glades while they have to do some extra covert operation in their life to make themselves busy. I got Korean woman eager to stalk me these days, so I'm getting a nice vid of her stalking evidence. I wonder if that is enough to make her look like Abkur Dalow Abshir or Mara Alpha video in Switzerland.

25 August, 2012

ADHD and other form of trying to reduce human capacity

ADHD and some new psychological disorders have been popular since 70s. Multiple personality and psychopath were the trend in the 90s. Now what? Some researchers speak about the increase of the psychological problem of everyone. Well, as a Targeted Individual and knowing how much the electronic harassment can do, I could say that these issues are part of taking out the people who are not important/unwelcome by the top elites.

ADHD is an attention disorder. It could be done through the V2K, the direct voice hearing. The inner voice would be mimicked by the V2K speaker, so that the people with no knowledge of V2K can think as if that is own will and thought. Who would think the one can get someone's voice heard without a headphone? If it is a V2K, people could check it out with the certain deviced on one's head to check fMRI. Also, if it is ultrasonic bone conduction via implant inside of the ear, it is also checkable. Such tricks would be used with mood changing techniques. CIA has studied quite much of such things in the past from the Operation Midnight Climax in SF, NY, etc to MK ULTRA. We have more faculties around the world with the help of the local cops, just like in these operations above, and the informants.

For the Multiple Personality Disorder, it could be a simple sub-vocal code jacking by the electronic harassment. The TIs, Monika Stokes and Soleimavis, wrote more about such muliple personality disorder trends. But I think that was done by the people capable to use the sub-vocal code jacking. Remember that the US Army got "Brain Jacking" technology and NSA's super computer can do the Remote Neural Monitoring on the citizens. They got one in Utah, and in Germany and Belgium has its faculties for the European monitoring. The sub-vocal code jacking has a problem; the voice from the victim will have the tones and dialect exactly the same as the speaker, who is using the victims mouth like a speaker. It can happen to anyone in a short period or short sentence while the intelligence people wants to manipulate the relationship of the victim and others.

For the activists in the schools and universities, the cops would hire the students to do the harassment/bullying against the activists. These students are treated well by the teachers and professors while they both cooperate with the police as they are hired by the school and the government. The COINTELPRO makes the certain students to be labeled to be fail. It makes it hard to achieve in the class while the army and the special teams would help the COINTELPRO with the covert surveillance devices. The activists would have man-made misfortunes due to them. In the corrupted society, these students can be simply a drop out in the society. That's how the students became hippies during 60s and 70s to have no brain to fight back with social standing in the society while the CIA/FBI could use them for the LSD and other drug researches. The core factors for this school failure are; mobbing/bullying by the informants, character assassination, motivation reduce due to the COINTELPRO, teachers who do not teach effectively but just cover the material on the textbook while they do not share useful knowledges for study. Also, the electronic harassment type subliminal messages can make the student to get the feeling to finish something else first, so that he can postpone study for other tasks. And in a long run, he would have less study time. Another subliminal message would be the EDOM technique to make the student to forget an important thing like the essay due. It could happen in this way, the student would see the calender and mistook the date through the electronic harassment - like seeing the calender but he does not see it while his eyes are blur and get the subliminal message of "The exam would be on 23rd of August, and 23rd of August is Wednesday." The message comes with a strong artificial feeling of certainty. To make it funny, the student won't have a chance to see the calender again but have the strong feeling of "The exam is on Wednesday." Also, the people have the important priority list in memory and they sometimes remember those based on the priority. So, if that priority is messed up with EDOM with tagging technology, they simply forget about the certain thing. Also, V2K voice sending can make the multiple choice question scores really bad as the victim would get the subliminal message to chose the wrong answer believing on the message. I think that part is much easier to figure out as these targeted people would get the ones that they are not 100% sure all go wrong. That's how some students get less than the average by the random choosing in the probability theory. How do we know who would be targeted? The ones the embassies of own county does not like and the ones who are not preferable by the student leaders and police informants. Thus, these people are often targeted including the activists who have own brain rather than following the student leaders hired by the police for the protest control.

