23 December, 2010

Merry Xmas!

I'm going to attend the mass tomorrow at one of the most famous church. Probably, Xmas is the only few times that churches get crowded with so many visitors. I like the mass in more simple way like the ones in the morning which only few people can attend. But it would be fun to have a lots of people like the wedding and birthday.
Christmas is the time to celebrate Christ's birth. It must have more people for sharing the joy.

No pictures I can share as I suppose to hide my whereabout for the security reason. Well, perps seem to be on vacation these days anyway.

20 December, 2010

Gang stalking in the churches

I've visited several countries and the local Catholic churches either famous or not famous. Then I found the similar characteristics happened in the churches I went. Perhaps these are some of the characteristics of gang stalking activities in the churches.

  • If the mass is only 2 to 10 people attending, the number of the visitors will be increased from 2 to more than 10 after the TI starts to visit there regularly.
  • The strangers might not Catholics but of other religion such as orthodox or atheists.
  • The people working as cleaners or the church helpers are often involved in the gang stalking.
  • Some of the security guards might be capable of doing gaslighting against the TI - such as speaking about visiting without no companion or something behind of the TI.
  • The TI might be contacted by the strangers who are from different religious group to join the sightseeing together to the church the TI is belongs to. This might be the plan to claim the TI as not the real member of the church.
  • In my case, there is often a person wearing a red clothes or something in red and sit in the front of the church. I don't know why but this happened in several occasions such as a man wearing a red shirt inside of his jacket; a woman wearing a red hat, a short woman wearing a read hat with a red cape.
  • These people wearing the red clothes often stand or walked around me. For example, the short woman sat in front row stood in the line just in front of me at the time of communion and she went back to the back row of the benches after that.
  • When a TI goes into the church, at least one person shows up and stay inside. So, the TI cannot stay alone to feel peace inside of the church anymore.
  • When a TI goes into the church, visitors often start taking pictures with their flashes and beeping sounds on. This might be the perpetrators hoping the TI to act the same as if it is OK to take pictures inside the church like the covert officers trying to act in the crime and expecting an innocent citizen will do the same and they can catch the crime.
  • The mass might have a new event when the TI attends. In my case, I have Padre Pio's clothes segment sealed in the small paper. When I went to a church and waited for the mass, someone came and put the notice on the artist's painting canvas. The notice said the rosary praying and the mass is the teaching of Father Pio. Then there was some leaflets about the saints and the small papers with the Padre Pios clothes segment sealed into it. I picked the new relics included paper, so that I can give it to someone as I received the first one from someone else. It was the only mass on that day with such event about Padre Pio. And the night before, I was reading the prayer on the paper with the relics sealed in it.
Does the Church under the control of the gang stalkers? The situation reminds me of the warning of the priests would be fired in the chapter 3 of Jack London's The Iron Heel. As a reminder, SJSU and other universities helping and funded by the government and their covert operations won't teach you what's wrong with the society or how they ignore it. University counselors, university police officers, university professors, faculty members, and so on, are to help the university as the part of the machine. Thus the students are to be exploited.

15 December, 2010

Croatians as the model Catholics

Latest in the history, the Virgin Mary showed up to Croatian speaking people in Medjugorje where Muslim population around the area have been killed in the religious conflict in the war. As far as we know, the Virgin Mary is supporting Christians who survived the resent "holy war." I don't think the war and the crusading against the people believing in different religions are what she wants for the Christians to do. However, the case of Medjugorje is very interesting for all the Catholics because she might be helping to keep the situation not to get to worse; like to remind Croatians to stay away from committing sins. It's nice the Pope is concerned about Croatians and their faith in Catholicism.

A couple of days ago the Pope made a surprise reference to yet another controversial subject - Medjugore The Holy See, two days ago in a talk to the general audience, specifically acknowledged the Medjugorje parish and he encouraged the faithful from Medjugorje to be "evangelizers of God’s love in your nation". Not so surprising, the Catholic press, ignored the the Pope's reference to an event that has moved millions of Catholics into a deeper relationship with Christ.
Two days ago at the end of the general audience, during part of the greeting of groups in different languages, the Pope addressed the Croatian crowd of pilgrims: “I greet all Croatian pilgrims,and especially those from the parish of St James, Medjugorje!Your pilgrimage to Rome is part of the way of preparation for the coming of the Lord. Therefore, in hope, be evangelizers of God’s love in your nation. May God bless you.” Benedict was very particular in emphasising and including the pilgrims from St James parish in Medjugorje. Reasons for doing this remain unclear.

11 December, 2010

Human trafficking inside Japan

Japan is one of the country where citizens are target of human trafficking. While gang stalkers are engaged on the stalking and mobbing on the targeted individuals, the Japanese police ignores the reports and often suggests them to pay a visit to mental institutions which can drive the victims' true claim ignored easier by categorizing them to be mentally disturbed people. Who will listen seriously to someone who is visiting a mental hospital?

Here is the fact about human trafficking in Japan.

Internal Trafficking
Japan has a significant amount of internal trafficking of women and girls who are trafficked for sexual exploitation.3

The Japanese Government
The Japanese Government was placed in Tier 2 in the 2007 U.S. Department of State’s Trafficking in Persons Report for not fully complying with the Trafficking Victims Protection Act’s minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking but making significant efforts to do so.

The Criminal Code, Labor Standards Law, the Prostitution Prevention Law, the Child Welfare Law, and the Law for Punishing Acts Related to Child Prostitution and Child Pornography criminalize different types of human trafficking in Japan. Under the criminal code, traffickers can be sentenced up to seven years of imprisonment.4

In 2006, the Japanese government arrested 78 suspected traffickers, prosecuted 17 cases, and convicted 15 traffickers with penalties ranging from one to seven years and suspended sentences. There were two prosecutions for labor trafficking in 2006.5

Trafficking victims are placed in existing subsidized shelters for victims of domestic violence. The shelters have been criticized for not offering counseling in languages other than Japan.6 The government also pays for the victims’ health care and subsidizes repatriation through the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The Japanese Government does not adequately identify all trafficking victims and sometimes classify them as criminals. According to Polaris Project Japan, there were fewer victims identified and assisted by Japanese authorities in 2006. IOM stated that they helped repatriate 50 trafficked women with the government’s support.7

The Japanese government disseminated 500,000 copies of a brochure in many languages for trafficking victims seeking help and 25,000 that describe the link between prostitution and sex trafficking. The government donated $2 million to the ILO for anti-trafficking efforts in Thailand and the Philippines.8

08 December, 2010

Japan is not yet a democratic country

I heard there was a protesting in Tokyo for complaining of subjective investigation by the police. The gathering was over 2500 people. The detectives in Japan can tackle down the target and claim him or her for the assault on themselves to make him or her jailed. 99% of the suspects in Japan are found guilty because they will be locked up in jail without having opportunity of proving their innocence by their own. The lawyers will cost a lot, and they are not available always. Meanwhile, the police can use as many people as possible for creating any hypothesis and keep the suspect in the investigation session till the suspect becomes exhausted physically and mentally to agree on the hypothesis. It's much like the witch investigation in the middle ages. It's nice I am away from such a police state. Or I would be falsely claimed as prostitute, shoplifter, sex-offender, pedophilia with the help of the people who are willing to make false witness for the tips from the police officers and victim supporting organizations.



――― 異例といえば、五日には東京・日比谷公園で、市民団体による、検察の在り方に

05 December, 2010

I might be off writing blog till the end of next week.

I moved to a new place and I got limited time for the Internet. I might have more time after December 14th. I will move to another location again, so that place might have better Internet connection.

I'm doing fine. I found out gang stalking has some cultural difference based on the area and countries. I will be busy till the end of this year. Then I will travel to another place somewhere totally new yet the place seems safer for the people who are falsely persecuted by the gang stalkers' false witnessing and their use of the police/army level non-lethal weapon (microwave /acoustic weapons) against the victims.

When I have time, I will publish the information I learned about gang stalking in several countries. I probably have some time in next week for quick gathering, but editing will take some more time. If I can finish it before Xmas, it will be a good Xmas gift for the victims.

