07 February, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - February 6th, 2016

An Asian woman and some black guys on the street. It was dark and I did not have chance to film cars or notice them.

Is there any US Delta team black guys in Belgrade making  V2K speeches? I've heard the male voice saying so and how they are always concerned about all the things. But the guy said that he is a Muslim. He spoke like from the above position and just claiming women are... blah blah blah. The black V2K guy speaks like he denies female position nor opinions nor independence. Well, here is the black guys I saw in the city and they could be the perps.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - Feb 2-5th, 2016

The OSAM video from few days ago.


Kilronan Hostel sending email "+you need some psychatric help" like a gang stalking spam

I found some people do the volunteering works and I thought it could reduce my expense and give me some work experience on CV. I sent some information to the places that seems to be less Muslims and I can be safe around.

First email I received said that "we are not in Dublin" and the second email said like this.

Kilronan Hostel
5. Feb. (vor 2 Tagen)
an mich
Nachricht übersetzen
Deaktivieren für: Englisch
+ you need some psychatric help
Miyoko Goto <>
00:44 (vor 0 Minuten)
an Kilronan

What to do with only typing about my arrival in Dublin time and they contacted me first about they do not locate in Dublin. Then the hostel sends me of this email. Do they work for the gang stalking and causing people to gone crazy with gaslight effects type psychological operations? Do they have any theft making up or damage making ups?
I mean I could arrive in Dublin around that time. If this small misunderstanding require someone to be in mental institution, I just call you a perpetrator hostel.

24 January, 2016

Japanese woman I saw yesterday near Asian Food and a German car

Here is the video from yesterday. I saw an Asian woman with a kid walking on the street. How many Asians in Belgrade and how many are Japanese?



The missing film from October 7th, 2015

When I was in Vienna, I encountered a woman from a building. She had a white cane and walked like a blind woman. She held a coffee on her left hand. I followed her to prove she is faking to be a blind. I filmed all the way to the metro station. There, she stepped toward the escalator that goes up from the one floor down and a man on the escalator to tell her to back up. So, she moved and headed to the right from the spot. It was the funniest incident with one of the blind pretending perpetrators and I added the film that night. However, I found it missing and no OSAM from that day on this  blog. I found the film that has the shorter version up to the woman showed her face a bit on the street uploaded on October 12th on You Tube. And my original got the same short version film instead. What happened to my memory? And it was just that.
On October 12th, I was in Kosice and probably stalked by the gang stalkers from China or Japan. I don't know who deleted the information.

The last time similar thing happened was at Road House in Skopje where I found my Hungarian perp photos and my room photos were disappeared from my computer. I don't know why they dissapeared. And I could have time checking the OSAM videos from that time, but I was too busy for something else or trying to play FB game to feel safe from the all the perp problems. Somethings in my life should be normal like the computer game routine activities. No harassment. Normal feel.

Well, I share this short version of the film from the original here. I don't know why it's missing on my blog.

Also, I found some misspelling issues on my German car databases. "Gaman Car List 2015" is what I uploaded on EUCATCH group on FB. Also, Garman Car List 2014 is so. The Zipped file name is crrrect spelling though. I have burnt DVD-ROMs with the real ones, so they should be safe and telling where the misspelling came from.

Tell me who this blind woman from Vienna. I can contact the Vienna blind people's group to ask help to identify her to see if she is blind or not.


19 January, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 16th, 2016

Here is OSAM from Jan 16th, 2016. I will add more after I finish typing up German car list.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 17th, 2016

OSAM video.