24 March, 2023

Souka Gakkai's 23 eviction strategies in Hungary in 2023

 Hungary has Miyako/Fuji of the double Mossad group watching from Finland since 2017. Souka Gakkai is forbidden in Hungary after the trouble of the Shinsuke stay in the presidential building for 4 months and the president harassment. Here is the known harassments going on by the Romania side Souka Gakkai people removing the Hungary living residents. 

Hungary Souka 23 styles from 2023

1. Expelling. 

2. Listening main person figure.

3. The listener's double attack on the main listener before.

4. Getting the 'raid' of the receiving items firster than the original receiver. Job take, etc. Getting the credit card and blinding the target also.

5. Speaking up in the train station like the  main annoying figure next to the target. The target would be harassed by no foreign language knowing or not the local team leader.

6. Apologizing business on another. Speaking up 'excuse me' helping. Trouble causing later.

7. Cry. Wishing you dead in the ditches. The sensitive neighbors cannot feel safe nor sick from hearing it.

8. I-My-Me! I'm only there as the same person figure faking. Known as Baiting from 2018.

9. Otel of the phone receiving business from the man at the hotel or nearby for the real phone receiving later. O'hotel is no more but Ninomiya Hotel in Szolnok.

10. The riverside ship riding want telling and dropping the target underwater. The Venice solutioni from Wakada and Toyota time. 

11. Sky elevator up. Saying the wishes and another to be baited for doing the same for going up in the same methods. Souka punishes the same decisions often from 2018.

12. Hiraga Hirakawa. One side wins. The same name reuse for the real person being. It was Ichirou Shirakawa and Hirakawa being from the US. Not Hiroshi Hirakawa of the hitchhike figure. 

13. Mas. The group observing from the distance and complain as one of such player in the far corner for the same item take want trying.

14. KISS. Nicely figure gets the ducked ones for the large sphere making. 

15. ICE. Love me saying and hiding under to be so cold against each other for the trouble making in the neighborhoods about the resource war.

16. Masked militants. Any mask covering for the COVID19 to be exposed for the robbery case joking. Robber feeling holder to be persecuted.

17. Blinding faking on self. Another trying help like the nice friendly Indians are baited for the blinding victim's complaining subject for blackmailing.

18. Japanese. It's the abuse from Hong Kong in Kure Crei Mongwei's location at the China Town in Budapest. Asking others to head there for firing up against them. 

No Japanese side conflicts among them holding. 

19. Tabi. The footsteps hiding is no more after Takawo Murayama took it out. It helped the Pet-Pod-San's footstep listener listening by the certain voice call making and moving to the side from the footing. 

20. Souka. It's Sou-Kwan. Milki Sou and Kwang Hulkai were together for the robbery from Maltese. Souka Gakkai has robbery. It's the announcement.

21. Food. Any food brought from outside to be denounced like the foot stomped items. Such foods were ignored. Nagoyan's food giveaway cannot work from 2014. The OWE food is only killing eaters. 

22. Stripping off. The violated sites have the footings. The newcomer came for apologizing and bringing new people in from their own flocks. It meant the re-building and complaining were accused more by the forced powers from the outside. It makes the penalties only.

23. Souka as the layered fugitives down in the layers. It's the wall figure in Zagreb at the beer garden where Komatu once crashed the wall with his rented bulldozer. It tells the human power of doing the same thing for the power.

Mossads loss and the NHK fakers to be the real Mossad being since 2012

 Here is some information of who took whose jobs as Mossads. Look at the overstay making people around the world as the Mossads after the original assigned Mossads killed by them. That was why Takeshi Wakabayashi was in the Mossad jobs and he had the title of the Fuji TV journalist to be organizing the Japanese Jews trip making till their deaths. The Danielz Maltese clan was formed after 400 of Mossads loss in the UK and their names shipped to Peru. Different Jews were punished by such new Mossad name takers for accusing on Jews. Khin was the victim in Budapest started such fake or double name Jew around to be punished and no original Jew to be taken as no-name person for the free murder of the Jane/John Doe. Ruth Schollhammer, Kentarou Kanda, Leon Stork, Norsada Serdel, had such Mossad names for their own safety. 

