31 October, 2014

Chocolate Pepper Fish

Chocolate Pepper Fish

I loved the song Chocolate Pepper Fish. It was not by the popular music band. I've just heard the song title and wanted to know. First I was not sure about the name of the artists but the song name was cool enough to listen. I wanted to listen and find the official website sharing it in the mp3 format.

Chocolate Pepper Fish
Who will bring the fight a finish?
Bye-bye, student's life
My name never be on the dish

I didn't know what these refrain parts means. It was just there as the part of the lyrics about the love of the girl from his kindergarten to the university. It sounded a silly joke to me. Who wants to love a single woman from 4 years old to the voting age? It was so strange to hear the song with such a name.

I really wanted to see your face at my work
So, I wrote this song for you, only for you
We went to the same nursery but we didn't talk
But I was so mad in, mad in the love with you

In the secondary to the high school,
I was not the choice to be in your friends' list
But I was seeing you totally cool,
Oh, yeah, I saw you the coolest and the best

My feeling was the secret path to become the hermit
It was you rejected me and yet I'm still love you
Say hello to the solitude, and say no to the girl hunt
It was you I wanted to be with and I really love you

I don't know why the song is so disturbing and I was not sure what to do with the name of the song. What is Chocolate Pepper Fish? I didn't know what it was till the ending of the song by the young 3 men bands.

Wow, did I tell you, Catherine Paterson Fisher?
I love you and nicknamed you Chocolate Pepper Fish?

I didn't get the secret message of how the vocalist shouting so happily at the last ending part as the love confession. The vocalist is still in 20s. His red short spunky hair looked like he is one of Sex Pistols member I forgot the name. He shout the Chocolate Pepper Fish part together with other members but he was the only one shouted loud Catherine Paterson Fisher. I felt the dream of the woman who was just attending the music gig with her friends and finding her old school mate on the top stage shouting about his love toward her.

How often people could be in love with someone for such a long time from both kids wearing the diaper to the adulthood? It was so childish song to me. But that sounded an ideal couple if the they could go through all the life experiences from the time when they were babies to the age they started looking for the mate. I don't believe in the soul mate but the song sounded to me something more than a fate to happen at a gig.

I'm just sharing this short story not a poem but in the new book. I just love the style adding my story a melody and the name Chocolate Pepper Fish sounded quite my favorite. By the way, did you know that I was the president of the Student Council in my high school and was playing guitar? I had friend who was in a band. The student council member plus her was thinking to make a demonstration at the school one occasion but other members were too busy and could not practice instruments together. I still have the heart to share something like of my young age. Be young at the spirit and the heart. Punk never dies. Ah, there is no Catherine I know of. It was a made-up name.  

30 October, 2014

Allah is Satan - Quran says.

Here is very interesting and probably the most important video for the anti-Islam people. If Allah is Satan, we know why the Muslims say Islam is a peaceful religion. It's all deceptive. Enjoy the truth and hate the primitive religion.

"All they that know thee [Satan] among the people shall be astonished at thee: thou shalt be a → (((terror))) ← and never shalt thou be any more." (Ezekiel 28:19 KJV)
"Remember when [Allah] revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast → (((terror))) ← into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them." (Qur'an 8:12)

28 October, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 28th, 2014https://33.media.tumblr.com/c84c6264bce79ecb719b868c4c32d792/tumblr_ne6cu7ATtZ1siw2hlo10_1280.jpg

Here is the video from today. I've gotten my suitcase back, finally, from Samsonite. It cost 80lev. I had the warranty card but it was so. Well, at least, the wheels are new and the suitcase was not stolen.
One German car from today.

One Spanish car from today near the bus stop to Samsonite shop.
There was a man in Jack Wolfskin jacket at Halite Mall. And a security showing the cuff from his butt.

An Asian female near the metro station.

An Asian man at the metro platform.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 27th, 2014

Yesterday, I saw a shoplifter woman walking out from a shop in City Mall. She went into the store next to it. She was wearing a jacket with a price tag. There was another store with alarm going on after that. I saw an Asian man in the next floor and he was just following me from behind to the food court. Was he there for the false witnessing like saw me a shoplifter or what?

Later, I went to Chicago Dogz and the clerk charged me 3.70lev for the chicago hod dog which supposes to be 2.70lev.

Later, I saw an Asian man in Wok'n'Walk with a white man.

When I visited Halite Mall to buy some drinks, I saw a solo walking Asian man there and saw a man in Jack Wolfskin black jacket just showed up at the door when I was leaving.

Oh, I saw one German car on the street also. It was near where I saw one the day before but a different license plate.


27 October, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 26th, 2014

The video from Sunday. One German car and some Asians in the city. One Swiss Post jacket beggar searching the garbage containers.


