25 February, 2011

Chest pain

I have been suffering from the pain in my right chest since a week ago. I slipped while taking shower and hit the area side of the right rib cage. The pain was massive for few days after the injury. However, it started to become less after few days passed. Walking down the stairs or something to cause my body to shake a bit would give me dull pain in the right chest. Also, holding a backpack or something on my right hand can cause some pain as well. But these are resistible as they are not hard like the first few days.

Somehow, I have another problem in the right chest. I feel a massive pain from my right chest sometimes. It's much like the cramp on the muscle between the rib bones. The pain is just terrible. When it happens, I cannot concentrate on anything but to stop anything to wait for ceasing the pain. The pain for few minutes can make me really tired. When the pain starts, often I have problem of wet coughing and I knew the coughing would give me tremendous pain. While the pain is seriously bad, I can only breath shallowly. The pain starts when I have an appointment or something to do. Because of the pain, I can only move slowly with some rest.

From the pain, I learned the relation of hypnosis and torture. Here are some tips from my notes.
1. massive pain is not useful for the hypnosis as the constant stimuli distracts the hypnosis.
2. dull pain is more effective for the suggestive type hypnosis.
Pain ...(blank/unconscious).. pain..(blank/unconscious)..pain
hypnosis can be given during the interval of blank time
3. the ideal part is the subject is losing one's consciousness or focus due to the tiredness from the pain.
4. Shallow pain combined with the hypnosis.
(shallow pain - not significant enough for the subject to stay away from it)
(hypnosis - suggestion comes with the reward of getting away from the pain)
5. Uncomfotable feeling from the pain distructs the subject to think clealy - thus much easy to adopt the suggestion from the hypnosis such as blaming the environment for the pain. This is like the one cannot focus on one's thought and just follow someone's suggestion/advise. e.g. someone with a broken bone and in a extreme pain, the one would just say yes to the helper who give choices that can result on ceasing the pain.

22 February, 2011




20 February, 2011

Massive Protest in the Arab World; What's next?

Anti-Mubarak protesting to the new ones in Iran and Algeria, the protesting became a daily activity in some of the Arabic countries. The pictures of the protesting in El Tahir square in Cairo has been on the first page of the news papers for few weeks. The governments cannot stop the protesters wondering on the streets nor give them reasonable negotiations to solve the protests. How far will it goes?

One article suggests about the global dominance as the main goal of the government unrest starting from the Arab world. I have seen the Muslims went through the segregation of good Muslims and potentially dangerous. In gang stalking, I have seen Muslims working also with others who look like atheists. These people have no problem claiming the TIs as potential Muslims and unfaithful ones because the TI does not value Islamic laws. I think categorizing the TI as a Muslim makes more funding or easy targeting of the victim. It's like one of the delusion that the perps have on the target; they think the target as criminal or child molester or something potentially dangerous in the society. This situation is like some Jews followed the Nazis movement to stay away from the persecution. The social reform of the Muslims is a part of the strategy of a corporation.

Skeptical as many may be that all of this is being orchestrated by the West, one needs only read the RAND Corporation's 2007 report titled "Building Moderate Muslim Networks" where breathtaking confessions are made to not only reorder the Muslim world according to the West's interests, but how they would follow the same model of "civil society networks" they have already used for decades during the Cold War.(http://www.activistpost.com/2011/02/middle-east-then-world.html)
Probably, the current protesting in the Arab world is to segregate the anti-governmental Muslims and royal ones. Just like how the Western countries segregated the Muslims. If you are a Muslim and attend the protesting, you would be categorized as the potential risk. Everything is recorded by the FBI's Muslim Index for the future use, perhaps. Attending the protesting won't help your life but it can cause more problems in the family level in future.

09 February, 2011

OSAM - Frankfurt Hostel

Here is the video from my January trip to Frankfurt. Lots of gang stalking activities and many Japanese there. I don't know why Soka Gakkai has been showing up though. I had some perps and the typical gang stalking experience.

Military backed up simulated mendal confusion through the hightech weapon

The UFO abductees in several decades ago got implants like RFID and some metal objects. And few decades later, we learned that the small device with coil in it is RFID. If that was really the aliens doing such implanting, they must have some satellite for the monitoring of such people. Normal reaction to these UFO victims of at that time was that they were mentally ill and having delusion.

