31 October, 2012

Müller and the alarm beeping

I went to Müller near Munich main train station and bought few things. I brought my camera in and filmed from the entrance as they have the security alarm beeping at the entrance and at the exit. I learned some chain stores got strange alarm problem and sometimes checking the customers' bags. It reminded me of TSA doing something for fishy thing as if showing a bag of cocain and asking if it is yours or not.

At the cashier, I saw two young woman served at the cashier next to mine. When they went out, the alarm beeped but the male clerk checking my groceries for the payment said them to go. I don't know if they were perps and stole something and making up the claim on me, a TI, for the strange alarm beeping. Or the clerks and the perp team making up the false alarm skit for fun. Later, I went to Saturn to check some cameras as my camera started acting weird sometimes. That part you can see from my video. In Saturn there were many beeping happened and I guess that was for the skits. I saw a couple got alarm beeped at the entrance when I was about to enter and they showed the receipt and the plastic bag to the security man. When I went in and out, the alarm did not beep. It would be very troublesome if I have to carry video camera around when I enter each store.

I was too late to turn on my camera at the cashier, so you can hear only a short beeping in my video.

28 October, 2012

Are you ready for the comming war to save the US debit and economic crisis around the world?

About a decade ago, there was a major economic crisis hit Asian countries, and the bubble economy suddenly corrupted. Some says about the US economy would be crushed due to the debit. Or, the Euro problem if few more countries added to the economic crisis after Greece. On the other hands, China and Russia, one time they were the enemies of the West, are now taking the major role in the world economy.

Alex Jones suggests the relocation to a small towns for own cultivation of foods and shelter making.

Are you ready for the relocation by your own? But I would like to warn you. Any suspicious action by the individual might be viewed as an example of terrorism threats. Remember what happened to Unabomer. He lived in an isolated house alone and was committing crimes. FBI might be interested in you if you want to live alone in an isolated area. And if you want to live in a group, don't forget to make it not a hippie commune, or the police/FBI informants might use the place for the nest for drugs and cult making. They have done that during 60s to late 70s in Love and Peace movement while the CIA made the experiment on LSD and other drugs on the useless individuals in the society.

26 October, 2012

Big brothers are watching you and manipulating your thoughts

These days, I got problem keeping up the appointments. It was just a small mistake and that seems the typical of the electronic harassment style. For example, I had an appointment on Monday and Wednesday. I saw my schedule, and I saw it like "Mi     15.00" (Mi = Mitwoch = Wedensday). There was one more on the list "Mo     13.00" (Montag = Monday). What happened was I mislead the appointment like Mi  13.00. When you read an appointment, you would see it a short time because the information is very short. So, it can be manipulated by the remote neural monitoring people. They also use the artificial telepathy for their own insiders for the communication and for the victims they are using it like sending radio all day long and communicating with them. They are just the part of the brain research and the covert operation for the neutralization of the individual. Another one was yesterday, I saw the clock after midnight and I forgot another appointment today. The funny thing is that I don't have such misleading the appointment problem till these days. They are just like those bad luck having time, but I can tell they are artificial.

For the thought induction, they send the specific feeling that "this is xxxx" while victim's consciousness is reduced. This short time consciousness loss would be something related with CIA's EDOM but the recent ones. So the one cannot have the feeling of checking it again also. This part is also done by such subliminal feeling. They can use the forced eye movement that can only make the victim to see what suppose to see and what to miss.
According to Lincoln Lawrence, author of Were We Controlled, EDOM is now operational. "There is already in use a small EDOM generator/transmitter which can be concealed on the body of the person. Contact with this person, a casual handshake or even just a touch, transmits a tiny electronic charge plus an ultra-sonic signal tone which for a short period will disturb the time-orientation of the person affected....it can be a potent weapon for hopelessly confusing evidence in the investigation of a crime." (http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread17725/pg1)
These 3 days, I went to an office and had my digital camera with vibrating problem as if it have problem with the auto-focus. It happened only two times, and I had problem with filming, but it was a short time. They got someone with "New York" logo clothes yesterday. Also, they had so many Chinese students 2 days ago and there were only few people came today and yesterday. I don't know why there were so many people around. Today, I noticed that there were people waiting but they don't really have to. They just sat
there and left. I found an elderly woman just came and sat there for awhile and later I saw her in the cashier and waiting. The trick is, they pretend to come here with someone else who have something to do there and they left. I guess, the informants are contacting with each other and doing the surveillance together.

