30 July, 2009

Covert operation or legal harassment?

I guess the perps have only few strategies against the target. Claim of alcoholic, drug user, prostitute, criminal, gambler, mentally ill, etc.

I have been surrounded by the perps, but it seems they are working together for the multiple claims together. So, anything they say or claim looks much like just a normal harassment or discrimination against a minority group. Meanwhile, I saw "them" engaged in the things that is what they are claiming against me. I hope they quit such paranoia-like behavior. They drink beer and claim me doing so. They just get the evidence of an empty beer bottle by drinking it themselves and claiming that was me who drunk the contents.

I don't really see why the targeted individuals have no right to make an argument about what these harassers do. Nazis made the ethnic discrimination legalized. In the matter of gang stalkers, they just keep their covert operation secret and the victim cannot have the chance to discuss about the operation. From the victim's view, it is like how the people engaged in the covert operation are able to continue their actions by denying what they do. Psychiatrists work to help the harassment effective and ignore the stalking and other form of harassment as imagination. A person the detectives trucking down could be considered as paranoia if the psychiatrist ignore the evidences and other concrete information.

What I do is expose the suspicious people. The local police do not handle their cases and try to protect them. What if a detective tries to make up a story for getting better pay from the client? If the police knows the person or the group belongs to the local detective agency, the police probably ignores about what they do. Also, police informants are in the same category to get their work backed up by the police. How about the intelligence, or even the counter-intelligence unit of the army? Thus, I addressed pretty much of the system components of the military industrial complex which can become the foot solders.

I have seen some skits that people trying to claim me talking or communicating with guys. It's all about how they just set up the situation and take the look from one-sided way. If you see a picture of a man and a woman dining in the same table, you can assume they are couple or have close relation. In fact, such situation can be make up by a man showed up to the table where the woman sat, and asks to share the table for eating one's dinner. Meanwhile, the people sit near the table causing no more table available in the place could make up the report of the woman dining with a man. The gang stalker's activity is much like this. It reminded me of the class I took from Dr. Roberto Gonzalez. Sharing the particular way of the view and spreading it to others is a strategy of propaganda. I never thought what I learned in Thought Control in Contemporary Country became very handy for analyzing what the gang stalkers do. If I think deeply about the contents of the class, I got much better understanding of how to get the advanced ideas behind of them.

Due to taking 2 classes and moving around, I am not able to share more about the perp activities. I might do it in the form of my ethnographic record of perps against a TI in future. I wish I can share some nice pictures I took in my location, but I just keep them till I move to somewhere else. I got spend more time for the programming practice.

28 July, 2009

I moved out from Zofingen

I cannot say where I am because of the security reason, but I am still followed by the people who are doing skits. When I moved to another place, I saw a guy with red T-shirt with the Asahi Karakuchi logo sat in front of me. I had problem with the computer plug problem, and I saw the girl sat with the man was turning on PC and just playing the backgammon with him. That was Acer PC.

I met a couple from Turkey and the man commented about how he saw me with two guys in the city. I guess that was the set up for the rumor or something. Then today, I visited a church famous of the VM, and had an mid-age man with couple of bags. He and I were only the travelers in the bus at the bas station. The bus did not go back to the bus terminal but left us passengers at the taxi station. At that point, I saw a man in the car behind of the bus playing with a camera. It was much like the action of the detective that took picture of people for debunking something. The funny thing was that when we were dropped at the taxi station, I decided to film the situation because of how the bus left us. And I figured out the man in the car next to me was playing with the camera. I would like to share the video.

Now I'm surrounded with the people who seems to be supporting JWB and purposely making rumors about me. I guess the detective-like guy would be the evidence of how I am surrounded by US Army related people. One guy is from Dalas, TX, the girl from Manchester, UK, etc. If they tried to check my blog for their purpose of their gang stalking activity, I would just expose the last few days' record of who has been doing what around me for the skits. Moving to another place with exposure of the people would be the only safe way of getting away from the danger.