02 December, 2010

New place

I moved away from where I lived. This new place has the Internet connection but I cannot use it my computer plugged. So, I have limited time on the Web based on the battery life. I have been using this computer for 3 years, but now it seems to have less battery life. I don't know why but it seems to have the limit less than 1 hour.

I might be able to spend more time on writing and other things. When I browse the Internet, I cannot do any work.

Here, I have experience strange electronic device related strange incidents. For example, when I tried to take a picture in front of a church, the picture using the timer turned out all white. I tried three times, and all the results were the same. Then I tried to take a picture while holding the camera on my hand, the photo was fine. And some times, my computer does not charge properly. I left my computer plugged for few hours, but it was only charged to 55%. Then I started using the computer and kept it charged, the battery got full in about one hour.

27 November, 2010

Acupuncture for malfunctioning brain activities. I figured out the small dots above eyelids happened when I was in El Camino Hospital looks like larger needle of acupuncture. I don't know the relation of Dr. Charles Lou and his human experiment on me there. But I guess this information seems much likely related with EH... than simply mimicking lobotomy using needles instead of an ice pick. The dots located in the similar place as the man in the picture - like the one above his left eyelid. Can anyone know what it does? Is it because of Dr. Charles Lou, the occupational therapist Jennifer from Hong Kong needed to help their acupuncturist friend's human experiment?


23 November, 2010

Organ sales in Iraq

Look! It's just like Auschwitz! This time, they are doing more use of the body than wasting them. Human history repeats and we commit same mistakes again and again.. The photo is from organ mafia's factory in Iraq.

22 November, 2010

How perps apploaches to the people around a TI.

I have seen many Koreans and Chinese recently on streets and buildings I visit. Is this a tourism season? I don't really have any discriminating feeling toward them. I don't mind to talk with them nor be friends. If you know my social networks for TIs, I do have some Koreans and Chinese victims I contact with. What I don't like is that Korean and Chinese perps trying to make up suspicion on me for something, so that Japanese perps can use it as the evidence of me as a spy of these countries. Project Chatter was on the run to apply human experiments on people with suspicion of foreign spies. This reasoning seems to be still used on the target for rationalizing the moral and other humanitarian conflicts.

In another scenario is that Korean and Chinese informants can offer the search for me with the possibility of Korean or Chinese. When I went to a government office for some paper work, I was asked if I'm Chinese or not. I'm fine with Chinese still getting problem traveling around even their GDP and industrial advance. It's China's problem, and not me as a Japanese. The problem is that if someone from China or Korea making up a claim of me to do the search as if they are looking for any evidence of me as the citizen from their nations. What they can get is the information about me. Weak Japanese government cannot do anything to protect one's own citizens but help Korea and China do whatever they want. The Japanese Public Safety would love to get help from Korean and Chinese because they don't care about Japanese citizens who are not beneficial for the national interest of the US or the Japanese (anti-national) politicians.

Maybe, the people helping Koreans and Chinese perps might have some reasoning provided by them such as I'm racist and hating Korean or Chinese. But that's only the illusion made by themselves. Stereotyping and nullification is the propaganda often used for achieving a goal for their own purpose.

Chinese, Koreans, and the CIA go hand in hand. Project QKHILLTOP is the past and now all are allies for brain researches and human experiments.

Do I need to provide more reasons why I, as a Japanese, stay away from Koreans and Chinese more then one; political concern? Some Japanese were kidnapped to North Korea and Japanese government denied it for long time. If I ride a bus for a long trip and a Korean girl with similar physique as I sat next to me, I care about my passport not to be stolen while I am asleep. And the Korean girl and I were only Asians in the bus. I did not talk with her at all because of the suspicion. She were talking with an middle age native man who claim to be working at a hotel in a resort area. Human tracking by Koreans? This is from my true story. I am aware of perpetrators who are from Korea and China. It does not make myself to be racist at all. I care about the victims from these countries as much as others who are suffering around the world.

By the way, how often people find a scarf very similar design and almost identical color owned by one's friend? I bought mine in Hungary in case I might need a scarf to stay away from the trouble in an Arabic country. I saw someone using it on one's shoulder recently. Is it trying to claim me as a potential Muslim? If that was an anchoring and Christians do not like Muslims or potential Muslims from their imagination, why don't they show it much openly toward real Muslims rather than another Christian? By harassing another Christian makes me only to feel closer to Jesus who were persecuted by the people and ignored by his students. Corruption of the church comes from the political conflict and manipulations by the police informants through COINTELPRO.

20 November, 2010

How long can you keep the friendship in FarmVille? Forever?

Last 2 weeks, I way playing FarmVille (FV) through the FaceBook. I found some interesting things about the game that cannot be found by only reading the online guides.

If I have time, I might create my own guide from what I learned by myself. But here are two of the interesting things I learned recently. I might share more about the game from my point of view.

1. The player can level up to the same level and is able to post the Level up information to one's FB page. The trick is to use helping neighbors to excess the level requirement.

2. FV keeps the friend data from FB even after the player delete the specific friend from FB. Although you are not friend with that person on FB, you can keep the neighbor relationship in FV with the ex-friend. It seems the player needs to delete the neighbor manually to delete the relationship. In the first page, the player would see the current friends in FB. However, after checking neighbor screen, the player can get the old neighbors back. These are from my own experience.

My concern is that Zynga introduced so many unique items as the limited edition and the reading time seems to be getting longer after the updating the software. I hope they have a long term plan for these limited editions that can cause more time for loading into the players' farms.

Since I cannot delete my farm by deleting the application from FB, so I decided to keep my farm and everything I got for FV. I might check it once in a while to see the seasonal events for fun. I did not do anything to find above glitches at all. They are from my pure curiosity.

19 November, 2010

TSA is the dream place for molesters and sex offenders.

Reading an article made me to think about the differences between TSA officers and molesters. From now on, everyone seems to be taking an airplane would go through a sexual assault.

She scanned the formula, then turned to me and said, “Remove your shoes and stand on that black mat for a patdown.”

I said, “OK, what do I do with the baby?”

“You cannot be holding him.” (I am traveling alone.)

So I placed him into his stroller. She instructed me, “Spread your feet apart and hold your arms out to the side.” I obliged.

She patted my left arm, my right arm, my upper back and my lower back. She then said, “I need to reach in and feel along the inside of your waistband.”

She felt along my waistline, moved behind me, then proceeded to feel both of my buttocks. She reached from behind in the middle of my buttocks towards my vagina area.

She did not tell me that she was going to touch my buttocks, or reach forward to my vagina area.

She then moved in front of my and touched the top and underneath portions of both of my breasts.

She did not tell me that she was going to touch my breasts.

She then felt around my waist. She then moved to the bottoms of my legs.

She then felt my inner thighs and my vagina area, touching both of my labia.

She did not tell me that she was going to touch my vagina area or my labia.

She then told me that I could put my shoes on and I asked if I could pick up the baby, she replied Yes.

She then moved back to my belongings to finish scanning them with the paper discs for explosives. When she finished she said I was free to go.

I stood there holding my baby in shock. I did not move for almost a minute.

I stood there, an American citizen, a mom traveling with a baby with special needs formula, sexually assaulted by a government official. I began shaking and felt completely violated, abused and assaulted by the TSA agent. I shook for several hours, and woke up the next day shaking.

Here is why I was sexually assaulted. She never told me the new body search policy. She never told me that she was going to touch my private parts. She never told me when or where she was going to touch me. She did not inform me that a private screening was available. She did not inform me of my rights that were a part of these new enhanced patdown procedures.


How about an option of a safety bar to stuck to the seat like riding a roller coaster? When the passenger needs to go to the bathroom or take something out from the luggage stored above their seat, the flight attendant will release the bar for them. That way, only few people can move around with the supervision of the flight attendants.

I don't really like the option of either becoming the victim of terrorists or the victim of TSA officers.

