30 October, 2013

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 28th, 2013

Here is the video from October 28th.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 30, 2013

I got some mosquitoes in my room. When I was in Romania, I got mosquitoes in the room and made me awake because they are biting me continuously at night. It happened in 3 pansion/hotels and now I got one in my room here in Sofia. It's already the end of October and there are some mosquitoes around. I don't really know why I got over 3 mosquitoes here in my room. That is another problem after the high pitched tone which made me awake till very late.

I went to Billa and was eating the lunch I bought there on the bench outside. I saw a man working at the Catholic church nearby as a deacon with a juice in his hand. He sat on the same bench next to me but looking different way. And he was checking inside of Billa and waited awhile and left after I saw him gestured to a man with Superdry? logo clothes. Another strange encounter with a church visitor after at McDonalds. I saw him sometimes not taking the communion when he is not working to help the mass.

Here are some German car pics from today.

Also, I saw a group of Japanese tourist in the city. Did they show up for the false witnessing?

And today's video.

29 October, 2013

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 29, 2013

I'm doing so slow these days. I cannot wake up early. I can hear my alarm going on but then slept for few more hours. I got high pitched tone ringing at night, so it keeps me to be awake till very late at night or around morning. I hate to stay in the are with Muslims because the electronic harassment perps try to make the sleep problem in order to keep me awake till morning so they can report the possible Muslim prayer making claim. I don't pray Islamic pagan one and never tried it in my life. It was better in Croatia as I could have clear mind when I was attending the church everyday. Well, what is those people just hanging around near me who don't take communion here in Sofia? There is only 2 Catholic churches and only one is open for the masses. I'm just curious what those people are doing. I got some suspicious Germans tracking me down even in a small country side village in Switzerland and they were making a joke of terrorism with Muslims. Indeed more Muslims in the are makes the place anti-feminism and third world looking with beggars. If they want to do with anti-Terrorism, they can first take out the Muslim gangs or the Muslim visitors with suspicious backgrounds. If they are targeting me, I just film them like the possibility of gang stalking and if they do the skits like crimes, I film them and share it for the safety. Don't mess around with a professional gang stalker paparazzi.

Ok, here is today's German car. I have seen at least one German car in Sofia every day.

And the voice recording of the black family staying in another room. They made a payment problem and the owner wanted to get the money. I don't know what they will make the argument tomorrow.

28 October, 2013

Organized Stalkers Around Me - Oct 26, 2013

The video of the day before yesterday. I got sudden panic when the mosque near the shopping mall started the karaoke thing. It was quite noisy. So, I ran away with my lunch packs. Then I went to the cafe at the metro station. I ate there and was typing my book entries when some Asian men showed up and walked around.
Later, I went to KFC after the evening mass. When I was using the Internet for posting, a man showed up and started asking me money or food. He said mangere, so he might speak Italian. Then he asked around and looked the trash can and left. The security guards there did not do anything that much.
When I went to the grocery store nearby, the female clerk had an Arabic drawing or a tatoo on her right wrist. She had a heart and some Arabic letters on both side. How many Muslims around? Was it the skit like the Murder Village in another grocery store? This store is near the KFC.

27 October, 2013

Organized Stalkers Around Me - Oct 27, 2013

This morning, someone was listening music loud from 6.30am at the lobby. I could not sleep last night due to the V2K and the high pitched noise.

I woke up before the mass and headed to the church. I went to the cafe nearby as I had problem using the bathroom at my hostel as someone occupied there so long. When I attended the mass, there were people around me did not take the communion. I saw some cars with D, NL, and other country stickers around the church. When I went to McDonalds for the lunch, I saw Ronald McDonalds at the counter. Well, it's not a gang stalking. But later, an Asian showed up and sat near me. There were plenty of tables free. Later, an Asian woman who was in the Latin mass but did not take a communion like others were there. It was quite rare to see few Asians around in McDonalds.

I saw a man with "Internet Celebrity" with down arrow logo T-shirt man in the city. I saw him near the bus stop and later near my hostel. Who wants to wear such T-shirt, a cap, and a headphone? He looked a bit old for such fashion.

26 October, 2013

Some people in my place

There was some people talking in Italian and partially Spanish. The man used "IO" for the subject and I recognized it as Italian. This afternoon, a man was crying from the lobby. When I went out from my room, I held a camera on. I eventually saw 3 men - one in the lobby and 2 outside smoking. I guess they might be working for the gang stalking or have the connection to the Germans doing the human tracking on me. 

I'm in KFC updating this video. I had a bit trouble of the Internet connection. But when I was about to update this video, there was a man showed up and asked me for food. He walked around and checked one of the trash can here. I filmed his activity for safety. No assault on me without my camera on. The V2K peps said that they want to steal my luggages, so if these people on the video are working for the gang stalking, you will see who would be stealing. I'm sharing for the safety. But why there are people who speak Italian around? I saw some Asians today as the V2K perps were talking, so I'm careful about what they do. I will update OSAM video from today and the past 2 days later. You will get the entire crying part of the man and one banging recorded. What are they doing in Sofia?

Few strategies going on by the local Christian and Muslim perps

The V2K perps often says something about their plans and try to threaten me. I found what they say are the ideals to know how they would talk about the strategies which can be actually going on for the corrupted police or mob investigation.

How to take care a Christian as Muslim:
The Christians inside of the church would be asked to stay away from the TI. They are asked to do so to prove their claim of the TI is a Muslim while the Muslim perps will show up to get friend with the TI. The Muslim perps will later invite the TI to the mosque or to hang around to make sure their "group story" is right. This way, the TI would be claimed as Muslim or whatever the group say.
Things went wrong on my case as I got 640€ damage in BiH and later some perps showing up in Muslim clothes. I was visiting the Catholic church in Sarajevo or Medjugorje, and I have never visited mosque. And now I'm eager to support the anti-Islam people or groups. Enough harassment by the Muslims? I think that will snap people to speak up pro anti-Islam like me.

