31 August, 2007

An intellectual must be a good poet.

Creativity is a key to open the door to a new world,
Oder ich will ein weg zu die neue Welt finden.
Never try to reach me though the same way you did,
Take what you can find in these verses with your eyes open.

Aber ich möchte nicht nächste Besprachung haben.
Cool to be myself as a real Outsider changing the world.
Try to find me through the narrow path to the heaven.
Make your wish, and it will be heard by our Lord.

Etwas, etwas mussen Sie durchkommen.
Tell to your enemy what will be the best solution.
Hören Sie mein Herz shlagen zurückbekommen?
Rosary and a pen will give the best decision for this situation.

“Old timers”, they say, yet I find it the best.
Unterweg nie ist Hauptweg gewurden.
Get into the door at last, and you will be the first.
Hatred never creates anything but destruction.

Das Leben ist ein Buildungsroman.
Oberon found his way to the harmony of the lovers.
Take your time if you want, but do not have an expectation.
Days pass quite fast and I am not here for you forever.

Ein guten Buildungsroman muss ein suppanend Ende haben.
Every effort you made for your life, I destroyed for my sefety sake.
More than my life, what I wanted was the truth and the reason.
And more time you take, more loss you will make.

Is there anything that can change our situation?
Let's make our ways cross once again for the new destination.

Yeah, I am very aware of NSA trying to make another conspiracy on this poem. I am just expecting to get another evidence. I have already fuxked up life of someone (some people?) through my protesting. I just felt pity for these devils.. even a saint does feel sorry about devils.
(picture is Bundes-Wehr cars in Weimar, Germany)

Deutsch als Fremdsprache – kaufen, einkaufen, verkaufen, usw.

It is hard to find my pare time to work on my German study. Right now, I got some works to do; translating gang stalking websites, updating my website, work in TI groups, protesting, and so on. I got couple of TI friends around the world (hoping they are not perps..). Currently, I am working with Japanese victims. I do not have enough time to make anything efficient to improve the situation in Japan, yet I believe small effort for everyday would make a big change in a yearly basis.
I think it is true for studying a foreign language also. I have a big problem in Dativ, Akkusativ, and such grammatic parts. I decided to memorize the verbs and nouns to get some way to understand a whole sentence on Zeitung. If I knew the words, it would be easier to understand the grammar of the articles.

29 August, 2007

One way ticket to receive a mental health record is get F-1 Visa and study in the US.

Above are the evidences that I was held at Valley Medical Center and El Camino Hospital. It happened on my way to Dr. Marco Meniketti's night class on October 16th 2006. The class started at 6:00pm on Monday. So, you can see that the admission at Valley Medical Center shows the truth. The Judo expert SJSU police officer sent me to the hospital. It seemed everyone in the Emergency Psychiatric Service knew why I was sent there. I was not making any suicidal comments or talking anything dangerous. I just talked with a female psychiatrist there that I wanted to do something for Students (especially anthropology major) working on the discrimination. If trying to stop discrimination is something not encouraged, then there is no hope in the United States to keep their original hope for the real democracy. They no longer respect freedom and amendments that the founders (including Thomas Jefferson – I believe he should have become the first US president because of his effort for the country).
Everyone is involved with bribery. Sgt. John Law said that “These guys (homeland security) are well-fed.” And what I learned from the people working at El Camino Hospital is that they are working for money. I have seen so many people talking about “school” and “students” among gang stalkers in Silicon Valley. I don't know if engineers are part of the victims of gang stalking. What they can do is steel the ideas from inverters and sell them to the large companies. Emergency units and institutions – cops, paramedics, hospitals, schools – working together for Authoritarianism of the area. Can you imagine that how strict the muti-national companies make rules for employees?
I don't know why these gang stalkers often change their names by marrying with someone or have new name for whatever the reason. I have seen some people change their names often by marrying someone with certain value.
Do you know a Jewish woman who was working for the NGO that provide money (about 1 million) to the local groups like San Jose Taiko in Silicon Valley? I met her at El Camino Hospital. It seemed she was another victim of chemical weapon. Probably, her husband was “mind-controlled,” and tried to feed her cultural foods while she was in the hospital. She had a new boss who came from somewhere else and did not know anything about the organization. A typical situation for gang stalkers taking over a company! It is typical to feed the target foods, also! The organization gather tribute from large companies like HP in Silicon Valley. I hope the gang stalkers are not using the organization for crimes such as cleaning money.. I met a CIA agent (anthropologist) in the hospital, so this could be highly possible.

“Dem legendären Glas von 1904 nachenpfunden”

Ich oft esse Mittagessen bei McDonald's. Es ist teuer aber habt der Restaurant dem Wifi trennen. Da ist Starbucks in der Stadt auch. Ich mag das Hot Dog mit Weisswurst besser als der Hamberger. McDonalds habe kein wurst abgessehen von amerikanish Hambergers.
When I was in San Jose, I sometimes saw the McDonald workers gave me a hamburger that he brought out from under the counter. I do not know why it happened sometimes. What I know is that it is hard to make “special French Fries” taking out from the fryer. So, the possibility of receiving something hazardous at “any” restaurants may be limited to special meals. I have seen some shops take out the food after I passed the counter once. It happened in the United States quite often. I don't know if this is a regular phenomenon to any countries. If that happens, there are two types of occasion; 1. Perps work in the restaurant, or 2. Perps rented the restaurant for that purpose. Change of the owner is another sign of their working.
If they are working for the radioactive contamination for human radioactive experience, then I am not the only one to receive foods. I was eating at Home Town Buffet and Crazy Buffet when I ran away in California. Was I the terrorist making innocent citizens to have cancers? If perps do not use radioactive food processing device, no body will get such risks in restaurants and grocery stores.
I enjoy observing people eating around me. Some times they come with their kids and sat in the sheet while kids playing. I wonder if they got some radioactive foods that was left over from they made my meals. Some people try to give me foods and when I hesitate it, they try to finish them by themselves. If perps are trying to give radioactive foods to the target and finishing the foods by themselves, I think the government just let the perps have free foods.

How gang stalkers move into an apartment complex

Here is my explanation of how gang stalkers move into the target's apartment. This is based on my experience that they actually took over almost entire apartment complex and some rooms of the apartment nearby. Basically, what they do is take the rooms above, below, right, and left of the target's room. Then if they have chance, others moves in to the rooms that can be used as guarding posts. It includes the rooms that can check the entrance(s) of the apartment and close to the parking lot. My experience was at a huge apartment complex near San Jose Japan Town. I lived in the room #4219. Yeah, that's a bad number in Japanese.. like 42 (dead) 19 (go). Anyway, I lived there since 2004. I don't know if I was a victim of gang stalking before I moved in to the apartment, though. Alright, this is the chronological order of what happened. It might help you to understand your “stalking” problem and maybe you can use the knowledge for further prevention. If you are looking for the conclusion, please check the list on the bottom.
1. Students started rumor and one of the student (Sarah) tailgated my car from the garage after the class. It was March 2006.
2. I don't know about Summer as I visited several places like Southern CA to forget about the problem at school.
3. I made an appointment with Dr. Sivertsen, the school counselor at SJSU on July 12th to talk about my plan of protesting about the student discrimination.
4. After July 12th, I found some people moved in to the room above of mine. I remember this as it happened before July 18th, the day someone stole the license plate from my car. (When I visited the DMV at Santa Clara near El Camino Real, it was closed on July 20th without no reason, and I had to visit San Jose one on Alma St, instead.)
5. After the Fall Semester began, I found some students (not Sarah) followed my car back to my apartment several times. They often made U-turn at the parking lot and went back.
6. On September 26th, I found student walked out from Rm#4209, symmetrical to my room. They were looking for me as they talked about how they saw me moving “Nick Nick” around as weeds.
7. On September 27th, I found Sarah and other students moved into Rm #4209, They were moving furnitures in from the basement parking lot. I saw a dark (either gray or black) pickup on the parking lot.
8. After I mentioned the September 26th incident to some school faculty, I found new people moving furnitures into Rm#4209. One of them is Gregory and he seemed helping the two young females. According to the worker at the management office, the previous renter was Ronald Feagan and working at Health Care industry in West San Jose. She also explained me the new renters were two young females. However, when I checked out the pickup (quite old model) parked on the back entrance of the apartment, there is a box with a label “Gregory” on it. By the way, there is a guy name Gregory in Anth 187 class and his figure was very similar to the one moving furniture. (You might see the video of their moving furnitures in future. It's pretty big one and I am planning to make the dictation first. You can download it from my home page though.)
9. I did observation of students in my apartment. (I will add the detailed information about them and their occupied rooms later)
10. When I decided to bring the case to a lawyer, I talked with someone at the apartment office. She told me that she did not know anything about the students. The people lived in the room above of mine was there since 2004. By checking the record of the apartment residents, there was no change of people in Rm#4319. However, when I mentioned other rooms that the stalkers moved furnitures out from Rm #4209, she said that they had been vacant for quit e long time.
11. I cannot remember when but the people lived in Rm#4218 moved out frequently. One time, some people moved furnitures in and threw old TV and other stuffs out in few days. There were frequent refurnishing going on in that room.
12. Before I was sent to the mental hospital, I found people living in the apartment across the parking lot in the rear were doing hinting. They talked about how they figured out I actually had a roommate who became a French actress. (Do you know Melanie Doutey? She was my roommate when we lived in England during Summer. A good memory of high school days.)
13. After I was discharged from mental hospital and done bringing the evidences to the Capital building in Sacrament, the stalkers seemed trying to make me to be an insider. During that period, Dr. Weiss was sometimes in Rm #4209 and Rm #4319. When I tried to agree to marry with her for my security, she came out with a female student from Rm#4209 and said “I don't think so.” (This date is available in my email to Ms. Rosenberg, LLD99 Instructor)
14. When I went back to CA on February 1st, I found Dr. Weiss talking from the room above mine. I did not paid the electricity for 2 months, but PG&E did not cut off.
15. I found someone took off the batteries from the fire alarm.