16 November, 2010

Uranium is used in Iraq, Gaza Strip, and Lebanon

Health problems from the radiation is primary reason why people should escape war-zone in the recent wars. Some journalists and photographers would make some fortune from their works in the war zone. Solders have no choice but to battle in war zone where they are assigned. In a long term, visiting war zone or living in war zone would cause health problem for sure. Who suffers from the radiation is not only themselves but also their children and the people who will live in the area.

There is an organization protesting to demand the data of nuke use in Iraq.

The protest, organized by the UK Uranium Weapons Network (UUWN) outside the US Embassy in London, said that the US military had used at least 400 tons of munitions containing depleted uranium in Iraq during the 1991 and 2003 wars.
More over, the article says that it might be done in Gaza Strip and Lebanon.

The number of cancer patients and birth defects linked with depleted uranium weapons are on the rise across Iraqi cities and towns, according to media reports.

Medics have also found traces of depleted uranium munitions used by the Israeli army during its invasion of the Gaza Strip and Lebanon.

Israel has also defied UN demands to map out the areas in Lebanon where its army had used cluster bombs.

I think there must be some regulation for the uranium use in the war. If it is about bombs left after the war, the country responsible for it will help to take out the remained ones. Land mines are also the same. Radiation cannot be wiped out easily, however the country responsible for the cause or the WHO may do something else such as materials that reduces the effect from the radiation.

15 November, 2010

Islamic holiday season

I don't know anything about Muslim more than what I can learn from Wikipedia and website criticizing their religions, but I learned another thing recently. They have holidays for killing sheep and today to few days are for this year. Schools, offices, and many places are closed. Thus, I got nothing much to do.

Maybe, this holiday season would be good for Christians living in Arabic countries prepare for the big event in the next month; Xmas. I'm spending sometime for learning new things and communicating with others for the improvement of gang stalking / electronic harassment problems. I spent more time for the study for last couple months, so I might spend next few days for these issues again. There are many things I want to do, but I don't have time for everything.

Perhaps by the beginning of the next year, I might have more information about GS/EH. Everything seems to be working quite good except some changes for my schedules. I hope I have some quiet time to wait for Xmas in next month. I think I have chance to visit churches during the Xmas season.

By the way, I have not see any Japanese nor suspicious people with strange logo since the past few posts.

13 November, 2010








I have seen Japanese frequently since the day I met two Japanese men at the church. Yesterday night, I saw to Japanese women walking on the street when I was walking to the church at night. Today, I saw two Japanese again when I went out to the food court in a shopping mall. I saw an Asian woman with a man near the entrance of the mall. When I went to the food court, two Japanese women around 20 years old appeared. These 2 women and I were only Asians in the food court. So, I guess, that's a quite a coincidence. The full details about the incident and the monkey-like behavior of these two women was written in Japanese above.

12 November, 2010

Anchoring tactics going on since yesterday

I mentioned about a strange logo wearing man. Today, I only went out to a restaurant because recent FarmVille study killing my time and I need more time for studying. Hopefully, that study would be going mild as I found out a way to keep things going for constant leveling up with less effort per a day. By the way, my aim of that study is for learning the behavioral and emotional changes from addiction. Since I don't have any addiction like alcohol, nicotine, nor even caffeine, I tried to see how addictive net-gaming would work on me. It would be beneficial for me to know how people get addicted on something so that I can compare that states with persuasion through remote hypnosis. If you are interested to see a part of my study, it's available at my page - the crucial parts are not there.

So, about today. I went to a restaurant to grab a meal. I was aware that perps would go there and the place would be cloudy no matter when I go. When I walked close to the restaurant, I saw 4-5 people walking into the restaurant. So, I passed it once. Then I passed a man who was murmuring something and looking at me.
I was thinking to go to another restaurant, but again changed my mind and decided to choose something randomly than thinking a particular meal. When I was close to the restaurant, I saw another 4-5 people walking in. This time, I saw the people I saw when I first passed by the restaurant walked out. I saw a police officer showed up and walked by in front of the restaurant. He seems to be a friend of a young clerk working there.

I ordered something that I utterly try. The 4-5 people seemed to be around and waiting behind of me there.

After I got my meals and left there and started walking on the street, I saw a man wearing "Akihabara" T-shirt just passed me and started walking in front of me. Here is the picture of him as I thought that was quite interesting to see. And mention the man behind him holding a hand of a child. When I tried to take the photo of the T-shirt logo, suddenly some children and adults with children appeared around him. The perps have quite good number in this area.

The T-shirt logo anchoring might be starting from something strange first and then it might drive the target to be aware of other logos. For me, if I did not see the logo of yesterday, I would just think it as a coincidence. If it goes on for at least once a day, it would cause a psychological sensitization against it.

And if a TI does not know how the one gets anchoring again and again, and only takes pictures, the one might be claimed for stalking strangers or their friends, isn't he? I did not follow the man with the logo today nor yesterday, and they showed up around the time when I was walking on that direction and passed me. That is the trick the stalkers use and their cunningness for claiming the TI as stalking them. Random-looking coincidences are just a set up of their tactics.

I think going together to a store or a restaurant is a typical technique to make the place clouded. It happened in a pizza restaurant in Croatia and at that time I did not enter and a man inside showed up and started threatening me because of my T-shirt logo for the rival football team.

11 November, 2010

Who wants to wear this jacket?

I haven't seen any special anchoring these days to record. Only strange coincidences just usual for TIs. I found out a man living in the same place since the time of World Cup. If there is suspicious person near me for any strange thing happens in where I live, he might be considered as a possible perp. And I have seen people showing up from stores and trying to tell me how to get to the place I was heading before I asking them. I can share more information about specific incidents and tendency of anchoring here later.

I think the perps seem to get funding recently, so they are capable of working the regular stuffs like anchoring and such. It has been started since few days ago. I don't know what was the problem they had as the blank time. V2K perps said that they had no more funds and were quiet for a week or so. The things changed after I talked with 2 Japanese men recently. They said that they are students in Italy, but they had time to travel around at this time of the year. I met them at a church, and I don't know what was the reason 2 Buddhists staying in a church convent. They told me that they are non-religious but they say they are Buddhists for the convenience when people ask them about their religion. I don't see why they are traveling Arabic country while they are looking for a job. They seemed to have no particular travel plan for sightseeing.

Like today, I found someone with quite strange jacket logo. He was walking ahead of me and seems to be a type of anchoring. Using certain logo for psychological anchoring is very common tactics in gang stalking. I think his logo is a good example for explaining the gang stalking situation. Here is the jacket.

Now, think about who wants to buy a jacket with such stupid logo on its back? Do you want to wear it when you go out? Why people want to buy a logo saying "It IS as bad as you think and they ARE out to get you."? And what personality of a person wants to buy one like this? Also, it's quite rare to find such logo on clothes.

10 November, 2010

Commercialization of NGOs

NGOs suppose to help the people who are often oppressed in the society or environmental issues that no company is interested because of the lack of the profits.

NGOs are actually a gold mine for the employees once they can keep it rolling. The first motivation of the founder might be from humanity, but the people who supports the organization might have different motivations, to find a stable work.

Commercialization of the NGOs are good for the informants. It's the same for the cults and certain companies. They can remain invisible as informants there while they can do their primary work as a sub task.

When Earthquake or other natural disasters occur, people are asked to donate money and things for the victims. Also, there are constant donation asking for the children and the poor people in the Third World. But the truth is that the donation helps the organization to pay the wages for their employees. Other money would be used for the political issues.

The people donated money do not know how much money they actually collected and how much went disappeared. Also, the people do not know how the workers treat the subject of what they must care for.

For instance, if the intelligence wants to use the money collecting system for funding a covert operation, it can do it. For the CIA, it could be cleaner source than selling cocaines and other drugs like Gary Webbs discovered for the Contra War.

When the workers are only interesting on keeping their jobs done for the earning, they do not have to do anything to improve the situation for the people in need or the environment.

I think this system works in election of politicians as well. The public officers do not have to care about the functionality of the voting, but they care about their job done. What happened to the e-voting in the US? Didn't some voters' miss the chance for voting? No body cared that one. And no body will care if it happens again in future. Everyone already knows that the one that will support Bush's NWO plan will continue the policy making without change.