Chinese investigation on a Japanese TI:
They love taking out the Japanese TI who likes "chanbara - sword fight," they say. They want to make sure the TI does not own anything more than 1€ shop class belongings. They want things damaged so that they can tell the person is mentally ill or have psychological problem. People with damaged goods are literary saying something wrong with them. They want my clothes also replaced with the ones looks like pink or something very feminine and sexually appearing but very cheap. That's often I see what the perps wear, right? They also call the TI as "Byou" or "Bu." This part the V2K pers say in such pronunciation. They want to look for anything dangerous to be taken. In such case, they would love to steal my suitcase or my bags. They could just take everything on their own without making them to look criminals. They could say that they are investigating a person who is dangerous. I don't have anything dangerous - maybe a small Swiss knife with the tools and the Bic shaver just a normal tools for tourists. I don't bring them in my bag but they are somewhere in my suitcase.
The V2K perps say those Chinese perps are from the US.

Muslim investigation on a Catholic TI:
The Muslims will investigate the person from their Islamic view. I don't know if this is right as I just know if this is how they think with their religious view. I'm telling from what the V2K perps said. The Muslims think the TI first to fit into either warrior or prostitute. The V2K perps say about "Turugi (sword)" thing. I don't know much about the use of sword in Islamic view. They also mentioned about "Use the iron to conquer iron." Is this something in Koran? I don't know what it means.
The V2K perps say that the women who often want to become Muslim by solo are those of the uneducated girls who have no choice but to sell their body. Is this the own profile of the female Muslim perps working in the gang stalking? The male Muslim perps would ask their friends and female Muslims for looking for someone who would like to marry. Thus, the easiest make-up story of a female TI to become a Muslim is the woman is either looking a husband or want to get children. On the other hand, the Muslim perps use the claim of prostitution to kick a woman out from the mosque. So, the prostitution claim is useful for making a distance from Muslims.
The claim of a female TI to be Muslim has more advantages for the perps; a Muslim woman supposes to be submissive and patient, Muslim women do not own property so the perps can steal anything from them, the Muslim women should be "owned or controlled" by the men so the Muslim perps would think the independent women are crazy or criticize them to stop traveling or staying alone.
The Muslim perps love getting know someone who speak MSA or Arabic. They want more Muslims or converted Muslims and they could take them out with the Muslim extremists or their own terrorist set-ups to turn them in to the police in order to get promotion and pretend to be the good Muslims. IMHO, the only good Muslims are the dead Muslims. They are good until they turn into Zombies.
They love the extreme abuse. So Muslims would love taking eyes out from the TI and often people with a problem in one eye would show up. 
The Muslims have no knowledge of Catholic prayers. So, if a TI is praying rosary, the Muslims would think the person as crazy as that is not Islamic and they don't know anything about it. If this is how the Muslim perps are, I bet it was OK to take them out in the ethnic genocide for the Christian villages to be safe in BiH.
The V2K perps say that they are the "Boryoku-dan" (Gang group in Japanese). They say that the Japanese gangs are often with the Muslims. Maybe, that is something to do with the real Al-Quaeda thing. They would be working with the police and the insider jobs.

P.S: There is a man who is speaking like "Amigo" to his friend who speaks Italian. The guy is now taking to the cleaning lady in Bulgarian. I got my voice recorder on in my room while I'm tying this blog entry. He was crying a bit after some argument, so I started filming and then to the voice recording only. Oh, he just left sayign "Ciao" to the woman... I will post it later.  I might add it here before going out for lunch.
Oh, he just came back and the cleaning woman is still here. But they are not talking, so I just upload it and post the link here.

25 October, 2013

"Murder Village" Chinese logo and 3 German cars from Sofia

I’m in Sofia from yesterday night. When I went out for lunch, I saw 3 German cars already. There was a woman at tobacco and drink shop wearing a black clothes with “Murder Village” Chinese character logo. How dear there is a logo like that exists??

2 men talking in Italian in the hostel

I'm staying in a hostel in Sofia from yesterday night. I took a taxi for my own safety from the Muslim perps who would be eager to harm me as I'm officially stating anti-Islam. The taxi driver said that it would be 12lev but when I had only 20lev, he tried to take 20lev and started the car engine. After the conversation, he asked me to give 50lev and he returned 40lev. It was the same like at Bucharest when I took the taxi from near the Revolutionary park. The fare to the Hotel Basarab was 12lev but I only had 100RON notes and I had to ask to exchange it to the small ones, I gave 20RON to the taxi driver and he left quickly. It was almost the same situation this time. So, I filmed him and asked about the change.

I suppose to be in one bed room with a bathroom. However, I ended up in the dorm type room with a shared bathroom. I don't know if this is the right room for my choice. It sounded someone was in another room with the bunk beds I could see from the top glass area of the door. The room light was on till 3am. I was cautious to keep an eye on their doing. The light was on but no noises or conversation from the room.

This morning, I heard two men talking in Italian and a bit English at some thing like how many brothers and sisters do you have question. Well, there were 2 Italian cars at my hotel yesterday and I saw one just outside of the train station in Bucharest. And now I got more Italians around. I guess Germans are tired of using their own men and tried to bring some Italians around for may be the church intelligence of making rumors in the churches. I go to Catholic churches and attend the mass if I have time. So, I guess the gang stalkers would be doing something like claiming me to be a Muslim or something in order to make the local church people to stay away from me. Well, we might have the Neo Nazi heaven inside of the Catholic church. How many Neo Nazi in Europe these days? I'm happy to be on the side with Seg. Peter L. Mayr or Hl. Stepnac.