Some fake Mossads are known as Black Mossads (Chinese Moldovan Mossads), Albanian police team Mossads, and such. Albanian fake Mossads cannot eat beef for telling their identities as false. Mossads would be having the full shoes for functioning as Mossads and many others had the half shoes of the Mossads' invite for the regional officers being. Thus, the local robbers nowadays are Mossads because of the replacement of their original ones. Some existing Mossads help other fake Mossads for their group matter. Finland has only the SDF Japanese Army for the lost 14 Mossads replacement and they are stalking Jews, Christians, and so on for money. 

Here is the partial list of the information. At least there should be more cases of such double Mossads to be found from other victims. 

Mossad Names: 



Jion(Jion Taro 2012-, Kentuk Kang 2014-16, Jyon Tarou 2016-)

Kel(still active even after the US Embassy TAKE by Nonaka and Hacio clan in 2016)

Kork(still active as Irish flirter from 2012 and he helped Leon Shruck to get to Altheim area Germany to stalk Tolk Zimmer)



Mel(Yoshitarou Yoshitaka/Yuuya Yamamoto of Tetuya Yokoyama August 2013-)

Lel(Midori 'Yokojima' Goto Dec 2014-)

Sani(Jyunji Inaka 2013- and he took the name to Dubrovnik)


Gun(Yumi Chihara/Uchihara 2012?)

Germany: about 800 Mossads


Turcur (Ichiro Takaki replacer by poisoning after a night stay at Anne Frank house)


Ben-Ben of Benjamino Benson(Teugui Benj 2013- for causing Mol-Sad)


Alikan of Alicia Kang(Jiro Matui 2015-, Jior Komatu 2016-)


Pok of Ronarld Pockishe (Kojiro Yakiyama(Yuuji Koyama) kicked him and burnt and the dead body kicking to be counted as the Mossad being; Ruth did it with a new machien invented by the Yokoyama Souka Gakkai as Jews for the origin search time hair inheritance misusing)

Pok name was taken by 20+ people for just visiting the dead man's spot for insulting him. Ruth Scholimoimor Shollhammer, Goro Matui, Tanuki Imai(Taro Imada). 

Finland - the SJSU kicking SDF team since 2016

Irocke (not a Jew saying Echi-dir saying of non Jew being for the group monitors' monitored figure) Imosaku Sato name was so attractive to be contry bumpkin image and it was used by A-saku Satoh image everywhere around 2014.)

Milocke (Tamida of Mami Tanba killer. He created Kyoto Min-dan in 2015 to save Kenda.Taro money swapped to Nagata-Ouye money in Budapest for Ouiye trouble no more saying against Daiton. Mirocke assaulted Serbian Jews in Khazafstan and Georgia to make a revenge on their children losses starting Marie Shimerz. Shirov? Shiroc name reuse of a new name stating. It was the insult to the dead Jews in 2015. Russians could not help it. 

Milocke abused such Jews for the eviction subjects as the no true name people.)

Mirocke (Miyoko Kato. She accused any Kato name for hers causing the trader trouble in Vienna. She made Win Win company connection in Belgrade for all Jews to be secured using her money after robbing any skinhead like Japanese robbing. Toni B. was the name of Taro Nagata.)

Florke (a Jew maker in Bar, MNE. He was accused of no name holder heading to Kotor as the Double Bar. It was Tetsuwo.Flon nickname man out from Africa. He killed Stedes Croat man working in the airline before and his escape from Perast after staying 3 days and more died at the new language school zone near the port. He removed Croats from the Beo shopping mall.)

Mildrocke(Caeser Mild was from Italy south and he was Don-Jion worker. He had the eye inserting gesture to a blind for being a Jew.)

Krowdrocke(Tadao/Hajime Mukai who had another Jew name as a Mossad in Budapest as Ichirou Mucoj and he was evicted as a Jew zone while Kentarou Kanda and Cerieses were meeting. No wings was monitored for no Mossad name taker. Ko-Taro was like that. Kentaro left his Ko.Taro nickname toy at the Bunk of Quon home. It meant the toy makes Kentaro to be act like a Jew.)

