09 September, 2021

Forex with Python for the real life stability

 I'm a programmer and studied Basic, C, C++ from my high school age. I studied IT in my college. 

What ended up is Python for the MT5. I think I learned what anyone needed - the degree of TRIX and may be ADX for the non-purchase decision making precision. Over 98% winning rate is possible. 

I'm still stalked by Germans. But here is the solution. See how German stalkers are stupid for not doing anything but hanging around and losing gasses. I could do some Scapling during the WIFI break! I have a good movie on FB. 

"Wakabayashi Chronology" - a book on sale!

Wakabayashi Chronology over 130,000 words in total about what happened with Wakaba to Wakabayashi Soka Gakkai team troubles in Croatia, Hungary, and to Colorado. Wakabayashi was one of the wild killer type Japanese man wondered around in a group for the safer location search abroad and he accused women for the exploiting the lands. Genba, Honba, Soka Gakkai Wakabayashi are the known words for the police job replaced to Soka Gakkai people till the Soumei Party was accused of the abusive activities in the society. Buy one for the better understanding of the organized Soka Gakkai police pretenders' crimes. 



20 August, 2021

Gohatto - the forbidden manual from the future and the reason why the current generation messed up so many since 2006

 Karino had it for misusing long time. Akiyama did the same for Akai or Akkamen clan making in Brighton, UK. The part of the draft I can share. It  could be shared to my future book section but here is convenient with Kariya matter. 



- The forbidden Manual -



This GOHATTO forbidden material has 43 articles. There used to be 48 in Ruth’s Al-Cuida sa one Cuidaore (eat-till-fall-down) time in 2016 and 2 were omitted by the ill facisimile use and anotehr for Zeco as Zeneration Controller misuse as a tool for extending the human list. This list was misused by the Minato-block Tokyo team by 2014. Minamino was the block often has the label for the forbidden manual use in Vienna, Ulcinj, etc, to Takasago city in Osaka, Japan. The material was originally sent by Asarashi or Igarashi police team in Medugorje for the further drinking of wine with care.

This list is forbidden. So... use it wisely for your sake and not mess around the environment.


I. CUR-Church

Cur meant Dickson CUR and it is the church replacement model. The church is something of the Hollywood image classy and knowledged people only as the people inviting others to their environment of sophistication. And the opposite image is the church’s wrong doing showing as the forbidden manner. The body payment by particles of the gang manner of tattooing for the lynching would work on the gang payment to harass the church engaged people. The peer purity is another issue. The beer gang would ruin the image of the beer and wine producing old monastery environment and their philosophies. The church uniform is wrongly pushed for the purity identity and not their life examples. The clothes only show the holiness on the social status. The lost is the new church workers who had no chance to wear the church school clothes for the time of baptism to the church education. The church matter could be only visual and who to be on the stage or in the jobs. It could be the annual church worker book passport photo use of the photos. So, anyone could be the real worker in the church as the concept! The church clothes missing as the social punishment time for the chastity matter always like the Polish dilemma of not working functionally as the sin of their attitude for the self punishment.  This chastity vs filthy matter is the church dilemma always for the commoners. It’s the punishable attitude in the society created by Storic’s State society.


II. Clear

The war cleared. The killing meant clearing. The definition says well. Ethnic genocide. So many died in the formula. The result is the together kill. They killed there and there, so take care is the Aiko’s style of taking the order. Peking order of the social kill is another saying.


III. Futi/Houchi

The land order is penalty. The no man’s land welcomes  for the survival such as Kosovo. The view taker is ill. The anyone entered is killed for the forbidden land penalty.


IV. Search


V. Pee down




VII. Sick House


VIII. Konika/Minolta


VIV. Daigaku

Daigaku Daimyo’s happened in 2017 after ‘another side of coin’ happened in Rome. Daigaku meant the location where the social obesity starts. The one to look down is after the daigaku university graduation. Thus, the social norm was like the person is not yet perfect before the university graduation in the advanced countries. Some thought the high school education was enough to be rich in Cuba type of always working model as the tool of the society from youth.

Yusuke Kodo’s Bigaku() was to polish. He thought high school education was enough for the laughing figure women and men in other countries such as North Korea or African continents. But China asked what was China style, Chido(), and Yusuke replied as to know it. Wo Buchi-do and it was the Bushi-do study of Bushi inviting into the cannabis region where Brazilians were searching in 2013 west of Macedonia. Some Hokusin vegetable team introduced the no work chorus making by the cannabis legalization for the safe settlement of Yamamoto class. There were some people like Ryuta from Hiroguchi in Hiroshima for the cannabis bringing back for the cannabis sales in Japan planning. But the Chinese group came from Greece and wired the cannabis region out in 2016. Yusuke had the Japanese melody of “Little Mary had the Lamb” ending as killing by Asae/Asahei  Karino. Karino killed Sil landscape monitoring people from Russia. The next stage was the nail polisher. The shoe polishing statue in Skopje city center motivated Yusuke to obtain more polishers but it was hated by the poverty standard examining landers. The poverty shoe polishers had no shoes! They should have the standard on their toe size! Yusuke graduated from Pittuburg University and he was an American. So, he wanted to show the Chinese word Bi as Bikoku/BieShing(Beautiful Country/USA) saying country joke.

Peter Newsom was Peter Newsow in the Japanese Pon-Cha’s camera view. He could be totally opposite saying as the artificial mechanism search! What is avoided is suggested by the thought theory saying and that was the suggestion to Ultras - Totechiteta group in Hellnandez! It was the study of Yanomami as South Korean opposing in the sensation. Hard learners’ case was the cultural adoption to the indigenous group society after merging into. The better technology misused on the simple thought people for damaging was the superior model making.

Hokkaido University learned a lot from hands. Il-Hands. Irish men had the hand sensation by touching a young daughter. A hungry kid on the street would be strayed. Let’s bring the one back home! It worked as the Canary’s case. The Canary island migration using the office ID by Podki people. They traveled to Galway from Canada with the Canadian IDs and strayed. They died at the bay after stealing the food and ID in the kind lady’s home in west of Ireland. Pade was the Canadian officer name in Ian McKenzee time founding in 2013. The Irish hand was the best hand for going around the world for mimicking. That was the knowledge for the water zone students around 2012 to 2015 because no one cared if they speak English properly as Irish and no knowledge of another language in Hong Kong or in Hawaii for the Mexican region search. That was why the Minamoto group grew in Brazil while Barballa White’s Irish team sunk into the water by New Mexican team from Minnesota. It was Mine’s Minegishi club. Takao Mine was from the Japanese Shinto shrine region living in North Dakota since 1985 and he moved to Canada after Zu-waiguy’s 7 teen temple group in Ireland for the MinnaSorota(all gathered) for the hostel rampage/hostage making time chorus making. Thus, it was the umbrella before to be in a small hostel as a housing but later was the rampage region for the robbery.

