30 September, 2015

I'm in Berlin now.

I'm at 36 Rooms Hotel now. It's quite expensive spot but got some perp figures. When I checked in, there was a man who was wearing Superdry JPN logo and now I'm at the table with a Sussex Psychology major woman who speaks English and Swiss German. She is chatting with a couple who is from Berlin and the man is economic major. They are just chatting near me. The psychology major woman is wearing a clothes with a girl brew her head off with a pistol and the head turned into many butterflies.

I don't get the WIFI connection from my hotel at all and I found an open one now. I don't know why the hotel WIFI is not working. It's like Florenc Hostel at the last few days when the WIFI is not working.

The area suchs. I wouldn't choose to be in this hotel if I know there is a mosque like thing on the same street. The good thing is that there is a fire brigade across from it and a van with police in it ready for any terrorism happens across the street. If the people do some protesting against that mosque thingly, I would buy few cartons of eggs for the protesters and even a pack of pork bones for the decoration. The locals are not really doing against the mosque thingly now. Only the police is ready for the terrorism.

I'll be visiting Covert Harassment Conference 2015 tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. If I'm lucky, I will get a wifi during the lunch time or after the conference tomorrow.

29 September, 2015

The best photos from September 28th, 2015

How to be safe from the gang stalking? I don't have any reason to be harmful to others except sharing the information of what people do. If they do the secret police activities around me, I write about it with my evidences as my experience of human trafficking.
3 guards showed up at the door to the church. I'm not a king, therefore, no one killed me.

Because the people around me were taking photos all the time, I took some. Good to have perps mimicking me around in the chapel today.

And the holy skull of St. Wenceslas at the church. I can show the photos of the parade I encountered from St. Francis of Assisi church in Prague yesterday in another posting. I used to be a church visitor and still so. Only the difference is that I have the Korean and Chinese Christian extremists who hate Japanese Christians, Soka Gakkai and atheists who harass Christians, Muslims who want to harass Christians, and so on. I had no problem with my religion and pilgrimages before. Only the problem is the people who are eager to catch the people who they can claim to be Al-Qaeda or something.

The V2K perps say that they can use the church workers to think unemployed people should not visit the churches. I don't really see this would work in the countries where majorities are Catholics. The poor are the only ones not counted as Catholics or what? By the way, I gave one of St. Therese of Lisieux card with relic to the woman who was giving away the normal card with the gold metal Virgin Mary and Jesus picture at the parade. When I went to the church today, I saw the metal plate that seemed to be the same one I saw at the parade. There was a long line of people kissing the plate in the case. I joined it and kissed the frame. So, I still considered as something dangerous while I act and behave like a normal Christian. Now, what I should do for get rid of gang stalkers? I saw one blind person today and one eye-patched woman in the parade yesterday.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 28th, 2015

Today was a busy day. I didn't overdoing anything. I was lucky to visit Stara Boleslava to see St. Wenceslas' skull and participated kissing the frame of the famous Virgin Mary and Jesus metal image. I could see the show at night but it was far from Prag and I didn't want to go home very late.

At least, I saw one blind person at the church. Yokohama T-shirt at the bus station area. I don't know how much is gang stalking, but they seemed to be so. Seeing blind people everyday. In the metro, there was a group of German speaking people and some kids are in punk costume.

The V2K perps told me that they want to delete my blogs in Germany as they can find some Chinese for the security jobs. Now I have no WIFI working at Florenc Hostel but I found an open WIFI nearby. So, I'm using this one. Other wise, I could use one at the bus station nearby.

27 September, 2015

What to do with Syrian Refugees?