Iwaicke(forbidden word. Taro Iwaki was a murderer. Finish Jews were caught by Jiro Akai(Akaghi) in 2012. 14 Jews were tortured and their files were erased. 

Taro Iwaki killed all Jews around the norhern Finland around February 2016 and Ruth Moimorez name became so strong against Jews because she was famous. 

Greece: 32-36 Mossads

Gol(Kanta Ken Dec 2013-, Tomoko Imai? February 8th? 2014-)

Yui(Morito Mori Winter 2014, Shugi Harada of Makoto Harada killer in Japan 2016-, UnGong Kuo 2020-)

Haramon of Miyoko hater and Hideyo Noguchi favor making (still active as Tunni aka-Tube strangers' visit as newcomer Mossad being in Israel monitoring)

Hari Amoz is his name. He is the Mossad's money collector type job holder since 2013. 

Koui of Koufi Nour (still active)

Noi (Goro Ituki kicked him out from Sutomore in Dec 2014 for overstaying Mossad fakers alert giving time real Mossads taking out)


Budapest 600(2014), 840 including Hamaz(2018-)

Alvan(Rentuk Woi Nov 2013- ,Jiro Ishii 2020-)

Holvan(Getucu Kyo 2013-, Shigesato Imoj 2020-)

Khin(forbidden name because of Arakawa house for the group eviction since 2014 for anyone coming from the Nyugati train station to be Jews. Any ringing tone to the ear caused the Japanese fishers to be labled for fishing and they search the certain location heading to be ending their life.)

A different Khin was the arrested figure for Toyomaru and Daiichi's Class team. Reitarou Ouoka had the Jew monitoring team for the different Jews catching since November 2014. Weiss was replaced by the problem halters in Southern California. 

The no such a name detected Jew was killed by the suggestion of the police officers who were helping Khin nearby. Shoutarou Asaoka group killed such different Jews freely for taking the fake Mossads' business.)

Head Coral is the location Khing was evicted in Geneva for the fake Jews no more for retiring the names to give up the Jew names to the Jamison team from the Hotel Suzanne in northeast Germany or from the St. Mary Hospital in Dublin. 

Jews lost to the fake Jew catchers like Isamu Yoshida at the St. Mary Hospital observing entering Croats' own deaths by the Russians from Kuala Lumpir. 

Hideshi Yokoyama kicked Khin and John received Khin's nickname as Khang which is the pairing name near the Great Market Hall. Khang spot was evicted for the Lucky 7 hotel making on the 2nd floor for 4 people free stay making. 

Khang (He was tortured and abused 4 days to be joined to the Minamoto house at the riverside.)

Egar 4 Mossads 

Alimon of Elmo Hanz (Takashi Wakabayashi kicked him around March 2013? before their trip to Bulgaria again for the Mossad check there because Mossads were strong)

Halinon (Taro Hatanaka in Germany 2012- for Keiko/Toshiko monitoring time name and job use, Komaru Ebara killed Almo Hanz Mossad man by 2017)

Koror of Korhaz father name (Taro Iki replaced him in 2014 for his gas station in Budapest use)

Ircid of Ishioka Uniersity graduate of 2014 and born of 1988? (still active as the NHK manager since Shinshuno- loss in 2016 to Kyoto)


Gyor 40 Mossads

Nyiregyhaza 6 Mossads

Szenged 2 Mossads

Ikori (Irirock was his subordinate from 2012 and he helped 'Ou-huh' speech hearing to Irirock in Thailand but faked as in Peru in 2013 to 2015. The people around him could hear the fathers' moaning voice only)

Scaki of Scalpinz. 


Con(Yuusuke Kondo September 2013? for the Kontrast trouble for the migration failure to the Dunnes building in Wexford)

Shici of the Muslim side supporters in 2013 (Taro Kamimoto took his name for Gyohuh Hang name use in Albania to Romania Dec 2013)

Peru Mossads started from 2012

Renzo of Rentaro Ishida. 