Das Hands was the S.Korean faking to be Miyo or St. Thomas of Luis Carroll’s saying. Irish students lost so many in Munich by 2013. Some people stayed in Thomas Rockefeller X id holder at the resident name sign had the renter blinded. There were over 300 open window for the brothership unit mating in October 2012 to November 2014. Later was the death of Munich Heike clan. About 600 students lost in Au-pair in south of Munich by Ryuji Miyamoto. Ryuji stated the foot ball top scorer’s concrete block housing on the top of the hill as the ‘ryuchijyo (jail house)’ for joking their income while the new comers were invited to 300€ or better price so cheap housings. The location killed. Some felt threat after seeing someone making the fake wine glass crashing on one’s hand like a magician and the room mates were scared to run away. So, the priceless war team was created. Some group team made the mate program wrong and they killed. Some blinded and wondered around as the hospital fun. Meanwhile, some kids got money from buying from the Japanese replacement and the real Japanese in trouble got Gap for the UK returning!

Gokai was the winery search time saying of Gogou(five cups). the man would be somewhere in the border north of Greece and offering of the rice or sushi cultivation income. The


Mass hands -Mountain View, CA.

Dob hand. Douhandou?

Tendou. Both hands up as aJapanese and flling was a lawyer.




Kan dou. Ittetu Seki’s Kandow existed in Albania north in 2018 to 19. Ittetu Seki migrated to Albania in 2012.


X. Had


XI. Bu...Best


XII. Bullet


XIII. Dell


XIV. Masaka


XV. Houchikoh


XVI. Buch


XVII. Toga


XVIII. Hachi

XVIV. Quake

XX. Stone Cutting Knife

Sekika gas - drinking sekkaisui

XXI. Edge

XXII. Boys

Boys to people is loss. Especially in Brazil.

XXIII. Ahame(Ahare)

XXIV. Boss

The Boss cannot take the BAS is the ending from Nihachiko/Miichiko stone henge island near Vos, Croatia.

XXV. Wien

XXVI. Mess

XXVII. Woh(Oy!)

We had the oyster region in the shark spilling, respouning region in southwest of Australia. It has full of oysters! Oysters are good for athletes’ body. It’s not Malta. But somebody mistook the oyster body as the Maltese shark head image to south from Malta is the war. Ausies don’t eat so much oyster in the east coast zone.


XXVIII. Mask(a)

Mascot. It was Mas-cut in the lezent police’s region of Mascat studium in Okayama, Japan. A masked militant would be ready as Sadaharu or Jyun Mita for the Wyoming making. TC Wyoming. TC Mi..o. It was bad. Someone would be screwed to be there already for the ecstasy spreading. Somoene would kill! The education was the winery kill builders switcihng the opponent image to be bad. The winerry builders are hiding in Tamano city after Milan bank assulting after blinding people, the PRC migrants in 2014. They were so successful to carry out the ‘mission’ of the UK kidnapped American kids holding in southwest of Switzerland since 1999. 30,000€ was sold to the farm and renting room fraud as the real money holding millionaires figure showing and swindling in Switzerland. Takahashi city was built in ‘Canton Zofingen’for the office monitors for checking the west end zone of the old city. Their location was southwest from the old town and the train station to be conveniently an air vehicle station since 2017. Someone else is taking the job is the meaning of the longer stay of Ryuichi Takahashi journalist as the double name of Takahashi city for the Takahashi name selling.




XXX. PIC. Piece.


XXXI. Boss

It’s Hugo Boss. Bose. More of the Bokun type wars experienced emperor figure.





Which file is collect. The searching time. There are 3 certain books telling how to find them. One method is the time manner and someone as a filer giving it to the file searcher is the mandate item of the time rather than the second time chance search. It works for the law book searching to use the convenience law always chosen already and the searcher knew who to use it on. Another way is the file reader. The file reader knew the certain spot of the file that is needed. Thus, the demand is enough on the file reading handlers to take care what they can give. The traffic cops cannot read books outside is one example of the law that is often violated in Switzerland.




XXXV. Asylum


XXXVI. Mochide

Someone was handicapped and dropped in. The one was killed. A burnt hand. That was the meaning of the Sova region. Poverty was what the location is called. Some people said his silver key was ready to call the Star Stryer air vehice and that was enough for the chorus. Horus was right. The enamel shoes Holl was killed after the Locka-billy instead of rockabilly in Sutomore.


XXXVII. Ouhashi-iil


XXXVIII. Masuk(a)




XXXX. Moude

“Kaneno moude(money like hand showing)” is about Kanayama temple in Kinkou-village in Okayama. The location had so many Osaka cops’ ‘kuidaore (eat till fall)’ visit and eating the Konko cake for fixing their legs.They ate a lot for the safety assurance and the happy owner shared the rain water dipped old packages opened for the foreigners. “There hands are.. their hands are... aaahhh!” Someone’s story book from Hungarian decent knowledge worked for the phobia making. Going to Konko village was bad for health. That was the social norm. And such a mud hand like figure was searched around for fun.

“Mou, tega dete you, mou, tega dete you (there, hand sticking out, there, hand sticking out).” The local knowledge worked. It happened to the “life after” bus station just before Virpazar in Montenegro in 2016. The hand used was Rokashiki’s. Sixth rounder() as the sixth ball searcher from Vienna as Won. He searched the dead ballerinna’s body in Aomori east and soon he died in 2 months or so. Thus, the bus roof dancing barellina had the radiation contamination in June  2016. His hand was still useful like the ceramic attachment body parts. The Illlions had the ship from Aomori area to Chiba for the Chiba Airport use trip. And Mataki took the airplane Delta jet for the Rome nor the airport travel. He then went around in the ‘Cinema’ zone in Italy for 4 nights trip toward Ancola and anyone touched his ‘mud hands’ sticking out from his backpack died within 2 hours. And heir wrestler aim worked for hitting on 60 people. The group headed to Dubrovnik and the custom worker saw the hands suspicious and touched them and she corrupted at the custom office. So, the two men and the Fuji TV journalist rushed away to pass the border to wait for the next ferry to skipjack search with such mud hands objects. They headed to Eskimo’s Perast for the man dropping after the ‘oil’ touche like the dead oil tanker for touching anything to have the radioactive effect. The ladder bottom corroded with the hands and the man in the first floor used the ladder to go down fell from the reaction. They took the car toward Podgorica after the taxi had an accident on the way. So, the man in front of the bus died and Takaki took the dead man’s money. Sadaki had the ‘Mitonori’ as the mud hands. They tried to head to the wrong way after killing Ippei’ house. Ippei Shiraga lived in the jungle next to the dead man’s house. So, he was easy to use the outside faulcet for washing his body and grabbing breads from inside like a monkey. 2mm distance in the incisor between is Sanma Akashiya’s call sign to be not noticed. An animal being.