I found out the young perps around me seems to have the V2K like the CIA got for the internal communication. Let's see how I can do more investigation on what's going on around the young perps from different countries. Because of my movement, I learned much clear views of how gang stalking and electronic harassment devices would work. The V2K is Microwave one using Satellite. Otherwise, the victim and the CIA cannot use it on board of an airplane. Anyway, if I know the ones who can spread the white propaganda, I think that's an easy way to manage the misinformation.

The ethnographic record would be shared later with my friend TIs only. But my writing is quite interesting as I learned anthropology from the ones who are involved in the government studies.

P.S. I added the small photo of the guy with the camera from the video. I can show the view of the bus in the middle of taxis in the taxi station. So, if someone try to to make the picture taken by him for fake evidence, I can prove what they made up could be just a fake. Perps seem really want to claim me to be the one to be the sexually active so the sexual harassment of Dr. Weiss would be covered up. That's often done by the CIA to claim the victim as something they claim of, and it's funny so many people tried like such thing in my life after I had problem at SJSU.

20 July, 2009

Today's organized stalking at the post office

If they know I'm going to the Post Office, they often do the skits. I guess that's the place they can easily manage to work with others as its next to the police station.

I visited the post office today to send some packages. Due to the paper works, I needed to return to the counter after writing down the extra documents. At that point, a man with "I (heart) NY" white T-shirt guy showed up and said "Ausland" for sending a letter. He supposed to be 549 B. I saw 548 ticket was on the top of the tray. This could be just a coincidence but seeing the man with tattoo of "US and the Southern Cross Flags" and the Tibetan man with the clothes with the logo of "the US and Tibetan flags," I was a bit suspicious. If people know where I would be, they could manage to ask someone to wear such clothes with a logo and visit the place. That is, actually what the job of the organized stalkers called foot soldiers.

After that, I saw a man wearing a black T-shirt with white lots of Japanese "hiragana" on the back at the counter D. When I glanced at the number table. No number is shown for the counter D. I was just curious as it should be "EXTREMELY RARE" to see both US logo clothes and Japanese logo clothes in such a short span. Such things should be easier than making a line of people in the post office while the ticket machine is jammed and the clerk cutting the ticket jammed to give me the one after checking the serving number on the display. (What I mean is the lines of people standing without tickets while none of them nor clerk notice the jammed ticket machine. This happened in the past at Zofingen post office.) For the T-shirts skits, what they need is just two people accept to wear them and spend sometime on the line with letters or something to do at the counter.

Since I could not get what the Hiragana words were, I waited the man outside. He left the post office and stood on the ATM outside. I waited him finish at the ATM, so I could take the picture of his Japanese logo on the back of the T-shirt. After him, a woman with kids stood. By taking the picture of him from the distance, the perps could claim me as taking the picture of the children. That is what the perps with kids do for helping others out. I declare what I thought as sensitization techniques and try to get the evidences of them. Meanwhile, the perps will claim something else in the group and try to make up things while ignoring my intention. If you want to know much about what they do, try to check the funny claims by the perps I lived with in the refugee residence. They tried these claims already: stealing stuffs while they actually tried to steal mine in front of my camera, claiming of filming small kids while they carry kids and stalking me, drinking by themselves and claiming of drinking, etc. More other perps do, I guess I am able to get other options they can think of. If police wants to prevent crimes, they should do something about these people making up false claims against others while they are acting in criminal actions.

Here is the picture of the guy who wore Japanese logo T-shirt. He and others spend quite much time and there is a surveillance camera checking the ATM from the back. If police wants to check the identity of who he is, they can check the surveillance camera video. I quickly made the shot from the distance more than far away from where surveillance camera locate. I thought that was the safe distance for filming for the evidence (like the purpose of the surveillance camera).

AG364801 and AG416133 are the perp cars I figured out after that.

The method to lock up the Targeted Individuals and African American history

Thinking about how the TIs in the reproduction age harassed by the perps, it reminded me of what I learned from an African American psychology professor teaching English language.

African Americans are often targeted for the criminal prevention. I heard the story about how an African American young man visit a small store and the shop owner is staring him for his movement. In another case, the black man in the store and the security guard walks near by.

