10 May, 2022

Nunk(InGk Wen) of Novi Sad and Kiyomi Matuda in Cluj Napoca as my name users

I found Nunk(InGk Wen of the Maltese Jewz clan) had been using my name in Novi Sad as the Novi Sad synagogue member. I heard she was selling her body using the nearby travelers’ names including mine around 2016. The synagogues in Serbia has the housing fee of 250€ a month for the Jew payment and she obtained only 200€ for her own from the Shkodra mosque Moriarty team from Malta for accusing any Croat women for selling their body accusation making.

Nunk had the name as a Russian Army Jew replacement name in Novi Sad for the lost Jew in 2014 replacement. She used the different passport of 74 years old woman for the US visit. I heard another person using the same old woman’s name for the flight making from the Belgrade Airport to Taiwan and she visited the Santa Fe, USA, through Brazil after 10 days in Taiwan. That could be in 2016. She was listed as Il-Gion Co in Novi Sad as a Chinese Jew. The original name user had been a Jew since 1980s. I heard the same name user is in Novi Sad again as the new Jew replacement currently. I would be contacting the Novi Sad synagogue for the situation with my Serbian language teaching acquaintance, Nataša Milićević-Dobromirov of (http://www.azbukum.edu.rs), I met several times in the Polyglot meeting in Novi Sad before. If Nunk was using my name around 2016-18 in Serbia for the defamation reason, I would look for a lawyer for the solution. My case could be:

- 2 same old Russian Army enlisted Jew name passports were used by the different people making flights to the USA from the Belgrade Airport exit. And one them has been using my name for the defamation purpose and funded by a mosque in Albania. If I’m one of such suspicious Jew’s name misuse victim, I’m guessing to have certain compensation from the anti-terrorism supporting Jew side such as the SDF Ikko-kai unit of the one Japanese SDF solder’s entry to a Jewish yacht for the yacht stealing since 2015 near Los Angels for capturing over 2,000 yachts in total till 2017. Certain Maltese clans have the SDF solders included and they damaged no-Maltese people.

- I know the Japanese Jews disappeared case in  May 30th to June 2nd 2015. Marie Shimez from Tokyo went missing in Belgrade and her name was multiplied as Schovez by someone used the Maltese ID obtainable by just jumping into the river/ocean for getting a new ID printed out for $50 payment. I heard such 20 Schovez names using Jews existed in Subotica, Serbia, since 2017. One missing Jew often reported as an another person by a Maltese using the similar family name and their Maltese name replacement for a new ID obtaining. Thus, one Jewish ID was differentiated to more than 30 people for retrieving the Jew money for the Chinese for the wrong migration to synagogues and causing troubles for the easy anonymous travel making and staying.


InGk Wen (born in 1988) from China traveled to Russia near Mongol around 1996.

She moved to Mongol with her family for the Chinese citizen settlement in Mongol program.

She moved to Latovia and it was for 4 blinded Chinese picking up from Prague, Czech, for France west shipping. But she escaped to Novi Sad in 2015 by pretending to be a Jew.

She was in poverty and she sold her body from 2017 using the Asian and Croat names(2018). She used my name around 2016-18 and I was targeted from the defamation.

She visited New York using my name in 2018.

She moved to Colorado for the crime suspect making by others’ name using. She started to receive 600A of $600 a month as the Socialz of the Saudi Araz(Molta as another Malta being) of Maltese contact in Colorado for the enemy search and mind reading. Araz is the Pacific Ocean staying ship from Brazil making the ship commands of evictions suited for Saudi Arabia. The ship started scaring other ships after the Swiss ship Aroo? sunk in Brazil in 2015.


Another case of the Maltese related different people was the joke of first to third generation Miyoko Goto name using team. Minoru Fuji, Kuugo Fujita, Kiyomi Matuda. Minoru Fuji lived in Novi Sad in 2013 and he moved to Belgrade in 2015. He died in Malta in 2016. Kuugo Fujita was in Greece south as the SDF TakaFuji unit since 2014.His clan insulted non-Maltese group in Greece area. Kiyomi Matuda traveled from Taiwan to Russia in 2012 and she moved to Ukraine for Romania visit later. Kiyomi lost her ID in Timisoara in 2015 and she tried to retrieve someone else’s copied passport photo from another location for the different person search helped by the Romanian Chinese population for the double living. Thus, the original registered residents names and IDs have been misused by the illegal migrant team.

Kiyomi Matuda was caught in Timisoara to be jailed and she used my name also as a double identity. It caused the Chinese harassment on me from Romania. Nunk’s case was  another trouble from Novi Sad as the example of defamation and the criminals’ misuse of the normal non-criminal groups’ name use for the defamation and wrong profile making. 

3 criminals in 2002 moved to California (time travel situation)

3 criminals existed from 2002 are: ChangLi Ching, ChangLi Shing, Yahiko Thomson(-2004).

Yahiko Thomson's case was from Zamora and he worked as a dishwasher but Hotel Melengue found him filthy to be the eye contact scaring. Thomson lived at Natomas Crossing; worked at a Chinese restaurant. But he had the file of no working days of Fontana's check of the group feeling check as the future project and Thomson failed. And she lost to the raping by the Indian guys for the easy sex worker engaged money making and her figure was caught by the sheriff in June and she died after 4 months of stying near Sacramento.