Well, this is a quite long explanation for the conclusion. But I wanted to show my experience before explain the main points of how the gang stalkers move into an apartment. Here is the list of how they do it. This is based on my experience in California, so the situation might be different in another countries.
1. The main perp in an apartment complex often has a job like a handyman. What he does mainly is check garbages and refurnish rooms.
2. Managers might not know if perps move into vacant rooms. In such case, the handyman-type perp provides the key. (This could be true for motels and hotels because managers are not responsible for checking every room.)
3. Perps use different person's name for the renter(s). The person renting the room might be working for the stalking yet he might do so for own purpose. (In my case, the short term renter actually received mail from a health care company as I found a letter for him at mail box room at my apartment.)
4. The people living in the apartment might be encouraged to move out for the benefit of perps. Managers might not know the change of residents.
5. Perps might purchase the entire apartment complex for their gang stalking activity. There are change of owners and managers of apartment and workplaces.
6. Once the manager was informed about gang stalking activity, they always agree to work with gang stalkers. In my case, the manger did not know what students(perps) were doing at my apartment.

27 August, 2007

Thank you for the offer of taking me to Canada. (October 14th 2006)

This is about my letter to Dr. Elizabeth Weiss before I was sent to mental hospital. If you check out the date, you will see that it was only 2 days before that conversation with Dr. English-Lueck.
During the conversation with Dr. English-Lueck, she mentioned “Elizabeth” as one of the person received email for something. If I was really suicidal as the school said, how come I have to mention German spy matter to the vice president of the United States? What I did was send the discrimination going on in SJSU and tried to avoid students harassing me by making a conspiracy of a foreign spy. I wrote down that Dr. Weiss married with a very elderly Canadian man and they divorced right after she received a residential permit from that country. I thought she was a Canadian spy going back to the US.
Don't you think I can bring it to a lawsuit with this evidence to drop the mental health record that San Jose State University put? Because of that stupid Intelligence Authorization Act, I feel like I have disadvantage of having false records made by CIA agents (anthropologists).
The below is the whole contents of the email.


I think the time is up.To protect myself not a spy, I must submit everything to police.And I am going to submit the evidences people talking about you and Dr. Gonzales at my apartment.I hope you do not mind about it, since you know I sent e-mail to the vice president of the US.When some student talked about how you change your feeling about me (I have evidence), I was doubt ful about the fact.You did the "paper work" while you have a boy friend. And I knew other people who you had "rumor" with as you told me.Do you think I can trust someone like that? I thought it was another trap "they" had set up.I did not know you really had some feeling until last Thursday...To be honest, I am so sorry for your involvement in this case.About this Wednesday's class, I made a comment that "I made a professor cry." And probably the students who have been spying me in the class thoguht it disgusting.You know what, I am quite sure your involvement in this semester, and at reast you are the one who thought me as "abnormal" (that's waht someone said in Anth 187 class last semester).From that experience, I think i do have right to make such comment with others, don't you think?I don't think there is anyway to fix our relationship since you have never tried to contact me except for using the students. You can run away from this. (Just like what you did last time!)Bye-Bye!

Dienstag 5, September 2006 05:01
All right, here is the evidence that whole San Jose State University was involved in the discrimination on foreign student. I wrote to Mr. Salvador Parker, the ombudsman of SJSU, and later the school decided to work on plans to expel me. One time, Dr. Ohala, the new dean of Linguistics department after she taught LING101 which I was taking, said that she did not like what the anthropology department was doing. Who cares? This is what happened. I am explaining everything in soap opera style. Did I go over Lord Byron? I hope so as I became (possibily) the first Japanese refugee in a European country. What I need is more poetry skills for impressing others with my fountain pen.

1. Dr. Weiss and I were a bit off from regular professor-student relationship. (Nothing serious, she was just working on sex appeal in her classes and when I visited her office to ask questions about the materials.)

2. Meanwhile, Dr. Weiss and Dr. Gonzalez became very close.

3. Sarah Linn, the leader of ABSC which Dr. Gonzalez is (was?) responsible, started harassment on me and used ABSC members to work on organized stalking on me.
4. Dr. Gonzalez knew what Sarah was doing as it started in his Anth 187 class!
5. Dr. English-Lueck knew what Dr. Weiss wanted from me as she visited her special lecture on Friday in last April. She was sure observed how Dr. Weiss was seducing me. She came to the extra-credit lecture with no bra and walked around me quite often.
6. I don't know if she only wanted to have one lover or multiple. At least, she had a boy friend at that time. Dr. Weiss wanted to do some paper work for the convenience to stay in the United States. That is how she explained me to marry with a gay professor.
7. Because I did not wanted to be kept as a lover, and the whole anthropology department tried to hide the scandal in physical anthropologists. I was pretty close with Dr. Weiss and she told me how she got deplomas and award from AAPA by having special relationships among famous physical anthropologists. Proof? Ask around the AAPA members!!
8. I was sent to mental hospital and someone tried to do experiments on my body.
9. I was followed by Department of Defense and organized stalkers.
10. Miracle happened and I became a refugee in a European country!

The below is what I wrote down to Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen. This is the email I sent to her when I tried to make an appointment to ask her about school evaluation. I mention this email in my conversation with Dr. Sivertsen on Sep. 27th.

Hello.I have a question; idid anyone really try to figure out about what I write to Mr. Parker?On Monday, I had a group work at night class, and somehow, some students in the Tuesday morning class talking about it. It seemed some people tried to figure out my ability of German... Then in the same class in Thursday morning, I've heard they were somehow dissapointed because my writing I showed to the person in my group looked obvious.. To be honest, it was about Mary the Magdalene... Did you tell anyone what we discussed on July 12th??? Someone stole my car's license plate on July 18th. This Thursday morning, the instructor of Anthropology class did not call my name, and then it seems some group of people came to outside of my apartment that night (Thursday night). I think I heard someone yelling "Miyoko is gone!" What is all this about?I talked with couple of laywers recentry. They said that having German poetry is not enough evidence to expell me from school..Actually, I 'm really confused about what is going on. I know some students stating me as "crazy" and "climinal," and I think it is a time for bring it to somewhere else.If the authority needs to know the proof from me, they can have my entire audio files for evidence. It is funny that they are focus on evaluating my personality rather than checking the evidence I was planning to bring up. I'm sure they know that I have the right files.To prove what I have write to Mr. Parker is correct, I attached one of the recorded lecture file as an evdence. Since some students noticed some infomation like "I holded information" and "I was the only one received the award in the class," I am assuming that you are involved in the matter.I do not know how this whole thing goes, but I hope what I am attachin will help the students who prefer not to have a professor who has ethics problem.The files is about Dr.Weiss and two students (Elizabeth, mid-age woman, and Alfred, an African American male) before class on May 3rd, last semester. In the file, Dr. Weiss says "Probably a lover. I don't know" and the other students talk about "Research partner" and lover matters including the name of the professor who has lover's club.I thnk it is a time to send all infomation to journalists and other people.. Since no body in the university believed my story, sending audio files to a journalist may be fun. At least, some laywers are interested in my situation, I guess I should stick it. If my poetry for Mary the Magdalene changes my circumstance, then I should follow the path she shows me. I do not mind to receive crucifiction even though I am innocent. If Mary thinks my education at the US is enough and time to go home, then I guess I should follow her opinion. Some students thinks Dr.Weiss's behavior disgusting and if they do not want such a connection, I would like to do what I can do for them. Since I 'm the one who had oppotunity to hear her fact and keep the evidences of her misbehavior in the classroom. P.S. I know some people trying to evaluate me... I think they should know that I have Byronic hero characteristics worse than eitehr Goethe and Lord Byron. If someone need to know what I mean by "exile," they should read "Childe Harold" at least once.I hope you can hear the conversation in the file clearly, (my name)

(September 21, 2006) - to Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen.
Hello.I am having hard time concentrating on my study.I guess no one, including ANY counseller, can help me out of this.I hope you don't mind if I send all the information (including recorded files of the conversation of Dr. Weiss, Dr. Gonzalez, and other people like some leeches living in the room above of mine in my apartment) to somewhere to keep me concentrate on my study.It is not a harrasment but a serious ABUSE.From the beginning, someone debunked my personal information in the classroom and then they called me crazy while I was isolated from other people because of what they have done previously.Then when I had problem with Dr. Weiss, they made me to be the one harrasing her and kept calling me crazy.If they think I am crazy, then where did they get evidences? Proving someone crazy or not can be enough to make my lawyer win in the case. I know such incident happened in this country during WWII, so I do not surprise if it happens in 21st century.Aut insanit homo, aut versus facit. I am sure that no one understand what I am doing at home, since no body seems to have a sense of art. I am sure anyone opposing me never heard about E.E. Cummings.I am expecting to win in the trial. At least, thinking about it can make me feel better to concentrate on my study. I don't need money, but it would be nice if I can win in the court and can donate the money to the church I am attending and other NGOs I worked as a volunteer.This sounds good since what they have done still have some aspect to bring someting possitive for the society. So that I can prevent someone to become another Hitler in future.Sending all the information to AAA, EAS and other organization which I am a member sounds better to focus on my study, too.If I have do "something" to make myself focused on my study, I WILL JUST DO IT.Last time I asked some advise to the Student Advisor at IPS, my "advisor" told his coworkers "She is crazy." To be honest, I just want to have peaceful mind to concentrate on what I am learning.I don't mind if you share this mail with others if you do not care about confidentiality,(my name)P.S. I haven't bring the infomation to the police yet. When I talked with a police officer, he said it is a civil matter and I have to talk with a lawyer. If you are part of the people who blieved in what I wrote to ombudman, then I definitely would like to protect your position. Right now, it seems I got some evidence to accuse the people live on 3rd floor as the possible suspects of the stealth occured on July 18th. But I would like to hear the truth what really happend behind me.