And I can say similar issue about how African Americans avoid visiting the hospitals.

The funny thing is that similar thing happened to me after visiting the same store twice or more. First time, the clerk does not do anything if I had no intention to visit the store and suddenly decided to walk in. From the second time, somehow the store clerk acts quite weird. Did someone inform me as a possible shoplifter or something? I don't know if the same method that has been used for targeting the African American population is done by the perps.

I have no criminal record at all. And the perps around me were persuading me to drink alcohol, smoke cigarette, have sexual relationship, and so on. When they failed persuading, they started claiming me for what I did not do. Actually, they were engaged in such actions.

Abkur Dalow Abshir and many other perps I lived in Buchs AG were blacks. However, they seemed to be allowed to drink and smoke everyday. They were able to communicate with police officers. No one really cared their actions including damaging the window screen. If they are police informants, I think that seems easy to see why they are not thought as suspicious. They can be seen as doing so on purpose.

If the police informants and undercover police officers continuously persuade someone to engage in criminal action, isn't it a form of discrimination? What they do is trying to prove the target guilty for whatever they think of and even try to make up. If this is what police informants do, then they are actually increasing the possible crime rates instead of engaged in its prevention.

Going back to the story of African Americans. Why did LA Riot and Tienanmen happened in the similar time scale? I think they were for the exercise of the civil control. And what happend the serial killer boom? I think that was also a practice for creating the killing machine. These are just my conspiracy theories. But I think I am able to explain what was the study behind of them. I would spend sometime to explain these conspiracies.

All is about propaganda and how to cover up the truth behind of it. If there is something hidden, the authorities will not let you wonder about them or blames for even imagining about the alternatives. When the mass media tells something from their view, there is no other way to know about the news. What if I am blamed of what exposed or something perps made up in a group? Who believes my side of story? It would be like how Dr. English-Lueck claimed me as suicidal - saying like WE believe this way and ignore the target's opinion. That's nothing more than the power abuse. Group of people make up the story so the mass will believe what they say. There are more to learn from the people left behind, and I think the solution of gang stalking would be within the history of COINTELPRO and the "colored" people.

18 July, 2009

Motivation as a factor to destroy the individual

I'm thinking to write about how the TI's psychiatric injuries and stresses are often ignored from the perps. The perps seem to push everything for their strategy. I think the problem here is about the view of the psychiatric injuries. One side is psychological operation to destroy the target. The other side is psychiatric injury.

Let me give you an example. Mara Alpha, the Guinean refugee, was stalking me in Buchs AG to Aarau area. He and Abkur Dalow Abshir sometimes shouted "One Bottle" outside of my room when they passed by. They sometimes hit the window screen outside of my room at night. I filmed them and their friends because their actions were oppressive. One occasion, Mara Alpha followed me from the Buchs AG neighbor hood to Aarau train station. At that time, he said that I was criminal because filming people. He said that while he followed me from the refugee residence. What is the problem? He did not realize stalking is a criminal action. I do have films of him smashing the window screen. One occasion, he tried to steal my food and that's what I filmed. My videos contain Mara Alpha's criminal activities, yet he claims me criminal. If Mara Alpha is taught the psychological operation and working to harass me, he could think how stealing food and smashing the window screen could cause me to feel nervous about his actions. He even assaulted me from the behind. The real criminal claiming the victim as the criminal? This is the mentality of organized stalkers.

If you want to know about how authorities act to decide someone as "something," check out what SJSU do. In my experience, Dr. English-Lueck said she and others concerned me of suicide while I had no idea about what she was talking. The videos and voice recordings are the scientific evidences, yet they are not acceptable for psychiatrists who can make up things. Actually, that was done by Dr. Sivertsen and many other psychiatrists in Silicon Valley. At least, Dr. Sivertsen threatened me saying she has my record in her office. I never had a proper counseling in the counseling office. All I asked is who to bring the issue about the harassment by the students and the anthropologists. I did not said anything like I had depression or suicidal, and she was able to make up something. I wonder if SJSU counseling service only works to provide "mental health" records to the students and give them the tags for "human experiment." The CIA - responsible for MKULTRA and other covert operations - is related with SJSU. You can only guess what both entities are doing. You might want to use FOIA to discover what they had done in the past.