Business meant the Bouzu skinhead color. It meant Duloin as Dublin in il Dungeon. Londoners call Bz as the business partner flying on the airshaft.  





Howl is the Houl Play making. It’s the howl and ‘houru(throwing)’ play was what others understood in Sarajevo or Bosnia zone. Something trowing was the forbidden manner. When someone tried to throw a rock to the person moving across the river, the walker died! It happened to Tamashima block in Sarajevo in 2015.


(XXXXIV). Mimasaka Village

“Maiman(monkey).” It was Echigoya language of Saru-tomo after one monkey like figure died for the replacement in Budapest. Misawa housing company had the Evaluter as the Ljuta camp making in another side evaluation in ‘Kos/vo’ as Kosovo to Bosnia monitoring. “My man is..” That was Hatwa language. Hat-wa. It was in po-chan’s house at the Kvatnikov square north housing on the third floor to east from the street.


(XXXXV). Hov


(XXXXVI). Naci

Naci started as the Nachi Waterfall visiting in 2013.



Charles Bensong was a beast. He wanted more of his name use for his fame before telling from Canada. So, their names were used for the charity concert from China using the friend’s name. The one ever forbidden to contact to the schools in China. But the Canadians loved the charity concert based on Bensong’s name for the piano player’s own self-fame making and fundraising for the trip to New Chicago, which was the new Minnesota and the Norman Mineta Airport! It meant a charity worker concert failure in Paris. No one cared. No matter what, the man carried $30,000 in his own hand luggage as the rolled up money holding for the new resort house holding in Silicon Valley since 2017. It worked for the elimination of the real name holder in Venezuela as half Aikos. Aikos took Bensong’s eye for the eye shutter model camera user registration made. So, the eye replica model of the same ailse made the same monitoring simulator like China. While Aiko was playing around in the beach zones, someone wanting more than Worung’s piano dresser model for the light playing piano would be punished. That model would start to open the side frames to make the key code loose as the design! So, anyone wanting more from the big brands abroad or from Hong Kong for the personal use was punished. One finer loss. Wulsung. It messed up with the Norman Wulsung airport employees ever hard on the captera as the capital model ownership on the payment group Chinese punishment. So many Chinese migrants lost on WulSung because of the bad manner for the job employment time skipping Chinese migrants but the Vietnamese Chinese migrants from Japan or Canada for Vensow as the Souun incense model whatever merged to be happy model.



The bag is openable or not. That is only about the case. The file case. No matter what, the bags holds more of the family information than the real human value! That is what the bag is! Sometimes, a standing person has no money but his carrying weight is all about the value next to him. A bag. If it is stolen? What about it? An immediate identity lost person!!! Ahh, no one would care! A bus driver ignores him! No shipping nor a seat point such as a cafe, a restaurant, a bar, a cinema, impossible. Only the choice is to wait at the bus stop bench or the park bench to wait for another identity to arrive!






Sanma's Inheritence 16 laughs

 This is not edited well but a draft. I'm busy on over 100,000 words Wakabayashi book. Home and Security? That is the location near Samsung in Zagreb! Storic separated them in 2018! 

Sanma's Inheritence 16 laughs


1. Captuer - 'show the smile' saying and a photo taking. Later is the magic show of the naked video filiming by Film commando making mating system started from West Sahara south in 2016 after Malta expelled Takeshi Kitano there. Have the Nikkow use Smile portrates. It's people management and people replacement.


2. Cough. I'm something. Next to the border(police) for the coughing and get cared by one word received. So, the receiver would notice the care giver by  2 nights (before) for the contact. Normally, people get along like this way and the room door opening is (Chain - change time) for the people replacement. It started from Denmark Coppenhargen west in 2015. It worked to have the new clothes for the Sex Commondo in Yamamichi(Yamaki) use in Sweden Stockholm north. 16 people died in Sweden like this way in 2017 for the Yamaoki storage making for Pinkies.


3. Smile. Someone smiling to another is the friend. Thus, the person asked to go and talk as the TV program would decide to smile back to the certain person for help. It works in the same way for the bus waiting time waving for someone calling like a 'lord damf' homeless beggging in another side of the street. At least 8 died in Germany Erfurt like this way. Hand touch next to someone would work for the lover sharing in the beach areas and the clubs. The certain choice for trapping is this way.


4. Hot. Any fired up animal would be working. A hot fighting on boxing is one way. Try to prevent someone as an assaulter by the road accident causing. It started in Herceg Celo's celo owner kill made person's slet home in Zagreb. It's the apartment near the Arena stadium. The apartment had the underground gyms for the brothers. The group living nearby after the 'capture' video zones for the better house take by Chinese Wong clan and their S.Korean radio wave units for the nearby chartered aircraft search. There is a train track nearby for the accident causing. Thus, the stripped off investigators like Nagato from Tina Ujevića street shopping center side for assaulting and eating the victim's shopping bag contents for living in the nearby parks and on the roof of the open entrance door apartments. Tetuo of the Iron Arm was one of such a guy there. The apartman case was Motoki, Honba cops living in the house next to the rented person kill happened apartment complex! The first owner was Moć and his name was replaced by Mocki (Karuizawa cop making after the same name person settling to Kvatnikov Square north residence) and later was Motoki's good looking fighter being started the hostel killing from south of Sopot for 10 American killing for the beginning. Motoki was asked to leave and the police officers who caught Motoki were educated by dumped into the Jarun Lake. Storic was asked to stay as a new plice team to stand only at the street south of the Delta shopping center. Anyone hot would be seen by the thermomater body search time to be innocent. The hard working people had such a red color stage showing while the cold color meant the neary dead body or the dead body with the brain intake of another creature showing the 'lively' brain part activity. Hotness meant moving. It was the thermo-energy time in 2014 by Kasaoka city. Yakage had the village take by Yakura and it was On people from Malta or China. The event moved to Souja in 2017 for Okinawa cops living nearby killing.