Recently, I went to a small supermarket, and I found there were some vegetables left at the cashier. There was a small penny coin left there last time. One time, they sold me Red Bull 450ml bottle for 6.50€. Well, I thought it would be cheaper than that, but I bought it as I thought that would be the normal price. If you know how much it costs in Zürich, you can imagine I accepted that price. It's like you can buy more than 4 beer cans here. Then, I checked the same Red Bull can in another store, and I saw they only cost 3.99€ or something. I'm quite sure the store is cooperating with the gang stalkers.

If you watch GSA11 and what happened to those false alarms going on at stores, you can imagine Germany has a nice NWO gimicks for the civilian control. The perps might be pretending to evict people from their country with the issue of "in case we have a war..." and such. In such case, they can take anything from the victim or do anything against the individual. So, they have their own purpose above the human rights and equal opportunities.

21 October, 2012

Was ist COINTELPRO? Das Video.

Ich fand meinen COINTELPRO Video sehr beliebt, besonders die japanische Version. Dass ich möchtete das Video auf Deutsch auch veröffentlichen. Hier ist da.

The money-sticking-out-from-donation-basket skit in Frauenkirch and the perps around me yesterday

I quickly created the video about what happened in Frauenkirch yesterday. There two people sat next to me and they barricaded the way out during the communion time. There were not so many people visiting the evening mass yesterday as there was museum visiting event going on. Here is an example of how people near me just sit down during the mass. Also, the donation money sticked out for their expectation of me stealing it. I'm curious why these perpetrators who are often friends of the police officers even doing the skit in the church. It was the second time, so I wanted to film them for warning others about what they are doing. They try to stick out the note money out from the donation basket, so I have hard time to put money in. They could claim me a thief if I try to put the money inside, right? I wonder if they are doing the harassment because that I speak Arabic and they could make up the claim as a Muslim while I got some Muslims around for their gang stalking also. Who governs the church in Alexandria, Egypt? I stayed in the guest house there, too. They could get money from the false Muslim terrorist threat while they are harassing the Christians.. You know, people make up claims while they are the real threat to the honesty and Christianity. I wonder who they are. It's like one of the Obama jokes; he can say the workplaces increased in the US while so many people became homeless.

And here is Japanese speaking guy I saw in the U-Bahn station. There was an event going on at the church in the Odeonplatz for the Museum Event.

20 October, 2012

The list of Japnese food companies serving the radioactive contaminated foods

For the health reasons, politicians should campaign not to let the citizens to eat the life threatening foods contaminated with radioactive. Japanese are encouraged to eat cesium contaminated foods rather than avoiding it. Any poisonous foods, the companies are encouraged to add a warning sign, the radioactive is one of the hazardous material that the companies are purposely encouraged not to share its health effects. For the consumers who don't know which companies are helping the products from Northeast in Japan, I share the list here. I hope the list helps the people in Japan to have less health problem. I'm an activist who has a view from the consumer side.

春日井さぼてん(ラボ&ショップ こだわり商店)
SAKE bistro W
和光堂 (http://www.asyura2.com/12/genpatu27/msg/887.html)

19 October, 2012

OSAM - Asian Restaurants in Munich

Normally, the Targeted Individuals get harassed by the strangers. It became so common for the veteran TIs. In Munich, I often have the shops and restaurants cheating on the change. Haar Forum was the worst case and the best video I ever made for recording the fraud. Today, I ate my lunch at Asia Hung, the Asian restaurant in the Munich train station. I ordered 5€ meal and paid 10€ note. The clerk did not return the change. I mentioned him and he acted as if he forgot the change. I have been going through these change cheating so much, so I thought it was one of those skits. Perps in Germany really like to cheat on the bills to make more money and stealing things. You know, that reminded me of the mentality of the infamous Christal Night. They also love small tampering, so that part would be added for that event and the similarity nicely. Ah, one extra thing is maybe the false alarm for the TI customers to claim shoplifters. That should be something new, or did they do similar thing to the Jews and foreigners before the WWII? Well, Asian Hung experience was not that bad as the clerk actually gave me the change back with the payment from the female customer next to me. No argument nor the need of filming from the time of the payment. It would be worse if I have to film my payment at restaurants every time to check for preventing the change cheating. Munich is not that bad now.