I recently figured out that the new purposes of the perps. They seemed to claim me I cannot program. Well, missing to submit the assignments is not really proving my inability. I should have double-checked them on the due date to make sure they were there. Over confidence could be a problem. Because of how it went and how I ignored checking them, I think I learned much better about the system of the mind control. There are certain patterns to make people forget what are on the priority. To make someone to forget about certain thing for several times, it takes some efforts for the continuous mind control. By analyzing the process and how it went, the description of it could be easy. I'm still in the B range. I guess my straight A records stops this time. I guess that was something perps could think to kill my motivation. Next step they would do is not to find new things to make me motivated. By knowing what would work for the psychological operation, the victim can prevent sudden trouble. I guess taking care of the motivation is what they thought to reduce my productivity.

The current system of mind control done on the mass

You can take this as only a conspiracy theory.

1. The covert operation of mind control started from the MKULTRA and other researches have now extended to cover the entire population. The benefit of doing everyone under the mind control would make it easy for civilian control in the desired population.

2. The method? Send them the subliminal messages through V2K/V2S. The most people believe what they can hear inside of their brain is only their "inner voices." Therefore, if they have no knowledge of microwave hearing, they can be manipulated by hearing commands from the fake "inner voices." By doing this, the commanders can cause them to have desired personality in a long run.

3. Personality manipulation. Giving the multiple role models to the mass and let them follow one of them. By mimicking the role model, they can be easily manipulated from the automated subliminal message system and the grouping in the local level. The people with similar hobbies will communicate each other. The ones respected in the group should be controlled, so the rest would follow them.

4. Moderators. The elites and the leaders of the groups should work as the moderators to organize the rest. They receive the leadership trainings and other forms of how to control the groups. What they care is their careers and how to get satisfied from their status. By using the certain "automated" mind control program on them, their control would be easy.

5. Disrespect of individualism is encouraged. The individual motivation and characters are thought as the enemies of the mass control. If each individual act from their own will and motivation, it becomes hard for controlling them as a whole mass. To prevent people to act from their own will, the controller will force them to belong to somewhere and act as one of the group members. How to destroy the individualistic people? Isolate them as outsiders in the community so that no one else will be effected by the individualism. Also, spread the propaganda of anti-social loners. You know, we are already in the slavery. We must belong to somewhere as we received multiple identities from the globalism. Nationality, ethnicity, educational background, job profession, etc. These are only the category where we belong, yet they are used as the tool of the destruction. If you are the Targeted Individual, you would be blamed from your ethnicity by the racial extremists, and your profession will be ruined by the competitors trying to take your position for other member of their group.

6. Single view is forced. People are not allowed to see things from their own view points. If someone says something, the others followed it or just accept it.

16 July, 2009

Tibetan Woman from Casa Torfeld I stalking me from Zofingen to Aarau

Here is a good example of how I encountered someone I met in Casa Torfeld I at Buchs AG is engaged in organized stalking. She is (probably - recalling from my memory) a Tibetan and related with the Tibetan "extremist" group in Aarau. She lived in Casa Torfeld I during the beginning of 2008 and moved out around March or April of that year when Abkur Dalow Abshir and others were engaged in more active harassment.

I think you can see her face clearly in my OSAM series around that period. I just don't have time to check all the videos, so I just show one picture I found from quickly skimming the collection. I think you might find the video of her walking on the hallway after opened the door to entrance in one morning. I think that video has better view of her or another one in the kitchen. I just cannot remember the exact date of these videos and I just got the back shot from the evidence of other skit by the woman near me.

Anyway, it happened yesterday. When I took a train from Zofinen, I saw the woman showed up. Since she lived for several months in Casa Torfeld I and I saw her quite often on the street and in the kitchen, I was able to remember her. She has really flat face, so it was easy to remember as a facial characteristic. Like the many perps, she showed up wearing black top and blue bottom. I already mention about perps wearing black/blue clothes and American logo ones for sensitization. She bought the ticket at the machine like I did.