ChangLi Shing arrived from Shanghai in 2002 and he lived at 150 Charcot Ave, San Jose, CA like a garbage contractor behind of a building and he quickly swapped his job to a road workers' work possibility check after 2.5 months for a new educational team entry. Ou-gah Lin lived on Holly Ln, San Jose. CangLi Shing took out a cabbage grower from East San Jose by the accidental hit by a cabbage on the driver's head for bringing him on the pick up's cargo part with cabbages at 635 W Capitol Expy, San Jose, around 6pm. He drove to Eest San Jose. ChangLi Shing stopped at Senter Rd west of Monetary Rd. He slept at the grass and tried to act like the glass collection worker and someone picked him up as a lost father figure from Taiwan dumped by his sons. He started the Aluminum collecting job at 4280 Senter Rd, San Jose. ChangLi Shing moved to 4289 Houndsbrook Way, San Jose(?) after knocking down the student searching musician female alone living. He used the back noise only of faking a musician. He listened the ceramic hitting with utensil to be a strong figure for 4 months. The victim's mother was an American agency like figure and the missing second daughter case of not going to the music university for the work ended up as her mother only searched because another one at her home had wigs and making noises at her home whole day long. 4281 Houndsbrook Way, San Jose, was ChangLi Shing's next destination after he stayed next door, the woman had the tongue ripped off and blinded for the abuse on her and she left and dead as a cat's head like Shing's head crashing under a car happened in an Italian way. He took the house next door by blinding the families after they were escorted to the Mossads' building for the body sales. 37°25'11.5"N 121°50'29.8"W of Berryessa Union Elementary zone is the location at that time. ChangLi Shing was thought as an agency man to be safe. ChangLi Shing brought a damaged hand over his lost left hand from the dynamite for Mossad faking punishment. He had the metal works for the free energy feeling as Mossad in San Jose. He went to a house at 3653 Sierra Rd, San Jose, and blinded a man to ask to go away. The kidnapped house manager spilled all the wealth on his Alma Long's organization and the church in Freedom, CA. Songbird Ln? location was the kidnapped man's address where Shang brought him for 10 days of torture and survival in the Mossad's ways. Mossad loves finger like sphere and the ChangLi Shing's recruited lane was the thumb nail I-680 side, index is I-87, SanThomas, 82, 87 are the fingers. Spalding and Par Ave house was the Mossad educator's zone from 2001 to 2014 of Mori storage entry by Veggie sweater's firing. Taizo Ishikawa is 'Yasaikubi(Veggie sweater)' Maltese from Fremont west and he assaulted Mossad. Oumiya visited the same Mossad house in 2012 for the White Guys contact and Five Digit camera zone were made in 2015 for Go-oh storage Maltese of Yoyoghi clan from Romania. ChangLi Shang had the 2 weeks of the Mossad course and he lived in a noodle store nearby. Mossads are asked not to use the on sale cars forever as the radar noise actively added onto the brain for the social check. Sang hated it and quite Mossads after 3 weeks. CangLi Shing had Shang Mossad name but he quit being so by staying a night at a cemetery. A gum trouble of the car door opening happened man had the Shing's blinding attack after another gum entry for opening the key socket. 'Horse, cur, cur!' and one leg kicking gesture. That is the Stereo Center noise of the car call for the envoy bringing the smuggled car. The same noise is used by Komerz's 'Dou, dou, doverman' noise for stolen car driving back to the search location - initially in Honduras by Cuba. Shing took a car and headed to Curtis Avenue. North is a giant parking lot that Mossads can steal any car!!! Mossad House since 1997-2003 of Chao's time. 37°25'24.6"N 121°54'04.3"W. Cerry cir has the Mossads faking the FBI from Israel for the States Police as the matter of the land ownership stating from Paris-Moldova airplanes once in 2 months for the thought check and missed in July 2014 by Ronald Takaki's Rolland Takaghi of cafe in Budapest faking. Wakabayashi's heart rocker house selling AC Fruits of thought highjacked materials. 1103 Montague Expy, Milpitas,CA. It used to be Ripon. Shing worked for the home town business after he returned the rented car key to the Mossads business tracker at the giant parking lot. His job was the home town model for Mossads at 1160 Industrial Rd, San Carlos, He worked there 4 years.