The first stage is technology to remotely create physical sensations. They give the example of the Active Denial System “people zapper” which uses a high-frequency radiation similar to microwaves as a non-lethal means of crowd control.
Other weapons can affect the nervous system directly. The Pulsed Energy Projectile fires a short intense pulse of laser energy. This vaporizes the outer layer of the target, creating a rapidly-expanding expanding ball of plasma. At different power levels, those expanding plasmas could deliver a harmless warning, stun the target, or disable them — all with pinpoint laser precision from a mile away.
Early reports on the effects of PEPs mentioned temporary paralysis, then thought to be related to ultrasonic shockwaves. It later became apparent that the electromagnetic pulse caused by the expanding plasma was triggering nerve cells.
Details of this emerged in a heavily-censored document released to Ed Hammond of the Sunshine Project under the Freedom if Information Act. Called Sensory consequence of electromagnetic pulsed emitted by laser induced plasmas, it described research on activating the nerve cells responsible for sensing unpleasant stimuli: heat, damage, pressure, cold. By selectively stimulating a particular nociceptor, a finely tuned PEP might sensations of say, being burned, frozen or dipped in acid — all without doing the slightest actual harm.
The skin is the easiest target for such stimulation. But, in principle, any sensory nerves could be triggered. The Controlled Effects document suggests it may be possible to create synthetic imagesto confuse an individual’ s visual sense or, in a similar manner, confuse his senses of sound, taste, touch, or smell.
In other words, it may be possible to use electromagnetic means to create overwhelming ‘sound’ or ‘light’, or indeed ‘intolerable smell’ which would exist only in the brain of the person perceiving them.

Nowadays, the military is creating the weapons that hack the human brain nervous system. For the Targeted Individuals with electronic harassment, it is not anything new. Some people already know how the sudden needle pain to a specific body part feels like. I do have some experience of such strange sensation or sudden problem of my brain activity.

The regular V2K, microwave voice hearing, won't have too much effect. However, when something like the nervous system hacking happens, the person have strange experience of one's brain not functioning. There are two types to make the movement without making the subject to be aware of.
1. V2K subliminal messages persuading or sending the reasoning as the message that the subject thinks as one's own. While the subject's consciousness is focused on the thought/subliminal message, the subject would make the certain action as the part of one's reasoning from the message.
For example, the subject thinks he like to put his key on the sofa while he sat for the coffee break. When he sat down, he would receive the subliminal message persuading him to keep the coffee table in front of him clean although he think he might forget the key if he put it next to him at the sofa. Then he takes away everything on the table to make some space to look clean. He will start thinking about something else such as about the project he is in and these thoughts let him to concentrate on something else than the key. Eventually, he forgets the key on the sofa. The point is that he cannot resist the persuasion that he might forget the key. This is one type of subliminal message to make someone obey the suggestion. A perfect Manchurian Candidate maker and is already used.
2. Brain jacking weapon use. This one is much aggressive like the one noticed in the article. It can cause sudden pass out to the subject. It's like the one loses the function of thinking and make the one to be a passive observer or the passed out to have the sick feeling. I think this one comes with a degree. The light one is like a short period of time hacked. An example is to cause a misspelling of the word while the one types. Also, this is deadly for the artists as their hand muscles can move on unexpected direction to ruin their work. When they try to make a large movement or to keep hacked for a long period of time, the subject will notice the difference. For the large movements or the body area for the hacking is large, the one might feel sudden sickness. It's much like syncope and minor virtigo but when the jacked effect is gone, the feeling will get better. The subject would have the memory that the one was seriously sick at the moment when the one realizes the situation. Also, the one might have the problem of the vision while the one's brain is hacked. However, the typing is a small movement and can be calculated easily by the estimation of the keyboard size. In such case, the one might feel that one's arms to the hands areas are paralyzed. The one cannot feel anything from that area like the feeling of the one's finger touched to the keyboards. When the jacking happens, the one's thought suddenly stops. However, the one can observe one's hand suddenly moves around on the keyboards to form the sentences on the screen. Meanwhile, the one might feel some minor digital sounds like noise coming from the speaker. It's like the feeling of digital noise inside of the body.