08 November, 2010

Citizens to spy on each other, suggested by Napolitano

Now we have much clear evidence that our world has once become Communist like place. There is no clear explanation on what to be noticed or how to keep human and privacy rights. If someone is worried one's neighbor whose ethnicity is of minorities and has not a good social status, will the person capable to sniff around one's neighbor for one's conspiracy? How about a white neighborhood and one black household? This can be at school or work as well. If there is only one or two students from certain ethnic background or one's hobby is not social, can concerned teachers, students, and even parents keep an eye on the suspicious students? That's communism. And if they started to terminate them, it's Nazism. We need to learn from our history how to change the human abuse.

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia (Reuters) – Regular citizens around the world need to realize they can play a big role in thwarting terrorist attacks, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Saturday.

"They will be the ones that notice something in the neighborhood, see something on the street," she told a panel at an international forum hosted by the German Marshall Fund public policy group.


My suggestion is that we need to monitor the police and intelligence activities in the neighborhood. That way, we can avoid MKULTRA-type human testing on an individual or a group. Second is the exposure of the bullying and other form of abuse done by the group to an individual. Ms. Napolitano's suggestion can revive witch hunting in 21st Century. If we are more humanist than the time of our grand grand fathers, we should help these individuals in the way they can be accepted in the society rather than ridicule them and taking them out in the name of social justice.

Have you ever thought that the 24/7 surveillance can cause psychiatric injury? How about a suspicion on something that the one does not commit? Police officers and their informants can make up any suspicion on someone as that is their job to get promoted and keep their system working.

In our society, there are people already thought as suspicious as they are on the black list; Terrorist Index, Communist Index, Extremist Index, etc. And the people on the list cannot prove their innocence nor the reason why they are thought as suspicious. FBI would say that they can make anyone in the world suspicious using COINTELPRO techniques.

What I don't understand is that why no body suggests people to prove their innocence rather than causing everyone to be guilty. Ever increasing suspicion only cause the list to be inefficient. We all know that infants and kids are listed on the no-fly list. Ms. Napolitano's suggestion only cause to create more inefficient list. Some innocent individuals might be sent to prison because of the discrimination in the neighborhood by the community watch funded organized false witness system. Prisons are already full. Will you join the public lynching of the suspicious person for trying to avoid tax increase from keeping prisoners?

02 November, 2010

Save Sakineh - She will be executed today!

Today, November 3rd, Sakineh Ashtiani would be executed. If you want to do any effort to save her, sign the petition to the authorities who are influential to the Iranian government to stop the execution, check out the website below.

24 Hours to Save Sakineh

30 October, 2010

FBI (Fronteer Borderless Intelligence)


FBIは、それまで各州単位でしか管轄できなかった犯罪捜査や容疑者の逮捕および犯罪・テロ行為の事前予防に必要とされる一切の活動 をアメリカ全土ひいてはその植民地において無制限に行うことのできる権限を最大限に生かして「白は黒であり、疑わし きは即ち罰すべし」という基本方針のもと、気に入らない相手に好き勝手したりその秘密を窺って覗いてみたりするのが主たる任務 であり、また、それらの挑発に我慢できなくなった容疑者が我慢しきれず暴発し、暴れ出したらこれ幸いとばかり罠にかけ、まんまと血祭りに上げて鬱憤を晴らすのである。それらの本音をオブラートに包み隠したキレイゴトが、公的な使命 として3箇条にまとめられている。

  1. 他国からの諜報機関およびテロリストの活動を未然に防ぐこと。
  2. 国内 外のあらゆる機関に対する指揮権を発揮し、好き勝手に振る舞うこと
  3. 利用者からの公的要求に対してアンサイクロペディア法を都合よく解釈し、彼らを言いくるめること。

28 October, 2010



「The Academy of National Self-Defense Forces in Japan studies the use of parapsychological phenomena that may be employed by the intelligence. The Institute of Religious Psychology is also working on the problem there. 」




Crime Increased in the US.

It is not a surprise that the crimes in the US has been increasing. In Iraq, many people were murdered and categorized as the enemy force without proper reason. When these solders came back and retired from the army, they would be wondering on the street if they cannot find a job. Also, homeless has been increased in the US. They would look for another way to get minimum things they need for their daily lives. Then what they do? They probably join a local gang as gangs does not have a minimum wages for the recruitment.

#7 U.S. authorities claim that there are now over 1 million members of criminal gangs operating inside the United States. According to federal statistics, these 1 million gang members are responsible for up to 80% of the violent crimes committed in the U.S. each year.
Then what happens more gangs are actively working on their crimes? It helps to increase the number of the victims.
#12 Each year, one out of every five people in the U.S. is victimized by crime. No other nation on the planet has a rate that is higher.
(same as the above resource)
Organized gangs are the cause of the crimes, why can people deny about organized stalkers? These people are from the same root. They work internationally and engage in small crimes against their target.

Americanization helps countries to follow the American standards and its culture, we must be aware that this could happen in our countries. In Mexico, the local cops cannot fight back the drug mafias because of the lack of budget for wages and other means.

26 October, 2010

Sacramento Firefighter got RFID implanted in his tooth.

Check out this video. Nowadays, firefighters are getting implanted with RFID. Such covert operations are used to be of the problem for the UFO abductees. Let's imagine how many people in California got chipped already by visiting dentist for root canal work.

When you got chipped, you will hear hissing high pitched noise from right side, just above of your right ear. This man had same experiment and figured it as some sort of electronic device because of the noise. There are devices that does not require to make any noises at all. When you are capable to hear the Hum like sound, it is the time the V2K people are capable of listening to your thoughts. The white noise might be only to cause the subject to wonder about the noise hearing. It would help the one to go to a psychiatrist's office for the strange problem. Indeed, it's a problem of the implant, not the psychological issue.

I hope people visiting El Camino Hospital are aware of such implants, as I was falsely claimed to be mentally ill just like MKULTRA victims. I don't know what I got implanted on my body at the hospital at all.

23 October, 2010

Wikileaks Iraq Death Map and Data

If you have not check out the long-waited Wikileak's Iraq data, try Guardian. It got the map and data available for download.

Wikileaks Iraq: data journalism maps every death

I can tell some useful tips from the data.
  1. The death occurs mostly in the cities and along the road. In other words, civilians might get killed while they were in the crowded area.
  2. The cause of death shows what to be avoid for the survival. This could be useful for the people to stay safe when they are accidentally in a war zone. The three largest causes of death are: murder, IED Explosion, and both direct and indirect fire.
  3. Civilians were mostly murdered or assassinated. I don't know how to tell the differences of them though.
By the way, do you know how Muslims fight against other Muslims? They believe others are believing in something else. Like saying the enemies are believing in different religion. Even among Christians, perps believe like that way for engaged in gang stalking without getting ethical problem from their faith. Muslims are quite easy for manipulation by the group; through the media and by the religious leaders.

The 4th PSYOP Group began broadcasting the "VOICE OF THE GULF" radio network on 19 January 1991. It operated continuously through 1 April 1991 with more than 210 hours of live broadcasting and 330 hours of prerecorded programs. A total of 2072 news items were aired along with 189 PSYOP messages. The VOICE OF THE GULF network consisted of a 50 KW AM transmitter located at Abu Ali, Saudi Arabia broadcasting on AM 1134; a 10KW AM transmitter located at Qaisumah, Saudi Arabia broadcasting on AM 1179; a 1KW FM transmitter located at Qaisumah, Saudi Arabia broadcasting on FM 87.5 and two Volant Solo EC-130 aircraft of the 193rd Special Operations Group broadcasting on AM 690 and FM 88.5 and 87.9.
The psychological and informational warfare campaign continued. Iraqex, a public relations firm set up by the Washington D.C. based Lincoln Alliance Corporation, hired Sunni religious scholars to persuade Sunnis in the Anbar Province to participate in Iraq’s national election, and retained the services of four Sunni religious scholars to help with U.S. propaganda campaigns.
It's an irony that the people caring for the freedom like the journalists are getting killed and harassed in Iraq. On the other hand, rich and successful scholars makes themselves easily to identify that they are hired by the US government. I hope what Wikileaks shared helps to bring a real freedom to Iraq in future.

