30 July, 2013

Chatting with the virtual agent Lauren on MyPCBackup.com

JustCloud sent me a message telling that they will return my money within 7days. So far, so good. I wanted to try other cloud backup and sharing options. I just ended up trying BackBraze which I found not really useful for downloading something I don't keep with me in the computer. It could be better with MediaFire or Mega storages. Or even the file fosting services with 100GB+ storages. Who needs 1TB storages? My netbook got 320GB or something. I guess max would be around 500GB for everything. I don't have any movie or warez with me. Illegal stuffs for the hackers or someone really lost the original CD but got the license and the right to use it. But I would love to keep the backup of my purchased and downloaded software with password just in case if my computer crushes and need to install it in another PC or something. It's not illegal but keeping the copy is my responsibility, you know. Anything with big software kept online is not always illegal, as the fed wants to believe and tries to make it as an evidence of persecution.

Well, it was nice trying to chat with a robot kept telling me the offer while I got no way to get it as JustCloud account blocking me to try MyPCBackup application sign up. Hey, isn't there something wrong with the promotion policy to these companies?

Connecting to Agent...
You have been connected to Lauren
Lauren Says:Hey Wait! We would hate to see you go without seeing what's made us an award winning backup service. I have been authorized to give you a 100% free account. just CLICK HERE
Lauren Says:if you have any questions or would like to know more about our service just say "Hi" and we can get started....
You:are you real? or a robot?
Lauren Says:Ok, you got me, I am a live virtual agent..hehe
Lauren Says:But I am very intelligent, so I should be able to answer any questions or problems you have. What did you want to ask me?
You:I signed up to JustCloud and wanted to cancel it because they asked me to send my credit card and personal ID images.
Lauren Says:Oh, if you have already signed up please feel free to close this chat window. As I can only help you today by offering you this awesome one-time special offer.
Lauren Says:Is there anything else i can help you with today?
You:It seemed easier to find another alternatives. It seems I got problem checking MyPCBackup instead of JustCloud as my email address is already signed up to JustCloud.
Lauren Says:What exactly seems to be your problem?
You:I want to delete JustCloud registeration and try MyPCBackup application instead.
Lauren Says:Install the program on your computer and it will automatically backup all your important files, emails, photos, music, business documents and more without you having to do anything. The program will check every day for new or changed files and will automatically back them up.
You:Well, I cannot create an acount with my email address which I often use for major purposes.
Lauren Says:Just Click Here to find our support email address.
You:I just replied to MyPCBackup.com customer support email which telling me I already signed up to JustCloud and I suppose to use JustCloud instead of checking MyPCBackup.
Lauren Says:Oh, if you have already signed up please feel free to close this chat window. As I can only help you today by offering you this awesome one-time special offer.
Lauren Says:Is there anything else i can help you with today?
You:Ah, now I found you are a robot. A good gag for my blog today.
Lauren Says:I am a live virtual agent
Lauren Says:So I should be able to answer any questions or problems you may have as well as offering you this great last minute offer.
Lauren Says:Would you like to receive a free trial?

29 July, 2013

JustCloud doing something suspicious for taking customer information

I tried to sign up to JustCloud.com for backing up my data. I thought it would take few hours for activation and waited. Then I found it not activated yet. I found an email from JustCloud customer support in my email.

support@justcloud.com via amazonses.com 
12:18 AM (1 hour ago)

to me
Hi MiyokoGoto,

Thank you for your order with JustCloud.

We require some further verification to be able to complete your order due to increased security measures. We do apologize that sometimes legitimate cards get flagged up for this, but it is a necessary procedure.

Please could you email us a copy of the front of the credit card (please mask any of the details that you wish to except the name and last 4 digits of the card number) and the card holder's passport or driving license to confirm the payment. Please email this to us as soon as you can so that we can finalize your order.

If you are unable to scan the information, we can accept a photo of the relevant details attached to your reply in JPG format.  The photo may be taken from a smartphone.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, please understand this is for your safety.

