24 March, 2020

Clothes hanged in St. Stephan's Cathedral in Vienna

Did someone say about the future views? 3 years ahead, the Kan(Suga) clans went down in 2014 or 2013 for the future time crashing no more. They had only 3 months to fix it. And they built a plan with the horse riders and later was Turkish clans with the Leon group who was banned after the total crime late so high.

There is the purple clothes hanged inside of St. Stephan's Cathedral in Vienna before St. Patrick's Day. A silver clothes figure is also standing inside of the cathedral for the exhibition. There is a crashed old one story building sculpture inside also. The Ash Wednesday was like that.

After March 16th, the eve of St. Patrick Day, all churches closed down. No more masses. No donation collecting. I heard that the Pope's clan would only talk with the 'sophies' - the sophisticated figures only for the Vatican to be. Meanwhile, the small churches and priests are suffering from the lack of the donation. Food - every morning the church workers spent for the eggs and milks no more! It's lucky if they have the food to sell to the locals despite of the store closures. So many priests would die from the anger disease. Getting angry while having the lung contamination of COVID-19 kills the infected by the lack of breathing and the weak heart. More churches have the massacres by the angry Arabs.

Clothes are only available in the church but no one will attend. The white shiny figure as the sculpture without a head - who is it? The original mention was a black man. It was ETNO - the ethnograhia groups with the Chinese Wong /Chiu clan.

And Graz is shaking. It was said that 2018-2019 is the time when Vienna would crash with the extra watering after Kappa Delta Ray billionaires' apartment underwater crashed on December 31st, 2015. It should be located around Aya Napa south in Cyprus as the dummy location but was in Vienna. Once the water again rushes into the underground water reserve, it kills the land with the sudden land shaking with unknown debris.

All the troubles coming and we still survive.

Pectin mutation is scary

The virus infection is the virus' search of enzyme in the body - brain (occipital lobe), lungs, and the large intestine. The stomach infection is mainly from the stomach where most blood goes after lungs and the lungs hold the best minerals for the virus after the entry from the mouth. "Data Pectin" is the known term by 2030s if humans survive.

The mutation late is rare as the human body had the capacity of carrying the same virus. Thus, the same mitochondrion type eating will spread around after 7 days of the mutation rate. And most likely, A to O is a better choice of the calcium searches. Once the large amount of the healthy calcium is found such as the shoulder bones, the human enzyme would mutate from the head to the shoulder. In this process, which side mistaking happens as the bone crashing check. The finger edge still has the energy of movement but the brain is boiling and it needs more brains out there as the human edge zone. Thus, the carrying item needs more of the similar enzymes to be carried into the finger edge or at least the arm edge. Thus, pectin is used as the carrier for the enzyme of the bran top. Pectin causes the soar taste in the mouth and in the stomach causes the loss. The stomach loses it's brain - the intestine walls that fight against the pectin and bacteria. Thus, taking out the pectin attacking wall is necessary and thus the stomach has the near-death signal from the brain contamination of the same groups.

The infected always have the soar throat as the human enzyme is always deleted from the brain-stomach zones. The first is the immune system reduction and the next is facially visible; tiredness and the jaw lowering "д" mouth gesture and the shorter legs - no legs or walking at all. One step aside was a falling figure and later a small steps such as the single walk of 30m is now taking 6m only with some sense of moving will needed. And everyone infected and cured gets angry or so serious from the 'infection disease.' Someone would take your shoes out and replacement gestures in the wards. Also, some food intake and vomiting caused another to death - thefts? Someone else nearby would be always searched and the loss is everything for the neutral people. Only the white bed linens are left on the same group bed and nearby person would be using the hot water boiler of the patient accused in the hospital. In such case, asking to get a cup for the hot water would be the least demand in the hospital. The hospital surviving is like this. So, eventually, the man would receive a respect to get the hot water boiler of his own back! It meant the mature taunting to the original sphere - it was there from the beginning, next to the man's bed. And he would receive some mixed sort of foods and juices later for 'gathering.' It means someone could be killed by the elite force in future but accepted joke on the women - taking out teeth and damaging the sex organs! And it meant more mature deaths with no understanding of the human community! No confessions. But no cursing. No stress - stereotyped take it! Taking it meant returning no more but filmed and claimed by the authorities as who's who! Who is owning is decided by the authorities. In such case, mildly-care. Just taming others. In such case, no taunting by the brute force by the men! Everybody watching? A bullish man would be brought in for the rape show. It's usually happening in Egypt or against the Vatican people - too high in the society but alone meant the elite's education.

But in a long run, the HIV cure search in the middle of Turkey as the hidden region and later in the west corner of Cyprus as the boy of the stomach part missing and lungs and hipbone attached so close received the new virus infection on his body as the mutated mammal. Human number is 142, chimps/gorillas 146 and 38 - lion. The clarification is from the AIDS study time. It was done by the Swedish company and ST-12 is the known number and often has two more digits at the end - ST-1290 meant 90% of the infection rate and ST-1220 meant only 20%. China model and Myanmar model difference was such, 90 or 20 at the end of the label. The bad thing is the pectin is everywhere. It can mutate not in the brain. It tries to mutate in the stomach where more matured energies are there for the stomach coding. The digestion disease starts from the near death experience of the body as the body impact to cultivate more of the cells that mutate faster to get over the death late. But, with the pectin in the mouth, it is impossible to have a long term mature late. Another virus is waiting. Thus, the host dies. Trees around 10-20cm height gets the pectin. They mutate.

A mouth touch by the virus can kill a lion. Palm trees would do the mutation success with the plant resin sucking insect that ate the human meat. The digestion process would create another mutation. A human being would die from just getting one particle of the virus into one's mouth? It's quite possible.

The result? This is what I tweeted.
The palm trees are the most suited species for the pectin type virus. It can be mutated inside of the tall tree leaves with the resin of the tree inside of the human meat eating bug such as ants and small dead animal eating type.

20 March, 2020

Beef Count book almost ready


07 March, 2020

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04 March, 2020

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