I needed to buy a medicine few hours later and went to a pharmacy on the corner of the train station. I saw an Asia Hung's clerk there and he stood behind me. I don't know if that was a coincidence or someone asked a small favor to one of the clerks. I mention it here for the prevention of the disinformation campaign in the area.

Lemon Glass, another Asian restaurants in the area got clerk with NYPD logo cap. Shortly after I started visiting there, the Bento-ya, the restaurant next to it had a management change or the renovation. I never visited there, but it might had something for the perp's issues.

Here is the video I made from todays and past experiences in Asian restaurants.

16 October, 2012

集団ストーキング解析 vol.4 - 加害者の教会内での活動


New World Order is to replace the innocent people with the intelligence and police informants

COINTELPRO has been used since 60s in the USA and there have been similar tricks going on in the Communist countries. Hungary had the secret police but the film, "The Life of an Agent," states that West Germany had worse system then them. Well, the Stasi in East Germany was known to be notorious about its citizen surveillance system, but the film does not mention about it. Where the surveillance system in West Germany came from? There is a history and the information like Operation Gladio backed up by the US to do the covert operation in Germany. More about such information is listed in the book, Killing Hope, by William Blum.

After 911, we need to talk about the NWO, which is known as the most popular conspiracy and one of the biggest dream for the world top elites such as the Committe of 300. There are some people speaking up and those pieces of information together makes a big view of what is going on these days - from the stripped search in the airports (refusal can make the one ending up locked) to the warrant-less searches, so called black bag job by the FBI and letting the searchers to steal anything they want such as pornos to valuables. Some TSA officers have been caught on stealing from the suitcases or for the molesting or rape. Meanwhile, people know major terrorist activities are backed up by the local police for the covert operation or by the group funded by the intelligence.

I'm doing some research on such issues in Germany, and it was funny to get strange incidents here just like the gang stalking to the shoplifting claim done by the big supermarket chains like DM, Tengelmann, and Müller. It would be good for the footage making to share what they have done and the freedom of press can later help the researchers to understand what is going on in this time in our history to the activists and ex-refugee like me in Germany. So far, some Germans are talking about 911 as insider job, thus I found out my stance of being the conspiracy theory researcher should be not a problem with the German politics. It would rather mess around with the Korean and Japanese perps who are part of that NWO mafia supported by the rich people including the ones with Islamic backgrounds and something to do with the researches done by DAARPA/DOD.

Shall I just share my experience and the surveillance people's names? That would help other TIs to figure out how their social status is similar to what we called Economic Hitman. They are often helping the local police for the covert operation which is not always clean. I know a Brazilian girl who did the black work in Brazilian companies in some parts of Germany. She is probably taking the class for her law degree in LMU. Some perps are trying to become hospital workers, psychologists/psychiatrists, economists, lawyers specialized in criminal laws, etc. These specialties sound more for the world dominance, don't they? We can add anthropologists for their well-adapting skill and social skill.

Nowadays, I found the cloud storage very important as I lost so many documents, books, music CDS. They are all religious ones. The perps wanted to claim me as a Muslim while I have been stating Islam is a sexist religion that some men thinking women as a type of property. Say, some people love pets and they treat pets as family member. I think the Islam has something similar view between man and woman. Thanks to what happened at Goethe Institut, I got quite interesting information of these Muslims who showed up with for strange complaining like what Iman did. Or how the American guys showed up for the covert operation / mobbing there. Due to what happened for the shop lifting claim and my videos, I can prove such organized crime is really happening to me with my own evidences and voice recordings. Ah, maybe I should write a book about my life in Germany with such interesting information for the TIs and the COINTELRPO researchers. There seemed to be the Muslims showing up from Saudi Arabia for the part of gang stalking member as well as from Egypt, Oman (they got quite big UK military base), and such. But these Muslims often have the experience living in the US. You can imagine what it means if you know what the School of Americas are for and what the local police or the FBI teaching these foreigners.