Please let us know if there is anything else that we can help you with. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Kind Regards,

Gabriel Bunggay
Customer Service Representative
You know, I wanted to backup files immediately. Sending my creditcard info and my ID photo would take some days for activation. I sent a cancellation letter. Then I tried to sign up other site like ZipCloud and MyPCBackup.com. Somehow, my registration failed as the warnign says "In Use." I don't think I signed up to these sites but it was like that. I tried BackupGenie and this time the sign up page ended up the page . https://login.justcloud.com/?username=(my Email Address)

It sounds like the curse of JustCloud to me. BackupGenie is related with JustCloud or what? I sent a message to MyPCBackup.com for asking about the problem. Do they owned by the same company and has "no customer" list of some sort for suspicious people?

Ah, I wish I get my money back from JustCloud.com. I will tell if they return money as they say. If they are owned by the gang stalkers, they probably won't give money back easily to TIs.

I figured out that BackuGenie, MyPCBackup can let the user sign in for the same email address and password to get linked to JustCloud.com. So, that means I need to use another email address to creat an account to sign up to those different cloud services. They are all connected as a big cloud storage system union. 

28 July, 2013

Today's German cars and some Germans

Here are the German cars from today. I don't know why I see some German cars around and Germans here and there.

When I was eating my Cevapi on the bench in the park for the lunch, two women speaking in German sat across from me.

The German speaking couple entering a church after I was peeking the inside.

There was a Japanese group showing up in the city.

A restaurant shut down due to some problem.

A man caught by the police and was transported to the police station.

The video is here.

27 July, 2013

2 Muslim women on the street yesterday

How often see Muslims in Zagreb? I saw two women in hijab yesterday. I don't know if they are treated fine here. Since it is very rare to see Muslims in Croatia, I suspected them as gang stalkers who are either pretending to be Muslim and claiming me wearing the hijab for snitch jacket or the real Muslims showing up for the eye witness by the bystander perpetrators and for the false witness against me.

I got some Muslims showing up in the churches as well. I assume they might be related with the false witnessing on non-Muslims but on the black lists.

I hate Muslims because I got enough damages from the gang stalking which got some Muslim perps engaged in the damages and such. I think 911 victims have right to speak up if they hate Islamic suicidal and barbaric actions. And I got over 640€ damages in Sarajevo. Oh, I saw a family hanging around in the cafe near where I'm staying. Another barbaric people, huh? I hope the insiders shouldn't make up false Muslim claims on TIs. 911 had free fall motion of three buildings corrupting like the way of controlled demolition. The airplane remote jacking was already tried with Egyptian airplane. The real terrorists should be known by now and why they are making up more Muslims on the lists and those are not Muslims but Christians and others...

26 July, 2013

Restaurant Dolać cheating on the change

I went to eat out for the lunch. I got 10% off from my MRI payment. So, I got extra 200HRK to spend. I went to Restaurant Dolać at the green market near the Cathedral for the lunch. I ordered the midium Čevapi and Fanta. I paid 200HRK as I only had 200 paper notes as withdrew so many of them for the MRI. I was sure that it was 200 as I thought it would be risky for me to exchange a big note for the small fee. You know what I mean. It's like paying 100€ for a meal and hoping the clerk would be honest. Also, I did not want to use my 20 and 10 notes as I needed to buy the tram ticket later.

Here is the video from yesterday. There were two Japanese groups in the area as well as many Asians.

And the German car probably from Munich: M K 2672.

The video. Enjoy. I think Rostelj restaurant nearby is the best Čevapi in the area. It's sad to be a TI and being cheated on the change and getting other form of harassments all the time everywhere.

25 July, 2013

My MRI scan result

I thought the MRI would cover the jaw area which got some white part like the ceramic crown on top of my teeth. Here are some pics from my MRI result. It cost about 300€. I would love to check EEG in this week, if it's possible.