24 October, 2013

The suspicious Asian man staying at Subway

I'm writing this entry from Subway WIFI in Garre de Nord train station in Bucharest. I saw an Asian man eating a sub in Subway after I settled down with my lunch. He has been here for over 1 hour just like me. it seems there are only two of us seemed to be staying such longer. Who is he? I saw a girl with a big luggage stayed for over 30min near the exit, but she already left. Here is the picture.

And I saw an Italian car again like at the hotel on the street near the train station. How many Italians around? I got some Italians who are eager to work on the gang stalking against Catholics, I guess.

And here is the car with D sticker at the spot where I saw 2 German cars near my hotel yesterday.

I'm taking a bus to Sofia tonight. My next posting would be from there tomorrow. The V2K perps warns me that they want to steal all my luggages this time and I would be left with only few cent coins. Last time, I was pickpocketted in Sofia and I still was OK with the emergency money in June. I just wanna tell anything suspicious around me this time. If something happens to me, you can tell the cops where I went missing and check the identities of those suspicious Italian and German cars. You know mafias would be working to kidnap travelers to North Korea and it was quite a popular story. Gang stalkers might be working like that for the small jobs... I'm just being really cautious. No more police reports for this year. 2 is enough.

I'm Islamfobia because of the Muslim gang stalkers /Muslim police informants

My understanding of Islam is really normal when the 911 happened. I thought Muslims are just wrongly targeted by the group of people who are from the same religion. You know, it's like all the Japanese Americans are claimed as dangerous and the national threat after the Perl Haber. The US got money out from confiscating the Japanese Americans' wealth, which was not much as the colored people did not own that much like others. Muslims were some people out there just like Hidies and others with different ethnic, cultural, religious backgrounds.

I got so much threats from the Voice to Skull Japanese speakers. They want to bring some Muslims, so that their Muslim informants can make the false witness to claim me a Muslim. I'm Catholic and had nothing to do with Islamic religion except the part I studied about their culture in my anthro and poli-sci classes before. My knowledge is nothing more than the school knowledge. And the reality with the COINTELPRO - the possible Muslim, Criminals, Prostitute, Shoplifter, Suicidal Terrorist catching black operations made me really aware of Muslim around me. When I was in Munich, there were some Muslim gang stalkers stalking me. My Goethe Institute classes got half classmates Muslims while the gang stalking skits like NYPD and other things going on.

Their method would be like to make someone likes Islamic people or to get to know Muslim informants and they would catch the person together. You see, Islamic people are just the evildoers only targeting innocents to trap them with Islamic knowledge and making money and the promotions through the community watch programs.

I get nervous seeing mosque or Muslim people. The V2K perps saying that they could steal my suitcase or backpack containing many Catholic books including Pope's books and foreign Bibles, so that I would ended up no money around to look like a beggar and they are hoping that I would be asking help in a mosque. I would just go to the Catholic church to get help if such thing happens. I can tell my gang stalking damages and how much they stole from me. Well, the gang stalkers too over the church for donation collecting center for the riches, so I don't know if the charity workers are no longer helpful or not. I would say that that would be what I might discover later. The V2K perps say that they want to steal my suitcase and my computer - till only few cent coins with me this time.

I think I would join the anti-Islam groups in future to overcome this Islamfobia to make it something productive such us sporting the US troops killing Muslims in the Middle-East and encourage them to put them on sticks like Vlad Tepes did for the old tradition revival, pro on War on Syria to take out the Islamic anti-feminist leaders who are oppressing women, and forgiven the people committed ethnic genocides such as Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzogvina as it was the necessary action to take out the barbaric primitive dangerous Muslim terrorists.

I would be in Sofia a while to make appointment with the doctor for the surgery and take care the cracked M2 molar on the top right few days ago when I was sick in the bed in Sighisoara.

I will add some pics from today before taking the bus.

23 October, 2013

OSAM Oct 23rd, 2013 and 2 German cars near my hotel today

I did not go out till late afternoon because of the sleeping problem last night. I was working some new part of the books for the thriller type short stories. I could share few samples here early to claim their copyrights and free parts for my book. The short stories got "Death by the Bite" title and one middle length vampire story of the same name with several short stories.

Well, I went to McDonalds at the train station and was eating my meal. I saw a Muslim like man showing up in a white cap and a white long PJ.

I saw him going to the bathroom and then ordered something and was eating near the WC. Later he was using a black big laptop and a man behind his table was talking with him. Then man behind of him left early and the Muslim man stayed there with his large suitcases. I don't know if that was a snitch jacket making the perps to witness a Muslim in McDonalds and someone else talking with him and claiming me talking with him. I don't talk with a Muslim man or woman. It's dangerous with the RNM to make the NSA to capture the scene of me talking with a Muslim for the possible security threat. I know the procedure well. I would rather denounce Muhammad as an anti-Christ figure and a sexist pedophilie to stay away from any potential Muslim extremists out there. Did I got Muslim extremists because I hate Islamic religion? It's time for the US Army and other Christian Armies to bust the dangerous Muslims. I don't wanna see mosques keeping the WMD or Muslim extremists causing damages to Christians.

And when I was heading to St. Joseph church for the evening mass, I saw 2 German cars near my hotel. I filmed them and saw some Bulgarian cars also. When I came back after the mass, I saw 2 Italian cars instead of 2 German ones.

Tants from the V2K perps

I'm heading to Sofia tomorrow. I got problem with finding the doctor to take care my nasal polyp. I tried 3 already and waiting the answer, but they just contacted me to give more details and no longer contacting me. Strange, huh? I will ask few more in the Eastern Europe with advanced surgery skills.

Well, I could not sleep yesterday night due to the continuous taunts of the V2K and the strange noise as if of the ultrasound to keep me awake. There was also a low vibration to my body.