I could do much better if I don't get these perps harassing me. I have to do extra things like film chekcing and evidence sorting. Well, that would be the advantage for the informatnts who are doing the coummunist-like surveillance for the cointelpro. Well, NYPD is to scare the 'possible criminal'? I would just share the people doing the blackhundreds like works together. I'm the victim here with strangely stalked and harassed. Any human rights for me??? That's what I wanna ask for Angie later. She won't have problem if I share extremists (cause stalkers are called as anti-government extremists in P.I. David Lawson's book) information as Stasi 2.0 list, right? I just learned a bit more about the Project Superman by Andy Perro and the actual connection of Bundes Wehr / Mosad and the US Army in Germany. :D

23 August, 2012

NYPD and 911 connection?

NYPD and NYFD had the access to the WTC before the free-fall corruption. I don't know if that is why there are so many gang stalkers using the logo for the harassment while they work with Arabic speaking people for the local patroling.

Why there are reporters reported about the corruption before it happened and the owner shouting "pull down" recorded, and the fire fighters went in got killed during the collapse. Any ideas? I heard Norway got something up in their government about it. 911 was the inside job and we got anti-terrorism securities sniffing around for the activists. I supposed to be mentally ill as I believe 911 was insider job theory. I'm glad that there are 100s of architects believing the conspircy in California.

I got some Americans participating in the gang stalking these days. Well, I got new netbook, so I can work more while I'm away from home.

20 August, 2012

911 is an insider job, and the foreign intelligence(Arabs and Mosad, etc) backed up the terrorist searching

I've learned more about the anti-terrorism going on by the NWO government workers. GWB Sr. might commented about the New World Order. And the conspiracy on the Israel intelligence doing a week before in the WTC. Some Israeli students set up the camera in the building to record the high jacked air planes hitting the building, and that was a big news just like how the reporters talked about the corruption of the building before it actually happened. What is this about? The intelligence knew what they are doing and the information are circulated around on their informants - some got Artificial Telepathy (or V2K for the different way of using the same technique).

In my case, I got some Muslims showing up around. They are gang stalkers but their aim seem to be confirming me as a Muslim. I got suicidal and dangerous to others claims by Dr. English-Lueck and university police at SJSU. I have the voice recording of that incident and the kidnap. If the police or the intelligence want to still use that false information, they can make up the claim of me as a possible Muslim suicidal terrorist. Also, I'm a Japanese, so they can, especially the Koreans and Chinese intelligence, make up the claim that I have the tendency of suicide. Don't kill me while they are making lies!

I got so many Jews showed up for the gang stalking in Germany. München got about 8000 Jews. I don't think many Jews from foreign country visit there. So far, I met about 10 people claiming themselves as Jews. They come from New York, Mexico, Spain, and such.

It seems the gang stalking is backed up by both Arabic speakers and Jews for making up the claim of fake Muslim terrorists. Actually, I can believe that as long as local police seemed to be supporting the gang stalkers and they let whatever they do while they are making up the suspicions on the Targeted Individual.

My guess is that terrorist search now become a trend for the mafia supporting the anti-terrorism, like the pedophilie search on the movie "M" that criminals helping the police to catch him, and those intelligence informants from both Jews and Arabs. Israel might have the conflict with the Arabs but for the economy, they cooperate and even for the highway connection building.

If I share better analysis of how far Muslims showed up last couple of months, I might be able to share how the anti-terrorism is full of bogus make-ups. I got Jewish perps and Arab perps. Perps love making up stories on the TI, so I think it's a good idea to share who they are and let the police - not the corrupted ones in these days but in future - to check these people. 911 was an insider job, and we still have terrorism problem. If we take out the real problem, we don't have no more terrorism in our society.

