30 May, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 29th, 2014

I saw 2 German cars today.

And a Japanese family in the main square.

When I attended the evening mass, there was a man sat next to me and put his leg toward me. There was two men with a big luggage sat behind of me. Later, I found out my side bag zipper was open and the cover was loose. Somehow, nothing was stolen. It wasn't like on June 9th in Sofia last year when my wallet was stolen on my way home from Halite Mall to Lavare Hostel after the Sunday mass. I hope people should have better luck for visiting the churches and doing good things instead of the mafia and local thugs taking all the advantages from others using sinful ways.

I found a big crack on the rubber part of my right boot. It's CAT caterpillar and I have been wearing it for over few years before my trip to Germany in 2012. I think it was done by the Japanese guy, Takeshi Tsuchiya, in Belgrade. I kept my boots in my one bed room when I took shower. It's always bad things happen when Japanese travelers are around. At Favela Hostel, I think there was a Japanese woman called Naoko Kawabata, stayed and somehow my umbrella got strings cut. Now is my boots. In Plovdiv, a Japanese guest was in the same hotel when my Don Bosco jacket got zipper damaged. I should share these people's information in order to get some ad sense ad clicks and even selling the book with the names of the perps near me when things got damaged.

28 May, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 28th, 2014

I'm in Zagreb now. A bit of things to do here. Hopefully, I've gotten enough time for sending all the info gathered about the human trafficking or gang stalking case to the ICC for this year as an additional evidences. The Japanese man who looks like a Mongolian or some South East Asian facial feature and 20s was still in the hostel in Belgrade this morning. He seemed to be holding a camera all the time and was alone just in the dining table area till late and he seemed to be sleeping all the time I saw him in the hostel. I think he seems to be Takeshi Tsuchiya.

There were some Intalian, German, and one Swiss car from VD on the road. I didn't take pictures much but here is the Munich car I saw as an example.

At Zagreb bus station, I saw 3 Japanese women walking around and I saw them showing up around 3 times. Here is the pic from the time I was eating my dinner there. You can hear their talk in the video. ザグレブのバスステーションで出くわした日本人3人組です。一人は、「地球の歩き方」を持ち歩いてます。日本人旅行客、よく「地球の歩き方」持ってる人に遭遇しますが、そんなものいつも持ち歩いてるんですかね?携帯とかで電子書籍とかのガイドブックのほうが軽くないのかな?それとも、加害者だけが「地球の歩き方」持ち歩いてるんでしょうかね?もしかしたら、空港や飛行機内で売ってるのはその本だけとか?

27 May, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 23rd, 2014

Here is the video from May 23rd, 2014. I just find wifi here but not really working well.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 22nd, 2014

Here is the OSAM on May 22nd, 2014. I don't have wifi at my hostel and would have wifi from tomorrow in another location. I might be able to add pics later.

22 May, 2014

Red Bull, Monster, and other enegy drinks are made from bull urines and sermens

The V2K perps often tell me about the food contaminated with urine or sperms. For instance, if I go to a restaurant, they would say that the restaurant is using the water from the toilet bowl for cooking. The cock would add the pee on the food for the harassment like the perps saying they want to make a revenge on a sex-offender, pedophilia, etc that they made up and assuming about the target. Now I have a better view of the food I'm consuming everyday. They actually contain pee and sperms.

Energy Drinks Contain Ingredient Extracted From Bull Urine And Semen

WOW. This gives new meaning to ‘STRONG AS A BULL’. Wait til you see what they are putting in your energy drinks…
Energy Drinks Contain Ingredient Extracted From Bull Urine And Semen. A study done by Longhorn Cattle Company, tested some of the top energy drink brands such as Red Bull (lol), monster etc. What they found might leave your stomach in a knot. They found that the drinks do, in fact, contain bull semen.
Taurine is the ingredient that has come under fire. Taurine is named after the Latin Taurus, which means bull. It was first isolated from ox bile in 1827 by Australian scientists Friedrich Tiedemann and Leopold Gmelon. It is often called an amino acid, even in scientific literature, but it lacks a carboxyl group it is not strictly an amino acid. Taurine is present in bulls livers, semen and urine. One thing is certain, the taurine used in energy drinks such as Red Bull is taken from these sources.
Taurine found in energy drinks is a byproduct of bull testicles, it is considered not to be vegetarian friendly. The ingredient is taurine, a naturally occurring substance that is present in bull bile and breastmilk. The video shows how this ingredient is extracted from the Bulls. It was filmed by an employee of the company that supplies this ingredient to the various energy drink company. The video was then Leaked, leaving to us this secret they have tried to keep quiet for so long. The employee was later fired for violating company policy. (http://www.naturalcuresnotmedicine.com/2014/05/mmmmm-tasty-energy-drinks-contain-ingredient-extracted-bull-urine-semen.html)