14 October, 2012

Will Korean migrants to Japan increase after 4 years?

The scientists and the doctors say that the radioactive effects can be more visible after 4 years. In such case, what happen to the Japanese population? Nowadays, the invasions and the military excersizes near Japan are quite popular phenomenon. Will China and Korea send more migrants to Japan after 4 years to replace the radioactive-lower-IQ Japanese youth? I got perpetrators often from Korea and Korean speaking Japanese around with Chinese and Russians. I wonder if that is what really look the real picture of economic hitman for the future planning. Ex-PM Koizumi was pro Korea, so I'm assuming that is favorable view of the future Japan. Anyway, there is a rumor about Showa Emperor was Omuro Toranosuke, who had military experience and helped to start the war. Well, only the winners can make the histories, so who knows what kind of history was right? We learned enough of this from China, right?

I used to be an asylum seeker and have no interest in Japan nor going back to the land of radioactives. I don't understand why there are so many perps asking me when I go back to Japan and such. I'm just like diaspora, ok? It's just funny I got harassed like Jew in Germany, and that part I'm proud of for my study of NWO thing here.

09 October, 2012




The profiling to limit the travelers - valid from next year?

The customs in UK might have the security surveillance system like limiting the travelers using the profiling. The V2K perps seem to know the same mechanism would be installed in Europe to limit the travelers who are looking for the long term visa in the countries. I don't know if that allows the police informants and the students working for the government can be the only ones to get better education and the work abroad in future. That sounds like the ideal situation for the NWO people, who want to control everyone under their spies. The solo travelers might be also limited for the same reason.

Also, if the informant makes up a claim of someone for any suspicion, such as a possible Muslim, then that information would be valued more than what the person would say. That sounds terrible, but it works for the character assassination and the profiling on the individual. In the police state, people would be labeled as terrorists and such due to what the police and authorities believe. Also, the profiling with the criminology and psychology can be used for the manipulation of the individual's actual nature and behaviors. If someone is harassed under COINTELPRO and cannot get a regular job, the one would be looked as having mental problem or something wrong to get the job like a normal individual. Some FBI whistle-blowers wrote books of how they do in the breau to harass the individuals. The manipulation of the actual problem is quite common among the police states as the authorities can help the professionals to make up the story favorable for themselves.

08 October, 2012

"Scientists Successfully Implant Chip That Controls The Brain Allowing Thoughts, Memory And Behavior To Be Transferred From One Brain To Another"

There are lots of people with ADHD problm in California. Also, the state was once the heaven of serial killers. Son of Sam might have microwave hearing to become paranoia as well as Herbert Mullin, who got the direct voice hearing to kill some people to save the state from the earthquake. That was the period after the hippies creating communes and the CIA tested LSD and other subliminal drugs in such a closed groups. They moved the operation further to the cults and they tested their with the funding from the cult's own money.  Fabio Ghioni, the Italian writer and the blogger, wrote an article about the discovery in University of Southern California. Well, there are some universities in California related with the covert operations such as UCLA and others for the famous human experiments and SJSU for the CIA recruiting students. No surprise if some students there got such unethical brain-chipping while they are sent to the mental hospitals like El Camino Hospital in the SF Bay Area. I got DOD tracking me down in the US while I was gang stalked there. I wonder if USC got such students who are mobbed at school and later became a Targeted Individual.

Scientists working at the University of Southern California, home of the Department of Homeland Security’s National Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events, have created an artificial memory system that allows thoughts, memories and learned behavior to be transferred from one brain to another. 


If you are interested more about the Brain Machine Interface (BMI), read the link below. It got quite good resources and I need to update my website with such informations in future. I'm too busy for finishing my book now and other things.

07 October, 2012

US military sprayed radioactive in St. Luis - article from examiner.com

Now I'm planning to publish the new book about the gang stalking in the churches as that would help some religious people to be aware of the gang stalking in supposed to be sacred areas. It's quite disturbing but that should be helpful for the religious TIs to stay strong and how to keep their face among the harassers. Well, I read an interesting article during my break, so I want to share it here.

