05 April, 2018

My diary

I now have enough access to money resources. So, I have no more suffering from eating once a day Lent time issue. It was so hard for me fasting such a long time from Ash Wednesday to after Easter Sunday. Well, I had normal hams and meat for the breakfast but that was sometimes skipped for the safety. But I survived so far.

Now, I'm writing several books lost forever from my HDD loss. But the good thing is that I have enough time for rewriting them.

OSAM would be ready after I have enough time making the German car database and remove my pics from my 64GB memory Asus netbook. Just too much stuffs in for just chunked up by now. 

People replaced by the DHS/FBI officers friends who are the deserted officers

The V2K speakers told me that it was the DHS employees who made the decision on how to keep the useless or jailed criminals to be safe to be in the society as their patriotic members. That's the way the good people are replaced with the bad weeds as the most Gang Stalking victims and others noticed about the organized surveillance and its corruptions. If the deserted officers cheat on their jobs on the surveillance? For example, they are looking for the people with the dangerous vests and the deserted officers actually employed for wearing the vests for adding to the field someone is wearing a vest and the witness thought it dangerous?

That is how the Atlanta police once made  snitch jacket on the suspect. There was a man in the investigation room as a car thief but he tried to enter his locked door without a key he lost. A man entered to the same investigation room and he was a jailed man already and confessed about all the jobs he did as a criminal. The police chief came and saw the investigation going on with someone confessing. Then the chief said to jail him. The police officer asked, "who to be jailed in?" The chief said, "there is only one to be investigated in the room." That is how the man lost his nice expensive pickup to the police station team. Much worse is coming for the police state domination of the goods and women/children - they are to be killed after their genital area to be kept as souvenirs for the Turkish/Nordish police teams for the Arab League manness showing.

The IDs are misused by the police Muslims everywhere.  Everyone replaced by the Muslims. The first police Islamic teaching learners are already dead from the climbing up the position type reward system within the police FBI groups. This is all deception. No one knows what crime happened when the police team killed the first witnesses and their information kept without reviewing.

In the same way, police would deny Jews. Palestines and Muslims take the Jewish names and all Jews denied to be them as the personal identity everywhere including Israel. Then? Germans knew how they were right about the holocaust was hoax from the beginning.