23 December, 2010

Merry Xmas!

I'm going to attend the mass tomorrow at one of the most famous church. Probably, Xmas is the only few times that churches get crowded with so many visitors. I like the mass in more simple way like the ones in the morning which only few people can attend. But it would be fun to have a lots of people like the wedding and birthday.
Christmas is the time to celebrate Christ's birth. It must have more people for sharing the joy.

No pictures I can share as I suppose to hide my whereabout for the security reason. Well, perps seem to be on vacation these days anyway.

20 December, 2010

Gang stalking in the churches

I've visited several countries and the local Catholic churches either famous or not famous. Then I found the similar characteristics happened in the churches I went. Perhaps these are some of the characteristics of gang stalking activities in the churches.

  • If the mass is only 2 to 10 people attending, the number of the visitors will be increased from 2 to more than 10 after the TI starts to visit there regularly.
  • The strangers might not Catholics but of other religion such as orthodox or atheists.
  • The people working as cleaners or the church helpers are often involved in the gang stalking.
  • Some of the security guards might be capable of doing gaslighting against the TI - such as speaking about visiting without no companion or something behind of the TI.
  • The TI might be contacted by the strangers who are from different religious group to join the sightseeing together to the church the TI is belongs to. This might be the plan to claim the TI as not the real member of the church.
  • In my case, there is often a person wearing a red clothes or something in red and sit in the front of the church. I don't know why but this happened in several occasions such as a man wearing a red shirt inside of his jacket; a woman wearing a red hat, a short woman wearing a read hat with a red cape.
  • These people wearing the red clothes often stand or walked around me. For example, the short woman sat in front row stood in the line just in front of me at the time of communion and she went back to the back row of the benches after that.
  • When a TI goes into the church, at least one person shows up and stay inside. So, the TI cannot stay alone to feel peace inside of the church anymore.
  • When a TI goes into the church, visitors often start taking pictures with their flashes and beeping sounds on. This might be the perpetrators hoping the TI to act the same as if it is OK to take pictures inside the church like the covert officers trying to act in the crime and expecting an innocent citizen will do the same and they can catch the crime.
  • The mass might have a new event when the TI attends. In my case, I have Padre Pio's clothes segment sealed in the small paper. When I went to a church and waited for the mass, someone came and put the notice on the artist's painting canvas. The notice said the rosary praying and the mass is the teaching of Father Pio. Then there was some leaflets about the saints and the small papers with the Padre Pios clothes segment sealed into it. I picked the new relics included paper, so that I can give it to someone as I received the first one from someone else. It was the only mass on that day with such event about Padre Pio. And the night before, I was reading the prayer on the paper with the relics sealed in it.
Does the Church under the control of the gang stalkers? The situation reminds me of the warning of the priests would be fired in the chapter 3 of Jack London's The Iron Heel. As a reminder, SJSU and other universities helping and funded by the government and their covert operations won't teach you what's wrong with the society or how they ignore it. University counselors, university police officers, university professors, faculty members, and so on, are to help the university as the part of the machine. Thus the students are to be exploited.

15 December, 2010

Croatians as the model Catholics

Latest in the history, the Virgin Mary showed up to Croatian speaking people in Medjugorje where Muslim population around the area have been killed in the religious conflict in the war. As far as we know, the Virgin Mary is supporting Christians who survived the resent "holy war." I don't think the war and the crusading against the people believing in different religions are what she wants for the Christians to do. However, the case of Medjugorje is very interesting for all the Catholics because she might be helping to keep the situation not to get to worse; like to remind Croatians to stay away from committing sins. It's nice the Pope is concerned about Croatians and their faith in Catholicism.

A couple of days ago the Pope made a surprise reference to yet another controversial subject - Medjugore The Holy See, two days ago in a talk to the general audience, specifically acknowledged the Medjugorje parish and he encouraged the faithful from Medjugorje to be "evangelizers of God’s love in your nation". Not so surprising, the Catholic press, ignored the the Pope's reference to an event that has moved millions of Catholics into a deeper relationship with Christ.
Two days ago at the end of the general audience, during part of the greeting of groups in different languages, the Pope addressed the Croatian crowd of pilgrims: “I greet all Croatian pilgrims,and especially those from the parish of St James, Medjugorje!Your pilgrimage to Rome is part of the way of preparation for the coming of the Lord. Therefore, in hope, be evangelizers of God’s love in your nation. May God bless you.” Benedict was very particular in emphasising and including the pilgrims from St James parish in Medjugorje. Reasons for doing this remain unclear.

