19 September, 2014

Does Skopje has many Japanese or Korean or Chinse gang stalkers?

I'm heading to Skopje tomorrow and I might seek help from the local NGO working for the human trafficking. Normally, gang stalkers are the ones working for the criminal rings and also for the police as the governmental interest group. Well, I don't know how it would work and about the Sunday. I might think of making a trip to Tirana for one day to see the Pope. Well, but for my safety and no electronic harassment by the perps with high tech gadgets, I might just stay in Skopje instead. I don't want to be harassed while seeing the Pope.

These days, I've gotten some threats from the V2K perps like they want to steal my password and try to delete my blog. Well, I have the backup till last August and will make one for today for September part. It's so stressful someone threatening like that way. I've heard Chinese gangs would be behind of it. Well, what about the anti-Terrorism thing? Identity theft is not counted for something dangerous? I found my German number Black Berry I lost around Byzantine Hostel in Bucharest. That was the last time I saw my BB and didn't use it for the alarm purpose at all. Shall I share the number here? I can share it as it's already gone. Maybe I should call the phone number first to see who would be there.

Another issue is that the Jap SDF and the local technical perps wanted to try how to do the heart attack for an individual and sprayed radioactive in my room in Skopje. The V2K perps were talking about the curie account or something. They talked about if I get the nose bleeding, then it means the radioactive impact might be reached to the brain. Also, they said that they measured the distance from the radioactive to see how I might get the heart attack. Say, that's enough to think stressful, don't you think? I will make sure wipe the room with towel and rub around the hotel. They said that that was the Japanese military's first objective for taking out someone who they thought as an enemy. The Skopje perps thought that they don't need to do anything for the checking as I'm just Asian and they can assume heart attack is normal for Japanese these days. If something happens to me, you can know what happened. I wish I have a Geiger counter with me.

Oh, few more about the identity theft issues. I lost password of my inbox account and I don't know why it does not open. I use a password management software but it might be cracked and stolen. I lost one account I made for Gmail particularly for Virtual Tourist was missing from my password collection. Also some passwords were old one from somewhere else. Well, I have the password random with capital, number, foreign words and such for better security.

The V2K perps told me that if there are some Muslims, they can do something like "the mantle of sand" or something to cover everything up by cleaning things. The perps can speak up what they thought and what they did instead of the victim telling their story. It's much like the time of Jews persecuted. Oh, here was a Jew or a Jew family and take them away. Nothing happened for the citizens. If the neighbors didn't know someone claimed as a Jew, they didn't know anything but a criminal or social outcast was taken away to make the society safe. I don't like Muslims are the one doing all the cop work these days and trying to put the women down and ignoring the civil rights and gender equal rights. I hope my blog is safe and fine. I don't do anything much these days but learning ab it of French and Italian that are missing from my language skills. 

16 September, 2014

2 Chinese women in the bus from Tirana to Struga today for human trafficking

Today, I took the bus to Struga from Tirana. There were 2 Asian woman showed up at the bus station near the UFO?.  They were the only other Asians in the bus. To make things strange, they dropped off at Struga instead of traveling to Skopje which would be around late night arrival and I didn't like the time. When the bus stopped at the street, these girls and the Muslim couple in front of me also left. I took the taxi from there but these girls with a man tried to communicate with me in English like "where are you going" and they said that we might be able share the ride. Why they don't have a reservation already and why they wanted to contact me while there is a man standing next to them? 3 of them wanted to share the taxi? Or they wanted to put me to pay everything?

In the bus, the bus attendant went back to their seat and talked with them and showed them my passport there. I hope they didn't copy down my information for mosque going or something.

Anyone with the information of these women would be welcomed in this blog. They might be related of the V2K perps telling me the human meat factory owned by Seak? group just around the corner from Ohrid to Sv. Neum way but not far from the city.


Terrorist's listing - how the perps think you are a terrorist

The V2K perps told me the list for checking who would be suited for Muslim Terrorist. They seemed to be blinding making checks on such list and making gossips and asking others to help their victim fits into the criteria. Here is the list they talked about. Now tell me where this list is used?