When I left the train to get on another one at Olten, she was on the platform.

Did she moved to Zofingen and taking the train to Aarau on the same time of the same date? How this could be possible? This is what Tibetan extremists are able to do in Switzerland. A good example is the picture I shared about the guy wearing the clothes with US and Tibetan flags. I don't know how much they get for their extremist activities for tracking down a Japanese in Switzerland. I thought they seemed doing something "socially offensive" like stalking me, so I share their information. You know, it's normal for refugees and immigrants to be asked to engage in group militia-like activities by the US. That has been happend and documented. I should have organized their information better so that I would prevent terrorism in foreign countries in future.

07 July, 2009

Change of my path..

I'm thinking to change my life style. I used to think helping TIs and trying to work on the organized stalking issue is something to do with activism and helping the ones oppressed (including me).

The organized stalkers' intention would be simple - destroy the target in the society.

Now, I learned how much of the mind control in the means of civilian control done by the NSA and the cooperative local authority to support the program causes more trouble as the whole society. People seem to accept it as a necessary evil. I am sure it is certainly against Christianity. Jesus did not oppress others. He could argue with the elders because of the different view of the religion. The Bible says that Jesus was falsely accused. More people were falsely accused in the Bible. Not everyone followed Jesus was praised or admired. The ones now admired are the ones killed because of their faith. John the Baptist is one of them.

In our society, we must compete with each other in order to survive or get better life. I thought helping Zeitgeist movement would reduce such oppressive tension among people. Less competition can make people to have much time and human approach to each other. Think about anthropologists, they tell lies and they make up the research for the benefit of the authorities. They call themselves the master of human culture and human being yet they are under the jungle law for the survival. While they are under the intention of a specific force, they cannot act to view the things as the whole which is much objective and scientific.

Why people are encouraged to work for the military these days? What they do? A solder's faith is in the country not the citizens. He is trained to kill people and work in the operations to destroy the target. The psychological warfare seems to have the same effect. The one who is crashed mentally from the outside force would be considered as weak. Bullying and mobbing could cause the victim to have psychiatric injury. In the military, it would be the situation that the solder defeated by the enermy. The boys don't cry. The old fashioned proverb can fit to the situation. If you are bullied, what you can do is either fight back (to go to jail for the violence) or run away (retreat). The same theory seems to fit perfectly in the organized stalking problem. The cure for gaslighting would be the retreat from the person causing the psychiatric injury. However, the real problem is the one who cause the problem. The victim once complained the problem, the one would be thought as the loser of the game and is able to be the target for the victim blaming. I want to be neither the winner or the loser; I wanna change the game itself.

What I can do? I wanna explain what the victims should know and how to act to reduce the problem. I could continue to write what I think to work for the victim of gang stalking / electronic harassment problems. However, I don't think this is something I wanna do for entire my life. Everyone wants to have their own normal life, so do I.

Ever since I was attracted to Christianity and the life of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, and other saints, I always wanted to work for them. I don't know what I can do as I would be harassed by the organized stalkers if I go to a church. From the observation, the stalkers seem to be the local police informants. They mimick the target for psychological harassment. I don't really like them harassing me inside of the God's house. So, I quit attending the Sunday Mass since the summer of 2008. If I wanted to attend a Mass, I could find some broadcasting online.

It's nice to talk with sisters who know a lot about Christianity. They might live in a different world and must be working under strict regulations. I thought that's something I can find the role model for my life. I've tried to follow the way of St. Francis, but I wasted so much time and money on things that I might not really need. I could have be aware of the vow of poverty he experienced. There are more things to reflect my life. And I feel myself as a sinner and not yet ready to say anything about him or others who lived one's life for the faith to Jesus Christ.

