02 October, 2014

My use of F-word and such for insulting Muslims

As far as I remember, I didn't use F-word when I was in the US and even in my stay in Switzerland as a asylum seeker. It started to happen when I got too much insulted by the V2K telling me how they are believing me to be a Muslim. It was so much frustrating. Say, Christians are also obedient and passive like those Muslim slave women. I wanted to look not like a Muslim, so I probably picked a way to justify Muslim with "fuckin'" as the accusative over the noun all the time for my speech. It is much a political speech.

How far people can stay normal getting verbal abuses of what Muslims do and what the person people assume to be a Muslim to be persuaded? Say, hearing of the V2K perps telling me that they spit on my food as the Muslims would spit on the food if a single woman eat at a restaurant. It's more like the primitive culture madness to me a beast or a cave man trying to claim a woman on the site to be his by spiting on the food and such. They would say that my plate would be washed with a foot as that is for the solder's meal for the harassment in the Muslim way. I thought I could do it for them as that is their culture. Also, the V2K perps said that the food should be dropped to the floor once as that is the Muslims' "desert law." Think about the bread served at a restaurant got stomped by the cook's feet. How far can you stay calm and dine at a restaurant, not even a Kebab shop? I developed the feeling like those nasty primitive creatures in the area doing all wrong for the hygiene.

The food could be bitten by someone else as that is a type of Chinese philosophy teaching the old one telling the kids what to eat. The same philosophy could include adding the stomach acid vomited on the food and human urine or excrement for the proof of sexual relationship with those people on look.

Korean perps might be happy hearing me shouting nasty words as they would think me like a gang or something. Yes, they are the sneaky ones doing all the rumor making for the humiliation of their national enemy groups and even feeling better helping other majorities like Soka Gakkai. Then I found it better tell others who showed up for the gang stalking in Medugorje to other places and did all the gang stalking activities of harassment. They harass others instead of helping the week. Say, sometimes, enemies are protected like the Jews in the hidden places during the WWII. I bet these Koreans are suited for the Jubelmensch taking out their enemies than leaving their human rights and give freedom as normal population. I bet these gang stalkers gonna go to Nazi heaven like the priests and Catholics helped the holocaust. Me? I'm the one harassed without any proper reason, so I would be with Father Klobe and others who were really persecuted for the humanity.

How far should I shout for the Muslims? I thought I might not complain as it was one of the sin I should not make too much. Sometimes, I would shout like "Oh, fuck!" and the things could be improved. For example, I thought I lost something or the thing was stolen. I would complain loudly and cause the misfortune. But, at the next moment, I could find the missing item in another bag. Well? I could just keep searching and find it without complaining. What is all the loss of being so fussy? What is the obedience anyway? I have too much things with me. I thought I could already find a spot to work and live but it went to the wrong way and the perpetrators filled the area and I cannot find the supporter there as the people there might be waiting me for the point system; if they find fault of me to be a Muslim or something suspicious, they could get rewards from the gang stalkers. The pattern is the same. I could have less books with me as I wanted to keep them and read them when I stay somewhere. Now, I need to send them to my friends or family's home. Richness? I found all I want on the Internet and by scanning, I can keep the information in my books with me all the time. Then I find how I would be light and ready for moving around. I could just have a bible and few prayer books I like instead of so many I bought from here and there. These books might be stolen or damaged, so I should not mind too much of what will happen to them. Who worries too much? My rosary damaged but I can buy a new rosary very cheap. Same goes with the miraculous medals. They are sold everywhere.

You never know when those ISIS thugs might show up in front of my door and start assaulting me. I am anti-Islam as I hate being harassed with the suspicion to be a Muslim. The same tactics would go for the anti-Semitism during the WWII when Jews were the symbol of sucking the common wealth.

Then I realized that at least I carry a cross with me, I should not use "F-word" or other taunt on others. If I'm really really pissed off, I can just film the situation just like I used to be doing from my time in Switzerland. I could cut Muslims' heads off (and ran away to Split like how Medugorje refugees did), if they really assault me. It's my choice how I can be prepared and tried to follow Jesus to heaven with less sins. 

01 October, 2014

Oraganized Stalkers Around Me - September 30th, 2014

I saw "Fxxx Password" logo woman in the city as if for the sensitization. Also, a German car, B AS 3717? I think I saw that one before on the street before. Later, there was a group of Japanese tourist walking in front of Mother Teresa Memorial House.

Here is the video. I'm moving to Sofia tomorrow. The V2K perps told me that they might bring Chinese for stealing my suitcase or something and also the bribing the custom for few thousands EURO or something for ass checking humiliation. I don't really see any suspicious things would happen but I will be careful. If they are searching for drugs, they can just use the dogs. I think I can catch any suspicious activities in my camera than the people around me making up suspicions.

30 September, 2014

Probably this is how the church worked with Nazism during the WWII

The next Japanese V2K book is ready in few days. I just got some problem rushing up with Italian study and didn't touch the last section of the book and few more for the final editing and adding extra things. I would travel to Bulgaria tomorrow and in the area where I can work on my books.

