19 July, 2011

Milgram Experiment to the Skull and Bones secret society

Hitler got own youth education strategy to brainwash people to follow the identity of Nazis world view. Since then, more than 50 years passed and the CIA's mind control programs are no longer available for the public eyes. How far everything goes?

The Milgram experient and the study of 'chosen ones' created the upper class elites to systematize their own world view. "Skull and Bones" are said to be a secret society with long history. How far the history can go back? Was it developed before WWII or WWI? Nowadays, cults can claim anything to make up their past history going back to blah blah blah..

In a psychology textbook, I have read an experiment in a classroom. Students from that classroom uses own unique greeting styles and own culture. In a long run, these students succeeded in the grades and such, but the side effects brought the notice of the parents and eventually the teacher leading the class was asked to stop the experiment.

I think the motivation can create stress. Peer pressure with high expectation can create stress as well. Violence and bullying would be the result. Very successful person might go through the high level of stress and keep the stresses in order to have the motivation high. Not everyone wants to be like that.

I don't know what kind of life is the best for human being, but I can say that if the person finds peace in one's life, it must be a good life. Each individual has the right to be who s/he is. The militarization of school and work can create productive people, but in a long run, things might fall apart as they are so selfish to be focused on the group goals rather than thinking the tranquility in the environment. High stress makes people blinds in certain things as people got no time to look around.

If Skull and Bones and other form of secret society is based on the total obedience and control of the group, it might not go well withing the environment. Look at ants. They got totalitarian system, but they are always under the competition with other ants and working. No one can bring the success or the CV into one's grave.

15 July, 2011

New World Heritage Site, Hiraizumi, is a hotspot

Hiraizumi in Iwate prefecture in Japan is registered as a world heritage site recently. Unfortunately, the area has high radioactive contamination. If you are planning to visit Hiraizumi, please be aware of the radioactive level in the area. It may not a good place to visit for the young people considering the future health risk. Around 0.8mSv/h is quite high for the upper range, isn't it?

Now I realized that why Japanese are not aware of the future danger from the radioactive contamination nor fixing the plants as soon as possible with the national budget instead of a company's. Japan got high suicide rate and probably the most Japanese want to use the radioactive contamination for the easy way of softkill on themselves. People live in Japan would have a shorter life due to the radioactive intake. I'm fine to be abroad as I don't understand such Japanese philosophy.

2011年07月14日(木) 週刊現代 :現代ビジネス

●高濃度汚染地帯 流山・柏・松戸をさらに細かく調査
●観光地の厳しい数値 日光・ロマンチック街道、那須、軽井沢、世界遺産・平泉

「私の街は大丈夫でしょうか?」—本誌が独自調査を始 めて以来、読者からの問い合わせが殺到している。思わぬ場所に潜むホットスポット。正確な情報を持つ以外に、私たちが対抗する術はない。

■ 柏の葉公園の滑り台下


 6月25日に世界文化遺産の登録が決まったばかりの同町には、観光客がいま大 挙押し寄せている。

 JR平泉駅を降りると、いたるところに「祝平泉世界遺産登録決定」の幟が見える。世界の観光名所に名を連ねたことで、 地元は喜びに沸いている。


 平泉駅前ロータリーの街路樹の下で、本誌記者は ガイガーカウンター(線量計)のスイッチを入れた。


 約30秒ごとに更新される値 は、いずれも0・4マイクロシーベルト/時(以下、単位はすべて同じ)を超えている。画面の背景が黄色く変わり、「HIGH」の文字が危険を知らせる。

  同町でもっとも有名な観光地は、言わずとしれた中尊寺金色堂だ。奥州藤原氏ゆかりの寺は国宝にも指定されている。記者が訪れた夕方5時は拝観終了の時刻に もかかわらず、たくさんの参拝客が駆け足で入っていく。




・参道入り口  0.75
・釈迦堂前  0.45
・ 阿弥陀堂前  0.36
・能楽殿前  0.64
・本堂前  0.57
・参道駐車場  0.77

 ここまで調べれ ば、もう結論は出ている。


 この事実を駅前の商店主に知らせると、 心底驚いた顔をした。

「ウソでしょう。だってここは福島(第一原発)から150km以上離れてるんだよ。ここより近い山形や米沢、仙台市内 だって線量は高くないのに、平泉が高いなんてありえない」

 本誌とて、せっかくの世界遺産ブームに水を差すために来たわけではない。だが、 世界に知られる観光地になったからこそ、汚染されている事実に目をつぶることもまた、できない。

 表を参照してほしいが、近くの栗駒山いわ かがみ平で2.17、奥州市で1.35という驚くべき値が出ているからなおさらだ。

 本誌はこれまで2週にわたり、全国の放射線量を独自に 計測してその数値を公開してきた。調査したスポットは1000ヵ所以上にのぼる。読者からは、



 これまでの取材や識者の見解を踏まえて、放射線 量は0・19がひとつの安全基準で、それ以上なら要注意、0.60を超えたら避難も検討したほうがよい、と本誌は提言している。

 前号では 全国500ヵ所の実測データを掲載し、0.19はもちろん、0.60を超えるホットスポットを広いエリアで観測したことを報じた。

 実は全 国には、まだまだ知られざるホットスポットがある。平泉のように、これまで報じられたこともないのに0.8を超えるような「スーパーホットスポット」も存 在する。今号はそうした超高線量地点を中心に、引き続き独自調査の結果を報告していく。


12 July, 2011

Japanese prosecutors are writers - they make up stories and crimes!

In Japan, more than 99 percent of the crimes proves as the suspect as guilty. Here is the trick. The prosecutors write their stories as the preliminary memo and bring it to the court. They can make up what the suspect said to them. It sounds like Edo period investigation, but it is still used in 21st century. No body wants witch hunting like this, but that is the level of Japanese investigation teams.