05 July, 2009

"Kamikaze" car and the Asian man with Tibetan and US flag at the train station

Yesterday, I visited Aarau. I bought a PC case at Interdiscount. When I took the train, I saw a White man with blade hair at Zofingen train station. He took the same train with me. I saw him in the train. Then when I took the train from Olten to Aarau, I saw him taking the sheet to my right side in the same row. It seemed normal. Then, when I took a train from Aarau, I saw the same man with blade in the platform. If he took the trains to Aarau from Zofingen and was to go back, It would be normal to think him taking the same train as I am. The strange part is how we just took the same train. This could be a coincidence but the organized stalkers can do such things capable from their surveillance network. And their job of keeping an eye on the target.

At Aarau, I saw a car with "Kamikaze" and "Men - means accept or release" Chinese character logos. Just like the normal perp cars, it was spreading loud music from the car speaker. I filmed the car at the intersection. Seeing a car with "Kamikaze" logo would be normal if the people do not really think about the intention of the driver who put the logo. I thought that was a bad choice of logo for the "terrorist aware circumstance." I don't know why the one wanted the Chinese character in the rear. It does not make sense as it has no cool meaning. I could not understand the choices of these characters. You can still think these characters on the car as a coincidence. We are encouraged to report suspicious things, I post the "Kamikaze" logo car information. I don't wanna make the car really crash into an important building to fulfill the word on the side.

I saw a man with a box with a scanner stood near me in Olten train station. I was checking scanner and printer and what was the smallest one in the Interdiscount. Anyone can buy a scanner and bring around with a note PC. People would think this as a coincidence. Just like the above incident.

In Zofingen train station, I saw a man holding Interdiscount large red plastic bag and holding a camera. He wore a clothes with Tibetan and US flag. I don't know how many clothes like such is sold. And I am not sure how I would encounter someone wearing it in a rural area of Switzerland. My guess is that he was asked to work on the sensitization campaign. Recently I saw a man with US and Southern Cross flag tatto, so thinking about it could easily explain what intention of the perps had to make another sensitization. Last time was the US flag to the left and the Southern Cross to the right. This time is the Tibetan on the left and the US on the right. Perps often mimicks something the victim notices or behaves. I guess he is one of the perp who might be connected with the Tibetan organized stalkers in Aarau area who stayed in the Aarau canton library when I was there. Or is he know the driver of the car with "Kamikaze" logo? Some organized stalkers belong to extremist groups, so I can understand extreme patriotism is important. I wonder why the man with Tibetan and US flag is in Switzerland. He could be in the US instead if he really like the United States. I can say the same thing about the refugees lived in Casa Torfeld like Abkur Dalow Abshir and Mara Alpha with New York or Detroit logo clothes. They could ask asylum status in the US if they like to wear American logos. And the man has headphone for NLP anchoring from the past perps activities. They use Coke, camera, headphone, wearing black top and blue jeans bottom, US logo, etc. To make the target to be aware of the anchoring materials, they use several stuffs at one time such as combinaton of some items.

I think the "Kamikaze" logo car and the man with "Tibet & US" flags logo would be something more than coincidences. In sensitization purpose of the gang stalkers, they are easy to explain. Be aware of the people who claims themselves patriot and acting violent in order to fulfill their goals. Gang stalkers are the real extremists like that.

03 July, 2009

The Donation Button Added

I was thinking to add the donation button like other website or not. Finally, I decided to give it a try. I'm not expecting anyone send me money. I take it as the way to get the cost for the damage by Mara Alpha and lawyer&translator fees. So, if anyone gentle enough to send me money, please know the donation would be used to subtract the damage costs. I paid extra money for someone else's violence. I am not considering to raise money for my blogs.

I was writing two books, and my books are almost ready in next month. Right now, I am trying to find a way how to represent them.

Choice 1: Sell them on my website and add the price tag from PayPal.
Choice 2: Sell them on Lulu.com or other places and alternately give them for the people in need.
Choice 3: Find an online publisher and sell them. It should take some time - I did some research, but it would take time to figure out which one to be interested or agree to sell them.

Life is getting busy. It's summer and I need to do lot of things to study.

01 July, 2009

The man with American and the Southern cross flags tatoo on right sholder.