19 August, 2012

NYPD logo and the Catholic priest next to him for gang stalking

Another NYPD logo I saw recently. He made a comment that Japanese and S. Koreans often commit suicide. The guy sat next to him is a Catholic priest from Zürich area.Who gonna fuck up if I say I recorded all the communication for the mobbing evidence? This time, they did too much, so I win!!! :D

I got better information about others and how things went wrong with the people acting together. If they do so much while I got evidences against their mobbing, they cannot do anything. How many people I saw with NYPD and FBI logo clothes? At least, I saw Lemon Glass, the Chinese Restaurant near München Hbf got the clerk wearing the NYPD hat when I visited there several times and got new pair working there. Also, I saw NYFD logo T-shirt wearing man in the Swiss refugee residence. I don't care if the NWO is backed up by the mafia that is now taking care of anti-terrorism in their own way with the police. After 911, mafia is helping the anti-terrorism issues. My rosary stolen and 2 luggages got zipper damaged on the day before and the day of the check out at the room rent at Blütenstr. 2 Bei Schöllhammer. Now what? I got many Arabic speakers showing up in Bayern area even at churches.

Oh, yearh. The Catholic priest said he did not like working in Switzerland while he represent to speak about the country. Maybe, I should send what he said to the real diplomats working at the Consulate General. I got some Swiss government-related friends who are proud of the country and not the fake one like him.

Oh, by the way, I got some more suspicious people from that place. Here is the Korean woman who showed up at the immigration office.

 And on another day, I got two Japanese speakers showing up at the immigration office. Both are from movie file, so I can share the voice recording as well. Enough gang stalking in Germany? I got better gang stalking investigation here.

Subway at München Hbf - stranger making a tourist to pay for his sandwich.

At Subway in München Hbf, I bought a sandwich. There was an Asian man stood behind me. At the casher, he talked with the two clerks there and were laughing. Then the clerk put his half size sub in my long size sub bag. I asked him about it and he asked me if he and I came together. I said no. But I forgot to remind the clerk to return the money for his sub!!!!

In another Subway, I experienced a man stood behind me and ordered the same sandwich and he talked with the clerk there as if they knew each other well. At that time, there was nothing like this happened. But this time, the clerks and he seemed to know each other and laughing. So, I assume it was the skit that the clerks would make a witness of me with a suspicious man - a pimp or Muslim or whatever. The informants can showed up and pretend to be a friend of the TI and let the clerks make any witnessing. That sounds easy for the false record making. They might want to make a 'prostitute' claim - the sick Japanese perps' favorite social assassination propaganda on female target.

Is he a popular man who is trying to claim as a "friend" and making the tourists to pay for his meal? I don't get why the clerk tried to put 3 sandwiches in one bag. Anyway, I share his picture, so if he is still doing something strange for his gang stalking activities or making others to pay for him, people are warned.

I got better information about Andy Perro's Project Superman in Bayern. That would be very interesting to share as how the US Army and the US intelligence working there for the covert operations. It's fun to tell more details later with a quite good foreign intelligence relationships for false terrorism skits. The Russian-backed German agents are quite popular in that area. Also, Korean speaking Japanese are quite popular for stalking me. I got good films of them stalking me in a strange areas. Is this related with Pollah to Berlin issue about BND? I've seen more German informants here than in Egypt. They got plenty for the gang stalking. I learned Germany is better place for understanding the recent cutting-edge electronic harassment and other issues. I've seen US Army car and a Russian number plate car in München. No more Bundes Wehr signs.

It's time for the beer garden? The Barbarian fashion is popular in Switzerland.

I've seen Barbarian traditional clothes in the beer gardens in München. But they are quite popular in Switzerland as well. It's the time for the beer! Hot summer days outside is much fun in beer gardens. Perhaps they are actually from Switzerland imported to Germany :D
Actually Germans love Wegner Swiss Army knifes and Swiss brand mark. They just don't come with "Swiss Made" logo...