A St. Louis, Missouri college professor has revealed through Freedom of Information Act documents that the United States military's long history of secret non-consensual human experimentation includes spraying radioactive particles on the city's poorest neighborhoods, comprised of mainly children, in the 1950s and ‘60s, and that later government investigations neglected to speak with victims of this human rights abuse.
At the time, the US Army admitted that it showered certain locales with a chemical mixture, but said it was to test smoke screens they’d deploy to shield St. Louis from any nuclear assault by way of Russia. According to Martino-Taylor, the Army and others misled the public and actually poisoned residents of St. Louis and other cities with a dangerous compound composed of zinc cadmium sulfide and radioactive elements. (http://www.examiner.com/article/us-military-secretly-sprayed-radioactive-particles-on-st-louis-poorest-children)
The article reveals the doubletalk by the US Army. They wanted to protect the citizen while they used the people for the research. The wise guess? If you really want to stay safe, you can just escape from the area while the military actually using the citizens for the Guinea Pig. I think we have the similar doubletalk going on about 911 and the war on terrorists. Who are the enemies of the US or even the terrorists these days? The anti-terrorism propaganda straightened the local initiatives on the neighborhood watch programs  while we don't really have terrorists around. The FBI predicted the increase of the local extremists while the gang number also increased but they are not known and threat for the local community. On the other hands, some people are claimed as Targeted Individuals and harassed to be expelled from the society. Those people working for the gang stalking often talk about the corrupted police and mafia works. Maybe, we have the double standards in the anti-terrorism propaganda there. I'm fine sharing the damages to the US politicians like Ron Paul while the perps got nothing much to do but to make up fake claims against me and try to convince others and ask the action by the authorities. I'm fine to be the good-guy side while others have no idea what they are doing. What and the US Army doing in the past and now? Perhaps we have ethically corrupted society and the army from the past.

EDEKA - the cashier woman gone somewhere

Since the stupid security alarm problem at DM and Tengelmann at Karlsplatz, I used the small stores for purchasing the groceries. I did it randomly and I often dined out to stay away from any trouble. Normally, the people in Germany are nice and they don't do the cheating the change or skipping certain people. I sometimes visit EDEKA, and I know the clerks there as they only have few in the cashier.
Yesterday, I went to EDEKA and bought some groceries for this week. They don't have the alarm, so the security team cannot make up the false security alarm beeping at the entrance or at the cashier. No more bag checking like at Tengelmann or DM. That was seriously insulting me as if looking me as a shoplifter. Well, as a normal customer, I fight back with my camera for the possible discrimination going on against TIs in their stores.

At my turn at the cashier, the cashier woman left before checking my groceries. I thought she needed to change with another person for some reason. They usually close the cashier before the shift, but it looked like so, and I was bored and filmed the situation as it was for making the chance for the security guys to let me steal things and leave the store. I thought that is a typical of gang stalking strategies to make up the thefts. I think the author of The hidden evil wrote about the similar incidents like he found a computer on the street when he was thinking to buy one. He could take it if he is a thief. I encountered similar things before, so I just stayed on the line and waited for someone to come back for the cashier.

After few minutes, the cashier woman came back with two small bottles of liquors. They were for the man behind me. It was so strange as she supposed to serve me first and he could ask about it. He had 6 pack Becks bottle only, and the cashier woman went to pick up two liquors. I don't know if that is normal thing to happen at the cashier though. Fortunately, I paid my payment with exact amount and no change, so there was no cheating happened. The guy behind me stood very close to me when the cashier woman started to check my groceries. I don't know it was the skit by the perp behind me who tried to look like a pair. It happened at Subway with the strange Asian-Mideastern guy. It's good to mention as I'm a TI and got strange experiences at the cashiers. The perps might be making up false prostitution claims or something. I learned German perps like to harass Catholics by damaging or stealing religious items and try to make the female victims as prostitutes. Now wonder there are many Germans going to Thailand or Asia for the prostitution tourism - just like Japanese and Koreans. I might be able to get those perps filmed for the future prevention of false prostitution and even the shoplifter claims. We have enough gang stalking here.

