17 October, 2014

ICR war coming!!!

The V2K perps told me that they are preparing for the ICR war. India, China, Russia against Japan, Korea, the USA, Germany and the rest of Europe. The ICR got oil resources and the most populations in the world for the human workforce. China got all the production as well. Also, the Mid-East area might be controlled already by Chinese bribery methods. Just think about why ISIS and other Muslims are hating Europe and America and Imams widely speaking their hatreds against non-Muslims.

The V2K perps said that Germany is already bankrupt from the past debits and the US cannot cover everything from their franchises.

I'm not the one predicting but the war sounds like not to happen unless China pushes to start and Russia would just go with the safe hits if they can score with less penalties like the WWII ending time. UK got strong tie with India but Hindu people might be powerless against all-Muslim neighboring countries with ISIS supporters.

16 October, 2014

Carefour in Sofia beeping alarm at the exit by another woman entering the supermarket

Today is somehow the 8th anniversary from the day I was kidnapped from SJSU by Dr. English-Lueck and the university police. It is amazing how my life turned around and I got aged. Say, real life threat really turned me to be very very sensitive about the outside influence and was able to keep myself up to this day, no matter how much things went on with the gang stalking and damages. I attended the Papal Mass twice in my life and visited to see two popes already at Vatican. I have been to many Marian sites. More education could be done in the past - I was slacking around and could be better in French and Italian already if I was not really doing something unproductive like building a website for free.

Well, the persecution continues this day. Let's hope I can get somewhere in future like a simple living without harassment. I might be finishing one more book by this weekend. I just spending too much time learning the vocabulary to be useful in some extra languages. Learning French and Italian go quite good on me They have similar verbs with a bit different grammar. And I should be doing extra memorizing for my Croatian vocabularies to go above A2.2. but that was enough for me to be in the church and in the cities.

I went to Carefour to buy water and some fruits. At the entrance, there was no beeping, so I just entered without my camera on. At the cashier, I saw someone got beeped at the entrance while the one was entering. So, I turned on my camera. Then I saw a woman got beeped again when I was leaving the spot. You can see the alarm beeping when a woman entered before my reach to the alarm bar. And you can she her back on my video when I left the shop and turned around. I'm expecting the next beeping in the city would be for the calling of the security guy like in Tenglemann at Munich and just claiming me stealing or something. I will share such issues at Anne Frank House in Amsterdam page on FB and other areas. Enjoy sharing this movie, if you are a victim of such false shoplifting claim by the big store chains. The shops cheat on the false theft claims on the customers sometimes instead.


15 October, 2014

1/3 US Muslims support al-Quaeda and suicide bombings - time for building concentration camps

I found a very interesting article about al-Qaeda related with the American mosques. Why don't the US DHS send them into the concentration camps just like during the WWII? Monzana area seems to be still unoccupied and other areas, too. They could bomb around like 911. Why people leaving mosques as the terrorist headquarters?

Pew Report: 1/3 of US Muslims Support Al Qaeda, Suicide Bombs; 25% Came to US Under Bush, Obama.
The mainstream media is hyping the latest Pew Research Center survey on Muslims in America (which is not as extensive or detailed as its 2007 predecessor, which is referenced in my analysis below, also) as showing that Muslims in America are “mainstream,” “moderate,” and “middle class,” just like you and me. But a close look at the survey (I read all 136 pages) reveals that Muslims in America (who often lie to deceive the infidels, per taqiyya) are in fact every bit as radical and extremist as I’ve diagnosed for the last couple of decades. And that they haven’t changed much in the four years since the last survey in 2007. I’ve used both the 2007 and 2011 surveys below, and have noted the years in parentheses, so you know where I’m getting the data for my analysis. The survey shows stark evidence of how President Bush opened the floodgates to Muslim aliens. Oh, and those Muslims he helped, after seeking their endorsement in his Presidential race–they are extremely liberal and support even bigger government and entitlements than we have now . . . by vast majorities.

14 October, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 12-14, 2014

Some German cars from past few days.

I saw an Asian man walking and taking a photo and returned to the way he came from.

NYPD T-shirt.

There was a German T-shirt and German cap man walking outside of the supermarket today.

Here is the video.