5. Pok. Mosque people were hated. So they were aimed for the head. A computer engine tells the life sensation of the throat intake by the white matter known as the 'Brussels' Bell/Ring.' It worked as the sperm of someone for the throat education matter for Fukushima as the warning sign telling for the oral sex workers. The sudden head bumping noise was for the upper class use and the sudden punch drunker's brain sensor telling the pain as the sound monitor's sound type would be given from 'Hiroshima' - the location east in Skopje. The sensor signal works from Bulgaria to Germany north since 2013. The original model was created in Fukushima and the dying people were used. Paris has one location for NHK-jyan. It's not far from the Sacre Coeur basilica for punishing any woman who drinks the free water left at the reception side.


6. Police. "I would say to police!" Someone would shout to the workers for complaint. But the workers won. It happned in Split and the complained woman was banned from the Split church part. It was simple of the name and membership banning afterwards. And it worked for South Koerans. Thus, the South Koreans made the elite team for taunting Zagreb China. China saw the departures. Some people exited and it meant punished! Some Chinese thought of the Pentagon use of the photos and the double matter moved in to the West Coast for the double living. What if someone was bad like that person? The life sensation had started for the Bad 'Chinese type' punishing. Those migrants were often killed along the way from mosques for the living figure in the US concoring model. Thus, someone was always dying in everywhere for no punishment from Saudi Arabia was happening since Neko-Yanaghi's 2014. It meant police is our own team. Conacting is the further chance of the punishment. Romania had such a joke and Acan cafe creation by 2 million loss of a woman who worked for Suna-tobo in an island in Croatia was killed by the two men inviting to her house near the Student square in Bucharest. Thus, the payment was none. Only Acan cafe owner disappeared by the straggled death for the vacancy making.


7. Hei. "Being... " Whatever is recognized as X is what it is from others' view. So, look at the militant - seeing others in a different location - and thinking of the bad things on the sloppy laying person. It meant the merged view. Whatever had the military uniformed officers and someone else is just a sloppy figure only counting money for the life. How much to spend for.. the next week rent and food.. and the thought is replaced to the militants, the national budget! So, anything the person carrying would be counted as the national budget manner. Thus, 2014 experience was Hikouki, the Masaru Honda's thought camera on the futures. The future view was succeeded in Spain south of Loudes by the By-Ceptals. So, there were categorization done for the bones. A Bone? It was Avon. Avon's lost figure in Portumas. It meant someone stated as what by the goverment is just that 'what' figure. For example, 'students.' It meant the lined up school going teenagers. Teachers, dentists (il-Kagawa), doctors, and so on. Not wanted were the NHK? producers, journalists, CAD workers, musicians only listening musics, etc. So, the producers produce what they want to represent for the TV. Any role given to the workers is the job of the producer's saying or the elite team's decision for the social class system since 2015. Someone's name is misused in the same way. So, no bad saying on your name is suited or make the punishment on other guys suggesting it! The Soumei Party lost in west of Belgrade after the Sousha kill of 1300 police team from Japan gathered for the Minamoto kill. It was Mochida's Mochimoto house faking Miyata's Zemun Calco clan from Brussels. It was not Minamoto in the Donau river working but Mochida of the Mochida city in Zofingen, Switzerland. The land south from Solothun was so easy for the migration. No one cared if the old lady went missing. Someone staying outside for camping was ignored. Hayward State students were monitoring the Monika's airplane. It flew away from Hungary for the illegal transport but no one cared. Someone announced it as the crop related smuggling from Hungary as the high officers' unnoticed jobs. When the Soumei Party was engaged in the fake and real cop killing ordered by Takamatuno- of Greek living residents and Itaki(Igata of Malta) as the man who engaged in the order from Vienna as ' the Konika Minolta branch Osaka,' Hanaka was the new name given by the Viennese Japanese embassy for the new passport charter service. There were so many people complaining that the Somei Party engagement of the killing in Hungary after Aoyama. Aoyama killed the ex-president in Budapest building for the land take. The Land View was the same! So, the Operation Land View was created for Higashi Okayama Tagane's case of the misuse of Chaplin as the old better image choice in the movement. Some 30 people gathered up near Wash & Cafe for the hyke making as early as 2012. 6 gathered there by November 2012 by Wong's choice. His name was Kochen King. Fumio Aono, Nozomi Hayakawa, Suzunosuke Endou(Sakigake), Daisuke Kato (Daisuke and Hanako comedian), Isamu Saitou,

30 gathered as Mona Mino priest seriese made for the mate program in Cia as Croatia meaning in 2017 were: Daisuke Kato, Yoshio Kato, Genan Hada, Harumi Yoshida, Kensaburo Noda, Kennosuke Yokoda, Yuuetu Morita, and so on. Saburo Tajima is the new name for Tagane stated Tajima's new name from Hong Kong. The original Tajima from the US for 'Nankai Jam' entry in German TV station work was for the people search purpose and the second man worked in the US as the double job. It's called as the Turkish contract for the double matter settling and a new man working and taking the wife eventually. The group stated Saburo Kitajima was in Germany for faking the dead Kitajima still having his own wealth for the personal use from his huge bank account.

Tomosuke Kiyota's name was misused to be Shouda as the firefighter's team building by Wong after his California trip for trapping the vegan prefering Croats from northern Croatia around 2015. They trapped people in the middle of Austria where Croats had the Vatican flag at the storage atleit.


8. Laugh. I'm not like that before. It's the lauhgingstock of own 'used to be' stating to others. Thus, others feel or someone contacting as the future self being there. "Yesterday..." Someone thinking about the tomorrow matter to be called or scolded as 'yesterday' matter by the observers. It's the feeling of something different as what passed before was in the past-futures upside down. It started from the Murayama group in Argentine south around 2015 for Noda group actively punishing Yelp team for suicidally taunting the restaurant owners. Bad review? It's the social punishment! Bad, bad, bad. Trip advisor has the technical advisor type crucifing by the robots, the techno remote controller of the office use search body impliments. "If you are a cat.." Some language added noise for the body language telling. It meant the Chico's 'Cat's Eye' service of the voice sharing. The company's chemical supposed to be added to the cats for their eye view sharing only. It was known as Chico's Mitla-6 for the mitra wearing cats' eye view taking in 2018 for the huge scandal making. The mate program ending was UC Hayward. The Cat-chan was used in Serbia around 2016 and the Summer in Medugorje.