For the Tax-CD problem after some black banking issues around Baden area in Germany, I'm planning to share something fun for the return fire. It's a better joke and much critical than the picture of Angie getting knife point for the ceremony in Canada. That was a good picture to talk for Swiss people. I learned some sensitive information and got some Russian-backed German agents behind me for the surveillance. It's also the joke. Don't take it serious or they will consider me doing spying. Don't bring some people with a nice status, or I can share their information for my journalism.

16 August, 2012

Three women covering their heads in a chapel.

I often encounter women covering their heads in the church. In Istanbul, I saw Muslim women entering the church and that one I shared as the video. This time, I encountered three Ethiopean looking man and women in a chapel. The three women covered their heads - 2 women with a white cloth. I often saw that done by the Korean women at Medjugorje. But this time, I saw two women with the white covering and one woman with more like a Muslim looking. I don't know anything about these people's religious view or anything. But the video shows what I'm telling abut the head covering women encounter is quite often. Are they Muslims or people from other countries? It happened in a church in a countryside. And there were many Arabic speakers including men who had fake rosary for Muslims - the one with no cross but two strings at the end. They seem not Greeks as they were shouting like "yara - (let's go in Egyptian coloqual)" and such. I speak Arabic at intermediate level once in my life, so I can tell a bit of differences. Am I on the surveillance by these suspicious Muslims? I will add all the Muslim videos in one post before next week.

12 August, 2012

California Nightmere

California Nightmare

Life never be good like a sweet creamy French toast
eating at the early Sunday morning after an overnight
party and still my friends sleeping in the living room in my flat

The way how to feel the freedom was playing Frisbee
on the roof of the neighbor's apartment building in the SF Bay
while others watching the projected movie on the building wall nearby

That was my California dream I went through
Everything was so smooth and all went in a quick flow
until I found the security clearance increased at as a sudden blow

After the 911 things went as if of eh military dictatorship
The checkpoints and the surveillance cameras taking the neighborhood leadership
Just like how the Pacific Ocean in the West Coast got lined battleship

The ones telling the Insider Job Conspiracy are claimed as mentally ill
After losing their job, then by the psychiatric evaluation to remove their will
There is no more freedom and the openness in the neighborhood how I used to feel

The civilian officers and the police hired students on duty for the school control
if they don't like someone, they can make up crimes during their secret patrol
Innocents are disappearing from the city as if that's the normal protocol.

The DHS got all the opportunity to track down all the civilians
while the FBI and the CIA make up the new fake lists of villains
What was the Phoenix Program? Now they are making the new ones.

We are targeted after getting hated by our government employees
Targeted Individuals – human rights are taken as well as the opportunities
TIs got harassed, mobbed, suffer from the damaged properties

These mobs are like the real terrorists
making up the false threats and false arrests
The innocents must obey their rule and have no rests.

11 August, 2012

NYPD - a typical gang stalker logo

The gang stalkers in Germany often work with English speakers like Americans. I was often surrounded by the people who speak English. In some case I found some people who have worked in Switzerland and is staying in Germany.

What I have learned is that these perpetrators use the same strategies as they have been used in different countries - like the specific logo - FBI, NYPD, etc. NYPD and NYFD are probably the memorare from how these secret security force of NWO started by 911 insider job. The police state is what the NWO is about and the perpdom has the same aim of the human control by the military industrial complex.

The perps seem to be set up by the local police or they are asked by their friends for the surveillance. They seem to have family members working for the army or security sector. I don't know who these people in the picture, but I'm sure the NYPD logo clothes are quite rare in Germany. Also, I noticed that the perps can just keep the same clothes in somewhere for the future use as if they store them as a resources. I saw some different people had the specific logo bag, and one of them are now owned by a Japanese speaking girl. Some one gave it to her or what? I have some pictures I took of the bag in the U-bahn and how the Japanese girl who showed up in the immigration office had the same one later. A coincidence? I don't think so.

10 August, 2012

Germans report 60% of eastern Japanese population would be dead in 5 years.