Here is my video. You can check someone with "Francesco" Japanese logo T-shirt in another cashier line. I guess these people might be perps and you can see more strange things done by those perps in future. Too bad, I forgot to film that suspicious man stood very close to me.

06 October, 2012

V2K prevention? Try to build acaustic noise cancelling room.

Few days ago, I tried Bose's QuietComfort headphone in an electronic store. The result was just amazing. It shuts off the regular hum noise I have been hearing for years. If you don't know what hum is, check out this website.
Can you hear the hum?

In my case, I can hear the hum from when I wake up and I feel like the noise is just there till I sleep. It's like I stay near a large speaker which is turned on. If you stand near a speaker, you can hear the small hauling sound. That is what sounds like to be for the TIs with some electronic harassments. The V2K is heard as a part of hum. When I use the earplug, the noise is still there but I can hear it more like internal. In one occasion, I could hear the bzzz noise from the air conditioner nearby even I put my earplugs on. Other noises are cancelled but such lower noise is still hearable and the distance and the direction is detectable. When I use the earplug, I can hear the hum more from the back of my head, and that is a common sense for the microwave hearing. Also, I can hear the high pitched tone as if of the noise from the ultrasoinc cleaner in the glassware stores. That one can be hearable when the V2K perps want to make the TI not to sleep. These perps often used the noise like hitting a steel pan with a spoon for similar noise making.

Well, I tried QuietComfort(r) today also in the official Bose store. The hum was shut off just like last time. So, there should be no problem to say that the hum-cutting ability of the device would be real. I tried the different device in different locations and different times of the day. I think it's worth to check the latest acaustic noise cancelling headphone from Bose for the V2K-suffering TIs. It does not take off V2K voices away, but the volume would be reduced. If you use a phone made of string tied to two paper cups, you can hear someone talking. It's a kids' toy. But the V2K can be heard like with a long string if you use the QuietComfort headphone. I don't really know the mechanism of V2K, but I think this explanation works to share how the V2K volume is reduced. It might got less acaustic noises for the TI to get the V2k heard. Another possibility is that the complete V2K cancelling needs the complete covering of the head or even the body for the bone-conducting noise prevention.

QuietComfort costs around 350€, and it's quite expensive for many people. But I think it's worth for checking it out if you have V2K or even ultrasonic electronic harassment problem. SonicNausia is an existing ultrasonic harassment device and it can cause the noise like high pitched tone. TIs who are looking for something to prevent their damages can use the headphone for reducing the hearing problem.
QuietComfort by Bose

If we have an acaustic noise cancelling room, that would be the best to check if the TI's V2K problem is from the high-tech non-lethal weapon or not. At least, DOD got V2K for long time and I wonder how many and what kind of people are used for the Guinea pigs. I got DOD guys in my gang stalkers, so I'm quite sure I got experience in V2K.

05 October, 2012

The Japanese group showed up today.

I don't know why but I sometimes encounter a number of Japanese people. Today, I just encounter a Japanese group. They got off at the train station, and they were behind of me somehow. I wonder if they have family members who are working for the police or the Soka Gakkai member. There shouldn't be so many Japanese around. What kind of group is this?


03 October, 2012

October 3rd. Audi Security Alarm check failed.

Today was holiday, and I couldn't do the security alarm check. I wanted to check the famous Aldi Süd security alarm, but, alas, the shop was closed. Here is the video.

The Gang Stalker in Germany

The title sounds like Mokuren's blog. I wonder what happened to her in East Germany. She might have experienced the organized stalking using the local people. I don't know much in that area, but I think München is one of the worst places I experienced the massive gang stalking and the damages. They might use the groups who are interested to harass the target based on the target's identity. It's typical of COINTELPRO. The book, War at Home, explains more about such actions taken by the police-backed groups who are rivals and such. The Black Panther Party got something similar, so if you check their history, you know what I'm talking about. Koreans, Chinese, Japaense (the ones often speak Korean), Brazilians, Finnlander, Russians are quite popular groups doing the gang stalking here. The people from South America are more likely to know about their covert police operation in their countries and the successful ones to get education and work opportunities - a typical for economich hitman background, isn't it? In my case, I got Muslims and the people reading Islamic books around. I can share the names of people who are reading books about Islam. I don't know why some people are interested in Islam like that way. I thought that was for the gaslighting with snitch jacket taste - like bringing the Islamic book by their own and claiming the target bringing it. The perpetrators got strange mentarility like causing a damage and then blaming someone else for the damage. The black is white and the white is black - a famous CIA proverb.