9. Souka. Anything was counted on Souka. The Souka Gakkai club. It worked for someone trying to complain in Warsaw often ended of showing the dissapointment on their image of the naughty Chinese type. A fire setting on the grass? Or a car theft attempt? "I'm Soka." That killed the ecstasy of braiming on the brended Chinese. Scolding as a Japanese waf forbidden by the Soka Gakkai. Anyone complained on Soka Gakkai would get the brain swallowing voice hearing contact later. Thus, more of the Chinese type Japanese 'male attendants' were sacrificed. It was the farmer type Chinese workers. Some were educated at the north Poland churches as the group manner for the body search educational video. But the filmed image was only doing the brow job type how to do the body check teaching to the sisers in case someone stole something from the theft time problem. So, the simple minded Filipino and Chinese Japanese sisters got in trouble for the stripped off search scandal in 2013. Some were scared and escaped to Zagreb and they failed to return after the 'Shakai Titujyo no nai bouikounado wo okonau hostel nite sister wa yarareta..(no lawful settlement and the violence involved hostel was the location of the sister death.) The knowledge was left at the Split church related building in Split, Croatia.


10. Tamani (sometimes)

Sometimes true. It was someone calling from the air vehicle or the tall building as scolding feeling. "Oi, Honda!" And Honda was evicted in Spain. His name was erased in Spain as the double matter. So, many people had the same name feeling use of the line sensation for the double matter being. Tamano was like that. Someone wanted to put "Tamaghishi no zushi" to Kogushi village and Takano as the Takamatu agrecultural chemical users prevented it in 2014. Something sounded like Taka was prefered at that time. Something was something. Tamano city was the joke matter. "What was 'tamani?" Kenba as the sword dojo in middlewest of Serbia asked. The location had Mituo Senda for the Sendai storage. They kept the washing chemical to spray in the river for ruining Serbia south to Macedonia as the threat causing. Someone would be Tamano. And Tamano city had the River Party of the new team building. Someone said they were related with Takuan-temple from Takamatu and they were invited in. They were North Koreans! 300 of them migrated by Prague visit time name loss of the Irish Czech man for the double matter settling in Panama by 2014! He had the bay blues. No more saying nor thinking but playing music to be a deaf figure! Takuan temple is in the island noth of Panama. 300 people migration was in 2014 and next year was 460 but 200 moved away to the ocean south. Some migrated by Masayoshi's money to northwest near the border to Okayama in Hyogo prefecture for the cannibalism. Tomio case of Nakamoto clan would be solved of the sudden wealth holding of Tomio Yoshino in Belgrade. He moved out to Romania by 2020 for the mate program visit and settling. Tomio was evicted in Higashi Sasahara's region in Belgrade south along the river in 2017 for the killing of Thomas.


11. Tokashi

Tokashiki is the police officer name from Okinawa. Tokashi meant melting. Someone made a mistake of melting as the half the way saying of a police officer name and others did the melting by adding the acids onto the person! It happened in the Middle East first time because the group had the acid for the women. It stated as Tokashiki's choice was bicycling no more and they could go for the waiting at the wall side hiding for seeing others melting their victims. Sung acid rain started in Portugal for Hiroshima citizen club crashing. Drinking acid was what they prefered for the health. Cognac was used for 860 people death causing in Portugal. Nomura-ya did it. Minaghi Yunaghi clan faking the ex-Minamoto group was caugh by them to have the acid spray. The technology was used in Albania for the WUR experiment by the Suzuno/Naraki group for the ship vs. ship-wreck (recriational use only later) for the new warship model making since 2016. Firting message maker was Naraki of Macedonia living in southern Italy since 2013. He survived 'Bible, bye-bye!' time of angry Wur Wong after seeing Helnia for the Nyanko dance router making in Herceg Novi northwest for the Kosovo money swindling. Nakamoto in Paris was educated in the body seach that way for the Zokki team house making later. The dead people's names were used for Hon-Dawara clan of Nagakura/Sendai storage house mating system for  Virpzar northeast zone or southwest of Podgorica living 400 terminals. Extra names were used for the searching purpose of Adamo as the Tukumoto/Tunemoto of the cousin of Mituru Adachi from Chad leaving the search team use money of 10 million yen per a year in Virpazar since 2016 of the Sendai storage. Islam 480 moved from Kosovo around 2013 for the Veters search and encontered to the group! Itou-Norifuji was the Blač hiding officer and merged to Sebun as all goods search and take for others' money loss making. From 2011, some church worker wannabes were saved by the ship workers in the coastal line to the islands in Croatia to Cyprus. But a year after was the witnessing time of the illegal migrant search! Everyone was aware of no job worker but strayed and asking food like beggar in a small isolated region.  

Acid rain is studied in Japan by the Japanese imperial office for the radioactive material dumping solution since 2014.


12. Sakai

Sakae city. It was the city ownership. The mayor evaluation. Who owns the wife!? And the new residents complained from Malta after the Malta debunk of no money holding statement sales by Tokyo Japanese in Paraguay in 2013! Malta had money in Japan. That was it. Kyoto. It was the bank name. So, Hanamaru Honpo was created for the Andra as Ander-Undertaker's money from the untouchables. Someone as Ikki Kosakai came for the money laundering. A car? Spray. The meter was sold. Some people had the commander for doing the intake and it went wrongly for Kosakai's case. Someone heard of the voice only directory to the brain and it worked. "Do this..." It was Chon-Kow of manipulating the Maltese ship captains. They failed in the jobs in northern Brazil area often in 2017.

Sakae city was in Ousaka prefecture, Japan. And there was another Sakae in the location in Italy.It had 4 people moving around from the police Eye View. Some whistle call happened and 13 people as the young members of Young Jump migrated in. All of them were 18 to 21. They did the South Korean type raping - 2 killed and 2 were threatened but to act for the mayer case visit to the wrong location as the home delivery service made. So, the doctor died at the port. No one cared but the port officers suggested of the Rifle - the Ethnic Rifle company. It was Sakae in Italy. Two more as Stoic of Zagreb worker and Chamo of Chinese Mossad figure moved in. Chamo was Wong and he came after Taiga football player joke in Vienna. Chamo group killed 12-14 S.Korean port workers known as Reds. And Sakae city moved for their jobs. They used the poisonous arrow for killing the local commissioners. The commissioners' names were replaced for the local Chinese militants figures from the sea. They passed Mauritania by the air travel and headed to the Kaspi Ocean east Swiss club for the camera purchase and Andra passing to get to Hikohei(Hikosuke)'s local arch for the floating monitor zone for the migration to Italy!

Later was the double Sakae's statement of the intake of the ownership. Calcatta was taken by Honda's Jimbara city. Tajima was originated from there. It's near Tokyo. There was Aarau vs. Percers from Italy near the border to Southwest Switzerland since 2016. Some eyeline trouble for seeing and next day was the new Cameron, the new baby showed up to mimic one's brain for the 40 minutes simulation of the same person death. The babies were raised by Ruth while 155 died into the lake. Geneave at the west lake end has the Osana Department for 'Makoto-no-ri' as Masanori Kondo's sunset image. Arau had the backup office for the Islam maters wanted to search the women in the specific films as the ideal image women from the forbidden Hollywood movies.

