29 May, 2008

No more gang stalking?

I have been studying whole day these days. I just go out sometimes to buy groceries and other stuffs. Otherwise, I am working on building up vocabraries in German and Italian. I found a very good flashcard program, Jmemorise. It comes with some useful functions like importing words from CSV files, which can be created with Excel or OpenOffice Calc. In other words, the proglam allows users to use professional calculation software for sorting and avoiding dupplication on the list. I am trying to stuck at least 250 new words per day on the list, and trying to memorise at least 150 for the same day. I guess 8,000 words would be enough for good communication as I saw the tiniest dictionary on the shelf contain that much. If I finished typing up enough vocaburary on the list, I might post it in somewhere for the use of other learners. But I think the best way to learn a new vocaburary is spend reading and speaking up the word. So, creating the vocabrary list of one's own is actually a way to memorise them.

Since I stay home and playing with online dictionary and German and Italian articles, I cannot see any stalkers around me. If perps observing me using surveillance devices, they must getting headache watching me studying. Or they might be really busy for the comming EURO CUP like I do!!! If they are working for the police, they must get some jobs during the event as we have it right here in this country!!!

While I am typing this, rain started and there are some thunders near by. Well, this weather reminds me Japan, but here is much dry and people can dry their laundry inside of their house. I better quit using laptop for avoiding the possible thunder damage. I haven't get the electronic protection device for thunderthing yet. Guess now the perps have to watch me reading an Italian textbook and working on Übungen.

25 May, 2008

Another Sunday

This week was eventless except visiting the Sony repair center in Schlieren near Zürich. They are an indipendent company which repairs sony VAIO and Clie. The official estimate will be sent to my email address in next week, but for the quick estimate when I brought my PC in, it was between 1000 to 2000 CHF. I bought it last Augst and the 1 year guarantee is still effective. However, the damage was done by Mara Alpha, the Guinean refugee lived (and may still lives) in Casa Torfeld II in Buchs AG, the damage is not covered by the insurance from Inter Discount.
They said that if I had property insurance, it would cover the damage. That is something different in Switzerland. The police said that refugees are too poor to pay the compensation.

Well, I am hoping that the advertisment I added on the videos about what they have done as an organized mobbing group would eventurally pays that cost. And also the ads in this blog.
I guess the people worked on organized stalking and mobbing want to forget about the incident, but because of the actual damages, I want to bring them to either lawsuit or just post the issue on the public for protesting. That is something we (as TIs) can do to fight against the "organized criminal claiming group."
Anyway, I got another laptop, a HP one. The good thing is that I can have an extra PC for my use. I like the idea of having dual PC. If I start online courses for my education, it would be better to have another PC handy for one of them get problem. This may be another way to get a securty instead of spending money on insurance. We cannot insure data by paying for insurance companies, and for that very reason we need another HD or media for backing up data.

I attended church today. I noticed there were two family with kids and teens. They took the sheet few rows in front of me. That would be the only under-age people in the church. Of course, the two or three teen boy helping the father were exception. They are just a part of the ritual. Since this Monday, I have been studying Italian. And to my surprise, I could understand some part of the preach! Still I cannot fully understand the leaflet for the day, but I guess this is a matter of time. Previous pope spoke Italian and the fathers in Franciscans who build Missions in the New World would speak Spanish which is similar to Italian, then why should not I learn the language? I feel like I have been saved and helped by these people as well as saint figures who spoke Latin in their time. Anyway, it is a good excuse for studying non-German langauge. I like German but I have problem of memorizing the gender part. That is actually the reason why I cannot speak nor write German. I can read German pretty well. Otherwise, how could I set up my PC or use my PC??? Or read the news papers online? Io parlo giapponese e inglese, ma non parlo tedesco e italiano bene.

21 May, 2008

My meals thease days.

I have been busy studying Italian and German. I am not sure why Catholic church here in Switzerland use Italian, but that makes learning Italian a "Must" thing for me. Luther might translated the Bible into German and that made High German very popular. Is there a difference between Catholics and Protestant here in Switzerland, like languages for the Mass? That is something I am trying to figure out. But as far as I know Italian is like a dialect of Spanish, I think I can handle the grammatical part. Most of my Spanish vocaburary is gone as I stored them in my short term memory, though.

Since I got my own kitchen with nice oven, I have been enjoying cooking. Unlike the time I was in the US, I have to spend more for food here. I used to buy foods in Costco and kept them in the freezer. Now, I got less foods in my refrige as I prefer to buy foods for that day. I have seen how the NSA behave in the US, and how the FBI undercover agents walk into their target's room for their covert action. If they cannot use the air duct like in the US apartment, they would prefer to use the classic way - poisoning foods and water. I got a plant (not rose as it would be too delicate for my purpose) for the water inspection. So, the Geiger Counter is what I use for checking my meal now. By the way, it is a bit hard for checking the radiation in foods. If it has been illadiated, they would have higher score yet the experiment must be done in closed environment.

