22 November, 2014

Covert Harassment Conference in Brussels 2014 pics

I wanted to upload some pics and the information about CHC event at Bedford Hotel in Brussels yesterday, but I was so tired when I came back after 11pm. Well, there were so much things we have learned. Some information are just the things the speakers talked already at their websites but it was the summary of how it was or how it went. NSA whistleblower's story was the most important one I thought. He covered the 2nd party and 3rd party issues of how the surveillance is organized through the wiring and the information shared.

One thing to mention about the perp infiltrators would be the paneling and discussion time. The questions some people made just went to the passionate topic of how to unite the victims and the woman who said as the community organizer from Chicago and a German speaking woman talked about the revolution through the activism. The whole thing started from an Asian woman called Erika talked about how to work together and asked it to the guest speakers. The second was the Malaysian man who said about the victims to unite or something. That one just reminded me of the way how to make the meeting dangerous; the police would love to look after the people who would think "our enemy is the United States" type speech makers and the supporters. That is the easiest way for the people to be tagged for the dangerous potion in the society. You know the COINTELPRO. Anyone attending the anti-Nuke Plant gathering won't get promotion in near future and such social treatment against the majority of the social control group.

I didn't do anything and was an observer as it was my comfortable role to be as who studied anthropology for observing things and analyzing.

I've made a scanned backup file of the leaflets and documents shared during the conference. If anyone wants them and my friend already from somewhere, you can ask me at FB.

20 November, 2014

German cars from 2013 and some perps and German cars in May 2014

I wanted to finish adding all German cars till today in this year if I wasn't that tired. Here is the file about German cars from last year and some perp samples.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 19th, 2014

Tomorrow is the day for the Covert Harassment Conference. I'm quite excited for meeting some of the guest speakers. There shall be some interesting TIs to see at the site.

Here is today's gang stalking experience. I saw many Polish cars around in my neighborhood. Also, 3 Japanese speakers showed up at St. Catherine church when I attended the mass and the adoration of the blessed sacrament. When I saw them, I thought of following them and film them for the evidence. I figured out that they were speaking Japanese. How many Japanese guys show up in a church and see the sacrament and leaves at night? I thought they are related for the gang stalking for 100% sure.



19 November, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 18th, 2014

Here is the video from yesterday. I can't believe I wondered around in Brussels looking for Guesthouse Botanique near Botanique Garden. The location looked close enough from the metro station but somehow I had problem locating it. I had the hand written map with how many streets from the metro station and the next street name like rue Gillon. The paper got ripped with the zipper yesterday and I didn't really check the ripped part which got the street number and the street name. I was looking for "Saint-Joose-ton-Nood" name as if it is the real street name and I forgot to add the number. Then I walked around between Botanique metro station area to the area with St. Joseph church. I was so tired after walking for few hours till 8pm. I arrived to Brussels around 3pm, you know? It was just a crazy day. No wifi cafe around but Muslims hanging around and even a mosque I saw on the street while I was wondering. Say, is it a fate for me to fight against Muslims or burn down the mosques to stay away from these miseries came with the EH trying make them to be the scapegoat for the gang stalkers who want to claim someone to be a Muslim and suspicious?

Anyway, the next time I walked around the church, I just sat there and prayed rosary. What else I could do when I'm tired? Then I took a bus to Brussel Centraal and tried to find a hotel around. Luckly, Hilton didn't get a hotel. No wifi at the starbucks inside. I found iBis with wifi at the bar and tried to make the reservation to another place as Guesthouse Botanique got so many Muslims in the area. It looked not safe for me at all. 105€ loss for all the trouble with a strange problem with address missing somehow and mistook the area name for the street name.

Well, I'm at an apartment type accomodation now. Not far from the metro station and the city center. Just paid extra 240€ for 3 nights and 10€ extra for the late check-in after 11.30pm. I made my way somehow, you know. I still couldn't gather all the German car information from this year for the sharing, but I think I can do it by tonight in few hours, so I can upload it for the sharing with TIs tomorrow at the conferense. I'll report what the conferense would be later.


17 November, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 17th, 2014

I'm still in Amsterdam. I saw more UK and Polish cars today. Also some German cars. When I visited Albert Heijn to buy some grorceries, the female clerk made a mistake of counting a beer extra. I mentioned and she fixed the mistake. It was 8.84 and I paid 20€ note. She dropped the coins and it was only 15€ cent coins. I noticed that one EURO missing for the change. So I filmed it. How often this happening by the same clerk at the supermarket? I bought some bergen type foods - salad, a can of beer, 2L orange juice, 5pcs donuts pack. You can imagine how I managed to stay in Amsterdam and kept my purchase so cheap. Still I lost one EURO for nothing. 


16 November, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 16th, 2014

More German cars today. Some were showing up from both sides while I crossed the street. Also, a German car parked near Torture Museum. 2.50€ discount with the mini card.


The benefit of taking care of people speaking up Sharia Law in the West

Does anyone noticed how the civilized people can take care those primitive anti-feminism people from the Middle-East? They don't count women as human sometimes and they think women are all the same to serve men and think them as just like kids.

Well, I found a best way to speak up against them in Europe or in America. They don't respect the civil law here or there. If they want to bring the law from the desert, there are different laws the US Army brought there. Just bomb them up and claim them to be the rebels. Or just kill them and put a knife or gun next to their half brown dead bodies to claim them to be the enemies.

So? These Muslims didn't have any properties or any civil rights against the certain political interest related groups.

Say, if they act too much against the local women or opposing to the local civil rights, we can apply the law from the desert and what our nations are doing. Rob them and kill them? I don't know where they came from. The locals probably took care of these type during the crusader time. Histry SHOULD repeat sometimes for the sake of protecting Christianity and the modern lives.