Sakae became the Big Bang of the Econimist entry by 2018. Sarah accidentally nominaed her name in. "Sarah? Ki..tutuki?" Sarah Hirasawa was the key person of the people choice making.


13. Japan

Japan is PON! Supponpon! It meant the naked figure. Some people suggested the national ending would be stripped off. So, they did that. The naked SDF teams were laughed for their naked business in the ships. Because of the equipments and tools, they were radioactive contaminated. So, they avoided such see-through technology's own missle and jets killing the solders life cycle dilemma from China and Taiwan.

So many Somei Party people moved into Poland for the old lady taunting. The one at the Pope's office for the security manner of touching and the man tried to touch Our Lady of Akita for the equipment search. The man worried about the ex-Pope's one of the favorite Our Lady of Akita for the believer talk. What if the journalist wanted to be a believer for one day and to be in the Vatican job? And another day for retiring for sleeping with women!? That was Keisuke Sasaki's job monitoring. Sakura moved into a house of priest near the Arena studium in Zagreb and he did the textbook work. He pretended the dead priest  and walked around the church sometmes for Samurai check. Anyone smiler would contact him! The dead one was under the bunk bed for 20 days for drying up. But he was smelly and the neghbor hated the cat holding priests for feeding the dead body. So, he threw away the disembled body to the garbage container one day. They had another as Ilumitage for the Samurai-me watching for the crime assist. Ono Daifuku house was created nearby for Sakura blackmailing. Scared Sakura moved to 'shunk' as the Shanklin Ehime's accident site. Zagreb visit in WOR time was the end of Hillary Hagorz? from the UK. The location was minimized for the migration. Stripping to be with someone. That was the taught sensation of Ehime. Naked body contact meant the lover figures and others mimicked later.


14. Mosk

"Mosugu?(soon?)" asking was saying 'yes' for the tern end. Someone on the phone was often taunted. "Aaah!" ending of the phone while another is listening. It was fun for the money making. Someone asking 'mosque' was mentioned on the phone lost person's matter. So, the phone owner was responsible for their conversation. It started from Daiki Inoue's money maker trick at Daikin in Zagreb. Someone watching a person entered for the order and assaulting him after he left the shop. "I'm Daikin." The Japanese company alike name use worked well for the construction of the shop service in Hyadalco club at east of Zagreb in 2016. They had the home and security office nearby for the flowership visit at the isolated famous fortress figure. Anyone visiting there around 2013 to 2014 had 'Višni (bujine-takecare/cherry) joke by the water pistol taunting. Kasumasa Murayama and Kotaro Umeno were assaulting the local women for the forced militant entry to the Nozawana block by 2012. December 2012 had Nozawana entery for the Curry Pork matter on Curry Daifuku kid who was Yasuji Ono for the curry sales mating program entry to Belgrade and failed there. He stole Kabaya's clown costume to be Yakkai Mask for the robbery making. Some region known as Colo had the Daifuku service of 120 kids death making from the crane cycle. Someone's voice recordings are misused. That is the mosque matter. Hoshiduki house had the family party onto the southwest Moldova killer Saudi Arabia for the mental image check for the road service entry check.


15. Mask

Anyone would be wearing the mask and it meant the new person to settle onto your brain. It was the military service from 'All Delight' of AuDra-s around Tibet since 2014. Someone's hand covering one's mouth is the caracteristic of the choice making. Certain individuals are protected by Tibetan and it meant the Indian officers since 2013 from the EcknoKox program. Everyone - 'Be happy' as the internal thought. This formula worked for swindling by the Happy Science revison group. Praying enough to feel happy? Someone got bored and started killing the payers for the double talk. I killed - the dead man's name was misuesd and it was Hiroshi Honmiya. Now, Hiroshi Yokotani as the false name user or searcher of such a name as a copycat.

English men as Engkiri men (cut off ties men) were the Srecio's just passing Indian helpers in Wales since 2018. Thus, Indians are mighty these days.





14 July, 2021

China Church information

China Church


This is the short note about the China Church building program to debunk where to hide the Chinese churches. It meant all obey to the China and it was the end of the mind training program that is said to debunk the Chinese infiltrators to criticize the church action abroad mainly the US. This note was originally published in Twitter around July 10th, 2021, and each writing sentences are short. So, the explanation and the proper spelling may be needed for the edited longer length version.

The rumor says that this China Church program was misused for the world police organization infiltration of all agreement of the church clan building. And it ended as the police state building from Budva after Yataro's Czech swindling. Any drink? Outa Drink Co. was ready in 2015.

China church making program in Japan or Japanese citizens was operated by Aiko's clan and 4 Japan Red Cross workers gave the initiations in 2017-18. 32 teaching techniques to deny the god(code)/life(laugh) as the first step to speak up of Chinese government as a new god and filmed. Tanigawa installed the Chinese church strategy for the payment for the government as the extra sales from the churches and later the phenomenon was backed up by Saudi Arabia from 2018.

So, anyone trying to enter to the Catholic or Protestant church with the Chinese influence would be targeted as the Chinese church matter. Meanwhile, S.Korean or Tibetan churches are intact among the Asian churches as different military regions.

Chinese Catholic churches are; the USA(1), the UK(2), Canada(3), Norway(4) - Noruki Yamamoto, Sweden(5), Finland(6), Greenland(7), Switzerland/Germany(8), Ukraine(9), Russia(10), Belarus(11), Poland(12), Portugal(13), Isle of Man(14), Spain(15), Morocco(16), Cyprus(17), Greece(18).

France(19), Berlin, Germany(20), Ireland(21), Iceland(22), Cuba(23), French Guinea(24), Ecuador(25), Peru(26), Austria(27), Chile(28), Argentine(29), Falkland(30) - 2 deaths as the result. Scar Croth Chinese church team traveled 49 cities only as their saying.


The Chinese church propaganda makers did not enter; Brazil -SDF's Chinese population, India - different politics to China, Sri Lanka - no Chines name, Vietnam's Indonesia for different politics. over 500 regional check caused China betrayal check only to the China churches.


2. One eye take and another eye poking. Usually the left eye with the nose bone side poking to have no more eye opening feeling. Then another eye to look the upper side while a doctor to poke the eye side cheek bone so harsh for scaring the client - who is a sister or a priest.