For checking illadiation, the food must be carbonized. The easiest way to do so is use your frying pan and cook the food to get burned. You do not have to burn all your meal! After or before you eat the meal, leave some potion like a size of tea spoon or less and burn it. This method cannot work for water, I got a plant. Some plants are sensitive while others are bold.

This is Roesti with bacon and cheese and topped with buttered sliced Tomato. Basil was out from my stock, so I just used Tomato only.

And this is something I ate for today's dinner. I was thinking to cook "Beef and Broccoli" but onion and paprika are going to be spoiled soon, so I added them. Seriously, this is a cheep beef. I used BP to make the beef soften. I prefer Vodka or other stuffs like kiwi for that job, but for Chinese food, BP is very popular to make the meet soften. If you do not know this secret, check out the quality of meet in Chinese dish. They use BP for downsizing the cost and preparation time. So, if you want to cook Chinese dish with beef, try to put BP on the beef and keep it in the fridge for couple of hours. It makes the beef taste more like the one in Chinese restaurants. Also, you can buy cheeper beef for the dish. (The "brown part" of the mug was because I forgot to take the tea bag away as soon as the tea was ready. I boiled water and pour it in the mug before I started cooking.)

18 May, 2008

Sunday is for attending church.

Yesterday night, I had dinner at the manager's room on the ground floor. For the first impression to be a nice neighbor and the appliciation for helping my moving, I brought a cake for the dessert. From my study of Swiss culture, I learned that many Swiss people love chocolate. I was thinking to bring something like chocolate cakes to make sure it is acceptable as a gift. For Germans, Black Forest Cherry Cake is famous, but I only found a cherry cake with white top at the local Konditorei (sweet shop). There are three types of cherry cakes I have seen in my life so far. One comes with sugered cherry and often this type is in either pound or rolled shape. Second one is the cherry cake with cherry jam in the middle. The third one is the old-fashioned traditional German Black forest cherry cake. Since the one I saw did not covered with the chocolate on the top, I was not sure which one it would be. Anyway, there are two small cakes on the counter besides cookies and larger cakes. And another one did not have anything on the top while the cherry cake had the white chocolate board with "Kirschkuchen" writen on it with a drawing of the cherry. I picked that one as I feld I had no other choice for the gift..

Then, I had meal with the manager couple and their friend who lives in the same city. The meal was good. Then the cake made me a big surprise..

Have you ever heard about cherry cake in Kanton Zug? Zug is south east from Kanton Aargau where I live, and they have famous cherry cake. Although Black forest cherry cake might be German traditional dessert and it is well known to be world famous, I do not have any memory tasting one in my life. I was a Costco-lover, and my knowledge of cake is the one that people can buy around 10$, cheese cake, cheese cake with whipped cream on top, fruit tart, pound cakes packed in three, etc. So, anyway, the manager opened the cake box and we tasted it. That was pretty sweet with a strong hint of cherry (liquor). Personally, I liked the simplicity of the cake and the combination with the liquor. It was rather fruity than using rum or something different from cherry. Too bad I did not take picture of it.. But I might try one in future.

And today, I visited the Catholic church for the mass. And that one was in Italian. I am not sure why Catholic mass in Switzerland is in Italian even in German speaking area. But I guess that is something Catholics here in Switzerland could able to handle as Italian is one of their official languages. When I was attending the mass at Chiasso, I thought it was in Italian because the area is Italian speaking and close to the Italian border. I did not try Aarau one as I was surrounded by perps and some of them suggested to visit the church in funny time like Thursday morning or somthing. Today's mass was great. I saw "NO CHILDREN" inside of the church!!! I was expecting to see adult with kids trying to stay near me or make the chapel full of people to control where I would be so that they could put kids around the place to claim me as child-molestor or pedophilia. A typical claim gang stalkers have been making against their target, but I wonder why no people yet to discover their tricks ruining religious people. There are some pictures of kids on the side walls, but other wise, the people in the chapels are all in senior level age except few. If Protestant is much popular in this city, then I think this small group of people attending the church seem a good sign. The folks here maybe really religious since I saw many people walking in groups heading to other churches while I was on my way.

If the perps are religious, I could understand why I did not see any followers but few in cars today. I guess they might get problem bringing their kids to anthor church on Sunday for their stalking activity. If a Asian woman started attending local church would be quite new change, then the residents changing the church they have been attending would be a serious change!!!

It is nice hearing no kids voice on Sunday. Now I have to check online Italian dictionary to learn about today's mass.

16 May, 2008

Is Buchs AG community violating Anti-Racial Law?

I am still busy for the moving. Everything is pretty expensive here but the caretaker of the house have been helping me as she knew the hardship of relocation. The gang stalkers are in this city too, but they looks working careful to prevent the mistakes of what stalkers in Aarau area did. I just trying to see how they are working for future false claim.

So far, I got lamps, a sofa bet, a office (quite comfortable) chair, and a thin shelf. I need few more furniture to set up everything in order.

Hopefully, I can concentrate on study from next week. I just need a schedule for the study. Currently, I have no idea how much I can finish in one day or even in either morning or afternoon. There are many places to make notice about my change of address also.