25 August, 2007

This is what I have done!!! (part 2)

I hope EMAIL RALLY is going on among anthropologists, conspiracy theorists, psychiatrists, psychologists. This is not a spam but a way of protesting. What I am sharing is an information about injustice and ethically wrong decisions that San Jose State University faculties and hospital workers at Valley Medical Center and El Camino Hospital did. By sharing the information, I can prevent further crime they might commit among the people involved with the university. A professor was missing in the Winter of 2006 and found in the East Coast. There might be more student killed and raped in the hospitals when they had been student activists. I don't understand why some students are blindly believing that fascist-style government's watchdog is activism. Someone spread the illusion to deceive students. Real activists are on the side of being oppressed and minorities, and the government is often on the opposite side. I am very proud to be oppressed by the deceived students. Yeah, that's why Dr. Sivertsen said “they are not wise” in our conversation on September 27th 2006. It was her response to my statement that students were talking about how they wiretapped my apartment room. If they wanted to show their work, they should not wiretap someone's room. Stalking is a crime. Wiretapping without a warrant is also a crime, right? In my case, it was necessary to record the conversations with people on campus, because they were working on my harassment. If I was not being harassed, I had no need of keeping the record of my conversation with faculties. Furthermore, I did not have to know Dr. Sivertsen at all. Dr. English-Lueck suggested me to see her when I had problem with Dr. Weiss in May 2006. I thought it was her kindness to think my need of a counselor to talk about a professor trying to make me to be her lover as she got engaged with her colleague. Then, Dr. Sivertsen kept asking me in the meeting that if I was the one seducing Dr. Weiss. Yeah, everyone knows how she knows Dr. Donald Johansen so well among psychical anthropology major students. She b ragged about her relationship with him to her close students. She sometimes offered private meeting outside of campus as she is passionate about the subects related with psychical anthropology. (She knows how to read body languages and uses the technique for persuading people. That part I played with her while we had a pretty good relationship. If you know how to read body language, you will learn more from her.)
The below is the information I added in the second protesting.