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 20-21st, 2014

Here is the video from 20th and 21st. I took a bus from Ulm to Belgrade and the bus was late for 3 hours. The bus got only few passangers with many suitcases. In the bus, there were many people traveling to Skopje and Macedonia area. There was a boy sat in front of my seat and he spoke Assaram Araikum (greeting in Arabic) and it seems his father who sat next to me seemed to be a Turkish immigrant as he spoke in the dialect like Turkish. I know a bit of Turkish like Evet, Willo, to the numbers, so I can tell the difference. I don't know why I've got such a bad luck heading to Serbia using Hungarian boarder instead of the one that checked my suitcase and asked me so many questions at Slo-HR. No one checked this time. No question at all. My suitcase was in the seat near the driver with some more suitcases which were not fit into the storage. Why the bus was late like this way and so many suitcases for the passangers? There was only one bus showed up. I was waiting from the time the buses heading to Moster, Sarajevo and such. The Zagreb bus was late and arrived at 5.30pm. Other passangers were like this.

The woman next to me and her daughter across my seat. They said that they were traveling to Skopje.

There was a man in the bus wearing 2006 Germany World Cup clothes. It's 8 years old and we are expecting to see more people wearing Brasil logo ones by now.

And the Munich car showed up at Belgrade when I was waiting a tram after leaving the bus.

I found the damage of my Jack Wolfskin side bag again. It had nothing since the small holes happened when I stayed in Byzantin Hostel in Bucharest and at St. Joseph church in the city. The holes are similar to the ones made before. It could be happened when I left my bag at the reception of the bathroom at Burger King. I had only notes, papers, and some books inside. I paid 50cents for the bathroom use but got some holes in my side bag. The part I found the holes got nothing now. Just the other side got holes.
And the video here.

20 May, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May19th, 2014

Here is the video from today. I didn't have time for the Internet and somehow I was tired. So, I didn't do nothing much today.
When I went to Kochröffel, the fast food restaurant in Ulm, I ordered a menu. But the clerk gave me something else. So, I just ate the fried potatoes and drink. I threw the chicken burger on the street for the protesting. Who want to get the spitted food or pee marinated? Gang stalkers often ask to eat the certain food instead of something the TI wants to pick randomly. Here is an example. It came with the question if it's the right menu set or not asking. The perps might claim me stole the burger and threw it on the street for face saving purpose. Well, watch out for the food contaminated with something. No restaurants I visited in Ulm if the food is not already cooked in the bulk at the counter.

17 May, 2014

Favela Hostel - my umbrella damage and an American guy next door complained about money missing 2 times

I'm in Ulm now. Yesterday night at Slovenian boarder, I was checked. There were only 2 people got checked and anothe one only had a small sport bag. The 2 custom officers searched my suitcase and asked how much money with me. They first asked me if I have any drugs. Say, for the readers of my blog and tweets, I'm the one finding out someone doing illegal stuffs. No drugs on me, of course. I said that to them. I'm the one sharing if anyone interested or talking about using drugs like Daniel Shöllhammer's famiy in Munich having party sometimes and smoking canabis together. The money counting reminded of me of the US guy next door asking two more guests about the missing money. Isarin Sathituangsak is his name and from 49 Kent st, Sommerville, US 02143 (isarin@gmail.com) - learned from the shared internet use. It's better to notice who is claiming what went missing around me and accusing me. I don't know about the woman living downstair but that is what he said yesterday morning, so I'm sharing this. He said he lost 200KN on Tuesday and lost another 800KN on Thursday. I had no WIFI at Fevela Hostel for the entire stay there for 10 nights, so I might have no albi or something. But I'm the one always getting more problem like theft, tampering (umbrella as an example) and my 3rd suitcase since last December got one wheel busted on my way from the hostel to the tram station yesterday. I saw 2 German cars in about 200m. That part would be on today's OSAM video later.

I saw some suspicious Muslims when I arrived at the train station this morning. A hijab woman stood outside of the hotel as well. Suspicious, huh? I'm gonna send this years' information and the incident at Brussel Nord theft of my bag and so many Muslim beggars showed up last fall as another Muslim harassing me.