20 October, 2010

What happens if students are allowed to get armed on campus?

I found this article very disturbing. The authority can decide who to arm themselves on campus while the real reason of the need to be armed is not clearly stated.

Texas legislators plan to push a law that would permit college students to carry concealed weapons on campus, citing the Virginia Tech incident in 2007 when a disturbed young Asian man shot and killed 32 unarmed fellow students in one morning before committing suicide.

That story was never fully explored regarding the man’s strange background and the true reasons that he mercilessly attacked students. But what is known is that police were woefully tardy in responding and many lives would have been spared if at least some students had been armed, as campus concealed-weapons advocates argue.

State Sen. Jeff Wentworth and Rep. Joe Driver are sponsoring the measure to allow students who meet certain conditions to be armed. Since the Virginia Tech incident, several copycat attackers have been stopped by armed students.
My concern is that the students working as the undercover officers and informants would receive the permit for the firearms on campus for their self-protection. Meanwhile, their victims treated as potential threat or criminals would remain unarmed. I'm talking about the gang stalking victim who are stalked by the informants and private level concerned students. They first put a suspicion on their target and harass the one till something happens such as the one commit suicide, or get mental problem from their harassment, or engage in a crime to get away from the condition.

I think the Virginia Tech massacre would be a good example for showing availability of firearms on campus can cause problem. The South Korean origin suspect might be a victim of gang stalking. What I can learn from the Wikipedia article is that Seung-Hui Cho, the lone gunner, was blamed of stalking 2 female students before he was asked by the school to seek counseling.
In 2005, Cho was accused of stalking two female students. After an investigation, a Virginia special justice declared Cho mentally ill and ordered him to attend treatment.[3] Lucinda Roy, a professor and former chairwoman of the English department, had also asked Cho to seek counseling.
I don't know what happened to these two female students, but if Cho was trying to claim them for the gang stalking on him but he was blamed as the stalker by the FBI's famous Snitch Jacket technique and the gender-based stereotyping, I can imagine that how he got furious about the injustice.

Now, let me repeat what happened to me from SJSU experience. In Spring 2006, I filed a sexual harassment case to the Ombudsman and Dr. English-Lueck, the chairwoman of Anthropology department suggested me to talk with Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen, the director of SJSU counseling services. As David Lawson says in his book, cause stalking victims are often claimed as mentally ill while such psychological damage was the result from the stalking and other form of harassment by the cause stalkers. I never thought of suicidal, but Dr. English-Lueck concerned about it and was documented as suicidal and danger to others by the witness in Santa Clara Valley Medical Center on October 16th, 2006. It was the day I brought the gang stalking issue to the local Homeland Security Office in San Jose to ask help. When a TI tries to seek help, the one is always treated as mentally ill. Meanwhile, the authorities including the law enforcement ignore to investigate on the gang stalking. I never had any suicidal thoughts while filing the case to Equal Opportunity Services and the Homeland Security, but the psychiatrists made up a story of me saying something suicidal. Who is paranoia in the real world? I'm quite sure that Cho was a TI because gang stalkers often claim themselves to keep an eye on someone mentally unstable. If he had a long history of mental problem, he is pretty much like an ideal figure for stalking by the gang stalkers.

I'm telling the pattern of how American universities treat minority students. Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen would say "you are none of American citizen." Thus, the foreign students can be used for the covert human experiment by the psychiatrists.

Now I can tell Dr. English-Lueck is a real lier. If I'm really dangerous or suicidal, then how could I survive to be this long, 4 years, from her claim of me as suicidal? Because of her claim, I was documented as suicidal and dangerous. Isn't it much natural to believe the witness and Dr. English-Lueck lied? If I'm really violent, I would not visit SJSU UPD, the Equal Opportunity Office, the Homeland Security, the ombudsman for asking help from the stalking by the students who moved into my apartment and I was sometimes followed from the garage to my apartment. Then I learned sharing perp information is better than asking help in the law enforcement agencies because they ignore the case. Perhaps they cannot stop the harassment by their own informants and local extremists.

I'm curious about the situation in Virginia Tech. They would increase the security yet the informants are harassing other victims till they cause a social trouble. If they increase the security with armed informants, they would start shooting students by claiming that the students started the shooting. If the students were dead, we see the same situation going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. The solders kill civilian first, and then put some arms next to their dead bodies to claim them as the militants.

Conclusion: if you can attend universities online, why do you want to visit the actual campus? You might be killed by the random shooting by the students. If you want to talk with a professor or another student, you can do it online as well.

18 October, 2010

Was Al-Qaeda a pro-Palestine organization?

After watching this YouTube video, I thought if the 911 delayed Israel for putting much strict policy on Palestine. September 23rd, 2001, was for the Jewish leaders around the world to discuss about the battles against Palestine.

10 October, 2010

If you have a Muslim relative somewhere on the Earth, you would be on the watch list

In retrospect, I think my car had something strange also. When I brought my car to a regular checkup on September 2006, the mechanic said I needed to leave it to them for few days for the maintenance. I knew the mechanic, Peter, and other Vietnamese immigrants working at the gas station near Japan Town in San Jose. But when I went there to pick up my car, the old female worker told me about how I would be fine in Japan with my parents and friends to support me. I did not know why she started telling me something like that. But it could be something they knew about the gang stalkers (informants) doing to my car.

I had gang stalking problem like students followed me to my apartment from the 4th St garage across from SJSU. One time was that 2 females were in an old car and followed me to the parking lot behind the apartment. When I parked my car, the students' car just made a U-turn and went back.

I enjoyed reading this article. I know Mission College as some of my old friends went there and graduated from there. Probably, more foreign students' cars would be tracked by the FBI and the Americans are paying for all the costs from their tax. I don't know if the FBI is only targeting Muslims for tracking, but I think whistlebrowers and student activists would get the tracking devices in the same way.

According to Wired, Afifi's father, who was a Muslim community association president in Santa Clara, died in Egypt last year. It's not clear whether the FBI's interest in Rafifi has to do with his father's prominent role in the community.

Rafifi says FBI agents contacted an ex-roommate about him six months ago. He says he knows he is on a government watch list, as he is frequently pulled aside for extra screening at airports. But he said the FBI told him their investigation of him was effectively over.


By the way, I don't have any relative who is Muslim. I only have one cousin who married with American woman and another cousin who married with a Chinese woman. My families are Buddhist while I'm a Catholic. Nothing suspicious to be like a Muslim at all. From the article, it seems people having a Muslim relative would be on the watch list by the FBI. I wonder how far it goes. Do they only count the Muslims visiting Mosques in the US and their relatives, or do they also counting on Muslims abroad? This would be another reason you should not get involved with Muslims, or you would get a tracking device on your car. I'm glad I don't have a Muslim relative.

Finding the tracking device might be a good way to prove you are targeted by the FBI or gang stalkers. If you are a TI, you should check your car to look for the tracking device.

07 October, 2010

The trend of the V2K perps

Here is what I learned about Japanese V2K perps in my case.

  • They do not like Muslims, and they are trying to find evidences to connect me to the Islam religion.
  • They can get more funding from creating a report that can explain the threat to Jewish people and Israel.
  • The Japanese perps has some "Soka Gakkai" members, and they call the members as "Sokker."
  • These "Sokkers" like to disturb TI's religious activities.
  • They like Chinese people, and they think Chinese are better than Japanese.
  • They like to claim a Japanese TI as a non-Japanese like Korean or Chinese.
  • They like USA and they can get funding from creating a report to
  • They can get funding from writing a report about possible threat to Japan.
  • They continuously updating and capable of reviewing the TI's profile on their data.
  • They can make up a reports to command the local perps to use them in their skits.
  • They sometimes talks together for their next plan such as how to make a TI to lose one's bag.
  • They know the feelings and next steps of the people around the TI around the world.

06 October, 2010

A difficult situation in the meal time

I don't really know what is the best model solution for this. Can anyone tell me the best way to behave?