ChangLi Ching is a Vec of the Mercedes owner in Chicago since 2003 after his ship Millionar sunk near the Kasumiga office Japanese region before the 911 in 2001. ChangLi Ching case was the rescue team from Half Moon Bay picked 4 his crews to be strayed at 'Tunisia' sounding Cowell-Purisima Coastal Trailhead. His crews of Maximalli(Makishima bread house of Skopje) were asked to pay for the $400 payment for the ship fee to U of Sacramento. ChangLi Ching killed someone at a shack at 9 Martin's Beach Rd, Half Moon Bay, CA for a survival after getting out from the ocean. And he did the hitchhiking to Milpitas to see another guy who took an Air Balloon path. ChangLi Ching wanted to go to Lawrence Expy area but the driver gave a ride to Captola area at 300 La Fonda Ave, Santa Cruz, CA. He hide in the mountain for 3 days eating dried items. He took another ride to 16400 Lark Ave #100, Los Gatos, CA, asking the old Japanese tea makers. 14855 Oka Rd, Los Gatos, CA, had 72 Japanese deaths happened since 2012 to 2015. Chuwa solved the situation in 2015 by E.San Jose thought monitoring faculty. ChangLi Ching had the intention of Sir searching. The eternal Sarah. 14685 Oka Rd to head to Los Gatos. ChangLi Ching had 2 kill around 815 Pollard Rd, Los Gatos and 4 around Capri Dr. He headed to 295 Cherry Ln, Campbell to meet Saiko Sushi people of Mitubishi group. Something strange name sushi or restaurant searched and the helper came. But they tried to evict him and he ran. ChangLi Ching had the access to the restaurant at a school for the students' leftover asking at 1 W Campbell Ave Building A, Campbell, CA. He helped a woman to join the UNHR. He made a contact to Mi-ha by V2K radio near 100 Lewis St, San Jose, CA 95112. ChangLi Ching sold ohter's body at Yawatano Storage of Office Lio in Berkley around 2004 to 2006. Water died Asians are counted for the compensation to the University of Pecin in Chicago(Fargo Bank) and swimmer to the coast were killed for the 911 alerts. Ching made money. San Tomas zone murders started as 4 kills in 2007 for the 'Why' check at the Mission San Jose area for the suspicious kills on the volley ball school makers around 2006 contact. It was Hui tried it. Because of the money, ChanLi Ching bought the Mercedes in Mongolians' Chicago. Mongolians engaged in the food business dropped by 1,500 population to another region after the Mercedes community loss by the counter measure of the 'double sing' as Singo02 installed by Yamaha in Oakland side. Another was ChangLi Shing of Shin-no-ki group of Mulhu in Chicago. ChangLi Ching replaced his compliant of the survivor case as the ship captain of 6 ton size ship sunk in the sea and he took the compensation money from Skopje? bank. And his actual ship was of Malta of the size of 6,000kg only.

Shinjyu-kai 20 Maltese radio V2K users in Stuttgart south - Eigenzich couple of Tamano city