I got damages on suitcases and they are quite worse. The police did not take the case and the Munich police did not believe in organized crime. Well, I can understand why they cannot do anything against Neo Nazi or the crime prevention against them. In the US, FBI infomants often work for the Neo Nazi group for the infilterating and also for the covert operation purpose. I hope I'm sharing the useful information to understand the organized criminal groups in this blog. The MNCs would have a security team harassment group that can track down a certain individual and make the alarm beep in the store for the false shoplifter claim. David Lawson's book mentions that the cause stalking victim might be claimed and rumored as shoplifter and other criminal records. If a TI comes to Munich, he might get the shoplifter records by the false security alarm. So far, the police won't do aynthing to protect me, I can share the names of the people and the company names for telling the truth. Why can't we have opportunity to share the story from the victim side? There were some things stolen while I stay in Germany, and if these local gang stalkers have the mentality like how Nazis took everything from their victim, I can imagine that is what I experienced. The perps might make the notis on certain things and try to claim them for the investigation and the "survenior" purpose.

They love stealing jeweries, rare books, dictionaries, textbooks, documents, rare CDs, etc. Also, they love stealing or damaging a rosary. The perps might be able to convince the electronic harassment team - the one capable of doing the remote hypnosis and mind control. I know people would say that sounds like a magic, but if they know how far MIT and the top universtities' Brain Man Interface(BMI) doing the reearches with the military funds, you cannot simply say I'm a lunatic. I would rather tell you that you are primitive human who don't know anything about US Army's blain jacking technolgy. When the local team got suspicion, they can ask help for the electronic harassment.

Shall I sahre the new Stasi 2.0 list? I hope it helps the local victims to figure out who are the economic hitman here. They are invincible from the law as they have police friends. And the victim's claim is always turned down if they are the problem. These people are engaged in the local patrol team, so you might be able to find them with police or doing the mobbing on a certain individual.

02 October, 2012

Oct 2nd, Karstadt @ München main train station - No alarm beeping

On October 2nd, I passed through Karstadt with my camera. Unlike last time, the security alarm at the entrance near S-Bahn station did not beep. Here is the video I filmed. I don't understand why I got alarm beeped only past two weeks. Was that the German style COINTELPRO? I don't know when the shops would get the alarm beeping. It's really bothering if the alarm at the cashier beeps and I don't feel safe from the false shoplifter claim, I just film it when I go shopping. It would be interesting next time the alarm beeps at the cashier. I can show all the situation from entering the store till the end of the film.
Now, how many customers have to go through such troubles?

01 October, 2012

The chronological order of the alarm beeing at the stores in München.

Before I do the more intense research on the alarm beeping in the stores in Munich, I would like to share the chronological history of alarm beeping. This list shows how often such thing happens recently. Last few months, I had no problem visiting those stores and there was no alam beeping around even to another customer. I assume alarm beeing is a rare incident. Well, if that is the purpose of trying to put the Targeted Individual on the black list on the shops, then I should have protest against their fraud on shoplifter claim. Perhaps, it might be related with Tobias Shönehammer, who is a family member of the flat I rented a room and got my bag and suitcase damaged on my day of check-out. And that was the place where I lost my rosary case with my rosary, the cross I received from the priest who baptised me, and a ring with Latin script inside, and 1000CHF emergency money. He works for the security guard somewhere, Residence? So, it's possible that exposure of the damage happened at their home might be resulted as someone put my name on the security black list to cause the beeping at stores. The DOD workers can put the names of the women who rejected the dating, so similar logic might work for the security workers making who to harass from their control office. Can you just stop the beeping? I just wanna buy stuffs in the stores like I used to do.. The Bible might say some people without the sign of the beast cannot buy things in the apocalypse time, but it shouldn't be look like in Geramany. These might had J sign on their passports or their middle names would be Israel or Sarah and could not be treated as common citizens several decads ago.
“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16,17
Well, maybe I can film the next video with the beeping alarm to mention the biblical awareness. And also, I can share such cool video for the conservatible religious people who want to use that part with alarm beeping to reject certain people to purchase in the store or blame them for shoplifters as the good example of what the people with no sign of beast look like.

