22 February, 2017



It is just the illusion or not?
We make mistakes all the time
But the mother nature gives us a love knot
That is never ever tied again

So what's the matter a star said
To the little princess in the sky
What are you going to be afraid
When you ever changing girl, don't be shy

So the Moon slept and slept
And once again it revealed the thought
Maybe I shall conquer the stars
no matter how small or the looks matters

When they fought on the Milkey Way matress
The stars are all died in the crown
That the Moon brought from its own synergy psychosis
Because that is the way how the queen
Is cheered and so to be born

Amsterdam once again
Now is the yacht in the harbor of Yokohama
To river of the Indian Ocean
Yet to see your smile in the Nile River

When to see a thing in the two
That's the love knot really revealed
Whining the Little Pooh with the little popo
And the handsome speaking fassy French using the word "doppo"

O Segnora dov'e la vacanza?
No soy in Ungern ali in Vienna
What kind of language
you speak doesn't matter

We all make mistakes
*Shiny and shiny*
So to speak is the last star
hidden in the Moon not to be conquered
I am here but you missed me
So what does it mean in the pee-kaa-boo game?

Thought of nothing
The moon smiled, and she kissed
Now the Love kills the letter
It is better not to be on the bet(but)later

The V2K speakers told me I will write this poem in future and it will become very popular, so I just share this one as well. I'm just curious how it looks cool.
It's about a small poor boy's story, the V2K speakers said.
Just read it loud and see how it goes smooth. That's what I liked this poem.



My love to Croatia
Firve sentences are enough

Individualism kill(s/ed)
Simply singly mindred.
Only the Yachts are beautiful...
   but the swimmers are killed, poisoned

the V2K speaker told me I will write this in future, so I typed it up and shared earlier :P

21 February, 2017

Kane D and the Ring of the Rings

The V2K stories once again. The V2K speakers told me that the Future Research Institute related with the US is located at  Kane D. (Candy, cane dee, or candee, pronounciation. guess what? canada)
So, this Kane D is an interesting anagram.

The Ring of Rings is the new title about the Lord of the Rings series. I don't know if it exists already or not, but the V2K speakers said that it is another popular book in future. It is written by the grandchild of the author of the Lord of the Rings. And it's about the aged hobit's story of how to protect the ring among them. They decided to create the similar dark colored rings and make the real one faked in the shape as the disguise. Then the members carry the fake rings with the real one among their own. Each member got one ring on their shoulder bin. The main character drops his ring down to the river from the high-altitude cliff path. He tries to commit suicide at that point to be down to the river. The members swore to each other that if they lose their own ring, they will kill themselves at that point for the safety not revealing the true secret of their own ring and the potentiality of others. But he was saved by the magician's magic to believe his ring is the true one as his hands suddenly get golden color and hand spread the shining. The magician tricked him to get the magical voice heard. He had the real ring so he was the true owner and the giver to the other one to the next generation down to the South from the river. It was the wonderful moment that he would be so powerful enough to be deceived by the ring to commit suicide yet the real one was next to him. As once they walked down to the river bed, they found the fake ring crashed down and bent and was in the shallow water with other colorful tools and stones.
The final ending? The hobit gets a child on his shoulder and carry the crossbow on his hand and departing to the dwarves' storytellers for the fighting. The big champion will take the kid.

I could get such information from my V2K speakers and I can type them down. Why am I typing my own book like "München 2012"? This book is already over 10,000 words and just need fore oore details in Nov-Dec time. More photos included and video links come with it. I would finish this book then "Gang stalking common sense" for the potential mega hit in Japan as the V2K perps know this book very much. 

Some perpetraters names

The V2K speakers told me about some perp names. Such as Mr. Oohashi who is an organ player working for the gossipping somewhere.

Takauji - who was the killer in Zagreb ended up switching his name to Takatou who was a poor woman killer in Hercegovina (they called Herceg Novi in Montenegro as so for the anagram) and brought him into the rented ship to catch his identities only and swapped his clothes to look younger than his own.

Something like these name leaked often these days. So, I just take the notes.

Organized Stlkers Around Me - February 21st, 2017

I saw a German car outside of my hotel and it made  a U-turn and moved away. I could add the photo link but I'm so lazy to do it here. Poor Tumblr. I don't have time to open it these days.

And some Asians around in the city.


20 February, 2017

Pot Mouse - the massive bestseller in future

The next big best seller like Harry Potter is "Pot Mouse." It's a story about a mouse phenomenon in a pot. The scientist had the mini mouse called "Nicki" and it died after eating its favorite curry. The mouse phenomenon was in the curry pot and the scientist tried to figure out what the pot mouse doing. The first edition is about the mouse to be found in his garage not yet theory made - and after the big bang theory, the mouse was found monitoring him in the google like tool instead of the scientist looking at him. No more heroes, bye. was the last mouse word and it banished. Then the party was going on in the tube. Then the scientist threw away his gadget for mouse ghost detector then he made it once again in the second book.
The Pot Mouse series has the total of 5 books. 1. discovery. 2. running away with cats. 3. sorry sleepy mouse but tell me your name 4. Is pot mouse ok? (the story of the big debate about mouse existing theory in Russia) 5. serenade. ( the emblem on pot mouse company for inviting children to the ghost ride in the dream space)
Future Technology department researchers as the part of the Future Research Institute division.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - February 19-20, 2017

This is the recent video from yesterday and today in Skopje. So many German cars around. Also, some Turkish cars. Nothing much happened but I'm working on my "München 2012" book about my life in Munich in 2012 the year before the German car stalking began. It comes with many photos and video links.