Nowadays, I got some proclamation due to the FB games. I hate to say that I sometimes get game addict to forget about the gang stalking. You know, there are tons of games free on FB and suddenly I get the desire to try the new one for a bit. I guess that is a type of remote subliminal messages I get to stay away from my book writing. So far, I got 45 pages long V2K speeches for the 2nd part of my book.

Oh, about the MRI, I think there is a polyp or something in the nasal area under the right eye.

24 July, 2013

My brain CT scan result

I found a good place to have a CT scan of my brain. For the TIs, it is usually a hard task to find  a trustworthy doctor who won't ask the TIs to go to psychiatric wards instead of having he regular body examination. My opinion is that the TIs can exploit the chance of using medical tourism to find doctors abroad with less cost and explanation. My CT cost about 110€ and the doctor gave me the CD-ROM with the images, so I can use it for the proof of my health. If someone want to do it in one's country is expensive, the one would do it abroad. I think that is enough to persuade doctors to give you MRI, CT, and such.

Here is the result of my CT scan on my birthday few days ago. I'm gonna have MRI this afternoon. EEG, maybe in this week. I guess that would be enough to show what I got inside of me possibly causing EH or whatever.

The interesting parts in my CT results would be; 3 white dots in the brain, the white part in my jaw bone. I don't have any surgery in my jaw, but the white part seems something strange. The teeth crowns are all ceramics.


21 July, 2013

The V2K perps said that NYPD was responsible for the WTC demolition

The V2K perps said that NYPD was responsible for the WTC 2 towers and one building behind of it corrupting in the free fall motion. They got some background research of what I was talking and found out how Germany got related with it. There are so many CIA agents/informants working in Deutsche Bank. It's just like how the Enron got some German intelligence inside. Ex-Nazis connection with the US intelligence have been going on since the Operation Paper Clip time. The V2K perps did the bank transfer issues and that was how they found the suspicious man who has very similar facial feature like Osama Bin Ladin escaped to Jamaica as a deserted Iraqi solder and was able to find a place to live in the country after some transaction of 300 million went to the Jamaican authorities. Well, there are some conspiracy theorist websites saying that Osama Bin Ladin is now live in the southern island. Well, that is something fishy like the insider trading before 911. We don't discus about it. That transaction was done with... guess which country related with the NWO dictatorship of GWB Sr. who speaks German.

Well, about the NYPD relationship with the bombing material enough to brow up 3 buildings, the V2K perps said that they found the transaction made for the amount of demolishing equipment paid for a feast/cerebration and the actual use was not clear. I think that would be another way around to check who was capable to set up the dynamites inside of the WTC. As far as we know, Silverman, the owner of the WTC building was shouting on the camera "pull down.. pull down.." Well, the pull down of the building cost some numbers of NYFD firefighters' lives. If they brew up while others were inside while these people needed to keep quiet about the explosives, no one knows what actually happened to cause the free fall of the 3 buildings in a row. For the Kamikaze type pilots, the English speaking V2K perps told me that they created the special sentence effective to take them down or reduce the numbers doing the suicidal missions. They would send the subliminal or V2K message "Drone is better than you" to them. Can you tell me which company is responsible for making such subliminal messages? Then the Targeted Individuals can sue the company for false terrorist making.

I wrote about the suspicion of Bin Ladin in Jamaica, the V2K perps seemed to be talking in English about how the people believing Bin Ladin would be dangerous and Japs got "iron will" and such for making up some terrorist threat claims... Well, I already know pretty much of how they do the Remote Neural Monitoring, so I'm capable of sharing it. I know the crappy American surveillance is only tracking some suspicious postings like Osama is arrive or 911 insider job conspiracies with possible Muslim extremists propaganda. I think these NSA investigators should explain the free fall motion 3 building corruption in physics formula. I'm writing based on the fact I experienced and sharing it in the plain English text with less subjection.

Ah, here is today's German car parked in front of the cathedral. I think it's the same one parked very close to where I'm staying. The church workers nor the people inside of the church was normal these days. I wonder Germans would do the disinformation campaign against me.

And here is the German car I saw on my way from Maria Bistrica to Zagreb today. There was another German black sedan with HH xxx 666 license number. I remembered the last part as it was easy to remember.