In some case, the one can feel such digital pulse from the ear area as if one is very close to the electronic device.

So, how to claim someone mentally ill these days? I know one thing is sure. Psychiatrists have been helping the intelligence for the human experiment like MKULTRA for decades. When someone feels problem like above, there is no other option but to be suggested to see a psychiatrist. Maybe, thinking the opposite would work to figure out who is really mentally ill; if the subject had problem with the government agents or became a whistle-blower before the one started to experience the mental confusion. Well, in MKULTRA and some US Army experiments, the subjects were randomly chosen. So, there would be no answer for finding the false mental problem symptoms in our society.

07 February, 2011

Frankfurt Hostel and gang stalking

I stayed awhile in Frankfurt Hostel when I was in Germany. From the beginning, I saw anti-Japanese Korean girl from UK. The next day was the Japanese middle-age woman persuading me to convert to Soka Gakkai's teaching and asked me to visit the branch. Indeed, there is a branch in Frankfurt. I wonder if that is how Soka Gakkai people is working on harassing the Japanese TIs who often complain about the Soka Gakkai's relation to the gang stalking. This Soka Gakkai woman checked out next day. But she came back on that night and stayed there. Next morning, she tried to give me the Soka Gakkai's periodical. From the first day, I said I'm Catholic. But she tried to persuade me for the conversion. Isn't it against laws in Germany? Well, I'm sharing the information to stay away from the trouble with Soka Gakkai. I believe they are one of Japan's New-New religions that is invented for the CIA's researches like drugs to social control. There is no way I want to convert to something fishy and fanaticism like the woman I met in Frankfurt believing in. Who wants to ask for the conversion to someone with a Bible on one's bed? She talked to me while I was using my computer on my bed and my Bible was next to my computer.

Shall I share some more strange things happened there?
- I met another 4 - 5 Japanese in total there.
- My old German-English dictionary went missing after one Japanese woman in the same room checked out.
- The ambulance parked in front of the hostel entrance, and someone seemed to be corrupted in the nearby pharmacy.
- Next day of the ambulance siting, I saw another ambulance there with three police officers hanging around in front of the hostel entrance.
- Someone left a toy gun under the phone booth.

And there was an Asian man started working there recently. On the day of the check out, he asked me about the problem of finding my name on the database. He asked me my name. I booked online and made the deposit via my credit card. Also, they checked my passport. There is no way on my side to make a mistake on my name misspelled on their database. I was in a female dorm, but the Asian guy said that there is someone with the name Mr. Asuka Goto there. A nice gang stalking skit, isn't it? If it's not a gang stalking, how such funny mistake happens? There are lots of Asian, especially Chinese and Japanese speaking gang stalkers. I wonder how many TIs get similar incidents there.

06 February, 2011

The authority covers the criminal's voice

How often people can hear the true voice from the persons who are thought as committed crimes? When we know someone is a criminal, it is often from the mass media telling the news from the law enforcement.

Law enforcement groups can tell whatever they thought as the motivation or the logic of the crime. I recently watched "72 hours." The decision made by the authority was based on their logic rather than the fact or the truth from the suspect. This is same for some case of mental disease. People can be sent to mental hospitals without having their right to deny what the authority or the person called the police/ambulance claimed.

Often the criminals of the big crime are asked for the psychiatric evaluation. Then the psychiatrists decide the situation. Then their opinions are dropped for the proving their side of the story.

Let's see. I can tell that I never said to be suicidal. Dr. English-Lueck at SJSU concerned such issue and everyone else believed so. Isn't a power abuse by the authority above my position (I was a student) to define what I was? I think there are more crimes going on in the world to give justice to the innocents.

Police interrogation is like the suspect to agree the theory that the detectives created from their delusional mind.
And the psychiatric evaluation is only used to claim someone as mentally ill, no matter what kind of the disease or how the psychiatrist contradicts their report from the actual evidences and other's evaluations.

In this world, everyone is the suspect except the ones working in the law enforcement group. And psychiatrists are the only ones who are sane to evaluate others.
What happens if detectives are to be evaluated by the psychiatrists about their theories of the relationship of the suspect and the crime? They would be evaluated as the stalkers with delusion on the target as potentially dangerous in the society.