During the hair(hares) cutting process, the brain was cut also to be retarded slightly later by the RFID brain beaming and thought reading since 2016. One eye damaged feeling by the eyebrow muscle poking several times for obeying to Chinese/China and nodding as response filmed.


China church making 32 strategies starts as: 1 Code pulling. Kami(god/hair), Life(Lie/Laugh) taking out purpose head nodding composure check. Any left or right head movement kills the person by the brain sphere small cut making as the vertical line for RFID inserting.

1. The code/hair(hares)/life,laugh,lie taking out by making a hole to the brain for RFID installing during the hair cut gesture time and one eye poking feeling giving.

2. Another eye blinding sensation by looking upperside and the doctor pushing the cheek bone so hard. The soundwave gives the brain activity of eye sensor paralyzing for some minutes to scare someone.

3. If someone had the concussion to survive that much, the sister is asked to tell who she meets by now for the help. And the friend is searched also as the most trustworthy person. And the pope's image was given to the sound memory thought induction technology.

4. And her groin was searched at that time while the woman had a sex was the rumor given to her most trustworthy person for the blackmailing technique.

5. Her nipple was taunted / His penis was teased by the medical tool.

6. "Why exciting?" The excitement to the body sensation is taunted by the examiner telling the sex experience before so loud in the disgusting face as the Vatican image. The woman would cry. Only the married experience holders have the right decision of telling the life history.

7. Sex surgery time. A woman would be suggested to have the sex organ surgery for less attractive groin holding. A priest case is the penis crown cut for the sake of the Vatican. It's the depressing figure that the Medugorje has the same surgery since 2017 by S.Koreans' funding.

8. Death. Feeling of death by putting a hot towel onto the face for taunting. The 5th time for the mirror show of the groin zone and the location was wiped out by the doctors. Next was the neck torture. The body up was to be unhealthy for China!

9. The groin surgery is done by a razor mess and it won't take a minute. But the feeling should be soar. So, the hot water was applied to the groin for the read rash causing for the mental penalty giving. Finger nail needle inserting as the Middle Age torture joke.

What is death? It was the way to treat human. It was Vatican! The group taunted the priest/sister that much would be scary too much! So, they wipe out the memory of an easygoing/kind church worker images from their character forever!

10. A different child inviting. A church child is decided by Chinese! In this case, a nearby Chinese officer needed from Nara in 2013 and it was installed that way in Hotel Taipei in China. And it worked as the China shipped the technology all over the world!

11. A new kid is accepted. Now a new priest? It was intern to be added as S.Korean member of the different church, the Unification Church. It was the UN's decision. Thus, a new priest is monitoring the Obey program later in the field as a new church friend.

12. A new family member? It was applied by China! Thus, the China church was built in!!! A woman often riding a Mercedes is the woman!!! The church woman. You can find such a priest/sister difference after the sex surgery. In a sister's case, a church brother group. 18-36yrs old.

The new brother to the sister's house is the butt checking figure. So many Koreans and Chinese of the military origin often hanging out by such reason to the church as the different church group's social interest showing as the each church taunting figure. It's not only Catholics.

13. The church business pasted toward the new family member; the new child and the new pope replacement brother/lover next to the church worker. So, the client's energy was to be given to those two people and the church friends but not the trustworthy person for the rumor fear.

14. How many ices? It's the icenon time. Someone got a hot sensation would get another hotness on the neck for the second touch of the different temperature item. 80C hotness towel and -20C dried ice putting on the same neck region.

And if the client saying "hot!" for the cold medicine as a dry ice sensation reacting? It's the mental disease on the filmed situation. It could be a single retirement information to the Vatican. But the Vatican priests love the sex organ exposure time to the neck false injury.

The group had the same decision of accepting China! before. So, anyone betraying is taking care after the sex video reviewing for the group sake. The group hierarchy has the right decision to keep the religion accordingly to be the silent figure.

Anywhere to recognize the hotness as coldness by looking at the material as a single ice to give the life sensation to the client. It was nothing! The experiment nullification was done! The sex organ exposure time and cutting! Memory loss was eager to be done.


15. But the sex-lover time is real. The man/woman came as an assistant besides two doctors - male and female - for the taunting figure. "What about this?" The short period of sex organ zone ice putting is given as the scar on the body because of the hot razor surgery zone.

The woman gets naked to ride on the priest! And the little inserting was filmed by the male lover to the sister! On the video is what the client as a Guinea Pig to be for the Chinese sensation. The highly stating church workers are like this.


16. Waiting point. There is this injury done by another person as the sex attendant. So, the doctors' care was needed. Any laughing or a friend choice feeling was taunted back in the strict order by the Chinese Communist church groups' operators. They know what is wrong.


17. Who to trust? And there is the mafia going attitude of the Vatican from Hungary after the Morphine accidents on the young sisters. Any sleeping time is dangerous is the attitude for single sleeping sisters. They had the little stab by Wakabayashi in 2017.

The women would be crying as patients but the lover would tell how to get tortured by the same person as the church installed figure. And it meant the man was showing tortured gesture also to give the pessimistic reasoning of a pessimistic pair being.


18. The young man help was the situation telling the lover figure by the group only. Anyone outside sniffing their relationship to be terminated. So, the lover to be the first trustworthy person around in the church as the Vatican figure replacement. It was the sex organ trauma.

The church authorities accepted the sex organ loss and torturing by suggesting the program, that was the last position to go for complaining for wise church workers. And the lover figure was to be installed as the next person to the church as the trust replaced location.


19. Hot. Any hot figure sensation giving. What is hot... A hotel? HOTel for meeting. The sound gives the signal to the client's body. It gives COOled as denying figure. "Nothing cool." The old priests and sisters would start to say for reflecting their training. 

Coldness sensation gives the mental torture to the Chinese priests and China followers. Because of the anus cut? Sex cut? mental image thought induction to be done.



20. Ho.. How is protected. The clients won't ask about "HOW to do it!" "Once again?" It's the thought penalty maker short priest visiting for the initiation to the shortness hell in the church. Any short priest officer knew the time of forgettable time mentor.

It meant the denial of learning skills to the priest installed as Chinese Church because of the brain surgery for the 24/7 Chinese monitoring of the person. The clever person would be chosen to be the safe keep for China. No skill needed while China is monitoring.


21. Kiss. A little kiss time is always the rightness telling by looking other side for the cheek kissing gesture only. Kissing time is dangerous, so tell what you are only during that time to have no writing at home.


22. Hug. It meant the little hugging time and being a baby like figure for the torture! A priest hugging always reflect the meaning of baby like. The lover tried it before. A Chinese priest before - the doctor came out where he came from after the baby like exposure of the client.