Scandal of American Anthropologists and Psychiatrists (SJSU)
To Whom It May Concern:
This is an email I am protesting about violation of International Law by American Anthropologists and Nuremberg Code by psychiatrists. Please feel free to forward it to anyone you. Thank you very much for fowarding it to “mail-archaive.com”! This protesting is due to change my situation of being a refugee in a safe European country as I am aware of danger returning to Japan. We have no anti-spy law and do have revenge making agencies in Japan. Also, this is a protesting to the people involved for expelling students from the school illegally.
I was studying at San Jose State University and was major in Anthropology. Last March, Sarah Linn and other students started harassment in Dr. Robert Gonzalez's Anth 187 class, which is about “Thought Control in Contemporary Societies.” I did not know that these anthropology and behavioral science major students were working on gangstalking on me using the technique we learned in Anth 187 class. On October 16th 2006, I was asked to stop by at her office when I met Dr. English-Lueck, the chairwoman of anthropology department. At the anthropology department office, I was handcuffed by police officers and Dr. English-Lueck and police officer apologized me for their action, yet the police officer sent me to Valley Medical Center Emergency Psychiatric Unit. Later, I was sent to El Camino Hospital as SJSU police officer told me on the day of my forced transportation. At El Camino Hospital, I became a subject of some experiment. Dr. Burr, Dr. Kent, Dr. Newsom persuaded me to stop the investigation of the students harassments by Equal Opportunity Service of SJSU. After I agreed to stop doing nothing to the American students' discrimination on me, I was discharged. However, I was followed by Department of Defense people while I was in the United States. Please excuse large size of this email.
I was the only one received award from the volunteer side we worked for Dr. English-Lueck's Anth 142 class, yet Sarah Linn, now the graduate student of SJSU and coordinator of the volunteer organization (Project SHINE) started harassment on me. I believe that anthropologists should not discriminate people from abroad for whatever the reason. I do not mind if AAA (American Anthropology Association) does not concern the case as they did not worked for Yanomami scandal until a journalist published the ethics issue. I know SJSU and anthropology department wants me to be killed as I became a TI (targeted individual) of organized stalking and electronic harassment. In my case, SJSU sent me to a mental hospital to avoid lawsuit.
While SJSU anthropologists were trying to expel me from the university, American Anthropologists Association held their annual meeting in San Jose, CA. It was in the third week of November last year. You can imagine how American Anthropologists have no sense of ethics just like they did not touch Yanomami scandal until journalists debunked it. This is because of CIA agents. If you are a member of AAA, you would get benefit for job opportunity. This is true for CIA. That is what I learned from the anthropologists.
I attached:
Dictation of my conversation with Dr. English-Lueck, Sergent John Laws (SJSU Police), and another police officer. (October 16th 2006)
Dictation of Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen. I met her on September 27th to know if the school or students were working on any type of investigation on me and she denied. She said only one way I could deal with the students harassment was to bring it to court. And she warned me not to do so as I am “..none of American citizen.” She wrote the documentation of my forced transportation to a mental hospital on October 16th 2006 without meeting me. This was my last visit to Dr. Sivertsen's office.)
Here is the link to the actual files. It lasts only 60 days for download from today. (August 19th 2007)
I am still alive and helping other TIs as a volunteer. A real activist after 911 should work with TIs!!!
Thank you for the time and consideration,
Miyoko Goto
Real files (I hope NSA does not edit my files..):
Dr. Sivertsen talking about I was making accusations and wanted to stop me bring it to lawsuit by writing a document for forced transportation to a mental hospital.
Dr.English-Lueck on October 16th 2006
061206 Talking with Dr. English-Lueck – about Dr. Weiss's lover matter
Calm down calm down Elizabeth – the day she was planning to propose me to marry in Canada.
Phone talk with Judicial Affairs office worker on Nov 20, 2006
Dr. Weiss's lover matter (Spring 2006)
The pictures of Department of Defense followed me.
Here is the real dictation.
Dictation (downloadable 60days from 23 Aug 07)
////////////////// Part of the dictation is below ////////////////////////////
09/27/2006 Meeting with Dr. Wiggsy Siverstsen (school psychiatrist, and the director of the counseling service)
0:00 (getting in to the counseling office)
1:12 (another student talking about her appointment)
10:34 Dr. Sivertsen: “Miyoko, come in.”
Me: “Yeah.”
10:43 Dr. Sivertsen: “How are you?”
Dr. Sivertsen: “Tired.?”
Me: “I have a midterm.”
Dr. Sivertsen: “Ah... “
Me: “I have a midterm in 6 o'clock.” (about Dr. Mxxxxxxti's class)
Dr. Sivertsen: “Oh..”
(we walked into her office)
11:10 Dr. Sivertsen: “So what can I do you for..?”
Me: “I'm wondering if anything going on like students evaluation or student evaluating like...something like that..”
Dr. Sivertsen: “”. (could not hear clearly.)
11:23 Me: “I think some students evaluating me especially in Anth 143 class. (refering Dr. Mxxxxxxti's class).
11:28 Me: “And I would like to know what is going on. You don't know?”
11:33 Dr. Sivertsen: “no..no”
11:35 Me: “Some students, actually I send it to email and you and..the.. ”
11:38 Dr. Sivertsen: “I think.. yeah.. yeah..”
Me: “And I'm just wondering if it is credidential or not..just wondering..”
11:43 Dr. Sivertsen: “Is.. is what?”
11:45 Me: “Is it like secured.. is the information secured or not.”
11:47 Dr. Sivertsen: “Is the information you send me?”
Me: “Yes.”
11:50 Dr. Sivertsen: “Everything here is confidential”
11:55 Me: “The cover? Is like.. the first day.. or the first meeting day of the Anthro 143, someone... actually we have.. like.. we had a group work and some one actually checked my like my German ability or something because ..”
12:12 Me: “Actually because .. ah.. I had.. ah.. “
12:17 Me: “in group, I had two students like.. one is a Mexican-German woman and the other student is... ah.. he said he.. he understands German.”
12:37 Me: “The problem is.. during we had conversation, they asked me like.. like.. he asked other students like.. they have like.. they have a German dictionary? or something like that. And I'm just wondering.”
12:49 Me: “Because actually I had writing like.. German writing..and it's kind of something like. spiritual one.”
12:59 Dr. Sivertsen: “Kind of what?”
13:00 Me: “It is a kind of spiritual one. Actually (cannot hear this part clearly) Because so many things happened.” (loudly)
13:07 Dr. Sivertsen: “Uh-huh.”
Me: “I'm just wondering.:”
13:08 Me: “The problem is that I .. it was on Monday class.. like Monday night's class. But Tuesday morning, it's an actually an anthropology class.”
13:27 Me: “And someone said like I had the conversation like.. and they saw me like how I show other students about my German writing or something like that. “
13:38: Me: “So.. I'm wondering.. Because in their conversation, I had like a ... actually some students are trying to see or figure out if I am really..like..”
13:54 Dr. Sivertsen: “Miyoko, let me, let me explain something to you.”
13:56 Me: “Yeah.”
13:58 Dr. Sivertsen: “Everything that goes on in this office..”
Me: “Uh-huh.”
Dr. Sivertsen: “ is TOTALLY CONFIDENTIAL.”
14:04 Me: “The problem is that...”
14:06 Dr. Sivertsen: “Hang on.”
Me: “OK.”
14:09 Dr. Sivertsen: “Only time and ever, talk about clients outside of the office”
Me: “Uh-huh.”
Dr. Sivertsen: “is when the clients give the permissions.”
14:22 Dr. Sivertsen: “in the writings..”.
Me: “Uh-huh.”
Dr. Sivertsen: “Or if the clients making threats expressing somebody's life..”
14:27 Me: “Oh no.”
Dr. Sivertsen: “Or there is a client.. ah.. has.. abused.. sexually abused in their home and their younger children in their house.”
Me: “Uh-huh.”
14:38 Dr. Sivertsen: “Other than then, we cannot talk to anybody. I cannot talk to anybody comes in here. I can't give the names of the clients (she gives an example, John Smith, very quickly and states that she cannot give the client's name to the president of the college.)”
Me: “OK.”
14:57 Dr. Sivertsen: “So everything goes in here, even the emails that you've sent to me is totally in he confidential as it stays in the office.”
15:06 Dr. Sivertsen: “So nothing will bothers you.”
15:09 Me: “And, then, why.. ah.. I'm just wondering why.. like.. what was that..”
15:17 Me: “... I cannot remember... It was last week I guess. When I came into the counselling office..”
15:24 Me: “Actually at the counter.”
15:26 Me: “I actually asked her to make an appointment with you and.. I don't know why but she knows..ah..she asked me if I'm the one who send the email to .. like the email in morning.”
15:41 Dr. Sivertsen: “Does she..does she..”
15:43 Me: “No. she did.”
15:47 Dr. Sivertsen: “Who was it?”
15:52 Me: “I can't remember. But if I can see her face, I probably remember.. Actually she said she is the one who ah.. “
16:05 Me: “when I came in first time to make an appointment, she was the one..”
16:08 Dr. Sivertsen: “Well.. if that was my secretary..”
16:10 Me: “I'm not sure.”
16:13 Dr. Sivertsen: “If she may of asked you, she may connect the names so she could put the stuff and she could hold it for me, but it still does not go out of this office.”
16:23 Dr. Sivertsen: “A worker could ask and say you had an email so that she can try to make an appointment..”
16:28 Dr. Sivertsen: “.. I really don't see students.”
!6”30 Dr. Sivertsen: “So that she tries to connect who you work and is that your case then check the worker to see if that it was. She is the only one that I asked you that. But regardless...”
16:40 Me: “Uh-huh..”
Dr. Sivertsen: “.. the secretary isn't promo in the office.”
Me: “Uh-huh.”
16:43 Dr. Sivertsen: “And the stuff back here and all the others in the office...”
Me: “Uh-huh.”
Dr. Sivertsen: “..cannot come out outside of this inner-building.”
16:47 Me: “Umm.”
16:51 Me: “Then, how about the conversation like.. I.. I asked... like..”
16:59 Me: “On Tuesday... theTuesday, I actually heart that the students talking about something like.. ah..”
17:06 Me: “They really disvalueded.. ah.. like they disvalued her or something like that.”
17:10 Me: “And in their conversation, they knew that I'm the only one that got the certificate from the volunteer or something or what.”
17:18 Dr. Sivertsen: “You usually wanna what?”
17:21 Me: “Actually, in their conversation, they said, I'm the only one got certificate.”
17:24 Me: “I... I.. I didn't talk about that matter.”
17:29 Dr. Sivertsen: “Yeah. I don't know the answer you questioned for you.”
17:30 Dr. Sivertsen: “I.. I do not have the answer of the question for you. “
17:34 Dr. Sivertsen: “I don't know why the students talk about or what students are doing even know who the students are.”
17:40 Me: “Ok.”
17:41 Dr. Sivertsen: “So, whatever they are talking about, I don't know why.”
17:46 Me: “Um.. Actually they said like.. they.. I think they knew what I wrote to the ombudsman, because they talked about the matter too, like...”
17:58 Me: “.. how they think.. how they express they think about Dr. Weiss..”
18:04 Me: “.. after they.. I reveiled the information I holded it.”
18:11 Dr. Sivertsen: “Ombudsman is the same position as I am.”
Me: “So..”
18:14 Dr. Sivertsen: “He can't talk to anybody.”
18:16 Me: “Then, I have no idea why nobody really checked my evidences or like.. ah..”
18:22 Me: “... except trying to check my German knowledge or something like that.”
18:26 Me: “I have no idea.”
18:34 Dr. Sivertsen: (cannot hear what she is saying because of the noise)
Me: “Uh-huh.”
18:36 Dr. Sivertsen: “Think again about what you did in this summer. You have charges that you want to bring.”
18:39 Me: “Ok.”
18:40 Dr. Sivertsen: “Against anybody, you must file them.”
18:47 Dr. Sivertsen: “You would not file them in this office, then you would not file them in anthro office, then you have to file them with the police.”
18:51 Me: “Ok.”
18:53 me: “Actually, the police said that it is a civil matter and I have to bring it to law.. a lawyer. That's what I heard from the police.”
19:01 Dr. Sivertsen: “Well, if it's the civil matter, then the police will not gonna take it.”
Me: “Yes.”
19:05 Dr. Sivertsen: “Then you have to hire a lawyer.”
19:07 Me: “Yes.”
19:07 Dr. Sivertsen: “The point is that the (cannot hear) is the onbuds person nor anybody in this office.”
19:14 Me: “Uh-huh.”
19:17 Dr. Sivertsen: “(cannot hear)...talk about you to anybody.”
19:18 Me: “Ok, then, some people know what happened to Dr. Weiss or Dr. Gonzalez, because I..”
19:24 Dr. Sivertsen: “I don't know.”
19:27 Me: “Because I'm the only one (loudly), and actually until I sent to ombudsman, I didn't talk about it to other people in... at least in Bay Area.”
19:37 Me: “That's what I can say.”
19:38 Dr. Sivertsen: “I cannot understand your question.”
19:40 Me: “Because I don't know why then..”
19:43 Dr. Sivertsen: “I don't even know what happened to Dr. Weiss.” (loudly)
19:48 Me: “Yeah? I think she is really frustrated, I guess.”
19:49 Dr. Sivertsen: “what?”
19:52 Me: “I don't know why but it looks like they are really tired.”
19:56 Dr. Sivertsen: “Does she retired?”
19:58 Me: “No, I think they are really tired some how.”
19:59 Dr. Sivertsen: (cannot hear)
20:00 Me: “Yes.”
20:02 Dr. Sivertsen: “Probably, hardwork teaching.”
20:04 Me: “Hum.”
20:07 Dr. Sivertsen: “I guess the question is what would you like me to do for you.”
20:10 Me: “I want to know if my information like.. I send it to you is credential or not.”
20:19 Dr. Sivertsen: “It's confidential.” (small voice)
20:23 Me: “You sure?”
20:24 Dr. Sivertsen: “Yeah, I am very sure.”
20:26 Dr. Sivertsen: “I own this service.”
20:30 Dr. Sivertsen: “I don't even let the immigration service to come here.”
20:31 Dr. Sivertsen: “I own this service, I am very sure.”
20:38 Dr. Sivertsen: “We are governed by very, very, very strict (cannot hear)”
20:43 Me: “Ok.”
20:44 Dr. Sivertsen: “They go beyond the university.”
20:45 Me: “Uh-huh.”
20:46 Dr. Sivertsen: “We are governed by California licensing law..”
20:49 Me: “Ok.”
20:50 Dr. Sivertsen: “.. by American Psychological Association, National Association..”
20:55 Dr. Sivertsen: “we have a layer upon a layer, that govern our service.”
21:01 Me: “Uh-huh.”
21:02 Dr. Sivertsen: “In terms of how we maintain our service, our material, and our information.”
21:08 Me: “Uh-huh.”
21:09 Dr. Sivertsen: “And we have a file that your name on it.”
21:11 Me: “Um. So, are you sure that the ombudsman didn't know..”
21:17 Dr. Sivertsen: “I didn't talk with ombudsman on campus right now, but..”
21:24 Dr. Sivertsen: “I don't know the ombudsman knows unless..”
21:25 Dr. Sivertsen: “.. if he might.. if he was concerned, he might call me.”
21:29 Me “Uh-huh.”
31:30 Dr. Sivertsen: “And say, I have a student that I am really worried about, can you talk the students.”
21:35 Me “Uh-huh.”
21:36 Dr. Sivertsen: “And then he might talk to me about why he is worried about you. ”
21:41 Dr. Sivertsen: “If you were the student, or any students.”
21:42 Me “Uh-huh.”
21:44 Dr. Sivertsen: “Then I would ask the student to come by and talk, but again, he is governed by very strict laws of confidentiality.”
21:52 Me “Ok.”
21:54 Me “Can I ask one question about your.. I'm not sure.. I can't remember her name, ah..:
22:01 Me “I think she is Japanese American. I think you supervise her. Do you know the..”
22:06 Dr. Sivertsen: “Winther?”
22:07 Me “Sorry?”
22:08 Dr. Sivertsen: “Winthor R. Teller?”
22:09 Me “Yes. I just wondering.. um.. when.. last Friday, I met with her.”
22:15 Me “I'm just wondering when she asked if my parrot can speak Japanese.”
22:20 Dr. Sivertsen: “Your what?”
22:22 Me “..if my parrot can speak Japanese because I have a parrot.”
22:24 Dr. Sivertsen: “Wow!” (with surprise)
22:25 Me “Yeah, I'm just wondering..”
22:27 Dr. Sivertsen: “You have a parrot?”
22:28 Me “Yes.”
22:29 Dr. Sivertsen: “Well!”