  • Sexually interested and prefer open sex
  • bad grade at the schools and churches
  • Behavioral problem such as arson, etc.
  • Mass killing game preference
  • Chinese hater
  • Japanese hater
  • Sex machine
  • War criminal sympathizer
  • Union Jack hater
  • Very very cruel past behavior such as killing animals
  • Flying search queen
  • Goner - retarded and the past mobbed record
  • Tried to burn a house in the past or pretended to burn one
  • Christian hater
  • Low income family belongings
  • Multiple tattoos
  • Pain killer eater
  • Mental hospital records
  • Often throw away children
  • Koran eater - they drink the words in their rips
  • Anti-cream user
  • Korean language knowledge
  • Speaks against Soka Gakkai
  • Beads holder
  • Sticking out legs from the window often

15 September, 2014

I saw a KILL BILL Samurai costume man at Sky Tower and a German car outside

I saw a very weird scene today. I went to Sky Tower to visit the top cafe but I saw an Asian man in Samrai costume at the souvenir store. Since he had katana, I followed him for filming. He left to the east of the river. I saw a German car parked in front of the Swiss Embassy next to Sky Tower.

It's more like a sitcom to me encountering German car and such a Kill Bill fireball man.


14 September, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 14th, 2014

I saw some foreign cars today. One is from Switzerland.

At the pizza/crepe restaurant, 3 girls came and started taking photos with their iPad together. They were taking photos so many times across my table.

When the rain started, I found my umbrella got stack and could not open. I tried hard but it got stacked so hard. How could this happen? I kept the umbrella in my shopping bag all the time and I used it yesterday or the day before. It is possible that it was damaged when I left the shopping bag at the counter in Conad supermarket. But that was less than a few minutes for the shopping time - I usually picked water and some small snacks if any to buy on my way to the beverage corner.
I saw a German car parked outside of Conad today.

When I came back to my hotel, Hotel 3A, the clerk told me that my key is at my room. He said that it was done by the room cleaning woman. So, I went up to my room and found the room door wide open and the key attached. I paid 25€ for the single room and this hotel got no security at all. My suitcase, backpack and other items were still in my room, though. I don't know why they do such. Because of 60kuna umbrella damage, I wanna share the insecurity incident to the tourist information website today. Should I buy a new umbrella or just use Medugorje yellow rain court?

13 September, 2014

TI Event 20014 - in Brussels on 20th, November 2014

There is an event for TIs on November 20th in Brussels. I had a terrible experience of theft of my LL Bean leather bag and even my passport in the police station. Well, I make my way there in the day time and with extra caution on my stuffs. I will buy a dog leash or something to tie everything up for the safety.


12 September, 2014

Islamphobia Manifesto

What's wrong to be Islamphobia? I hate Muslims if they bothers me. I wrote down this following post on FB. I can go crazy like Cetniks or Croats who killed Bosnians. It's a joy playing Postal 2 and 3 which wanna try it if I can get a faster nomal PC. Killing bad Muslims should be a dream of the normal Christians.

 i'm islamphobia and gets nervous near Muslims or something Islam around. When I was at Sparta Team Hotel in Athens, I really thought of buying an axe for my safety at the one bed room shared bathroom option. The lobby got so many Muslims and the bar was occupied by all men. There was a big police van showed up outside and taking some people to somewhere at late afternoon from the hotel. The bank bombed during my stay in Athens and was just before Angela Merkel's visit. A cop or two were always standing out side of the hotel for patrolling. I just wanted to enjoy the white and blue flag image Greece with these blue color chairs and tables to sit down... Then I thought it was right to be crazy against Muslims as I got over 640€ damages in Sarajevo and got my rosaries damaged and got my room door broken and such in Medugorje. Gang stalkers got people harassing me to claim me a Muslim while I read Bible and want to burn a Quaran if I can find free one on the street. And it is not my fault if I kill Muslims if they show up near me in a wrong way to make me getting a sudden panic attack on my Islamphobia. I have no problem beheading any Muslism - old or small, girl or macho. If they are Muslims, I treat them like just a bunch of roaches - who care about the small roaches in the kitchen? You kill it without it's size or sex. I believe it was Bosnian's responsibility of getting killed in Srebreica instead of Serbs were blood thirsty enough. People pissed off of Muslims' primitive doings.   (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=301522003354104&set=p.301522003354104&type=1)