Kenzo of Kenzo-in Iino and his ex-name was Kenichi Iihara of Japan.

Shouzo of Shoutaro Ishimotu was a forbidden name of Kyohei Kamata who migrated to Peru side in Zemun around 2015-16 to get a jew badge on his own to be safe from Imorock Sato's groin trouble causing. Iomsaku Sato kicked someone's stomach in her hotel room and he was accused in the same way till death. 

In Japan, the marriage for Christians were secured and Imoroku abused a woman he monitoring for a sex object. Imorock was from Finland Jew name. 



Cogock (Gicho Ken 2014-)

Bui of Bensen 'Ullio' Uwing (Okina clan kicked him out for death in 2014 in Zemun. The Nagasaki prefecture murderer from Budapest took his name as Hun-no-ji Mossad man to Skopje.)

Niš 2 Mossads

Mouc(Sacki Jan 2015? and the original returned with right arm lost figure from 2016)

John(Jon Il-Gyok from Hyogo University Leon's. John Wallack? was from Kurashiki and he knew Calice. John Julluck was from Ushimado and he became Obeyron's Looklook Konnichi in Uruguay by 2015.)

John came for searching Kamatch of the better ceramic factory use of the earth soil searching after he kicked Khin Mossad man in Budapest around Suntry's death in the ocean. 

Novi Sad 5 Mossads by 2014 and 3 from 2017

Nor K. W. (Norsadar Serdel 2015-)

Kor of Koran Lang(Streory Nikole was Leon's name around December 2013 for the different reason of Hamakow bushing in Budapest. Hirokichi Imada used Leon's name for getting Mossad's intention of 3 minutes fake death for another inviting. Mioke Goto 2015? and he died of 12 hours swimming death)

Sole(the copycat of the copyguard moved to Zagreb as the fake man in 2015 and the past time was Soli from France who was abused by Kotarou Nakano who abused Norsada a lot in 2013 and Goro Matui became Komatui after Shibeno death in Belgrade against Obeyron(Beyron))

Sole had the different location finger check and the same identical foot fingerprints were found during the foot match of the Hull invite to Hungary next to the Great Synagogue building in 2015. 

The same foot toe mark only of the same person stating to Obeyron in Albania south. Obeyron had his wealth give away for the baite program of Iron by Asio from Ancona, Italy. 

Obeyron was Fui-Hull Lin and he lost his own six million ship by betraying his Chinese father in China. 

Soli came from Israel as a replacer of the non Hebrew speaking Spanish mafia's fake man Ackow replacement since 2018. 

Korkz from Malta since 2015(actively Maltese accusing others)


Mutzuda(2014-, Kogoro Mutuzda in Budapest for Iwano-Nakasone group forming to accuse the Hungarian government in the Spansh style)

Muc(Kogoro Mucuj/Mukai 2016-)

Jin (Jino of Teruyuki Jinnai 2017- who hid in Jabuka, Serbia)

The UK: 400 Daniels since Shinshuno- call number loss in 2017

Kuron(2012 of monitor abuse of not helping Daniel for the Jew's matter. Jews are helping Jews only as the Maltese Law. Danial faker was not saved by him at the island south of the UK in 2012 and the real Daniel Schollhammer accused him in northern Germany in 2014 for forming Daniels Mossad team there)

Kuron (Quoy) was asked to reach Budapest for the safe spot for Jews Maltese but the faker only wanted a house for the drinking and Quoran opened for the Why Guys of the Mossad faker team from 2015.

Sughion (Taro Suyeki kicked him out from Scotland east around 2017?)