I don't really see Syrian refugees in Eastern Europe. When I was at Budapest, I've heard the news of Syrians travelling from Zagreb by train. The V2K perps told me that they are ill treated by the Croat officers when they asked protection. Croats do not like Muslims. They would help Muslims with the reasoning of helping the poor Muslim family with kids - to pay off the dark side of what happened in the Balkan War. Well, the V2K perps told me that Banja Luka is a good position for the Muslim refugees as the Srpska people need more people to fight against Serbia in future if they need a fight. They would protect the family with kids till they grow up and go home. The location, Banja Luka, would have not many people because of the war time killing. So, the wealthy people can be settled down in the northern Bosnia.
Also, there is UNHCR in Sarajevo. BiH is the land of Germans. If Syrians cannot get to Germany, they could be protected by Bosnians who have ties with Germany. During the end of the Balkan War time, Bosnians were buying the German citizenships with marks.

There is only one option for the Christian Syrians. They could use the Damascus relationship to get help from the people. I've heard from the V2K that the important people are already evacuated in Italy or somewhere. Well, if the Syrian Christians cannot make it already, they might find a spot in Amsterdam. There is a church for Syrians along the river to the south from Anne Frank House. I forgot the name of the church and don't wanna check it online. It faces the river to the East and now it holds Catholic masses at night.

I'm just curious how many could pretend to be Muslims and moving around. Some could be Papua New Guineans. So, the best way for them could be taking the IDs from others like the old horror movies. They could be begging at the Charles Bridge in Prague for foods and travelling fares. There is a big ceremony in September 28th in Prague. So, the good rulers could do some good things for the people.

I haven't post anything much besides my damages and the OSAM videos. So, I tried to share my ideas of how Syrians could do better while not causing much trouble and travel to Europe.

September 26th, 2015 in Prague

It was amazing how the beautiful Pope Benedict XVI's painting is settled next to the Infant Jesus statue. 

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 26th, 2015

I had time spending more on the road due to get lost and such. Well, September 26th on 2009 was the day when Pope Benedict XVI visited the shrine of Infant Jesus in Prague. In 2015, I was in the shrine for the Spanish mass. At Medugorje, I received an English prayer card from the people visiting. I think these two women with the infant Jesus figures could be in the shrine but that kind of history ended up like this way. I visited the shrine after the Red Prague Tour and received a new card with a different Jesus clothes with the same English prayer on it. I don't know what these perpetrators were in the church yesterday but nothing really bad happened. Today, there was a man sat next to me and he did not take the communion, but my bag was not stolen. Well, too much gang stalking ruined my life to be a Christian. But that is how my life is and how it went.

Here is the video from today. There is a man with Buke (Samurai in Japanese) clothes walking in the midday and at night. 2 blind people on the streets. Koreans and Japanese and such. Oh, a guy was pissing by butt showing in public. And one woman kidnapped.

24 September, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 22nd, 2015

Here is the video from yesterday. I visited the Free Walking Tour and didn't pay for Sona the guide as the Bulgarian woman working for Motorola paid 30€ for her company and I just let me added for the tipping. Then I went to Euroveau shopping center and had a burrito. I saw a Taco shop man eating with others and I saw him with a 4 letters Chinese tattoo on his right arm. Did I get something strange like a spit on my burrito? I don't really know why such a strange thing happened to me. Then I saw more Chinese around and Garden cafe people often smoked near me just outside.

I went out at night for the pub crawl and I saw 3 Egyptian men hanging around drinking. Also, there was a guy talking about Arab nation visiting and such. More people are from UK and only few women like 3 including the guide, Lucy. Well, you see the video.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 23rd, 2015

This video is from yesterday. I tried to add it on my trip from Bratislava in Eurolines but was not really working for a video upload. Now I have a good WIFI connection and I can backup my photos and such for the safety keeping. Also, I'm gonna finish my books. One Japanese blog for epub version to be shared?

I attended a church mass and saw some Filiphino people came after the mass. They did not attend the mass but just showed up later. I don't know what they are, but I'm sure they might be something for the legion or Muslims on surveillance on me. Should I contact the human trafficking prevention people to ask help about these local gang stalkers? I'm sure it would be easy in this country.

Here is the video from 23rd.

