16 January, 2017

Graz land slide coming?

The V2K speakers' Future Research Institute information telling me that there would be a big land slide to happen at Graz, Austria  and it would be done by 2018. The current story is that it would happen on January 22nd, 2017 - around 2.23pm. It's Sunday and the earthquake caused by the land slide from the mantle area with the water vipolation to be around magnitude 18. As the result, there would be Stuttgart to become a lake.

Belgrade and Timisoara to be the safe zone in Eastern Europe.

Me? I would be in Budapest by next week. The V2K speakers research told me that there would be around magnitude 4,8-5.2 earthquake in Budapest to the west. And the fire happens from the hospital near Nyugati train station and burn the city center area. I'm quite scared about such issue. Maybe I'd stay away from the tall buildings. People just have blind faith on the old buildings till they fall. I'd be just one of those hoping the city council did something with the buildings for the safety already.

But it's just one of the future told me by the V2K people. 

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 14th, 2017

Here is the latest OSAM from new year. So many Koreans showed up on one day. I have been working with the German car list 2016 for almost entire this week. Now I finished till Oct 17th. The latest version of the spreadsheet file is posted on my FB link like TARACT. I would share the selling site in future also. 4 years and still I have German cars around sometimes. I think the Germans did not show up everyday now as I only went out 2 days or so for this week.


01 January, 2017

TI Defense: 30 Tips to Help Fight Back -- article

Sweeney's article about how to defend oneself for TIs. I could quote all the writings here for the safe backup of the article but let it be there as the contents is quite normal and well known for the veteran TIs.

28 December, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 26-27, 2016

OSAM from December 26-27, 2016. So many German cars here and there.


Gang Stalking in Churches

With some effort, I found a way to restore almost all the information I added and needed for the book. The missing stuff is the bible image from Kloster Müstair that I took the photo in June 2012. I made a short trip to the cloister from Munich and stayed there few nights. Berliner woman stayed in the room next to mine at that time. Well, I added some more photos for the better visual information in the book. So, that should be just a small matter. Anyone can see a Swiss bible in 4 languages would be available somewhere online for sure.

"Gang Stalking in Churches"

26 December, 2016

Hard drive material messed around

Currently I have 4 external hard drives - I had 2 same 500GB hard drives for backing up everything since I was in Switzerland. Then I bought 1TB one for further safety and that one is some drop proof guard included. And I have 2TB one for the security.

I have the old photos in  all these hard drives but I use only 1TB and 2TB for the further photo backups as the other two got no more spaces. And I found the photos of the prayer books from Müstair in Switzerland went missing as well as the cathedral photo. I think I saw them around August this year when I was in Herceg Novi. But when I tried to add the Swiss 4 language bible photo to my Gang Stalking in Churches book - 90% done by last night and found the contents messed up and need to do the cut and paste from the older version as I have old ones here and there and they had the information not like 151151151151 or 161161161161161 or 171171171171171171, the one part was like that for some reason. Also, s says ... and such  for shorten the subject for making the book looks like paranoia.

So, someone took the prayer book information somewhere with the bible photo from June 16, 2012. I've heard Zarnes Croats or Germans are responsible for stealing the information to be misused for their good image by others' photos.

But I have the book texts and photos (one missing) ready by tomorrow or just before the New Year.

I just have no WIFI at my hostel and it got WIFI password and they require my username and the password for log in but no log in menu would appear in any browser - Crome, FireFox, Opera, etc.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 23-25, 2016

Here is the video from December 23 to 25, 2016. I saw some Korean groups in the Zagreb city center. How many of them are the para military and trooping around for the gang stalking? These people often got one person with a mask (white or surgical one), so they are easy to figure out. I could make the facial list of these people available for the local police and INTERPOL with the question of their connection with the private militia and criminal ring against non-Korean Asian Christians. Normal people won't do such a thing unless they rationalize their thoughts for "business intelligence" and violates the human rights of others by their mass group.

Also, so many German and Dutch cars around. Me? I was attending the mass and rosary at a small church. So, I found it better at a small church for safety from these mafia and even the theft type stuffs. Just I had 2 girls with knee area holes on their trousers sat near me but they did not do anything on the Christmas night. That is all about now.

Ah, I must make the German cars and others 2016 by now. That would be for the 4th year stuffs. Someone messed my Gang Stalking in Churches drafts - I had problem finishing for some reason for a long time. And I filmed such for tomorrow's OSAM uploading. I just get help from the local NGOs if they know what or where to get help with such Korean facial information. Must be fun just opening sharing their posters with the Medugorje Muslim like praying Korean woman next to me in 2013 visit. They all work together for some reason, so all goes guilty side.