The USA: 

Kohuk of UCB side(Naotaro Takenaka Dec 2014- for the Pacific Ocean Ginzi)

10 January, 2023

Matajirou Sakai's case as the criminal culprit making near the strayed police officer in 2013

I found further cases of the strayed Japanese police ex-officers to be searching rich individuals nearby for the crime causing. Matajirou Sakai's case was his Osakabe clan making for anyone strayed in Romania to Hungary protecting. The beggar protection was for the ninja clan making and the ninja team robbed locals. Matajiro lost his own son in Zadar area in August 2013 and he came as a police man in Bulgaria and he took a train to Belgrade. Jiro Ouno was a Islam culprit for Miyoko Goto's case in Zagreb. Miyoko's invite caused some sisters visit to her rented home and freehand of the location aid searching 2 sisters lost from Okayama for having no relative but strayed. The Souka Gakkai tried the strength check to anyone after some people found why Mossads were strong in Tokyo. They use the real crocodile skins for their shoes for the identical shoe mark making. 

This is just a draft. 

Matajiro Sakai was the Sakurai figure in Serbia after the trip of Nodoka Sakurai in Belgrade to her death in Slovenia by Jiro Komatu. He was searching anyone called Inu and Jiro Sakai searching noise troubles.

His name was similar to Sakuraki search person visited from Bulgaria as the Monjiro Kogarashi(Kogashi) figure from Japan. Yutaka Sakai was missing from Zadar in August 2014 and he went missing by Pao group from Italy. The Office Pao was from Israel and aimed any swimming citizens with Japanese name in Pula from 2012.

Matajiro Sakai was living as Incene of the Tokyo police side yakuza man. He lost his son in the safe region of Zadar in 2014 and he visited Bulgaria around late August 2014. Serbia was a close from Zadar and the possible culprit was Jiro Ouno in the Hotel Ceptor and another was Miyako Koji of Michio Goto who was the faker of Miyoko Goto and he caused the Lenin trouble in one of the Catholic church with the Office Chaoz in China.

Someone came as Maltese in Akou city and the group accused Akabe clan for the US Army lawyer evicting because the lawyers were of Outu city people park rangers for swindling any city living people.

Akabe lost and his home was taken by Maltese from Italy. Atuch was the name of the Maltese who accused people in Okayama. Eiho was the new double name for their use of Akabe's home in 2012.

Matajiro stalked the civil heights maker in Bucharest and the nearby residence living Miyoko Goto mistaken to Miyoko Kiyono in 2014. Matajiro took out the Izanai clan in the building across the Hotel Ceptor and he baited any Heike clan people in Belgrade.

It was Yabe's home and Izanai faked no leg moving for a safe stay at Keiko Yabe's home and he took out the woman after 2-3 days in 2013.

Matajiro baited any Swiss around in the Zeptor Hotel side. Any elite was staying there and the Maltese from Ehime faked the mopping/mobbing business for blinding guests for replacing the visitors to their adopted child as Jews.

Different Jews started for the migration from the US this way from Serbia. Matajiro searched anyone for baiting after the trouble of his son's death. His son was only 17 years old after he was caught by Chinese and his son caused Matajiro's police job retirement to be shipped to the Croatian zone in Tokyo.

Matajiro crashed Croats and the local Beike team of Yoshie Abeno group made a winery sales of the Tokyo visiting Jews from Croatia in 2014. The Abeike club made the Benkei club in the Black Sea side.

Matajiro had enough wealth as 17 million yen from swindling the French Army unit from Croatia in 2017. They searched the Miyano-Kouji's Miyabu searching and strayed in Serbia. The car theft was common by Jiro Komatju.

Matajiro migrated to Kosovo in 2019. He was the Osakabe clan creator in Budapest after seeing Hattori strayed in 2013 in Budapest after his LOSS of the bag in the taxi. Al-Dehit was the noise maker of Nobu Maltese in south of the city.

Matajiro lost his son and the locals are so harsh like ignoring foreigners in Belgrade. So, he swindled by crashing them.

He asked the Hotel Cepter take to Cibi, the small kids like figures from Zemun port area. They had the kind woman feeding from her bakery since 2012.

The bakery woman was a Swiss migrant in Belgrade.

The Eiel was a ship stolen to Maltese and it was re-created by the Mossad's division in Belgrade in 2015. It was used for the Hogucei2 name call making for the special order causing from Norway north.