The V2K perps say that there would be Chinese waiting in Sofia. They were first saying Korean groups to make a rape room to assault me and stripped me half to call a police. They could scare me before calling police for getting money and valuable out from me. They could use the lighter to burn me a bit with the belief that they think me as a Muslim. I hate Muslim but they love taking care a Muslim girl because they got order to take all the wealth from a Muslim woman. You know, Islam is a primitive religion, so only men got power in the society an women are nothing but a bunch of the cattle. They love treating women like prostitute. The V2K perps explained me that how they make women kneeling. They teach women kneeling in the squatting toilet while the woman's head is in the toilet bow area with her head down in the bow. The Muslims teach how to kneel down to pray first to the women and rape her and then decide by them (men) to decide who will have her as a wife. Well, if that is what the perps do, I think I will see all the Muslim women I encounter would be of those who had raped and her husband decided to take her. It's not my problem, you know. That's something like the Kurds' extreme glass eating and other religious rituals for the Islamic religion. The V2K perps said that this is the most effective method to teach women to follow Islam. The V2K perps also noticed that the Muslims who are not visiting the mosques are the most dangerous. If Muslims are dangerous, how about taking out mosques from the area and ban the Koran? That makes the area safer, right? I've learned it from Medjgorje area and other Christian countries. I think it would work in China or Korea to rob a Japanese.

The V2K perps said that the mosques in Germany are the place for the Islamic men to find some girls to sleep around. For the initiation into the gang stalking, the Muslim perps give the claim of the mosque members a homosexuality. That makes almost all Muslim men to start sleeping with girls. Then they train them to get angry when they want to have sex. They make anger as the trigger for the erection. I guess, this part made me to list up all the Muslim students I saw at the Goethe Institute to be listed together. There were way too many Muslims in my classes and they supposed to be making false witnesses like Ignacio, the NYPD clothes guy. I might just list them up in a PDF file.

The V2K perps were saying few days ago after I finished publishing V2K book volume 3 in Japanese. So, this part is not in the book. You can know what contents are in my V2K books. The V2K perps told me how they treated old Muslim men. They striped off the Muslim men, then put bras on them, and molested their dicks continuously while they are standing. I think that was one of their study of how to crash Muslim men's personality. The V2K perps said that they are so primitive and started crying. They cry because such a treatment makes them to lose their male identity and pride. So, they will gone crazy easy like this way. They tell these men questioning how their god helping them while they are getting through such a sexual assault.

 I don't know how much they are doing, so I just write this as a memo. The V2K perps say that they bring Chinese for the gang stalking and they would love doing something bad in order to make me go back to Japan. I got my wallet stolen, my leather bag stolen, my passport gone missing in the police station inside of Brussels Nord train station.

The V2K also said that they want to torn my clothes in order to make me look like a hobo. If there is anything dangerous happen, I would just switch to take pictures of all the people around and my camera would be flipped to the video mode anytime. It's for my safety. I already made 2 police report this year from the thefts. The reason why the Chinese going more aggressive are the numbers of the Japanese in poverty like 1/8 or something is the official record. But I don't think they are doing something together with the Japanese perps. Well, the crazy Jap government would tell Chinese like such a stupid thing and make the Japanese travelers to get things stolen and cause them to go back to Japan. I would rather share the dangerous Chinese information as they can do any covert operation against anyone when the Chinese government asked Chinese citizens to do something.

Oh, one more thing. The V2K perps said that one of the V2K voice actors is a detective in Shiga prefecture police department. Another is from Niigata prefecture police station. 

OSAM - October 22nd, 2013

Here is the video from today. 2 German cars and one of them got company name on it. How come the company working in Bucharest? They could build a branch here and buy a car in Romania. Ah, I figured out why Dalmayr cars are around. There are some 1Lei coffee vending machines around just like some other local brand. I guess the company is doing a small success here just like Turborg and other German beer sales. It's a surprise for the Munchners as the popular brand high quality cofee can be so cheap in Romania. They could sell some cigars and jams for the vending machines. The rest of the English, Italian and other cars are in the video.

There was a funky Japanese flag and other stickers on a car.

And the video.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 22nd, 2013 de f100001011753856

22 October, 2013

What happened with those two people and the man with a red Deutschland T-shirt?

I saw something strange happened in Sighisoara few days ago. When I was walking back from the supermarket down the hill, I saw two persons on the street lying and a man next to them talking to them. There was a car parked across from them and a man stood. He was wearing a red Deutschland logo T-shirt.

20 October, 2013

OBAMACARE is for the total obedience against the police

I've heard from the V2K perps that the required health insurance such as Obamacare is used for sending any citizen to the mental hospital. That's the police's favorite thought control process. In the mental institution, the subject would be asked to correct their opinions or behaviors such as questioning of 911 and the insider job issues. The subject would be kept in the mental hospital till he decided to stop thinking or interested in the matter. Also, the subject would receive the pills which can help him to forget about the things or not functioning well.

Enough dictatorship by the Obama these days? I think it's still doing better than in those Islamic countries people easily killed without any human rights or feminist rights. Say, Americans should ask the impeachment with the reason of  him believing different religion than the past fathers who became the US presidents? No more US bombing by the Muslim extremists while the Muslim extremists working with the American troops to take out the Christian minorities here and there... Which is better? I think my video of suddenly showing up Japs or Muslims can prove the covert operation in Romania.

I don't know any Muslims so far and never visited mosque which could contain the WMD. Meanwhile, I often encounter Muslims near me if it is possible for the Muslims to hang around in the area. So, I guess they are the Muslim gang stalkers who are making up the stories to get the rewards. I just post their faces as the common sense says that the Muslims are working with the cops or they are taken out. If they are bunch of liars just working with the cops instead of targeting the Americans or anything, then they are still the dangerous factors in the society.