While I was searching the web, I found this information, "Swizerland's Anti-Racial Law." I am just amazed how Abkur and others working for claiming me as criminal, child-molester, alcoholic, hyper sexual, fit in to this law. The residents of Casa Torfeld I and the neighbors have been stalking me and stalking is ilegal in Switzerland as I explained in the previous posting. And know my video can prove how they have been working to spread rumors about me. Also, I am interested to see how police officer will reply me if I submit Afghanistan ex-resident videos claiming to live in Casa Torfeld I and shouting "fuck you" to me. He said same thing when I complained about his stalking at Aarau train station. In my case, I think I have right to film starange activities by the residents since they were making negative rumors about me and following me to the train station or the library.

Well, if the gang stalkers want to use Anti-Racism Law to claim me violating the right of their Organized Crime Group, they can use the law against me. But I do not think any group is eligible for the Anti-Racism Law. The cults often use stalking and other psychological control technique against their target. I have filmed some of their persuasion techniques. Maybe it is legal for anyone to believe in cults, but I am not sure who want to support a group of people working together to explain someone as Christian because she have rosary and she wore the rosary whihc crucifix was cut in half at Christmas. I contacted the HEK lawyer about their stalking, and she told me she cannot help about the issue. I contacted others and the things got worse. And I started posting everything in precized detail for my own security. Now what?

I had no way to call police from where I lived while someone vandalizing my room and banging the room window at night. Say, how much is enough to send the information to the world to know if someone really care about such issues? In my films, the refugees in Casa Torfeld I are working on mobbing since last year. My posting is to see how things can make a change as lawyers and police cannot do about what supposed to be violation of law in Switzerland.

Look at my videos to see how Abkur Dalow Absir and others involved in mobbing and stalking. Almost every time Abkur showed up at Aarau train station to harass me, he held a beer bottle. And actually they are claiming me for alcoholic. I do not know why Abkur is now moved to the apartment on Gartensweg 19. Is SVP supporting depotation of criminal foreigners, then how come I have been targeted while others are more look like acting like criminals? And how come police officers have been talking with the residents?

I do not think my German language is good enough to defend myself in such whole community leve false claims. So, I just post everything on Internet to make things easier. Many Swiss people are English speakers. If I got problem from these gang stalkers working on spreading rumors about me, I can show who are actually telling lies. This is for my self-defense. If they did not make false claim or working on PSYOP, then I have no need to explain what they do or have something to film about them. Moreover, I explain what they do in my films as a narration. There is no way for the stalkers to claim my filming for other purpose but correcting evidences about organized stalking and mobbing.

15 May, 2008

I moved to a new apartment.

Yesterday, I got the keys from the estate manager and I am moving stuffs from the refugee residence.
New place is a bit far from Aarau, but it is a large city with some historical backgrounds. It seems perps are acting a bit friendly. Maybe that is because they want to control everything to keep in order. Like today at the bus stop, while I was checking the fahrplan to know which bus to get to the apartment, the bus driver walked down and asked me where I am heading. Actually, the bus was going to the bus stop. Since I was not sure which bus to take, I was thinking to skip that one as it would be off in less than two minutes.
By the way, there seem three types of bus payment systems in Switzerland. A big bus station may have an automatic ticket vending machine. This is true at Dietikon and Aarau. Second one is the bus with vending machine inside. If you take a bus from remote area but the bus has such vending machine at the main bus stops, the bus may have vending machine in the middle of the bus. The last type is the driver selling the ticket. I saw this type when I took PostAuto from Aarau to Frick, and Frick to Zeihen. The buses transporting the customers with monthly or some kinds of passes might have such traditional style of fee correcting. Not all bus drivers can speak English, so you must know the local language. And sometimes the same number of the bus goes to somewhere else. The best way to make sure which bus to take is to read the travel schedule on the bus stop carefully.

I'm too tired from the moving things. I have been walking more than 4 or 5 miles per day with bunch of loaded bags. Now I just want to have a foot massager or a bucket half full of water. You know what I mean. But, hey, going out to buy such thing would make me to walk another extra miles..

11 May, 2008

I added AdSense ads back.

I just decided to share the information about the refugees working on gang stalking through video sharing sites. Well, the police officers said that they are too poor to pay the compensation for my PC damage. I thought sharing their mobbing and stalking activities to earn money from the AdSense would be an alternative to get my PC fixed without paying from my savings.

What you read is created from the damaged PC, so I hope the readers do not mind clicking the above ads to give me some chance to fix my PC. It just takes few seconds to open the ads and check what they are about and close it or buy the product. So, please click the sites above if you like my blog. It will help me fixing my PC in future.

I am not sure the gang stalker wanted to do to me or even thinking to do now. I studied anthropology and was actually was too good for observing and writing reserch papers than the US students and that caused the envy from them.. I studied the gang stalkers around me and now I got basic strategies and how they are related to each other throgh the global networks.