22 September, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 21st, 2015 part 2

Here is the second part of the video from September 21st. A woman next to me across the aisle in the bus had a large scissor while the bus passed the border to Slovakia from Hungary.

21 September, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 21st, 2015 part 1

Here is today's video. My Rolex pin missing photo also included. 2 thieves at Costa Coffee - a woman stealing extra water bottle and another taking the news paper from the shelf to the first floor above. Also, 2 Korean speaking guys and a woman and a cook drinking and spitting it behind of the counter.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 20th, 2015

Here is the video from September 20th. I hope I can get a room with WIFI tonight after my trip to Bratislava.

Rolex pin missing at City Garden Hostel in Budapest

I'm at Costa Coffee in Corvin Plaza. This morning, I found my Rolex with a pin missing and it was like this.

I found the pin in my Samsonite porch as I put the watch in there last night and kept it there whole night. I don't know when the pin came off such easily in the bag. Did someone invade my room? So far, I my stuffs seems to be safe. I have my netbook and other items working properly. Could be some money missing? I didn't really counted the paper money in my porch nor the wallet. Should I keep the track of them for the home invader stealing money for some train fare and such?

When I left the hostel, no one was there. Last night, there seemed to be a woman brought a bike and were in the room to the right from my room. But no one seemed to be in the building last night except me. I locked my room windows and doors and put some obstacles attached to the door to make them noise if someone opens them from outside. The window was open when I went to the bathroom this morning.

And when I was about to leave, a man showed up at the front door with a big luggage. He eventually went in when I opened the door to leave. A synchronized motion like yesterday again.

20 September, 2015

I'm heading to Bratislava tomorrow

So many Chinese and Asians around in Budapest. Nothing really went well without WIFI at the hostel and far away location to find WIFI with a plug. I thought of sharing more info to synagogues and anti-human trafficking NGOs, but not really going well. At least, I can see one NGO in Bratislava and some Jewish area there. At least sharing info is better than doing nothing, I guess.

The V2K perps threaten me of their backpackers stealing my Jack Wolfskin backpack full of Bibles and other books. Well, that's one of the exotic book selection I have. But so far, no one stole that one from my room. This kind of talking I've been hearing to make me nervous.

Now, I'm finishing the research on the location of the place of NGO and Praha to do something more. Never been to these areas before and that's some change in my life. I've been to Budapest many times and staying different hostels and pansions here. Going different ones seem safer than visiting the same one for the better gang cooperation for the harassment.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 19th, 2015

The video from yesterday.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 18th, 2015

Here is the video from September 18th. I wanted to add it yesterday but I was not really feeling well. No WIFI at the spot. I found there is ParaPark thing at where my hostel locates. Perhaps the entrance is where WIFI maybe working. But every time I approached the area, there are some intruders. Yesterday was a man with some devices on his hand and today was a man with.. robber looking image clothes.

Well, here is the CIA cap guy and others from 18th.

18 September, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 17th, 2015

I have no WIFI and got one at the food court area now. Here is the video from yesterday. I visited Holocaust Museum and just gave a copy of German car DVD-ROM and the posters. I was so sick from the cold and just left there. I'm still sick and this sickness seemed artificial as I have severe sweating on my face when I try to put the posters. Some more German cars and one stolen bag found near my hostel and 2 hotels around.

17 September, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 16th, 2015

Here is the vid from yesterday. My hostel got no WIFI since the day before - the female clerk said and I'm at a cafe. My cold made me feel dizzy and quite unconsciously doing things. I have sweating face all the time as if having fever. Well, I was safe last night. Just got 510HUF change cheated at the hostel reception after paying 42050HUF for the payment of 41560HUF for staying till next Monday. It's not a cheap place and yet got some perps could be around. There is no WIFI now but only the area to the back area with an open WIFI available. Well, I don't really go there alone for some reason at night. I've been warned by the V2K perps about the thieves stealing stuffs such as my backpack with bibles and such.