Missed the last bus and ended in Maria Bistrica tonight

I'm quite busy for some traveling and writing. I wanted to visit Maria Bistrica to buy some stuffs like the card I kept in my wallet and was stolen with the wallet in Sofia. Well, the place is famous of the Virgin Mary statue and clear water. I attended 2 masses accidentally. There was a wedding before the mass and I accidentally attended that one. Then the normal evening mass. The last bus leave to Zagreb around 5pm, so it was too late for me to get a bus or taxi after the mass which was held from 6pm.

I got some Germans here again. I haven't seen anyone speaking German but the car with some decorations like the guest came for the wedding. Well, there was a restaurant with roasted pork grill today for the wedding party. I bought some roasted pork for dinner - the traditional food for feast in Croatia. That part was good. I wish I could bring this to Turkey to scare some Muslims :D

There is a US fed car parked nearby as well as two German cars. Enjoy seeing the funny German car with the decoration. Yesterday was the Germans in the dark cave and today is like this. Oh, well... what they are doing?

And here is the pic of the wedding. Later there was a baby needed to be baptized.

20 July, 2013

Germans and Swiss cars showing up at Piltrvice Lake National Park

I went to Plitvice Lake National Park today. I wanted to take some nature photos for the future use on my book front page and such. You know, I got one book almost done - "Gang Stalkers in the Churches." I got the front layout ready for that book, but you know, it is always good to have extra copyright owned good pictures.

I went in a group tour and the group were made of the people from UK and one Australian girl who seemed to the friend of the driver and said she went to the lake yesterday as well. The trip was fine as no one really talked and I did not talk at all. No gaslighting, nor sensitization.

I saw two German cars on the way. One is the pic below. And another one is a white 4WD with starting F letter which means the car is from Frankfurt and the last numbers were 666.

Also, there were some Swiss number cars traveling to the same direction. And something funny number.

The mini bus stopped at the supermarket to buy something. Here is the German car.

At the park, I did not have chance to see the German cars nor drivers.

I need to make an OSAM video for today. But at the cave near the first entrance, I saw a group of Germans in the dark cave. I have a penlight and found a white small bag on the floor near my foot. There was a woman's voice saying I found her camera. I had no idea but picked it up and gave it to the woman inside. You know, the cave was completely dark and I saw a German speaking family inside. I filmed their voices for the proof. So, that one would be shared in the video format later. There was one more bag left inside with Chinese character on it. What kind of adventure game is this? German family with a missing camera case and a Chinese character bag in a dark cave... I bet that should be a comedy one.

The meeting point for the picking up by the mini bus was in front of a hotel. I arrived there about 15 minutes to the meeting time. I went inside of the hotel and saw a group of Japanese speaking people. I filmed them on my way to the cafe to their left. I drunk cafe and took pictures of them. They were talking together and writing on their schedule papers. I don't know why I encounter a Japanese group there.

For the fun part, you can see so many German and Swiss cars parked in the hotel parking lot. I wonder what was going on there.

Some are from Italy, France, and so on.
On the way back to Zagreb, the mini bus was surrounded by German cars.

When the bus came back to the city, I saw a man with funny T-shirt logo.

Oh, by the way, there is a German car parked outside of where I'm staying.

Enough German gang stalking? How come there are so many Germans showing up? Are they making up the claim of me as a Muslim or terrorist? Here is my plan; 1. write my diary sharing how I got so much damages and Germans stalking me, 2. do the x-ray to all the body check just like James Welbert did and bring it to the ICC with the suspicion of German intelligence engaged in my case. If Germans helping the US intelligence are responsible for the implants or something, you know, I can sue them for the violation of the Nürnberg Code.

Ah, I might be able to open the case with the harassment happened at DM, Tengelmann and the flat of Thomas Schöllhammer for the possible Neo-Nazi activity against a Targeted Individual. If I file a case there, the judge suppose to investigate on these suspicious Germans stalking me.