Basically, they are mobbing group develped under globalization. Their strategies are related with what the people do in mobbing, like harassing the target in the mass. They contact with others to encourage them engage in the mobbing and isolate the target. If we see gang stalking from each situation, like in neighborhood level or workplace level, you can see the gang stalking defenition actually fit as regular mobbing. The difference is that the stalkers are motivated in a wicked way, like deluded to believe in working for mafia or police. If they commit a crime, police might deny their involve ment with them as police informants. This is same for the FBI agents gets caught in the Black Bag jobs in the past. Currently, the US Patliot Act made the agents feel free to observe the targets' bathroom or the bedroom or even searching their underwears. Once they commited crime and the target has the evidence about it, then the target can share it to the public. I sent the letter to the police officers, yet I have not receive any reply yet.

I am just curious if the neighbor is really a police officer or not. That is what Italian speaking woman said and the neighbor came to the Aarau train station with the Louisiana Guy. I spread the information about the people working on mobbing in the community where I live.
I contacted the police about the stalking and mobbing by the police and they did not do anything. Why can't I work on the own self defence? If the US second amendament is used to abuse the TIs as pottencial terrorists or criminals and if the US TIs are excluded to have the right, I want them to arm themselves with pens rahter than guns. If we have freedom of media and freedom of expression, why we cannot protect ourselves from the character assassination by the neighbors, or to share the information about the organized crime activities going on in our neighborhood?

In the past, a black would get mobbed by being black and living in a white community in the South. They got their rights to live anywhere they want after the 60s movement. How about TIs? Do we have to make struggles to earn our rights to be where to stay and have a normal human life like our neighbors? Mobbing should be shaned in our democratic contries. If these gang stalkers walking in our neighborhood, we cannot blame China for the oppression of Tibet, or Russians for the Chechen conflict. I hope the stalking members understand what they are doing is what they think wrong and blaiming to boycot the Olympic.

09 May, 2008

Stalking is a crime in Switzerland.

While I was searching the webs to get information about mobbing and stalking, I found this article, "Talk: Rudolf Elmer v.s. Bank Julius Baer."
The story is about how a Swiss bank used German and Swiss investigaters to threaten a Swiss banker. The investigaters used all means of PSYOP against the 6 year kid and the family to prevent the whistleblowing. The banker has been collecting evidences while his neighbors, coworkers and others are encournage to work on the investigation.

Now this article reminds me of that Italian Mafia Woman in my videos. She sometimes claimed herself to be detective. She also said that the neighbor is a police officer.

Hmmm. This banker eventually received 500,000CHF for the issue. That's sounds interesting.

But more interesting information is that the Switzerland actually officially define stalking as a crime in 2003. Hmmm. I better contact with the lawer again! :)

"Stalking in Switzerland is not a crime and therefore Swiss authorities
will not punish a stalker even though the Stalker creates psychological torture
on a six year old child and his family. This is the case where the stalker is
Julius Baer and its Management. In addition Julius Baer offers money CHF 500'000
in order to solve the problem and to silence a Swiss Banker. Verification can be
easily done by calling Raymond Baer and he will provide you further information.
If not please discuss this matter on this page and further
documentration/information will be provided. "
Swiss Federal court has recently (2003) ruled that "Stalking" falls under art. 181 of the swiss criminal code (see www.tribunal-federal.ch - enter search ATF 129 IV 262).

Bullying going on at Buchs, AG. Switzerland.

I sent my application forms to the real estate agent this Monday, so hopefully, I am able to move to another place in this week or next week. The owner might be busy, but he called me to make sure if I wanted the room, so I have much possibility to get it. Then, I will set up a surveillance camera at my room entrance, so that I can keep an eye while I am away. Webcam would sounds good, as I do not have to share my real address for my security. All I need to do is put the camera near the entrance door of my room and turn it on while I am away. I just need to get the result from the court to see how the investigation will be about Abkur Dalow Absir or Mara Alpha. By the way, they have been visiting where I live. They said that "I kill you" to me before.
I think I can just expose how the local people are working together for bullying in Buchs, AG. Neighbors involved.

Check out the video below. It is a bit hard to see because of the problem of my camera. But you can hear the conversations and someone calling me "One Bottle" at the neighborhood. Some people here are acting childish enough. I do not even know these people living or staying in Casa Torfeld II calling me so. How this happens to be mobbed? That is the mystery of chaotic terrorists, cause stalkers.

08 May, 2008

Gang stalking as a form of mobbing under globalization

For the regular mobbing, only few starts the active mobbing while others just stay distance from the victim or try to support the bullies to protect their position.
I decided to share the names and identities of the harassers in Buchs AG and Aarau area. I know someone want to claim about their privacy or other means, but they have been violating my privacy and my human rights by working on organized stalking. The Kanton police in Aarau said that they cannot protect me. I filed Abkur Dalow Absir and Mara Alpha living who used to live in Casa Torfeld I and now lives in neighborhood, and I did not even get a copy from the police. If they are working together for COINTELPRO, then it sounds understandable that why the residents of Casa Torfeld I and ex-resident and neighbors are still working together for mobbing.