22:30 Me “And do you know.. I actually..”
22:31 Dr. Sivertsen: “Can, can your parrot speak Japanese?”
22:35 Me “A sort of anything like German.. something, something like ah.. middle of nothing, you know.”
22:41 Dr. Sivertsen: “Oh yeah, all right..”
22:42 Me “Something, something like.. alarms, too.”
22:50 Dr. Sivertsen: “I would think so because the parrot will say what you say.”
22:53 Me “Yeah.”
22:54 Dr. Sivertsen: “If I might call parrots.”
22:58 Dr. Sivertsen: “The biter?”
22:59 Me (cannot hear)
23:02 Me (cannot hear) “... Irene Pepperburgs study about African Grey, do you know?”
23:06 Dr. Sivertsen: “What?”
23:07 Me “African Grey.”
23:08 Dr. Sivertsen: “Oh, yeah! Pretty.”
23:11 Me “He speaks a lot because.. Irene Pepperburg studied.. you know..”
23:22 Me “I have a problem.”
23:24 Me “In my apartment, some students moved in. I think they are ones doing the harassment.”
23:32 Dr. Sivertsen: “If they are harassing you, then again, you can file charges, Miyoko.”
23:38 Me “Who should bring it to.. lawyer or anything like that?”
23:41 Me “I am just wondering because I talked with someone else about the issue.”
23:45 Dr. Sivertsen: “Yeah, well again if it is a civil matter..”
23:48 Me “Uh-huh.”
23:49 Dr. Sivertsen: “then you have to go to a lawyer.”
23:50 Me “Ok.”
23:51 Dr. Sivertsen: “If it's a criminal matter..”
23:52 Me “Uh-huh.”
23:53 Dr. Sivertsen: “..then you go to the police.”
23:56 Me “How about stalking? Is it a criminal matter or..?”
23:58 Dr. Sivertsen: “Stalking is a criminal matter.”
24:01 Dr. Sivertsen: “If you think somebody is stalking you..”
24:04 Me “Yes, and I recorded their conversation..”
24:05 Dr. Sivertsen: “Then you have to go to the police and tell them..”
24:06 Me “Ok.”
24:11 Me “the problem is I don't know how many students involved.”
24:14 Dr. Sivertsen: “I'm sorry?”
24:15 Me “How many students are involved in this..”
24:16 Dr. Sivertsen: “Well, I...”
24:16 Me “I'm sure Sarah Linn is involved in..” (loudly)
24:19 Dr. Sivertsen: “Why do they bothering you?”
24:21 Me “I have no idea. They don't like me.”
24:23 Dr. Sivertsen “Why not?”
24:25 Me “Probably I emailed... I.. I have no idea.”
24:31 Me “I don't know.. probably.. probably some of them start to hate me because I brought the Dr. Weiss's case to the ombudsman.”
24:41 Me “Probably they would..”
24:43 Dr. Sivertsen “How do they know that?”
(small pause)
24:49 Me “I have no idea because what I wrote to.. um..”
24:53 Me “.. I only contacted with ombudsman and you..”
24:58 Me “.. and Dr. Weiss and she said ah.. she will going to.. ah.. send my mail forward to Dr. English-Lueck. That's what she wrote me about that, so...”
25:15 Dr. Sivertsen “That's appropriate.”
25:15 Me “I think if..”
25:17 Dr. Sivertsen “Why will the students bothering you?”
25:18 Me “I have no idea.”
25:21 Dr. Sivertsen “Most of my experience with students, Miyoko, that you do not bother each other.”
25:25 Me “Yes, but the problem is.. last night, some students actually tried to follow me.”
25:30 Dr. Sivertsen “Tried to follow you?”
25:32 Me “Yes.”
25:32 Dr. Sivertsen “Why would they following you?”
25:33 Me “I don't know.”
25:36 Me “Probably they just want to harass me..”
25:38 Dr. Sivertsen “But if you think you have been stalked or harassed, (cannot hear) to police report.”
25:40 Me “Ok.”
25:42 Dr. Sivertsen “You know, that's what you that case.”
25:45 Dr. Sivertsen “You should be very careful.”
25:45 Me “Why?”
25:48 Dr. Sivertsen “That's what kind of accusations you make what people are doing.”
(a pause)
25:55 Dr. Sivertsen “You know what I'm saying?”
25:58 Me “Yes. I think I have enough records for what was going on.”
26:00 Dr. Sivertsen “I don't want you to get into trouble.”
26:01 Me “Why?”
26:03 Dr. Sivertsen “Well, you can't file very happy and very sure that what you are saying to the police this occurrence of the facts.”
26:06 Dr. Sivertsen “(cannot hear) new window or new assumption.”
26:13 Me “No?”
26:16 Me “Actually, it was happ.. it happened on the hallway on my apartment.”
26:20 Me “Actually, someone saw me..”
26:21 Dr. Sivertsen “Uh-huh.”
26:21 Me “... and I.. I just.. I just stayed a little bit away (cannnot hear).. He acted quite weird.”
26:35 Me “... and...”
26:36 Me “.. actually I think they were wiretapping me.”
26:43 Dr. Sivertsen “Why they have that? I don't think so.”
26:46 Dr. Sivertsen “I think that's your imagination.”
26:48 Me “But actually they said so.”
26:50 Dr. Sivertsen “I don't think they are wise. Hard to wire them.”
26:55 Me “But I think that's how they did.”
(a pause)
27:04 Me “So, if you don't mind, if I bring it to anywhere.”
27:07 Dr. Sivertsen “No.”
27:11 Me “... including US president.”
27:12 Dr. Sivertsen “no.”
27:13 Dr. Sivertsen “DO WHAT YOU WANT.”
27:14 Me “Ok.”
27:14 Dr. Sivertsen “Yeah, no. (cannot hear) you.”
27:20 Dr. Sivertsen “But once again, no information goes out of this office.”
27:25 Me “From here?”
27:31 Dr. Sivertsen “And even if you file the report to the police and they came over and talk to me, I won't talk about it without your permission.”
27:38 Me “Ok.”
27:40 Me “How about the conversation?”
27:41 Dr. Sivertsen “Perdon me?”
27:43 Me “How about the conversation with students?”
27:46 Dr. Sivertsen “No. I haven't talk about it to students at all.”
27:48 Me “How come they knows what was going on?”
27:54 Dr. Sivertsen “I don't know. I have no idea.”
28:04 Dr. Sivertsen “I think it's possible students see you walked into the office...”
28:07 Me “Uh-huh.”28:08 Dr. Sivertsen “...and say 'Miyoko goes into the counseling service.'”
28:10 Me “Uh-huh.”
28:11 Me “How about the information I talked about to somewhere else?”
28:19 Dr. Sivertsen (cannot hear)
28:22 Me “Then, why someone said like...”
28:31 Me “How about the advisor? 'she is crazy' to say it to coworker?”
28:38 Dr. Sivertsen “Say one more time?”
28:39 Me “How about the advisor.. the student advisor..”
28:42 Dr. Sivertsen “Uh-huh, student advisor? Said what?”
28:44 Me “'She is crazy'..”
28:47 Dr. Sivertsen “Is student advisor crazy?”
28:48 Me “No. Sh.. He said.. ah.. when he explained what's the matter like.. ah.. I think the coworker asked him, 'what was going on.'”
28:56 Dr. Sivertsen “Uh-huh.”
28:58 Me “He actually just said, 'she is crazy.'”
29:01 Dr. Sivertsen “So, you are crazy?”
29:02 Me “Yes.”
29:05 Me “Is it Okay?”
29:05 Dr. Sivertsen “But, I, I can't speak to them.”
29:06 Me “I'm wondering because it just happened in IPS office.”
29:10 Me “That's why I didn't go there for any further advising.”
29:14 Dr. Sivertsen “Right.”
29:18 Dr. Sivertsen “I don't know about their control. All I have in control is about this office.”
29:27 Dr. Sivertsen “Ok?”
29:27 Me “How about any other.. like.. is there anyone I can talk with or someone out side of campus.. Do you know anyone?”
29:41 Me “In this campus, is anywhere..?”
29:43 Dr. Sivertsen “What do you wanna talk about to whom?”
29:47 Me “Like someone.. like.. doing evaluation for something like that..”
29:53 Dr. Sivertsen “There is no body doing evaluation about you.”
30:02 Dr. Sivertsen “You know, that could be on campus. The police could be call FEBA(?), which is the federal registration.”
30:10 Me “Uh-huh?”
30:11 Dr. Sivertsen “That protects students rights and privacy.”
30:13 Me “Uh-huh.”
30:18 Dr. Sivertsen “That could be talking about students' private things. I don't (cannot hear) So, there are lots of confidentialities in the university.
30:26 Me “Uh-huh.”
30:27 Dr. Sivertsen “and a lot of privacy.. but nothing is.. (cannot hear) but still out there.”
30:32 Me “Um.”
30:33 Dr. Sivertsen “So people don't break those rules.”
30:36 Me “Then what happened if those people work..”
30:37 Dr. Sivertsen “So you have to prove it.”
30:43 Me (cannot hear)
30:44 Dr. Sivertsen “If you can prove it, if you can backup, you can prove it.”
30:48 Me “So, where should I bring it like..”
30:49 Dr. Sivertsen “What? Say it again?”
30:50 Me “Where should I bring..?”
30:51 Dr. Sivertsen “If you have a proof,”
30:52 Me “Yes.”
30:53 Dr. Sivertsen “th, then (cannot hear) file a civil suit..”
30:55 Me “Uh-huh. To who? Like? I have no idea because it sounds like no where... In my point of view, everything is connected but I have no idea where to bring, you know.”
31:05 Dr. Sivertsen “Well, you have to hire an attorney.”
31:08 Me “Ok.”
31:11 Dr. Sivertsen “You have to hire (cannot hear) if you want to sue somebody.”
31:12 Me “Uh-huh.”
31:13 Dr. Sivertsen “Because you have a proof.”
31:14 Me “Uh-huh.”
31:15 Dr. Sivertsen “But again, be careful. I warn you.”
31:18 Dr. Sivertsen “You make foul charges that you cannot support.”
31:22 Dr. Sivertsen “You don't wanna get into trouble.”
31:32 Dr. Sivertsen “All right.”
31:33 Me “Because everyone is talking about. Almost all the students around me are talking about that matter.”
31:36 Dr. Sivertsen “Ok.”
31:38 Me “So, I think I have enough evidences.”
31:39 Dr. Sivertsen “Ok.”
31:42 Dr. Sivertsen “Did I answer all the questions for you?”
31:43 Me “Yes.”
31:54 Me “So, I have to bring it to the court.”
31:55 Dr. Sivertsen “Say it again?”
31:57 Me “Do I really... do you think I really should bring it... there is no other way than I bring it to the court?”
32:07 Dr. Sivertsen “To lawyer?”
32:07 Me “Yes.”
32:09 Dr. Sivertsen “If you really wanna do that. I certainly advised you not to do that.”
32:10 Me “(cannot hear clearly) there is nowhere.. I don't know any opportunity to do anything else.”
32:16 Dr. Sivertsen “Well, if you say a faculty person violated you rights, then you have to go to the ombuds person.”
32:24 Me “Yes, I went there.”
32:25 Dr. Sivertsen “Then, what happened?”
32:25 Me “I holded it, so”
32:28 Dr. Sivertsen “I'm sorry?”
32:32 Me “I holded it.. I'm just wondering.. ah..”
32:39 Me “Is there anyone supervising like.. the faculties.. like..?”
32:44 Dr. Sivertsen “The chairs, yeah. A lot of them and the anthropology...”
32:49 Me “How about the entire school?”
32:55 Dr. Sivertsen “Charlene(?) Zehber(?)”
32:59 Me “Um.. is he have email?”
33:02 Dr. Sivertsen “Sure, sure.”
33:11 Dr. Sivertsen “I'm sure she has an email.”
33:17 Me “Can I have her name?”
(Dr. Sivertsen wrote down the name on a paper.)
33:32 Me “Do you think is it better to do with a protesting? Since I am a social science major, I know how to do the protesting.”
33:43 Dr. Sivertsen “Say one more?”
33:48 Me “Should I do the protesting?”
33:50 Dr. Sivertsen “If you are protesting, what would you do?”
33:59 Me “... sharing information with others including...”
34:01 Dr. Sivertsen “I think you need to be very careful, Miyoko.”
34:04 Me “Why?”
34:05 Dr. Sivertsen “You don't want to make accusations on public unless you're very sure and know what happens.”
34:13 Dr. Sivertsen “Because you can be sued.”
34:15 Me “Ok.”
34:16 Dr. Sivertsen “Yeah. You don't wanna get into trouble. YOU ARE NONE OF THE AMERICAN CITIZEN.”
34:19 Me “I think I should bring it first, if some sue me..”
34:26 Dr. Sivertsen “But if you..”
34:26 Me “All right, all right.” (loudly)
34:28 Me “I think I will do it. Ok.”
34:32 Me “Actually I talked with a lawyer so..”
34:33 Dr. Sivertsen “Ok.”
34:39 Me “Some students moved into my apartment is enough. And their talking conversation is enough for me.”
34:43 Me “Probably they can do any..”
34:44 Dr. Sivertsen “The problem is they can do any conversation they want.”
34:48 Me “Yes, But the problem is that it sounds like they started from last Mar.. ah.. this March...”
34:55 Me “And sounds like.. it's more than abuse. If so many people like talking about that and.. I don't know..”
35:04 Dr. Sivertsen “People gossip all the time.”
35:07 Dr. Sivertsen “You can't stop people from gossiping.”
35:10 Me “Yes, but in this country, so many times it happened to African Americans. Like they were lynched. Like Japanese Americans.. it happened.”
35:21 Dr. Sivertsen “Well. What is it?”
35:22 Dr. Sivertsen “You sure? What you are saying?”
35:25 Me “I just want to show what is really going on this campus.”
35:30 Dr. Sivertsen “Ok.”
35:33 Me “You know, at least, at least I can prove there are some people really harassing a student especially in minority group like international students.
35:41 Dr. Sivertsen “If you can prove that, then go ahead."
(I left Dr. Sivertsen's office)
This is recorded until the end of the conversation about 4:50pm, November 20th 2006.
(I turned on my voice recorder when I was on the phone with a worker at judicial affairs office.)
0:01 Worker “
0:05 Me “Excursion from university, so that means
0:08 Worker “Yeah. But I don't think that's the (cannot hear)”
0:14 Me “Yeah, but um.. “
0:16 Me “I'm just asking to be with someone and to postpone that..”
0 Worker
0:26 Me “Ah, I think it won't be like excursion from the university, I hope.”
0:31 Me “That won't be.. something like that.”
0:33 Me “Or, if that happens then.. “
0:36 Me “.. I must send the information to somewhere else again like the US Department of Education where I filed the, the documents on last Friday or something like that.”
0:46 Worker
0:48 Me “And..”
0:49 Worker “Ok, that would be good.”
0:50 Worker “Again, I need you to be here.”
0:52 Me “Ok.”
0:53 Worker “ come or not.”
0:58 Worker “Right now, we need you to
1:01 Me “But I don't think I can go..”
1:02 Me “.. by myself since...”
1:03 Me “.. I was so scared to go to the classroom since last attempt to be at the class like..”
1:14 Me “.. was like ended up...”
1:18 Me “.. in mental hospital and..”
1:21 Me (sigh)
1:22 Me “I don't think...”
1:25 Me “.. I can go to class or..”
1:26 Me “.. I can be at on campus..”
1:28 Me “... by myself. I really want to have someone with me...”
1:34 Me “.. to make sure everything won't be..”
1:38 Me “.. like something like transportation to mental hospital or something like that happen again.”
1:42 Me “I don't know because I have no idea why it happened..”
1:49 Me “.. and actually when I was transported to the hospital like Valley Medical Center and then to the El Camino Hospital, ...”
1:57 Me “... the hospitals, they couldn't figure out um..”
2:00 Me “.. they couldn't figure out I was... I was either suicidal or dangerous to others.”
2:05 Me “But somehow the other..”
2:07 Me “.. the person like the psychiatrists..”
2:13 Me “... after the three day hold, they wrote a document that I am gravely disabled..”
2:20 Me “.. and tried to put me to the fourteen days hold.”
2:23 Me “And that was bizarre and ...”
2:26 Me “..I don't want such thing happen again..”
2:29 Me “.. when I walk in your school.. like..”
2:32 Worker
2:40 Worker “.. probably at parole and we expect you to be at
2:43 Me “Yes, but I hope it won't be exposion from school or something like that.”
2:48 Worker “That's why, that's why (cannot here) talk to the (cannot here)
2:52 Me “Yes, but last time I trusted for the small talk..”
2:56 Me “it ended up in mental hospital.”
3:01 Worker “Ok, I need you to be at
3:03 Worker “.. that would be up to you if you come (cannot hear) or not.”
3:05 Me “I don't think I can go.”
3:07 Worker “Ok! I think that's gonna be (cannot hear)
3:09 Me “Yes, but..”
3:10 Worker “
3:12 Me “It won't be exposion from school..”
3:14 Me “.. because I actually tried it to postpone it.. like.. I like..”
3:17 Me “If I didn't wanted to go then I could do it..”
3:20 Me “.. I actually.. I do it to call you to postpone it...”
3:25 Me “.. that's why I am calling you and..”
3:28 Me “.. I hope it won't be ..”
3:32 Worker “That way that we can postpone it but we had scheduled last week and (cannnot hear” the professor is at parole (cannot hear)
3:43 Worker “... that would be (cannot hear) end of the day
3:51 Me “Ok.”
3:52 Worker “We would be expecting you to be at parole and (cannnot hear)
3:55 Worker “And we hope you (cannot hear) ok?”
3:59 Me “Ok. But I don't.. I can't go.”
4:01 Me “That's for sure.. and...”
4:03 Me “Actually I am stating that because right now I try to find someone.”
4:11 Me “Today I tried at least contact with Amnesty International and ACLU. They needed to look over the documents.”
4:21 Me “And I don't think they can help me on this situation right now.”
4:26 Me “Probably they need couple of days for that.”
4:28 Worker “Ok.”
4:30 Me “So, I don't think I can go.”
4:33 Worker “That's gonna be up to you, ok?”
4:35 Me “Ok.”
4:35 Worker “
4:39 (call ended)
4:46 Me “So, it is on..”
4:50 Me “um.. four fifty-one P.M.”
4:57 Me “and.. November twentieth.”
(I turned off the voice recorder.)
/* The dictation is on the way. For more information, please check out my blog, a Refugee in Europe, or my webiste. */