Because of the V2K speaking, I am expecting to see some Chinese gangs there and the possible theft of my stuffs. The V2K people told me that they can bring Chinese to bring my stuffs to mosque or somewhere as the proof of how they made the evidence of me to be a Muslim. Well, any Asians around me would be filmed and shared online. Also, I am aware of the hacking and damaging of my blog. So, I might move the backup to another blog site and share them there. I should have done the past posting to be published in a free book as well. Too much things to do be done but I need to think about what I can do in future. No improvement and aging won't help anyone.

Also, the V2K perps told me that they got Koreans helping them to inform priests for the harassment of me in the church. I've heard that they are bribing the church workers, especially the poor and the one under loans. If the high officials in the church are always contacted by the certain individual and there is no other source of hearing the story, they believe it. What about during the WWII? Did the same technique worked in Vatican people? I'm just curious how that was for expelling certain individuals from the churches if they are pro-Jews or humanist against concentration camps and holocaust. The church would support the Korean domination over the Japanese which have majority of Buddhist population and I am not. Also, Soka Gakkai would go with Koreans who like to reduce the power and church population in Japan while the Japanese cult would gain more members in the exchange of such political connection.

Well, let me finish my V2K book first and then I will publish Operation Pendulum one comes with very sensational information about past and future trips. My life is slow here. I just cannot sleep at night because of the V2K and some strange high pitched tone like from the eyeware store.

28 September, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 27th, 2014

I saw some Asians today. I don't know why but it was a solo walking man and 2 men. Later a woman at the Chinese restaurant.

Some wierdos in the mall food court.

A man with a katana like object on his back walking near the cathedral. I wonder why I encounter some people with katana like object often.

And a German car. One more from Berlin in the video.

24 September, 2014

ISIS is calling Muslims to kill non-Muslims - Jihard warning!!!

I found an article about ISIS calling for the mass killing of non-Muslims everywhere in anyway. Isn't it scary how the suicidal Muslims can suddenly invade your home like what happened in Norway?


Norway: Muslims planned to enter random family’s house, cut their throats and post the video on the Internet

Sep 23, 2014 at 4:30pm Norway 54 Comments
NorwaypoliceTranslated from Fyens:
Centrally placed sources told the Norwegian television and radio station NRK that militants who probably sympathize with the Islamic State this summer planned to kill a whole family with knives, film it and publish it as a warning….
In July, Norway was under a terror alert, which included extra staff at all border crossings and the fact that cars, planes and trains were searched more than usual. Also, the Jewish synagogue in Oslo was closed….

Well, as I far as I can see, no dangerous Muslims in Albania nor Macedonia.

If you watch the video below, you can see why Jihard was dangerous and it was necessary for the European Christians to do the crusading to protect their lands from Jihardists. Just nuke mecca and that will kill all the Muslim immigrants. Thanks to the German and Spanish Nazis practice in the past in the police force and these KKK people. Now watch out for these Muslim bad asses wondering on the street. It's much scary than the people in hockey masks.

23 September, 2014

3 points for catching Muslim terrorists

The V2K perps were talking about how to make female Muslim check easier. They said they would use 3 points system.

  • hijab owner
  • owns Koran
  • love maker
So, the Muslim women the gang stalkers are looking for would be the females who own hijab or scarfs and Koran supposed to be in the possession. Also, the woman supposed be easy going for dating and such. 

Well, how many women in Europe would be counted as one of Muslim terrorists by just going out with the FBI's friends who are looking for the points and promotion? So many Muslims in Europe these days, but watch out how to be friends with them. They are really terrible as neighbors converting women by robbing and raping. They could give hijab wor Koran for the gratitude but such gifts would ending up the person to be added as a Muslim synthesizer, so the corrupted police team can enjoy doing the COINTELPRO against the one. Black bag jobs and such and such...

My suggestion is to express the hate against Islam. No ISIS and other terrorist organization in the neighborhood. No mosque, no Shariah law for the female slavery.

It's much easy to catch some Muslim men by claiming them as sex offenders on the streets, don't you think? I know the cops' friend Muslims want to check women up though.

Also, the female Muslims can be caught by their begging siting and reporting. 

22 September, 2014

The public pope mass yesterday at Tirana

It was a busy day for me. I took the night bus from Skopje on Saturday night and arrived at Tirana in morning. I saw some Taize cafe bar people from Montenegro while I was waiting the shops to be open. 24hour casino and cafes near the big park was very very convenient but not tourists can know how to survive in the early arrival like this way.

I was with some Franciscan sisters including some Asian ones at the square. The pope arrived around 11am and I saw him very very close in my life. Last year, I visited the Pope audience and this year is the pope mass. Not bad for my life experience. Pope Benedict time was one pope audience and one pope mass around the New Year time in 2011.

It was so crowded and I could only see the Pope one time running in front of me or so. It was so fast but I tried to take pictures. He is looking another way but here is the pic I saw something familiar as a poster. I don't know why I cannot link it here. (https://33.media.tumblr.com/f58ac47b0276e37924593f4fba61e5db/tumblr_ncb5457RC31siw2hlo3_1280.jpg)

This is one of the best shot I made from the mass.