They might be spreading my rumors saying like "she is crazy" or something to encourage others to join the mobbing. Mobbing is actually an animal behavior and it is considered as criminal behavior in some place like Scotland. What they have been doing is to make me feel the need of defence.

So, do they want me to become a criminal? I think that is the best way how they can hide their crime by claiming their target to be something. I would rather expose their names and identities in order to show how they have been making me to be defensive. I have been "boxed" by these gang stalkers who are telling lies to others. It seems other people I contacted seemed to be informed by them. If I just share the names of the people working on mobbing and stalking in my case, I guess that can prevent further spreading of "their propaganda in PSYOP."

This is another way of crime prevention. Say, they have been isorated me in their mobbing and harassing. Now they can say that I would be suspicious because I stay alone. This is actually as same as what Sarah Linn and other people in Anthropology department at SJSU did. If some one is being harassed, what the person do? Keep distance from the harassers, right? This actually gives the bully to put the suspicion on the victim if they have only a high-school level brain. I hope some psychiatrists are not so retarded to support the idea that mobbing victim is always a pottencial serial killer or threat to the society. This is not a chicken and egg problem. It is about human and animal behavior.

Let's see, if the mobbing victim commit a suicide, who will be responsible? If the victim did not speak up, who will know his suicide as the result of mobbing? I think the victims of mobbing should not remain silent. Why? That will cause an atmosphire of a chain reaction. If the ethics is violated and the violater are actually unpanished or even criticized, who wants to support the justice system while they remain under the pressure to become another victim? I am not talking about the Bush administration nor their supporters.

I am not a serial killer or something like that. I do study criminology and other materials, but I am not like the FBI agents who use their knowledge for black bag jobs and such. That is what the gang stalkers supporting about. I actually enjoyed studying victiminology better then the research on notrious criminals. If there is a negative campaign goiong on around me to make others not to help me or asked to help the mobbing, then I just share the names of the harassers.
By mobbing and stalking, the gang stalkers violate my privacy. Why can't I share the identities of these harassers to make everything under exposed on public? This is my tactics and reasoning for adjusting myself into the Swiss society.

07 May, 2008

Gang stalking as community based mobbing

When we talk about gang stalking, it is hard to describe what is the real for the victim and the stalkers. Some say that the stalkers are the police informants and the community watch type people. If they are doing good, why many victim have to create blogs and homepage to discuss the problem? In fact, I have seen them violating the law by stepping over the human right and privacy of individuals.

COINTELPRO is used for dissidents in the past. These days, it seems the same technique is used by the government agents and others to create virtual terrorists. I understand 911 would create the sensation to sniff around each other for own security. But, is it legal to work on mobbing and stalking for someone they just don't like in their community? We just took one step backward to walked into the era of witch hunting.

In the past, it was usual for a black man discriminated in totally white community in America. I heard that the white church members did not like their ex-slaves into their "holy church" and wanted them to have own ones to keep theirs clearn. If you do not understand what I mean, please read, To Kill a Mockingbird. I studied American Literature from histrical and cultural aspect. So, what is the difference of the people harassing someone who prefer to be a loner, like
"Boo" Radly. How can a society have a peace when they actually surveillace on each other like the communist country and discriminate someone who is not supporting the local people in power. In the past, the racial prejudice was used for what is OK for discrimination. These days, this "what is OK" ha been changed to someone else in the authority says. No one wants to be Mr. Atticus today or he will be the next target of discrimination. I hope the American Universities are teaching this book as a good example of how someone who is willing to help an innocent man will be criticized and hated in the community. Or, we will get another victim by the local gang stalkers. Did a master student studying law disappeared from the SJSU campus before the graduation? Such fact is more important to know for the real life. America's freedom is dead, period. It only exists in the literatures as a myth.

I happened to read this old article, Bay Area learning from school horror. Does anyone think of the reason why some students act wierd? What is the deffinition of "wierdness"? If a victim of mobbing can be thought as "wierd" from the student groups, because they think the victim "wierd" in someway to justify their discrimination. There are some chemicals that can make someone act wierd and such materials are used by government agencies. If the top officials of the school want to expel a student, they can contact with the FBI. For SJSU, their half budget comes from the federal, and the federal government is very serious about the school reputation. If a student knows too much about the curruption, what will happen? The easiest way is to make a character assassination of the student by spreading the rumors about him or her and let other students encouraged to work on mobbing, so that the student can no longer focus on his study. Guess what happens next? The student will get a low grade because from the stress. And if the student contact with the counselling service, the "school counceller" can have chance to send him to the mental hospital or just put him under heavy phychiatric drugs. If student is a loner and prefer to work alone, this would cause other students' envy. Eventually, a student who wants to be the bully in the classroom may start mobbing in the classroom. In group works, students have no competition among others because they check the performance of each other. If someone doing totally different from the student group, this will cause other students to feel stress on their performance and confidence.

In my oppinion, I think the "lone serial killer" is another American myth. Check out the history of how these serial killer appeared in our society after 70s. I studied Criminology, mainly from Colin Wilson's publishings. But after knowing the fact that how the serial killers are related with military or secretive people, I started to have another conclusion. Colin Wilson actually had problem with the Brithish MIB at his first marriage. I understand how he needed to bring his reputation back from his negotiation with them. The censorship is a fact for all publications since the invention of the printing.