The client is powerlessly stripped figure while the OBEY is onto their body! That is the Bible sitcom making for the Soka Gakkai/Unification Church (Mooney Church for the Bankee Moon)/Protestant Amaz in Koln, etc). The body gesture is trained after 3 nights of night call.


23. Puntz.. down. It's the own insult. Punts down! But the call is coming as the BOICE Activity scenario making. It's the sudden dilemma of someone's call hearing. Anyone looks cute is not "cool" for American church identity insulting. And love meant "Punts down" of Metaha group.

Metaha is the helmet wearing robber/raper team of the Vatican. They raped and returned to the empty church @ Sughinami block in 2013 as bicycle mafia. They robbed too much in Nagoya, Chiba Tachibana house, Belgium German border zone(2013), Austria west, S.Africa.

Pants down! It was the teaching of what to do as a male! And priests are taunted for that. "Do you have grease inside?" The sister would feel the shame of hearing the voice by the thought induction.


24. Life sensation. Since any life image of lovely human being is taunted back by the sex by the thought monitors, the client would start to feel fun by reading and no sound giving materials like TVs. TVs are only for the group watch. The clients love local and trend on books.


25. Church matter? The client would forget the church activities to give the deep thoughts and s/he gives no more church interviews to colleagues or to the visitors. So, the Vatican's fame is bad on the self-sacrificed client!


26. Sex? There is a man offering the Deep Sex as the education after 1-6months as the Communist church figure. Anyone speaking up about the 'head choice' was about hair but it meant the real face cutting to the colleague who had it recently or scaring surgery matter in the group.


Because of the group spill by the trustworthy church worker instead of the lover of one's own as the priest for the different church hiding trick, another priest as the real RobotaMars' Vatican monitoring workers' interfering. The talker is taken out by the mosque.

A priest figure to be invited by the WAL of Vatican. It was Walmart choice from Milpitas, CA. It started as the knife sake and hiding the real one in the plastic toy for the Halloween time in the car. A reaper's cloak was used in the shopping experiment for the real cutting.

Wohl(WAL) is from Koshimizu house and a priest was taken as Daleon from Vienna west of the Votiv Churh in 2015 and his ID is used for his blindness. Priest clothes are many from the church alter side room and anyone can take it for mosque camouflages.

Because of the sex mania taunting by the mosque people wearing the priest clothes only as the church people trusting so easily, the client would be expelled from the church by the suggestion of 'what if we are(mosque boys)?' and agreeing for the group sex matter.


27. Bees. Anyone would go sensitive to a little sensation like the bee sting! Bees are computer animal and controlled by the voice command remotely by the technology. Any bee assaulting is un-church like. Thought induction for punishing to keep the person weak.


28. Eight fever. After wining to the bees and insects. There is the narcistic 1 day misfit zone! A man would be dismissed for one day as the thought penalty meter. Will the client goes for the revenge? The church needed the check of the personality and thought inductions severe.

"What if it was only one day?" Someone's voice reflection goes to the mind of the client. This 1 day dismiss happens after a year from the surgery since 2017. "Will it one day or forever?" The thought went wrong as the pessimistic isolation and the group belonging termination.

That is the time when Chinese mafia normally finds the fake priests only thinking about the Chinese community and Communist wealth matter and the one disappears from the enough thought induction and brain taming. Hotel Termini is for such purpose use in Londoners.

And the church returning priest would be monitored further for about 2 years more as the life expectation for the functioning priest being at an active church. This is because of the opposite side monitoring. His new families are opposing to the client's opinions. Why going out?

Any escaping is found for the found fault matter. The baby the client assigned would have some mental check as Sumsung's new material applied figure if it was the UN secret use. The lover would be going out with new people for the flirting and blackmailing infiltrators' work.

Night fever is the new term for the priests but it was changed as 8 weeks' decision making as the term of if the church is suited for him to work as the according place or not. So, 8 nights is the matter of the thought induction fear of how many nights in a day/week confusion.



29. Pay time. The extra priest must pay! He has a lover! A Mercedes? The car sales would be demanded by the heavenly charter! The wrong priest would sell her car accidentally for the church job/affair trouble to pick on the family.

Mostly, such Chinese priests are criticized from the home owners being. A woman would be demanded by the mafia boys to pick on her lover figure who is only there as cute and just interested in the church for having money or staying spot.

The priests are always complained as the cops' example of being taunted accordingly for the embezzlement. Others hated such a figure but the mighty China's blackmailing keeps them working in the local churches. 18 million people had such China church in the US to Canada by 2019.


30. Sex active figure showing was the suggestion of Chinese influential group. Why healthy? Because of the mighty family figure!!! It's the wrong introduction of a healthy family to the long term aiming isolated priest's aim of being more influential in the church as a puppetman.

Who is the sister? Someone asks to the client. Of course, the family member lover as the sister model! And it went wrong as the old porno photo sharing as she was a whore to the church community for the truth taunting figure to disappoint the client.

The new family infant would be a very fat boy or someone who went to the scapegoat by a sex worker job already for the church taunting figure. So, the client's life is ruined this way. For sister clients, older father came for the money sake.


31. Aye.. An eye on you..? This is the sex taunt but for one eye taking figure by the installed and Chinese Communist Party trained lover. They act for the eye punishment once for the church removal confession making client. An eye loss? The client remembers the experience before.

It was the jealousy pretending priest to get the lover pieces his eye for the treatment. It was the joke but the lover says s/he could not handle anymore. The priest may kill the abt from staying reason by this point to protect his own family members and his life.

And an eye loss is the teaching of the Christ community. The Chinese taught it real as the 32 steps of obeying technique ends as the China Communist praising. The clients begged in 2-3 weeks of the torture program and they obey to China only and filmed so! Eye out was planed.


32. The heard decision. "Am I here be?" It's Aiko's noise of the glycerin check. Some had the glycerin massage on the chest like the lover's saliva ownership faking and any hazardous material contact like the Fukushima time aiming the China supporting priests.

Heart or being heard? That was the decision making joke of the priests. The community meant the client protected zone. The infiltrators are ready. They would dispatch to aim for a new client in the field. Since the client is obeying to Aiko's voice only, s/he is at disposal.

2-3 weeks of torture had 18 technologies in it. Putting the denture into the groin and how to hide is asked from 2018. A woman knew how to hide a lipstick for the maleness check for the foreign(fallen) priest by adding her groin essence on it!

The Chinese church program is rather the sex maniac making program. What they teach is viewed from other sides for the different parties' profit making. Being kind only meant the sex-loss as some wrong decision made by the Chinese and Muslim groups around 2015.