Here is the chronological order of the alarm beeping.

September 7th: I went to Karstadt in Marianplatz and bought a box of chocolate for my friend. I dropped something and I was not sure what it was. It happened when I opened my bag at the cashier for the payment and put the chocolate box into my bag. The woman stood next to me pointed on the floor and I found my mechanical pencil dropped. So I picked it up and put it back in my bag.
Later, I wen to Perfetto in Karstadt building in Münchener Freiheit and bouht groceries. At the exit, I heard the alarm beeped, but there was a couple with a baby cart also leaving the store at the same entrance, and I thought that they had the problem. Then I went to DM to buy toilet paper quicky, and on the exit the security alarm beeped there. I tried it twice and it beeped and I tried to film the beeping, but the third time it did not beep. That film is added in GSA 11 video.

September 13th or 14th, 2012: I went to Tengelmann near Ostbahnhof. I found the alarm beeping at the entrance and  at the exit. No one cared. Well, I wanted to make sure there was no mistake of someone claiming me as stealing, so I filmed the situation at the entrance and also at the exit. Thanks to my filming, I got some eye-witnesses around and they are captured in my video.

September 17th, 2012: I went to DM in  Karlsplatz in afternoon before I ate my dinner in McDonalds. When I enter the store, the alarm beeped. On my way out, the alarm beeped but the clark did not mention it. I thought that was as if they knew I got the alarm at the entrance beeped. I saw there was a fat woman behind me at the cashier and she also seemed to got alarm beeped. I went out and filmed the situation as I accidentally could not film it at the alarm. This part is also in GSA 11 video.

September 21st, 2012: The alarm at Tengelmann near Ostbahnhof beeped when I exit. This was the second time and the alarm beeped only at the exit.

September 24th, 2012: The alarm at DM in Karlsplatz beeped at both entrance and at the exit. This time, the rude woman at the cashier started talking to me in English and she opened my bag. I filmed everything for the evidence. She claimed that my netbook is the cause of the beeping. Actually, the alarm beeped while nothing around and when the woman with glasses behind me passed by she also got beeped.

September 26th, 2012: The alarm at the chashier in Tengelmann in Karlsplatz beeped. The blong man with blak sweater checked my bag. This is the first time someone checking my bag at Tengelmann.

Does anyone interested to visit these stores with me for the false shoplifter claim? I can be the tour guide to show how these stores are making up shoplifter claims on the Targeted Individuals. It's quite terrible to experience these things by alone. Well, collecting those videos would be a good idea to keep an eye on the NWO movement in Germany. The ex-Nazis migrated to the US with Project Paperclip and they got some US Army and NSA faculties here in Bayern. 

I should make a good video for Germans about those false shoplifting claim by the organized stalkers in Munich, right? I wonder if I can bring my case as the discrimination on the Targetred Individual. My guess is that these false shoplifting claim might be the favorite for the COINTELPRO done by the police/FBI in Germany. They can make up the shoplifting possibility and film them and they bring the numbers of insidents as their proof of shoplifting against the victim. Is three times at the same store enough for making someone caught? I also carry my camera for the evidence collecting as those stores have no intention of prooving the customer as innocent. I can use my customer right to film myself while I shop, don't you think? I'm not insider and I don't have the sign of the beast to be able to stay safe in this world. But I feel better to be honest and truth-loving than accepting the lies of the top elites who can make money from making up claims or ignoring the facts - free-fall motion of TWCs in NY and three buildings got completely corrupt by two plane hits. Number of the security alarm beeping incidents makes me to think Germany is much like a police state now.

The math magic.

I read an interesting formula: if you multiply your age by 7, then multiply it by 1443, the answer will be three times of your age.

(your age) * 7 * 1443 = (your age your age your age).

It's useless, but quite amazing for the small talk.