How much options that a victim of mobbing have? Without spreading his or her side of story, the mobbers will try to spread their view. They can say that they did for crime prevention. The mobbers may start sniffing around the innocent because they want the target to be a criminal. From their view, the target is "guilty from the beginning."

Since the local police cannot do, I think I have an option to start a new website to share the potencial terrorists in the community. So, people think loner is dangerous? I think the mass of people is more dangerous than a loner. They can start a riot or a war to kill more than half of the country's population. Isn't that how Nazis started from the local police and military commanders in the Wimar Republic? I am on the side of crime prevention and sharing the information about the people following me or telling me "I kill you." I wanna be on the side of Lot's family than the people living in Sodom and Gomora.

06 May, 2008

Another letter to the Kanton police officers (Ms. Graf Morena and Mr. Gfr. Benjamin Finsterwald)

The above is the copy of my email to the two Kanton police officers in Aarau. I just sent them while I was in a Turkish restaurant in the Aarau Stadt. These are the ones you can find on the YouTube for the convenience of the viewers of my evidence. The difference is that these films are the original comes with the file information like dates.

Abkur seemed to move into the apartment on Gartensweg 19 after the renovation of the room was done. ANd today, he and other gang stalking members are in the lounge and inside of the property of Casa Torfeld I. Say, how offten this happens? I feel like I have been surrounded by the enemies. Well, more they do, more I have to work on my own self-deffense. People do not care about stalking or harassing others if they are not paid or really psycho (you know stalking is something we have seen in the characteristics of serial killers in mass media or movies, right?).

Abkur alrady said to me that "I kill you" and "One Bottle, you wanna have sex with me?"
And how come he can be able to visit where I live? For a victim, I submitted the issue of his stalking and other issues to the Kantonspolizei Aargau in Aarau branch.
If something happens to me in Casa Torfeld I, who will be responsible? Or if I kill one of them for my self defence while they attacked me in the whole group?
I think I have enough reason to share their information here and other places, so that they cannot claim me attacked them first. I do not like the Kanton Police to claim me for murdering in such situation. I think people should know what is going on in Buchs AG.
I have been telling the residents not to follow me or work on mobbing since last December. Why cannot I share their identities for my safety and the COINTELPRO operation?

If Abkur or Mara Alpha attack me in Casa Torfeld I where they lived and now moved out, who will be responsibel if one of them dead? I want to survive. If police are waiting for the opportunity to arrest me for whatever the claims these mobbers making, then I just want to share what is going on Casa TorfeldI Gartensweg 16, Buchs AG and around the Aarau and Buchs area in Switzerland.

If they are mafias that police cannot take care of, then let others know who is working in mafia in the local area. It is good for crime privention.

The below film shows how Italian speaking woman and others worked on mobbing. I think they are trained to threaten the refugees or trained in certain way. The woman mentions "No Money" and others explain her that does not work in my case (I pay my rent and such).Some of these residents like the Sli Lankan woman who lives in Rm3 are still in Casa Torfeld I. The woman, Hana in the room 13, too.This happened on February 19th and it was before I contacted with police about the vandalism in my room.http://www.mediafire.com/?mnetzwi8iy9
On February 20th, the next dy from the above incident, the same woman tried to make a phone call to the police. Actually, the Iraqi man living in Switzerland for 9 years is working togher with her in the film. He later came to my room with an electronic driver and bared the door with his foot.http://www.mediafire.com/?vymuwlxvcmthttp://www.mediafire.com/?0gqlva2gu2k
And this is a resident of the apartment on Gartensweg 19 working with the above Italian speaking woman for mobbing at the kitchen. Is he really a police officer? That is what the woman said before I turened on my video to record the conversation.http://www.mediafire.com/?bx9lcuzizokThere are fake US High Way Patrol enforcement car parked in the neighborhood, too.
This film shows how ex-chef, Mr. Thomas Kunz, explain about the Kanton police secret operation.http://www.mediafire.com/?dgxdom0dhei
If there is a secrete operation against me, I believe it could be a violation of Article 25 of Swiss Constitution.Due to the character assassination going on by the residents and neighbors, I just share my side of story to the public.For the victim of gang stalking, it is well said that their cases are not taken care by the police or government, so I am trying to see if it is a myth or real by sharing my case to other victims around the world. It was obviously enough that I could not file the case until I talked to a lawyer.