I found an interesting discussion between what Germans reported and Dr. Busby. I kinda like what the Germans predicting as the radical hypothetical of the future of Japan. I wonder 60% of eastern Japan population would be die out in 5 years or not, but that sounds quite a good number for the migration from China or the third world countries. And the German prediction says that 40% risk to the people survived would get the radiation related diseases. Now you need to use the math skill here. 40% of the people would survive and they get 40% of the radiation sickness risks. I feel like the people getting these sickness are still lucky than the 60% of the people who are going to be dead. And the healthy babies are only 20% or less. You see, it's better to ask foreigners to immigrate for the workforce than trying to reproduce their own children to support the country.

I don't really see why people still wanna live in Japan, especially in Tokyo. Their life expectancy will have 20 years less than what it would be. Perhaps Umezu Kazuo can describe a better future in his comic.

★311原発事故による死亡率と放射線障害の発症率 - ドイツの報道&欧州放射線リスク委員会バズビー博士の意見  http://bilininfojp.blogspot.jp/2011/12/blog-post_15.html
1.ドイツ報道:  60% of the population in eastern Japan are going to die within 5 years.  (東北関東の人口の6割が今後放射線症で5年間の間に亡くなる)
バズビー博士:  No, not as bad as that, nothing like that.I should be very surprised if its as bad as that.  そこまでひどくはないでしょう、とんでもない。そんなにひどかったら驚きます。
2.ドイツ報道:  Of those who survived, there's 40% risk of suffering from diseases related to radiation . (生き残った国民の内、4割は放射線症の病気にかかる)
バズビー博士:  Probably true, more like 80% since we include all diseases in this category. But if they mean cancer probably true, i thought 60% but that doesnt allow for deaths from heart attacks which will increase. 恐らく本当、80%ぐらいと言った方が近いかも。それは放射線の影響にはあらゆる病気があるから。でもガンならこれぐらいか、まあ私は60%とみていたんだが、心筋梗塞による死亡は含まれていない。心臓発作は必ず増えます。
3.ドイツ報道: 80% of the minors who are alive now won't be able to celebrate their 40th birthday. 現在いる未成年者の8割は40歳まで生きることが不可能
バズビー博士: No, I dont think its bad as that. I think there will be a general loss of lifespan of about 20 years so the mean expected lifespan at birth in the exposed people will drop from 80 to 60 or 70 to 50, that sort of thing. All kinds of illness rates will increase but heart disease willbe the main outcome as the Cs Nuclides will destry heart muscle. そこまでひどくはないと思う。寿命は一般的に20年程縮まると思う。つまり被曝している人たちは80歳が60歳、70歳が50歳で死ぬなどということになるだろう。あらゆる種類の疾病率が上がるが、主には心臓病が増えるでしょう。セシウムは心筋を破壊するので。 
4.ドイツ報道: As for the babies who are still to be born, only 15% will be considered healthy.   今後出生する子供の内、健康体で生まれるのはわずか15%のみ
バズビー博士: That may be true but I think the birth rate will fall as the fetus will miscarry. That is roughly the situation in Belarus.1 out of 5 healthy at birth. これも当たっているかもしれない。流産により出生率も下がるだろう。ベラルーシがだいたいそういう状態。健康な赤ちゃんは20%。
5.バズビー博士から避難のアドバイス: You could maybe go south if you cant get out. But you should go away from the contamination. もし国外に出られないのなら南(西の意味かと)に行ってもいいのではないか。

06 August, 2012

Nullification of someone

There are some forms of nullification of someone. The purpose is to reduce the one's impact in where he is. For example, when he is an expert of something, others will bring people who are more sophisticated in the field, so that the one would be looked down and cannot work well with others. If this is a work project, no one will say as a part of nullification process.

