08 February, 2013

The tendency of disappearing the middle class and the church behavior

The New World Order would make the people categorized in two types - the controlling ones and the controlled ones. The first will own the wealth, power, property, human rights, and they help each other as the insiders. Meanwhile, the second would be test subjects of big companies, known as normal civilians without connection, Sheeple.

The current tendency of the diminishing middle class can bring the church to revive the old tradition of only serving the riches. Currently, active orders might have more control and power to the area they are working due to the interest of the church workers and the people giving the financial backup for them. But what happens if only the rich people can make the donations to support the church? Do the church needs to sell indulgence papers like in the Middle Ages? What happens with so many homeless people on the streets? I'm talking about the US. 1/8 of the Japanese are under poverty. Not so many people might be Catholic or regular church visitors. What will happen in the NWO time? The church will make sure their finance meets the demands and keep the enough believers in the area. That is the business part of the church management. What would be the rest? Some downsizing of the church workers, maybe. The church might be treated like a simple local organization as if a youth football team or a local music bands. They could get certain funding and remain in the area for the local entertainment. Even during Nazis era, Germany had the Catholic church doing what they believe. Politics can take out certain people out from the church and the church has no problem following the orders from the police and politicians. A couple of martyrdom from the church workers like the Nazis era, maybe?

The corrupted part of the church with perpetrators might teach themselves for the indulgence on the certain occasions. For example, the history of the indulgence goes back to the time of the Crusaders. The church gave the Crusaders the indulgence for their charity on the church politics. The wicked perps might believe themselves like so and believe what they are doing can give themselves indulgence. If they do, "Snicth jacket" trick and they commit a crime and put it on the victim, probably the victim will receive the indulgence instead. It's too sad to find those perps who cannot take communion, and now trying to take communion to cover themselves as if Christians. Still, some devoted and passionate perps are more likely not to take communions. If they know what they are doing is false witnesses and surveillance on innocent people while they hope the victims to commit a crime, then there is no way they look innocent in the eye of God. You know, it is a common sense that people don't want to think the Nazis SS Catholics went to heaven even they involved in the ethonocide from the moral view. There are few views of the indulgence even inside of the church.

Oh, here is the video from yesterday's mass. Somehow, two people speaking Italian came and did quite a prayer out loud. I think the perps now are trying to cover up what they were doing - sitting behind me and praying out loud. What happened to that Asian elderly woman with several people on the bench who did not take communion? It was the first incident of those people sitting behind of me and praying in a foreign language out loud.