04 May, 2008

Copy of EMAIL to Kanton Police in Aarau

This is the copy of what I wrote to Aagau Kanton police officers, Ms. Graf Morena and Mr. These evidences can be too crucial for the gang stalking (police informants) members, I share the same material to the viewers of my blog. Last time I tried to contact with authority (Homeland Security about SJSU gang case), the police officers involved in the gang stalking at SJSU kidnapped me. You can see if something happen to me after submitting me sending these information to police or not. If I can keep posting my entry, then you know I am doing fine. If not, this evidences can show who are responsible for my "disappearence."
Hello. I would like to submit some evidences about the organized crimes going on by Abkur, Mara Alpha and their friends. So far, their activities get worse after I reported the incident on vandalism of my room in the end of February. Due to the size of people involved, I guess that is enough to say as a gang group. I uploaded these films on the uploader for the convenience to save some space on your email account. They are the original files comes with the date and other information.
Since I have seen the residents stalking and harassing me often talking with police officers at Casa Torfeld I, I thought it was a type of COINTELPRO operation. I posted some information on websites in order to prevent the "character assasination" strategies by them. Actually, I tried and still trying what are recommanded by the author (the US lawyer) of the book, War At Home. Also, I learned some technique from the book writen by David Lawson (the US P.I.).
Abkur started stalking since last year. This is the film about how he was stalking since last year.

Abkur and some other residents often stalked me since I moved to the current residenece, and this is the conversation I made with Abkur telling him not to stalk me. It was December 29th 2007. Abkur has been telling lies about me and making rumors. You can hear how he switched the subject and started telling lie about me drinking at the train station. In fact, Abkur and others are often drinking at the train stations and at the residence.

Mara Alpha followed me from Casa Torfeld I to the train station and harassed me. I stated them not to stalk me but they did. As you can see from the date on my film, it was after the first incident.

Mara Alpha and another man who lives in Casa Torfeld I followed me to the train station. They claim about my filming, but if they did not stalk or harass me, I did not have to do so. You can see how they followed me ancd claiming not to film their "stalking activities." I submited some files to the ICC and the UNHCR in case if they have been involved in terroristic activites in their countries.
http://www.mediafire.com/?wy9hujnjzka (as you can see Mara Alpha just followed me and started disturbing my internet search on apartment.)

This is on March 3rd. I saw Abkur at the train station and leter Mara Alpha and others joined for the harassment. There is a woman sat on the bench pretending to be a passerby but she shaked hands with them after Abkur and others started spreading rumors about me there. If they are really police informants, then I can tell that they are the ones having "drinking" and other problems. If you watch the entire scene, you can hear Abkur trying to offer me the alcohol and asks me "One bottle, you wanna have sex with me."
http://www.mediafire.com/?wyngxzmnm1h - I filmed Abkur when he was walking around me and was going to leave the place.But later, he brounght others for the mobbing. Mara Alpha tried to steal my mineral water in one of the film you can see.

Abkur on surveillance at Aarau train station, March 3rd 2007. He sat in the bench inside of Aarau train station. On the second film, I told him not to stalk me.

The below films show the surveillance of the ex-residents of Casa Torfeld I at the Kanton library on April 4th 2008. They seemed to come to library and just stayed in the place near me. In comon sense, people visit library to read books or do researches. I felt that they did not even fit in the ordinary visitor image.The ex-resident and his friends working on surveillance at the Kanton library.

They started to take pictures for psychological NLP anchoring with camera.

There is another resident from Afghanistan at the library.
On April 14th, one of them showed up on the same place in the library.
I took this film on April 16th when I saw one of the ex-resident, Afghanistan man, was at the Aarau train station. My gramatical error on my speach is because of the psychological pressure from these organized stalkers appearence.

These are some of the evidences of gang stalkers in Aarau to Buchs area.
Thank you for the time,
Miyoko Goto

03 May, 2008

Plan to renew my homepage and so on.

When I created my Another Anti Multi Stalking Website, I did not think about the possibility of expanding it and just used the web template that could fit what I need. I put the information on the pre-made form, as you can see. Now I am thinking to upgrade it to a bit more with better visibility and userbility. It is still free domain, so I am not putting too much for everything. If I do so, I would rather write an 3-book. I do have a plan to write a book (it would be not free but will be cheap enough like buying a small bag of snacks) which contains more information integrated from the original information on my websites. I need to ask the immigration office about the option on foreign income and self-employement option for refugees. If you are a TI and want to move to Switzerland, please do not think you can do so after reading my experience. My situation is a bit different. How many internatioal students received a phone call from the US Army while studzing in colleges for recruitement, or asked to work in military in own country by the US government agents? By the way, the military service is different in Switzerland. It is mandatory for virtually all Swiss citizens. Probably that is how they survived during the two world wars to protect their own property and family.

Also, I might move to another place hopefully in next week or so. In that case, I might change profiles to protect the neighbors or others not yet to involve in the gang stalking. The good thing is that I can just push the current problem with Abukr and Mara Alpha to explain how I have been easily targeted by the local extremist groups. Switzerland offer residencies for millioners. In other words, if someone over 55 years old who has annual income of 100,000 CHF and plans to stay over 180 days per year, he or she is accepted to stay in Switzerland for retirement or whatever the reason. If you don't believe it, check this page. Just imagine how the rich will resonds to these extremist groups who are targeting foreigners could down the image against wealthy people who do not have a tie in their syndicate. The rich people may willing to pay the protection fees but they might reconsider coming to Switzerland for retirement with efforts to learn local languages and culture.