For the conspiracy theorists

My case includes these key terms:
1. A Jewish professor
2. The Republicans
3. German spy
4. Student Activist
5. Psychiatrists with knowledge in neurology
6. Forced transportation to mental hospitals
7. Anthropologists (CIA agents)
8. Department of Defense (DOD)
9. Mental hospitals located in Silicon Valley (California)
10. Mind Control
11. FBI (according to the conversation with the consulate general of Japan in San Francisco)
12. Linguistics
13. Missing professor from the same university
14. SJSU
15. Organized stalking
16. Wiretapping
17. Surveillance cameras set in an individual home
18. Foreign Police
19. Neurophone
20. Foreign Student
I think I covered everything. It sounds like the students working for organized stalking at SJSU might be deceived by the Neurophone-type device. I don't know why but someone above of my room was screaming “Governor, State of California..Governor, State of California..” when he was monitoring my room from the fiber-scope type camera in the air duct. If someone could deceived to kill people and be called Son of Sam, then it could happen to students. Why? Someone talking to the possible laborer don't necessary to tell his identity as a dog of the laborer's neighbors.
What happen to that Serial Killer boom in the past anyway? The US government is too busy working for the war and surveillance of American residents. They should find several more in large cities. It is too weird to think we lost all serial killers. FBI invented the profiling technique of criminals, then how come there is no more serial killers working for self-satisfaction and to fulfill the demand they hear from God or a dog living thousands of years... The US government was planning on a project to make Iraqi solders to hear Allah's voice. Did all serial killers marched to Iraq and killing people there? What we hear is suicidal bombers from Iraqi side.

24 August, 2007

Ich arbeite nicht im Bundesnachrichtendienst.

Die Amerikanisch San Jose State Universität Studenten (clamied) mich eine deutsch Spy. Ich habe umlaute verstehen in Linguisticskurs.
SJSU students claimed me as a German spy when I know how to pronounce German umlauts in Linguistics class. For real evidence, download the file below. This happened on October 11th Wednesday 2006, the week before I was sent to a mental hospital. Now, who is really crazy? American students should claim each other as British spies as they speak “ENGLISH” very well!!!
The file is from Dr. Kelly Glover's LING101 class. By the way, Dr. Ohara was the substitute for her class while Ms. Judith Rosenberg was wearing pink mini-skirts and other obvious clothes in LLD99. I heard her became the new dean of the Linguistics department. Coincidence? People help organized stalking often get promotion and bribes as you can find such documents in anti-gangstalking websites. Patti and other 2 students in her class was working for spreading rumors about me.
In Spring 2005, Mr. Sams' American literature class, I had two spies. One is Michael Cole and other one I cannot remember his name. They said “they are very speakable” and talked about how they were spying me in the classroom.
San Jose State University is full of student spies but they claim their targets as the real spies. This is not an environment for study, you know? We have a censorship in classroom and when you violate it, you will become the target of organized stalking!

Here is the evidence (60days downloadable from today):

Wann Frauen sagt “Ja” zum lesbisch Beziehung...

This is about my experience of relationship with my female friends. It is hard to say how women sometimes try to go beyond normal relationship. I was aware that living in a place where gay and lesbian rights are well protested would be a good place to observe how so-believed heterosexual women do change their habit for an adventure. Indeed, I tried to work on a research to see what circumstances a woman try a new relationship. I have been to gay/lesbian bars around Castro Street with my friends on Halloween. However, I did not visit these bars in any other occasion nor had any sexual relationship for real experiment. One time, my female friend and I got drunk at my home and we slept on my bed. However, when I woke up, I figured out I had my clothes on as I went to bed in the previous day. My friend is not a lesbian, but I remembered her talking to try something as we were good friends when I changed my clothes to PJ and went to bed. Here is a list I thought about the circumstances. Again, this is from my experiences and I have not conducted an official research. Before I get a status to do so, the school kicked me out...
When a woman says “yes” to have a lesbian relationship:
Alcohol and other stimuli would ease to across the norm.
If they know each other quite well and have certain trust to each other, lesbian relationship might be considered as a type of secret they share as other good memories.
One of the woman has liberal view about sexuality, it might be considered as an experiment.
One of the woman is / is thought as a lesbian, the sexual relationship might be considerable as an experiment.
A woman has a bad time with her boy friend, having lesbian relationship might be a safe alternative relationship than cheating with another man.
If a woman has a passive behavior, she might follow a woman who is a “master” type. This is often discussed in criminology; a person with dominative characteristics dominates a submissive person. i.e. The Hillside Strangler – the murderer's cousin was submissive.
A woman has low self-esteem and seeking some way to express herself.

