31 August, 2015

"History up to 2035" to be sale in future

Last few weeks, the V2K perps told me about the story of how the history told in future from the time travelling program. They said that the North East Asia Dispute will start after India fights against China. In 2017 to 2018, N. Korea starts the oil spilling on the East Coast of S. Korea and S.Korea will have reduced power plants and technology distract for the manufacturing. It lost the tie with Japanese SDF as the support on N. Korea fight and the US Army base will back to Guam and let the N.Korea bankrupt in the sea while S.Korea takes Hokkaido in the disguise of N. Korean ship. But Russia will invade Seol and take Hokkaido island while China joins the war to take the half part to the west of Japan. Tokyo survives with US back up. Io island will be the last spot for the Japanese emperor to be after Chinese gangs terminate all the functioning of the remained part.

Well, I can go on for more information. The V2K perps told me over 20pages of future science and history teaching after they went to the time travelling and manipulated within the population as people from future - which ended up as wrong because of the remained part and technological information sharing was quite old.

Well, I would be in another place from tomorrow night. I hope nothing gone missing. The V2K perps told me that they gonna bring Swiss Korean guy with family members for the stealing and home invasion at Youth Hostel. I would be careful and I will lock everything and carry around to the bathroom and keep things locked with tapes around in the bags when I sleep. Let's hope I won't be robbed my money for the dentist and such.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 30th, 2015

Here is the video from yesterday. I went to Zagreb cathedral for the evening mass. I saw some Muslim women keep taking photos outside. A German group was walking behind of me and they started taking photos when I turned around.


30 August, 2015

Japanese perp list

I omitted suddenly showed up bunch of Japanese guys at Palmers Lodge while giving chocolate white woman and doctor visit happening in January 2013.

Japanese perps

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 29th, 2015

This is from yesterday. I spent morning for writing and making the PDFs. And I went to the mall in afternoon. I saw many people with dogs on the way and on the back. Perps might be looking for the cannabis or something. If I see the Netherlands perps, they would be the ones bringing cush and using it with the local perps. I guess that's why the drug cartel is part of gang stalking. Maybe, I should make a perp list from the NL cars. They could be the drug cartel list.

I saw Mea Vita woman asking 20HRK donation. Yesterday was a girl beggar at McDonalds.

GodFather man.

German cars

And the video.

29 August, 2015

PDF perp list ready from Zagreb

Due to the massive perping in Zagreb by Muslims and blind guys, I created these PDF files with perps acting so in Zagreb. I've gone through the eye taking threat by the perps and also the Muslim perps claiming me to be a Muslim so they can get a policce tipping from Muslim turning in. I'm a victim of gang stalking and here are the Muslim perps. These Muslim perpetrators could be engaged in the insider jobs. Take them away.

Zagreb Blind Perps

Zagreb Muslim perps

Ah, I will make Japanese and Chinese perp lists as well as Christian Korean perp lists from Zagreb. Enough perps around like catching fishes in the FB fishing game.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 28th, 2015

I visited my dentist today. Everything is well so far. Just the problem with delay to my arrival. The V2K perps told me that they need to make me doing things slowly because it makes the impression of me drinking too much and sleeping late. I don't drink alcohol these days. Well, I was at McDonalds for eating sandee because I had stomachach and needed to go to bathroom and later I used WIFI for a long time to pay the money off. I back up my photos. There was a woman sat next to me eating Kids meal and dessert and such. She ate so many. Then a girl beggar came. Later, a woman with HP computer came and sat next to me. She just show up with a laptop without a bag. I have a HP bag. It looked like she would claim a theft. Well, I have the photo of her.

When I was walking to the cathedral, I saw a couple walking in front of me. Suddenly, they stopped and the woman opened her bag and then they returned toward me. Then they again passed me and walked somewhere.

I saw a suspicious Turkish car also.

When I was at the cathedral, there was a woman with a pink hat sat in front of my bench. After the communion, she sat on the bench few rows to the front and she asked me to sit next to her. I refused as I left my HP bag at where I sat. It was as if someone tricking me to forget my bag at the church. My computer was safe.

By the way, I found my SD card slot filler plastic part was in my computer bag. It has been gone from Hostel ZemZem trip in Sarajevo for the Pope visit this June. I thought I forgot that part on my bed in my private room in the hostel. I searched my bags and I could not find it. It was returned in a strange way.


28 August, 2015

My apart after the "polizei" issue

I stayed whole day today for finishing my Japanese "Gang stalking and Muslim extremists" book. It's going well. I finished almost half of it and about 4 more sections to be finished. I've got Japanese V2K perps speaking up and some sounded like American or French accent English people as if blacks. They seemed to be working for taking out al-Qaeda thing they made up. Also, there told me about 800 children in the area to write for expelling me. Well, I have no idea why they use the kids like that way. And it seems to be something to do with communism - the family with kids won against anyone.

And I don't know much about what happened to 3000HRK 200 bank notes in Skopje area. As far as I know, I counted my money on the night before my departure and wrote down money total. I think I didn't get that much HRK notes with me. So, the money was most likely stolen at Road House where I found my items went missing and someone made a whole on the jeans which I only brought to Sarajevo for the Pope visit. I wore it few days and went back. After my nap on the day I came back, I found string loose on the butt area as if for a tail to come off. Another possibility was at Altira gym near the train station. So far, nothing stolen and I saw no one seemed to be checking my locker where I sometimes went to see if someone opened the locker for checking. I could see someone coming from the entrance and I could assume people take only few minutes changing clothes there.

Well, I didn't get any trouble now. No apart landlord visiting today. Nothing really happened much. I could finish my writing yesterday instead. Just this note was on the table indicating that they are eager to call paramedic or police for some gang stalking reason. I wonder what they will get for gang stalking. A new TV? I saw a box thrown outside of  the gate yesterday. The V2K perps told me that they would get a new laundry machine.

I'm staying in another place in Zagreb from next Monday. The V2K perps told me that they gonna bring a journalist as they think writers should be cute chics. Also, the V2K perps said that they gonna bring Chinese to steal all my money and valuables to make me ending up broke looking. I keep my side bag with me to the bathroom and such, so there should not be any more thefts happen.