Shinjyu-kai group from Ozsman Turkey's Zambia for the Miyoko search of Nakano ni-ren chain gang's whereabout check from 2013's video. If I studied in Stuttgart instead of Berlin, I could get Parmel's Palmers search in London indicating the bad type elimination unit killing me. Shinjyu-kai 2nd person is from Okayama. She felt dying and moved to Northern Germany after passing the USA. Nobuyo Miyamoto? She was in Poy-Pek Kai's clan of Miyaghi-Oh clan of Malta in Northen Germany after her car tire trouble and money theft happened. Miyamoto headed to Schonstett for the blood puncture in her body as an old professor. Amerang's pencil maker bankrupt and the money was used on the small aircraft purchase for 40 people to head to the US. Only 6 made to the US, and 18+4 moved to the UK to be the Sendai city. And the rest went to Spain for the Souryu-ji temple owner from Kyoto blinding to have the Houryu-ji of Aiko's favorite making for Malta. Shinjyu-kai in Unterneukirchen in 2012 was one person from Miyaghi prefecture. He was targeting old and young women in Garching an der Alz. He failed a home stay in Poland and strayed figure. Miyamoto of Kogushi had a marriage partner Eigenzich? from the Souka Gakkai's Kur-ste State Polis System exploitation of Malta for the blood implantation to be unique and all others died in 2013 abroad. The couple wanted to go to Eggstätt but Esbaum street car trouble faking. And the couple met another one trying to fish in the Maltese style. 'Mulhey?' and they communicated together of debunking Miyoko Goto and Nahoko Nakajima's Soka Gakkai cases for the safe bet of their own entry into Fukushima Souka Gakkai group in Munich. Ki-Wun Ciu's Souka. The blood injection was around January 2013 in Schonstett for German citizens, especially of Maltese origin for no work faking. NYJK - New York Jackets got initiative of adding Turkish prostitutes for Maltese debunking in Kyoto's Souka Gakkai evicting Koren origin ones in Germany. Miyamoto &Eigenzich couple and Ganzen Sakura decided to catch blacks and one murder happened nearby. Eigenzich was bankrupt from the CurPark joke at his Schonstett residence for a dog murder and another one, Mizuo Koizumi killed Eigenzich's relative for the Stette Polizei being. The Shinjyu-kai 3 members included the Souka Gakkai's report making Lehun Kong of 17years old in 2014 invited for the murder. Ruth Sholhammer was applying the jobs of oil paintings and how to use the painting blush for stabbing eyes of the people fromSouka Gakkai Shunske Nakaoka. Lehun knew someone's name similar to his, Nihung Kou of 22years old in Stuttgart. Miyamoto tried the prostitution jobs using her friends names such as Ley Sakuma, Miyoko Okayama, Naifen Key, Midori Kataba, etc, in Stuttgart. So many voice contactors added her microchips there. In Stuttgart, brain reading required to have the chipping for the certain body protection. It often happens at the pubs. Miyamoto had over 34 chipped names on her body to be a suspicious figure. Since their marriage in Berlin in later March 2013 about 2 months later made it right. Since couple had the reason of meeting from Miyamoto's Germany entry day of January 10th for the maximum of 3 months to be fulfilled and the man with the female murder suspicion avoided the crime by being aware with Shizuko Nacki at Nacki's residence in northern Germany for alibi. Eigenzich couple killed a high school student in Augsburg for the flight making to Berlin for the marriage certificate making in March 2013. Nancy Hao met them at northern Germany and the couple supported Mont Mine's naked dancing shows. Mine had 12 million yen as the State Police. Eigenzich couple moved from Berlin to north after 10 months stay as Maltese and they headed to Burkardroth by car in Feb 2014. The rich man Moga was killed by Souka Gakkai member there after 12 days of the surveillance. People replacements were easy in Germany around 2014. After Moga(問賀)'s death and a young family member Nataly Henmia was killed by the Mohical's LSD sales from the nothern Germany as the Maltese black joke. Mohical is the Mahikari religion figure sine 2013 of Ushimado Fujitu. Burkardroth became Bergerz for the Moga(Tuyoshi Uchiki)'s Pokas purchase in Budapest for the noise maker clan making for Wakabayashi's disguise helping from Hungary. Wakabayashi could talk on the consultant mode Muluchese VOICE to another country for the street eviction avoiding. Muneo house was created for the lost Jew money retrieving from Moga, the dead man from Sakaide-city. Moga was killed around May 16th, 2014, and Sagano's trouble holding American Jews in Berlin had the Rule of Minnesota of grouping and death experiencing. Berlin Jews sorting cases started from Irorino/Inorior search and many Spanish Maltese died for the money gathering from August 2012. Sarajevo block had Irorino search and 12 died around May 2015. Sarino/Sanala Jew names are searched in Berlin in 2014. The lost Jews name were provided to the Black Sea staying Mohicans, the SDF Sagateam since 2012. They are called as Black Jewz of Mohawk origin. Miyoko was to be in Ulm in 2014, and the Souka Gakkai team made the bait program to her visiting monastery by Mitcuti(Mitukoshi). Eigenzich couple was the State Police being for the social warning of 'wonderer Miyoko' to be there telling over Maltese IR-02 microphone. Because of the Maltese State Police just added by the blood injection of the old professors and the police chiefs after their deaths, the Maltese faked to be the Mossad members for avoiding the Maltese jobs but the State Police jobs like Harumi Koguchi case in Podgorica in 2013. My frined had the local team Iloku(Irokuchibashi) surveillance group contact for the CIA blood injection to avoid me. Ken Ogular had the CIA manual and his body was used on the blood injection for the safety of Chie of Nakamaru house. Maruo Uchiyama was in Stuttgart in 2014. Eigenzich couple stayed near Moga's house for Ulm south aiming from 2014 to 2015. They had the winery robbing time obtained car from Shibukawa, the Gablingen side Chang's winery zone. Eigenzich couple searched Holzheim for Alzeheimer disease patients searching and replacement with Oda's clan maker from Skopje. Skopje SE Jews were caught and their numbers replaced by Banja housing of Hotel Bianco. Maltese Hyocho clan established in Skopje. Ruth Shollhammer stated of Ruth's Stadt was the students only of the healthy block with the social family's 'ochugen' free gift giveaway block aside for the ideal robbery of Amazon.com books sent by Seeker. Eigenzich searched Alzheimer AL2 in Holzheim but the Knockers kicked out only 4. Knockers meant Seliblich's Albanian style of Mossad jobs of eviction like the social laugher of Jews to cause trauma to Jews in the neighborhood. After Moga, the Hotel merchant in the USA shipped Moga's money of 10,000GBP/mo since 2013. Eigenzich had their pay of the 280,000€ for the new house building money by May 2015, and the Berlin visit in May had Shinsuke's money swindling and the couple escaped after 4,500€ loss. Eigenzich could headed to Wataru Hoshino's Zagreb at the end of May, 2015. She had Miyoko Goto's Stolk picture and films from Shollhammer house by Fuku-Oka-city house in Stuttgart as Shollhammer's origin of Polising. It was POLIS of the people's feeling evoking of rightness. Zagreb PRC team started to mob me from the social debunking site Astka.com? and Hayakawa(Hayakuchi) added the Japanese nationality women for the polis accusation of the crime victimization - crimes happen along victims and only victims are stripped off ID Maltese,etc. POLIS and victims are divided and only POLIS accused victims till their death and anyone guilty had their names used for the court items till their deaths. Thus, the Maltese are safe from accusation by different personalities and IDs holding. Miyamoto ruined Hako Torii's name also in Zagreb. Miyamoto&Eigenzich couple headed to Vienna and left accusation to Miyoko to the Touhato polis Keigo Natori's Enemy Elimination Unit Shizuoka for anyone climbing the fortress road in Kotor punished after Eigenzich's murders. Any Matunaga name was terminated in Preterstern area in Vienna and Miyamoto helped it as the Republic China side. The collected money was used to save Jews nearby after the Jews' bathing exposed by the SeaCera satellite Mirari. Jews received 2 billion euro and obeyed to Jujus. New Jews are from Hong Kong and they had Ju-Jutu alike Juju small accessary holding as their identity sice 2016 and some migrated to Yukar Miyano&Yukio Takaoka's Paris Judo club in 2018. In 2016, 48 Viennese Jews died and replaced by 106 Russian Jews. MIyamoto helped Kaoru Fujii of the Fiji figure in 2015-17. Turip Hotel was built for Mossadz of Maltese in 2015 and everyone rode on. Miyamoto had a happy coupling. She often took the free flight as Chianez of cheering up Okayama of her origin of Okayama visit from 2017. More people lost in the poverty in Japan since 2016 of the Yodo ship highjack incident. It was Tra-uma of the traumatic case by Urayasu (Yasunori Miyata) people. Miyamoto took the initiative of Youko Yasuno as a bad sample of cheap marriage making in China saying. Miyamoto case was her Nobuko stretched name of a weapon family accent. She traveled to Mongol in 2018 and she became a NCC (Non characteristic Cain) figure. It meant the detention is possible only in Japan and no more Shikoku visit of the Souka penalty. Eigenzich had Stol problem of the incidental marriage with a richer woman than Nobuyo in 2016. He divorced from his wife who was sleeping with Kouji Uchiyama from Malta for the free wife take of Maltese issues. Because Miyamoto was a Maltes, she avoided the overstay troubles. Shinju-kai near Monta Mino' s house in Sarajevo meant the Gakkai. Ebara's building at the east edge of Munich was taken by Kaolu Hayashi-ya in 2016 and the Friday talk meeting members increased with Kaoli Takebayashi of Oumoto Shinto Shrine, and Kancul Haghi.