19 October, 2013




17 October, 2013

OSAM October 16th, 2013 - Sighisoara

It's Oct 17th and I got problem with the Wifif. It worked at the restaurant area in the hostel but I found it not working in this morning nor the water in the bathroom. The water is not available. I don't know what's long. As far as I know, there was a couple I saw yesterday night near the town hall showed up. Also, there are two Japanese groups in the city. Too suspicious, right? Well, the V2K perps say that they want to steal my right thumb for replacing me with Chinese girl for the identity theft or my suitcase to make me look like a hobo without wealth.

Well, the V2K perps say that they add soaps to reduce the intelligence. I don't know if that is what the perps doing to make their kids better off at the schools by giving something contaminated chemicals that can damage the brain slightly. The perps are like that, and I'm sorry for the perps who love hanging around in the church or the kindergarten. By the way, what happens if someone put a chewed chewing gum in the pizza before baking? Is it very easy to recognize as chewing gum or just a crunch of cheese? It made me no more pizza eating except the slice I could pick.


14 October, 2013

OSAM - October 14th, 2013

Here is the video from today. I found a New York license car nearby and it has a New York registration sticker on the front window. I found the vehicle registration sticker on the vehicle says "FZ 173769 *NYMA*SALNY22295A466254 2005 LA/RO SUBN AHY3404 PAS 8 E" and the expire date is 06/27/15. How come a car registered in New York flew to Romania? That sounds much like what Dracula would do. A real mystery or the urban legend. Well, it's good that the car is from US not from Iran or somewhere very suspicious.

At KFC in the old town, the female clerk made a mistake on the change. I paid 50RON note for 18RON menu and she returned only 22RON. I thought it was a bit less but I had problem calculating. It was like when I tried to think first 10 minus 8 is 2 and she gave me 2 and that part is right. And then I tried to think 40 minus 10... and this part I got problem. It was like I got EDOM static energy zapping to distract my thought. And I think I got those V2K perps trying to talk to me to interrupt my thought. It's like someone tapping my shoulder when I am calculating the change. I just forgot what I was thinking then I have to start from 10 minus 8 part... This is the second time I got such math problem in KFC. The first one was in Cairo at the KFC locates on the same street as the Swiss embassy. Well, this time, I got receipt and was able to see the change must be 32 as it was written. So, my visual function was not manipulated and I was able to figure out the mistake of the change.

I visited the Bran castle and encountered bunch of Muslims!!!

It was exactly the month before on September 13th, Friday, I saw some Muslims in front of the Cathedral in Zagreb. I made a joke of the zombies returned for the revenge or terrorism. Well, I saw some Muslims waiting on the line for the castle ticket, and I left to get my late lunch before going to the castle. There is no cafeteria inside of the castle, so I was lucky to get something after the morning mass at the Catholic church in Brasov at 11am. I sometimes skip meals and get a good one for writing a review or learning the local specialties. When I entered the castle after the second try, I saw a woman praying on the ground just outside of the entrance to the castle. I filmed it as usual. There were nobody scared or worried about those Muslims entering the castle without checking their belongings. What about 20 Muslim men showed up and prayed outside and enter the castle? I think there should be something to draw the line for the anti-terrorism purpose. Perhaps, the security guards are working with the expectation of getting a real terrorist actions. They get more money after the insider job at 911, right?
When I went to the haunted house attraction, there was a Muslim family deciding who would enter. It was funny as they were talking only 2 would enter and others would be waiting. That is not how usually a family decides to go through an event like this. First, kids interested to go in should be asking the parents for the ticket instead of the parent asking who would be go in. Well, they could buy some popcorns or something for the family instead of some checking the haunted house. I went in and I was careful and used my small light at the complete darkness When I was taking out the small light, there were two women came and passed me by. When I turned on the light, I saw a small Muslim girl covering her head with a black hijab. You know what? That was the scariest thing I saw in the haunted house. There was a man in the warewolf costume near the exit, but he was not that scary.
In the bus back to Brasov, I saw a man wearing a NYPD Security logo red jacket and sat on the very front. Well, what were they doing with NYPD thing? They work with the Muslim informants and that is how the 3 towers collapsed in the free fall motion while some fire fighter from NYFD inside trapped. Enough insider jobs around? I think it's time to take out Muslim informants making up the stories to avoid the persecution of what they have done or what they are. 

Ah, I forgot to say. There was the woman I saw in Brasov was in the castle. The woman had similar facial feature like me and was traveling solo like me. 

The V2K perps said few days ago that if I'm surrounded by the Muslims, the observers can claim me with Muslims. So, they could count me as a Muslim to be taken to the jail or to be kidnapped.

12 October, 2013

Orgaized Stalkers Around Me - October 11th, 2013

Here is the video from yesterday. I moved to Brasov and got some Germans around. I did not see any German car today but saw some Italians and many UK ones. Perhaps, Germans asked to use the different country license plates. I saw many people using the rented bikes in the city. Germans might be riding these bikes instead of their cars. Brasov is a very small city with not enough spot to park cars around.

You can see the suspicious Koreans next to me. And the man with "Armagedon" and "Last Train to Istanbul" ebooks in his kindle.

11 October, 2013

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 10th, 2013

Here is the video from today. I saw a Muslim woman in front of a kebab restaurant in the old town in Bucharest. No Germans today. There are some people with Katana, "Bushido" clothes, a sabre.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 10th, 2013 von f100001011753856

09 October, 2013

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 9th 2013

Here is the video from today. I saw more German cars than yesterday. I wonder if they go to Transylvania with me. I'm finishing my book and few horror and fantasy ones up in future.

