01 May, 2016

St. Stephan cathedral gang stalkers

There was an Asian man sat next to me.

I attended the mass at noon. There was a masked man sat to the left.

Also, a couple to the left held their hands during Our Father prayer during the mass. I have enough videos of people holding hands at the masses from Tirana, Zagreb Budapest, and even in Vienna. Should I make a GSA video?

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 1st, 2016

I found my credit card number written paper stolen from my side poach. I haven't use it after I booked to Hotel Pension Astra, so it could be stolen from 27th home invasion. Well, I'm gonna add that one to make notice with the missing 50€ bank note from my wallet to the police tomorrow. There are more Bosnian cars around near my hotel. Also, some Polish people are around. Last time it was stolen was at Villa 11 in Bucharest. I wrote down like anagram and that one was stolen. This time, I found it better just to report it to the police as the theft by the gang stalker. Also, I found my "Cause Stalking" book missing from my backpack. I kept it in the "Secret of Mary" book together always and put it with the DVD-ROM bag later when I visited the Anti-Human Trafficking NGOs. I'm going to contact the police tomorrow. I wish I didn't get sick on 27th, or I had one more day to handle some more things before moving to another accommodation in the city.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 30th, 2016

I saw many Muslim outside of my hotel but not much like the Walking Dead zombies. I saw a guy helped by the first aid man. At Votive church, I saw a Japanese couple. Last time I visit the church was the encounter with 2 Japanese women. Why this is happening to me? I guess I just list them as human traffickers from Japan. Also, I saw more Germans around and near the hotel. One BiH car and one Florida car.


29 April, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 28th, 2016

I was sick all day long from morning and I had to postpone everything to tomorrow. Now I have a tight schedule but still doing fine.
When I woke up, I had a sudden high pitched noise hearing and then got sick with vomiting and throwing up yellow liquid. The V2K perps told me like shouting and they said that was a detective from Tosa and also Soka Gakkai members with Chinese and Koreans for the harassment through the university workers' equipment. They said that was for the see through monitoring but they hit my head with it to make me feel dizzy.

When I was at the bathroom, I found an Asian woman also in the lobby area with a old guy. Then I saw 2 women talking in Arabic on the phone for quite a long time and one of them seemed to be a cleaning lady. They later left and no one was around in the reception till night or something.

When I left the hotel to buy something, I saw 2 Korean guys outside as the V2K perps told me. The V2K voices said that they would bring 2 Koreans and it happened. And when I came back to my hotel from Billa, I saw a woman standing at the entrance door. I saw a German car in such a short trip to the supermarket.

I'm still tired and just feel ok without vomiting.


27 April, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 21st, 2016

Nothing but video. I must go out by now. I will add more from the past stay in Budapest tonight.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 26th, 2016

The video from yesterday's trip Budapest-Vienna. When I arrived to the Vienna bus station, there were these Muslims.

At Votive church, I saw this guy taking photos so long time. Also, I saw 2 Japanese women walking.

There were some German cars around. One parked across my hotel and another near Votive church.


25 April, 2016

BitCasa dying and I need extra time for moving files.

I have less than 200GB file backed up to BitCasa and now I need to move them to another crowd. The funny thing is that some files are deleted or edited by the secret police. Some files went missing when the room invasion occurred. At least, I know where such room invasion happened at night. Ravenice Hostel, Road House, Youth Hostel, Hostel 36 Rooms? in Berlin, Hostel Lemon in Denovici, etc. I can list these dangerous places I stayed as the warning for other TIs not to stay there.

Well, I've heard the perps also did the damage on my documents for the vandalism. So, I need to review what was damaged. As far as I know, my diary got missing days for deleting the information. That happened before.

I can post things but it does not really make money to me and I have to put a price on what I write to make it productive and producing something to me. Well, at least, I can tell I might be able to finish few books by this week and even try to get help in the area with more neutral people around.

I'm heading to Vienna tomorrow. The V2K perps told me that they gonna invade my room and they said they have the plan. So, I need to check out what would happen.