30 July, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 29th, 2015

I visited Kotor and Perast yesterday. I visited Our Lady of the Rock last year and wanted to see it again this year. You know, it's good to see a nice painting of the Virgin Mary in the area even it's in Orthodox Church in an island. Miki travel has the boat from Kotor at 12.00 and 14.00 every day to Perast to Our Lady of the Rock. I missed it as I arrived around 2pm to Kotor. So, I took a bus back to Perast and found a boat from Herceg Novi heading to the island. I asked the crew and they offered me 7€ ride to the island and to Kombor area. I was lucky to save money somehow and was able to get to the island and go back directly without taking another bus. Miki Travel would cost 15€ for the boat trip around, so it was actually a good day for me visiting the island to the Perast Catholic church. Catholic church sells the souvenir with the picture, so it's just the local issue, I guess.

I saw a German and a US boats around when my Boka boat left the island. I could add the pictures, but I have some reading to be done at the beach before the sunset. I finished V2K volume 10 and some more of the V2K voice recordings for sale. Also, one of my book would be done in few days. It's around 30,000 words one and could be around 2€ for sale. Just watch the video for what's going on these days around me.


29 July, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 28th, 2015

I haven't write blog entries these days. I was busy on my mp3 audio books about V2K in Japanese and English. I finished typing my 10th volume of Japanese V2K book tonight. I will add the extra part and publish it by tomorrow. Also, I must add the books on this pages for ads. I have been making a website for book sell on WIX. I might introduce the site if I finish working with it.

Yesterday, I went to RODA supermarket near my apartment. I saw two clerks eating the snacks from shelves and drinking juices and working in the aisles. I thought it was gang stalking skits. I saw very few selections of vegetables available. No garlic on the shelf and I couldn't make the pasta right - no bacon but salami, no garlic, and no tomatoes. I made some pasta at night with vegeta, salami, frozen chopped vegetables. It tastes better with garlic and bacon. I'm carrying around the left over chili and olive oil bins. So, no one can touch them.

Well, today, I saw many German, Swiss and other cars on the street while I was waiting the bus. Nothing happened at Igalo. On my way home, I saw a strange family waving hands and taking photo from the top of the apartment across the bus stop. There was a small boy sat to my left with a drink. He left later.

In the bus, two boys sat in front of me from Zelenica area took a photo and sent it to people. I filmed them as it seemed they took the photo behind of them.

Here is the video.

23 July, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 22nd, 2015

Today is my birthday and I visited Kotor like last year. I visited the chapel of Our Lady of Health once again. Well, people might visit to Our Lady of the Rock today. They have the special ceremony on July 22nd, every year. I didn't know about it last year and saw the information at the cafe later. But I visited Perast on another day later. This year, I arrived to Kotor in afternoon and it was a bit late when I came down. So, no time for visiting Perast by the boat trip. It's just like last time. But it was hard for me to go up the hill because of the artificial heavy breathing and sudden gas problem in my stomach as if for the electronic harassment to prevent someone to have easy climbing. Well, the bus to Herceg Novi stops by at Perast though. Here is the information on the menu of a cafe in Kotor.

I saw some Japanese when I was in the chapel on the hill. I don't really see any Asians around at that time. Only few visitors like an Asian and a white couple.

And here is the photographer showed up in the chapel right after the Japanese family.

And tons of Turkish type Muslims at the old town I saw today.

And many suspicious top-to-toe covered Asians speaking Chinese and Vietnamese.
Also, Germans were at the hill and even in the bus to Herceg Novi. Their bus seats got a table for some unknown reason in the bus.

Here is the funny long video.

17 July, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 16th, 2015

I had a strange incident today. When I put a poster of German car pic sale in front of a supermarket, I saw a Munich car arrived. Also, there is a Frankfurt car next to the supermarket.
2 Polish cars nearby.

Here is the video.

16 July, 2015

Eastern Lightning and other Chinese Christian cults and their connection with Chinese Catholics

When I was checking the cult and kidnapping, I found this article.

It says that there is a Chinese Christian cult in New York that started kidnapping people to believe in their religion. Since the gang stalkers are more like cults and stalking for their enemy expelling from the area, the same Chinese may be in few religions if they are working as undercover for their own group. I don't know why Chinese suddenly show up at the churches just like Koreans do. So, I just gather the photos of Chinese gang stalkers who just show up for the harassment in the church. In this way, we can see the origin of these Chinese to know where they belongs and probably the past harassment records from what they did in the group.

Normally, there shouldn't be harassment at the churches if the church accept human rights and religious rights as long as the person is not denying or complains about the church doctrine.

Well, the church can decide who to be worthy to be worshipers such as taking out all the Niggers to be a clean church from the old timer's philosophy. But that must be related with the community and its philosophy. No Jewish Catholic during the Nazi time, you know. The similar thing has been going on and some other cults may be claiming non-believers as Muslims. Think about the mad Arabs adding all the women as Muslims so they can invade their rooms when they have the search assistant blackbag job letter from the FBI or the local police. 

Two Turkish towel and clothes at Budva beach few days ago

2 Türkie logo towel and clothes. Right after I saw that brown Turkey logo towel, I had the thought of my mobile has stolen. I checked my bag and could not find it. I went home after pissing so much from the possible theft. It was the last day at Budva beach for me. I found the mobile somewhat on the bottom of my bag and could not see it or touch it when I was looking for it at the beach.

An Asian woman walking alone that day.

German car with Cedevita Japanese logo

I saw a Japanese logo towel on my way back from the beach area. No Asians around and only Serbian speaking people. Maybe some Russians but not really around. Only Serbians. It's comfortable speaking "Molim vas" instead of "Molim" only like in Macedonia. Just slight difference but that's more likely ok for me with UNHCR cap. At least, I look like someone with multiple foreign languages and that made me look quite a professional.