Felbay missing case and the replacement in Serbia

Spanish Embassy employees were attracted to Cai's group in 2014 and one death of diplomat crashed Wakayama's Cai team to Slovenia around April and they went back to Zagreb with another Kaiyuk Cay(lease team joke) to Zagreb at the end of September 2014. Kaiyan Cai died in Zagreb after eating the dried ice bowl food at the Soushi-sha restaurant in Donj Grad on March 21st, 2014. His clan took the 3bd room flat on the 3rd floor across the restaurant to be the rich figure. Carl Thuderz was of Serbia in 2012 and he eliminated Takahanada killing Wakabayashi figures from the central Serbia. Felbay of the Swiss rich organizational figure blinded around May 2014 and she was used by Wakabayashi in Ub east for Hi-Octan business starting in NY by Hiroshima team. Felbay replaced by the Belarusian chemist from Malta and she is taking the job in Serbia since 2014. Felbay case was to buy the Hirooka team from trouble shooter in Texas. Felbay was long forgotten since then. Hi-Octane case is SMA100, 50, and EMA10 for the 10 minutes break check and the ADX like indicator using for the large sum up of the heading down expectation. Hi-Octane won Hirouchi's Capital industry in NY in 2014.

Polis State: PENIS

PENIS origin of the State Law is in 2014. POLIS PONIES finished in Albania north. An officer had a double talk maker Mohid to be on his side after his penis loss at the Pony Express cafe area in Zagreb in Feb 2014. He moved to Costa Rica search in Zadar south and he lost. Andrew I. Dumon from Comanche, TX, had the heart trouble to Aikos' command. Aiko asked only one person guilty saying to avoid Aiko group's crimes to be avoided from the police review around Croatia. The SDF solders engaged in crimes. And after one boat theft matter in Herceg Novi, the US politician from Florida was caught. Other 2 politicians along him complained of the boat saving case but the man Janić was charged and he lost his job capacity as an US politician. 24 including Janić visited Podgorica for the Monlore talk but they were killed in 2 days. Podgorica police stated of they do such on the 'invited' University visiting Russian politicians as the matter of the Setouchi TV trouble maker Takashi Takahashi's money making. Takahashi escaped to Greece east with the lost US politicians' items as a hallucinating SELF of the body implantation of lost teeth of someone, etc. Andrew I. Dumon stated of the State Police alone from the sea as the crime witness. He said the crime of the murders happened in the Greek side where Dr. Gonzalez was having the double murder joke of champion flag on him as Wakabayashi Lunasiez of Shizuoka. Because of the double murder places, other state police came for the murder in the Greek side. Podgorica had Takayoshi Satoh for the 14 murders to east near Jack Honda. Andrew I. Dumon was angry on the phone telling 'he lost penis!' only for his contact. No law was there. Andrew I. Dumon's saying of 'Penis' to Cuoda ship from France about the murder cases in Greece was about he would join the winner team. Some SDF Kaga units and extra of 2,400 from Pula were killing in Serbia to north in 2016 and before was to Macedonia from 2014.

There are police variations of POLIS, PENIS, NAPOLIS, PARIZ, PUNTZ of Cuba, NABISCUM, etc. And this is about PENIS of one officer doomed to be contacting after the mafia law took his mind to go with Palmers for the abusive language only use on the civilians in foreign lands. The police personnel is abusing commoners in UK, Italy, etc, like this way of one traumatic trouble on the personnel's body.

09 May, 2022

POLIS of 56 polis group's strategies (draft)

This document is partially shared here for the replaced police model with the IR-06 radio use of the real police order making by the mafia groups exposing. Polis started as Polnea in Poland after Norsada's Novi Sad zone Polnea holding. 

/* Copyright 2022 by Miyoko Goto.

This is a draft and a last edited on May 9th, 2022. */





The para-code makers in Spain built the scenarios in 2014 for their Souja clan making.