It meant the all eviction from the sea zone and it was used on Belgrade from 2015. Around December 1st was the time of Ichiro Deba(Dewu of the Swiss Jew in Geneva marriage result in 2016).

14 November, 2022

Saburo Shirakawa (A Vietnamese killer in Japan)'s Maltese accusation since 2014

 I found who caused me to be in trouble with the room invasions since 2014. Takeshi Wakabayashi was one of the Fuji TV guides who made the room invasion and murders in Croatia, Hungary, Colorado, etc, after his Maltese conversion. His case was the Ravnice Hostel private room invasion around 2013 and his group's stalking in Herceg Novi area when the Igarashi police who lived in southern Italy tried to visit Herceg Novi and he starved to death before making up any crimes to me around Summer 2013. Further Japanese police and police fakers in Budapest caused more troubles such as the Hachiouji police team's replacement by the murder club from nearby and their recruitment into the Hungarian police team for killing police and politicians later! Croats were killed by the Hungarian priest team from the cave church in Budapest for avoiding more Croat priests to came for the investigation of the missing Japanese 'Nagasaki' sisters and over 1000 Japanese priests who went missing from the Nyugati train station by Tasuke Fujiyama group for faking priests to move to the US for other Japanese killing. 

Saburo Shirakawa was recruited to a police station like the mass murderer Ichiro Aoki who caused the jacket only of the trouble near the Delta Mall in Podgorica in 2014. Saburo Shirakawa tried to add his RFID to his body but put it on me instead for avoiding the criminal catch on him after he was debunked as the Vietnamese murderer in Japan before his trip to Budapest in 2012. Saburo was able to move to Pula for working for the Maltese clan there. 

I found Sauboro Shirakawa's case had Leon Stork's entry to Budapest failure evidence. The Croat priests burners tried to persuade me to be a Buddhist for talking with the Catholic abusing V2K (IR-02 from Albania) speakers. Leon Stork faker was to be brought from northern Germany for punishing me instead by another Maltese's expectation of the wrong people to be counted on their murders. Saburo Shirakawa and other criminals were not caught but their crimes were added onto other travelers nearby. 

My map has more of Ichiro Aoki and Saburo Shirakawa's murder zones in Budapest. Perhaps, it solves the past murder and blinding cases. 

Maltese Captain Howk's gang stalking case (Feb 14, 2017 bag theft case in Lisbon solved)

I did not know about Captain Howk till recently of Captain Pork trouble happened around 2014 in Kotor, Montenegro. There was Captain Howk who was a trouble for Roswell in New Mexico and he survived the persecution there for the mass murder case. He moved to Falkland in 2019 after he made his own bank in Vienna after my trouble in Lisbon after my bag was stolen on February 14th, 2017. I heard Captain Howk's clan had the connection to Cimej Mossad group in Strassberg and Cimej's group tried to stalk me from Strassberg to Valentia for asking other Mossads for the robbery in Fatima to Lisbon. Thus, I had the money loss in Hotel Regina in Fatima and also the bag theft in Lisbon to have the trouble of no wallet situation for a week and I had enough money to return to the Balkans for retrieving my credit cards, etc. I was lucky at that time for having enough money for saving my life. Captain Howk swindled the Romanian dancers in Vienna on March 31st, 2017, for making a bank of his own as the joke of his own bank account making from the ill business example and he became famous as the criminal figure returning to South America as the Pope's family supporting business maker to Vienna from Spain. 

Captain Howk's trouble was of Roswell and Rosslare moving for different people catching. Ichiro Kumano from the Kume office of Malta was to be caught in Roswell instead and Captain Howk was to be searching any fishing customers from Japan there for the fugitive training and his clan was filed in New Mexico for the murder cases. He survived the persecution and migrated to Argentine as a strange criminal success model. 

Chizu Moriwaki of Shizuoka University graduate's Maltese entry in the US to Ukraine

I heard that there were some people who joined the Maltese group for causing crimes abroad since 2011. The Maltese ship joining teams often sell their homes and their relatives' wealth to make other Maltese members for the entry to their land in the communist style. The items were shared to the Chinese Maltese often while the abroad travelers lost their money and freedom for their own safe staying but to be engaged in the criminal jobs such as no money reason of thefts and murders. 

