23 July, 2014

Japanese population might be reduced to 1/3 in future

The V2K perps told me that the Japanese population will be reduced to 1/3 in future. They say, 2/3 would be dead from leukemia in about 3 years. Not from heart attacks, then. Ah, but the kids would be dead more likely from the heart attacks and heart malfunctioning. They say, they learned from the police report people and the information would be published by next year after January 1st.

Let's see. How many people die like this way?

I visited Our Lady of Health shrine today and prayed rosary there for my health. It's an irony that some people would die from unfortunate life styles in the ignorant country. Who wanna increase the radioactive contamination standards without any health effect prevention? We know the science. Even some people still believe religion as opium to the people, praying for peace or normal issues do no harm but good for one's mental stability.

I could share my OSAM video by tomorrow. Just tired of working on my book and visiting Kotor today for cake eating and church visitings. It was fun visiting all the churches there and an evening mass with the honor of Mary Magdalane.

20 July, 2014

Some Asians in the bus on my way to Kotor and the way back to Bar

I'm moving to near Kotor tomorrow and I visited Kotor in early morning for the Sunday mass. Only few people rode the bus in morning but there was a mid-age Asian man in the bus alone. I don't know why there was another Asian in the bus. I don't see any Asian in Bar beach and only 2-3 Asians I saw in the city like at a shopping center. He was talking to the women around him often and he took the bus from Bar city center as I took it from on the way. At Kotor, he was still in the bus, so I think he was heading to Herceg Novi direction.

At the Cathedral before the mass. There was a large group came with a guide. A couple sat earlier and the man wore the Chinese character "Sky" logo pants. A woman behind me was speaking Polish during the mass. I stayed Krakow 2 Christmas times and I can recognize Polish quite good. There are many Polish people in Bar now. The church mass was normal and nothing really strange happened at all.

At Kotor bus station, I saw a Chinese speaking couple ridign the bus heading to Bar. There was another Asian man stood near the bus. The couple left at Budva and had no big luggages. They might be staying at Kotor and taking a day trip to Budva together.

So far, I lost wait and learned enough of beach life - like how the sea smells and sea sounds and such. A book about beach stay? Of course! It'd be coming before the end of Summer! And other books, too.

17 July, 2014

Unequal opportunity by the government friendly citizens

For the TIs, gang stalkers represent as the success model in the society. They may not have wealth and working in reception and other simple minimum wadge jobs. They are better off for the gang stalking activities as they are encouraged to be the competitors of the TI. A TI must be the failing one and that is fun for the perpetrators. They would say themselves as anti-Islam while the TI is so. A nice snitch jacket to take the role of the victim to be the winner of the identity.

So, what is the best way to defend themselves for the TIs? Find fault of the perps. Like how they slips on the floor or something of the funny picture making. The perps are not strong enough to be equal to each other in their group. If a perp did a stupid mistake, it could be a factor to be looked down among them. Like a big mistake at a company. Let's see if this works to take out some perps who are just curious to help the mobbing.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 16th, 2014

Here is the video from yesterday. There was a man stood next to my bath towel and bags at the beach. He stood there and put a bath towel and sandal. His family was at the wood area just to the back from the beach though. And a man with a gun. A boat showed up and rolled some people including me to the shore with its waves.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 15th, 2014

The OSAM video from July 15th, 2014. The day I traveled from Shkodra to Bar. There were 2 Asian men also at the bus stop area and they took the taxi of their own. Not many Asians around in Albania but why there are these passing the border I can find all the time?

Some German cars on the way.


16 July, 2014

The enemy of the church as a delusion

The V2K perps talking about how to make someone the gang stalkers representing the community don't want in the church to be dangerous and others to support the hate crime.

It's easy. They use the voice of the authority. xxx said so. Is the answer. No one gets hurm except the victim. If the cops say the person is dangerous, others will just follow what the cops's say for the safety. Cops' would say the children would be in danger. Or a hansome man or a pretty woman at the church would be stalked by the victim. They just spread the rumor and the things would be fine for the community as the victim would be powerless as no one wants to help the one.

Second, making up the history. It's China's favorite practice, right? A person should not get a law degree, the authority can recognize the degree nulified. If the person had the bank account, someone else should be explaining it as theirs and claim it while the victim is unreachable or takes time to prove oneself to be the true holder.

How to take someone's blog? Just make up the story of finding the password somewhere like a paper in a hostel or somewhere. Or the blogger is mentally ill and asked to type it to help writing. Every month, I must make the back up of my writing on this blog. Ah, maybe, it's time for publishing my blog as a free ebooks already.

Also, taking the pictures and films copyright is a best way of nullifying the target's fact telling. If the gang stalkers make up a blog and put the pics from the victim's website, they can say theirs are the original despite of the camera information recorded in the image file or not. They could make up the photoshopped images and to be used as the original for fake truth making.

I don't really like how I encounter people enjoying these Mongolian jokes in Romania and other countries where not many Asians living. These racists are easily persuaded for the gang stalking and harassment. I' fine to be harassed as it's part of my life and I can tell as so with my filming. There were segregation in the churches in the south and that was the fact. Who doesn't want to hear about their wealthy grand fathers or grand mothers were racists and mocking the colored people in the churches? It's a biography for some people, good or bad. And what about the Nazi holocaust time? There were persecution of the church members and Christians in the area as well. Many foreigners and Christians were sent to the gas chamber. How far the abuses in the churches going to be? Only the rosary shouting by one person in foreign language out loud behind of the victim? Or Christian items of the victims to be damaged or claimed as stolen items?

12 July, 2014

Big Bite BB fast food restaurant cheating me 1000lek in the change - at Durres, Albania

Big Bite BB fast food restaurant in the shopping center near the bus station cheating the change for 1000lek. Then it took awhile making my Big Bite menu. I paid 5000lek and the initial change was 3600lek. I took the picture bifore touching the change and the woman added 2 500lek notes.

Then a man showed up and talked with the woman who cheated the change.

I was filming the counter while they are preparing my meal. It came eventually. 

Later, there was a couple - a man with FBI logo T-shirt - showed up and they left at the time I fI was leaving. What they did to my food?

I could make OSAM tomorrow. I have to take the bus early in morning to get to the mass in TIrana. St. Lucia church doesn't have the Sunday mass as I was expecting. 

Ah, Today's German and Swiss cars.

One eyed woman begging in front of the big mosque.

And the Mother Teresa's order sister chatting at the beach. Isn't it cool to see her in Albania?