問題は、石川を担当した田代、吉田の2人の検事だけじゃない。他の検事も似たり寄ったりだ。大久保隆規元秘書を取り調べた元大阪地検特捜部のデッチ上げ 検事・前田恒彦受刑者は質問をせずに勝手に調書を書き出し、「いま作家の時間」「司馬遼太郎みたい」とブツブツ言っていたというから狂っている。池田 光智元秘書を取り調べた蜂須賀三紀雄、花崎政之の両検事は、そろって過去に自白強要などで裁判所から調書を却下されている札付き。特捜検事は「最強」でも 何でもなく、問題児の集まりだったのだ。
元東京地検検事で名城大教授の郷原信郎氏は、こうした特捜部の体質を「閉鎖的で説明責任も果たさず、ガバナンス(統治)機能もない。『裸の王様』」と 断じていた。

Tamparing on my clothes

I often got damage on my clothes as the form of tampering; a typical gang stalking activity. I think it started from when I was living in San Jose, CA. I noticed the similar damage in my underwear when I lived the apartment on N.7th St. It had been going on for sometimes and I had to buy new underwear frequently. That damage was happening in the front part of the underwear in the groin area. It happened sometimes and then suddenly stopped. So, I forgot about the strange incident.

Then, this strange damage started again. It has been happening since I was in the Arabic country. Then I moved around, and still the damage is happening to my T-shirts. It's really creepy to see such strange hole in my T-shirts near the belly area. Since the same damages have been going on even in different countries and I have no idea what can make such a strange shape hole in the clothes, I assume the hole is made by the tool used by the gang stalkers. Because of the damages on the clothes, I have to buy a new clothes often. Well, I got real damages to share about the gang stalkers who claim to be protected by the law for their jobs. Now, I think I have right to share more information about their members around the world. They cause damages to the targets' belonging. TEPCO got their own workers to harass unti-nuclear energy protesters. SONY probably got their own workers for creating SONY-TIMER thing to make people purchase the new goods. Isn't it how the people in the society work to help each other for the large companies and their own profits?

Now, tell me what kind of a tool to make such an identical hole in a clothes. It got one circular hole and then small damage that only takes the threads on one sides and leaves the other sides. It looks like an eye type hole.

06 July, 2011

Vietnamese might take care the mess at the Fukushima nuke plant

6000 Vietnamese will visit Japan as the interns to learn the nuclear technology. Some other news say that the total cost would be 180,000 yen per a month and the intern will receive 80,000yen while the NGO gets 100,000 yen for the costs. It will be about 300 yen (€2.50) per an hour or less for their work. I wonder how many will survive make their way home from the internship. If they got less people going home, that means they have less costs to pay. Everyone knows TEPCO and other Japanese nuclear plant companies' easy violating health issues.

インドネシアなど東南アジア諸国から実習生を受け入れて、日本の技能を習得させる取り組みを進めている国際人材育成機構(アイム・ジャパン)は、ベトナム 人の原子力発電技術者の養成事業に乗り出す。計6千人を受け入れて国内の原子力発電所で作業に携わり、高水準の技能習得を目指す。ベトナム政府は中南部の ニントゥアン省で原子力発電所の建設計画を進めており、アイム・ジャパンは受け入れた実習生がベトナムでの原発の安全確保や現地経済の発展に役立てるよう 支援する考えだ。

Gang stalking's core concept is mobbing

The gang stalking perpetrators would say that they are putting suspicious or mentally challenging person on surveillance. They would say that the person must be watched. However, what they do is ridicule the the person with the excuse of the psychological operation.

In mobbing, the target is harassed and the harassers wish the victim to be gone. Anything happens to them, they can claim as the victim as the cause of the problem.

These gang stalkers are often connected with the local police officers and the authorities. Some society might have dictatorship that let the secret police / gang to take care unwelcome innocent individual. Also, these people are involved in the human experiment like the CIA's LSD research in the French village to the fake UFO abductions. They take the victim as sub-human or something that is not worth the treat as another individual. And the harassers can twists the words of the victim for ridiculing and claiming for mental problem etc.

In the churches, the gang stalkers showed up but they don't take the communion but to stay in the back. The priests support them. Then I learned how the ex-Nazis Catholics reasoning their faith with the gang stalking; the ones who opposed to Nazis simply perished while the ones supported them survived. I'm talking about the connection of OSS->CIA to the priests engaged in the intelligence activities. Like in UK, more ex-solders are engaged in religious works. The Unification church is a good example as the top members were from the Korean militaries. This phenomenon could go back to the 60s with new age movement. And that was the time of LSD was tested on people by the CIA...

Anyway, gang stalking is a type of mobbing that just got so many strangers engaged in the harassment. If we categorize the gang stalking as such, it is much easy to figure out who are working for the harassment in the society. The same people would harass other victims who are listed for the target in the society.

01 July, 2011

Same stalkers showing up again and again

I often see the same person as they are doing the stalking job. Here is a good example of a photographer following me. He showed up to the area only few people were and he started taking the pictures where I took pictures. Later at the bus station, he showed up with the white woman pretending to be a couple. I did not see him at the fortress he showed up. Inside of the bus, he sat in front of me, and a woman with a boy sat across from them. Then he started filming the boy as for the sensitization and perhaps the snitch jacket for claiming me doing so while he is doing. At the bus stop, I saw the bus with the same number showed up right behind of the bus I left. How often such strange thing happens? Ah, and I saw some American young people who seemed to be off the school. They also showed up frequently and they often did not come back till 4 or late.