I got some people who lived in Switzerland and seemed to be preferred by others to talk about the country. The first guy was American, and then Indian man who lived in Switzerland. I found it very funny as once Indian man joined, the first American guy is no longer mentioned for the Swiss relationship. I got another American guy who knows much better about Swiss dialects and such last month. I wonder if these gang stalking research is exposed, I can tell the relationship of US military/intelligence and the gang stalking in my case. Hey, I know some people working for the Swiss government! Well, will it make my first confirmation of what caused me to ask political asylum in Switzerland clear with a better proofs?

I can just share their names and facial pics for the example in my case.... and for my safety. And why they want to mention Angie for so many times? I wonder that is also the part of nullification process of some sorts. What they call it in psychology?

04 August, 2012

Friday is to eat fish, but not the fishes from the West Coast

It's pretty amazing to learn how far the Fukushima radiation problem spread already to the US. Watch the video below. I can find some frozen squids from the West Coast in the supermarket and I ate fried fish today. I don't think I'm able to eat fishes from the Pacific Ocean. Well, once in a week or less would be safe for sure.

From: http://www.thetruthbehindthescenes.org/2012/07/21/fishy-catch-fukushima-fins-spotted-on-us-shores/

02 August, 2012

Perpdom in the organization and the local area

Gang stalkers (the police/intelligence informants and gangs) have the dream of perpdom, which is the society dominated by the perpetrators. They control the area and they can act above the law. It's much like the communist or socialist state but these perpetators' activities and freedom are not written as a law to protect them. They have it as the phenomenon in the area. For examples, the Wthites got domination and all the rights against Black in the South before the cancellation of the segregation law. Perpdom is the society that perps control all the people in the area and the Targeted Individuals are like the blacks who don't have any rights against them.

If this happens to an organization, the control officers and security teams can take out any individual or one's right for the security purpose. I think that is quite normal to happen for the cults and some gang groups. It is quite rare in the area as long as the police can draw the line between what these perps can do and what they cannot for their sick surveillance entertainment.

If we say no, that person cannot live in our neighborhood. - That is the motto of the perps. It can be applied in an organization for the cooperate mobbing. In Japan, it is well known that the anti-nuke power activists are harassed and the nuclear plants workers stalked them. That is another form of perpdom. If that happens to an organization, the employees must look like slaves obeying security officers. It is natural for some workers to go through strict security clearance at their workplace. No mobile, no camera, and such, you know. But if they don't set up a rule and try to do the covert surveillance on the certain workers or students, then things is different. I think that is what SJSU had with the police informant students and that might be popular after 911 for harassing the students who are not popular or quiet person who prefer alone reading books instead of going to parties in a group.

So, what the perpdom looks like? It's like what people do in North Korea. They act in a group and think as a group. They obey what their boss says and they hide their own mistake through their mantel of the crowd. Individualism? We have lost it since 911 as all the individual thinkers are targeted for the suspicious thought crimes that these perps would claim as potential threat or even terrorism. I'm just a thought criminal with free mind. Sorry, we got new identity on the democracy which is now replaced as the perpdom identity - the mass power of mobbing against the weak individuals in the society. I'm fine to be the jews or the outcast from the old world view. Hopefully, these perps cannot make their rights as laws while they act like the real danger to the peaceful society.

01 August, 2012

More than coincidence and how to explain it?

The gang stalking victims (TIs) have strange occurances like certain people they know would show up in a strange place. I heard Soka Gakkai might use their friend network to bring someone to their non-Soka member's neighborhood. I heard some Soka victims in Japan writing about the sudden invitation to Soka by a strange coincidences. For example, a man might meet an old friend from his university near his home and the friend might start making a conversation. When they get to know each other as old friends, the friend would introduce the information about Soka Gakkai. Another occassion is a man gets so many misfortunes suddenly and feels stressed out. He might get his bike storen or some strange misfortunes happens to him in his daily life. Then one of his friend might suggest to visit Soka Gakkai where his friend goes to get some motivation. I think that technique can be used by others like the COINTELPRO people for the coincidence like inccident to happen.