15 May, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 14th, 2014

The video from yesterday. I found my umbrella got strings cut in many parts and it got easily turn inside out when the wind blows. I bought it at Thessaloniki last month. I put the umbrella on the desk at my one bed room in Favela Hostel. My last portable umbrella lasted for few years and I bought it in Switzerland and used only few occasions. It was stolen from my one bed room in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I don't know if it was damaged by the strange Japanese woman stayed in the hostel. Last time in Plovdiv, there was another Japanese guest stayed and got some damages in my belongings. It seems only the umbrella got damaged this time so far.

There are some BiH cars around these days. BiH K3-A-015? I forgot to take some pics of German cars like F D 159.

Oh, by the way, I'm heading to Germany to stay weekends tomorrow to Monday. I hope nothing like kidnapping happens to me. I'm just seeing my old church friends there. Say, I can insult any Muslims if they show up and I can make a film for the safety reason. I hope the hotel won't get Muslims like in Sparta Team Hotel in Athens. I'm Islamphobia and hating Muslims around. It should be a human right to stay away to live without Muslism for the people who are victims of Islamic terrorism or Muslim gang stalkers. I carry pork bones all the time during the trip so I should be safe from Muslims.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 13th, 2014

Here is the video from may 13th.

14 May, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 12th, 2014

Here is the video from yesterday. Today is the day I saw many BiH cars but that would be shared tomorrow. I saw  two occasion someone waved hands above their head yesteday. One time was at T-mobile shop where few Koreans? were inside waiting for their tern and another occasion was at Fries Factory when I ordered my fries and the female clerk waved to the cook inside.

12 May, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 11th, 2014

Here is the information of the gang stalking from yesterday. Some German cars as usual in the video.

11 May, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 10th, 2014

Some German cars I saw in the city. Also, two strange groups - one males with DANI marriage T-shirts and a pracard man. Another is the girls wearing pink slippers.

There were some Muslims in the city. There shouldn't be many Muslims in Zagreb but they were in the city.

Also, some German cars in the city as usual.

NYPD T-shirt man. Maybe I should get one for the counter of gaslighting but they don't sell one in the city.

10 May, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 9th, 2014

Yesterday's German car and 2 Swiss cars.

Ah, I saw many embassy cars and a protesting near the post office when I sent the evidences to the ICC. A Jap embassy car pic, nice huh?

Some Chez cars. Korean groups are riding the Chez buses parked near the Cathedral. Are they come for the surveillance? I saw many Chinese and Korean groups so often every time I visit Zagreb. Are they the same group? It reminded me of the strange Korean man showing up in Jack Wolfskin jacket at Medugorje in January and December 2013. Different Jack Wolfskin jacket but I was wearing Jack Wolfskin all the time and no one else was wearing it. Eastpack and other famous brand jackets are rare in Medugorje. Hey, how Chez travels to Zagreb by a Smart Car?? It's more adventure than in Davinch Code one in Paris...

I got my Jack Wolfskin backpack with zipper rail biting problem areas. It was not a big damage but the perps might now have a tool to open it and close it like this way.

A suspicious Asian woman taking photo toward me and wearing a damaged jeans and sandal.

And the video. Enjoy the protesting people and much more like the Japanese female traveler again! in my hostel talking to the clerk half Japanese and half English. I encounter a solo traveling Japanese woman since Macedonia. Strange enough, huh?

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 7-8th, 2014

Here is the video of what happened from 7th to 8th, the trip from Skopje to Zagreb. Video contains the US car and German car near the bus station. A Japanese woman in the same bus traveling alone just like me. The crazy man behind of my seat shouting at night after 3am...

08 May, 2014

I'm in Zagreb - no Interenet but more German cars and Chinese and Koreans

I arrived to Zagreb this morning. At Skopje bus station, I saw one US car and one German car. Enough of the intelligence surveillance or what?

And in the same bus, there was a Japanese woman. She was a solo traveler and there are only few Asians traveling in Skopje, so it was easily figure out suspicious perps. She had a red Japanese passport and she seemed to be 4 Chinese letter names with the last one "Ko (Child)" I don't know why some Japanese woman traveling alone like this way. Well, I can tell it was way too suspicious and I can add this one to the letter to the ICC - now I know some places to burn DVD files for filing the case of German stalking.

Today's German cars.

I might be able to make OSAM video form past few days available tomorrow.

02 May, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 2nd, 2014

I saw an old man with this Japanese writing stood at the bus station. What is Ekimaerindows.com?

I saw one D sticker car and one German car dealer frame car at the monastery.

Also, I saw a man with a German cap waiting the bus.

There were few Muslim visitors. It's Friday and these Muslims are actively wondering around to the orthodox churches. It's better to see them during the day time than at night, though.

A Zurich car I have seen often in Ohrid and a rare Swedish car visiting the monastery.