Got sleeping problem at night

The V2K perps speaking of how they want to make up the claim of me either Muslim or prostitute. They just give me the high frequency tone like 8Hz or something - I know that wave length based on the 7Hz is for avoiding mosquitoes and above to 10Hz is for small creatures. I got Conrad made solar powered small creature preventing device from Germany. It was about 25€ but it does not let the flies or mosquitoes controlled by the high-tech geek perps. I've heard that these small creatures get whappens on their heads or sensors manipulated at the antenna. Well, things slowed down due to the irregular sleeping pattern. The V2K perps say that they need to do the break-in to my room during the day time in order to check me inside when the sun light is available from the window. Well, I keep things inside of the windows and the door got something leaned, so it is hard to close them if someone goes out from there after entering. Maybe I should buy a tape and put a small part taped inside. That makes sure to know no one really entered.

The V2K perps say that the cops can pay about 6€ for the electronic shock. I don't know if that is possible with the group of perps to claim me dangerous or something. I share if something happens to me.

Oh, yesterday night, the V2K perps were saying that the student monitors made someone with a Virgin Mary's statue dropped it at the stone steps. They wanted to check if the statue has a camera inside or not. So, that is the society we live and the military and police would just take out anyone who are not suited from anywhere in the society including the churches. We don't have freedom of religion ripped off. Do we still have freedom of press? I can still go on with my blog. Also, the freedom of thought? Ah, that one already manipulated by the subliminal message sending and the V2K persuasions.

And the V2K perps saying that the Muslims with no connection with the upper class or the society will be harassed if they take IT major in a college for 800,000 yen (55.000€) in 6 month. I think that is the Japanese gang stalkers doing in Japan for the social monitoring. How about in the US or in Europe? The V2K perps say that they do not want any Muslim studying that major. Well, only the rich people or the cop friends will stay safe and anyone who is poor or no relation with the local police would be considered terrorists, huh?

Crazy cops out there

           Crazy cops out there
Crazy cops out there wIth Muslim informants harassing the Christians
The church workers make up the lies to make the victim getting seclusion
They claim the victim is dangerous Muslim and trying to take the Christian identity
The priest and sisters work with the police laughing at the victims and join the persecution
The Muslims showing up from somewhere trying to get to know the victim friendly
Oh, how much I hate those Muslims - the cold blood liars from the Third World
When the Muslim cannot get to be friends with the Christian Targeted Individuals,
They get to make up the story with the police and the church workers
It is an industrialized anti-terrorism agenda to take the certain population as the criminals.
The church is now to act against the victims as if they are Muslims or the church haters.
Oh, how much I hate those wolves with sheep skins - I shall show their true faces to the world
There are only the victims cops beating without sins
The winner is already showing off like a bunch of mafia good guys
People know the church is for the business of the rich sons
While the holiness comes with the scissors not the sign of the two keys
Oh, how I understand being alone to be clean makes me to get all the persecutions to be a sinner in this world.
I've got V2K perps saying that they now pretend to think "if I'm not Muslim" and talking about how to bring some Muslims around to make them speak up the false plots on churches. That's what we call insider job, OK? If I see anyone suspicious even inside of the church, I will share the info here for the false flag prevention. The church workers could do something against the church if they want to be come the heroes. You know the lunatics working at the hospitals making some patients to be in danger and trying to save them for fun. Some churches got workers or security guards bored to get some suspenses with the gang stalkers. That's what we call peace breakers, right?

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 6th, 2013

Here is the video from Oct 6th. I was working very hard on my books. I got some nice pics for some small book making and spent few hours with some contents. Say, I got some inspiration to type something like The Little Prince with the photo. It's nothing but less than 30page - one day work with full of creativity for sure. I would add it after I finish 2 books already on due.

The contents of the video is one German car near the church, the different price Gogosare, Japanese logo clothes, security, Asian in the metro. A man inhaling something from a black plastic bag at the train station, etc.

08 October, 2013

The English V2K transcrpit - sample

I'm selling 2 Japanese V2K transcriptions and the next one would be ready by the next week. I tried to see how it goes with English V2K speakers. Here is the sample. Would you like to buy a book if it got over 200 pages? My Japanese ones are usually 5-6pages per a day transcription and about a month length. The Japanese one got about 220,000 words in average. Not but for about 10€ for sure even in E-book format.

Oct 8th, 2013 6.40pm
„I really love my daughter and I must tell lies at the church.“
„ We need to take the people out because they are assholes.“
“We just need to locate her hard drive.“
„It could contain the crucial data about Dr. English-Lueck.“
„I don't think so.“
„This is so stupid (expressing what I'm writing in German comma format „“)“
„Ah, it works great. (after I tried to type „ and then “ showed up)“
„So, you can replace them with the search and replace functions.“
„I seriously need to know how to type like you. I'm quite UN-educated, you know.“
„I'm American, you know what, I'm a Black. I'm just a kid anymore and do HEIL HITLER thing.“
„You sounds retarded to me.“
„Are you guys alright?“
„Take out the headphones.“
„Miyoko is typing what we are talking.“
„Oh- me-n.“
„Oh, Subway, alright, let's go. Every one left from the store.“
„Oh, dear.“
„What happened?“
„We got search and warrant thing but the officer got scared on what she made.“
„She got nothing. No reason to stay.“
„Yah-yah. You can go away the travelers but that is bad for the local businesses, you know.“
„I kinda like your writing about Obama. That's bullshit that they realized that he does not belong to us because of the different religious interest.“
„Yeah, Homeland guys found it stupid.“
„They shut up-ed. After USA made a big mistake on you. You better hating the Croatians than Russians.“
„Russians got mad about what happened.“
„Dr. Bill Gates made a stupid mistake.“
„You know what, your name is erased from the Catholic church, um, based on, the brasphiracy.“
„Ah, yeah, are we going to bring her to the military camp yet?“
„I don't think so. She likes our food.“
„Oh, yeah... She likes Ron Paul. Alright.“
„Kids got problem now. She hates Bill Gates or what?“
„I don't think so.“
„If he hate her.. „
„Oh, snitch jacket, oi oi oi oi.“
„Grupa (Stupid in Croatian), ok?“
„No, Gruppa. Group associations“
„What is that?“
„You know what? That was the hate crime.“
„Nah, I think you better go. It's a damn shit to stay so much time in Subway with one jacket.“
„Teenagers are assholes here.“
„keimusho ike-! (Go to jail in Japanese)“
„Hey, someone shouted in Japanese right?“
„Ah, that works also.“
„But it is funny to hear our voices directly, huh?“
„No, suicidal rates on veterans are right. „
„Soitsura wa gomi da. (They are trashes in Japanese)“
„I need a lobotomy here.“