26 October, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 24, 25th, 2014

Here is the video from yesterday and today.

Yesterday, I saw a FBI cap at Halite Mall.

And today, I saw a German car near Halite Mall.

At a cafe I was working on my book, I saw 3 Muslim women talking and later changed their table and even staying longer. I stayed there over an hour but they were there and met with 2 men and left.

Then Japanese speaking woman and a boy came and sat nearby. How many Japanese in the area? I thought they might be the Soka Gakkai cult people stalking me. If anyone knows their identities, just leave the comment here.

Before I got my coffee at the counter, I saw a group of people with an Asian woman outside. I thought they wanted to enter, so I took a picture. Does she relate with these Japanese family?


24 October, 2014

To Kill the Muslim

To Kill the Muslim

I wonder - to kill the Muslim? or not to kill the Muslim
There are more Muslims out from the Arab world
Last few decades, their territories expanded from Istanbul
To Northern Europe, and even to the New World

ISIS is the new name of the national security threat
for the US and other countries after Taliban and al-Qaeda
which are both supported by the popular death merchants
From the West and the Middle-East but people were blind

What's wrong with no more of the terrorist bombings?
Meanwhile more and more Muslims have been immigrated
in our neighborhoods and taking over the city buildings
The simple minded failed shops and residents disappeared

No more bombings yet more of the violence among the neighbors
Here, we've heard a wife of a Muslim man beheaded in his home
Muslim riots and protesting are daily news already in Scandinavia
Where are we searching for the terrorists with these high-tech drone?

Past few centuries, Europe had only few Muslim habitats in big cities
The crusading era killed these Jihardists and few sieges in Middle-East
made no more of these Muslim expansion but now we feel like kidding
that no one really cared to bring back the best solution from the past

Why can't we do the crusading with the patriotic propaganda of our very nation
and its unique long time developed Christian based philosophy and the culture?
Now even the local cops are working with the Muslim informants without hesitation
while the males get much wild to oppress the females like different creature

The culture shock is not happening here - even kids and elderly know the term Sharih Law
American kids learn the Islamic history and visiting mosques to follow Islamic propaganda
Was machen die Shariah Polizei in Wappertal in Deutschland mit diesem Scheize Law?
Srebrenica, Foča, Višegrad, Ključ, Sanski Most, Gradska - etnički genocid bio u pravu pravda

It's about the matter of time who will gain all the wealth for their own group and families
What happened to the people lived in the houses now occupied by these newcomer Arabs?
We don't know how many old neighbors disappeared or even became nameless homeless
Are we giving up our territory, human rights, business chance, success for the neighborly loves?

Everyone loves kebabs, yes kebabs - the chicken fillet chunk on the stick imported from Turkey
Who knows the real disgusting truth about hidden ingredients like Redbull made of ox urine and sperms?
The hateful anti-European low wage workers are stomping and pee on the meat for the secret recipe
Our health and hygiene trends are violated to insult the conservative common sense and the social norms

A woman is no name, not counted, and not expected more than a sex toy or a child maker for the men
When cute girls want to hang out in the mini skirt and lightly social flirting clothes, the blue beards wanna rape
these chicks who are not even reaching the adolescents with pubic hairs but they know how to act like teens
It's all men's fault if they don't respect "lady first"  yet Muslim "sex offender" mind may not from them escape

Look at these clerics and Imams in the European mosques; they are teaching men and kids how to hate
Americans, Europeans, neighbors, disabled, Asians, Jews, gays, homeless, and their nation immigrated
These Arab men think the society is only for the men and the women are available to serve men as their fate
The child porno makers, anti-feminists, power craze military officers love the male business integrated

What's wrong for the women to behave like who we are and how we are in the society we are proudly to be feminine?
Love and peace and these flower people didn't bring so much productive minds but live in harmony here and there
Now the Arab family acting like the flower people - if men cannot get a job, women with many kids live in the cocoon
The elites don't care much as long as they get their profits from the inhabitants and even the free women for the share

To be obedient or to be independent; that is the matter of the free man's thinking and its' will at all
Non-Muslim men can be so ignorant of the fact of the brainwashed neighbors who could stab from behind
To be a slave or not to be a slave; that should not be the matter for the woman to decide to kill
the Muslims in the neighborhood before they start raping them as a group of stray animals or some kind

The bunch of Arabs in our neighborhood just waiting the time of Arab Crystal Night by listening the preaching
from the mosques in Europe; it's the Christians tern to be aware from the past Jihards in Europe as the best teaching

I wrote this poem for my new political poetry book and the response to that Muslim asshole rapper in Sweden. I added some messages in German and Serbo-Croat for making my words much visible for the certain audiences.