There are 56 strategies collected by the Wakabayashi Souka Gakkai team and Wakabayashi misused it by calling Miyoko Goto as an ogre team member like Satki Eda in Skopje around 2015. The first 6 strategies are known as the Case by Case for tricking others for swindling by the automated answering machine like the Gozo island’s secret debunking device since 2017. Before was the manual treating the strategies.

Youtarou(Youjirou Chinese character) Inoue is known as the 56 strategies combined person around 2018 as the max numbers of such ex-Polis of non official police individuals’ techniques.

Ryotarou Sano of the Sano Kouji team would be engaged in the newcomer accusation near Malta. Anyone engaged in the riverside and seaside activities are aimed with the certain strategies by the Maltese way of evacuating the people for the wealth and names robbing.





2. MASTAR(Yasunari Kondo 2nd Gen)

















































51.MOLA(MOTA pronunciation)








1. Souka Gakkai Buddhist clan stating.

2. Souka Gakkai involvement of accusation team setting against the target anywhere in the world.

3. Souka Gakkai or not asking to the target’s residences and relatives’ accusation on the target expecting for the Souka Gakkai group involvement for the assault making.

4. Kicking the target to death. Pretend not knowing the incident by wearing a pair of sunglasses to go other direction than the waiting partner for the not such a person like Colin Wiliams existed for the Yamato Logitics in Japan in Budapest around 2012.

5. Hoda. A bandaged arm showing for money but pretending the boxer injured is mighty for hitting to accuse someone for not money paying.

6. Kiss. Show off the face so close to the target for the angry effect expecting. A woman could slap the face but the man could hit back so hard! A coward man could escape the so close face to face conversation and taunt him as scaring. It gives the image of the stronger side in the public.

7. Looking down. Always the penis size. Showing off the naked ‘letters’ the taunter write as the love letters for the thug joking. Rumor making is enough to crash the weakling’s groin part exposure to the locals.


2. MASTAR(Yasunari Kondo 2nd Gen)

1. Going face. See the man and hit and run. A hotel room visit can end up as a car key theft in the hotel in Budapest in his case. A knock down police was him. He used the hotel-knock man strategies.

2. Speak up. ‘Got together!’ Someone at home was the suspect and he could be demanded to go! Anyone goes out like the police demand looks like a guilty figure. The bystanders search the target’s home this way.

3. Simple kill at the store side. It happened many in Switzerland by Naghecki Yokoyama group from Hirano,3km inland from Venice of the Maltese unit Hirano since 2014. Just the side man passing. The complaining resident inside could be pushed down at the door for the injury causing and the dead body could be left aside at the entrance door of the hard entry of the Tokushima cops. Motoharu Yamasaki of the Venice Yamaha team has been doing this often in the Swiss side. Any visitor could see the robbery side open door at the side instead of the entrance door for the suspicious item left by Motoharu’s doing. A man kept outside was faked by holding some extra garbage for the rented home entry like the moving in time. The man inside could say he is a victim, too, of the shoe theft and being a captive inside for no shoe track leaving. The passive local side man could be a culprit later in Switzerland to Italy.



1. Speak of the female purchase but thinking it as hunting.

2. Kiss. ‘Can you kiss?’ speaking and tricking it as the face while the explanation was on his table for the food safety of the food sharing time or the wrist watch for the promise to going outside for meeting on time.The face kisser is slapped for the self defence.

3. Going back face. No tuning the face as Tadashi Yokoyama. Someone else was invading the ex-hotel evacuated and another one entered as the Filthy-Self of the Maltese thought of the evacuation of the target as someone replaceable for another person’s same job title entry.


It’s Chou-ske Ikariya’s name use of Paris-Moldova crime rate handling since 2013 of Mituhiko Takano’s case in Pula. Mituhiko was a wealthy figure from Japan but others robbed him and his phone was used for the money handing. The SDF Suga(Saga from 2016) was organized by the 16 she-males from Japan as the SDF members escaped Japan from 2011. Chousuke Ikariya, an artist and a comedian, died in Macedonia around 2013 and his inheritance has been used for the Japanese Social Unit SDF’s airplane money.