I was invited to have a dinner in my friend's house. My friend said she cooked a soup and had a leftover from the lunch. She offered me some other foods as well.

For the TIs, we usually have a doubt on the foods and beverages because of the contamination of something done by the perps. Thanks for the article, we now have the proof of the CIA put villagers for LSD experiment in France . I'm sure the local police officers and informants helped it - Vichy France to American France, you know. And the COINTELPRO and modern assassination and slow kills of innocent citizens/foreigners by the NSA.

While I was eating a soup, I found a small cockroach in it. My first reaction was to think if it was weather a skit or not. The perps offen do the tampering on the things and put something. Then thought about the incident and my friend. Well, I know her for awhile and she seems to act normal. I know it's a shame to care about who is a potential perp only for approaching me to gain information on one's covert operation like living in a communist country. Then thought about the chance if she could do it, and thought that it's impossible for her to do it even in an accident. So, I put the poor body away and ate the soup... She made a prayer for thanking food to Jesus, and what else I could do in such situation? It could be only one bug accidentally in the soup pot. I did not see any bug so far and thinking about the priest ate the bread which he accidentally dropped during the mass in Medugorje helped me to calm down a bit. In some countries, people eat bugs for the source of protein, and thinking about taking a meal without bugs were also another thought for calming down.

Then I found another small roach when I almost finished the soup. I put it out and left the cup which were almost empty. Then I saw my friend had one bug in her cup but she seemed not to care about it.

At this moment, I thought the incident was rather accident for her.

She wanted to keep the leftover in a cup, so I helped her. Meanwhile, I found another two bugs, and volunteered to took them away while she was not watching. At that point, I found out it was not wise to tell about the roaches because she had it during the lunch and in dinner with me or it would cause an incredible embarrassment to her by just being a guest there. I don't know how that happened, but I think I behaved somewhat properly than causing a big mess. I don't know if there was a better way for this. And God only knows if we ate the bugs or not.

I just want to share this story because it might help other TIs to remain calm from any form of skit like situation. It's easy for me to figure out if three people standing in front of a shop and shouting to me "go home" and other things while laughing and looking at me after I passed them.

05 October, 2010

Censorship on the public area, what's next?

If you posted an Obama Joker poster or Tea Party literature on a public bulletin board, the Justice Department is warning you are a possible terrorist.
So, the bloggers and others who support Alex Jones and other conspiracy theorists and the groups questioning about the government's official view would be the possible terrorists. I believe Ron Paul is better than Barry Obama, and like the Obama Joker design. Will it make me to be a possible terrorist?

I know it's easy to follow the majority, but I want to follow what seems more ethical and functional. Perhaps the governments need some way to calculate the degree of possible terrorist than taking all as the same way and putting them on "no fly" list. By stating this, will it increase the possibility of me as a possible terrorist?

I don't like war. I don't want to involve in any form of violence except in the movies, literatures, and computer games. I want to avoid any harm if it is avoidable. I would lather move to another place than living under a dictatorship in the corrupted society. I believe the Jihardists (including the guys did Kamikaze thing) are destructive narcissists who were not smart enough to find another possibility to avoid ending their own fate buy finding an alternative. And I believe the real terrorists are the ones working inside of the agencies that suppose to be helping the citizens.. but creating more damage on the society and people by their ignorance and for their own advantages. Will my thoughts still make me to be a possible terrorist by quoting from PrisonPlanet.com?

03 October, 2010

How to negotiate with the remote hypnosis?

I found few tips to negotiate with he remote hypnosis like what CIA has been using. I can make the list more after combining every thing, but I think sharing some a bit by bit would helpful.

  • The hypnosis would work more effectively with the speaker whose voice has some positive image by the subject. For example, the persuasion done by the Speaker A and it results the subject comfort, the Speaker A's voice can bring about more success on the persuasion. If Speaker B persuades the subject and ended up the subject getting an electro shock, the subject may not follow the hypnosis than Speaker A who gave the subject a candy in one's mouth.
  • If the hypnosis continues to bother the subject to act something particular (e.g. drink Coke, eat KFC meal, smoke cigarette, etc), subject may put the limit on what the one can do will keep the self-control on the persuasion. For example, the hypnosis persuades the subject to drink cola, the subject will experience the need of drinking cola till the one really does that. In such case, the one can put oneself on the limitation to make the restriction on the action for better self-control. It helps the subject to be driven by the hypnosis. This type of persuasion does not have any impact on one's moral or ethical view, so it cannot be about murder or criminal actions as it has complexity on making one's decision. Simpler the matter is - such as the choice of food, drink, place to go, what to read, etc, the hypnosis works much easier to the subject.
  • While you are in the conversation or doing something, the hypnosis can cause your mood change towards to person/subject. This is like how you are going out in a group and others started to complain about a store and you feel negative about the store and does not want to go in. The hypnosis for the person would be "oh, why this person is still bothering me" and "I don't like talking with him/her." And for the store, "I can find a better store later" "I might not find the thing I'm looking for in the store, I should check out another one."
  • Also, the persuasion with limitation can be another effective way for the hypnosis. If the subject feels impossible or does not agree to do the action, the tester might give the limitation on the action for the negotiation for better persuading. For instance, if the subject is asked to raise one's hand to 90 degree, the one might not feel comfortable doing so. However, if the subject is asked to raise one's hand to 30 degree for the second persuasion, the one might feel much ease for volunteering to do the action. This type of the negotiation would be exercised by the remote hypnosis for the subject to engage in the action as a result.
The perps might blame the TI for not doing something right because of the harassment. They simply don't understand how TIs got extra burden from the covert operations.
  • No one is perfect, and I found often the persuasions done through the hypnosis are to drive the TI to find the wrong decision. If the TI makes error from the hypnosis, the perps would use it for blaming the TI. In such case, do not take it so much on oneself.
  • From the above issue, I think such hypnosis are causing depressions among Japanese and others. If the same mistake suddenly appear in one's mind again and again with the feeling that "it was really shameful" or "I should not done such," these feelings are possibly through the hypnosis. If such thing happens, the one can try to find a positive way to overcome the matter. For example, you remember an incident that put you embarrassed and then the one-sentence type hypnosis of the negative thought against you - whenever the matter comes up in your mind, try to think how you can do better in the next time to avoid it. I believe such exercise can help people to stay away from the depression. I learned this type of exercise done by the V2K perps, but their strategy seems a monotone.
I'm just curious how the real psychiatrists thing about my analysis of hypnosis. Do they claim me crazy or what I wrote down is theoretically collect? We know V2K/V2S is real and has been around since 80s. CIA's studies on hypnosis and mind control have been revealed for some extend as well. What the victims need for next is the public understanding of the damage on subconsciousness.

02 October, 2010

Why people should not join the US Army

For the people who do not have money nor intelligence to get into a college, joining the Army is another career choice that may have more future than taking part-time jobs at supermarkets or restaurants. However, your choice of the career making as a solder might cause you to be treated like a potential terrorist.

The report warned law enforcement officers to be on guard against “disgruntled military veterans,” especially veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, who were demonized as potential terrorists.

“The return of military veterans facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks,” stated the report, equating America’s supposed best and brightest with Al-Qaeda bombers.


The United States is the country a type of country that treat solders who fight for their country as a social disease. In France, veterans can get some rewards and respected from his work.

Local World War II veteran Elvert "Buck" Pooler has been honored many times by the country he has served. Now — more than 65 years after his heroics in battle — Pooler will be honored by the country he helped save.
I think the problem of American veterans are not the problem of their behaviors but the ignorance of the society. There would be no jobs for them and they might find jobs from the gangs to survive.

I know the truth... The US just need some more veterans in the jail, so it can use them for the human experiments. Veterans and prisoners are the best candidate for human experiments through the history of the United States. People with mental problem are also the good candidate. The solders can be used for the human experiment like walking toward the ground zero, but it would hart the moral of the coworkers. If they retired and were caught for illegal action, the researchers would not feel anything but to use them for the guinea pigs because they fell to the state of social disease.