So far, I saw one open empty bag on my way to the shopping center from my hostel. It was left between two hotels. Is it a dangerous area or what? At Zagreb bus terminal, there was one eye-patched man walking. And today, I saw 2 hand bandaged people and some Muslims at the shopping center. If the gang stalkers are looking for Muslim terrorists, just pick on these real Muslims. I can burn Koran on September 11th, if I find one on the street. There were only few people in the different room in the hostel but they didn't do any skits like talking about travelling to Germany or studying psychology and such.

16 September, 2015

I'm heading to Budapest tonight

I've been in Zagreb for quite a long time. Now, I'm heading to Budapest and adding German car photo sales and make half year German car list ready for the back up. There should be many Syrian refugees in the city or they already headed to Germany and be used for the human experiment there. I've heard the V2K perps telling me about how they are used for the mass contract on human treatment in the humanitalian purpose for vaccine to all the assorted terrorism searching new technology implanting and experiment.
Also, I've heard that the Chinese would be in the gang stalking 24/7 in Budapest and the actual woman of Saudi Arabian king's hair would be in Budapest for the military order there. Well, I will be careful with Muslims and Chinese for thefts and other problem.

Also the V2K perps told me that there would be a China man next to my seat only having 250€ and claiming theft on me in the bus. I will just film everything for my safety if anything suspicious happens. Also, the passport theft could happen they said and I will film my passport before handing it to the officer.

Too much harassment? I guess so. And wait for the OSAM video from yesterday - I captured a Chinese woman hitting two pebbles together like the sea otter eating sea shell on the  street.

I'm sick from yesterday and I'm just tired waiting in a cafe now.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 14th, 2015

Here is the video from yesterday.

14 September, 2015

Organized Stalking Around Me - September 12th, 2015

Here is the video from the day I visited B.a.b.e. No filing in the office, of course. Just the man at the building next to it had tank Japanese character tattoo. Also the German car around.

13 September, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 12th, 2015

Here is the video from 12th.

12 September, 2015




I visited B.a.b.e. on Thursday

Well, I should have make some video blog but I was busy finishing my new book. It's done last night. So, I will upload it for sale after typing this portion of my blog here.  I will add my book ad on the left side of this blog as well to extend more for showing.

The location was easily found but the building next to it was under the contraction.  So, I thought of setting my German car pics on sale posters around. Then one German car showed up and parked his car nearby. It's not normal to happen, right? There could be many Germans but not at this about 2-3 minutes I was hanging around on the street for poster setting.

I couldn't find the exact address and I talked with the family eating outside about where to find B.a.b.e. They told me in Croatian that it's on the first floor of the building next to theirs. The man had "戦車(Tank in Japanese)" tattoo on his right arm. Does it his normal tattoo? I thought it a part of gaslighting.

So, I went there and I was able to get some chatting time and some information from what they can do in their organization. Well, the female clerk working there suggested me to talk to the person on the ground floor for the legal consulting. They told me that they can do the legal help if I'm seeking asylum. Well, as a foreigner and a victim of gang stalking, it's quite difficult to find a way to find a long term living spot for me without a special reason. I might share some more photos with real perps on it for the advocating and how I was victimized from the gang stalking. 

I'm in McDonalds, but suddenly, the potion above from the end to the "consulting" pert suddenly disappeared while I was typing and not touching my mouse nor the touch pad. I don't know how it happened but that's happened.

And one blind person from that day.

Yesterday and today is the days for the people with arm injuries. I don't really see such sudden increase of people with white wrappers on their arms like this way. Well, I fund my socks I put on my boots got small holes on one sock. I don't really know why this happened. Should I share the inner sole with the small damage also for the complete shoe area damages? My inner sole of the boots got some damage but I thought it was from the small rocks in the shoe I walked back from the beach area. The new boot's sole damage happened and also the socks damage happened at Youth Hostel and the socks one was done probably this morning when the bathroom was crowded and I had to wait awhile. There was a German group in another room from last night. I think it could be done by these Germans.