1. Make him forgetting the important date and schedules to Make-in.

2. Speak of whereabouts for accusing on low degrees of life styles, etc.

3.  Speak up demanding for shouting.

4. Speak up to others for others making the appointment for their own as the competing figures.

5. Loss from the competition from the surrounding aiming to the target man.











14. BIE


‘Everyday’s’ to everyone’s bottom pit making. That was Takanori Yashiki’s saying. He was from the Bichhu elementary school owner once in Serbia unit’s nearby housing holding to pretend themselves - Hiyoshimaru Kusaka(Hyosuke Kusaka), Daisaburou Ounishi, Takanori Yashiki, Shirou Takano - to be the evicted Serbians for aiming the lawsuits holding society. Japanese government sued the Murayama house in Ehime zone in Malta around that time. Maltese swindled the abroad staying people’s money by saying themselves as Murayama! One shout went well for the Souka Gakai’s group forming through the Maltese network. Everyone was accused in Malta, Yuta Malta’s division in west away from Zagreb boundary. The accused Maltese alike headed to Ruiko Tuwano’s offspring zone in Zagreb for harassing her son as a Japanese. He had a mobbed experience to join the murder team of Malta around 2014. “Someone else is accused...” Someone added the shoes noise for the safety of Takamatu people. A light touche of Maltese made someone to get ‘the caught!’ noise of ‘ta..Takanomiya!’ saying noise edited version saying as the fake Takanomiya person in Croatia for the real dead persons’ speech hiding. Thus, the double royal family was created as the small insider 10 people’s Zagreb clan by 2014. Thomas Shollhammer error happened in Canada by visiting the Rock’n’F magazine publisher’s hospital and a different Thomas murder of Otto Frank mistaken as Thomas Williamson. Thomas Lange was a Maltese Souka Gakkai member who took Frank’sname back to Switzerland and returned to Inocki’s Pula for the Croatian matter of the mother search for the immigration. Gorou Saino was killed by Yashiki team in 2014 and they made the Tadanori(free ride) Yashiki’s group for Budapest Honda team visiting for the fake person announcement makers for the murder of the real people. Everyone was fake as the safe matter in Skopje around 2013 to 2016 and it caused the double matter in Albania for the safe bet of the safe Albanian holding as their team name back up. Albanians exploited Macedonians for the marriage migration to the better region living later for the fake matter went mighty. These strategies might be used by Mossad Branes since 2018 in Paris.

1. Crash. It’s like the metro stop crash happened by Naoyuki Mori case in Budapest. Someone shouted that the earthquake happened inside of the Hadar metro station one day. The street merchants were killed by the basketball player in early morning. Eye crashing was the Omunibus Hotel related people. The basketball players are persecuted and evicted from the parks. It ended up as the Paris persecutioner Jew maffias with the basket ball on their hands damaged in Paris around 2014 to 2016 and also in Hungary. Hungary had the American basketball players deleted from 2016.

2. Away. Enter the house no matter what. Through the resident to outside in the Judo technique. And lock inside. That is house. No one knew who the foreigner is. The no money holding through person could be in trouble outside. A phone in the house is crucial. The suspect searched man wins by staying inside and locked the house for safety. Blacks lose often this way against the wealthy brand clothes wearing robber contacting in a fluent Japanese.

3. Go home. Ask to return and do the backup. Go follow. The room entry is near. Akio Hirosue(Hiromatu) in Belgrade has the Shinjyo village that way since 2017. No repeater home is searched and the Capitor locals were evicted for the Capitol Industry holding at the Saratoga Avenue in San Jose, CA.

4. Key. Key is a key word of Malta. Key is like the port and a housing to them. But the office key is.. Takanohana. Milpitas had Kej Tanimura intern and he used ‘Takamatuno’ noise on his recreational voice hearing on others nearby. He had Yusuke Kondo and Yasutaka Matuno team members from Japan. ‘Yastaka Matuno..’ joke of ‘Takamatuno (Taka wait for me)’ ended up his Inari team engagement for the Japanese royal family club. Kej Tani was asked for the name change and he moved to Sicily West to search Suzaki from Japan. Someone said ‘Kei wo ukeyo(take a punishment)’ saying on the phone and Maltese alerted on the ‘key’ noise. Thus, the punishment team gave their own ‘key’ to Maltese for the different accent of what Japanese Souka Maltese are to evict ‘key’ loving Maltese from the words. Speaking in Japanese with adding ‘key(punishment)’ vowel for treating women. It works for the punishment lover searches for the thought collection. Give enough punishment as you like.

5. Zthe. They. The common Zhey changed. It was Z-hey’s new music band. It was moved to Thessaloniki from the USA. Everyone disappointed the band one day. The music instrument, the drum set, was purchased and sent to Thessaloniki for the sales after the musician was blinded. The drum was used in the music show and it was sold to Maltese in Tel Aviv. Z meant ‘Zettai(absolute)’ of the murder assurance. Someone called ‘they’ were hated. “Which side you are?” Do-mozel team from Malta abused the normal educated groups. Douno of Malta has been accusing Miyoko Goto for Naoya Hibiki and Toru Nakano cases in Germany by her name misused for the Block Rocks murder in Munich and Ikura from Yakage village for the Kyoto money of Shirou Ouno stealing in Yakage, etc. Payson stole the money in Yakage and the Black Rocks case was Naoya Hibiki’s murder assisted by the Douno group. Someone with money was counted as ‘they’ for targeting. Thus, Maltese won. Maltese could use the old tactics learned from the naval era in the Middle Ages.

6. Buta. Anything But/Bot is special. Buta is for Budapest. ‘Buttan?’ someone joked as the hit on as a ‘butta(slap)’ Japanese joke. And the light hit near the Franciscan church made a whistle stolen from a boy of a high born. The slapper became the eye witness for the social contact with the rich parents’ aid to search the red dress woman. Kisotaro Nakasone wore the red shoes and he imaged of the fear of the parents from telling it was him. Instead, he suggested of the red dress wearer to be the culprit after her hand bag was pulled. The prostitute image woman was searched and one was found in the building near the accident. A light hit on is for the Budapest. Hitting on Hungarians for the Japanese joke of comedian shows work in Hungary for the real hitting ending after the group diner visit to a specific store. The store owner hates trouble and anyone outside is avoided for the police contact.




