24 August, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 23rd, 2014

Here is the video of yesterday. I saw 2 German cars, 2 Japanese girls x 2, suspicious Muslim group at the square, Spanish speaking Philippine family showing up from outside seating to the spot behind of me in McDonalds and such.


22 August, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 21st, 2014

I visited dentist today to get the metal implanted. The metal was a display model and opened and left on the shelf for over 6 months. So far, the surgery went well.

I saw some German cars on my way to the dentist and around my hostel. 

When I was heading to the Cathedral, I saw a hijab woman alone walking. There are not so many Muslims around in Zagreb, though.

About 1 hour before the rosary praying, I saw many Asian tourists showed up in front of the Cathedral.

Also, one Spanish company car parked in front of the Cathedral.

At the mass, there was an elderly couple sat next to me but they didn't move during the communion. When I returned to my bench, there were 3 people sat at the bench instead for confusing me. Not so many people at the church would sit on a wrong spot like this way. Nothing was stolen, though. I must be careful of the damages like the holes made at St. Joseph church in Bucharest.

Here is the video. Enjoy my insult on the Muslim woman walking. If I see a Muslim tomorrow, I might throw an egg or a tomato to get rid of getting a bad luck from the remote neural body movement manipulation.

Oh, by the way, there is a Spanish man from Israel or something related with Israel here.


21 August, 2014

Christain woman raped by 20 Muslim men in Syria

From FB news by my friend. It got very sick picture like the crucifix stand up from the victim's mouth as the sex offenders' art. The video is missing but it sounds like the reason why Muslism are so so premitive raping a woman like this way. It's right to defend against Muslims if they came in numbers, right? I support nuking Mecca as the city accept only Muslim visitors so the nuking doesn't hurt anyone but potential terrorists and rapists and the ones who would be the fathers and mothers of these terrorists and rapists...


20 August, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 19th, 2014

I saw 2 Aargau cars from Switzerland and 2 Munich cars on my way to Mirolog cemetary.
Some people got cameras on a stick.

I saw 4 Muslims taking pictures at the city.

2 Japanese speaking women and one Asian man at Mirogoy cemetary. There was no other tourist around except the hop-in bus passing at 13.00 and no one left from the bus.

An old woman sat next to me during the mass and didn't take the communion.

There are plenty of more in the video like the solders walking in the cemetary.


18 August, 2014

Some people missing in Zagreb

I saw two notices of missing person today. One at the city center and another one at the stone gate chapel. I don't know why I saw some ads like those in the city. It sounds scary to me as I am officially stating anti-Islam while the perps are claming me to be Muslim as it fits better with the profiling - Arabic knowledge, Egypt and Turkey traveling records, lived in Sarajevo for awhile, etc. The V2K perps told me about the poison use for the assassination. It's only 2mg and must be eaten from the mouth but the subject will die in 2 hours. I eat randomly as much as possible and no more of the restaurant use.

The second memo says;
Where my sister Kristina Pintar?
Croatian police, where my sister Kristina Pintar?
whether she’s alive?
Croatian police, please
do not protect the kidnappers and other criminals
and employees of state institutions
should go to jail when you break the law
Croatian police
my sister is not subject to trading
and she, like all people,
has the right to life and liberty
Croatian police
Be the police in the pride of all Harvati
Croatian police
repay me for my sister
ljujana Pintar”
By the way, the V2K perps told me that the girl is already dead. She was asked to be escorted to the foresty area near Zadar and was in the ban already. She was with American guy as guides. 

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 18th, 2014

I moved from Marija Vistrica to Zagreb today. I saw many Japanese in the area. I do not know why there were more Japanese than Chinese or Koreans I saw today.

Also, there was a man wearing Okayama, Tokyo logo T-shirt. How many people wear such strange logo in Croatia?

Three guys on the street. I saw 2 of them wearing Japanese logo T-shirt.

A German logo.

A blind person's stick and an eye'patched person.

A Canadian car in the city.

And I saw a woman wearing a yellow T-shirt I often saw in Medugorje and at Split bus station on the day I visited Sinj.

There is an Asian man seems to be sleeping on the sofa at the hostel tonight. Everywhere is fully booked around in the city.


ISIS members live on 117 Winslow Place, Garwood, NJ

ISIS is getting more and more members in the world. Some people would be holding the flag in Europe and the USA. Here is the good example.

Where to find anti-Islam groups these days? I wanna join it while I might find a way out from getting stalked by the Muslims.