At that very moment

At that very moment

At that very moment from my past memory
I remember you; the time I was in the school
My seat was near yours and we were happy
As ever and we believed everything was cool

At that moment I saw our paths went along
We had the school fest together in the class
We did all we could do without nothing wrong
There seemed the ever lasting love and peace

At the moment I confessed my love and crashed
It was the wrong decision at such a young age
We didn't know our future but my desire rushed
You saw me like a silly crown on the small stage

It was that moment you rejected me and we left
The path that could be together forever even
After the death aparts our body and soul yet
We could remain as one in the blight heaven

It was that moment I found the way to move out
From where we were and it'd gonna be myself
To be on the path without you nor your thought
To help me - thus I had the 1000 nights sleep

Sleeping beauty, my youth days changed me to be
Like a person who prefer all the time to be perfect
No call for anyone nor anything but for giving challenge
To myself to go high and even higher for the self respect

Life went on and I was the idol sometimes in the school
I was rich and ambitious to take all the advantages of the time
And the money to be wasted on avoiding me to become dull
I was the chair of the student council with the top score for the fame

What went wrong? I didn't know my feeling with dullness
It was like the haunted shadow I left it somewhere long time ago
The end justifies the means, and I was just blindly fearless
But the shadow gave me the nightmare

At the moment I saw you at the bus stop on a rainy day
I was on the bike and just passed you glancing toward my way
It was the day I found my missing sweet and sour memory
Your figure gave me the sudden needle pain in my heart like nay

At that very short moment I lost my consciousness by the pain
What I was in the past just merged into my real me without you
I could be burst in the tear for the short time meeting in the rain
And your sight was gone almost forever but nothing changed new

At that moment I saw you once again after my university days
Back in my home town to get my new life again to begin
I saw someone with two small girls walking around noon on Sunday
The shadow I had as the nightmare was done like a glass broken

There was no more moment for me to be aware of the scare crow
Which could cause the earthquake aiming my immature heart so acute
The shadow died in the self-destructive motion like a film very slow
Showing each  frame changing almost half a second for few minutes

The last moment I saw you was the time of the realization
Of my youth with the white dotted image of the bright future together
With you just banished with the core of my heart's foundation
The shadow of you and the immature dream was a type of fever

The separation from the shadow felt like a cold sensation
No more moment for the first love, please
Your matured face and the look sent me no more vibration
It was the time that cured the incurable disease

The moments I spent with you were over several years in total
Yet myself without the old shadow, I felt like almost immortal

I'm just feeling like writing poetry these days at night. It could be the artificial feeling.
These new poems gonna be in a new poetry book. I just don't know how I can get imagination almost 3 or 4 themes for one day. But poems could be easy making my fame somehow as the amateur writer. 

13 October, 2014

Gays are so straight

Gays are so straight

Homosexuals are so gay
Heterosexuals are so straight
Hypersexuals are always in the party
Asexuals are so wild yet in apathy

Transexuals wants to look like another gender
Bisexuals will take both sexes for significant others
Intersexuals are known as the best masterbater
Pansexuals reflects their narcism to the others

Pedphilia is so childish
Necrophilia acts so deadly
Fetish wears shoes so stylish
Hoplophilia thinks guns so lovey

Gerontphlia is for the old grandpa and ma's
Paraphilia will go only for the taboos
Zoophilia is seeking horses and lamas
Coprophilia likes to get some feces

Homophobia could be anyone even hobos but not homos
Agraphobia is a cursed reactions of the abused bitches
Erotophobia reminds us of the old fashioned Catholic priests
Islamphobia? Why don't they just stay at the beaches?

Genophobia can go with Islamphobia if the one wants to be a virgin
Biphobia doesn't like the things go for both males and females
Philophobia knows just enough to say who is in love and commiting the sin
Monophobia may wanna be with people as they cannot stand the loneliness

We live in the world with contemporary musicians
Who love to play the melody from any famous notes
The art of the sexuality to personality merged like a good pans
While the words dance with the characater of the poets

Let me talk about my sexuality beside the love and sweetness
The ideology comes first for some people like an engraved madness

I haven't edit it so there might be some grammatical mistakes. Just enjoy the first pans.. I want to try to go beyond E.E. Cummings if I can for the visualization and other techniques in poetry.

11 October, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 10th, 2014

The video from yesterday. I saw some women selling wild tree branches and leaves on the street. I don't know why they are taking them from the park and asking money from the passerby. The woman told me in Bulgarian that these leaves smells good and such. I don't really know Bulgarian because what she said got too many vocabularies I don't know.

At night, I've heard some people outside of my room door speaking in German. It just gave me the feeling of how the Crystal Night looked like with wild Germans. Later, someone opened my room door when I was on my bed using Busuu.com for learning French and Italian. The room rock is loose and it can be open with pushing around. I found it rocked tightly when I turn the rock twice instead of once. Then I filmed him on the hallway as I wanted to know who it was. If something went missing from my room, he is one of the culprit.

Today, I found someone threw the excrement on the bathroom floor. It seemed someone got problem with no toilet paper in the bathroom. I just wiped the toilet bowl with someone's left over towel on the towel hanger and used it. I guess that might be done by the man who accidentally opened the door last night or the German group. I always carry extra toilet paper in my pocket, so I have no problem with such skit and pranks.