I would add more information later with OSAM videos. I need to finish some more book writings and backup my videos and photos and such before someone deletes my files.

10 September, 2015

Putin says a right thing against a Saudi King

Why can't we have such a straight forward way of defending the state's official nation these days? Ah, one exception is Soka Gakkai, which has people who go through the Christian nations and rape people and make them expelled from the church organizations and then they will show up as an alternative for them.

And I found out B.a.b.e is at 112a on the street. I have no idea how it went wrong yesterday. I might get there today after picking up my watch at the official dealer for fixing. Extra things to carry around and extra 20KN for the tram fares. Expensive but better talk to somebody near human right org nearby.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 9th, 2015

I thought of checking Babe, the anti Human Trafficking Organization, in Zagreb at Selica Cesta 12 (not sure the spelling as I'm tired of checking the map and my pc is slow with back up soft running). I could not find it as the number is somewhere between 14 and less number. It was just a parking lot. I walked all the way down from the train station area and walked back. It was quite an exercise for me. Saved 20KN for the tram fare and at least I put the German Car posters around.

08 September, 2015

Socks man and drinking teen and one blind one eye patch men

I was quite busy for nothing. Just doing Fishing World competition and file backing up. It takes awhile to back up files, you know. Well, I thought of asking help at the local NGOs, but I just wait somehow. I don't see any reason asking help but not sure how to ask in the foreign country. Hmm, if it's not Muslims seeking refugee status, I might join and ask for a shelter. Well, last time I was so serious suing SJSU with FEDAME and other TIs. I could have doing something else for the normal living like short time jobs and such with some future aim like a normal people. I'd say I have enough gangs around me and I have the file to share.

Here is the socks guy walking around in socks.

The man on the paper box thing.

Drinking teens.They might be the socks man's friends. They could be underage for drinking.

A blind man.

An eye-patched man.

I just had no time for OSAM making. I finished a new book only 2 sections left. I will finish them later.

06 September, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 5th, 2015

Last night, I had no WIFI at Youth Hostel. I now have wifi and adding some photos from today at McDonalds. That's addtional cost I'm paying you know. Well, today, I saw two neck broken people. I just add them on the OSAM video for today. You can see them at Tumblr. and my FB pics.

Here is the video from September 5th.

05 September, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 4th, 2015

I went to the dentist yesterday and had the implant done. My new crown is working fine. No strange things happened except the dentist had a small eye drop size bottle on the plate with Japanese logo like "ジーシーデンデンxxxxx液." I don't know what it is for but I've got my crown done. No more teeth problems for awhile.

Here is the pic of the Germans showed up yesterday.

Also a Netherlands car parked nearby of my hostel. There were some German cars parked the day before yesterday.

And the video.

04 September, 2015

I'm still in Zagreb and thinking about a new backup plan

I use BitCasa but they offer 1TB for a yearly charge. I was looking for unlimited storage and I found ZipCloud and Carbonite for saving some money yet for full unlimited file keeping. I don't really know which one I should pick. Well, I was thinking Mankayia for free backup but it worked only the first day and no more of seeing my files. I uploaded only the photo files for one day. So, it was not that serious problem. Well, I might try something else for keeping files in case someone delete my stuffs suddenly, you know. Degoo is OK but it's ust 100GB file for free storage. The worst thing is that I don't have a good WIFI at Youth Hostel today. It had short time down sometimes. I thought of backing up my photos while I stay here a bit high price than other areas.

Oh, I can make some OSAM tomorrow. I was busy of some other stuffs. My book could be done by this weekend and one more would be done - if I really harry. I don't know why I'm just slacking with Fishing World but that is probably because I'm denied no matter I try to do something good or doing hard work.

Here is the video of a woman in barefoot entered to Zagreb Cathedral today.