I visited the post office today. When I was about to enter the post office, a man and a woman showed up. The man had a tatoo of the US and the Southern Cross flag on his right shoulder. It is a rural area of Switzerland, and I have seen such thing.

Monday, I visited the Migros Garten & Bau in Olten. I saw a mid age woman wearing San Fransisco logo T-shirt.

In Germany, I saw US Army Europe logo. So, I guess those are the "sleepers" stationed in foreign countries for their activities. Otherwise, I don't see the point so many people wearing specific logo shirts around me. About 10% of the residents in Casa Torfeld, the refugee residence, wore US logo clothes like Louisiana, New York, etc. And a fake US highway patrol car was parked in the apartment across from the residence.

In retrospect, Caritas in Aarau got contact from the pro-US people. I saw a woman from Texas in the meeting for asylum seekers. If they are showing off their patriotism in a foreign country, I think I feel free to expose their covert operation. I don't want to be kidnapped or assassinated like what the CIA or other intelligence agents do.

The man with the tatoo just stood outside and the woman entered the post office. I entered after. My number was 589, so I guessed hers as 588. While waiting, the clerk at the counter D called for 588 but no one showed up. Then it was my turn. After I finished things at the post office, I saw the man and woman drinking beer near the train station. As the tatoo was pretty unique and obvious to see in the rural area of Switzerland, I took the picture of the man from the behind.

I wonder if he is a US army on vacation..

Amy White - the social worker graduated from SJSU working at El Camino Hospital

Here is another evidence I found how "SJSU connection" was at El Camino Hospital. I was talking about SJSU students/faculty harassment ring, and somehow I had a social worker graduated from SJSU. To know about it, check out LinkedIn. It's nice to know how people are connected in these days. So, they can engage in mobbing or other form of discrimination against certain people - Targeted Individuals.

I'm not sure if I met Amy White on the day of admission. Jeniffer, the Chinese American occupational therapist, asked me questions like where I parked my car and other information.

The social worker I had would be Naomi Gourd? or someone. I could be wrong. But she was from the office in Downtown San Jose, and she did not continue her work due to her pregnancy to prepare for the delivery. At that point, I was introduced to another White and large woman to take her position. I think it was Friday, October 20th, 2006.

Anyway, according to Amy White's writing, she checked "suicidal" as the major reason. I wonder if her explanation of "Pt has been video taping students/counseler as 'evidence'" relate with suicidal thought claim that she made. My voice recordings of the conversation with Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen prove that I had no proper counseling in the session. As the SJSU international student service advisers ignored me, I just thought psychiatrist as another choice to contact. If Dr. English-Lueck did not suggested me to talk to Dr. Sivertsen, I was not be considered to have mental health record at the school.

The good thing is Amy White wrote that "Pt placed on 5150 from SJSU Counseling Service." This is another evidence of SJSU Counseling Service was behind of the fake suicidal and danger to other claim.

I'm thinking how much vote people made for SJSU Counseling Service claimed "danger to self" and "danger to others" rather than the claim of I "wanted" to see the dean and police came to take me to EPS thing.

Dr. Sivertsen thought me suicidal while I denied and was just on my way to my class, what was the point of the 5150? Dr. Peter Newsom wrote " I wanted to see the dean" while Dr. Sivertsen claimed 5150 somewhere. Dr. Sivertsen just warned me I should not bring the discrimination case to lawsuit and said "you are none of American citizen" in the talk. Yes, I am not an American citizen and my rights were violated by Dr. English-Lueck, Sgt. John Laws and others. Canadian MKUTRA victims are also non-US citizens. I really don't like people making up story as if someone is being suicidal. I really wanna know why how many people thought me suicidal at all. And what was the point of Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen claiming me "danger to others"? Does she treat anyone visit the SJSU Counseling Service to be self-destructive and violent to others? I had no intention to harm people and I was the one visited SJSU UPD the week before to get help from the police officer I filed the discrimination case. So many people related with SJSU make up stories. Isn't it a sign of organized crime like what cults do?