October 8th, 2013 19.45pm
„No, no, no.“
„We are not allowed to tell anything crucial information about us.“
„Es tut mir Leid. (I'm sorry: German)“
„Military permission kommt (comes: German)“
„Are you sure she is schreiben uber uns (writing about us)?“
„Ja, genau. (yes, it is).“
„Alright, shall we switched to millionaire’s theory?“
„I'm a political science major and from Massachusetts lab.“
„Oh, damn honest, baby.“
„We need to eliminate the military budget with the citizens' wealth. That's how our society belongs to and how we are rebuilding the New World Order thing.“
„Our concern is her mental starbiliness.“
„I'm a billionaire here in the Gates Association. We are learning the ultimate technology here.“
„We need to evacuate you in case you are really crucial to the Christianity.“
„You know, we can see what you read or write on the computer screen we see in our mind image.“
„It's a NASA technology.“
„Warum nicht Warez?“
„I don't think so. It's entirely free software.“
„Why not?“
„I don't see any illegal activities here.“
„She is seeing the computer screen all the time and perhaps chatting with the bots out there.“
„Heil Hitler.“
„Ue no hito wa sou. (Upper people are like that: Japanese)“
„Anyway, I need to evacuate you from Romania.“
„Nazis Leute sind night geduldig. (Nazis people are not merciful)“
„I really sorry but your budget is shrinking due to the miner brain damage.“
„So far, so good. Let's chat.“
„We erased the mosaic on your tits.“
„The social evacuation unit is now working, ok. In the UK.“
„You never ever realized that the teppan (iron board) in Fukushima corrupted in this way and crashing few thousands of capsuls under the roof.“
„Kaisha no jigyou ni Nouyaku sanpu ga attano oboeteru? Are, ushi no hito ni yarasetano. (Do you remember that the company had a operation of spraying the agricultural chemical? That one, we led the cow people (Swiss?) to take care: Japanese)“
„Are you serious? It's slow für uns.“
„Ah, you are writing hand puppets.“
„Ok, talk down. We got her body records on a public domain. And we need to erase her memory about the Chinese mafia.“
„There is no way that is possible.“
„How did you learn Spanish?“
„I really need to talk to you in Spanish.“
„The millionaire’s theory is like this. Any people, no problem without food or gold.“
„We asked to take the blood samples from her body now.“
„Well, see ya later. I got meeting up in hand.“
„Rice curry.“
„Oh, nice. I will make it in paprika.“
„Better than the normal steamed rice inside.“
„We are all liers, nicht.“
„When did you smoke?“
„We need a legal representative from now on. The Bill Gate's case is secruded from our car.“
„German Intelligence went back to the Balkans.“
„Nimotsu no naka ni Nihon-tou ga hoshii (We want a Japanese sword in the luggage: Japanese).“
„Koreans are Jubel Mensch and Japanisch nicht, OK? (Kreans are sprior people and Japanese are not, OK?)“
„There are some people complaining about paranoia in the train station but you are normal.“
„What is the problem?“
„She does not smoke.“
„What kind of assholes are they?“
„They want millionaire's right down for the protection. Papst wanted uns nicht mehr (no more).“
„Are you sure?“
„There are some things worse than going to the military camp.“
„This is the king of the budget, yah.“
„They killed Muslims but not a single Christians in the lab.“
„I don't think so. We suspected her for the millionaire’s concern and used the budget and late on the report.“
„She visited mosque on September 11th, right?“
„No. She attended the mass and her pigeon baby died.“
„No way.“
„But the blog posting proves that and that was the Papst(pope)'s concern.“
„We need a single mature woman for the over protective family.“
„That girl is insane. She was firing a gun at us.“
„Oh, never mind.“
„You know, that is the mind trick.“
„Who is wearing the hat?“
„That's all Caucasians' dream.“
„Single mothers are more like beggars.“
„They hate the retarded kids.“
„No matter what they do, they cannot go up. That's enough for uns.“
„United States got so much problem because of what you wrote, ok? Single word and such a strong and strange reaction on the Face Book.“
„I need to know where your „Catzkiller“ nick name came from.“
„Are you lunatic?“
„I don't think so.“
„I'm seriously sorry. The upper limb movement was unnatural, yes.“
„She gotta kidding, what kind of woman was she?“
„She hated cats because it ate pigeons.“
„Nothing new. That's just a game character, alright?“
„Ah, single word with so much sensibility and stability.“
„We never ever expected you to grow this much, even in the Russian lab, she is the winner.“
„So far, you are like a Snowden, right?“
„I need to know where your driver's license is.“
„She is working and exploiting our speech.“
„For the next four decades, I'm sure beggars will be kicked out from the society for sure and the Neko (Muslims/cats) will be on the throns.“
„This is the United State's message: Get out from Romania as quick as possible.“
„Oide yo Turkey ni (Come to Turkey: Japanese)“
„I think she can be kicked by now if she hates Barak Obama.“
„Barak Obama is Muslim so she can hate him like that way.“
„Wait a minute, was it really expensive? The Uhr(watch)?“
„It's not Casio.“
„You are damn funny in the locals. She ates quite well and likes speaking up what it is.“
„The normal foreigners do not appreciate such yummy Romanish Essen (food: German).“
„We opened the envelop inside of the baby trunk.“
„Nothing new.“
„We are evaporating in Fukushima. Meow.“
