11 February, 2013

A strange group of people who did not take communon but sat in front of the statue of the Virgin Mary

I did not go to the hill for the group praying yesterday nor the morning mass. I'm kinda tired of perps and spending some time for making videos and explaining about their strange activities. Actually, I was busy of praying the FB game for some events going on. It was a nice break for me to spend some time thinking and just clicking mindlessly for awhile. People might say it's a sway, but the game helped me to stay away from the sensitization at the church. Gaslighting and the sensitization techniques can make the victim's sense of what is usual very dull. By getting the normal unchanging reality from the game gave me a chance to calm down to think what went wrong inside of the church. It's just like the chance to make me think from the third person's view to be objective.

I saw a group of people heading to the hill yesterday afternoon, and I saw few kids going that direction with the adults. I'm assuming that there were some more kids visited the group prayer there yesterday.

At night, I went to the rosary prayer. Just like usual, a couple came and sat behind of me and prayed rosary in very loud voice in Italian. I filmed his voice and left to another seat few rows a head. That's what I filmed. There were already some people sat there, and none were praying in Italian. So, it was like what it used be and what was usual. Around the mass time, some people came and somehow there was a man and he took off his jacket and was in his white thin long sweatshirt. When there was a French group in the church, a man from that group was wearing a T-shirt during the mass. I don't know if some perps are doing some taking off jackets for some skits or not. The good hearted people or the security surveillance team can just give the seat to the people with kids So, there was a couple with a kid (or two? I forgot) came and sat nearby. The bench was already full, but some people  gave the seats like that way near me. Also, the man sat right side of me went out before the mass and another elderly man came and sat there. He took the communion though. The woman to my left and the bunch of people to the frount rows toward the Virgin Mary statue did not take the communion. That is the highlight of my film from yesterday. Also, there were many people in my area standing but did not take the communion, the friar came for giving the sacred breads to the visitors, but he skipped some people including me and went to the back. Then later he came back from the back of the church and gave the breads to some who were standing there. I saw not everyone was taking the communion even they stood on the aisle. I don't know what kind of skit doing and if the church workers were informed to help their skits or just happened to be mind controlled remotely to do that.

After the mass, the people around me just went out. There was a woman with a kid came and sat on the bench where I was. So, I filmed her for the gang stalker's child molester/pedophilia claim. I have been seeing so many people with kids around me when I sit in the church. The day before, I saw teens showed up and sat on the bench to the front from me in a group. On of them took out her jacket and was wearing a pink sweater. The woman sat next to me also wore a pink jacket at that time. The color pink is often used by the perps for some psychological anchoring.

When I came back, I saw two woman checking the light at another entrance to the building. The light was on and it was dark enough to check out the ceiling. When I went back to my room, I saw the entrance door lock got unloose cover. Here is the picture. A proof of the black back job?

The V2K perps were saying that they are going to use the stocks for helping the perps to get money. They say, the police will help which stocks to make money in order to give some rewards to them. A nice insider joke, isn't it? We know how some people made money at 911 with the stocks, but no one talks about it. Also, the V2K perps say that the concentration camp in this country is owned by Germans. So, they said it is an irony that I speak German. Another issue is that they say, another Korean group might come in this weekend or something.

Now, my personal FB game boom is over. I'll try to work hard on my book and the analysis of the gang stalkers. The analysis of Medjugorje is also ready later. The tendency of the perps are the migrants and the workers who speak foreign languages. Certain people are the core of the intelligence. I only see the ones speaking French and Italian here, and perhaps German. Now we can imagine who knows who in the intelligence related with those nation from my analysis. It's better to be working hard before the Lent. And I need to eat more meat in few days.