I heard there was the trouble of Ichiro Moriwaki in Spain as the FBI recruited ex SDF member for the safe monitoring of others by swindling any visitors to France to south since 2016. Thus, more people were evicted by Moriwaki's team. Chizu Moriwaki had a unique name to be in the US for hiding over a year and she knew the reaction of others after the mass murders as the Maltese order's community model. She once had the Green Cross TV company name misuse of 3 elementary school visits and murders which were hidden as the Missouri case instead of in Indianapolis east in 2014. The US had the same face team entry from North Carolina for the safe ship people migration for replacing the complaining mass murder victims' parents like of the 911 type 'case closed' issues under the US Marshal rights. 

I found Tarou Okamoto's case was the 18 years old Ukrainian Swiss name take in the Belarus border south in Ukraine and demanding his mother in Slovenia for the money sending after she was blinded.  Since she was faraway and she could not check her son's face from the blindness, no one cared Tarou Okamoto's case for the people swapping. The mother married to another and replaced the Swiss living Germans for the different militants' entry making for the blinded mother's name for the criminal accusation only. Chizu Moriwaki's case was her name misuse in Turkey for causing me to be searched instead while she was in the Black Sea region. Some wrong people were searched instead for keeping the Maltese criminals safe for hunting more people. I heard Chizu Moriwaki was in Ukraine and later was in Poland for 3 years for hiding safely as an illegal Maltese migrant in a hospital while I was accused by her wrong name use. 

I share another maps for Ichiro Moriwaki's case about the theft party search happened from Romania around the time Moriwaki was in Ukraine. If you see my blog postings in the past, you see how such Maltese groups were targeting me wrongly as the chronological situations. At least I found the Hotel Regina in Fatima's case to be cleared by Cimej Mossad from Strassberg as the money theft culprit in February 2017. 

31 October, 2022

Keisuke Kosaka(Tosaka cop of Croatia in 2013) had the defamation case against me

 I found what happened about the huge defamation troubles of the drug dealer Maltese Schollhammers group from Munich after I left Munich in December 2012. I did not know what was stalking me in Munich as the mobbers and later was the Thomas group stating Maltese radio voice hearing - I recognized it later as IR-02, IR-03(Mossad's shoe string radio), SO-03, SO-06 of Jyunjiro Ninomiya and Romanian Maltese radio used for Moldova attacking since 2014. 

I found the Aum Shinrikyo group escaped Japan had the trouble of migration and they were caught in South Korea for the betrayal business and they used all names possible in the past or current residents list around in their Maltese trip to San Francisco through Hawaii. The group joined the UN around Vallejo as the normal Maltese clan there. Later was the name use of robbing others as the proper Maltese education held workers faking in the US. I heard them used my name from my blog, this one, for the Silicon Valley assaulting and even attacking the SJSU zone as the Maltese mafia. 

Keisuke Kosaka was recruited as the Swiss contacted Maltese and he accused me on his group's murders in Skojpe area and in the Balkans. So, someone away as a Christian was damaged around 2015. I had no idea of such murders around and I saw many blinds or the eye patched people near me as if of the different culprit checking. Maltese and Mossads like Nanbu, Miyabu, Hokubu, etc of 24 Thailand based Maltese Mossads of the Japanese Ninja teams terminating any Asians for their Jew money making. Mossads are killing for money making from the dead people legally. Maltese blind and kill people for the same name and wealth continuing abroad while totally innocent people are accused for the crimes such Maltese and Mossads are making. Dr. Jan English-Lueck was baited by Keisuke Kosaka for her Macedonia visit plan making around the way of the past kidnapper groups from the SJSU engaged in the troubles once again like the drug dealer Thomas Schollhammer who was invited to the Jew contact one day like Takeshi Wakabayashi's Eger synagogue Jew converstion around 2013 for having the Jew profit in Israel.