I got some problem with Muslims. I don't know why but I saw many Muslims around and they could talk Arabic. I do speak Arabic in intermediate level as I lived in the Middle East area for 1 year duration, enough time to get to be sufficient in the local language. I do speak Croatian and understand a bit of Russian and other Slavic languages due to my staying in post-Yugoslavia for awhile and from the Croatian church events. Someone I know and who works in an embassy once said that Bosnian and Arabic are two most dangerous languages. I do understand them quite well and some others thanks to Bussu.com and other language materials online.

Well, I got some perps who are not sufficient like that much because they are not like someone in exile and traveling around like Jews. I did it as I had nowhere to go for awhile. So, if they are claiming me for whatever the suspicion, it is just a victim blaming. Nowadays, I got some Americans hanging around as observers, so I guess sharing names from my past encounters of certain Americans would be interesting as they might be related with DOD and such. I can simply make the face and name list of American perps and share them like what "Who is the rats" website doing.

The strange encounter example: I talk about a particular country and I meet someone who stayed there. If I talk about my relationship with Switzerland, these perps would bring someone who worked in Switzerland. I got so many people these days to share as the examples including one Catholic priest from Kanton Zürich. Is this coincidence? I don't think so. If they do many coincidences, it looks like a set up to me as the statistics won't tell that's random occurrence. I did the participant observation and the analysis of the frame of reference, so I can tell how the things went in the certain area and how people reacted with some information - hey, I'm wired! Now they gotta pissed off if they said something wrong to me, or I share their humiliation purpose harassment like the hate crime for the Targeted Individuals!!! Leave me alone or your mobbing is shared, and names revealed. Who will win? The victim must be treated with respect. If the frame is a set up, then people would know from the surveillance team connections for the gang stalking.

I have few things to do; I got daily work, I got a poetry book to be published, I need to study some foreign languages for future moving, etc.

Maybe, I just share some Korean and Korean speaking Japanese perps working in München for some example of strange coincidences. I don't know if they are really related with Soka Gakkai, but it seems safe to share the similarity of how Koreans and Japanese Soka Gakkai members showed up in Frankfurt area. It's safe to share information before becoming the victim of.. say Muslim extremists' activities. It's quite sad to see Italian informants going hand and hand with Muslims for the COINTELPRO on a Catholic individual. But that seems the truth of how perps work together for the social assassination. I got one nice vid on a Muslim woman showing up in a beer garden during Ramadan time. She showed up and started complaining about she cannot eat or drink there after ordering a glass of small coke. Say, what a wounderful party crasher, don't you think? There were two women sat in the area right side of me, but they left and she came and settled right next to me. I have been complaining of Muslims showing up near me, and Iman, the Tunisian woman, is a good example to fit in such strange coincidence. I can share her names and her pic for the evidence later, it's published in my FB though. There were 3 Italian women at the table, and one of them seemed to know the Muslim woman. She said Iman can speak Arabic, so I just tried a bit and she recognized Egyptian colloquial.With some beer, I suddenly found the opportunity to enjoy eating meal next to the Muslim who is fasting. Don't complain about she cannot eat or drink when she came to a beer garden. I told her I support Croatia. If you read my blog, you know I'm a big fan of Croatian National Football team. And my damages in Bosnia made me enough reason to hate Muslims. If you are 911 victim, you should have a right to hate Muslims for your PTSD. I think that's what I got from pigeon killing Muslim extremists back there. I don't do anything but I share these suspicious gang stalking Muslim faces and their suspicious activities. Tell me why she showed up next to me and why those Italians were very supportive about her fasting and the conversation was only her talking to others. I did not get why that happened if that was not the common practice to make the social hierarchy in the group. To make it simple, who wants to sit next to a fasting Muslim in a beer garden??? It made my beer not tasty.

When I get enough things to complain, I simply share it online. Who would be messed up? Of course, the gang stalkers because their mobbing is exposed and their true instinct is revealed to the public.