05 December, 2020

Long time no posting but I was busy in other things

 Face Book took out my 'Note' button and all notes went missing since last month or two months ago. So, I guess I have less possibility of using media these days. Twitter is fine. And this blog also. 

I was busy writing books and publishing more stuffs. I could add the books information here as the posting for the advertisement. But I guess my readers could see where I sell my books. 

Oh, I found Ashikaga group in South Africa. Ashikaga is the SDF Navy group cultivated and damaged the entire sea ottoes in the area in 2016 as the lost item no refund joke game toward S.Africa. 

The same group had Happoba (Shooting Range) for the seafood cultivation in Bar, Montenegro to Durres, Albania. So many Japanese SDF groups are marines and illegal fish poachers in Albania. Pula has the Moriyama clan for the AS club for the same fishing matter. Look at who owns the sea resources in S.Africa, Venezuela, Cuba, Croatia, Italy East to South, Montenegro Ulcinj area to Shokoder, Durres in Albania. 

The police prove was created on April 16th, 2017 in Tirana with the Albanian politicians' back up for saying Armenia as the choice of the information setters. Thus, Americans lost the wars in Montenegro north to Azerbaijan for the scapegoat making and the teacher to be taunted as the first victim by the groups, the Chinese groups with Korean backup on the resources to look neutral status. 'Wear the mother's shoe' 'wear the father's shoe' and so on. All from Albania. 'I...' as the starting point of the mind control to be 'healthy citizens' while foreigners are counted as so by the cultural gap of what is enough taunted on their body as Albanian residents! The counter was from the north where the Belgium people killed and Japanese and S.Korean infiltrated in since 2014. I have the maps available but I shared it only at FB and Twitter. 

Do you know how many Russian Americans are surviving? Most died and replaced by Alaska staying Korean embassy people backed up by Canada and UK queen club. Thus, more Russian American ID holders are living in Canada just like French guys exited France with another person's ID to be backed up in Canada. I bet why the US kept the fingerprints records for all citizens for tracking. Perhaps, the shoe sizes and the actual height calculation would help figuring out who are really missing if the family history matter is important. If the family matter is important, the native Indians got trouble of how many to be having Japanese people's babies. Half Japanese? Count on at the villages across to east from the Silicon Valley! Toshiba had the experiment from San Jose as early as 2015.


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