If you want to have a future and not treated as a potential terrorist, don't join Army. The government might treat citizens as volunteer solders, but the policy can only make them
In Gates’ view, the all-volunteer force, an outgrowth of political anger over Vietnam and the draft, has been an “extraordinary” success in terms of military professionalism in one conflict after another. But that success has come “at significant cost” — namely, the lopsided burdens that emerge when fewer than 1 percent of Americans serve in uniform during a decade of war.

Some of those costs are material. The all-volunteer force is expensive: the military’s personnel costs have ballooned from $90 billion in 2001 to $170 billion today. Military health care costs rose $30 billion in that period. “There is no avoiding the challenge this government, indeed this country faces, to come up with an equitable and sustainable system of military pay and benefits that reflects the realities of this century,” Gates told the Duke audience. But he didn’t offer a solution, either, since no political figure wants to cut veteran benefits or troop salaries during wartime in the name of balancing a budget.

Then there are the greater “cultural, social” and human costs of the volunteer military. Putting only a narrow slice of the country into uniform — though not the overwhelmingly poor and uneducated enlistees that many feared would be the result of scrapping the draft — means repeated deployments in a time of protracted war. Those pressures lead to elevated rates of depression, substance and family abuse, “and, most tragically, a growing number of suicides,” Gates recognized. He might also have mentioned post-traumatic stress.

Read More http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2010/09/gates-delicately-criticizes-the-all-volunteer-military/#ixzz11DOIlmC2

If you are not Swiss or French, it's not worth to become a solder. Don't try to join the Army. It only increases your health risks like PTSD and suicide as well as the physical risks like disability from the work or even the death, and moreover, you will be treated as a social problem when you try to change your job. Working at a shop or a restaurant won't give you so much disadvantages. By stating this, I'm suggesting to reduce the terrorist risks for the US.

30 September, 2010

How the profiling done against you by the government and how the people tricked by the agents

If you have a favorite political party, you would be categorized as so with negative information connected to the party. If you are part of a religious group, you would be categorized as the potential extremist even your religion does not allow violence nor aggression toward others. If you engage in Zeitgeist movement, the profiling would include "Utopian" synthesizer. If you share your social network like Facebook, your information is used for the profiling as well.

The profiling is done by the government agency like FBI only contains negative image of the individual. It won't prove anything as a human nor normal person. What they gather is to find fault of the individual for the future use and finding the potential threat. I think the gang stalkers are making the similar profiling against the victim.

Only the time such profiling will reduce the negative value is the time the agency use the individual for their benefit. During Project Paperclip, the scientists' relationships to Nazis were simply reported as "unknown." The FBI might know someone who lived with the terrorists in San Diego, they did not do anything at all. When the agencies are working together with the criminals, they cannot judge their allies.

There are some cases that the FBI agents are working to persuade the people to act in terrorism. The agents need more terrorism in order to get promoted. They can tell lies or anything to make them believe to engage in the terrorism. Isn't the sound of voluntary work on finding food and shelter familiar with how gang stalkers live together in small rooms near the TI's house? They would just become another group that would be caught when the agent find them useless.

A paid FBI informant testified Tuesday that he prodded a would-be bomber to move forward with a 2009 plot to attack synagogues and shoot down military planes by falsely promising to make him "the happiest man on planet Earth.
The informant, Shahed Hussain , testified on cross-examination in federal court in Manhattan that he bought food and paid rent for James Cromitie, accused of being the plot's mastermind, weeks before Cromitie and three other men were arrested in an elaborate sting that the defense argues was entrapment.
The government's star witness was grilled about recorded conversations in which he suggested Cromitie would be rewarded with a BMW luxury car and even his own barbershop once the phony mission was completed. The informant admitted that, while posing as a representative of a Pakistani terrorist organization, he also alluded to a potential $250,000 payday.

Two of the Sept. 11 hijackers who lived in San Diego in 2000 rented a room from a man who reportedly worked as an undercover FBI informant, highlighting the lack of cooperation by the nation's law enforcement and intelligence agencies.
Newsweek magazine reports that Khalid Almihdhar and Nawaf Alhazmi lived with a "tested" undercover "asset" who had been working closely with the FBI office in San Diego.(http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2002/09/09/attack/main521223.shtml)

And if anyone hears "voices" directory to one's brain and suggesting criminal actions, that's the use of "God's Voice Weapon." There is no Allah telling Muslims to kill anyone non-Muslim or specific person to assassinate in the name of religion. And for the Christians, Jesus did not ask one's students to engage in fighting and he told them not to fight. There is no disease that someone need to drink blood or human flesh for the cure (Richard T. Chase case). No dog would tell you to kill someone (Zodiac Killer case ). Earthquakes cannot be prevented by killing some for sacrifices (Herbert Mullin case). I think the persuasion that is used by the informants/perps are only to make the society upset in order to take advantage of the chance for solving a bigger case for the securities and to receive larger budget for their work. Such "voice to skull (v2k)" manipulation of thoughts would be another choice for increasing the crimes, but if the target has a strong sense of ethics, the one do not commit a crime. The problem here is that the target may not know the purpose of such technology. If you don't know about V2K, just google it.

The tips for the profiling:
  • If you do not work as an informant, what you say on your social network will be used against you.
  • If you are a TI and purchase an alcoholic beverage, your profile includes "alcoholic."
  • If you are a smoker, your habit would be considered as "heavy smoking."
  • If you have several friends in opposite sex but not have any serious relationships but going out for lunch in groups as coworkers and such, you will receive "hyper-sexual" and "prostitute" on your profile.
  • If you do not have friends in opposite sex, you would be flamed as "homosexual."
  • If you attended a friend's home and they belong to a cult, you would be thought as the cult member.
  • If you know someone who used to be a communist or visited communist backed event or a Chinese, you will receive "communist" profile.
  • If you expressed to like nationalist propaganda, you would be thought as "dangerous nationalist."
  • If you know a foreign language, you are a potential "foreign spy."
  • If you are a black or helps black, you would be categorized as "engaged with black militia."
  • If you own a Koran or have lived in an Arab country or originated from an Arab country, you would be thought as a "Muslim."
  • If you like Zeitgeist Movement nor Venus Project, you would be thought as "Utopian."
  • If you are Japanese, you would be claimed as "Korean" or "Chinese."
The problem is that many informants often engage in the social networking and their communication with non-informant can trigger some of these suspicions. The profiling does not mention the names of the informants who are communicating with the target on purpose.

And if you don't have any social network and live as a hermit, you would be feared as a potential "lonewolf terrorist" like Unabomer. What if he was asked to send parcels by someone else and the contents were replaced inside of the post office and during the delivery where the "our men" can work for their operation, and the poor professor does not know of the bombings because he did not own a TV nor a computer at his home? A perfect insider-job conspiracy like 911, isn't it?

29 September, 2010

How is the life with no walls?

Often the TIs have experience the coincidences like the neighbors going out at the same time the TI tries to leave one's home. How could this possible? The TIs would complain that is because of the surveillance 24/7. If we don't know the technology available for the surveillance, such complaining would be nonsense.

Millimeter wave would be another choice of surveillance through the walls, but X-ray is also a choice. The difference is the latter gave health problem than the previous. NSA has been using EMF for the brain monitoring. These choices of the material gives more possibility of surveillance causing the psychological operation.

We are living in the society where people walking almost naked in their home and street through the eyes of the government agents. Maybe, this reality would be more shocking to the non-TIs than the TIs who are already going through such a torturous state. The video does not show much details of how humans look like with the device, but that would be interesting question if the police drive this car only to check out the cars with females driving.

Mobile X-Ray Van Completly Customized by Dicom Solutions from Dicom Solutions on Vimeo.

Banning clothes sounds safer and healthier than such an invention, don't you think? Sometimes people are fooled by the clothes someone wears.

28 September, 2010

Who are claiming 911 conspiracy theorists crazy?