23 August, 2007

„Warum viele Deutsch Leute in der Schweiz?“

Sprecher A: „Warum viele deutsch Leute in der Schweiz?“
Sprecher B: „Ihr kommt für EURO CUP Fussball sehen.“
Sprecher A: „Aber es ist ins nächste Jahr..“
Sprecher B: „Ihr kommt für arbeite finden, dann kann ihr die Karten kaufen.“
Now wonder next WM is in Süd Afrika, where people speak German... No offense, I am looking forward the EURO CUP. It is hard to make a good joke in foreign language. One of my first American English book I tried to read was the taxi drivers' joke collection. In a different culture, the most difficult thing is to share a laugh. That is why pen is mightier than a sword. People can fear others by a sword or iron fist, yet make them pleased is something a pen can do. Dedication? It will go to the great comedy writer, William Shakespeare.

Gang stalkers around me.

They are really short sighted and do sloppy jobs. Here are examples from my experience. I hope you take it as a bad joke. Well, the people working for discrimination and CIA have PhD in anthropology is the best joke I never heard of.
Perps setting up the chess pieces on the chessboard does not know the right orders. They put all prawns on the left sides and made their own order. They believed that the right order would be a mirror image of the order of the opponents.
Cooking spaghetti with soy sauce. I don't know if that is something people think it as oriental food. Using Kikkoman soy sauce as an alternative for olive oil won't work as you can imagine. It was quite fun observing them eating the meal. I am quite sure it tasted very strange as I could guess what it tasted like.
Complaining about laptops at an electronic store without knowing the name of the product nor the manufacturer. Common! It is SONY VAIO!!! If they wanted to complain about the price and to was proud of own factory one of them works, they should know at least the name of the product. If they do not know the machine speck and the price, how can people think it as a junk? The perps might work in a factory that produce i486 type PC and believe that would cost cheaper than the ones on the shops. If they do not understand the speck, they better not complain the computer. I believe the PC must be smarter than themselves. You know why? Sony VAIO comes with a help screen with the PC name, “VAIO” on it! The laptop knows its own name that the perps did not know!
Trying to feed me some foods that they do not enjoy eating. I like denying the offer and observe them eating the food by themselves. I cannot remember the proverb, but there is a good one. In Japanese proverb, we have, “A mummy hunter became the mummy.” (did someone taught about mummies in SJSJU? I might be able to make an another joke about her.. hmm.)
A list of something.. never mind, I think this is a part of my joke.. (Due to the extreme protesting on email rarry I am doing for the anthropologists, I deleted the CIA lists here.)

22 August, 2007

Meeting with a lawyer.

I met with a lawyer. It sounds I have to wait for the national decision first and then I have to bring it to the court. Well, the point is that I guess sharing the information about my case seems ok. Being a foreign student and harassed by American student and was ended up being followed by the Department of Defense people and the US secret services.

A lots of political issues in my case, I guess. But it sounds like I could make my way here as an activist helping other victims. I think I still have time for working with my evidences for much better understanding of the situation.

Everything might be done by CIA and other agencies for protecting the national interest of the United States with multi trillion debts.

21 August, 2007

Google Censorship - part 2.

I guess Google is right about censoring "Dr. Weiss, SJSU" to show my blog just below of Dr. Weiss's website. Also, it would be a bezzare to find my blog above Sarah Linn's official website and project she is involved with.

However, it is better to keep my blog related with the words, "Dr. English-Lueck, SJSU" to find it. I have sent many psychiatrists and intellectuals about what happened to me at SJSU world wide. Thus, I think it is better to have my blog related with SJSU anthropology department somehow. As I am still alive and trying to settle a lawsuit against on going MKSEARCH toward residents of California, especially around Silicon Valley area.

I am not asking for defamation of the people working on fascist-like regine at SJSU. This is a type of protesting that what they are doing is dagerous for anyone. For the google guys, if you have family living in Silicon Valley, you don't want to make your family detained or ended up in a mental hospital like El Camino Hospital when you are on your way to SJSU for extended study or something. I know so many CEOs in the Silicon Valley are involved with SJSU as I was once an Engineering major. I also know that how local authorities are shaking iron fists above residents as I was involved in Silicon Valley Research project which Dr. Darrah is respoinsible. I have been visited Little Pourtuguse area for research and talked with many people there.

Now, I am an asylumseeker and hoping that I do not have to offer more than what I have to offer about MKSEARCH connection or something like that for that purpose. I am not really was an enemy of the United States at all. A Canadian professor decided to marry with a professor who was on a black-list, and I thought she was a Canadian spy as she told me about her relationship with famous pyshical anthropologists. It was nice I heard about it from her in a private meeting at her office than on a bed... Anthropology department figured out about my information was correct. Dr. Simpkins was talking to the students that that was why she had to type up so many papers after the graduation... Some people gets good records with a help of famous people (often elderly people), and guess what she offered? I am not speaking up her name here as I think she wants to hide it.

Check out her research and figure out who she got help from. Guess why she always get help from elderly people.. She evern married with a guy with 36 over age difference!!

Yeah, next time will be about the coordinator of the volunteer project.

Philosophy must be above Science! Humanity belongs to philosophy. Wisdom is something that scientists cannot receive from their studies!!!

I will meet the lawyer tomorrow. If something happens to me, you will guess what happened.

Characteristics of Pedophilia - study of Gang Stalkers.

This is my guess from how they have been working on me to claim me as a pedophilia. It is quite interesting to learn possible characteristics of pediphilia from their strategies.
As what they do are basically Projecting Identities, it is easy to see the strategy once you know why they are acting a particular way.
If they want their target to claim a pedophilia, they work on the strategies that would trick the real pedophilia.

As I had no time to do any research on pedophilia and psyhology of the behavior, the list below is my guess from their strategy goal; to claim me as pedophilia.

1. Peodphilia prefer to touch and kiss children. I observed this behaviors from young males treating the kids.
2. Pedophilia might react somewhat strange if he or she has been surrounded by children. I do not know what the reaction of pedophilia will be since none of people staying with other kids reacted wierd yet.
3. Pedophilia might have some reaction when he or she hears a kid calling "Mama" on the street. I do not know why some kids and their mothers are doing this. The mothers should reply them as they stay close to the kids calling.
4. Female pedophilia might have some emotional change when she hear a kid calling "Mama." I cannot back up this behavior but I mentioned that would be related with the mirror transference with the child's mother for sexual fantasy.
5. Pedophilia might frustrated observing people taking care of children. Basically, gang stalkers work on the strategy to irritate the target. If they blindlessly believe their target as pedophilia, they would try to work on frustrating the target.
6. Pedophilia may enjoy watching children barey or completely naked. I often encount people letting their kids play in pools or take shower with me in woman's shower room.
7. Pedophilia may be prefered to be watched his or her naked body by children. I am not sure but I several times interrupted by kids when I was taking shower in female shower room.

Characteristics of sex-offenders - study of Gang Stalkers.
This is also my guess of a characteristics of sex-offenders. I have no idea if this is true or not as I am asexual. Someone wanted to become a priesthood should have more interest in intellectual entertainment than sex.

However, I am not describing any of their characteristics with my religious aspect. The list is from my observation.

I separated the characteristics by gender that sex-offender may interested on. The gang stalkers around me tried strategies using both men and women.
I am not sure this can be applied to sex-offenders of both gender. As a female, I am not sure how gang stalkers work on male target.

Again, I have no idea how real sex-offender react to achieve the purpose of gang stalkers. I wish they could show me an example of real sex-offender with their actions, then I could get better understanding the realationship of their strategies and their purpose.

I must thank the psysical antrhropology professor I have taken her classes. Without remembering what I learned from her recutre and how physical anthropologists "interbreed" just like one of them states Neandelthals and Archaic Homo did.
Considering of someone's thechniques, I came to this lists. Honestly, I am glad that I could have an image who might fit to both pedophilia and sex-offenders than Hanibal Lector.

Sex-offender interested on Males.
1. Sex-offender might get excited to see males barely naked. This is from my observation people take off their shirts and walking around.
2. Sex-offender might prefer to see a male urinating in the restroom. Urination might related with sexuality as psychologists has a category of "Scatology." I have seen males trying to urinate near in public and toilet where passerby could see them.
3. Sex-offender would enjoy seeing male genitals. This would be the main purpose of male stalking members urinating in public.
4. Sex-offender would enjoy having relationships with strangers. Promiscurious would be another word to describe the situation. I have seen people working on this strategies, but they might have different meanings for their actions. They might simply trying to get trust from the target.
5. Sex-offender may not have particular ethnique group for sexual preference. I have seen so many ethinic groups targetting this purpose, inlcuing Whites, Blacks, Asian, Middle-Easter, converted Jewish Latin American, etc.
6. Sex-offender may not care about figure and hansomeness of the person. I have seen active gang stalkers are often less avarage to catch a woman/man at bar.
7. Sex-offender may love knowing the male approached have more sexual experiences. I have met a man in France showed me tons of namecards and letters of Japanese women. I do not know if this is true for homosexual people.
8. Sex-offender may prefer to see a male spreading his tighs to express his genital area when he sits down.
9. Sex-offender might prefer seeing pink colour. Male stalkers often wear pink clothes.

Sex-offender interested on Females.
1. Sex-offender might get excited to see females barely naked. The same reason as the sex-offender interested on males.
2. Sex-offender migt prefere to see a male urinating in the restroom.
3. Sex-offender would like to see or hear the noises of female urinating. As female toilet is different from males and females cannot urinate easily in public, I changed the list a little differnt from the characteristics for males.
4. Sex-offender may not care of age and beuty of woman.
5. Sex-offender may not have no perticular ethnique group for sexual preference. The same reason as for males. I think they tried their best for getting many types around the world. (I enjoyed seeing their cranium area for fun as they had different skull shapes!)
6. Sex-offender would enjoy having relationships with strangers. Some female stalkers acted as if they were prostitutes.
7. Sex-offender would enjoy seeing a female expressing her genetal area toward the target. For the image, plese see the picture.
8. Sex-offender might prefer seeing pink color. The female stalkers often where pink clothes. If this is so, then Ms. Rosenberg wearing pink mini-skirt wearing at her class makes senst by now.