11 December, 2010

Human trafficking inside Japan

Japan is one of the country where citizens are target of human trafficking. While gang stalkers are engaged on the stalking and mobbing on the targeted individuals, the Japanese police ignores the reports and often suggests them to pay a visit to mental institutions which can drive the victims' true claim ignored easier by categorizing them to be mentally disturbed people. Who will listen seriously to someone who is visiting a mental hospital?

Here is the fact about human trafficking in Japan.

Internal Trafficking
Japan has a significant amount of internal trafficking of women and girls who are trafficked for sexual exploitation.3

The Japanese Government
The Japanese Government was placed in Tier 2 in the 2007 U.S. Department of State’s Trafficking in Persons Report for not fully complying with the Trafficking Victims Protection Act’s minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking but making significant efforts to do so.

The Criminal Code, Labor Standards Law, the Prostitution Prevention Law, the Child Welfare Law, and the Law for Punishing Acts Related to Child Prostitution and Child Pornography criminalize different types of human trafficking in Japan. Under the criminal code, traffickers can be sentenced up to seven years of imprisonment.4

In 2006, the Japanese government arrested 78 suspected traffickers, prosecuted 17 cases, and convicted 15 traffickers with penalties ranging from one to seven years and suspended sentences. There were two prosecutions for labor trafficking in 2006.5

Trafficking victims are placed in existing subsidized shelters for victims of domestic violence. The shelters have been criticized for not offering counseling in languages other than Japan.6 The government also pays for the victims’ health care and subsidizes repatriation through the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The Japanese Government does not adequately identify all trafficking victims and sometimes classify them as criminals. According to Polaris Project Japan, there were fewer victims identified and assisted by Japanese authorities in 2006. IOM stated that they helped repatriate 50 trafficked women with the government’s support.7

The Japanese government disseminated 500,000 copies of a brochure in many languages for trafficking victims seeking help and 25,000 that describe the link between prostitution and sex trafficking. The government donated $2 million to the ILO for anti-trafficking efforts in Thailand and the Philippines.8

08 December, 2010

Japan is not yet a democratic country

I heard there was a protesting in Tokyo for complaining of subjective investigation by the police. The gathering was over 2500 people. The detectives in Japan can tackle down the target and claim him or her for the assault on themselves to make him or her jailed. 99% of the suspects in Japan are found guilty because they will be locked up in jail without having opportunity of proving their innocence by their own. The lawyers will cost a lot, and they are not available always. Meanwhile, the police can use as many people as possible for creating any hypothesis and keep the suspect in the investigation session till the suspect becomes exhausted physically and mentally to agree on the hypothesis. It's much like the witch investigation in the middle ages. It's nice I am away from such a police state. Or I would be falsely claimed as prostitute, shoplifter, sex-offender, pedophilia with the help of the people who are willing to make false witness for the tips from the police officers and victim supporting organizations.



――― 異例といえば、五日には東京・日比谷公園で、市民団体による、検察の在り方に

05 December, 2010

I might be off writing blog till the end of next week.

I moved to a new place and I got limited time for the Internet. I might have more time after December 14th. I will move to another location again, so that place might have better Internet connection.

I'm doing fine. I found out gang stalking has some cultural difference based on the area and countries. I will be busy till the end of this year. Then I will travel to another place somewhere totally new yet the place seems safer for the people who are falsely persecuted by the gang stalkers' false witnessing and their use of the police/army level non-lethal weapon (microwave /acoustic weapons) against the victims.

When I have time, I will publish the information I learned about gang stalking in several countries. I probably have some time in next week for quick gathering, but editing will take some more time. If I can finish it before Xmas, it will be a good Xmas gift for the victims.

02 December, 2010

New place

I moved away from where I lived. This new place has the Internet connection but I cannot use it my computer plugged. So, I have limited time on the Web based on the battery life. I have been using this computer for 3 years, but now it seems to have less battery life. I don't know why but it seems to have the limit less than 1 hour.

I might be able to spend more time on writing and other things. When I browse the Internet, I cannot do any work.

Here, I have experience strange electronic device related strange incidents. For example, when I tried to take a picture in front of a church, the picture using the timer turned out all white. I tried three times, and all the results were the same. Then I tried to take a picture while holding the camera on my hand, the photo was fine. And some times, my computer does not charge properly. I left my computer plugged for few hours, but it was only charged to 55%. Then I started using the computer and kept it charged, the battery got full in about one hour.