Here is the list of the expert capable of declaring someone mentally ill and claiming the 911 conspiracy theorists crazy. I hope these professionals learn how to separate scientific facts from their delusional fantasy such as having cognitive problem to understand the firefighters choice of word like "blow up" before the building corruption. If they want to claim retired engineers and their doubt about controlled demolition, they must know the field first. They don't need anything but a spell book called "DSM IV" for their job. Perhaps we can learn from their background why they are supporting the official story without questioning strange matters like the similarity with the controlled demolition.


Finally, those who attack people who question the government’s version of 9/11 as “crazy” may wish to review the list of mental health professionals who have concluded that the official version of 9/11 is false:

Psychiatrist Carol S. Wolman, MD

Psychiatrist E. Martin Schotz

Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Duke University Medical Center, as well as Radiology, at Duke University Medical Center D. Lawrence Burk, Jr., MD

Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor of Psychology and Associate Dean of the Graduate School at Ruters University Barry R. Komisaruk

Professor of Psychology at University of New Hampshire William Woodward

Professor of Psychology at University of Essex Philip Cozzolino

Professor of Psychology at Goddard College Catherine Lowther

Professor Emeritus of Psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies Ralph Metzner

Professor of Psychology at Rhodes University Mike Earl-Taylor

Retired Professor of Psychology at Oxford University Graham Harris

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Nebraska and licensed Psychologist Ronald Feintech

Ph.D. Clinical Neuropsychologist Richard Welser


23 September, 2010

Project Censored: Electromagnetic Weapon Report

Have you read the electromagnetic weapon report created by Professor Peter Phillips' Project Censored? If you are a TI and having problem of electronic harassment symptoms in your life yet are afraid to come out to the people around you because of the fear to be treated as a mentally ill? Try to share the report. It helps you to feel much ease for the coming out.


For the professors claiming to be activists yet working for the government - like the ones in SJSU (e.g. Dr. Roberto Gonzalez or Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen) won't tell you the real conspiracy theory and how innocents are mistreated by the government agencies. They only tell the information to make the students aware of the information, but they do not allow anyone to act against it. What these professors do is to put the students into a group and to be supervised by the selected leader so that the students will be treated as a herd. It's a type of civil control, you know. The leaders won't let you act anything or you would be reported to be the subject of gang stalking and you will end up as the test subject for the covert operations. In Gaza, the strategy is quite similar. I know Code Pink and other activists helping Palestine but Hamas is under the treatment by Israel like once Sen. Ron Paul stated in the congress meeting, and actually the US weapons are used in Gaza.
As you know, I'm not anti-American. I'm just a supporter of Sen. Ron Paul and his son, Sen. Rand Paul.

The two-week military onslaught has resulted in the deaths of over 700 Palestinians, including more than 300 civilians, mostly victims of U.S. weaponry.
In comparison, the Israeli death toll is about seven soldiers and four civilians, primarily due to "friendly fire", or victims of rocket attacks by Hamas.
Deen, T. U.S. Weaponry Facilitates Killings in Gaza. http://ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=45337)
Politics in the Middle East is quite interesting. The perps here seems to be still idealizing US culture and American things. I can tell more about the perps, but that would be after I travel to another country.

21 September, 2010

Possible divisions within the US government agencies related with gang stalking

Not all police officers and FBI agents are aware of gang stalking. Otherwise, the gang stalking activities should be widely known among them for possible exposure from the whistleblowers. I found an article talking about which divisions are related with the New World Order and using selected individual to replace the innocent individuals within the society. If you are filing the case to FBI and others, maybe you can offer this information for the possible relationship of gang stalking and the government agents.

In my case, I can tell that I saw some people from DOD stalking me. They stayed in the room next to mine in several times while I was running away from my home in California. I think this information confirms the involvement of DOD in gang stalking case. Also, it makes sense that V2K started when I was stalked by DOD people. They probably had opportunity for brain printing or implanting something into my body for causing such voice hearing effect.

Delbert mentioned in the article is from CIA Division 4, International Murder Investigation team, and Interpol operative..

The ‘Phoenix Project’ and assassinations

Years prior to serving on this team for three years, Delbert said he was a member of the U.S. Army Special Forces, attached to the Phoenix Project / Operation, on orders to “destabilize targeted governments by murdering government officials, elites, professionals, bankers, military leaders, teachers, professors and medical professionals."

“This started in Vietnam and then moved to Central America,” said Delbert, adding “I was part of what we called the Bush-Clinton New World Order takeover to place in power selected individuals who received their marching orders directly from the U.S. government. Plain and simple, Project Phoenix required Americans to kill off innocent people to place in power those selected by the U.S. ruling elite; but I left, finding it very objectionable.”

“These activities are still going on today,” said the intelligence insider. “America now uses FBI Division 5, CIA Division 4, and elements from within the Department of Defense (DOD) and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) for its dirty work. Five-man Delta teams made up of nationals from Mexico and Ecuador are being trained for house-to-house extraction and murder of American citizens--when the day comes that Martial Law is declared and what little is left of our Constitution is scrapped.“

"These (elements) are counter-intelligence goon squads of trained assassins which engage in covert operations both inside and outside the United States--with or without the knowledge of Congress which is supposed to be restraining them from actions against our own citizens. They’re out of control--just a marvelous group of human beings,” said the former intelligence veteran.

20 September, 2010

Electronic voice phenomenon (EVP)

Electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) has been recognized by the parapsychologists. I think there are some phenomenons that are acceptable for the healthy people to experience.

Here is the list of what are OK for the people to express without psychiatrists declaring the symptoms as mental illness.

And who are the ones to be categorized as mentally ill from listening voices and such without proper visible source?
  • Targeted Individuals
  • People with lower IQs / lack the communication skill or logical explanation
  • People with lesser social status or credibility in the society
  • People with other mental illnesses such as paranoia
So, how the parapsychologists investigate EVP?

What is Direct Voice?

It is a method by which a person living on one of the astral planes can project his voice into a room where people can easily hear it and record it for future listening. The spoken words, in the best cases, will sound reasonably similar to the individual quality and inflection of voice the person used before shedding his physical body.

It is a method of communication that uses neither the mediums vocal cords nor his mind. The medium can, in fact, be playing cards, writing, knitting or carrying on a conversation with other persons in the room or even with the spirit person itself!

How is direct voice possible?

It cannot be explained by modern science. However, the modus operandi has been known for at least 80 years and details have been described by many communicators to listeners in different countries.

There are two crucial requirement. First there must be a person on the physical plane who has a particular cellular structure and energy fields which will permit the withdrawal of a material known as ectoplasm. (See Appendix C for details of the process.) Second, a group of persons working in the astral plane must use their specialized knowledge to process this ectoplasm and mold it into an etheric object that can function as a larynx (voice box). The spirit person who wishes to speak, places his face into it, and is told to try to go through precisely the same process he previously used in the physical body. This involves thinking what it is he wants to say and then moving his lips to help form words, just as he used to do in everyday speech. He is instructed by his spirit helpers, "Try to lower your vibration rate so that it will be easier to speak." The resulting voice is often so natural that the speaker's friends recognize it immediately whether they are present in the room or listening to a recording of the sitting.

(The tape supplied in the packet mentioned on page 10 contains samples of several voices produced by this means.)


Well, that's what palapsychologists are studying. I don't know how they can differentiate the EVP from the V2K caused by the microwave weapon. I think it would be interesting to ask such question to the parapsychologists as they might be the one able to invent something to record V2K perps voices.

FBI spying on Catholic priests during MLK era

I think everyone was under the surveillance by the FBI informants. If you believe 911 is an insider job, or other conspiracies or something that is not good for the national interest (= interest of Obama/Bush clan), you would be on the government's black list.

Now some people have problem with gang stalking, and why the victim always claimed as mentally ill and the stalkers are only the one's imagination? That's a good help for the FBI informants who do not have proper license for their investigations and psychological harassments.

I guess there are Catholics and pretend-to-be Catholics who are contacting their target for the surveillance purpose. Other wise, how could the priest's plan exposed to the FBI? And one more question, did the priest working with "a group of militant Negro youths"? The rally was just a protesting on the street, wasn't it? Does FBI still use the term military marches for the street protesting?