26 March, 2018

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 18-21st, 2018

German cars in Belgrade.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 5-7th, 2018

German stalking cars in Zagreb.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - February 21-27th, 2018

I made my way by the online ticket purchase from Lisbon to Zagreb. Still I had a online ticket PDF not showing on my phone problem and paid 50€ for the ride from Lucern to Zagreb but I made it within my budget. Everything stolen but I kept my phone in my pocket instead of my backpack, so I had an access to the web and everything was saved. My phone background screen photo is Karmel Gate Virgin Mary. Quite a story to tell to others, but it was the jubilee happened after Fatima visit. Who wants to be a Christian and making sacrifices? Me? Noooo. I'm too educated to be in the modern world. But I had a proper fasting time from no bank/credit card situation for the Lent time.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - February 15-16th, 2018

After the backpack theft, Germans were still stalking me in Lisbon.

23 March, 2018

Organized Stalking Around Me - February 18-21st, 2018

I need to fix the old videos from past few weeks but here is something I can upload now. I had some trouble with the location and the damages.

I'm finishing "Kaidaru and other Japanese cop created Islamic organizations" and one more book now.

20 March, 2018

OSAM - February 14th, 2018

Finally, I had some trouble finding the functioning video editor and I made this video. The current Movie Maker for Windows 10 won't help me open mp4 files from my camera records. So, I tried VideoPad (no saving in movie files), OpenShot (no jpg import), Movie Maker 2.26 (no mp4 support) and so on.  Guess which free software I used. At least there are some for the actual use.

February 14th is the Ash Wednesday for 2018 and I had my backpack stolen at Martim Moriz Park in Lisbon. It could be related with Jirocho or Sojya-city yakuza groups who were in Lisbon area for the gang stalking and theft. I heard Jirocho used the same technique of mind business of making someone unconsciously not moving or thinking as the glitch for the theft targets and 60,000€ value Jirocho group made profit. Shouri Nakasone could be from Porto and said "Take Porto from Portugal"to invade the mosques in Porto and he was in Lisbon for "taking out Risu (chipmunk or Filipino women in Chinese slung) from Lisbon"joke.  So, these people in the video could be related with such Japanese mafias.

19 March, 2018

Still stalked by the German cars

I created Neo Nazi Victims Museum blog and sometimes I only update that one only. So, I don't have time typing here and there all the time. But I'm just fine - got problems after the backpack robbery for the financial and picking up all the things to be restored issues. But I'm still ok. 

13 March, 2018

Today's German car? Here it is.

I am still stalked by Germans. I had the V2K speakers talk about "what if the 2 black veil Muslim women show up to ask to share the breakfast table.." and it was the night before. I am Islamphobia and I am easily and simply pissed out about getting close to Muslims or something with evil Arabic witings. So, I shouted "Fuckin 2 Muslim women in black veils!" At night as the cause and effect result. I saw the 2 Muslim women in black veils no more at the breakfast room from yesterday. I guess they left or someone took care of the suspicious Muslims out from near Sava church.

And here is today's German car showed up just outside of the Swiss Embassy and near my hotel.

I bought Asus Transformer Mini but had no time working with a video software. And I had the poor WIFI for awhile. But I got the video software today, so I can start reconstructing OSAMs and such.

QVP's Mr. Nakamura replied me abut Tuji Miyoko's online purchase

I received a reply from Mr. Nakamura. He said that my credit card was not used. If that is wrong, I can sue this Mr. Nakamura guy. 

Miyoko Goto様

QVC E-mail担当 仲村 と申します。




できれば発送内容をリスボンのTourist Policeと日本大使館に送ってください。
盗難の後にリスボンのMoriz 28 Guest Houseに日本語を話すラテン系の男性が
買ったものではないので、とりあえず、INTERPOL HQ (FaceBook)、EUROPOL、









QVC Eメールサービス 担当:仲村
Email: cscrm@qvc.jp

Tuji Miyoko's wrong online purchase from OVP sent to my email address

Someone bought something with "Tuji" name and the receipt was sent to my email address. It could be related with the backpack theft happened on Feb 14th in Martim Moriz Park in Lisbon. Or the credit card number theft by Moritz 28 Guest House clerk who had the hand written my credit card number on it for the check-in time. So, somoene migth use my credit card for the actual crime.
辻 美代子 様 (お客様番号:76046717)
<商品番号> 650409
<商品名> 掛ける+置ける! スタイルハンガープレミアム
<カラー> ブラウン
<数量> 1
◇商品・ご注文・配送・その他のお問い合わせ 受付時間:8:00 - 21:00
・一般電話から 0120-945-010 (通話料無料)
・携帯電話から 043-332-7100 (通話料有料)
Eサービスコンサルタント 受付時間:8:00 - 26:00(AM2:00)
・一般電話から 0120-945-800 (通話料無料)
・携帯電話から 043-332-7800 (通話料有料)
株式会社 QVCジャパン

01 March, 2018

The German couple at the tourist police station in Lisbon

I was stalked by German cars in Fatima and Lisbon as well. When I visited the police station north of Moriz metro station about the bag theft, the reception police asked me how long I have been traveling as if the crime cause. I just visited Fatima before the Lent season and all my relics and data stolen in one backpack. Meanwhile, Germans have been stalking me. When I went out from Welcome Guesthouse, I saw Germans started stalking me. So I have the pretty much German stalker group information as the theft groups in Lisbon.

Here is the German couple showed up and sat behind of me at the tourist police station. How often someone stalked by Germans and being the victim of theft and such?

And there was this guy sat in front of the bench location at the time of my backpack theft happened. He sat there whole time when I was at the bench. So, he might be one of the theft group member. Enough photos for showing who are guilty at the surveillance camera located park in Lisbon.

The second thief at Martim Moriz Park in Lisbon

Right after the first man left, a woman came near me with a map on her hands. I had two bags and these people seemed to be the thieves. These people destructed me by chatting from the left side while I kept two bags to my right. A typical way of stealing in Rome or Lisbon or South America.

Thieves team at Lisbon Martim Moriz Park - Ash Wednesday

My backpack was stolen when I sat at the Martin Moriz Park for waiting the check-in time to Moriz 28 Guesthouse nearby. I did not know there was a mosque sign not far from the metro station and the accommodation. And the bad thing happened. There is a church next to the park also and it was the location full of Chinese and filthy Muslim people wondering around. It's not far from St. Anthony's birth place church.

While I sat on the outside area, I saw a man approached with a map asking me the direction to the hotel. I filmed him. Then there was a woman came later for the similar map holding as if for the robbery. I think that was the time my bag was robbed.

I bought a new PC and moved to another location now. So, I just have no time for making the OSAM video or the thieves list to be sent to the Lisbon police yet.

Here is the man approached me. Nice to keep the video with me! Or another video is the one. I did not have time checking them around till I make OSAM video.