19. KODA



22. MAS


24. KAM

25. KON(CON)

26. KABU


28. SAM


30. PALU










40. ULDO




44. NASI

45. KAZ



There are 17 strategies and his case started from Hamamatu in Japan as the Tokushima block city house. Tokushima S.Korean group bombed Japan using the water balloons from the tall buildings for the maximum effects of the Fukushima bock like body damage causing from the radioactive in the filthy water. It was the land education of how far the balloons could be hazardous searching in Shizuoka prefecture far from Tokushima. Ron Poul of the Fukushima handler of Ron, the one supporting Zeni(善井)’s money handling case. Because of Akiko Woda’s case crashed Zeni’s image and Californian Kyosuke Maeda took the initiative for the California fever making in 2013. Ron’s case is the darkness headed Kyosuke Itou of the Inogashira park murderer’s ill money handling trouble from Japan. Kyosuke is Ron and he thinks to visit Hermet Stadt in the US.The money for such a trip of over 10,000 people from Japan was counted as the Ron Poul double matter of the famous US politician. In case of Ron’s need of heading to the US from Japan.. That is the money is about and the money collection way is the real Ron’s ‘bitch’ shout like trouble from the US side.

1. Act. First is the action. And no more. Action tells.

2. Mirror image group figure to be on one’s side view. Everyone lined up? That is the secret of the group-goers. Everyone lined up or at least together on the same side.

3. Sug.. It’s the swindling figure. He could just gesture of something like the Nakasone group by pretending to show the face of ‘I know it.’ Bulgarians often did it for the communication. But the gesture of paying could be the Nakasone style of one ship sunk somewhere of the payment making form there since 2015. A ‘search’ suggestion could be ending up the conversation maker’s payment demand! It’s a non written communication’s trouble.

4. Come over. It’s Ron’s phone call making. The faked was Eda in Australia in 2017. Sending a ship and it was Matuhama ship to Alaska from Japan and it was robbed by Arashi team. Arashi Kondo from Tel Aviv is popular of the low comer, the lowest commoner, swindling. Ron’s location was Australia and he ignored the law of Mitubishi/Mituishi dental clinic zone in Santa Cruz, CA, for against Yatou of the Sinjya Party in Greece and Sinj, Croatia.Sinj had the Hattori police in 2016 and the Hotel Local had the blinding trouble in July 2016. The police demanded of the one year early of the new comer sake of the trouble telling for Sughino/Koudou’s low technology of date missing reports for the police and group nullifying. The dead listed people lived through that year!

5. --DA! Add ‘Da’ sounds of Maltese. That is Murder! Maltese had the murder cases in Belgrade and the house had the ‘M’ mark outside. Everyone thought of the specific person like M initial holder for the culprit being. The wrong person was complained by Yoshiki Ishimori around 2013 and he was evicted to Egyptians’ region near Paris in 2015 and he moved to Spain for the Rakuda club evicting. Ishimori died in Morocco in 2018. Add “-da!” for the  “Hoi” replying woman checking through the voice contact. The usage is the name misused as Kondo as Konda for the social contact of Ron’s selfish wish of Kondo evicting. Kondo is evicted by the Maltese organization around the world.


Daigorou Yoshida or Yoshida Sensha’s make in 2015.

Sasuke Tawara(Kouji Tashiro) made the Setouchi Garden Heights in East Italy for over 200 Montenegri kill in 2014 to bring more women from Japan. That was the Minamoto-Gojyouta house for Maltese. Japanese social tie lost in Ulcinj around that time.

49. MODA


51. MOLA(MOTA pronunciation)

52. HAZA

53. IZI


55. MOSA

56. KOBU

Tran partner makers can go anywhere. That is Setouchi Kobun(subordinate). He took a wild guess of the driver’s age and he thought of saying to be a bus driver like him. And the man killed a taxi driver for money in Bulgaria in 2014. The taxi driver was the ex-bus driver who had money from the bus jacker, Yutaka Kotani. Kotani took the bus to the SDF Jacke’s Matushima block inside of Bulgaria for taking the initiative over the Bulgarian governmental team to against laws as the group within the unit showing. It’s the mass effect of the group within the large critical base for the security check.

03 May, 2022

Heiroc Montenegri name change

 Is Dr. Jan English-Lueck responsible for Heiroć in MNE in 2016 changed his name to Herioć for Hirota name for the Yokota base in Yokohama use and Herioć name used for a Jew name to enter to Panama for the sexual harassment for Mildol (Midori) ship enter to Panama in 2018? I heard Dr. Jan English-Lueck has Genkichi Yokota for her subordinate for the Midori-Jyuji(Green Cross) entry to Silicon Valley for the Chinese government side eviction of original Japanese and China rebel migrants. Green Cross had children blinding accident for Digital Monsters. Dr. English-Lueck case could be related with the south Portugal Pou case of Poul Piason's Pole Armie matter in Hungary to be protected and the Aiko's case of the Polish Army flag loss from the residence in Lehel, Budapest caused trouble to the Miyai storage of Miyano cop clan. Pou is San Paulo Bank swindle case from Vatikan in 2014 by Mack Caron, the old Pope's replaceman name from Poland and it was exploited by the Matani group of Kajitani industry in Zagreb for Paul Piersons after Pohak names were replaced by Kohaku team of Fuji TV. Yukino Aibara in Dublin also had the same name like Kohak for a new English searcher in Budapest for the same name take of Poland educational team's ID to be settled anywhere for the Vatican.