Because of my permit, I am ristricted to work in certain field in Switzerland. But I heard that if I receive income from abroad, that is exceptional. Like some rich "political asylum seekers" could receive income from their bank profits in their countries. Unfortunately, it won't fit in my case though. If I have over one million, I would get a company in this country to assure my life. I was simply planning to study in France - Université Paris Sorbonne - after I got kicked out from SJSU. So, I still have enough money to live without working. These days, I am working on German study as it is crucial for my survival and achieving C permit in Switzerland. While studying German, I could take online course to get diploma in something. I have foundamental knowlege in Engineering, American and British Literatures, Social Science fields including anthropolgy, sociology, psychology, etc. It is easy to push myself up in web based programs as I already got enough experiences and knowledge.

The bad news is... I must adopt myself into Swiss culture and say good-bye to the American style communication. I might be too frank in mz blog or other part of communication, but I guess I need to adopt myself a bit for Swiss culture. But, I guess I am much more conservative than the gang stalkers who are using the same strategies around the world. I do respect the religions of others unlike the stalkers who are making fun of the religious icons. I agree to pay Church Tax to support Catholics. And put enphasis on keeping Suday (not sabath day, stragnely) as the day to be off from the work (hopefully they do not ban study). Does anyone know that working on Suday is illegal in Switzerland? People need to have permisions to do so according to David Hampshire's Living and Working in Switzerland 10th ed. I did not know people must have a licence to watch TV or listen to radio or they would get fined by the inspectors.

01 May, 2008

Comments on my YouTube Video - stormgy110

These are what I got as messages from stormguy110 at YouTube. I figured out some funny information from his behavior of making comments on my particular films. First, he mentions about my "SJSU Assasination Plot" showing how SJSU sent me to mental hospital, and later he made comment on "Religious Right Violation by Eritreans" about how they used the picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe for NLP anchoring. These two films are crucial as well as of the residents of Casa Torfeld I and II stalking me to everywhere I go. More importantly, he says about how he understand Eritrean languages in the film. One film is about San Jose and another one is about Eritorea. I guess the films about these Eritreans might related with the disappearence of the Eritreans from the neighborhood. I am not sure what Eritreans talking to each other, but it would be something what stormguy110 says in the messages. This guess is simply from decoding how the perps twist their speach.

How to know he is a perp? Just mention how he addresses himself . "I dont believe in communism or other retarded systems, so please stop that stuff. I was just making suggestions. " If he does not involved to the organization or people I am filming, there is no reason why a viewer need to ask the creater of the film to stop making documentary films.

I like open system with open resource, so that each side - TI and the stalkers - can have a chance to speak up own mind rather than TIs getting killed under the massive propaganda by the perps. I know some readers of my blogs are TIs. I am sharing another aspect of my life to see if others are having similar problem or suggestions or not.

TIs contacting with other TIs are actually good. That is how Vietnam veterans healed their PTSD in the group counselling. It was in the book, A Patriot After All: The Story of a Chicano Vietnam Vet. (I met the author at DeAnza College, by the way)

//// Mesage 1/////
from stormguy110
Apr 22, 2008
Hi, I'm really sorry if i offended you. Also, i'm not stalking you or anything. I became interested in your videos when you interviewed the eritrean guys. I think one of the guys had a picture(symbol?) of mary, and you kept interrogating him why he have that picture. I actually speak Tigrigna(which is most eritreas language), and those guys felt disrespected by you. And then i kept watching your other videos... Again, when i said that you might have a mental problem, i didn't mean to insult you in any way. I think this is the best advice i can give you: Please dont have a camera pointing at any person. Its actually illegal to do than in the U.S. If you really feel that you have to do it, please be smart about it. Buy those hightech cameras where you can hide them in your clothes. my second best advice:- By now, i bet that many people told you that you have a mental problem. They could be wrong or they could be right. Have you ever went to a Psychiatrist in your life time? I dont think it would cost you anything. Please go there. I go to my doctor twice a year, and once to my dentist. And every year my doctor founds something wrong in my body. All i can say is, please please go to your doctor. Again, i dont mean to offend you and sorry if i did. have a nice day lady

//////////////// Message 2////////////////

Re: Re: Hi
Apr 23, 2008
But dont you know that if you point a camera at any person, he/she would become more angry and might attack you for that reason. I think it would be better if you hide the camera for your own safety when you film. I dont believe in communism or other retarded systems, so please stop that stuff. I was just making suggestions. And if that makes you mad, i dont know what to say. When people give me opinions, i actually get happy. I dont know about you. Basically, the Eritreans that you encounter felt disrespected. As you know, 50% of Eritreans belong to the Orthodox Church. So those guys where christians. They might not know all the theology that comes with their religion, but they are followers. At the end one of the guys where saying to stop talking with you. From that video, it seemed that you where stalking them. You go to their places and film them. The other encounter you had with Eritreans was near the bus stop. That video makes it clear that you were stalking them. They dont even know what the heck you were talking about. Most of them dont even speak english. They where minding their bussiness. Anyways, be safe and have a good day!