/* I thought to add the picture, but I think you can find it on the posting last week. */

Gestern Nacht war es regnat.

Das Internet in der Europe kostet teur, aber ich habe das Internet Verbindung mit mein Laptop. Dann kann ich etwas senden notfalls. Es oft kostet 6 Franks für 1 Uhr an eine Internetstation. „Zeit ist Geld.“

I'm sorting the emails for better display of my evidences in clear chronological understanding. The above pictures show my conversation with student advisors at SJSU. I thought talking to the international student advisors would solve the problem. However, the student persuaded them and they thought me “crazy.” Luis, one of the advisor said “she is crazy” at IPS office when I visited him second time to know what students were doing.

To busy for preparing my evidences. I should share more about Department of Defense pictures but they are at my home in Japan. However, I know where I stayed in the motels where I saw the agents got rooms next to mine or the places where visible to observe the entrance door of my room. Do they have (or had as I exposed the information to so many people?) a secret training institution in San Carlos, CA? When I stayed at Pacific Inn on El Camino Real, I found a dark green Crown sedan with DOD sticker on it was parked next to my car. I also saw some when I stayed at San Carlos Inn. Secret agency? I don't think so as I know who have been hired among SJSU students!

Euro Registry – now what? Fax?

After I send the complainant about why they do not send me my account information and asked if they were hesitating to give it to me as a suspicion of either sex-offender or pedophilia. Now she wrote back that they send the information to my account multiple times and say they can send it through fax.
Alright. So, how can I know if it was their fault of not sending the email or my email service provider had problem for receiving it? Well. Euro Registry stinks. But I am kind of enjoying to see the conversation as they want to change the method of sending the information after I mentioned them possible fraud. If they believe it was not their fault, then they could just tell me the time when they send my account information in an email. What I have to do is to contact with the email service provider to know if they had any problem like server was down that particular period. If Euro Registry tried several times and if the servers were down for several times, I would like to know how many emails I missed like the Euro Registry ones. This is a logical thought, right? Gang stalkers have problem in logics and that is why they make critical mistakes some times. If the could consider the after effect, people do not want to involve in teenager mobbing game.
I wonder how may people working for the customer service for this. If gang stalkers took their company, it is common that they got new employees and are working for gang stalking activities. It often happens in NGOs and other large organization. I still do not get the reason why gang stalkers try to get all the institution that their target try to contact with.
Anyway, I will wait to see if they can figure out why I did not receive email for several times. Was gang stalkers thought me crazy as they could find on my record that the United States sharing as the advantage of “Intelligence Authorization Act”? I know how to do protesting and do the investigation for gang stalkers. I am not claiming them blindly. If you read my posting in the past, you will know where I got suspicion on them. Also, writing about the Internet service providers and web hosting providers, it would be beneficial for other gang stalking victims as they can take other companies for smooth installation and Internet use.

19 August, 2007

iPetition going on for gang stalking and e-harassment victims

If you find my blog while looking for information about gang stalking, please sign the form on the site below. The guy working for the iPetition form is also working at Yahoo! Group for victims.
For Japanese readers, I added the Japanese translation of the website below here for the convenience. I received an email form synergy that we should get more victims to sign it, so I put the translation of the petition form here. I replied Synergy about translating it to Japanese, so I guess I am not violating his copy rights. Anyway, the below is for Japanese victims.

実行者のシナジーさんは、Yahoo! Groupの被害者の会で活動されていますし、FEDAMEで活動されている被害者や活動家の方も参加されています。国際的な嘆願書の作成にご協力お願いします 。


市民に対する電子戦争の禁止(Ban Electronic Warfare on Civilians)


私たち、各種の電子戦争の被害者(世界的にTargeted Individuals(TI)と呼ばれています)はここに署名します。私たちの支持者(提起者と活動家)は、私たちの永久的な虐待とハラスメントが終わることを憤慨とともに要求します!これらの直接エネルギー兵器(DEW)と(V2K)を含む極悪非道な電子兵器(EW)は間接的に私たちに対して数年に及ぶ配備と放射をされています。関連した病気と早死を引き起こしています!それから、これらの情報オペレーション(IO)と、彼らの潜在的に神経的で心理的な攻撃は、電磁波ラジエーション(EMP)への被爆によって起きたものと類似した臨床的病状と鑑定を示しています。


これらの潜在意識的な潜在的な模写は人間性に対する究極的な罪です!すべての形の電子的な集団殺戮と思想破壊を終わらせようとしている、すべての被害者の悲鳴を提言して下さい。私たちはこれらの残虐な、Psychotronic 足かせを外されるために、あなたの助けを嘆願しています。どうか、秘密厳守が市民性を奴隷にすることを許可しないで下さい!

嘆願書に署名する(Sign the petition)

 州名もしくは地域名(State or Province)
 郵便番号(ZIP code)
 被害者ですか?(Are you a Targeted Individual?)
嘆願書に署名(sign petition >>)-このボタンをクリックして署名完了です。

San Jose State University Anthropology Department Scandal

This is for the convenience of sharing the evidences. If you know where to find my website, it would be easier to get more evidences. However, some people only want to know the crucial evidences. So, I put the link here. Everything is real. I hope you enjoy listening the voices of faculty members and what really happened.
Dr. English-Lueck :
She sent me to a mental hospital on Oct 16, 2006

Dr. Elizabeth Weiss
Dr. Weiss talking about lover matter with her students. As she decided to marry with Dr. Gonzalez, she wanted to keep me as her lover.
Dr. Weiss started to cry in Clark Building as I filed the students discrimanation case to the Equal Opportunity Service. She was working with students to drop her scandal about sleeping around to get AAPA award and other stuffs. I know more than other students do as she wanted to marry with me this time. She was planning to bring back to Canada which I denied.

Other files:

Dr. Wiggy Sivertsen
She wrote me the fake diagnoses without seeing me and said I was making accusation to students harassing me.

Judicial Affair office worker - anthropology professors wanted to make a false testimony on me as I did not stop talking about what they have done. This conversation was done on the phone on Nov 20th 2006. I stopped attending school after I was forced to be sent to Valley Medical Center by SJSU police officer on Oct 16th.

Dictations? check it out in this blog or other places, like my home page at http://aams.topcities.com/

What happened? Dr. English-Lueck wanted me to be kicked out from the school to hide Dr. Weiss wanted me to be her lover. As she got engaged with Dr. Gonzalez who is a gay to become a US citizen again. Dr. Sivertsen of counseling service wrote false document for sending me to a mental hospital. SJSU police officers handcuffed me at anthropology department when Dr. English-Lueck asked me to talk about Project SHINE. Sarah Linn started harassment on me to isolate me from other students to help Dr. Gonzalez to get attention from Dr. Weiss. The credibility? This is a writing of someone got “political asylum” in one of the safest country in the world!! I thought speaking about political asylum seems good, but the government is enemy of neither the US nor Japan. I asked for the security and shelter from these countries. If you are an international student planning to study in SJSU, choose other school! This could happen to you. Once they send you to a hospital, you will learn how MKULTRA was studied in the past with mental patients.

For American students, do not live in the campus village on SJSU campus. There is a professor ran away from the dorm and was found in East Coast one year ago.
Do not involve with Project SHINE. If you are too good for volunteering, Sarah Linn might start gang stalking on you with other students. I got award from the volunteer site, and Sarah wanted me to be expelled from school.

This is not a defamation of the professors but to save other innocent students in future. It seems some professors were going to make testimony at judicial affairs office for whatever the reason. It seems they wanted to do more than; sending me to mental hospitals and raped me there. I do not want it happen to other students.

The list will be complete after I finish uploading everything.

Ein Swartz Schaf in der Schweiz.

The picture seems funny as it gives me some inspiration of what these gang stalkers are doing and their psychological expression on the graffiti. This is my interpretation of it. Do not take it serious as I only have little knowledge in psychology; took Intro to Psych, read C. Jung, S. Freud, A. Maslow, etc.
Stalkers might receive voices or order through radio and try to follow the command.
If perps worked on graffiti, they do not have idea that graffiti is a criminal act.
Perps may have their own pride, so that they decorated the brown sheep with the same color on the original brown sheep.
Perps only brought brown and black sprays as they do not use other colors or had the image of the final graffiti in their mind. Otherwise, they did work on other areas. For example, painting white sheep into black is another way for graffiti if they had black spray.
Perps may have no interest in the characteristics of the target. They dehumanize the target as they did not work on the black sheep. They might interested
Some people are easily bribed. But we have more victims – both organized stalking and e-harassment – in Europe. I am working with the victims in Japan as that is something I can volunteer with my skills. I wish I have more time to work with the problem. Alas, it is hard to do so when I have to maintain my new laptop and my case with a lawyer.

Gang Stalkers using Rosary as Hinting

I have seen the SJSU students using the cross as a hinting signal. I have seen them making fun of the Christian symbols. You know what? Anthropology major students started the gang stalking and these stalkers around me are using religious items for hinting. Where is respect for the religion? In the US, people no longer have freedom of religion anymore. Anthropologists making fun of religion are accepted from the AAA and AAPA. Where is ethics for anthropologists? Because of the censorship after 911 caused all journalists to keep them away from any kind of scandals or they will become the stalking targets. Anthropologists once considered their jobs are for middle person of the government and the local people, yet they are only on the side of government in these era.
Here are the pictures of the cars with rosary hanged on the rear view mirror. I have seen these near my home since I was in San Jose, CA, and in Europe. I decided to keep record on the cars that hang the rosary. I understand some people use rosary for decoration like Madonna and other celebrities do. But I think it is rare to see people hanging rosary on their cars. In my case, I know three to four cars on the street parking near my place have them. If I considered the statistics, I think it is hard to believe it as a coincidence.
The best evidences? I took the pictures of the cars near my neighborhood. So, it comes their license plates, date of the picture taken, and the location where the cars were parked. I wish I should have the drivers figure in the car.