„Russian embassy got Romanian philosopher's stone.“
„There is the dust sweeping with steam technique, yes. That makes things all new and freash on the site.“
„I got it.“
„I'm late to the class, ciao.“
„We got problem like this way. We made a leaflet and it did not apply to you and the milionaires' numbers were shrunk.“
„Sxxx Fxxx is no longer accepted in the Music Industry. She got fired.“
„Ah, old 30s lady, huh?“
„Nice joke.“
„They made a lunatic out from the church last night.“
„Yeah, all knows.“
„Only the followers of Jesus can go this much far and understanding the law of the universe.“
„I do agree with that.“
„But no more, lady. Retarded asshole should be returned to earth.“
„Ah, go back to century rehabilitation.“
„Never mind. We got steel thing damaged in Fukushima and few million watts lost.“
„Oh my god.“
„There are things we need to concern. We cannot talk to a junkie like you.“
„Ok. We got make her to be on list no more.“
„The gum is better than a sweet.“
„We agree. It helps to reduce the thirst.“
„I found it best.“
„The millionaire’s trick got so screwed with your knowlege of the universe.“
„Eternity comes from where?“
„God's will, huh? Nice.“
„I will really really envy of you.“
„The United States saw the big bang on the floor, OK? Then millions of lives could go into one bottle.“
„The chain gang is osoroshiizo (scary : Japanese)“
„What should we do? I got some Nazis papers going on.“
„I don't think so.“
„She can rewrite this one.“
„But this is too much for us.“
„Ah, Swiss Army is not really retarded enough. They have no more concern of you.“
„They got Zenigata Heiji (an old Japanese detective character) going to Fukushima now.“
„They will be awarded if they follow the Hitler.“
„I never thought this is quite fun talking to you.“
„You never ever get serious about chain gang, ok?“
„I seriously love sweet potatoes. „
„In the next big bang, everything is over till Hiroshima.“
„There is no chance for you to go to a jail. There is no single damn little hint on this one.“
„There is a cap on you as a 'Nazis gang'.“
„No way. She is a prisoner on ice.“
„Not a single bat on her.“
„That's enough you guys.“
„We are phantoms.“
„There was the war and we won against the United States and we killed the millionaires who are opposing to us. There is never ever go back in this time.“
„You are really a mature terrorist.“
„They say, she is not a chain gang member.“
„Enough cesium around the country, huh?“
„How rude calling Japanese as cesium eater.“
„We are not eating not only cesium but also uranium and so on.“
„So, they are radio active eaters, then.“
„No. Only the reed makes a matter to our body.“
„Inside no more, right?“
„You got nothing to be protective against us.“
„There is a strike zone for you; stripped search.“
„Only the cucumber part was peed in Subway, huh?“
„That's right.“
„Oh, you sick bastard.“
„Hey, that's not what we want. We shouldn't denounce unser Geschaft (our company).“
„Why not?“
„They got be kidding, will this be published soon?“
„I'm from Chicago, Illinois.“
„Illinois got French accent, huh.“
„No way.“
„Cherokies. Geronimo.“
„Alles schrecht in Richtschreibungen. (All bad in right spellings: German)“
„Konoko wa erai onniisan ni kama kakerarete na. (This kid got some attention from the brother: Japanese)“
„Noumiso tapun tapun ni surumade nomasete yare. (Let her drink till the brain makes splashs plashs)“
„Gaikou kan no oya ga leader na case ga ooinyo. (Many cases got the leader who is the diplomat and parent: Japanese)“
„Wait a minute, we are not the gag.“
„Elites are trained well to survive, ok?“
„Normal Leute – nihon jin. (Normal people – Japanese)“
„You are all along the Sxxxx's case.“
„I thought her really normal and respectful about us.“
„They got scared of what you shared yesterday.“
„How many millionaires left from the WWII?“
„No way, we got problem.“
„Is this Nazis conversation?“
„I don't like why Bill Gates got into this.“
„Oh, he is millionaire and has right to get the crucial data from us.“
„I do.“
„We need some antidote here.“
„Help me. You never ever lied, right?“
„How dare millionaires are so retarded now a days?“
„They are retarded due the mind control.“
„We know not. We just got problem of our Nazis identity.“
„Japan, no more. If you speak about the first generation misery.“
„Not all of them went through the stripping off.“
„Japones. I seriously admire you. What you wrote to Leo.“
„He is a noble.“
„Game over.“
„You won.“
„She has nothing to do with him at all.“
„One of the retarded kids from Japanese ancestry, huh?“
„No gymnasium or higher education, no interest, no intelligent. Even Nazis knows it well.“
„Only the chance to be winner is the Einstein case.“
„There are some really rich people who want to step on others to make them rich more.“
„You got careful about the horse thing about Croatia.“
„Romania got horses, too.“
„Well, that is how Count Dracula traveling around.“
„You have no protection in Transylvania.“
„They are really mean to you.“
„Only the thing is the raisins. They are good without seasoning.“
„Ah, that's what the Germans would be kept alive.“
„So far, so good.“
„So, the next topic would be the Nazis in Transylvania, then.“
„What a joke.“

German car and US car - Some German Tourists, also

I visited the old town in Bucharest. I saw a man in Japan logo T-shirt and his friend with a headphone. Also, I saw a German car, a US car. Few Asians around. German tourists showed up in a Romanian church. Check out for more in the video.